File : 1271013238.jpg-(56 KB, 755x558, trollancombo1.jpg)
56 KB Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:13 No.55490861  
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:14 No.55490891
     File1271013259.jpg-(32 KB, 757x555, trollancombo2.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:14 No.55490914
Stop that.
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:14 No.55490948
     File1271013290.jpg-(38 KB, 764x555, trollancombo3.jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:14 No.55490954
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:14 No.55490959
Oh god.. where'd he go
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55490971
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55490995
I guffaw'd
>> SHE GOT A !DONK.pd7iQ 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55490997
Aww man...
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491013
hahaha oh wow
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491017
hahaha oh wow
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491019
It's so much funnier than it was yesterday OP.
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491025
I'll give you this one OP
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491026
Goddamnit OP lol'd
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491029

u mad
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491035
god damnit
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491047
     File1271013351.jpg-(43 KB, 500x498, 1262822316419.jpg)
43 KB
This belongs in /b/ , but its still hilarious.
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:15 No.55491052
The fuck is going on here?
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:16 No.55491064
     File1271013364.png-(34 KB, 451x474, 1270102255595.png)
34 KB
>> Colonel !AWDXqQ3gEc 04/11/10(Sun)15:16 No.55491092
     File1271013387.jpg-(24 KB, 446x195, 14a20fc81647021a0d8e512366dde4(...).jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:16 No.55491134
Oh god
I lol'd
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:17 No.55491142
Hate this shit but I lol'd at this one.
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:17 No.55491150
make portals blue and orange

vidya related

Carry on sir troll
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:17 No.55491155
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:17 No.55491187
     File1271013457.jpg-(30 KB, 411x266, 1263335984153.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:17 No.55491199
Click the thumbnails, nigger. They're color outlined.
>> Anonymous 04/11/10(Sun)15:18 No.55491227
OP is master troll.