File :1215414935.gif-(54 KB, 490x389, sigint.gif)
54 KB Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:15 No.17292584  
Zero - Misanthropist and tyrant, basically needed to be stopped for the good of the world
Para-medic - Mad scientist who cloned Big Boss without his consent and conducted twisted experiments on Gray Fox

So what did my nigga Sigint do that was so terrible that he needed to be tortured to death?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:17 No.17292632
Founded DARPA, funded Metal Gear project.

Pissed off Ocelot for choosing Zero over Big Boss.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:19 No.17292718
"made the patriot AIs"

I don't consider 3 and 4 part of 2's canon by the way. because 2 was actually interesting.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:20 No.17292775
     File :1215415233.jpg-(17 KB, 256x352, 1180108920486.jpg)
17 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:21 No.17292798
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:22 No.17292855

In 3, Signit seemed the most interested in the Metal Gear thing. The whole projects are his fault.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:22 No.17292868
Fuck you faggots.

Zero was never evil. The Patriots AI went haywire, that wasn't his fault. Before that, he was doing GOOD. And what's with everyone thinking Para-medic became some sort of psycho bitch? Because she saved someone's life?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:23 No.17292900
he created the AIs, they even allude in PO how they'll have control over Big Boss after Zanzibar
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)03:24 No.17292915
sigint is a bro, man
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:24 No.17292924
Patriot propaganda at it's finest
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:24 No.17292934
Tortured to death? WHAT?

>> Hank Scorpio !!D1wEzlENbVA 07/07/08(Mon)03:24 No.17292940
THE AI's went crazy
Zero wasn't bad
Neither was paramedic

big boss was just a whiney faget
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:25 No.17292963
>So what did my nigga Sigint do that was so terrible that he needed to be tortured to death?

Be black
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:25 No.17292964
watch your mouth hank
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:26 No.17292987
Para-Medic was tortured to death?

............... No, no, I don't really want to know more, honest.........

But I can't help but think of that comic with the "kiddie-cqc" thing and how funny it was and suddenly know this and it's like "holy fuck that's messed up".
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:26 No.17292997
Zero became a tyrant and as already mentioned a raging misanthropist, the AI wasn't evil, only inhuman.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:27 No.17293003
He made the AI's and funded the production of Metal Gear. He was the worst of them all, his creations would have ended all life on Earth.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:27 No.17293011
you best be joking nigger
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:27 No.17293027
funny how he was modeled off Will Smith and I've never once seen a Bel Air of him on /v/
>> Niggertitty 07/07/08(Mon)03:27 No.17293030

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:28 No.17293038
Happened in MGS1. Sigint = DARPA Chief.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:29 No.17293072
He was tortured to give out the info on metal gear REXs code,and then I think ocelot accidently killed him in torture from what I remember.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:29 No.17293077
i liked paramedic. :(
so what if she tortured gray fox or whatever? ocelot tortured a lot of people, and /v/'s still gay for him.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:29 No.17293090
No. She was killed by Frank Jaeger. Ocelot and EVA conspired with Naomi for Gray Fox to kill her.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:30 No.17293107
Someone didn't pay much attention to MGS.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:30 No.17293112
Para-Medic was just sliced in half by Gray Fox. Sigint was tortured to death by Ocelot.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:30 No.17293126
     File :1215415836.jpg-(83 KB, 686x621, 6756867gf.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:30 No.17293132

Stress the quotation marks.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:31 No.17293138
we don't know if he sliced her up, I doubt they kept the sword right there in the lab and if I remember correctly the sword was stolen from a museum obviously after he broke loose
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:31 No.17293144
At the end of MGS1 Ocelot said he did it on purpose and made it look like an accident.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:31 No.17293150
Ocelot had a flashback to all the times Sigint got to hang out with Big Boss and flipped the fuck out.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:31 No.17293165
     File :1215415919.jpg-(32 KB, 608x352, 1207147875984.jpg)
32 KB
Notice how these Patriot sympathizers don't try to defend Sigint.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:32 No.17293179
It makes me sad to think of all the support cast from MGS3 killing each other.

BTW, fuck EVA. She's just as much a bad guy as Ocelot when it all comes down to it.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:32 No.17293197
Then he ripped her beating heart out with his bare hands, you just made her suffer even more, thanks.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:32 No.17293199
Should read "You're pretty bonk."
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:33 No.17293215

No, I imagine her death was quick.

