File :1222811865.jpg-(626 KB, 960x1430, JGS2.jpg)
626 KB Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)17:57 No.20722368  
Hmm. Been a while since we had an VideoGameNameGenerator/MSPaint vidya gaem box art thread.

Pic related. 6,350 hours in assembler code.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:00 No.20722488
Angry Lego Horror

>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:07 No.20722764
MSPaint. Do you speak it, motherfucker?
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:11 No.20722950
     File :1222812707.jpg-(38 KB, 606x485, Depressing Janitors.jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:12 No.20722975
     File :1222812748.jpg-(22 KB, 437x353, prehistoric janitor summoner.jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:13 No.20723024
     File :1222812820.jpg-(33 KB, 440x498, 43.jpg)
33 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:14 No.20723052

I lol'd at the tires
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:17 No.20723148
     File :1222813050.gif-(15 KB, 400x482, 1218960954443.gif)
15 KB
I lol'd ... that's awesome

<---Pic's not mine. From a previous, similar thread.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:19 No.20723219
Duke Nukem: Furry at the Olympics

I'd paint it but you all know what Duke looks like, and i would probably fuck it up.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:21 No.20723289
     File :1222813300.jpg-(22 KB, 640x512, space donkey.jpg)
22 KB
>> Endpiece 09/30/08(Tue)18:22 No.20723311
     File :1222813355.jpg-(91 KB, 480x467, frenchboxingadvance.jpg)
91 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:23 No.20723336
     File :1222813394.jpg-(31 KB, 606x485, Dwarven Monster Truck Train.jpg)
31 KB
Dwarven Monster Truck Train
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:23 No.20723356
     File :1222813434.png-(48 KB, 567x810, Cyborg Bazooka Odyssey.png)
48 KB
Cyborg Bazooka Odyssey.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:24 No.20723385
>Sleazy Furry Farmer

>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:26 No.20723434
     File :1222813588.jpg-(71 KB, 751x473, TerribleKatanaUnit.jpg)
71 KB
Terrible Katana Unit sounds great
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:27 No.20723453
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:29 No.20723555
Duke Nukem: Nudist Zone
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:33 No.20723690
WWII Manlove Mission
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:35 No.20723762
     File :1222814105.jpg-(27 KB, 534x633, unholynudistbastards.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:36 No.20723832
Sounds like a Japanese rap group.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:42 No.20723946
     File :1222814540.jpg-(56 KB, 491x742, Nostalgic HitmanThe Next Gener(...).jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:43 No.20723976
     File :1222814614.jpg-(56 KB, 454x698, SICA.jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:45 No.20724041
     File :1222814732.gif-(2 KB, 175x182, fu.gif)
2 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:45 No.20724048
>Itt: games better then most made today
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:46 No.20724087
fucking hell. i lol'd.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:48 No.20724140
     File :1222814933.jpg-(32 KB, 362x478, Communist Janitor DS.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:50 No.20724195
     File :1222815004.gif-(41 KB, 928x631, mbk.gif)
41 KB
>> !fr0gcDwfuk 09/30/08(Tue)18:53 No.20724293
     File :1222815183.png-(21 KB, 628x461, ohgodwhatthefuckhelp.png)
21 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:53 No.20724322
     File :1222815227.png-(252 KB, 816x920, Picture 118.png)
252 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:56 No.20724426
     File :1222815362.jpg-(94 KB, 698x629, morbidly obese hovercraft hero(...).jpg)
94 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:55 No.20724430
     File :1222815358.png-(12 KB, 454x698, spelling story.png)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:56 No.20724433
I would play the fuck out of that game.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:58 No.20724508
     File :1222815507.jpg-(131 KB, 755x724, Hillbilly Sword Trivia 4.jpg)
131 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)18:59 No.20724545
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:00 No.20724584
Oh god, original content? Must...contribute...
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:01 No.20724640
     File :1222815704.jpg-(214 KB, 1024x576, .....jpg)
214 KB
>Enormous Zombie Batallion
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:02 No.20724690
     File :1222815770.png-(264 KB, 842x911, Picture 119.png)
264 KB
This one made me lol.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:04 No.20724736
Holy shit this is awesome
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:08 No.20724879
     File :1222816101.png-(17 KB, 454x698, HEILCOPTER SPELLING SLAUGHTER.png)Thumbnail unavailable
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:10 No.20724984
     File :1222816226.jpg-(65 KB, 837x495, what.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:10 No.20724985
     File :1222816221.gif-(31 KB, 930x519, mariosgs.gif)
31 KB
>> Aciel !!/furHnqljSB 09/30/08(Tue)19:11 No.20725018
     File :1222816317.jpg-(32 KB, 386x450, VWW.jpg)
32 KB
Over 2 minutes in ms paint.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:12 No.20725048
>Allied Manlove Conflict

