File : 1269983595.jpg-(14 KB, 206x180, 1269645852737.jpg)
14 KB !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:13 No.54247725  
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:14 No.54247873
     File1269983675.jpg-(18 KB, 265x239, 1269645873085.jpg)
18 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:15 No.54247946
     File1269983722.jpg-(27 KB, 270x267, 1269645907341.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:15 No.54247986
Not this again. Dude stop please. It's annoying. Pokemon with weird faces, I get it.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:16 No.54248020
     File1269983768.jpg-(14 KB, 217x242, 1269645942725.jpg)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:16 No.54248110
     File1269983814.jpg-(14 KB, 186x270, 1269645972507.jpg)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:17 No.54248198
     File1269983860.jpg-(24 KB, 298x284, 1269646002704.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:18 No.54248276
troll fails
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:18 No.54248296
     File1269983906.jpg-(15 KB, 239x240, 1269646037016.jpg)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:18 No.54248340
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:19 No.54248382
     File1269983952.jpg-(18 KB, 220x248, 1269646075219.jpg)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:19 No.54248454
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:19 No.54248468
     File1269983998.jpg-(21 KB, 205x288, 1269646115954.jpg)
21 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:20 No.54248535
>> Cockbat !!SFK2Jwy5tXw 03/30/10(Tue)17:20 No.54248542

Looks like Thane.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:20 No.54248558
     File1269984044.jpg-(14 KB, 195x222, 1269646153179.jpg)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:21 No.54248646
     File1269984090.jpg-(11 KB, 186x231, 1269646184110.jpg)
11 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:22 No.54248748
     File1269984136.jpg-(23 KB, 249x270, 1269646224565.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:22 No.54248757
Why do you keep making this thread.
>> Dante Brolighieri !vBRAHepXw2 03/30/10(Tue)17:22 No.54248807
This thread garnered uncomfortable laughter from me. Good show, OP! I like how this thread is still better than 99% of the pokemon assburger threads posted here.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:23 No.54248834
     File1269984182.jpg-(13 KB, 181x244, 1269646258691.jpg)
13 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:23 No.54248919
     File1269984228.jpg-(12 KB, 129x242, 1269646294241.jpg)
12 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:24 No.54249017
     File1269984274.jpg-(24 KB, 250x259, 1269646338520.jpg)
24 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:25 No.54249097
     File1269984320.jpg-(16 KB, 226x255, 1269646389098.jpg)
16 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:26 No.54249176
     File1269984367.jpg-(17 KB, 218x247, 1269646419577.jpg)
17 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:26 No.54249251
     File1269984413.jpg-(18 KB, 213x249, 1269646452718.jpg)
18 KB
>> Broseidon !8YimBiCYVg 03/30/10(Tue)17:27 No.54249291
     File1269984430.jpg-(17 KB, 186x231, 1260133920116.jpg)
17 KB
my favorite.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:27 No.54249340
     File1269984459.jpg-(14 KB, 237x227, 1269646493550.jpg)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:28 No.54249433
     File1269984505.jpg-(21 KB, 262x228, 1269646538873.jpg)
21 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:29 No.54249520
     File1269984551.jpg-(17 KB, 288x227, 1269646589537.jpg)
17 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:29 No.54249595
     File1269984597.jpg-(22 KB, 319x220, 1269646646674.jpg)
22 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:30 No.54249684
     File1269984643.jpg-(14 KB, 212x216, 1269646681581.jpg)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:31 No.54249768
     File1269984689.jpg-(19 KB, 210x248, 1269646717829.jpg)
19 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:31 No.54249775
Jesus christ. What the fuck is this.