She was the Dr. Clark that turned Grey Fox into the Cyborg Ninja. Grey Fox killed her on his way out as he was escaping.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:34 No.17293232
I'm pretty sure that Gray Fox blew her up. Didn't they say Dr. Clark died in an explosion?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:34 No.17293239
Ocelot and EVA were pretty much supposed to be on the same team, sort of, I think. I mean, Ocelot was Adam, after all. Adam, Eve, etc. And the agent that was originally supposed to be there with EVA was named ADAM, right?

But I'm getting shit confused in my head, I may be wrong.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:34 No.17293243
Para-medic was just trying to help the world with her medical advancements. Zero was trying to create unity and keep order in the world. Sigint just wanted to make a reason why people would never want to wage war, he wanted the ultimate peacekeeper.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:35 No.17293261
     File :1215416109.gif-(64 KB, 248x372, BOSS.gif)
64 KB
Be friends with a Britfag who loves James Bond and he turns into a 007 villain himself
Be friends with a nigger during an era when it was OK to beat the shit out of them in public and he invents batshit crazy AIs that enslave you after you're supposed to be dead
Be friends with a woman instead of telling her to go back to the kitchen and she fucking clones you without your permission and mutilates the guy who was like a son to you

Goddamn Patriot faggots
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:35 No.17293266
Shit lot of good that did.

Short-sighted nigger.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:35 No.17293277
"his mental shielding is too strong"

I have more respect for sigint than ever.
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)03:35 No.17293279
you shut your whore mouth about the best boss ever created
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:36 No.17293307
What? How was she bad? Eva was the only one that seemed to be fashioning herself after the Boss.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:36 No.17293313

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:36 No.17293314

The debate between Big Boss and Zero is the conflict between freedom through anarchy or order through facism and complete control. Though Liquid and Solidus tried to break from the control of the Patriots, the notion that the Patriots were even "evil" was only technically established in MGS4 with the system going haywire and causing the war-economy.

In MGS1 and MGS2 through the "LAWL BAD GUY ALL ALONG ENDING" it's questionable whether or not you did the right or wrong thing to stop Liquid or Solidus from breaking free from the Patriots. In essence, Liquid wanted to achieve Big Boss's dream while Solidus just wanted freedom, which essentially would cause anarchy indirectly.

The concept of good vs evil is only purely established in MGS4 with the haywire Patriots. The other games do a pretty good job of making you consider what is really "right".
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:37 No.17293336
Ocelot was the fucking hero of the story next to Big Boss himself
everyone else is bustas
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:37 No.17293337
None of that would have happened if Big Boss had just given them all sweet hot dickings.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:37 No.17293341
And the only friends he keeps are a couple of dumbasses he ditched right away:

The Russian kid who wants his dick, and the blond bitch who won't leave him alone because she had his clone kids.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:37 No.17293343
     File :1215416249.jpg-(247 KB, 686x621, 4543534534534BNK.jpg)
247 KB
>> cancer.exe !!ZD0NvvGcSg6 07/07/08(Mon)03:37 No.17293346
Didn't they say Dr. Clark was a "he"?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:38 No.17293362
I WANT to see this happen.
Grey Fox needs more attention.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:38 No.17293380
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:38 No.17293387
Yeah, I raged when you had to kill Solidus. Raiden is truly a puppet.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:39 No.17293404
Both yes. Though, apparently, Dr. Clark being a man was a translation error, not a retcon.

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:39 No.17293405
So did you miss the part where Zero started tripping balls and became power hungry. Then turned emo when Big Boss wanted no more of his shit.

It was never about wanting to do good. It was about fucking up the ideals of a woman who should have never died in the first place.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:39 No.17293424
It's explained that Naomi never technically met Para-Medic, so she just assumed Dr. Clark was a man. I think.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:39 No.17293427
Give me a break, anyone could see Solidus was the goddamn hero, you KNEW killing him was a big mistake from the beginning.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:40 No.17293452
     File :1215416434.jpg-(119 KB, 434x361, Sigint-mpo.jpg)
119 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:40 No.17293461
It was a translation error. In the Japanese version, Dr Clark was never given a gender. When they translated the game for everyone else, the translators made an assumption that Dr Clark was male.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:41 No.17293470
I love you.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:41 No.17293481
Is that a peace symbol around his neck, or an arrow pointing to where the bullet should enter?
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)03:41 No.17293482
I never really thought of Ocelot as a "bad guy." Sure, he was on the opposite side but he was really more of a rival to Snake than an enemy. Ocelot revered Big Boss so Snake was just another person to try to best.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:41 No.17293484
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:41 No.17293490
He gets killed in MGS1 idiot.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:41 No.17293493
     File :1215416508.jpg-(16 KB, 200x513, 1166720904418.jpg)
16 KB
Why the fuck didn't I get a Patriot invite? I-I didn't want to be a part of your shitty organization anyway.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:42 No.17293508
also Zero set up the whole thing to assassinate The Boss in the first place so he could just use her name and ideals as a springboard for his own world conquering schemes
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:42 No.17293510

