File :1228354997.jpg-(39 KB, 450x327, chrono_trigger1.jpg)
39 KB Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)20:43 No.23669097  
So if Crono, Marle & Lucca never did the whole time travel shit, what would of happened to Magus?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:44 No.23669130
He would have summoned Lavos, tried to kill it, and died in the attempt.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)20:45 No.23669178
But aren't the people in the present time all "WE WON A WAR AGAINST A POWERFUL WIZARD"?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:45 No.23669191
Or maybe he would beat lavos.
Who knows.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:47 No.23669272
That's only because Crono and co. went back in time and kicked his ass.

Maybe, but seeing as the player can beat Magus, yet would be raped by Lavos at that point, it is unlikely.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)20:49 No.23669345
..they say it in the beginning before they go back in time.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:49 No.23669354
The new hidden ending would still occur, abeit without Crono Marle and Lucca.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:49 No.23669378
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:50 No.23669407
But that was three on one, plus the Masamune.
Shit was bullshit.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)20:50 No.23669423
He would have completed the ceremony and got himself ated

and that would have been cool with him the dude loves death
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:52 No.23669505
Time travel doesn't work that way. in the year 600AD, Crono, Lucca, Marle and Frog beat the shit out of Magus. That is set in stone. Crono and co. have been forever fated to be stuck in time travel hijinks They've always gone back to beat Magus, and they always will.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:53 No.23669526
Yeah, because they're stupid enough to think that MAGUS DEAD = WE WIN. The mystics probably gave up once Lavos killed Magus.
No, Magus would have been destroyed. Didn't you see what happened to him when he tried to fight Lavos in 10k BC as the Prophet? He got incapacitated by one fucking move.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:53 No.23669539
Lavos kills magus easily and goes back to sleep, mystics are shocked at the event and leave themselves open for the army to wipe them out.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:54 No.23669582
     File :1228355677.jpg-(45 KB, 300x300, sarah_.jpg)
45 KB
You are now listening to Schala's theme.

>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)20:55 No.23669609
Wouldn't the forest that Robo saved be in the beginning of the game then, since all that already happened?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:55 No.23669612
     File :1228355720.jpg-(14 KB, 300x300, sarah7.jpg)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:55 No.23669631
     File :1228355751.jpg-(50 KB, 283x600, sarah5.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:57 No.23669685
Then Lara should have never been paralyzed.
Then Cyrus' grave should have never fallen into disrepair.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)20:57 No.23669687
Time travel works differently in fiction, man.

In the "Lavos Just as Planned" timeline Magus gets eaten and Frog dies cold and alone in a hole
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:57 No.23669700
     File :1228355846.jpg-(54 KB, 370x459, 20060314011447.jpg)
54 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:57 No.23669722
     File :1228355879.jpg-(55 KB, 384x562, 22pjkb6.jpg)
55 KB
Here's some Janus.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)20:58 No.23669745
     File :1228355921.jpg-(24 KB, 400x500, janusschala3.jpg)
24 KB
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)21:01 No.23669866
     File :1228356082.jpg-(51 KB, 320x578, syage-sara6.jpg)
51 KB
cool story bro
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:05 No.23670049
Points taken. Let's adjust the theory then.

In Chrono Trigger, time works like this:
There is the "set timeline" that exists currently. It involves some of the crews time travel escapades, but some don't exist in it yet. Then, there's the "ideal timeline." This is the one you are working towards throughout the game. It includes things like the forest, and other shit you actually see change as a result of your actions.

If you remember the scene where Robo is being repaired after he helps make the forest, the gang theorizes that there is some sort of benevolent force pushing them to bring about a more perfect world, or the "ideal timeline." So this theory does have some in-game backing.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:09 No.23670179
It is not. They changed the past once they went there. They changed the future.

Had Crono just picked up Marle, brought her back to the Present and got the death penalty like Yakra wanted, the world would have ended in 1999 on Lavos Day like it was supposed to.

Take, for instance, the forest that Robo regrows. Were it destined to happen, we would have seen it before camping. Same with Lucca's mom, she wouldn't be dead in the beggining of the game.

