File: 1336834756.png-(226 KB, 400x600, tumblrm329s0bnc21qgq4sq.png)
226 KB You think you know Spaghetti? Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)10:59 No.139230514  
I've always found it funny that /v/ thinks they understand what it means to REALLY spill spaghetti. What true aspie levels can achieve.

2chan has done it before us, and much more successfully. Read the tale, the ultimate spaghetti spill of the century:
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:13 No.139231471
     File: 1336835590.png-(114 KB, 500x503, tumblr_m37oh24vff1r8wib7.png)
114 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:15 No.139231617
     File: 1336835724.gif-(37 KB, 500x216, m2ylqea0Fo1qmb4n3o1_500.gif)
37 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:15 No.139231642
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:16 No.139231683
     File: 1336835782.jpg-(46 KB, 991x944, 1332793093773.jpg)
46 KB
Nobody cares. Also vidya.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:16 No.139231729
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:17 No.139231780
     File: 1336835865.jpg-(15 KB, 320x272, 1327962926422bk.jpg)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:17 No.139231781

>he doesn't know its not vidya related

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:17 No.139231786
I really can't believe this is true.
If it was it I'll lose hope in humanity forever
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:20 No.139231943

it actually gets worse, at the end, the OP got arrested and sued for harassment

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:22 No.139232106
I have read the whole story once but can't seem to remember him getting arrested. I thought it just ended and nobody knew what happened to him or Denko or the manipulative bitch
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:23 No.139232119
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:23 No.139232146
I thought he dates his information giver and she fucks him for like, 30000 yen?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:24 No.139232195
     File: 1336836248.jpg-(38 KB, 350x218, 1269838739564.jpg)
38 KB
>Thinking on it now, our meeting was a cherry blossom blooming in high school.
And now, it’s spring again just the same.

Before I met you, Denko, I felt like I was in a cold winter.
But in the spring, you put a bud in my heart that would bloom into a great flower.
It’s been so long since we were in high school together, but my feelings are just the same as they were that spring.

You’ve helped me when I was bullied, haven’t you, Denko?
Back then, I thought, “Why does this girl not have the wings an angel should have?”
I suppose you must have left them in your mother’s stomach…

Even when we met eyes, I didn’t have the courage.
And we could never talk to each other.
But now, I’m different!
Denko, I know you may not want to marry me yet, but please, go out with me!

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:25 No.139232309

the police come to his house at the end
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:25 No.139232310
Do 2chan users have ramen in their pockets instead of spaghetti.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:27 No.139232430

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:27 No.139232442
My sides.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:30 No.139232647
Subject: This Is How I Feel

I’m sorry for making you worry.
I would never consider killing or raping you, Denko, so don’t worry. Is that what you thought I would do?
Now, I want you to take what I’m saying seriously.
I really, truly love you, Denko.
I think I would be willing to die for you, Denko.
I’ve always been trying to ensure your happiness first.
And I don’t think my feelings for you will ever change.
It’s very unfortunate things got like this right after we started dating, but we can start over.
That would be great, wouldn’t it?
Remember what I said when I confessed to you?
I still feel the way I did back then…

>I would never consider killing or raping you, Denko, so don’t worry. Is that what you thought I would do?

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:35 No.139233029

Not so different
after all
Only human
After all
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:37 No.139233215

this is fucking magical OP
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:38 No.139233264
>How about the new teriyaki burger at McDonald’s?
I had no idea they were so like us.
>> Idua !eJtOFlsbZ. 05/12/12(Sat)11:38 No.139233297
     File: 1336837135.jpg-(32 KB, 669x380, 65478524.jpg)
32 KB
I'd like to contribute with the first minute of this video
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:41 No.139233504

Are they calling him "spaghetti spouting retard"?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:41 No.139233517
>I didn’t want to suddenly call her, so to display my passion as her boyfriend, I snuck up from behind and hugged her… (´・ω・`)

It just keeps getting better
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:46 No.139233893
     File: 1336837569.png-(13 KB, 679x427, 1298001694787.png)
13 KB
I was never bullied in my first year of college, but the bullying’s started again…
I just ignored it at first, but people are telling me I’m creepy and to die to my face.
Most of the time they pick on me by sprinkling me with toilet water.
I’m afraid it’ll be like this my whole time in college… (´・ω・`)

>they pick on me by sprinkling me with toilet water.

