File :1211511085.jpg-(48 KB, 320x240, 1061472778118.jpg)
48 KB Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:51 No.15185585  
>> s0nicfreak !NAKAix.GfI 05/22/08(Thu)22:51 No.15185599
>> s0nicfreak !NAKAix.GfI 05/22/08(Thu)22:52 No.15185627
oh nevermind they still work just fine
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:52 No.15185636
     File :1211511155.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, water.jpg)
49 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:53 No.15185668
That gave me stigmata
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:53 No.15185674
Nintendum cannot be broken by water.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:53 No.15185684


You think a fucking Game Boy is gonna die from a little water? Please. Fucking thing served in Persian Gulf and survived.

Famicom's probably made of tough stuff too.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:53 No.15185689
don't worry. it's nintendium.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:54 No.15185727
They can take it, they are MEN.
>> Rebel 2921-8834-9499 !xhBRbl3jHE 05/22/08(Thu)22:56 No.15185785
I once made a vest of gameboys, I put it on and had my friend shoot me point blank.

...didn't feel a thing
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)22:59 No.15185913
I heard that archaeologists found a working gameboy in (what use to be) the stomach of a woolly mammoth.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:00 No.15185934

In the distant future the military will get old gameboys and make tanks out of them. They won't be damaged at all thats for sure
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:01 No.15185971
when I go skydiving, instead of using a parachute I just put on a gameboy bodysuit
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:01 No.15185975
I don't know about the Famicom, doesn't the controller have a microphone in it or something?

The gameboy sure as hell can take it, I've dishwashed mine accidentally once.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:03 No.15186015
I dropped my gameboy from high places so many times I can't believe that little yellow brick still works.
>> Tim Buckley !9LY0jYD0Ro 05/22/08(Thu)23:03 No.15186029
A jackass friend took a baseball bat to my gameboy once because I wouldn't let him play.

Sent like 20 yards and hit our house. Still played.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:04 No.15186051
Gameboy is the hardest metal known to man.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:04 No.15186058
how many of these are lies? I'm guessing around 80%.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:04 No.15186059
It's alright dear i just cleaned you video games, they were so dirty
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:05 No.15186080
And how the hell did you manage that?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:06 No.15186104
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:07 No.15186144
I'm drowning Squirtle.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:07 No.15186148
     File :1211512048.jpg-(52 KB, 312x250, 1209269924104.jpg)
52 KB
...Accidentally dishwashed a Game Boy?
>> Here Comes The Night Train !!j/13G+0hIYP 05/22/08(Thu)23:07 No.15186165
How do you dishwash something on accident?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:08 No.15186172
     File :1211512087.gif-(43 B, 1x1, spaceball.gif)
43 B
The Gameboy LAUGHS at your puny bombs.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:08 No.15186208
Aliens abducted me, stole my gameboy, tossed it into a black hole where it was systematically sucked inside and spaghettified until it was just a bunch of elementary particles and it still played just fine
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:08 No.15186212
wouldn't really absorb the shock though. youd just be a puddle and a bunch of gameboys.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:09 No.15186242
     File :1211512172.jpg-(124 KB, 375x500, 45214051_48ee39c14f.jpg)
124 KB
The Gameboy LAUGHS at your puny bombs.

Take two.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:09 No.15186264
When my car broke down beyond repair, I forgot my gameboy inside. When I realized, I hurried to the junkyard, and explained to the guy, but he said "Sorry son, it's already in the compactor."
I looked towards the compactor with tears in my eyes. My beloved gameboy was gone. Suddenly, the compactor started to steam and make a weird grinding noise. The guy quickly turned it off and looked inside.

My gameboy had stopped up the compactor.

