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Random Writing I didn't fell like making a topic o
From: ClickOutMets
Date: Thu Oct 30 05:14:04 2008
Issas gripped his sword harder and backpedaled. 'I can't see a single

point of weakness in this bastard's armor!' he thought. Trying to give

himself a breather Issas called out "YOU'RE PRETTY GOOD." The mountain of

a man let out a barking laugh and decided to charge. 'No! This is it! He's

going to kill me! I CAN'T DIE HERE! I CANNOT!' he mentally cried out. The

sword he spent so much time and effort on, all the blood and tears and

sweat he poured into it shattered like a dry leaf underneath a booted

foot. A crimson spray chased after the rements as if trying to pull the

sword back together. It all seemed so far away, so very dim and silent.

"My... ambition..."

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From: ClickOutMets
Date: Sat Nov 1 02:31:00 2008
"WELCOME! WELCOME TO THE TROGGOTH!" the rotund warden cried out and followed with a guffaw. "I

don't care why you're here nor do I care if you live or die down here. My only job is to get paid

and get fat." He accentuated his point with a slap to his fat belly. "Before I send you all off

to die, I have a few things I need to say before I can let you loose. One, anyone who returns

will be killed on sight. Two, You're going to die down here. I am so sure of that fact I have put

my prized ship up for grabs, the grand ship BOATMURDERED!" he hollered with a swell of pride.

"Now, get going you scum, I'm getting hongre hombres."


"I've come to claim my ship, where is that fat shishoi (LOL CHINESE)?"

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From: ClickOutMets
Date: Sun Nov 2 03:22:12 2008

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From: ClickOutMets
Date: Sun Nov 2 06:21:09 2008

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From: Deck
Date: Wed Nov 5 03:49:21 2008

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