I...I don't even...
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:47 No.139234045

This is the face of terror.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:48 No.139234073
Take her to the cherry blossoms op!
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:48 No.139234086
     File: 1336837693.jpg-(98 KB, 286x323, reactionimage.jpg)
98 KB
Dem Japs, man, Dem fuckin' Japs.
>> A Man of Wealth and Taste !!21lNp496caU 05/12/12(Sat)11:50 No.139234245
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:51 No.139234314
>You’ve helped me when I was bullied, haven’t you, Denko?
Back then, I thought, “Why does this girl not have the wings an angel should have?”
I suppose you must have left them in your mother’s stomach…
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:52 No.139234386
(´・ω・`) desu
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:52 No.139234410

I was thinking that it was going to suddenly leap to knife murder there, too.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:53 No.139234534
2ch has so many good stories like the train man
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:54 No.139234616
>Don’t call me or email me anymore, please.
>I’m sorry, but I’m really, really scared.
>If there’s been a misunderstanding, then I apologize.
>But this is my last email. Please don’t contact me again, I’m begging you.

>What does this mean…? (´・ω・`)
>I’ve been thinking about it for a good while now and I’m just not sure…

This actually freaks me out a good deal more than most horror and thriller films I've watched.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:55 No.139234648
Holy fuck, I had no idea the japs were so similiar to us.
>Teriyaki burger
>All dem troll replies
>One guy dropping his spaghetti
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:55 No.139234656
     File: 1336838127.jpg-(13 KB, 289x284, 1328820662761.jpg)
13 KB
>they pick on me by sprinkling me with toilet water

Those Japs have really bizarre ways of bullying.

>They gave me spaghetti hoops instead of baked beans then told me to die
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:56 No.139234716
>Last page


you sure can little nip, you sure can
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:56 No.139234728
He was a troll alright, shit just got popular.

Kinds of reminds me of that Densha Otoko thing, how a copypasta became an anime is beyond me
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:56 No.139234756
     File: 1336838198.jpg-(5 KB, 200x141, green_bean_man_is_amused.jpg)
5 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)11:58 No.139234885
If it was a troll, this goes to prove that Japanese trolls have much better imaginations then filthy western trolls.
>> sage? 05/12/12(Sat)11:59 No.139234979
We are human
After all
Much in common
After all
We are human
After all
Flesh uncovered
After all
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:01 No.139235113
>She’s a girl, but don’t worry, I know I can’t trust her 100%. (´・ω・`)

It's all starting to make sense.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:02 No.139235208
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:03 No.139235250
Denko seems like a bitch. (´・ω・`) should have killed her.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:04 No.139235316
I love that guy who keeps going on about stuffing hamsters in a box for her.

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:04 No.139235317
     File: 1336838650.jpg-(86 KB, 500x400, 1336763722931.jpg)
86 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:04 No.139235330

he managed to hug her, so mission accomplished
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:05 No.139235420
     File: 1336838713.png-(29 KB, 248x206, 1316530348665.png)
29 KB
>implying you had confidence before
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:05 No.139235447
     File: 1336838734.png-(438 B, 61x26, I've come for you.png)
438 B
You can not run Denki.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:05 No.139235461
>somebody call for a snake? I'll go

Anyone know what this means?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:06 No.139235526
'A snake' is basically a spy.
Like a snake slithering through the grass kinda thing.