I actually think its kinda funny, you'd never think while playing three that these guys would be at each others throats.

But then again I didn't think The Boss was anything special either, so what do I know.

I knew she was a big deal for Big Boss, but I never would have guessed that she inspired Zero and the others as well.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:42 No.17293534
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:42 No.17293535
If you knew basic Japanese you'd see how wrong you are.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:43 No.17293543
You know that kinda burns me. You KNOW that Kojima doesn't plan his stories out. When he came up with Dr. Clark, Big Boss' story wasn't even a thought in his mind.

I can see him planning MGS4 and then being all "OH I KNOW, THE PATRIOTS WERE REALLY THE GUYS FROM MGS3!"
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:43 No.17293550
Solidus is right there in the Top3 with Ocelot and BB.
-Best suit
-Made Raiden awesome
-Liked Shota
-Took Snake to the face
-Raped RAYs casualy
-Survived all the way to MGS4 (fuck you Vamp)

although he did have the worst team. Dead Cell = Fail without Old Boy.
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)03:43 No.17293559
     File :1215416624.jpg-(17 KB, 320x240, in rove.jpg)
17 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:43 No.17293560
     File :1215416625.jpg-(24 KB, 651x433, ss.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:43 No.17293563
Sorry, Campbell. They only wanted your computerized voice and face so they could fuck with Raiden.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:44 No.17293581
Solidus is right there in the Top3 with Ocelot and BB.
-Best suit
-Made Raiden awesome
-Liked Shota
-Took Snake to the face
-Raped RAYs casualy
-Survived all the way to MGS4 (fuck you Vamp)

although he did have the worst team. Dead Cell = Fail without Old Boy.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:44 No.17293584
>Neither was paramedic
Frank Jaeger sure loved to be revived from death and toyed on.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:45 No.17293610
leave it to Kojima
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:46 No.17293640
Watch Portable Ops 2 come out. It will be so damn awkward.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:47 No.17293661
Solidus was great, I loved how he threw that line about killing Raiden's parents right at the end, what a fucking marvelous man.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:47 No.17293663
In the Japanese Dr.Clark in the genderless way so the translators just asumed it was a guy.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:47 No.17293684
>You KNOW that Kojima doesn't plan his stories out
I already know that, but the fact is that in the Japanese version there is no gender error. It wasn't Kojima's fault that the translators thought Dr.Clark was a he.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:48 No.17293694
Is my memory poor or did Snake PUNCH FRANK TO DEATH?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:48 No.17293698
actually MGS5 supposedly will have this stuff
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:48 No.17293699

Loghaire Thunderstone (Arcanum), Canderous Ordo (KOTOR 1 and 2), and Solidus Snake are all voiced by the same guy.

So. Fucking. Weird.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:48 No.17293714
>You KNOW that Kojima doesn't plan his stories out.
Actually I don't know that, because I lack your ability to read Kojima's mind.

I was actually wondering why Kojima made MGS3 seemingly unrelated to the first two games, so when he tied them altogether in MGS4 it made a lot of sense to me. It's certainly likely that he had it planned out all along.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:49 No.17293727
>actually MGS5 supposedly will have this stuff
MGS5 will blow without Kojima.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:49 No.17293731

Close. He punched him into a land mine.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:50 No.17293759
>MGS5 will be amazing without Kojima.

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:50 No.17293760
no frank got curb stomped by metal gear rex
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:50 No.17293783
Metal Gear Solid 3 was supposed to be the last Metal Gear Game.
It was supposed to be on the PS3.
It was going to be the last Metal Gear game Kojima was working on.

MGS4 is just a cash cow tactic that ties up all the loose ends nicely, and the Metal Gear Database seals it.