So the guy pulled the gameboy out, and turned the compactor back on. It crushed the car just fine.
The guy handed me my gameboy, saying "Thas' the strangest thing I ever saw..."
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:10 No.15186268
     File :1211512204.png-(122 KB, 312x220, [](.png)
122 KB
>I've dishwashed mine accidentally once.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:11 No.15186340
>on accident?
>> Rebel 2921-8834-9499 !xhBRbl3jHE 05/22/08(Thu)23:12 No.15186343
Don't freak out so much, not like it was damaged...

and if you're asking how, maybe he left it in his pocket or something.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:12 No.15186375
When my older brother first got Sonic 1 (I would have been about 4, he would have been 7), our little brother (3) seems to have been unclear as to what we were telling him when we said Sonic could go underwater in the game. He seemed to take this to mean that Sonic's cartridge itself could survive a few lengths of the bathroom sink. And so, in it went.

At least, we THINK that was why he did it. I think we were able to replace that copy.

What his rationale was for doing the same thing to a RENTAL copy of the Taz-Mania game on the other hand is still a mystery (our mom actually got that one to work just fine again after training a hairdryer on it for a few minutes).
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:13 No.15186381
>>left it in his pocket
and then put his pants in the dishwasher?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:13 No.15186386

Why the fuck would he put his pants in the dishwasher?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:13 No.15186401
     File :1211512434.png-(121 KB, 312x220, []3.png)
121 KB
So he dishwashed his pants.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:14 No.15186432
That's a good question. All I know is that I was 8 or 9 and I thought I lost my gameboy somewhere. Looked everywhere, the shit was gone. I was so fucking sad...

Next day I go to unload the dishwasher and boom, it was on the top rack with all the cups and shit dripping out of everywhere. I let it dry out and it worked fine, the speaker was a bit off but after awhile it started working fine again. I still have that very gameboy.
>> Rebel 2921-8834-9499 !xhBRbl3jHE 05/22/08(Thu)23:14 No.15186443
maybe he poor.......
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:16 No.15186477
Maybe you wrong.......
>> Number 36 !ZdX87o88qY 05/22/08(Thu)23:16 No.15186498

I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:16 No.15186513
I left my gameboy on the airplane :/
>> Rebel 2921-8834-9499 !xhBRbl3jHE 05/22/08(Thu)23:17 No.15186528
so do i man... i even peed a lil
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:18 No.15186585

Then is crashed into the wtc and it STILL worked.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:19 No.15186596
Dude gameboy are fucking awesome.
>> Rebel 2921-8834-9499 !xhBRbl3jHE 05/22/08(Thu)23:20 No.15186656
that image made me pee...
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:20 No.15186657
I fucking love this thread. You guys are so much better than /b/.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:20 No.15186667
I fuckin woke up my neighbor from laughing so hard at this.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:21 No.15186675

I let my dad take my Game Boy to work with him at the Pentagon, one September day.

September eleventh.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:21 No.15186699
While a gameboy is very durable for a gaming system, I doubt it would hold up against most of the acts of violence that Anonymous has said that it can survive.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:22 No.15186714
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:22 No.15186733
You lie.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:22 No.15186744
One of them is still alive.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:23 No.15186757
YOu have never had a gameboy in your childhood right?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:23 No.15186760
     File :1211513003.jpg-(568 KB, 1280x960, game boy.jpg)
568 KB
O rly?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:23 No.15186766
Dammit. That's right...
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:23 No.15186773
It varies on the system, I think. A friend of mine dropped his gameboy once. That was the end of it. I dropped the exact same model hundreds of times because I'm such a clumsy fuck, and it still works to this day.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:24 No.15186791
FYAD. Gameboy is truly the most durable substance ever known to man.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:24 No.15186826
My friend left his Gameboy in the middle of an underground nuclear weapons testing facility. It was caught in the epicenter of an explosion about 500 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. They found it a few days later in the middle of the crater. The sound was a bit fuzzy, but after changing the batteries it was just fine.
>> Number 36 !ZdX87o88qY 05/22/08(Thu)23:25 No.15186851

Oh god.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:25 No.15186872
under accident
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:26 No.15186884
Once, the sun raped my nintendo all the way to the center of the a black hole.

