File :1221972516.jpg-(80 KB, 750x600, bang.jpg)
80 KB Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:48 No.20297775  
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:49 No.20297798
I was watching it completely by accident.

The bang was just great
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:49 No.20297818
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:50 No.20297839
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:50 No.20297862
Its been dead anyways ever since Tom and pals mode
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:51 No.20297871
FUCK THIS. /v/, We need to stand. NO, all of anonymous NEEDS TO BE HEARD.

We need Toonami, not as it has been, but as it ONCE WAS.

Someone make a petition, I swear that I will repost it everywhere on the net until we get a good Toonami block back on Cartoon Network.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:51 No.20297901
Indeed, but...why Tom?

My childhood...gone...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:51 No.20297902
why is this on /v/?

Why not /co/?

Also, CN fucked up Toonami way too much recently for this cancel to hurt. In my eyes, the canceled Toonami when they got rid of the weekday scheduling.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:52 No.20297923

Same here

Manly tears.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:52 No.20297924
Eh? What? I haven't watched cable TV since 2000. What happen to Toonami?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:52 No.20297937
Toonami died to me when they stopped playing Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:52 No.20297938


>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:52 No.20297940

Also, since the main shows where yu gi oh GX and code lyoko.
>> q­nqnx !CylYBJT.Sw 09/21/08(Sun)00:52 No.20297949
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:53 No.20297954
     File :1221972788.jpg-(20 KB, 603x380, Godspeed.jpg)
20 KB
Goodnight, sweet prince.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:53 No.20297964
Better that it die, rather than live as an empty shell
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:53 No.20297976
you know they killed Tom once before with a giant explosion....
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:53 No.20297982

Well it has a "v" in it.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:53 No.20297984
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)00:53 No.20297992
they're going to bring back maguzi

just you wait
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298003
Toonami got canceled.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298006
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298012
OH SHIT, you're right!
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298018

Toonami got cancelled.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298026
Tonight (20th) was the last broadcast for the block of shows, and Tom.

True. This and G Gundam, Tenchi, Gundam Wing, Blue Sub 6, and Outlaw Star.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298029
They finally killed the zombie we once knew as toonami.

Goodnight, you glorious creature.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:54 No.20298038
     File :1221972899.jpg-(41 KB, 720x480, 23482518OjCgfcfjOi_ph.jpg)
41 KB

You think CN ended toonami without thinking about the backlash it would cause? They will either ignore the rage of the animu lovers, or create something similar to toonami as a replacement.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:55 No.20298043
Not really, he was dissolved by some giant blob.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:55 No.20298045
I never cared for Toonami because I never got it. But it sounded like a good thing to watch back in the day.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:55 No.20298053
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:55 No.20298070
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:56 No.20298090

Yes it was good was good...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:56 No.20298093
Oh fuck I forgot about G Gundam honestly best gundam ever THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED WITH AN AWESOME POWER AND IT TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU. good time good times.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:56 No.20298111
And nothing of value was lost...

Seriously, when the old short and stubby TOM died, the one with SARA I think was the computers name, it started to suck. They used to play Daft Punk and decent anime on it. Plus they would review video games, and that was cool.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:56 No.20298115

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:57 No.20298124
p.s. i like how david lucas says "bang" at the end like Spike.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:57 No.20298135

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:57 No.20298144
At least we got to view a truly decent piece of TV programming. It was kind of sad to see it go, since it was the only TV during my childhood that instilled a sense of morality in me with the wonderful Toonami Speeches.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:58 No.20298170
Pff i stopped caring about television channels or what they are showing and what not when i found out that you can watch or download everything you want anytime without ads for free on the internet
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:58 No.20298181
You did toonami great memories :(
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:59 No.20298200
.. you mean Steven Blum?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:59 No.20298220
i still have an old videotape of when they played a bunch of awesome animated music videos one night - Daft Punk, Gorillaz, and a Kenna video. it was awesome.
good times.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)00:59 No.20298222
Considering they shit on the animu fans by dumping all animu except for Code Grease and Bleach in favor of in-house shows, the age of animu is over for Cartoon Network.