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:07 No.139235579
Hey guys this thread has reminded me that my girlfriend hasn't replied to any of my texts in a few days. What should I do? (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:07 No.139235586
>I got an email from Denko!
>“Maybe a little scary…”
>Only a little is okay, right?
>I want to make sure there’s no >misunderstanding… (´・ω・`)

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:07 No.139235592
2ch =! 2chan

get it right, faggots
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:08 No.139235668
only op who doesn't know that 2ch isnt futaba
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:08 No.139235673
There is something I don't quite get. This was all in just 1 thread? I got to the end of it were it says the thread reached 1k replies, nothing wrong witht that. But the last post of OP says he spent 10 fucking hours talking with Denko's mom. Why would a thread be bumped for 10 hours without 404ing...
Or is that because 2chan operates at a different level.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:08 No.139235684

I thought it was a reference to Solid Snake, for some reason. Like, someone going to the park at the same time to act as peacekeeper and make sure that no-one gets shanked.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:09 No.139235760
No, the entire tumblr page was spanning over various threads.

If you bothered to read the intro's at the beginning of each page, you'd know.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:09 No.139235773
It depends on the board... You know a lot of threads here stay for weeks
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:10 No.139235812
No they don't...I read this a few days ago. It ends with him maybe getting some other girl pregnant.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:11 No.139235932

My question was due to what OP said in the last post of the first page, so...yeah.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:13 No.139236117
     File: 1336839227.gif-(1.66 MB, 320x240, 1332555125739.gif)
1.66 MB
dat screen text
dem implications
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:14 No.139236192
     File: 1336839288.jpg-(36 KB, 467x404, awe.jpg)
36 KB
>600 emails

What the fuck
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:15 No.139236216

the thread was probably made on a slow moving board
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:15 No.139236253
     File: 1336839333.png-(21 KB, 381x400, 1336579824750.png)
21 KB
In the first thread OP says he has sent her over 600 mails in ust 3 days.

The the same guy makes a second thread and this happens

What should I do now?

First things first, shoot her some emails. About 600 should be good.


Onii-chan, my sides are moving on their own!!
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:17 No.139236405

I had plans to call her yesterday, so I’m just confused… (´・ω・`)
Maybe I should call her house?

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:18 No.139236452
Was it accident or fate that me and Denko met on this earth?
I got the information she was going flower-viewing from a friend, so maybe that could be fate?
And Denko might just realize how fated our meeting is… (´・ω・`)

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:18 No.139236473
     File: 1336839507.jpg-(10 KB, 319x309, batemansmile.jpg)
10 KB
>Reading this thread reminds me that there are people like this, and reassures me that I’m doing just fine.

Truly we are the seed of their loins.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:19 No.139236538
>Reading all these responses again, I realize it’s like 70% abuse and 30% ramen…
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:20 No.139236624
Is ramen "their" version of spaghetti?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:20 No.139236663
This is absolutely goddamn terrifying. Shit man.

I once had a girl ask me to stop contacting her because over one week, I called or wrote her about once or twice every day, and it turns out she wasn't interested. I figured later that I was being a bit stalker-y, that I should just push a bit and then wait to see how she responds.

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:20 No.139236667
It's basically a thing they use to derail threads, a lot like dubs and sage.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:21 No.139236694

Imagine all the ramen pics that were posted on that thread.

This reminds me of Asbjorn (or however the name is) from a couple of weeks on r9k.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:21 No.139236767
I'm starting to think I might have said something wrong. My mails are being spread all over the internet. Is this a joke? (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:21 No.139236770
> If you’re gonna make a thread, answer your damn questions! Seriously, what an aspie…

How were these people ever our enemies?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:22 No.139236791
     File: 1336839729.gif-(1.87 MB, 300x241, 1336698384707.gif)
1.87 MB
>OP, girls love sweet things too.
>So once you’ve got your hamsters packed into a box, >sprinkle the hamsters with about 10 kg of sugar until they’re hidden.
>1. Girl opens box and can see nothing but sugar.
>2. Hamster leaps out from sugar.
>3. Girl is surprised! But hamsters are cute. Heart!
>4. OP is so clever. Love! Heart.