>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:27 No.15186938
I took a tour of the World Trade Center one day, Blah-blah, 9/11, you know the rest.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:27 No.15186944
i left got mine fucking lawn mowed because i wanted to test this shit. it got scratched a bit and the screen is dented but it works fucking fine. god damn.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:29 No.15187024
Mine survived Krypton exploding. It has a scratch, but it healed.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:29 No.15187027
I dropped my gameboy into a cement mixer and didn't notice. It was made into a road. A few years later the road had warn down a bit where cars had driven on it, I was walking down that street one day and I saw the corner of my gameboy. I chiseled it out, and it still worked fine.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:29 No.15187033
>on accident
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:29 No.15187041
It was the gameboy.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:30 No.15187074
I think this story would have been funnier if it had ended instead with the road being able to play Tetris.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:31 No.15187097
That's not just a gameboy, that's a gameMAN.
>> Rebel 2921-8834-9499 !xhBRbl3jHE 05/22/08(Thu)23:32 No.15187132
     File :1211513544.jpg-(161 KB, 958x1492, GAMEBOY.jpg)
161 KB
fucken screencapped
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:32 No.15187141
One day my brother took apart my gameboy while I was at a friends house because he fucking hate me. He took it apart, smashed the pieces up, and then threw all the pieces on my bed. When I got home I was devastated. But to my surprise, it still worked!!
Oh wait. No it didn't.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:33 No.15187153
     File :1211513584.gif-(1.38 MB, 336x258, 1211155737755.gif)
1.38 MB
Oblivion is still the best RPG, prove me wrong.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:33 No.15187181
I dropped mine on concrete dozens of times, worked fine.

Dropped it in the pool a few times, worked fine.

Dropped in down a flight of stairs, worked fine.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:33 No.15187190
I hope you had some awesome revenge
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:34 No.15187213

My wife on the other hand...
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:35 No.15187224
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:36 No.15187246
I peed on his bed. I was like 7 at the time.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:36 No.15187253

I did. I took my brother apart, smashed the pieces and hid them under the floor boards.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:36 No.15187268
my gameboy was in the 9/11 plane and it still worked
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:36 No.15187272
Oh they're more durable than you think.
Ask mine.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:38 No.15187310
i dropped my game gear but caught the power cord before it hit the ground. it didn't work after that.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:38 No.15187329
Once, I found my gameboy in the refrigerator. I was looking for it for days. And then BAM. Refrigerator.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:39 No.15187365

You allow her to speak?
>> Salsa 05/22/08(Thu)23:39 No.15187374
My Gameboy was sent into the future, put into the Hadron Particle Collider, got caught in multiple micro-black holes and came into contact with several strangelets.

It has since ascended beyond matter as we know it, becoming one with the fabric of space of time.

It is still functional in a way, spreading the essence of THIEF throughout the universe.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:40 No.15187408
It had integrated itself with the fridge and become one with it.
You can now play Tetris with your fridge.
>> Player Two 05/22/08(Thu)23:40 No.15187413
Somebody needs to go to CERN and do this.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:41 No.15187424
I once found mine in my dog's anus. Still worked even though no one would link with me.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:41 No.15187427

One of you is a filthy liar.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:41 No.15187428
No it wasn't.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:41 No.15187440
so american kids made up on accident? today is the first time i've ever seen some one say on accudent. i wonder where "i could care less" came from, considering it is so obvously wrong.
>> Bean 05/22/08(Thu)23:41 No.15187443
>> Salsa 05/22/08(Thu)23:42 No.15187459

whoops, meant "space AND time".
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:42 No.15187460
Only on command.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:42 No.15187471
My Game Gear has worked fine up until I got it out a year or so ago. Won't turn on now. I think I might see if I can figure out what's wrong with it.

My brother's Nomad on the other hand is a beast. He's dropped it on concrete on more than one occasion and even cracked the screen and it still works.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:42 No.15187484
One time I had the Pokemon Red and Blue strategy guide and I closed it with my copy of pokemon red inside of it. I thought I lost it for months, I even ended up getting pokemon Yellow to replace it, I open the guide to check something and bam, it was right there.

>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:44 No.15187570
I once had a fucking steel nail go through my game boy, right through the middle.