There is a reason Snake took a beating in MGS4.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:51 No.17293792
MGS5 is bound to be a big let down no matter what. I mean, what can possibly happen now? Somebody taking over the Patriots system would just be lame. Snake appearing would be insulting after what happened to him in MGS4. Meryl and Raiden have pretty much wrapped up their stories. I suppose you could do a Big Boss story. Maybe one that involves him vs. Zero, and we can really see what exactly drove everyone to killing each other.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:51 No.17293794
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:51 No.17293800
You save a guy from malaria and work closely with him to save the world and 30 years later he's in charge of the operation to fucking kill you and smash your dream to pieces, using her own clone as a pawn no less
Fuck off Roy you ungrateful shit
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)03:52 No.17293838
then suddenly, the cobras in WW2 are the main act
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:53 No.17293842
The "stealing it from a museum" or whatever came from that shitty official MGS strategy guide. It's full of bullshit the editors made up. None of that stuff is mentioned in any other sources, half of it contradicts the other half, and almost all of it is contradicted by what really happens in the games. Gray Fox's sword is officially an HF Blade, and you aren't going to find one of those in a history museum.

Para-Medic (Dr. Clark) was killed in a "lab explosion", though it's revealed that Fox killed her, and MGS4 reveals that EVA and Ocelot conspired with Naomi to make it happen. They never explain exactly what went down, though.

Sigint (Donal Anderson) was "accidentally" killed by Ocelot at the beginning of MGS to keep him from talking.

In the Japanese version, Dr. Clark is referred to without any gender identifying pronouns. Quite common in Japanese, and it often causes translation errors. Same thing happened with Justice in the first Guilty Gear.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:54 No.17293891
It was Big Boss's own choice, he made the decision to turn his back on Roy and he paid the price. You don't fuck with Roy Campbell, Liquid/Ocelot learned that the hard way.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:55 No.17293908
I want a game about nothing but Ocelot. That's it. Ocelot is clearly identified as the hero after MGS4, so he deserves his own story.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:56 No.17293940
Campbell was the winner in the end, I guess. All of the Patriots died. He became a part of the UN or some shit.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:56 No.17293963
The "lab explosion" was the story the government made to cover up the murder, it's unlikely that she died in any sort of explosion. I think it was a slow, painful death.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:57 No.17293975
I don't see how you faggots can kill big boss, solidus, and ocelot; and STILL throw around words like "good" and "evil". dense fucks.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:57 No.17293989
     File :1215417468.jpg-(46 KB, 320x514, 3baka.jpg)
46 KB
There needs to be a game centering around Ocelot's exploits at Grozny Grad.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:57 No.17293990
The "lab explosion" isn't even canon, even as a cover story.
She was killed by Grey Fox.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:57 No.17293993
     File :1215417475.jpg-(81 KB, 800x600, 800px-Giada_de_laurentiis.jpg)
81 KB
Why did Ocelot and Snake have to fight?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:58 No.17294016
Ocelot could be in a spin-off first shooter where the only weapon available is a Single-Action Army and bullet-time.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:58 No.17294037
All it means is that WE we're the evil ones.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:59 No.17294046
Liquid's ghost was still in control of Ocelot's body. Liquid just wants to beat his brother to death. He doesn't need a reason.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:59 No.17294050
We've been over that too many times.

Ocelot still thought he was Liquid, and Liquid still had a score to settle with Snake.

Snake literally beat the Ocelot out of him, and he died doing his hand gesture.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:59 No.17294062
     File :1215417572.jpg-(230 KB, 686x621, 1205200654053.jpg)
230 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)03:59 No.17294072
But I thought Ocelot was only faking it?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:00 No.17294073
Ocelot wasn't the hero. All he did was fight for Big Boss. Even Big Boss admits that his was wasn't right in the end.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:00 No.17294074
Because beating someone is the only way Ocelot can get a sexual thrill/erection.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:00 No.17294075
Fuck this thread is worse mindfuck than MGS2's first playthrough without any prior expectations of it as a game or any knowledge of the series prior to playing it.

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:01 No.17294120
>But I thought Ocelot was only faking it?
He was, but at the end of MGS4, Big Boss says just how much he was faking it.