>Got it? Get to it, OP!
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:22 No.139236852

Asbjorn is nothing compared to (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:23 No.139236898
They weren't. Kids from /b/ started shitposting on 2chan, and that's why they blocked non-Jap IPs. Don't know about 2ch.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:23 No.139236949
In Japan, ramen spills out from their pockets instead of spaghetti.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:24 No.139236986

Only because he was stopped before he could do anything else.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:24 No.139236993
>Wow, she replied already! (´・ω・`)

>Subject: G☆R☆O☆S☆S

>Since she put stars in it, is that good? Did I get through to her? (´・ω・`)

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:24 No.139237009
Contributin' to thread.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:25 No.139237108

At some points I think this is just 1 whole elaborated troll. The best of the best....but then I just don't fucking know...
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:26 No.139237148
Note: All fake but made for fun/scares.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:27 No.139237225
     File: 1336840041.png-(130 KB, 300x400, 5eba.png)
130 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:27 No.139237253
Look at you guys, mocking OP when he’s so close to losing his virginity.

Am I close? Really?
This is making me excited… (´・ω・`)

Can’t wait for A-ko to email me, oh man…


[Help!] I’m Not Sure Where My Girlfriend’s Hole Is
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:27 No.139237261
Did you watch Densha Otoko, it's about japaneese anon and spaghetti too.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:27 No.139237287
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:28 No.139237338
Even if it is, it's still horrifying that there are people like the OP in the world. I fucking know someone just like that.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:28 No.139237370
>Hahaha, talk about an unfair deal!
>FF13 gives you more freedom than that!

Did anyone else picture the Japanese version of 4chan being pretty much EXACTLY like this?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:29 No.139237436

>People telling OP to stop sending email because he looks like a creep
OP: You guys are just messing with me

>Some guys says: You should keep sending her more email, or even better, go to her house and wait for her there.
OP: Ok, gonna send more mails

This is a gold mine.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:29 No.139237442
I haven't heard of this Asbjorn. Tell me!
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:29 No.139237443

>Implying japs want to play WRPGs
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:30 No.139237489
>Subject: To Denko

>Thinking on it now, our meeting was a cherry blossom blooming in high school.
>And now, it’s spring again just the same.

>Before I met you, Denko, I felt like I was in a cold winter.
>But in the spring, you put a bud in my heart that would bloom into a great flower.
I>t’s been so long since we were in high school together, but my feelings are just the same as they were that spring.

>You’ve helped me when I was bullied, haven’t you, Denko?
>Back then, I thought, “Why does this girl not have the wings an angel should have?”
>I suppose you must have left them in your mother’s stomach…

>Even when we met eyes, I didn’t have the courage.
>And we could never talk to each other.
>But now, I’m different!
>Denko, I know you may not want to marry me yet, but please, go out with me!

>Well? (´・ω・`)


>Nothing can be done to improve it.

They're just like us
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:30 No.139237495
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:31 No.139237541
whoa I aint readin all that crap

Summarize it in one paragraph.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:31 No.139237552
nah, train man is more of a love thread, it's pretty cute because people help him becoming less hikki. i got the book made of the thread
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:31 No.139237603
Guy starts out awkward spaghetti-mode and quickly becomes a stalker. You never find out what happens to the person he stalks.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:32 No.139237610
im scared for the girls life..

does anyone know what up with them now?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:32 No.139237618
What if they are going to make a dorama about (´・ω・`) like they did with Densha Otoka.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:32 No.139237649


Go take your ADHD medication and read it, faggot.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:32 No.139237650
It's worth it though.

>Stalker is going crazy over a girl
>girl is basically crying and pleading him to leave her alone
>he doesn't understand and asks 2ch! for help
>they react like us
>he ends up getting more and more creepy
>> M. 05/12/12(Sat)12:33 No.139237676
     File: 1336840381.png-(106 KB, 190x241, SPAGHETTI.png)
106 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:33 No.139237684
     File: 1336840385.jpg-(51 KB, 512x384, たむら 和風鶏ガラつ(...).jpg)
51 KB
です。 (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:33 No.139237692
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:33 No.139237702

Learn to read before you shit up /v/. Thanks.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:33 No.139237715
     File: 1336840411.jpg-(13 KB, 278x277, unamusedasianlady.jpg)
13 KB
Kids these days. Read this, it's really hilarious.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:34 No.139237756
Sent this… (´・ω・`)

“Don’t you think it’s a little harsh saying I can’t contact you myself? (´・ω・`)”

Be more forceful!
See, this is why you’re a virgin.