It played fine, though the sound and colors were a bit off.

A bit of Duct tape fixed that right up, though.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:45 No.15187621
Screw this guys, I'm gonna go play some Wario Land 2.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:46 No.15187652
One day I sat my gameboy down on the table next to my bed. This is also where I keep the condoms. So that night I have a girl over, and yadda yadda... but when I was done I somehow didn't have a condom on . And I'm like wtf, did it slip off inside her or what. Back in these days you couldn't just go get the morning after pill. So I freaked out, and the girl got all pissed off, saying "would it really be so bad to have a kid with me?" and shit like that. She stormed out.

The next day I noticed my gameboy was gone. So I called her up and accused her of taking it, we had a huge fight, she said she never wanted to see me again. So I didn't hear from her until a few weeks later... she called and said she was pregnant.

Me being the type of guy I am, I decided to man up and try to work things out with this chick, for the kid. So we do so, I went to all her appointments with her and crap, blah blah. When she had an ultrasound... the doctor said something didn't look quite right. They said the baby was probably deformed, and so might be retarded too. So we started going to all these "taking care of a retarded kid" classes and support groups and shit.

Finally, she goes into labor. I rushed her to the hospital, and after 10 hours of labor... the baby comes out PLAYING MY FUCKING GAMEBOY.
>> Mr. Bubbles !!DLJ3bQ7yunJ 05/22/08(Thu)23:47 No.15187674
     File :1211514449.jpg-(150 KB, 1080x766, dresden.jpg)
150 KB
I lost my gameboy in the firebombing of Dresden. I found it a week later under a pile of burning bodies. It works great, although now it smells like a barbeque.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:48 No.15187701
Once, when I went back in time, I dropped my Gameboy into a prehistoric swamp ON accident. Later, back in the future, I excavated it, replaced the batteries, and it worked better than before.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:48 No.15187710
Cut off the last post. It's funnier without the explanation at the end.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:48 No.15187724
I one time left my at my office in one of the twin towers, I called in sick that day and when I saw those towers crash I let out a manly tear for all the people that died and three tears for my gameboy. After they finally cleaned up that smoldering mass they found it and it still worked just fine.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:50 No.15187766
     File :1211514603.jpg-(80 KB, 292x302, 1210309136360.jpg)
80 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:50 No.15187774
>ON accident

........I hate you
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:50 No.15187789
that's nothing. I had this Jewish Spielknube in 1939...
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:50 No.15187798
     File :1211514629.jpg-(16 KB, 452x342, 1200843398297.jpg)
16 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:51 No.15187843
i COULD care less
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:52 No.15187874
Did you put your pants in the refrigerator?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:53 No.15187907
I once time let some scientist perform a few experiments using my gameboy. They blasted it three time with hydrogen bombs and it still worked fine
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:54 No.15187921
one time I dropped my gameboy about 2 feet onto a padded floor and it won't even power up now.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:54 No.15187945
     File :1211514898.jpg-(18 KB, 276x329, NEWMAN.jpg)
18 KB
no, I left my gameboy in a bag of cheetoes
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:55 No.15187949
I dropped my Gameboy Advance SP 3 ft onto the concrete of my garage. The screen got fucked up, but it still played. My friend's on the other hand, survived a toss down a Xbox huge flight of concrete bleachers.
What the fuck, /v/?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:55 No.15187952
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:55 No.15187962
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:55 No.15187965
then some other scientist wanted to test what would happen if they turned on the Large Hadron Collider with my gameboy in it....well you know what happened to but at least my gameboy still works fine!
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:56 No.15187987
Due to a terrible accident involving tin foil in the microwave, my gameboy was sent back in time to the moment of the Big Bang.

Last week, it was uncovered among fossils in South America. Scientists believed it to be part of the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs.