At least the newfags get to see how we were used and abused by Sci-Fi like in the old days (But with more shitty commercials!)
>> Tobi the Racing Paper !5bWTegIBy2 09/21/08(Sun)01:00 No.20298241
Manly tears were had here.

Lots and lots of manly tears.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:00 No.20298271
     File :1221973254.jpg-(47 KB, 576x432, 1219672494238.jpg)
47 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:01 No.20298275
I feel like I've just lost an older brother that's been fighting some disease for several years. :(
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:01 No.20298292
Anyone remember the old school flash games when Toonami was awesome?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:01 No.20298298
or Andrew Watton or Steven Jay or Steve Blum or Steven J. Blum or Daniel Andrews or Roger Smith or David Jeremy or whatever other name he goes by.
>> SHINGO☆ !jo7PYuhhaQ 09/21/08(Sun)01:01 No.20298299
In case you guys want manly tears.

Sure Toonami sucked in recent years. But this final moment still made me very depressed. It was beautifully done, also very classy.

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:01 No.20298306

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:01 No.20298307
I raged for 2 months when they canceled MST3K.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:02 No.20298310
Moltar was awesome.
Why'd they drop moltar?

Anyway, toonami has been dead for years, they've just been beating it's corpse since then.

While the "advanced robotics" and "Don't fear failure" commercials are huge nostalgia bombs, they're still awesome.
You don't see these kind of commercials anymore, no one even tries.
Hell, you barely saw them back then except for on toonami.

If they pulled toonami out of the shitter and actually showed some decent stuff instead of naruto all the time I'd actually watch again.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:02 No.20298311
Geass and Moribito got pushed to the 5am death slot, though. They pulled that shit without warning and then they bitch at animu fans for giving the shows shitty ratings despite the uncalled for and random time-slot changes for the shows we were trying to watch faithfully.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:03 No.20298370
     File :1221973427.jpg-(20 KB, 603x380, big20boss20salute.jpg)
20 KB

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:04 No.20298392

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:04 No.20298393
britfag toonami was so awesome back in the day
then it sucked monkey balls (showing stupid shows like parker lewis) then got cancelled

so fuck it, CN is destined to screw toonami over
toonami needs to be made by anon for nostalgias sake
CN doesn't deserve toonami, it's too good for it.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:04 No.20298411
     File :1221973487.png-(2 KB, 107x116, d'aaawwwww.png)
2 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:05 No.20298437
I remember.
They reviewed metal slug x one time and I knew I had to get it.
Shit was so cash.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:05 No.20298456
>toonami needs to be made by anon for nostalgias sake

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:06 No.20298471
I still remember Toonami Lockdown week.

Best week ever. ;_;
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:06 No.20298491
Fuck yeah Saturday Morning Anime

Massive nostalgia tears shed all around from me in this thread.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:07 No.20298508
fucking seriously.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:07 No.20298529
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:07 No.20298538
Remember the Midnight Run?
>> Vekinntiynn !!DQB8r0B/Y4/ 09/21/08(Sun)01:08 No.20298550

Damnit why did I have to check /v/ tonight! Now i'm not going to get to sleep anytime soon and I have work in the morning...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:08 No.20298551
OP here, sorry to make you all cry manly tears, but nevar forget.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:08 No.20298566
What, Toonami was still on?

I didn't even know.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:08 No.20298580

Was that the time where Tom blew up and the had like a sweepstakes to win something (I forgot what)?

I remember I tried my ass off to win that.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:08 No.20298593
     File :1221973739.gif-(198 KB, 640x480, 1212974275368.gif)
198 KB
"Outlaws never go down easy."

Farewell Toonami. You'll always be remembered.
>> Swalot 09/21/08(Sun)01:09 No.20298622
Anyone remember Moltar? Moltar was the shit.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:10 No.20298641

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:10 No.20298649

That game was fun as all hell.