Think of it as Back to the Future. Every time they change something, a new timeline is born. A similar timeline, but different nonetheless.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:13 No.23670337
Actually her mom is just crippled.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:14 No.23670376
Ok, crippled. My mistake.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)21:15 No.23670397
The entity is the planet

To be fair, I'm sure she'd rather be dead
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:16 No.23670448
You know this game was called
Chrono Nigger in Japan right?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:16 No.23670466
This isn't true. You see the immediate effects of beating Magus change the future. If this were the case, the first time you went to the cathedral there would have been no statue of Magus. You can later change the future further by beating (or not beating) Ozzie. It's pretty set Crono and crew are derailing events and creating new timelines.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:16 No.23670472
Not if her daughter randomly showed up as a teenager and saved her.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:18 No.23670559
Exactly, the mystics are assholes in Medina village at first, but after you fight Magus, they worship Ozzie. Kill him and they turn nice.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:19 No.23670588
Also, how awkward would that be in the future-present?
"Mom, can I stay over at Crono's?"
"No, honey."
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)21:23 No.23670760
She's still dead inside, dammit, she wouldn't care any way.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:24 No.23670812
How is she dead inside? She seems pretty happy after you save her.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:29 No.23670979
Wouldn't you be? You almost got mangled by a machine, I'd be pretty fucking happy too.
>> nonanon !6hL7GCDdCk 12/03/08(Wed)21:36 No.23671236
     File :1228358175.png-(371 KB, 412x500, chrono nigger.png)
371 KB

excuse me while i pass through...
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)21:39 No.23671361
Would you be happy with a man that almost mangled you

Look at that filthy house, and she's always sitting down looking forlornly out the window until you walk in. She pops up and says "I'm gonna do laundry!" with a saccharine smile, but I know she's hurting, a hurt almost as painful as what the leg machine did. Almost did.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:41 No.23671422
     File :1228358469.jpg-(60 KB, 507x699, janusschala2.jpg)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:41 No.23671446
     File :1228358519.jpg-(68 KB, 404x600, sarah4_2.jpg)
68 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:43 No.23671488
     File :1228358588.jpg-(54 KB, 480x346, docu01731.jpg)
54 KB
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:43 No.23671494
Good point.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)21:43 No.23671518
     File :1228358629.gif-(16 KB, 300x300, meeres-icanhaschildhoodtrauma.gif)
16 KB
Also I'm pretty sure Janus wished he was born a girl
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:44 No.23671539
     File :1228358662.png-(17 KB, 256x256, sarah2.png)
17 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:45 No.23671597
Throughout the game, you can change the future by doing things in the past. The game does not act like you have already done all the things you're going to do.

Magus would have turned out the same way he was by 1000 A.D.: a memory given tribute through a statue in the middle of the town of monsters.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:46 No.23671633
     File :1228358813.jpg-(17 KB, 350x350, janusschala.jpg)
17 KB
Make comics of it NOW!
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:48 No.23671687
     File :1228358929.jpg-(232 KB, 553x403, maggie2.jpg)
232 KB
Didn't know you were a 4chan regular.

Dammit, more stuff like this.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:50 No.23671744
     File :1228359038.jpg-(67 KB, 250x450, sarah2.jpg)
67 KB
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:51 No.23671784
     File :1228359102.jpg-(64 KB, 558x412, 1228354241669.jpg)
64 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:51 No.23671796
     File :1228359113.jpg-(66 KB, 572x416, 1162856905534.jpg)
66 KB
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)21:52 No.23671831
     File :1228359157.png-(19 KB, 333x530, marleandaylaarerelated.png)
19 KB
I'm more around /co/ than here, that could be why.

Maybe I will!
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:52 No.23671833
     File :1228359165.png-(104 KB, 605x778, 1227766195047.png)
104 KB
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)21:55 No.23671915
     File :1228359317.png-(181 KB, 559x1288, 1227766130767.png)
181 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:56 No.23671961
     File :1228359390.jpg-(41 KB, 552x232, 1162856492716.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:59 No.23672040
     File :1228359551.png-(495 KB, 571x1059, Fffffiendlord.png)
495 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)21:59 No.23672053
Dalton was suck a dick

but an awesome dick nonetheless
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:04 No.23672216
Why is time travel always such a cluster fuck of nonsense?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:04 No.23672225
     File :1228359866.jpg-(60 KB, 640x480, 1146710929505.jpg)
60 KB

Superior in every way.
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)22:06 No.23672281
Frog and Magus are my favorite.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:07 No.23672330
It's time travel. If it wasn't a cluster of fuck, it wouldn't be any fun.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:08 No.23672378
even more superior.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:11 No.23672499
     File :1228360260.jpg-(52 KB, 800x700, gfs_18926_2_46.jpg)
52 KB
Radical Dreamers!
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:11 No.23672506

Oh, lord. I lol'd so hard.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:12 No.23672566

kck... kck...