I'm not sure how my little gamboy managed to reach earth after all that time in space, but a change of batteries was all it took to get it running.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:56 No.15188018
I dropped my nintendo ds on my bed and it broke in half : /
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:57 No.15188027
one time I couldn't find my gameboy so I checked inside my PS3 and lol no games
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:57 No.15188041
There really was no meteorite, the dinosaurs all died from playing Mario non-stop.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:58 No.15188063
I once knocked my Gameboy off of my nightstand onto the carpet ON accident. Never worked again.
>> Bean 05/22/08(Thu)23:58 No.15188086
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:58 No.15188087
My Game Boy was knocked from my hands in the Battle of Hastings by the stirruped boot of a Norman and trampled repeatedly by both forces in the conflict. After several hundred years of subversion of Saxon culture by the proto-French and every other conflict in the intervening years, I recovered it and played Kirby's Pinball Land and lost.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)23:58 No.15188094
Damn, that must be one heavy DS to break a bed in half.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:00 No.15188156
     File :1211515233.jpg-(58 KB, 740x599, Challenger.jpg)
58 KB
My brother was an astronaut. I let him borrow my gameboy on the day he was suppose to go into space on the Challenger.
If you look really closely you can see my gameboy.

It still works.
>> Bean 05/23/08(Fri)00:00 No.15188160
It's probably the brick model.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:00 No.15188163
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:00 No.15188166
Too soon.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:04 No.15188281
Noah forgot to bring his gameboy on the ark. But when the flood was over he found it and it still worked.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:05 No.15188306

It's not a DS, it's an XBox made of lead.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:07 No.15188393
and yet the 9/11 jokes are fine
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:08 No.15188425
Mine got rolled over by a steam roller, I shit you not. It was a bit flat, but it still worked.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:08 No.15188436
Nobody cares about 9/11 except for butthurt new yorkers.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:14 No.15188632
I'm a New Yorker and I posted this: >>15187724
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:17 No.15188780
One time a single grain of sand got lodged in one of the buttons on my Game Gear, rendering it unpressable. It had to be sent in to Sega for repairs.

For such an enormous brick of a portable, the Game Gear sure was delicate.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:18 No.15188784
The only people that care about 9/11 are empathetic faggots that aren't from New York.

Seriously, I'm a New Yorker and I don't really see anyone that gets choked up about that shit anymore. It's just the Government putting that shit on the pedestal.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:19 No.15188830
I'm a New Yorker and I MAKE 9/11 jokes.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:24 No.15189012
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:43 No.15189735
My friend had a gameboy that did not run on batteries. I don't know how it was able to do this, but there was no batteries in this gameboy and was able to still function. My friend was like 9, and it was the early 90s, so I don't think it was cinverted to solar power.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:45 No.15189807
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:49 No.15189939
This happened when I was about 7. I was a soccer game and I brought my game boy along cause I was not really interested in the game. However, one of the referees made a bullshit call and the whole crowd gets into an uproar while I'm to Link to the Past. Suddenly, people start rioting and everyone is pushing and shoving each other. One douchebag bumped into my shoulder so hard I dropped my game boy. My dad grabbed my hand and said 'On your feet, anonymous, WE ARE LEAVING'. I start seeing blood on the ground from these ridiculous fist fights going on all around me. I look back at the game boy on the ground getting lost in the crowd, trampled and stepped on. The little green monochrome screen still active. Within a couple minutes we are scrambling out to the parking lot and soon we are blasting down the highway to get away from all the trouble.

For the next three days this riot is seen all over the news. They are seen breaking shop windows, breaking cars and destroying everything around the stadium. I look at my dad and ask if I can get my game boy back. He says 'kid, you gotta be insane to go back there'.

