File : 1264367928.jpg-(298 KB, 800x600, bear.jpg)
298 KB Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:18 No.47651129  
>Playing video games with sister
>Realize my sister is a bear
>Realize controller is also a bear
>Tranquilize both and drive them to nature reserve
>visit them weekly
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:19 No.47651185
>> sage 01/24/10(Sun)16:20 No.47651225
>> Wax 01/24/10(Sun)16:20 No.47651238
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:20 No.47651242
     File1264368022.jpg-(63 KB, 682x400, burr.jpg)
63 KB
>order pizza
>delivery guy is a bear
>tip generously
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:20 No.47651289
>playing videogames with bear
>realize my bear is a sister
>tranquilize her
>tie her up
>rape her weekly
>sit back
>crack a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:21 No.47651312
>oh, another shitty thread on /v/
>thread is now bear
>try to sage
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:21 No.47651332
>a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:21 No.47651336
>crack open a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:21 No.47651357
     File1264368113.jpg-(9 KB, 238x251, 1251082970805.jpg)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:21 No.47651361

>not realising how serious this bear problem is
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:22 No.47651387
     File1264368139.gif-(33 KB, 846x945, 1245119826326.gif)
33 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:22 No.47651389

Well played
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:22 No.47651429
>Another bear thread on /v/
>Chuckle a little bit
>Move on
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:23 No.47651440
     File1264368185.png-(86 KB, 764x796, crackopenabear.png)
86 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:23 No.47651453
>implying lol randumb isn't god tier comedy

I lol'd OP.
>> Rolling Thundcunt-kun !!+Hn1Jx6TJ4u 01/24/10(Sun)16:23 No.47651493
doesn't that mean you are also a bear?
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:24 No.47651510
>playing video games
>decide to grab a snack
>crave for honey
>realize i'm turning into a bear
>try to call for he-rawrrrrrrrr rrrrrror roooooar
>rrrrrrroarrorrrrawr rrawr RORAER
>> Seqi 01/24/10(Sun)16:24 No.47651518
>read bear thread
>thread is actually a bear
>bear bear bear bear bear bear
>hilarity ensues
>guarenteed replies
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:24 No.47651547
Remember that time bears took control of the eat coast?
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:24 No.47651549
>realise the bear is now following you
>eat salmon play fishing simulator and crack a lumberjack
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:24 No.47651556
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:25 No.47651574
     File1264368302.jpg-(162 KB, 764x538, bearderlands.jpg)
162 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:25 No.47651614
/r/ the one with the cop as a bear, mom as bear, etc.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:25 No.47651632
Bears have dense fur
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:26 No.47651650
No anon.
You are a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:26 No.47651677
     File1264368393.jpg-(39 KB, 600x397, bl.jpg)
39 KB
>> !NACK.rrrr. 01/24/10(Sun)16:27 No.47651708
>Play ps3
>realize it's a bear
>it has no games
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:27 No.47651716
>Playing WoW
>Our tank is a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:27 No.47651724
     File1264368442.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 158 KB, 800x686, 4_bears.jpg)
1264368490.jpg-(17 KB, 250x327, 1263746764277.jpg)
17 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:29 No.47651854
>go into kitchen
>make a honey and berries sandwich
>realize I'm a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:29 No.47651863
Why is arctic bear amist wolverines?
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:29 No.47651874
     File1264368590.jpg-(42 KB, 423x358, Bearperformingmimery.jpg)
42 KB

>Browse /v/
>Realize these two posters are bears
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:30 No.47651927

how does bear know wut wolverine is
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:31 No.47651991