>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:13 No.23672592
Dammit now I'm going to have to look for the OST before working on this paper now.
>> sage 12/03/08(Wed)22:13 No.23672600
They address this in the game some what.

- If Crono & party never traveled through time, Magus would have tried to summon Lavos and would be sucked into Time's eclipse as a result(We meet this version of Magus in the secret ending).

- Frog rescues Leene, but doesn't battle Yakra, Without Magus OR the Masamune to worry about, he simply lives his life in the cursed woods..

- Robo is built in the distant future, but remains dormant.

- Lavos lands on Tyranno Layer, Ayla does not storm the palace as she would with Crono.(She has to remain alive or else Lavos would never be named)

- Ocean Palace occurs on schedule, Queen Zeal is killed and Schala is sent to Time's Eclipse.(Her magic pendant is somehow passed down as an heirloom in the Guardian royal family) The Ocean Palace never rises.

- The Day of Lavos occurs on schedule, Lavos goes dormant and his offspring leave the planet in the future.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:15 No.23672656
Tyrano Fortress never leaves my head
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:16 No.23672692
that goes against the point of the game. If they're fated to kill magus, they're fated to kill lavos, and if they're fated to kill lavos, they would never have known about lavos because the only way they knew about it was from the lavos-destroyed future, which shouldn't exist if their killing lavos is set in stone.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:17 No.23672754
     File :1228360655.jpg-(50 KB, 500x500, 1209508239220.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:18 No.23672817
     File :1228360734.jpg-(72 KB, 399x420, speedqueen.jpg)
72 KB
Make more Lucca pics.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:19 No.23672834
That's why time travel is finnicky and always destined to have more holes than a pyro going head to head against a heavy.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:20 No.23672857
     File :1228360803.jpg-(61 KB, 350x467, 1212436430887.jpg)
61 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:20 No.23672894
That was a shitty analogy.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:21 No.23672926
     File :1228360890.jpg-(32 KB, 350x256, 1158090071321.jpg)
32 KB
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)22:22 No.23672975
     File :1228360959.png-(16 KB, 429x402, lucrithdies.png)
16 KB
Isn't there enough Lucca art already?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:23 No.23672996
     File :1228360991.jpg-(219 KB, 496x700, lucca3.jpg)
219 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:24 No.23673062
     File :1228361083.jpg-(52 KB, 800x489, lavoskitty.jpg)
52 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:25 No.23673105
>would of
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:26 No.23673119
     File :1228361170.jpg-(30 KB, 230x480, magusrape1.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:26 No.23673120
How did Marle / Leene get Schala's pendant? Schala was wearing it when Lavos destroyed the Ocean Palace.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:27 No.23673170
     File :1228361262.jpg-(144 KB, 566x800, d1ea0a6046295d86577634ba406280(...).jpg)
144 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:29 No.23673249
     File :1228361383.jpg-(83 KB, 500x370, ct-06.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:30 No.23673271
Not to mention Schala gave it to Kid. But, as Lavos was resting in a place beyond time, I guess the normal laws don't apply to her.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)22:31 No.23673297
In the original timeline Schala got crunched in the Ocean Palace, possibly drowned, and the pendant fell into the ocean where it would later be salvaged by a crazed fisherman that gives it as a gift to the Guardia royal family.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:31 No.23673298
     File :1228361470.jpg-(30 KB, 230x445, icobky-hellyeah.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:32 No.23673329
Whatever happened to him at the beginning of the game. The way the world is when the game starts out is exactly how things turned out WITHOUT Chrono and the gang fucking with the time stream. Think about it, at that point they haven't even gone through time yet so how could history be any different from what it is in the beginning of the game?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:33 No.23673369
I always just imagined Crono's opinion on all of this was "Do I get to hit it with my sword?"

The extra bullshit was what he had to deal with in order to stab things.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:33 No.23673379
     File :1228361604.jpg-(53 KB, 250x350, ESORAGOTO-tinyrobo.jpg)
53 KB
New DS Ending:
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:33 No.23673386
>what would of happened to Magus?

He would secretly become a nigger
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)22:43 No.23673736
How do you find this out?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:43 No.23673748
I'm surprised there's no rule 34 on Chrono Trigger yet.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:46 No.23673869

10/10. Excellent.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:46 No.23673870
     File :1228362368.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 61 KB, 800x738, 1177478087044.jpg)
Spoiler Image, 61 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:46 No.23673878
maggiekarp should draw that new ending.