7 days later, I am sitting on the couch, sulking around because of my unfortunate loss. Nearly dying of boredom, my dad says 'Fine, anon, if you really believe we can find your game boy we'll go back. I bet it's stolen though.'. I said 'We can try'. I kept hope alive.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:49 No.15189960
same here.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:50 No.15189992
At the stadium, we see the janitors have been working on repairing the broken parts. Plenty of seats have been broken or torn apart, but the floor is partially neat. We notice they have already swept up the trash in the isles into piles on the stairs so it's easier to gather. In all the chaos, we find it hard to remember which row we were sitting in. We started exploring the piles of trash nearby. While we were doing this, the janitors are sweeping up the piles into garbage bags. We spent nearly an hour searching different piles, yet we couldn't find my beloved game boy. My dad says 'ok anon, the sun is going down, let's go home'. I said 'No, one more pile, please!' he said fine, but we have to hurry, we're wasting the janitor's time. Just then the janitor sweeps up the last pile we were looking at. However, one object at the bottom was a little too heavy to move with the thin bristles of a broom. I bend down and see a chip bag wrapper covering a rectangular shape. I pick it up and see sitting there, on the ground, my very own game boy. Covered in sticky soda pop stains, crumbs in every crevice and smelling of blood and tears I said 'Ok, let's go home'.

I spend the next three hours cleaning the game boy as much as possible. I replace the batteries and turn it on.
As I watch the Nintendo logo scroll down the screen, tears follow. Nintendium is as real as the hope you keep in your heart. Remember this, anon.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:51 No.15190028
Its funny just coming to /v/, seeing a picture of a NES underwater.
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Lasts posts being about 9/11
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:51 No.15190031
that was... so deep *wipes away tear*
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:52 No.15190062
>game boy
>Link to the Past

>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:53 No.15190064
>>15189939 This happened when I was about 7. I was a soccer game and I brought my game boy along cause I was not really interested in the game. However, one of the referees made a bullshit call and the whole crowd gets into an uproar while I'm to Link to the Past.


>I was about 7

>Link to the Past

You're a 13-year-old? Get the fuck out of here, kid.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:53 No.15190090
I lol'ed
>> Einstein !2Pcind0c/w 05/23/08(Fri)00:54 No.15190119
>I was a soccer game
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:54 No.15190120
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>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:54 No.15190131
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:55 No.15190189
It's a work of fiction, but at least it was cool to read.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:57 No.15190231

stupendous win
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)00:58 No.15190273
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:20 No.15191086
I once met an old sage,this sage told me he could break my gameboy, I said nay,yee sage,so he sent my game boy back in time to april 18,1906,then he pulled it back,the games worked fine on it,the screen was scatched alittle bit but that was it,so i told the sage,yo homles smell you later, I looked at my kingdom,I was finally there,sit on my throne,as the prince of bel-air.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:30 No.15191473
I accidentally melted part of my gameboy with an arc welder once

shit still worked when I lost it ;_;
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:32 No.15191553
300lbs fatty with CLEATS stomped on my Gameboy Pocket. It was later run over by a minivan.

Screen's a bit scuffed and volume thingy sticks, but it plays games just fine.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:33 No.15191585
The president should wear nintendium armor
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:35 No.15191661
     File :1211520930.jpg-(58 KB, 740x599, GB.jpg)
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Guys he wasn't joking!

This is a computer enhanced image showing that what this man said is true.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:52 No.15192271
My gameboy survived a 10ft fall to cement, several time being stepped on, several falls, immense heat from a closed car in the summer, im pretty sure i beat my brother with it once or twice (maybe 3 times). Plays perfectly and the only problem is i broke the battery cover off and the rim around the screen fell off.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:54 No.15192363
Thats funny, mine was melted in a fire. The next day I found it in the ashes. Still works today!
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)01:58 No.15192554
Wow, this thread is still up and running? Thought it died down two hours ago..
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)02:00 No.15192611
I remember when I left my gameboy advance in a pair of pants and shit got washed. I remember holding back manly tears because I knew the thing was fucked. I tried to turn that shit just to see what would happen.


Shit worked.
Pokeman Ruby still had a save file too.
I thought I was dreaming but it wasn't a dream. This shit was real. My gameboy advance fucking survived the horror that is the washing machine.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)02:12 No.15192957
This thread's about Gameboys, so naturally it still works fine.
>> Anonymous 05/23/08(Fri)02:35 No.15193777
I never got a brickboy. My first gameboy was a gameboy color. How do those hold up in comparison? I want to do some stress tests on it.