File :1213559899.jpg-(195 KB, 600x995, 20060519.jpg)
195 KB Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)15:58 No.16281800  
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)15:58 No.16281818
     File :1213559918.jpg-(101 KB, 750x419, 20060522.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)15:59 No.16281859
     File :1213559980.jpg-(144 KB, 600x888, 20060524.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:00 No.16281888
     File :1213560030.jpg-(153 KB, 750x901, 20060526.jpg)
153 KB
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:01 No.16281916
     File :1213560079.jpg-(107 KB, 750x376, 20070411.jpg)
107 KB
It's B^Uckley.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:01 No.16281929
Panel 1 of OP. L. H. Franzibald is Bald and Piglike's take on Buckley
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:02 No.16281957
     File :1213560147.jpg-(104 KB, 750x376, BALDICORES.jpg)
104 KB
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:03 No.16281978
lol, i remember those. Aren't those all piss-takes at Buckley?
>> Ursaring Guy 06/15/08(Sun)16:03 No.16281983
Oh, ok, so I was right. It is Buckley.
But Penny Arcade was featured in Time Magazine, so I think he has definitely won the "competition."
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:05 No.16282031
I see what they did there.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:05 No.16282046
PA sure is funny.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:06 No.16282086
In terms of web comic popularity I believe Penny-Arcade is number one in terms of web traffic.
CAD is number two
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:08 No.16282145
At least it's mostly about video games.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:08 No.16282153
Why do we call him B^U anyway, I never got that
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:09 No.16282195
Look at his mouth in all the PA strips.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:10 No.16282218

Are you blind?
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:10 No.16282227
     File :1213560639.jpg-(78 KB, 435x567, cadtim.jpg)
78 KB
Are you really that dense? The faces, man. Those motherfucking faces.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:10 No.16282229
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:12 No.16282290

>> Ursaring Guy 06/15/08(Sun)16:12 No.16282300
Is there a strip in this series where he takes off the sunglasses and reveals his eyes?
Also, it's cool that PA captured B^Uckley's likeness while still remaining stylized.
When you can do that, that's when you've become a good artist.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:13 No.16282312
And the glasses.
>> Anonymous 06/15/08(Sun)16:30 No.16282997
They should have made their game about this instead.