Schala dancing on top of Lavos while Gato sings accompanied by Marle and Lucca. Toma could be the spinning bartender.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:47 No.23673911

..._.....____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____] = = = = = D
...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______.: /
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:47 No.23673917
anyone else nearly cry when they saw crono die at the black omen then going back in time to see him alive. that or using his clone, which doesnt seem the same, hes just a puppet he aint the same person ;_;
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:47 No.23673919
DAMN IT /v/ QUIT GIVING ME A BONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:48 No.23673931
     File :1228362501.jpg-(186 KB, 932x541, cronocross-triggermindblow.jpg)
186 KB
>So if Crono, Marle & Lucca never did the whole time travel shit

Then this.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:48 No.23673942
     File :1228362532.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 620 KB, 931x768, 1187833323279.jpg)
Spoiler Image, 620 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:49 No.23673977
Chrono Trigger styled Rickroll?
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)22:50 No.23674012
It's a fan theory, doesn't make much sense with Cross taking the pendant away even though it was kind of very important.

Gato? GATO!?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:52 No.23674068
     File :1228362728.gif-(4 KB, 82x60, 2n8zucp.gif)
4 KB
Yes, the new final end all makes sense now...
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:52 No.23674078
It's 600 AD, not 800 AD
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:53 No.23674117
     File :1228362810.gif-(14 KB, 378x377, schala5.gif)
14 KB
Never gonna give Schala up
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:56 No.23674250
     File :1228363009.gif-(Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 449x337, dbd1c31c5dcf86fe9b67028bca2ce4(...).gif)
Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB
Gato would be busy dancing and making that disco lights attack effect.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:58 No.23674310
I know.

I didn't bother changing the image.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:59 No.23674342
i want to see a rick astley gif with him doing robos laser spin
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)22:59 No.23674349
     File :1228363151.jpg-(77 KB, 450x450, magussarah.jpg)
77 KB
There should be two Lavos babies dancing in the background.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:00 No.23674397
     File :1228363206.jpg-(22 KB, 400x400, prophetschala.jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:01 No.23674436
     File :1228363265.jpg-(23 KB, 300x400, prophetschala3.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:01 No.23674473
     File :1228363311.jpg-(29 KB, 400x500, summerjakisarah.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:02 No.23674496
     File :1228363339.jpg-(40 KB, 400x300, marle.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:02 No.23674519
     File :1228363369.jpg-(32 KB, 480x640, 37FF4FF081B9992C515E4775EB8073(...).jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:03 No.23674546
if zeal had been a good parent and slapped her kids around then they never would have fucked up the ocean palace and ruin the floating world
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:03 No.23674553
     File :1228363404.jpg-(12 KB, 319x430, chrono060505..jpg)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:04 No.23674596
Wow. Now I have a fetish for robots giving chicks anal.
>> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 12/03/08(Wed)23:05 No.23674627
>- If Crono & party never traveled through time, Magus would have tried to summon Lavos and would be sucked into Time's eclipse as a result(We meet this version of Magus in the secret ending).

Actually no, because this Magus hints that in his world they've already defeated Lavos, its possible he is the end game Magus from the ending where you kill Lavos through the Black Omen and he is still searching for Schala, though its possible hes from another timeline altogether as they did say somewhere in the game "There are as many worlds as there are potentialities"
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:07 No.23674702
     File :1228363647.jpg-(45 KB, 230x350, icobky-pumpkinunderpants.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:08 No.23674735
     File :1228363700.jpg-(253 KB, 800x600, chronotriggerawesome.jpg)
253 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:08 No.23674750
     File :1228363733.jpg-(48 KB, 460x560, mastermind460.jpg)
48 KB
I've started, so I'll ALL!
>> B Flat !hGm0Dp3h/k 12/03/08(Wed)23:10 No.23674808
>Two Timelines

Where have I heard this before?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:11 No.23674846
dunno lol
>> The Lingering Sentiment !!jcGkCnXmToh 12/03/08(Wed)23:11 No.23674847
     File :1228363884.jpg-(25 KB, 313x350, lolitrolu.jpg)
25 KB
Chrono Cross was better.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:11 No.23674849
     File :1228363885.png-(566 KB, 497x1661, drago.png)
566 KB
Are you in anyway related to this guy...err, gal?
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)23:11 No.23674873
     File :1228363917.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 107 KB, 546x394, ctis13nowguys.jpg)
Spoiler Image, 107 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:12 No.23674879
There is. I've seen a picture of robo topping frog and fapping him off.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:12 No.23674905
     File :1228363977.png-(49 KB, 500x500, 1204770773663.png)
49 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:13 No.23674939
I joined this great FREE program about a year ago. You get free video games and more. I haven't EVER had to pay for wii points, WoW, or for xbox live cards.

