File :1220683808.jpg-(159 KB, 1152x864, thegmods.jpg)
159 KB Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)02:50 No.19662188  
Alright /v/, we need a new game.
Recently I've got addicted to Spacebuild in Garry's Mod. Spacebuild + Wire = best thing ever. I suggest we start a /v/ server.
What you need:
If you're a server: Life support 2:

Pic related, some old Spacebuild screenshot I found while cleaning up, still not sure why there are zombies there.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)02:51 No.19662230
Garry's Mod? Meh.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)02:54 No.19662329
Sir, are you suggesting zombies...IN SPACE?

Love spacebuild, but hate fags who get all srs about at and make you do stupid shit like use resource thrusters. SERIOUSLY, RESOURCE THRUSTERS. FUCK.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)02:56 No.19662368
agreed, fuck resource thrusters.

I think what happened was an admin turned on zombie mode, realized it wasn't working and spawned about 20 zombies on each and every planet so people would land and OH GOD THEY'RE EATING MY FACE
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)02:59 No.19662475
>admin spawn zombies
>spawned zombies in space

This has potential for awesome.

I suggest we pursue it and appoint the most insane faggots we have for admin.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:03 No.19662588
This, we can forget the whole thing if faggots are going to enforce srs rules.

Things that come to mind- New Life Rule, restrictions to only resource thrusters, restrictions on the amount of resources you can carry with you.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:04 No.19662640
>New Life Rule

doesn't that only apply for RP? (yes RP in Garry's Mod) I can't see how that would work for space.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:06 No.19662721
we should just select a server to meet on, there are already 24/7 servers that are better than anything /v/ can host.
>> Un-Official /v/ Police 09/06/08(Sat)03:06 No.19662723
does anyone know where i can get some wiremod tutorials, the best i can make is a laser teleporter, or a gps one
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:10 No.19662848

And if we set up a meeting server, I'll gladly help.
>> Un-Official /v/ Police 09/06/08(Sat)03:10 No.19662860
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:11 No.19662874
Most people don't care to pay 10 dollars for a mod.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:17 No.19663082

So what exactly am I downloading? Which one is the mod?
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:24 No.19663313
Yet people still buy source games, which are all technically mods.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:25 No.19663330
They're all mods for Garry's Mod.

You have to get actual Garry's Mod off of steam, costs a few dollars but it is the best game ever if you are the least bit creative
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:26 No.19663351
Oh right and after that, those two folders (Wire, PHX3) go into garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:29 No.19663444
>so what exactly am I downloading?

Wire and PHX3, Wire being a mod that adds circuitry and digital logic along with a few chips that can interpret assembly or 'Expression' (Basic), which is a tremendous help.

Second is PHX3, which adds tons of symmetrical props to build with so you don't have to weld a toilet to a sofa to make a spaceship.

>which one is the mod?

Both of them, if you mean Garry's Mod, you have to get it off steam.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:36 No.19663625
not to be crude, but shouldnt you also DL a spacebuild pack seeing as that is what most people use on spacebuild servers?
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:38 No.19663685
True, SBMP3,
I'll include that next time, What I should do next time is just post an IP to an empty server and then post all the mod links so people will get them and go play. I think more people are watching this thread than there are posting in it.
>> Anonymous 09/06/08(Sat)03:40 No.19663729
This was always my problem with it.


End result? 400 megabytes of mods, and that's just the bare basics, that doesn't even account for things like Life Support Enhanced.

Also you almost absolutely must use an SVN client of some kind because apparently uploading things in .zip form has gone out of style. All the major mods require an SVN client to not see errors everywhere and I hate it.