Good night, sweet prince.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:10 No.20298660
In the distant future, mankind has reached the stars...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:10 No.20298665
NOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT SON. really? welcome to several years ago, bro.


FUCK THIS. We need to stand.

We need Toonami, not as it has been, but as it ONCE WAS.

Someone make a petition, I swear that I will repost it everywhere on the net until we get a good Toonami block back on Cartoon Network.
>> Manly Tears Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:10 No.20298672
     File :1221973856.jpg-(393 KB, 715x957, 1195269414705.jpg)
393 KB
I will never forget you, Toonami....
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:11 No.20298678

I still remember his opening quote for Sailor Moon.

"This one goes out to all the ladies."
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:11 No.20298679
I never watched Toonami. The only shit that really ever interested me on Cartoon Network were the shows on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (Dexter, Johnny Bravo, Courage, Cow and Chicken, etc.) and adult swim.
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)01:11 No.20298688
what happened to that female hologram?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:11 No.20298698
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:11 No.20298720
     File :1221973911.jpg-(62 KB, 720x480, gene04.jpg)
62 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:12 No.20298745
congratulations, now we all know that you used to watch sailor moon.


...actually i did too.
>> Vekinntiynn !!DQB8r0B/Y4/ 09/21/08(Sun)01:13 No.20298780
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:13 No.20298794
Internet petitions are worth as much as the paper they're written on

>toonami needs to be made by anon for nostalgias sake

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:13 No.20298796
He disintegrated all the ladies panties with that line, I bet.

Fucking badass.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:14 No.20298834
I'm still raging over this. but they have their own webshow now.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:14 No.20298844
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:14 No.20298849
superior space anime. Seriously, if steven blum did Gene's voice in Outlaw Star, the show would have done SOOOOO much better than Bebop did.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:15 No.20298886
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:15 No.20298892
11 years...
Fuck, that's literally half my life right there.
Too bad it started sucking years ago.

I want to like you toonami, I really do.
You used to be pretty cool.
But you've been ruined by kids that want to watch nothing but naruto reruns and other general crap.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:16 No.20298898
Outlaw star already had an awesome dub

people just wank over Blums voice
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:16 No.20298899
     File :1221974175.gif-(5 KB, 412x253, 1214119158945.gif)
5 KB
There are no words.

Well, there is one.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:16 No.20298927
When they stopped airing stuff like Dexter's Lab and The Powerpuff Girls frequently is when I got butthurt.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:17 No.20298934
Yeah, I bought the box set after watching it on Toonami. Shit was so Cash.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:17 No.20298946

Everything about that show was awesome, shit. The last two episodes felt rushed as hell to me though.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:17 No.20298948
Unlike DIABLO 3's HURRR fest, something about Toonami would actually have substance.

Diablo 3 was about shitstain underageb&s whining about colors for fucks sake.

Toonami being remade as it once was back in the glory days would make millions rejoice, and bring back tons of viewers to cartoon network.

Imagine the first 4 or 5 years just repeating over and over. I know I'd watch it, and so would you.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:17 No.20298954
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:17 No.20298964
Someone should make a Mogulus account and just run the Toonami-only shows in proper sequence

When a show plays all it's episodes, replace it with the next in the show's history
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:18 No.20299001
But it also created us.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:19 No.20299020
I remember when they played the Real Adventures of Johnny Quest.

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:19 No.20299022
>But you've been ruined by kids that want to watch nothing but naruto reruns and other general crap.