>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:31 No.47652017
Oh god.
The bears are learning.
Let us hope they do not develop emotion.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:31 No.47652024
>get into car to drive away from computer.
>who is driving?
>Bear is driving, how can this be?
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:32 No.47652105
Guys, stop making these nonsense threads. I can't bear it any longer.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:33 No.47652161
>Can't find alarm clock
>Find alarm clock eating my honey
>Realize my alarm clock is a 1500 pound grizzly
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:33 No.47652179
     File1264368815.jpg-(126 KB, 500x333, bear shitting.jpg)
126 KB
>Go to school
>See teacher eating raw salmon
>Think nothing of it
>Go to sleep that night
>Realize teacher was actually a bear all along
>Look down and see tail
>Realize I was actually a bear also
>> sage 01/24/10(Sun)16:33 No.47652189
     File1264368821.jpg-(10 KB, 156x142, Sans titre.jpg)
10 KB
It's only funny when it's not some emo or hipster faggot trying way too hard to look cool.

PROTIP: it probably is here
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:34 No.47652228
     File1264368851.jpg-(7 KB, 135x147, aaaaaaa.jpg)
7 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:34 No.47652284

>He must be a bear
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:35 No.47652324
     File1264368932.jpg-(25 KB, 921x606, 1251037096088.jpg)
25 KB
>name is sage
>> Mike Patton 01/24/10(Sun)16:35 No.47652334
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:35 No.47652342
>talking to friend on the phone, while baking a pie in the oven
>realize that friend is a bear
>the pie in the oven is also a bear
>oven is bear
>but who was phone
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:35 No.47652372
>playing video games
>go to /v/ to talk about video games
>see a thread about bears
>sage thread
>thread is a bear
>/v/ is a bear
>email is a bear
>> Mikhail Bulgakov 01/24/10(Sun)16:36 No.47652384
     File1264368962.jpg-(8 KB, 170x322, 7-mikhail.jpg)
8 KB
Was it a... giant hairless bear?
>> Chicken 01/24/10(Sun)16:36 No.47652395
     File1264368972.jpg-(49 KB, 500x282, tk60159_2.jpg)
49 KB
>go outside
>realize i'm surrounded by bears
>realize i'm paul phoenix
>look at phone, realize my contact list includes zangief
>realize why i was put on this earth
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:36 No.47652438
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:37 No.47652469
I cannot bear this thread.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:37 No.47652492
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:37 No.47652507
>Play TF2
>Realize entire opposing team are bears
>Switch to Sniper
>Equip Sniper Rifle
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:38 No.47652537
>go on /v/
>find a thread about bears on a video game board
>can't bear it
>> Mikhail Bulgakov 01/24/10(Sun)16:38 No.47652575
     File1264369117.jpg-(18 KB, 603x369, 7-mikhailz.jpg)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:38 No.47652588
>Eating cereal
>It has more hair than I remember
>Realize cereal is in my imagination and i am actually being digested by a bear
>> sage 01/24/10(Sun)16:38 No.47652597
This wasn't even funny the first time somebody came up with it
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:38 No.47652602
     File1264369131.jpg-(118 KB, 471x600, castlevania_sotn_conceptart_La(...).jpg)
118 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:39 No.47652622
     File1264369143.gif-(5 KB, 280x63, lol_sig-1.gif)
5 KB
what lvl to mine bears
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:39 No.47652666
Only a bear would get mad at that.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:39 No.47652671
     File1264369181.png-(848 KB, 845x471, lasso.png)
848 KB
>be in the old west
>be a cowboy
>see bear while traveling
>lasso it.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:39 No.47652691
     File1264369194.jpg-(39 KB, 525x600, 1260993029593.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:39 No.47652697
     File1264369195.jpg-(82 KB, 500x375, 3223251831_c914262e35.jpg)
82 KB
Or this.
>> Anonymous 01/24/10(Sun)16:40 No.47652734
oh man... i forgot about that guy!
>> Morrigan !Njx3dHvmhA 01/24/10(Sun)16:40 No.47652750
     File1264369228.jpg-(27 KB, 585x196, 1233701873561.jpg)
27 KB
My god. Bears.
The only thing that would make this worse is if there were also bees.
My god. Bees.