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:31 No.54249809
amazing, 10/10, came on cat, hiss at penis, etc.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:32 No.54249841
     File1269984735.jpg-(13 KB, 203x251, 1269646747496.jpg)
13 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:33 No.54249912
     File1269984782.gif-(13 KB, 246x223, 1269646796312.gif)
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>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:33 No.54250006
     File1269984828.gif-(13 KB, 171x196, 1269646844540.gif)
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>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:34 No.54250083
     File1269984874.gif-(14 KB, 202x210, 1269646878359.gif)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:35 No.54250143
     File1269984920.gif-(11 KB, 193x194, 1269646922720.gif)
11 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:36 No.54250233
     File1269984966.gif-(12 KB, 214x236, 1269646959446.gif)
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>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:36 No.54250326
     File1269985012.gif-(13 KB, 209x207, 1269646994042.gif)
13 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:37 No.54250398
these are actually pretty good
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:37 No.54250401
     File1269985058.gif-(10 KB, 209x188, 1269647027860.gif)
10 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:38 No.54250510
     File1269985104.gif-(11 KB, 166x183, 1269647067431.gif)
11 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:39 No.54250614
     File1269985165.gif-(14 KB, 212x185, 1269647123078.gif)
14 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:40 No.54250694
     File1269985211.gif-(9 KB, 194x181, 1269647195986.gif)
9 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:40 No.54250789
     File1269985257.gif-(10 KB, 214x181, 1269647231911.gif)
10 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:41 No.54250861
     File1269985304.gif-(11 KB, 208x151, 1269647271139.gif)
11 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:42 No.54250934
     File1269985350.gif-(11 KB, 198x167, 1269647342967.gif)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:43 No.54250998
     File1269985390.jpg-(16 KB, 224x251, 1269984735168.jpg)
16 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:43 No.54251007
     File1269985396.gif-(7 KB, 188x181, 1269647386713.gif)
7 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:43 No.54251053
     File1269985423.png-(9 KB, 263x289, Untitled.png)
9 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:44 No.54251078
     File1269985442.gif-(9 KB, 183x181, 1269647437394.gif)
9 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:44 No.54251154
     File1269985488.gif-(11 KB, 220x206, 1269647475336.gif)
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>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:45 No.54251211
help archive this shit
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:45 No.54251226
     File1269985534.gif-(10 KB, 244x189, 1269647510286.gif)
10 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:46 No.54251305
     File1269985580.gif-(9 KB, 173x190, 1269647548624.gif)
9 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:47 No.54251381
     File1269985626.gif-(9 KB, 190x174, 1269647584181.gif)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:47 No.54251384
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:47 No.54251463
     File1269985671.gif-(11 KB, 200x176, 1269647625899.gif)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:48 No.54251492
I lol'd
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:48 No.54251539
     File1269985717.gif-(11 KB, 189x167, 1269647664924.gif)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:48 No.54251553
     File1269985726.jpg-(50 KB, 640x480, faces.jpg)
50 KB
Things with weird faces thread?
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:48 No.54251563
>150 pokemon.
>Image limit is 100.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:49 No.54251623
     File1269985764.gif-(9 KB, 184x177, 1269647703657.gif)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:49 No.54251670
     File1269985788.png-(367 KB, 1366x541, Freud's Palm Tree.png)
367 KB
Image limit is 125 anyway.
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:50 No.54251700
     File1269985810.gif-(8 KB, 156x182, 1269647753792.gif)
8 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:50 No.54251728
     File1269985821.jpg-(35 KB, 686x686, DATBABY.jpg)
35 KB
>150 pokemon
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:50 No.54251798
     File1269985856.gif-(13 KB, 198x182, 1269647783742.gif)
13 KB
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:51 No.54251887
     File1269985902.gif-(6 KB, 197x137, 1269647845600.gif)
6 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:51 No.54251894
>implying there are more than 151 pokemon
>> !k6zfAM/J1A 03/30/10(Tue)17:52 No.54251973
     File1269985947.gif-(7 KB, 213x160, 1269647880034.gif)
7 KB
>> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)17:52 No.54251987

this is what a top percentage rattata actually looks like