This is so true. So fucking true. Now I hate kids and Naruto more than anything.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:19 No.20299034

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:20 No.20299067


>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:22 No.20299144
Not who you're replying to, but I also bought the box set. Outlaw Star, uncut. Hot Springs episode. Shit is so cash.
>> Tobi the Racing Paper !5bWTegIBy2 09/21/08(Sun)01:22 No.20299148
     File :1221974573.jpg-(16 KB, 400x300, moltar.jpg)
16 KB
>> (゚ 3゚) Onsokumaru !!ncYyB/oJlJM 09/21/08(Sun)01:23 No.20299159
BANG ;_;
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:23 No.20299178
     File :1221974607.png-(35 KB, 317x311, sad.png)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:23 No.20299192
I fucking would, even if the cutscenes themselves were complete repeats.
Hell, I could watch the cutscenes on their own.
If only someone had a video of them all.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:23 No.20299200
     File :1221974639.gif-(214 KB, 720x480, AishaClanClan.gif)
214 KB

Shit was VERY cash
>> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/21/08(Sun)01:24 No.20299218
fuck yeah Moltar, back when they showed Birdman and Space ghost!
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:24 No.20299237
they showed this on toonami??
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:25 No.20299242
Answer me Domon!
The School of the Undefeated of the East!
The Winds of the King!
Zenshin! Keretsu! Tenpa Kyorin!
Look! The East is burning red!
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:25 No.20299254

>> Blaine66 09/21/08(Sun)01:25 No.20299261

They showed the edited version, so no.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:25 No.20299263
Toonami died when the FCC thought they had the motherfucking right to butcher good television into crap that "everyone can accept."
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:25 No.20299273
fuck yeah g gundam is the greatest anime ever
>> SHINGO☆ !jo7PYuhhaQ 09/21/08(Sun)01:25 No.20299276
     File :1221974758.jpg-(149 KB, 965x142, TomBangToonami.jpg)
149 KB
This anon summed it up nicely.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:26 No.20299297
The weirdest show ever. But it was fucking great.
>> Sudowoodo !!3qUlT4d9A1L 09/21/08(Sun)01:26 No.20299299
     File :1221974790.jpg-(209 KB, 616x801, Big_O_Showtime_by_Railith.jpg)
209 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:26 No.20299305
who would have guessed that Naruto was the cancer that finally killed Toonami?
>> Vekinntiynn !!DQB8r0B/Y4/ 09/21/08(Sun)01:26 No.20299307
don't forget Toonami [dreams]
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:27 No.20299355
This. Those two and IGPX were the only good animes on toonami.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:29 No.20299405
Why did they cancel Toonami, anyway? It was so sudden.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:29 No.20299406
so they knew their old fans would see the final ep of toonami and left us a present? Also they used toonami to make the true viewers get into AS?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:29 No.20299419
when shit gets fucking regulated to death, give thanks to the fcc
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:30 No.20299421
Fuckin' A.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:30 No.20299436
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:30 No.20299447
     File :1221975044.jpg-(56 KB, 720x480, vash-bandaid.jpg)
56 KB
>> SHINGO☆ !jo7PYuhhaQ 09/21/08(Sun)01:30 No.20299448

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:31 No.20299462
Guys, it's a sign. The world is coming to a fucking end. Fuck you Cartoon Network, fuck you OVER 9000 times.
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)01:31 No.20299463


>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:31 No.20299473
no, this episode was not aired at all.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:32 No.20299479

Damn right! I got fucking pissed after they reran the episodes during the Dark Tournament. Then I lost my cable.

8 years later, I got the box sets. But I still didn't get to see Kurama hand Karasu's ass to him.

And yes, I enjoyed the SNES games of Yu Yu Hakusho. Those were fucking awesome.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:32 No.20299484
Because its purpose was to bring anime to the states. The only anime it aired anymore was Naruto reruns. It had no point.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:32 No.20299498
Boy, I sure wish I had some crying image to post right now. ;_;
>> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/21/08(Sun)01:32 No.20299517
heh wonder if Blum just threw that in there.

Luckily I grew up on old toonami, so I have good and fond memories. I think Toonami got bad around the time tech TV came out so I started watching that, then Adult Swim got big about the time G4 bought Tech TV, maybe there is a bit of discrepancy, but still Manly tears.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:32 No.20299523
I'm sure it was planned months in advance.