He forced himself to think he was Ocelot with the use of drugs, therapy, and nanomachines (lol)
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:02 No.17294136
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:02 No.17294154
Why do you think Sigint and Para-medic have so little protection? They're masters of their domain, you'd think they'd have some security measures in place, like a squad of super guardians or something.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:03 No.17294164
     File :1215417784.jpg-(916 KB, 1200x1897, 1215297081802.jpg)
916 KB
Where are you getting your information?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:03 No.17294169
And for what?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:03 No.17294174
for two guys who weren't right they still did a good job of saving the world in the end
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:03 No.17294177
     File :1215417810.jpg-(89 KB, 606x352, aprettycoolguy.jpg)
89 KB
>>So what did my nigga Sigint do that was so terrible that he needed to be tortured to death?

Metal Gear Sigint.
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:03 No.17294191
Srsly. That doppleganger shit pissed me off.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:03 No.17294192
Prequels and Interquels. Game about The Boss. Another game about Big Boss (set between MPO and MG1). Game about Gray Fox (Operation Intrude N312). Games about Liquid Snake or Solidus Snake. Game about Raiden set between MGS2 and MGS4.

Plenty of possibilities.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:04 No.17294215
fool the AI
he was still lucid but he had to apparently keep the act up very thoroughly
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:05 No.17294227
What was the point of Ocelot pretending to be possessed by Liquid?
In what way did it fool the Patriots?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:05 No.17294230
Only because Sunny intervened. Ocelot wanted everything to go, including all the stuff Sunny somehow saved from destruction.
>> Giegue !!KgpOPtX57BM 07/07/08(Mon)04:05 No.17294238
>So what did my nigga Sigint do that was so terrible that he needed to be tortured to death?

Well, Ocelot just plain didn't like him.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:05 No.17294243
Oh wow, the Sorrow is a prick.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:06 No.17294251
All I hear is that he had to "fool the AI" but why?
What was the point of making the AI think he was Liquid?
This never gets answered for some reason.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:06 No.17294258
I will only play as Solidus if I can use a fancy pipe to detect lasers.

Also, there should be no game about The Boss. Do you really want to see the hardest motherfucker on the planet flail around like a jackass, because you can't hit the buttons in the right order?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:06 No.17294270
So the AI would leave him alone and not realize he was trying to destroy the Patriots.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:07 No.17294278
It hid his true intentions and plans. While the AIs were focused on combatting Liquid's armed insurection, they had no idea that Ocelot was really just using them to bring Big Boss back to life.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:07 No.17294280
What the fuck is going on? Ashley Wood is a terrible artist. I don't understand this.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:07 No.17294283

>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:07 No.17294291
He wasn't pretending at first. He really was possessed. Then he just kept it up so that the Patriots wouldn't consider him a problem.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:07 No.17294301
     File :1215418060.gif-(389 KB, 159x124, ralph.gif)
389 KB
and now consider that each of those games would probably have yet another pointless batch of villains ala the BBs
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:08 No.17294316
Still seems kinda shoddy though.
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)04:08 No.17294319
10/10 would rage again
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:08 No.17294332
     File :1215418125.jpg-(17 KB, 300x210, 1168844215081.jpg)
17 KB
It's just me telling my son how worthless he is for allowing a psychopath to take over his body.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:08 No.17294339
Okay, I'll just sum it up.
The Patriots: Big Boss, EVA, Ocelot, Para-Medic, Sigint, Zero
Zero becomes power hungry. Big Boss becomes his puppet. Big Boss gets pissed and leaves. Zero has Para-Medic make some more Big Bosses (Solid, Liquid, and Solidus) so he can continue to have a Big Boss puppet. Ocelot is pretty much a spy inside the Patriots for Big Boss ever since this point, even going to far as to act like Liquid so he wouldn't tip off the Patriots AI. During this time he and EVA work together with Naomi to bring down the Patriots. They kill Sigint (DARPA Chief) and Para-Medic (who got killed by Gray Fox, which she was also responsible for). Snake meets EVA in Europe, she dies because of FOXDIE and fucking standing in a fire for no reason because of a body she knew was not Big Boss'. Ocelot gets the Liquid knocked out of him by Snake, hand gestures, and dies of FOXDIE. Big Boss appears right before Snake is going to kill himself and explains the story of the Patriots to him. He also kills Zero (over 100 years old at this point) by turning off his oxygen tank. Then Big Boss talks about how maybe they were both wrong, salutes the Boss' grave, then dies of FOXDIE.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294369
I agree
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294372
1964 - Ocelot
2001 - Ocelot and Liquid
200whatever(MGS2) - Actual Liquid Ocelot
2014 - Ocelot thinking his Liquid
end of MGS4 - Ocelot again.