Thanks! You’re absolutely right! I’m feeling braver now!
Sent this: “Never mind, I was just kidding! Let’s date!! I love you!!” (´・ω・`)
I fucking lost it
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:34 No.139237771
This is how /v/ was at least 3 years ago
/v/ hasn't been like that since then
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:34 No.139237816
     File: 1336840494.jpg-(20 KB, 236x176, 1279187619147.jpg)
20 KB
>I can tell Denko’s just tsundere, man.
>Gotta embrace her to bring out that dere, OP.

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:36 No.139237897

>Danish kid (or something like that) who is 14 starts a thread saying how he loves a girl and that he wants to tell her his feeling
>He calls her at like 4am
>She starts making post on her tumblr mocking him (something like "I do not like you" but with pics)
>The guys is a exchange student in bangladesh
>He spills major spaghetti
>He posts the pics from the girls tumblr
>He dosn't blur out the important parts
>People contact the girl
>She joins the thread along with other people
>She says her name is Asbjorn (the call him Assporn or something like that)
>Spaghetti is being posted non-stop, macros are being made, hilarity goes through the roof
>Turns out Asbjorn is the son of the danish embassador in bangladesh
>Everyone has their family contact info
>Someone sends an email to his dad

Forgot the rest but that thread was the best spaghetti spilling I've seen in a while.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:36 No.139237941
     File: 1336840596.jpg-(228 KB, 800x600, dscn7883.jpg)
228 KB

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:36 No.139237946
> Once I had that thought, I started to see A-ko’s kindness, and I realized my feelings were starting to shift toward A-ko a little… (´・ω・`)

It's like the most awkward soap opera ever!
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:37 No.139237978

/v/ is at it's best when in a potentially funny thread. Why exactly do we shun non-vidya?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:37 No.139238039
>We’ve repaired our friendship. Now we’ll always be together! (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:38 No.139238047
     File: 1336840682.gif-(341 KB, 320x289, 1330017496549.gif)
341 KB
PLEASE tell me this is all archived, PLEASE.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:38 No.139238071
>/v/ now

>/v/ then
Doo it op and post shit so we can laugh at you

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:38 No.139238076
If you’re keeping your promises, you should really make sure she’s a virgin too.

>^ Yeah, definitely do this.
>Is there a single college girl in Tokyo that keeps her chastity these days?

I thought Japanese girls were supposed to be pure o(╥﹏╥)o
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:38 No.139238083
Oh god. Thanks for the summary.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:38 No.139238086
Me: “Do girls do the thing where you turn socks inside-out to use them for a week?”
Denko: “No, that’s too dirty. I usually wash them after a day.”
Me: “Well, Denko’s socks can’t possibly be dirty! Unlike mine… (´・ω・`)”
Denko: “Do you really wear the same socks for a week?”
Me: “No, uh, I heard about it from a friend.”

Laughed so fucking hard.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:38 No.139238098
>kono fucking kanji

fuck kanji seriously, I'll never remember any
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:39 No.139238169

It is most likely archived, although it is a fucking pain in the ass to read it all since OP never used a tripcode, and the girl made short replies in the middle of a sea of spaghetti.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:39 No.139238180
The way it developed towards the end makes me think that it was true. The whole "relationship" with A-ko thing was such a sudden non-sequitur. If I was the guy writing it and I was just trolling, I'd probably just have escalated the story with Denko.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:40 No.139238226
I'm not that guy, taking Japanese in college right now though. Shit is annoying as fuck, instructors get asshurt and examine it all to make suren your stroke order is correct which is a pain in the ass when you deal with the shitty ones that have like 20 strokes.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:40 No.139238228
     File: 1336840816.png-(90 KB, 210x210, 1298978732617.png)
90 KB

>Japanese girls
>Not whores
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:40 No.139238242
     File: 1336840828.jpg-(81 KB, 450x300, 67192092.jpg)
81 KB

銅像。ら面です。 (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:40 No.139238269

There you go, go fucking crazy.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:42 No.139238363

Well, they're a lot more likely to have been raped.