Possibly, but everyone can agree that the block of shows has been going downhill for the greater part of 3 years.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:33 No.20299539

>Only anime

Wow, that made me rage more than expected.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:33 No.20299545
Well, at least Tom may truly rest in piece now.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:33 No.20299555
     File :1221975218.jpg-(11 KB, 446x304, 1199438488190.jpg)
11 KB
Here, I've got one we can share.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:33 No.20299559
Samurai Jack, and bang.

What a way to go out.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:34 No.20299567
Toonami was dying looooooonnnng before that.
Also, Naruto isn't really THAT bad, it just has tons of shit filler, is ridiculously over rated and has the worst fan base I've ever seen.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:34 No.20299575
>heh wonder if Blum just threw that in there.

Not a coincidence.

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:34 No.20299597

Also, Motorhead
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:35 No.20299601

Not to mention it is horrifically butchered by the FCC.

Drunken fist turns into the LOOPY FIST HURR HURR

God damn that annoys me to no end
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:35 No.20299620


>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:35 No.20299627
See you later, space cowboy...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:35 No.20299631
No, the purpose was to air action-oriented animation, bro.

Whether it be Anime or not. At the time, anime was huge, and a big source of income as every 12 year old boy was getting into it at the time, so DBZ AHOY (Don't say you never watched it, else you are a fag)
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:36 No.20299652
remember 4kids is just another name for thr fcc
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:36 No.20299664
God damn /v/ this is making me very sad, its like seeing a very old and dear friend die. I grew up with Toonami, with Tom. Everyday when i got home from school. I know it went to shit but looking back on what good time I had watching DBZ and all the shows that shaped me into a young man, it saddens me deeply. Bye Tom. By Childhood. I knew thee well.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:36 No.20299671
Did anyone else notice that TOM left by himself while those two other guys(Black Dude and that guy from Digimon) left together.

I felt like CN did that just to say "We know, we fucked up... we should've never changed Toonami"
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:37 No.20299687
I watched DBZ Religiously.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:38 No.20299707
gave me shivers.
>> (゚ 3゚) Onsokumaru !!ncYyB/oJlJM 09/21/08(Sun)01:38 No.20299721
lol we all did
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:38 No.20299733
Does it make me a fag to actually shed a tear over this? I'm not talking about figuratively, I mean liquid actually coming out of the eyes tears.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:38 No.20299739
lol I was watching it and I didn't even know it ended, anyways samurai jack is on
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:38 No.20299747
Yeah I know. Toonami was just a old man in a nursing home waiting to die from the cancer along ago it's just that naruto was the last thing to finally kill it.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:39 No.20299759

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:39 No.20299764
Though I hate to admit it, I was really big on DBZ back then.
You couldn't get me to watch it now, but I'd watch one more episode for toonami...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:40 No.20299782
     File :1221975616.png-(398 KB, 530x399, CQChug.png)
398 KB
Hold me, /v/
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:40 No.20299783
     File :1221975622.jpg-(25 KB, 155x258, tom3.jpg)
25 KB
God tier: Tom 3

High tier: Tom 1 and 2

Stupid looking as shit tier: Tom 4
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)01:40 No.20299813
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299815
oh shit, it is.
watching now.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299829
I'm... I'm really crying, /v/...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299831
I remember Toonami reviewed Final Fantasy X.

They gave it a 10/10.

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299833
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299834
>No, the purpose was to air action-oriented animation, bro.

Nah, it was mostly centered aroung bringing anime to the states. Just look at the name. Tsunami as in Japanese for wave + toon as in cartoons = Toonami.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299843
I'm back in my childhood now, watching DBZ, about to play some N64...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:41 No.20299845
You ask us, "Why do you care?"

You tell us, "Every anime Toonami ever showed was terrible."

You call us underage. You call us 'dubfags'. You sage our threads. But why? Because you do not understand.

We care, because this was our childhood. We aren't children anymore, no. But we were, and we're young enough to be able to look back and remember.