The only real possessed Ocelot was in MGS2.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294376
Liquid is also a prick, but he does it so smugly.

Sorrow is genuinely disappointed in his son.. Ocelot is the son of The Boss and he's being controlled by some britfag with daddy issues.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294379
huh??? I'm not a troll. I don't fucking understand the picture... from what I can see...
Liquid is on the torture device from MGS1 (???)
Ocelot is there, too...?
Then they talk about The Sorrow being both of their father... (?????!)

I'd appreciate the next page or at least previous one.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294380
     File :1215418224.png-(158 KB, 719x480, blechdisgusting.png)
158 KB
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294381
Not to mention how fucking easy they were.
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)04:10 No.17294385
     File :1215418246.jpg-(9 KB, 350x270, 1213888191750.jpg)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:11 No.17294398
......... Huh.

Well, now.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:12 No.17294423
     File :1215418331.jpg-(315 KB, 588x460, 1214417608154.jpg)
315 KB
>>2001 - Ocelot and Liquid
>>200whatever(MGS2) - Actual Liquid Ocelot
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:13 No.17294465
     File :1215418421.jpg-(58 KB, 533x470, hideo-kojima.jpg)
58 KB
So you didn't rike it?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:13 No.17294469
     File :1215418428.jpg-(90 KB, 800x600, 1174018356459.jpg)
90 KB
I'm going to enjoy beating the shit out of everyone of them in the afterlife.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:13 No.17294470
1964 - Ocelot
2005 - Ocelot and Liquid
2005 (?) - 2009(MGS2) - Actual Liquid Ocelot
2014 - Ocelot thinking his Liquid
end of MGS4 - Ocelot again.

The only real possessed Ocelot was in MGS2.
oh hai i fixed your post you dumbfuck
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:14 No.17294476
So the AI can read people's minds but it doesn't think anything of the fact that Rose gave birth less than 9 months after her "miscarriage".

And why would the AI care if Ocelot was against them as a traitor or as Liquid? an enemy is an enemy.

face it, the plot was patchy as shit.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:15 No.17294505
SIGINT was kidnapped by Genome and Ocelot. I'm yet to see a place ocelot can't go. Including god damn ARSENAL GEAR FULL OF TENGUS.

Para-medic was raped by Grey Fox. You saw him go WRYY in MGS1. He did that. Exept agains a single short woman. While PISSED.
No amount of soldiers is going you save you from that. I mean c'mon, Ninja chopped up GENOMES like paper. FUCKING GENOMES.
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:15 No.17294520
I thought it was funny that they started killing like everyone off in 4 with foxdie. They even went as far as to bring people back to life for about 10 minutes just to kill them with foxdie.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:16 No.17294563
Perhaps because the AI never quite figures out he's a traitor. It really does make one wonder when Zero started letting the computer start going, but we know Ocelot was a Patriots spy in MGS. You'd think Zero would be a bit puzzled by Sigint and Para-Medic suddenly biting the dust.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:16 No.17294567
can someone explain to me why the liquid/ocelot possession was not fake in mgs2 like it was in mgs4?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:17 No.17294575
2007 was the Tanker incident, 2009 was Big Shell.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:17 No.17294577
You mean just like how every single Metal Gear game ever made has had a rogues gallery of mercenaries, soldiers, and terrorists with odd powers and strange backstories? Because, yeah, that's a trend I see continuing.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:17 No.17294599
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:18 No.17294614
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:19 No.17294644
Look. Psycho Mantis can read minds? Liquid can control Ocelot because of an arm.

But then Ocelot cut off said arm and replaced it with a robot arm.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:19 No.17294647


>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:20 No.17294678
     File :1215418831.gif-(861 KB, 340x255, 1179703642988.gif)
861 KB
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:20 No.17294680
Yes but the B&B's had fucking NOTHING to do with the story aside from being hired to kill Snake. Even fucking Deadcell had a background that tied in with the story of the game. Not to mention the boss fights weren't easy enough for a 3 year old to beat.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:21 No.17294697
lol, no.