And /v/'s defintion of whores probably extends to that.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:42 No.139238379
Huh? But if she has a baby, will we be able to raise it together?
I’m not irresponsible enough to abandon a baby… (´・ω・`)

Men who can’t cook ain’t suited for marriage, dude!

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:42 No.139238406
Sounds fucking terrible, I think I'll drop out and study Jap or just become a drunk
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:42 No.139238408
     File: 1336840957.png-(41 KB, 213x213, jesuschrist.png)
41 KB
That entire fucking thing man. I came close to becoming a stalker once so this story really hits me home. Luckily unlike this poor fool I talked it out with people and listened to what the fuck they were saying.

This entire story has given me a headache. It wasn't lulzy, so much as pathetic.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:43 No.139238474
>I thought Japanese girls were supposed to be pure
Only the 2D ones.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:44 No.139238547
No way that's real.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:44 No.139238550
>tfw no Denko (╯´・ω・`)╯︵ ┻━┻
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:44 No.139238610
     File: 1336841099.jpg-(24 KB, 249x251, 1276674576844.jpg)
24 KB
Please! This is a huge shock to me!
I can’t believe Denko would do something like this…
Because just yesterday, one of Denko’s school friends sold me her new email and phone number for 60,000 yen… (´・ω・`)

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:45 No.139238627
> I’ve never been to a hotel before, so I’m embarrassed… (´・ω・`) Waiting for a reply now…Maybe I should bring a vibrator?

> Maybe I should bring a vibrator?

My sides move of their own volition.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:45 No.139238629
Have you tried waiting in front of her house?
Make sure to hide so no one sees you.

Of course I thought about doing that, but I decided against it, since really, isn’t that stalkery?
So I decided to wait for her in the cafe instead… (´・ω・`)
No matter what road she takes, she’ll pass through here, so she can’t go anywhere.

this guy man
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:46 No.139238739
Maybe because 4chan is an international shithole of an internet and 2ch is a honourable forum for a intellegent nihhon gentlemen
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:48 No.139238872
卵 = たまご
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:49 No.139238996
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:49 No.139239007
>2ch is a honourable forum for a intellegent nihhon gentlemen
Are you joking ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━
2ch is basically the Japanese Reddit (−_−;)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:50 No.139239062
>Men who can’t cook ain’t suited for marriage, dude!


>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:50 No.139239084
     File: 1336841433.jpg-(131 KB, 640x480, 1335200828577.jpg)
131 KB
That's small time.

This might be a bit tl;dr,
but this kid spilled all the spaghetti in Italy in ONE DAY.
>> (´・ω・`) (´・ω・`) 05/12/12(Sat)12:50 No.139239096
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:51 No.139239130
Yeah, this guy has won awards for his spaghetti I'd assume
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:51 No.139239226
What are you talking about, at least they do not steal memes from 2channel and have much more 4chanlike discussions.
Just look at this story, does it looks like reddit?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:53 No.139239303

The funniest part for me was nearly at the end where people from other boards came in

>/v/ here oh man, you fucked up
>/b/ here, shit son, what are you doing
>even /mlp/ was there

And the fucking macros

>Dad im Asbjorn
>Son I am dissapoint
>> Chipmunk-kun !!5WdWu5gbRyn 05/12/12(Sat)12:53 No.139239308
     File: 1336841584.jpg-(47 KB, 250x188, sux the dixxx.jpg)
47 KB
You’re still only banned from phone calls and emails.
Do you have a carrier pigeon?

