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From: Boris
Date: Sun Nov 6 03:19:04 2005
I just remembered this was still around. It was an idea we jokingly kicked around for a while over in #Zebeth. It was basically #Zebeth does Battlestar Galactica. Our enemy was the Fuitadians though. NOBODY LIKES THOSE GUYS.

The image was done in the vector animation program Moho if anybody cared.

lol vindicator
From: Boris
Date: Sun Nov 6 03:20:57 2005
I forgot about half of this stuff came from the fact me and Atma were doing the Ur-Quan masters thing at the time. It wasn't just BSG. Our destroyers are roughly based on the Druuge mauler, a big cannon of a ship. Also our carrier got named The Z.R.S. Vindicator. XD

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