Ocelot has his daddy's powers to channel the dead. Liquid, being the asshole he is, found a way to exploit that and completely poltergeist Ocelot's ass.
>> GAOO !!WQFBkdfTlPw 07/07/08(Mon)04:21 No.17294707
Dumb plot twist followed by an attempt to fix said plot twist but resulting in an even worse plot twist.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:21 No.17294712
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:22 No.17294734
My post wasn't a serious suggestion, I was making fun of how everything is NANOMACHINES in MGS4.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:22 No.17294737
So the fact that all of them were warped because of war-related atrocities had nothing to do with a game who's entire back story is pretty much "War is bad", "The war economy is fucking up the world", etc etc etc.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:22 No.17294741
They did so much that they were part of 4 PMCs that Ocelot controlled. So, I mean, there's that.

And they were all being controlled by Psycho Mantis for some reason.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:23 No.17294768
     File :1215419035.jpg-(40 KB, 315x480, 1142792954701.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:24 No.17294779
     File :1215419062.png-(89 KB, 750x900, foxhound_484.png)
89 KB
>> cancer.exe !!ZD0NvvGcSg6 07/07/08(Mon)04:25 No.17294797
/r/ sauce on mgs comics
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:26 No.17294828
     File :1215419193.jpg-(4 KB, 170x143, 1169486383208.jpg)
4 KB
Seeing Ocelot use this kind of torture. Brings a tear to my eye.
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)04:27 No.17294850
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:28 No.17294858
Either way it's kinda pretty real gay. Overall I really just preferred the first two games to the second two (not including the NES or PSP games.) MGS4 wasn't even really a stealth game, there were fucking vehicle chases ffs.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:29 No.17294878
this is >>17294567

were there any official sources saying that ocelot was being taken over by liquid's arm because of being the sorrow's son?

if i recall, after mgs3 came out and we discover that ocelot is the son of the sorrow, everyone looked back on 2 and went 'oh that must be why he has the connection to liquid's ghost' ...but i don't ever remember this being actually confirmed anywhere. i thought it was safe to assume that, after mgs4, its determined that the WHOLE possession thing was faked
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:30 No.17294897
There is always a chase. But, MGS4 had two, and one it didn't matter, because all the enemy soldiers were going to die anyway.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:31 No.17294931
     File :1215419467.gif-(17 KB, 153x102, raikovdata02.gif)
17 KB
Really? Cause it just makes me want to masturbate.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:32 No.17294963
In the database it says the arm controlled Ocelot, then he had it replaced.
>> cancer.exe !!ZD0NvvGcSg6 07/07/08(Mon)04:33 No.17294991
haven't played 4 yet (though I've had it for a week already) but in 2 Ocelot sounds exactly like Liquid when he gets possessed. That kinda hard to fake.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:33 No.17294994
The AI should react to traitor Ocelot the same way it reacts to Liquid Ocelot. An enemy is an enemy. Every time I bring this up people just say "he did it to fool the AIs"

the AIs don't give a shit who is trying to fuck them up or what state of mind they're in, the system will retaliate all the same. All Ocelot did was make it harder for his goal of destroying the Patriots harder for his allies to achieve.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:33 No.17295004
ah ok, that clears that up i guess

i dont actually own the game so i never got a chance to really check out the database
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:34 No.17295025
While I'm with you, I wonder what pretending to be Liquid would achieve, even if it is futile and personally think he was processed. I wonder what the canonical reasoning was.
>> Giegue !!KgpOPtX57BM 07/07/08(Mon)04:36 No.17295061

It wasn't just the AI, it was Snake. Snake wouldn't handle things the same if he knew it was just Ocelot.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:36 No.17295074
What I think might happen in MGS5 is Otacon goes batshit insane because everyone he's ever loved dies, designs a new Metal Gear in order to shape the world in his image.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:37 No.17295086
All the Liquid Ocelot crap aside, Sunny has to be the most Deus Ex Machina thing ever.
I get that Emma might have been able to smash GW, but SUNNY?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:37 No.17295092
Just like my Japanese Animays!
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:37 No.17295103
He probably would have handled things better without a million badguys trying to kill him.