These fucking Elevens man. Holy shit.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:54 No.139239404
That's because most of the replies were omitted. 2ch is the site everybody uses, so it's full of normalfags talking about normal things. But then maybe you're right, since 4chan is pretty much just like that nowadays.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:57 No.139239694
Why did they help Densha Otoko and fucking with (´・ω・`) so much, I just don't get it.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:57 No.139239697
[Check out my 8> (´・ω・`)>
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:58 No.139239812

He has a lot of money
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:58 No.139239849
train man was a nice guy who stood up for the girl and defended her against a drunk, this guy is just a crazy stalker...
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)12:59 No.139239941

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:00 No.139239991
Doesn't help that his dad was a Danish embassador either.

People found his dad's facebook and messaged him, posing as a moderator, and linked him his son's thread.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:01 No.139240069
Well they have different boards, some for normalfags and some for NEETs and other creeps.
>> (´・ω・`) 05/12/12(Sat)13:02 No.139240192
>Densha Otoko

Man i need to watch that again. Lost the entire series when my HDD went under.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:02 No.139240207
Yeah... I kind of thought that was the origin of spaghetti jokes here.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:03 No.139240224
     File: 1336842185.png-(109 KB, 320x375, 1336761484067.png)
109 KB

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:03 No.139240296
>Because just yesterday, one of Denko’s school friends sold me her new email and phone number for 60,000 yen… (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:04 No.139240330
that's not how you use promotions
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:05 No.139240427
>tfw I feel bad for him cause I'm going through something similar to this

I'm not sending 600 e-mails or anything, holy fuck this guy is crazy
>> A Man of Wealth and Taste !!21lNp496caU 05/12/12(Sat)13:05 No.139240443
You need to learn that sexy books are different from real life!
Did you at least give a good apology?

I’m not really sure why I’d need to apologize, since I was crying with her too…
The third dimension is hard… (´・ω・`)

Just get a prostitute, man! 350,000 yen, hot damn…

There’s no love with prostitutes, so I don’t wanna… (´・ω・`)

What’s OP’s idea of a “girlfriend”? What does it mean to you?

An embodiment of love? I dunno, you’re embarrassing me… (´・ω・`)

Oh My fucking side they be movin' on them own!
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:05 No.139240470
>I went to email my brother about trying to be free tomorrow night, but he changed his address and number… (´・ω・`)
>I’m asking my mom about it now.
Oh god, even his own brother is ignoring him.
>> purin !P44ALLixjs 05/12/12(Sat)13:06 No.139240513
     File: 1336842364.gif-(237 KB, 500x281, laughingprofessor.gif)
237 KB


I wish I could Read/Write Japanese so I could see things like this. Kinda makes me sad.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:06 No.139240553
if a girl isnt interested in you, she probably never will be, so move on until you find one who likes you
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:08 No.139240698

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:09 No.139240776
     File: 1336842540.jpg-(61 KB, 640x480, img_983682_27944336_2.jpg)
61 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:09 No.139240780
Oh, I know, just that I really liked her, and well she didn't, a little bit depressed,I've moved on, but this fucking guy is just taking to a whole new level

I kind of know that feel he feels

It feels pretty bad
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:09 No.139240848
Denko’s sleeping right beside me.
Her slot was too loose, so she took it up the ass.


>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:11 No.139241023
     File: 1336842707.jpg-(47 KB, 500x333, 1336761484068.jpg)
47 KB

Shit nigga, clicked wrong image.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:12 No.139241079
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:13 No.139241146
     File: 1336842797.png-(3 KB, 245x184, 1279126675479.png)
3 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:14 No.139241212
So where does it say the police came to his house in the end ?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:15 No.139241295
Okay, serious time!
OP, you’re pretending to be one of her friends over email, yeah?
Then casually invite her out to karaoke.
Be a little late, send “I’m gonna be late, so you should go in before me!”
Then OP goes into the room, and you’re golden.
Since it’s karaoke, you’ll be good even if she screams! Good luck!