>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:13 No.20725070
     File :1222816406.png-(25 KB, 500x479, AAHA.png)
25 KB
>All American Hobo Adventure

An old one while I'm, making one.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:16 No.20725141
     File :1222816616.png-(35 KB, 593x551, raging racing maniac.png)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:18 No.20725184
     File :1222816721.gif-(22 KB, 617x833, ye olde hang glider city.gif)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:20 No.20725245
     File :1222816855.png-(27 KB, 813x452, 6TUT.png)
27 KB
Apathetic Fantasy Tycoon.

It practically drew itself
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:21 No.20725252
     File :1222816868.jpg-(34 KB, 453x591, bssr.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:22 No.20725282
     File :1222816939.jpg-(22 KB, 581x490, AFD.jpg)
22 KB
Naughty Terrorist XXX
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:22 No.20725302
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:23 No.20725341
     File :1222817036.gif-(24 KB, 923x487, worldwar2godinspace.gif)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:24 No.20725356
You are all geniusseses.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:27 No.20725476
     File :1222817278.png-(102 KB, 1145x647, Muppet math of the dead.png)
102 KB
>> Demyx's Blue-Marine !!vjyCRKGc15d 09/30/08(Tue)19:28 No.20725497
     File :1222817332.jpg-(21 KB, 649x668, Untitled.jpg)
21 KB
Alien Jetski XXX
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:31 No.20725597
     File :1222817511.jpg-(41 KB, 832x1232, untitled.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:32 No.20725607
     File :1222817520.png-(702 KB, 829x942, Picture 120.png)
702 KB
>> Wondertits !wpiWZwcY4I 09/30/08(Tue)19:33 No.20725651
I actually got "Battle Handgun School".

I have to make this.
>> Enzo !YS/vWo2Npk 09/30/08(Tue)19:34 No.20725685
     File :1222817655.jpg-(29 KB, 630x480, Russian Burger Returns.jpg)
29 KB
Russian Burger Returns
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:34 No.20725693
     File :1222817679.png-(21 KB, 500x600, 1218960956322.png)
21 KB
from a previous thread
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:34 No.20725701
     File :1222817693.jpg-(32 KB, 720x450, Everybody Hates The Zamboni Ap(...).jpg)
32 KB
Everybody Hates the Zamboni Apocalypse
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:35 No.20725745
     File :1222817748.jpg-(44 KB, 505x684, 1218963532147.jpg)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:36 No.20725758

You, sir, are and legend :/
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:39 No.20725853
     File :1222817989.jpg-(48 KB, 764x596, 1218965011071.jpg)
48 KB
>> Ubou !.XEKY8wV4c 09/30/08(Tue)19:43 No.20725978
     File :1222818233.jpg-(76 KB, 703x745, tank.jpg)
76 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:44 No.20725998
     File :1222818263.jpg-(29 KB, 385x481, tonyhawksnazitribe.jpg)
29 KB
Tony Hawks Nazi Tribe
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:46 No.20726052
     File :1222818386.png-(15 KB, 500x400, LOTTOTBG.png)
15 KB
>lair of the trampoline of the blood god.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:49 No.20726171
     File :1222818574.jpg-(24 KB, 385x481, Kosher turtle fiesta.jpg)
24 KB
Kosher Turtle Fiesta
Goddamn, I love these.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)19:57 No.20726399
     File :1222819039.gif-(46 KB, 923x487, in yo face.gif)
46 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:03 No.20726531
     File :1222819385.jpg-(31 KB, 457x510, British Whale Challenge.jpg)
31 KB
British Whale Challenge
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:04 No.20726576
     File :1222819484.jpg-(28 KB, 457x510, Hindu Shark Saga.jpg)
28 KB
Hindu Shark Saga
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:04 No.20726583
     File :1222819490.jpg-(39 KB, 515x403, wildhammer.jpg)
39 KB
One of my old ones while I make a new one.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:07 No.20726645
     File :1222819629.jpg-(56 KB, 596x647, nudist batman on wheels.jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:07 No.20726647
     File :1222819634.jpg-(57 KB, 454x698, bbhcif.jpg)
57 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:07 No.20726664
     File :1222819668.jpg-(24 KB, 598x368, amr.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:10 No.20726743
     File :1222819824.gif-(5 KB, 512x384, 8 bit yak.gif)
5 KB
The legendary precursor to GTA
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:10 No.20726759
     File :1222819851.jpg-(27 KB, 598x368, rvh.jpg)
27 KB
>> JT 09/30/08(Tue)20:12 No.20726793
File deleted.
Catholic Terrorist Ransom
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:12 No.20726817
what's the turban sitting on?
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:13 No.20726839
     File :1222820011.jpg-(33 KB, 572x529, cheesey.jpg)
33 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:15 No.20726890
     File :1222820120.png-(278 KB, 554x2043, 1220142198622.png)
278 KB
Unreal Fire Enforcer
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:17 No.20726950
It's head. I suck at MSPaint, so...
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:17 No.20726956
Subatomic hamster crusader
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:18 No.20726991
Someone do Samba de Whale of Mystery.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:22 No.20727063
     File :1222820539.png-(350 KB, 478x674, CHECK OUT MY NEW GAME GUYS.png)
350 KB
My game sounds pretty badass.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:22 No.20727087
     File :1222820564.jpg-(45 KB, 675x539, MBBO.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:22 No.20727088
     File :1222820566.gif-(9 KB, 649x668, aliens.gif)
9 KB