Snake and Otacon were already trying to stop the patriots. They didn't need any more incentive.
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:38 No.17295120
I think this is plausible.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:38 No.17295123
Should have been Otacon
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:40 No.17295154
Sup Ryan.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:40 No.17295155
     File :1215420041.png-(87 KB, 994x1244, Raiden is cool now.png)
87 KB
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:40 No.17295156
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:40 No.17295159
Fuck that. MGS5 will be all about Mrs. and Mr. Silverburg.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:43 No.17295201
oh man i just had this awesome image of mgs4 being snake and ocelot working together to fight the patriots

thought youd pretty much have to scrap the current story for this to happen
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:43 No.17295210
The plot of MGS5 will be as following:

Otacon creates a time machine, shit happens, and he ends up fucking young!Ocelot. The end.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:43 No.17295215
what the FUCK LOL
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:44 No.17295221
hahaha oh wow
>> Mash !uSAdIscgoc 07/07/08(Mon)04:44 No.17295232
what an amazing storyline

fund it
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:46 No.17295264
bwahahaha! That reminds me though... how the fuck was he completely "rebuilt" like a normal person at the end of 4?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:47 No.17295279
     File :1215420451.png-(6 KB, 300x400, mgs76.png)
6 KB
>fucking young!Ocelot

Ugh, disgusting.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:47 No.17295280
haha oh wow
in before nanomachines
>> Giegue !!KgpOPtX57BM 07/07/08(Mon)04:48 No.17295290

Just like how they did a fine job stopping The Patriots in the Tanker Incident? Despite what Snake and Ocelot believed, they were still pawns of The Patriots.

Yes the AI would treat an enemy as an enemy, but Snake wasn't an enemy, thus he could easily penetrate and destroy the AI. The problem was that Snake was thoroughly convinced Ocelot was no good. Ocelot openly being chummy-chummy to Snake wouldn't work, as Snake wouldn't believe him (they tried to kill each other, and neither left on good terms in any of the games), and The Patriots would totally seal all personnel vulnerabilities, forcing Ocelot to actually resort to a total nuclear war.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:48 No.17295291
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:48 No.17295294
he didn't need to fight anymore so they gave him a lifelike fleshy robot body instead of a super metal robot body

pretty easy to figure out
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:48 No.17295298
must have kept his body in storage. Good not to throw stuff like that out ya know.
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)04:48 No.17295303
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:51 No.17295367
I like how Human Raiden looks like a Square Enix villain.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:55 No.17295489
Fuck yeah Policenauts
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:56 No.17295497

Haha, damn..
I did like how they modeled his face in MGS4 though.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:56 No.17295509
if mgs5 ever comes around, my money is on it being between 2 and 4 while playing as raiden

what with raiden being oh so cool now after 4 plus the relative lack of info on that span of time (oh solidus is dead now ill just rescue sunny from the patriots and btw i got tortured or whatever and am now a head with machine parts like robocop), it seems like the next logical step
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)04:57 No.17295530
Reason's why Johnny in MGS4 shouldn't be the Johnny from MGS1

1. I killed that fucker when I snapped his neck when he came into my prison cell in MGS1.

2. The Johnny from MGS1 didn't love Meryl when he first laid eyes on her. That's bullshit. When choosing sides, he chose to be with the terrorists... against Meryl. He was a cowardly badguy, not a hero worthy of fighting alongside Snake, much less stealing his woman.

3. On a related note, that whole shitting his pants bit was really unnecessary. How does Kojima pull something ridiculous like that and then expect us to take this guy seriously in the latter part of the game?
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)05:00 No.17295611
Was I the only one that didn't mind playing as him in 2? FFS Snake was even still in the game. On a side note, does anyone have a picture of Snake wearing the "infinite ammo" glasses?
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)05:00 No.17295620
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)05:02 No.17295659
>1. I killed that fucker when I snapped his neck when he came into my prison cell in MGS1

The same thing happened with Raikov. I killed him in MGS3, but in Portable Ops he's alive and well in prison. Handsome prince my ass, he should have been dead!
>> Orgasmatron !!9skuTvcTtr7 07/07/08(Mon)05:03 No.17295680
He was in MGS2 and his grandfather (I think) was in MGS3.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)05:09 No.17295832
Otacon WIRES HIMSELF into a Metal Gear.
Think Neon Genesis Evangelion, where you play the Angels and there are no EVAs.
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)05:10 No.17295864
yeah there was a definitely a johnny on the way in MGS: 3.

that's good because i fucking raped his neck with a fork when i left that jail cell, for the lulz
>> Anonymous 07/07/08(Mon)05:14 No.17295963
goddamn, it wasn't a real body it was just his robot body upgraded with lifelike texture ;_: This should be obvious from the fucking seams that indicate where the parts were connected.

If you're going to complain about plot holes in MGS4, there are plenty of legit ones to choose from.