File :1222234857.jpg-(33 KB, 500x358, Pic001.jpg)
33 KB Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:40 No.20435607  
Which would /v/ choose?
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435624
Obvious choice is obvious.
The cat.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435626
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435634
The kitty. =3
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435635
desk, please
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435640
the TV
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435641
Fuck the wii, eat the 360, sell the ps3, pet the kitty
>> Cotton Eyed Joe !s5rR18z5kQ 09/24/08(Wed)01:41 No.20435642
cat is fine too
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435648
In after "The cat".
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435653
Lovley ears =)
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435654
a cat is fine too.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435659
The cat.
>> cancer.exe !!ZD0NvvGcSg6 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435666
Cat has no games
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435669
The cat.
High replay value, no batteries required.
Also, can be used as a footwarmer.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:42 No.20435679
Sony Playstation 3, please.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435682
I have a cat and a PS3, but no high def TV, I'll take the TV.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435687
The cat. To kill the spiders.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435690
The TV

what no, I'm not a nigger
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435694
The wittle kitty. Dawww.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435698
the ps3 because i already have a good tv, a wii and a 360.
don't want a cat in a one room apartment.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435702
     File :1222235012.jpg-(97 KB, 540x671, yiffmonster.jpg)
97 KB
What's with boys your age? Always looking at cats.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:43 No.20435704
That is the most faggy faceplate ive ever seen on a 360. Congratulations.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:44 No.20435716
Nothing can kill the spiders
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:44 No.20435717

>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:44 No.20435730
     File :1222235062.jpg-(36 KB, 519x564, bubbles.jpg)
36 KB
That's a stupid question.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:44 No.20435737
I already have a cat, a good HD tv, a ps3, and a 360.

I don't have a Wii though...



I'll take a second cat.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:44 No.20435755
I'd take the TV, then sell it to buy all three consoles
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:44 No.20435759
     File :1222235098.jpg-(151 KB, 800x600, Derp.jpg)
151 KB
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:47 No.20435852
     File :1222235279.jpg-(19 KB, 480x360, cat-28476.jpg)
19 KB
Here is me and my cat having a smoke and playing Smash Bros.
>> Sil'Fer !!0HRMd3tinO0 09/24/08(Wed)01:48 No.20435857
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:49 No.20435898
I'd take the PS3, then sell it to get the other 2 consoles, the cat, the tv, the desk, and a room to put it all in.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:49 No.20435911
ill take the plastic disc on the bottom of the wii. i lost mine.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:50 No.20435921

learn2hivemind. That isn't hivemind at all.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:50 No.20435937
Why do you have a PS3 devkit? Those cost $8,000.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:51 No.20435956
I have a 360 and a wii and a TV, I don't want a PS3 and my cat died a few years ago, I'll take that one.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:51 No.20435958
I didn't notice that! Holy shit someone uses those???
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:51 No.20435961


Take the house, that way you get everything in the picture and then some....
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:53 No.20436009
I have all 3
....but two ps3's would be fucking awesome!
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:56 No.20436089
the cat
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:56 No.20436104
why does it say.. "test"?
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)01:57 No.20436142
I love the threads where we screw around and animals or fruits are the consoles instead of the actual consoles.


hahah. Good times.
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)02:00 No.20436217

dammit i wish i had a cat ;_;
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)02:01 No.20436250
>> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)02:01 No.20436284
     File :1222236116.png-(12 KB, 300x300, 1221422446859.png)
12 KB
Developer PS3 console.

You can play burned PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, and homebrew applications.