We watched because it was awesome. When you're 12, men screaming at each other for 25 minutes straight is awesome. When you're 12, giant robots are incredible, no matter what the story behind them is. When you're 12, that ditzy chick that somehow magically undresses and dons a miniskirt is really fucking hot. When you're 12, watching hot, nubile women fight over a guy that has some kind of magic lightsaber thing that never works makes you feel funny. When you're 12, cartoons are great, and the ones from that place that makes sushi are even better.

When you're 30, you're old and bitter. When you're 20, you can remember. And when the things you remember cease to exist, you don't forget. You reminisce.

R.I.P. TOM. Nevar forget.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:42 No.20299864
Goodbye, childhood. Every loose end has been tied up.

It's finished.
>> (゚ 3゚) Onsokumaru !!ncYyB/oJlJM 09/21/08(Sun)01:42 No.20299888
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:43 No.20299889
no man im close myself, thats my childhood.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:43 No.20299894
oh god. whenever i was out aand about in the afternoon, i would always become paranoid that it was past 6:00 because thats when tenchi muyo always came on. toonami was like adolescence. Tenchi, Old Schjool DBZ, Big O oh man.....
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:43 No.20299911
Remember all those speeches about morality and shit that Moltar and Tom did?

Fucking awesome shit. Good music, too.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:43 No.20299917
do not hate to admit the one defining show that brought MOST people into anime. Quit being so selfish, you fag.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:44 No.20299922

I think I might be emotionally inept because the topic at hand doesn't phase me, and your post is repulsive--with all due respect, of course.

Toonami was a centralization of my childhood, like many things, and the people on the internet made them horrid.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:44 No.20299932
To bad the majority of the anime Toonami has ever shown was all the same.

Bleach, DBZ, Pokemon, Bobobo, One Piece, Naruto, its all the same boring never ending bullshit.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:44 No.20299942
     File :1221975884.jpg-(10 KB, 181x208, moltar.jpg)
10 KB
You guys are a bunch of faggots.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:44 No.20299952
>When you're 12, watching hot, nubile women fight over a guy that has some kind of magic lightsaber thing that never works makes you feel funny.
Fuck yeah.
>> Sudowoodo !!3qUlT4d9A1L 09/21/08(Sun)01:44 No.20299954

Seriously, Tom 3 was completely badass.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:45 No.20299961
You ask us, "Why do you care?"

You tell us, "Every anime Toonami ever showed was terrible."

You call us underage. You call us 'dubfags'. You sage our threads. But why? Because you do not understand.

We care, because this was our childhood. We aren't children anymore, no. But we were, and we're young enough to be able to look back and remember.

We watched because it was awesome. When you're 12, men screaming at each other for 25 minutes straight is awesome. When you're 12, giant robots are incredible, no matter what the story behind them is. When you're 12, that ditzy chick that somehow magically undresses and dons a miniskirt is really fucking hot. When you're 12, watching hot, nubile women fight over a guy that has some kind of magic lightsaber thing that never works makes you feel funny. When you're 12, cartoons are great, and the ones from that place that makes sushi are even better.

When you're 30, you're old and bitter. When you're 20, you can remember. And when the things you remember cease to exist, you don't forget. You reminisce.

R.I.P. TOM. Nevar forget.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:45 No.20299963
     File :1221975907.jpg-(18 KB, 244x320, ManlyTear.jpg)
18 KB
Stay gold.
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)01:45 No.20299975


>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:45 No.20299986
No, it doesn't make you a fag, EVERYONE cried about this...

...and so did I. ;_;
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:45 No.20299992

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:45 No.20299997
Ouch, my childhood.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:46 No.20300014

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:46 No.20300023
The anime is on Jetstream, something they do online. I think...
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:46 No.20300025
the sad thing is we'll probably be saying the same thing about adult swim when it gets canceled in 7 years
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:47 No.20300061
Godammit, the more I think about this the more I wanna cry...DBZ, YuYu Hakusho, Tenchi, Ruroni, Gundam Wing, Gundam G, Big O, Outlaw Star...