>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:23 No.20727116
     File :1222820613.jpg-(90 KB, 613x803, URBAN NAZI UPRISING.jpg)
90 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:24 No.20727139
     File :1222820685.gif-(23 KB, 923x487, elm.gif)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:25 No.20727155
Lord of the Godzilla Overdrive
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:26 No.20727185
     File :1222820770.jpg-(59 KB, 615x583, ninja disco fiasco.jpg)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:27 No.20727222
     File :1222820841.jpg-(7 KB, 299x207, Bowhunter.jpg)
7 KB
Fuck yes Generic Bow hunter DX
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:27 No.20727231
     File :1222820853.png-(18 KB, 512x528, bazooka babies.png)
18 KB
>slepy bazooka babies

>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:28 No.20727271
     File :1222820921.jpg-(14 KB, 251x180, octopus_carnage.jpg)
14 KB
Irresistible Octopus Carnage
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:30 No.20727325
     File :1222821041.jpg-(31 KB, 510x508, PROMANLOVEHOUSE.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:31 No.20727366
needs moar ultros
>> JT 09/30/08(Tue)20:37 No.20727546
     File :1222821435.png-(16 KB, 500x500, sambadewhaleofmystery.png)
16 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:37 No.20727557
     File :1222821463.png-(3 KB, 262x189, BDDS.png)
3 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:37 No.20727570
     File :1222821450.jpg-(20 KB, 457x510, Jamaican Theif Epidemic.jpg)
20 KB
Jamaican Theif Epidemic
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:40 No.20727682
     File :1222821640.png-(20 KB, 512x528, HOBBO.png)
20 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:40 No.20727685
     File :1222821659.png-(24 KB, 497x609, ESD.png)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:41 No.20727696
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Request interface and type in thread ID #20722368
Step 3: Select board /v/ and enter in shitty ass captcha code. Submit!
Step 4: ???
Step 5: PROFIT!
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:41 No.20727727
     File :1222821702.png-(19 KB, 512x528, BATMAN.png)
19 KB
Magnetic batman preacher
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:46 No.20727922
Needing 3 moar.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:47 No.20727956
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:51 No.20728052
Oh god, I just got Geriatric Furry Experience.
Don't know if want.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:53 No.20728112
FUCK YEAR, I got it archived.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:55 No.20728188
     File :1222822544.png-(15 KB, 390x491, NNBB.png)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:56 No.20728213
     File :1222822588.jpg-(30 KB, 600x600, awesome.jpg)
30 KB
Awesome. Treasure trove of OC fukken saved.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:57 No.20728254
     File :1222822635.png-(22 KB, 648x528, sw soccer.png)
22 KB
star wars soccer fortress
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)20:59 No.20728348
this one is my favorite.
>> Wheelchair !!ceC6nWd3JQB 09/30/08(Tue)21:01 No.20728478
     File :1222822918.png-(22 KB, 587x541, unforgeablefrogalpha.png)
22 KB
I have won.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:02 No.20728485
     File :1222822934.jpg-(32 KB, 889x488, TigerWoods.jpg)
32 KB
>> GIM 09/30/08(Tue)21:09 No.20728741
     File :1222823391.jpg-(114 KB, 1437x892, Prehistoric Mall Madness.jpg)
114 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:10 No.20728757
     File :1222823409.jpg-(15 KB, 251x180, radioactive_office_dash.jpg)
15 KB
Radioactive Office Dash
>> Ricky Fitness !6FqAWBc8eA 09/30/08(Tue)21:10 No.20728766
     File :1222823425.jpg-(89 KB, 800x600, michaeljackson'sfootballontheo(...).jpg)
89 KB
Shit this took forever
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:13 No.20728845
I suck at MSPaint.