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I know you'll love it as much as I do! :)
>> The Lingering Sentiment !!jcGkCnXmToh 12/03/08(Wed)23:13 No.23674942
Fuck yes
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:14 No.23674970
     File :1228364089.jpg-(3 KB, 124x127, Daffyduck.jpg)
3 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:17 No.23675066
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)23:18 No.23675080
     File :1228364292.jpg-(24 KB, 240x320, icobky-fuckyeahfrog.jpg)
24 KB
Nope, but this is not the first time a comparison has been drawn. I think that guy (gal?) is a lot better than I am currently, besides.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:18 No.23675096
     File :1228364311.jpg-(62 KB, 400x550, sara4.jpg)
62 KB
>> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 12/03/08(Wed)23:20 No.23675152
     File :1228364410.jpg-(364 KB, 1275x2100, Mp59.jpg)
364 KB
So during the Fated Hour Robo goes into an abandoned factory where he encounters Mother Brain and his Girlfriend. After a fierce battle he gains his girlfriends ribbon and gain three speed and ten magic defense.

Therefore it only makes sense that if Robo were to wear a Dress he would become incredibly powerful.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)23:28 No.23675438
     File :1228364920.jpg-(75 KB, 442x650, esoragoto-ctcom12.jpg)
75 KB
Now it's time for Japanese CT comics that don't make sense
>> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 12/03/08(Wed)23:30 No.23675510
     File :1228365011.jpg-(204 KB, 1600x1200, 1203316632177.jpg)
204 KB
Until this thread I had a surprising lack of Chrono Trigger images.
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)23:30 No.23675532
     File :1228365047.gif-(16 KB, 441x494, incestjoke.gif)
16 KB
Robo works at a Sister Cafe
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:32 No.23675613
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)23:33 No.23675632
     File :1228365212.jpg-(81 KB, 435x650, esoragoto-iwishiknewwhatwasgoi(...).jpg)
81 KB
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:34 No.23675665
Flea's bra?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:35 No.23675713
>would of

jesus christ man
>> Mr. Honest 12/03/08(Wed)23:36 No.23675789
Nigger version of the boss at the Sun Palace?
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:37 No.23675817
>> Anonymous of Jacksonville, Horo is my waifu 12/03/08(Wed)23:39 No.23675876
Guys, I have something to confess.

I thought Flea was a man until just this year, when I discovered otherwise.

I played Chronotrigger on SNES.
>> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 12/03/08(Wed)23:39 No.23675878
     File :1228365543.jpg-(259 KB, 1024x768, 1214516883134.jpg)
259 KB
He spammed the hell out of that move this time around.

Alluring Top
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:40 No.23675938
I though Flea was a dude.
>> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 12/03/08(Wed)23:42 No.23676008
     File :1228365739.jpg-(49 KB, 450x324, 1207789089982.jpg)
49 KB
Its "Dark Matter" from Kirby.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:43 No.23676046
     File :1228365804.png-(34 KB, 256x384, IFISEETHATDREAMONEMORE.png)
34 KB

...but I guess team Awesome killing stuff works.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:44 No.23676096
Flea is a man. He says so. He's just a magical transsexual. Or something.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:46 No.23676165
Flea is where I suspect I started my fetish of Futa/traps
>> maggiekarp !zZAADmFDGM 12/03/08(Wed)23:46 No.23676172
     File :1228365996.jpg-(557 KB, 1600x1200, numamomanga.jpg)
557 KB
Flea is a dude, god damn people.
>> Anonymous 12/03/08(Wed)23:48 No.23676234
>> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 12/03/08(Wed)23:49 No.23676299
I always thought Flea just had penis envy.
>> Mr. Honest 12/04/08(Thu)00:10 No.23677072
>> The Lingering Sentiment !!jcGkCnXmToh 12/04/08(Thu)00:11 No.23677098
I would fuck Flea.
Or let him fuck me.
Whatever floats his boat, as long as he gives it to me