Jesus, it just happened. A tear just actually came out of my fucking eye. This is literally the first time I've cried in almost a year. Damn it, damn it all to hell.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:47 No.20300070
here comes /b/
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:47 No.20300084
I dunno, what's the point of Toonami when there's Adult Swim anyways?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:48 No.20300107
Hey guys what's Toonami?
>> SHINGO☆ !jo7PYuhhaQ 09/21/08(Sun)01:48 No.20300114

I held it back.
>> Sudowoodo !!3qUlT4d9A1L 09/21/08(Sun)01:48 No.20300119

>Does it make me a fag to actually shed a tear over this? I'm not talking about figuratively, I mean liquid actually coming out of the eyes tears.

Not really. It's something from your childhood. One of your memories that you may never forget.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:48 No.20300130
if only they kept it interactive
if only they kept it on ship adventures and sub series
if only they kept it with Tom and Sara
if only they kept listening to the fans

"we wanted tom to have a more organic look and to take off the helmet."

fine, i could have dealed, but if they kept him like he once was and just took off his helm.
they could have given Sara a body and you have a whole relationship plot going as well.

why cant we fix this...?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:48 No.20300131
This should be made into one of those commercials like toonami used to make.
You know, in the style of these.
A fan made thing as a homage to toonami.
It's fucking beautiful.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300151
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300152
There's no way you're this fucking ignorant. You must be a troll.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300153

That's fuckin' beautiful man...
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300161
....yuyu hackasho

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300168
Why are people so upset? They never shown any good anime series. And they edited it all to hell.

Anything that was good on that program was made by someone outside of Japan anyways.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300169
I... I need to go find torrents of everything.

Johnny Quest, G Gundam, Outlaw Star.

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:49 No.20300177
adult swim is shit though
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:50 No.20300191
What are they showing all those shows on now?
Why didn't they show all the best shows like DBZ and stuff?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:50 No.20300198
     File :1221976223.png-(39 KB, 491x1268, 1221857785830.png)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:50 No.20300209
If you really feel like crying, think about how many of all those great action/sci-fi animes are being replaced by moe shows like Lucky Star, and how the heroes keep getting younger.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:51 No.20300218
>> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/21/08(Sun)01:51 No.20300219
Well this thread will start Auto-saging soon.

Man it was nice to reminisce...

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:51 No.20300228
AS is all right, but it wasn't our childhood. They're snarky and nowhere near as intimate as Toonami was.

Also, it's part of what's keeping CN afloat and won't die for ages.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:51 No.20300240
I can't believe I fucknig remember this.

introduction to tom:

also remember when he reviewed animal crossing and super mario sunshine?
>> Tobi the Racing Paper !5bWTegIBy2 09/21/08(Sun)01:51 No.20300255
     File :1221976310.jpg-(25 KB, 640x480, Bang.jpg)
25 KB
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:51 No.20300256
nigga stole ma comment
>> SHINGO☆ !jo7PYuhhaQ 09/21/08(Sun)01:52 No.20300266

Our younger selves didn't care about that.

If you told us that 11 years ago we wouldn't know what the fuck you were talking about.

It was just cool.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:52 No.20300299
Holy fuck.

Those commercials.


This is literally a tear. Goddamn.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:53 No.20300336
i'm gonna try to make one
but it'll take me forever to get it perfect
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:54 No.20300353

>> Sudowoodo !!3qUlT4d9A1L 09/21/08(Sun)01:54 No.20300381
     File :1221976484.jpg-(4 KB, 90x128, 1212359778527.jpg)
4 KB

>They never shown any good anime series.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:55 No.20300393

>They never shown any good anime series

Motherfucking Outlaw Star would like a word with you.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:55 No.20300394
     File :1221976505.png-(124 KB, 282x259, 1217301712986.png)
124 KB
>They never shown any good anime series.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:55 No.20300402
I'm torrenting Ronin Warriors as I type this.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:55 No.20300409
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:55 No.20300414
wait, they werent running new episodes of Naruto anymore?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:55 No.20300436
I only liked it when they shown Justice League, Samurai Jack, and a few other series. I remember I thought the anime was boring since all of them were repetitive (Yu Yu Hakusho and Pokemon for example).