Dear anon: Zombie Wedding Revisited
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:13 No.20728857
     File :1222823599.png-(4 KB, 237x38, vee.png)
4 KB
Neurotic Internet Kombat
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:15 No.20728914
fucking lol
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:23 No.20729134
Emo Handgun Experience
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:23 No.20729148
     File :1222824229.jpg-(52 KB, 466x575, DUF.jpg)
52 KB
RTS of the year
>> Patrick Colasour 09/30/08(Tue)21:31 No.20729390
     File :1222824693.jpg-(102 KB, 951x688, kitchenbasketball.jpg)
102 KB
Best one fucking ever, I nearly died when I got "Hitler's Kitchen Basketball"
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:32 No.20729412
     File :1222824760.jpg-(36 KB, 800x500, Mystical Octopus Returns.jpg)
36 KB
Mystical Octopus Returns: GOTY Edition
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:33 No.20729436
     File :1222824791.jpg-(39 KB, 466x575, RDT.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:51 No.20729906
     File :1222825862.jpg-(53 KB, 466x575, DWD.jpg)
53 KB
OH YEAH... I think i'm going to put this one forward
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)21:56 No.20730002

oh wow
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)22:12 No.20730468
     File :1222827157.jpg-(24 KB, 457x510, radrocketman.jpg)
24 KB
Rad Rocket Man, fuck yeah!
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)22:21 No.20730773
     File :1222827661.jpg-(23 KB, 457x510, canadiancowboyfactory.jpg)
23 KB
God damn I love these threads so much.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)22:26 No.20730898
The best one's I've gotten were Nuclear STD Dudes, Chocolate Shotgun on Wheels, and Disney's Porn Hunt.
>> Medicfag !kC4tNQ7y82 09/30/08(Tue)22:29 No.20731036
     File :1222828181.png-(12 KB, 417x462, gwp.png)
12 KB
fuck year, galactic walrus preacher
>> JT 09/30/08(Tue)22:34 No.20731162
>Disney's Porn Hunt.

Oh boy.

I could actually see someone on the internets making that.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)22:37 No.20731233
     File :1222828650.jpg-(62 KB, 958x600, scoobydookb.jpg)
62 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)22:39 No.20731324
     File :1222828790.jpg-(50 KB, 882x591, Chilln Cheese Man.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)22:46 No.20731558
     File :1222829207.jpg-(53 KB, 645x707, Jedi Bomberman World.jpg)
53 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:01 No.20732117

i lold hard
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:09 No.20732431
     File :1222830557.jpg-(35 KB, 500x500, drharpoon.jpg)
35 KB
Dr. Harpoon Roundup

I'll make a fucking killing in the Alaskan Walmart market.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:25 No.20732891
     File :1222831535.gif-(22 KB, 923x487, legend.gif)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:34 No.20733206
     File :1222832048.png-(12 KB, 458x359, haunted.png)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:39 No.20733412
I... I just got Hardcore Furry Scandal.

I can't do that, /v/.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:43 No.20733553
     File :1222832609.gif-(Spoiler Image, 163 KB, 450x635, PSYCHO BREAKDANCING FIGHTER.gif)
Spoiler Image, 163 KB
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:43 No.20733554
     File :1222832614.jpg-(228 KB, 776x664, 1214246335386.jpg)
228 KB
Not mine.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:45 No.20733608
     File :1222832707.png-(21 KB, 425x421, 1214246197259.png)
21 KB
Not mine.
>> Anonymous 09/30/08(Tue)23:46 No.20733668
     File :1222832795.png-(33 KB, 743x608, 1214209953419.png)
33 KB
Aaaand not mine. Personal favourite.