Also I had seen better anime series at this point and realized they would never show any of the good stuff on tv.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:56 No.20300456
the thesaurus you use does not create an illusion of intelligence. please refer to the manual and gtfo, underageb& friend.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:57 No.20300518
they show old school adult swim on fridays
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:58 No.20300526
Repetitive AWESOME
>> shuckle 09/21/08(Sun)01:58 No.20300551
tom will come back later, searching the deserts for his purpose

when he does he will find his ship and that hologram woman and it will all restart

>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:58 No.20300552
Never watched it. I didn't have the attention span to plop myself in front of a TV before 8:00 until I was 14.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)01:59 No.20300564
>> Calyce !uIyjqjMC7U 09/21/08(Sun)01:59 No.20300569
I shed manly tears in your honour, my dear comrade. Fairwell, Tom.
>> SHINGO☆ !jo7PYuhhaQ 09/21/08(Sun)01:59 No.20300572

They ended that two weeks ago, bro.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:01 No.20300634
     File :1221976868.png-(170 KB, 481x279, Tokibunny.png)
170 KB
Permits me to disagree.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:01 No.20300644
i thought the point of watching TV was that we didn't have the attention span for anything else.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:01 No.20300645
Toonami and Don Lafontaine, both in the same month.

I don't know if I can take this.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:01 No.20300662
What the fuck is wrong with Cartoon Network?
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:02 No.20300698
>> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/21/08(Sun)02:04 No.20300778

The Intruder
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:06 No.20300831
my adolescence was spent watching gilmore girls, not toonami
>> Adorable Tripfag !A4jsQTgi.Q 09/21/08(Sun)02:06 No.20300854
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:07 No.20300876
Your adolescence was wasted

End of story
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:08 No.20300894
I would watch an endless rerun of the original 4 or 5 years of Toonami over and over until I die.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:08 No.20300907
it was the START of something, the START of our addiction to anime

or at least, our knowledge of it

You always remenise when you're older. Plus, those commercials were fucking boss.

its nostalgia. When your drive a car, your first car, it doesnt matter if its beat up and battered, YOU'RE FUCKING DRIVING.

and even when you get a Ferrari, you look back on that car fondly.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:09 No.20300929
This shaped my interests of today. I used to skip my swim meets and homework to watch Toonami from start to finish. I remember hearing the ending song to Outlaw Star for the first time and being in awe. I am so so sad. The original block with SM, DBZ, Tenchi, Gundam etc. was my first intro to anime. -_-. End of an era.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:09 No.20300947
They still mix it up on fridays, though. They have a mix of old and new.

They just stopped airing the Brak Show again because it's fucking awful.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:10 No.20300964
>When your drive a car, your first car, it doesnt matter if its beat up and battered, YOU'RE FUCKING DRIVING.
Truth. Then again, my first car was a '77 Pontiac Bonneville, so it was fuckin' sweet regardless.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:10 No.20300967
This. Fuck yes.

G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Yuyu Hakusho, Dragonball, all that shit and more interspersed with Moltar/Tom being awesome. I'd watch it forever.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:11 No.20301014
>I remember hearing the ending song to Outlaw Star for the first time and being in awe.
Amen, my brother.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:12 No.20301074
/r/ archive

People need to see how Toonami has affected us, and what younger folks had missed out on.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:16 No.20301233
I remember sneaking out of bed to watch midnight run.

I remember unleashing a fucking ragestorm when they pushed it into a Saturday block and replaced it with Miguzi.

It was the one block on CN that I was the most excited for, every day I would watch it.


>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:16 No.20301242
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:16 No.20301254
I feel sorry for the younger ones.
>> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)02:17 No.20301283
/r/ing the archive as well