So thats how you rape people in Japan...
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:15 No.139241314
Nowhere. It just ended abruptly.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:16 No.139241383
Denko’s sleeping right beside me.
Her slot was too loose, so she took it up the ass.


>> purin !P44ALLixjs 05/12/12(Sat)13:16 No.139241435
     File: 1336843005.gif-(133 KB, 200x200, 1334903093309.gif)
133 KB
Well, I sent “Do you like anal?”… (´・ω・`)
I’ve had some bad experiences thanks to some of you guys’ replies, though…
If this makes her not like me, I’m gonna be really stuck…


>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:17 No.139241519
>I really have no clue how to handle three-dimensional women.
>It’s so easy to confess in games, but so hard in three dimensions…



Oh god, that was the funniest shit I have ever read in this year

Because she's four-dimension. That spaghetti-dropping aspie forgot time.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:19 No.139241645
     File: 1336843157.jpg-(48 KB, 425x369, 3357.jpg)
48 KB

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:20 No.139241759
>implying we don't exist in infinite dimensions but can only perceive three of them

time isn't spatial
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:20 No.139241773
Am I the only one who gets depressed instead of laughing at this kind of shit?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:21 No.139241882

you must get depressed easily
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:21 No.139241883
No, spaghetti will always be with you
>> purin !P44ALLixjs 05/12/12(Sat)13:22 No.139241937
At first, yeah. Then you start to get desensitized and stop sympathizing with the dumbass in question.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:22 No.139241940
scratch that, we actually just perceive two dimensions
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:24 No.139242048
I'm manic depressive, so yeah.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:25 No.139242129
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:25 No.139242130
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:25 No.139242149

I just got angry at the fucker, keeps posting that damn emoticon. I just laugh/get angry/ get creeped out over and onver. This fucking chinks man....
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:25 No.139242191
Manic depressive sounds cooler.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:30 No.139242528

Don't worry after a while it'll disappear.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:30 No.139242563
>I can tell Denko’s just tsundere, man.
>Gotta embrace her to bring out that dere, OP.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:31 No.139242678
     File: 1336843913.jpg-(45 KB, 460x345, ichiban5-01.jpg)
45 KB


>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:33 No.139242825
     File: 1336844023.jpg-(19 KB, 400x407, 1335461851386.jpg)
19 KB
>implying you had confidence before
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:34 No.139242857
I would never consider killing or raping you, Denko, so don’t worry... (´・ω・`)
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:34 No.139242869
No joke, he sounds autistic.
>> purin !P44ALLixjs 05/12/12(Sat)13:34 No.139242892
     File: 1336844067.jpg-(53 KB, 300x300, 1336257507540.jpg)
53 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:37 No.139243089
Men who can’t cook ain’t suited for marriage, dude!


Yes you can, OP. Yes you can.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:37 No.139243145

OK so there is something else troubling me.
2 things to be honest...

>One guy says he is going to be a snake, so he goes to the park with 2 other guys but they don't see anything related to what OP says that happened that day.
This guy is a major stalker, who probably know every single detail about this Denko girl. The odd thing is, he says she is about 150 cm in one post, but later on on another thread he says she is 170cm....

Oh, and he says he is being bullied in college, but later on he says he is getting called a creep in school.

This is either the work of a schizophrenic, or OP is the best troll ever.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:40 No.139243334
>Oh, and he says he is being bullied in college, but later on he says he is getting called a creep in school.

>Different language
>Different words
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:41 No.139243467
Maybe it' just translation problems.
And he looks nervous as fuck it could be that he mixed some data
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:41 No.139243481
     File: 1336844498.gif-(1.18 MB, 240x180, 1335391653360.gif)
1.18 MB

>Post 3 major fuck ups
>Only takes into account the less important one
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:42 No.139243518
     File: 1336844527.png-(1.34 MB, 2000x1333, 1336833469829.png)
1.34 MB
"In H manga, girls usually pretend to dislike vibrators, but inside they really enjoy it.
But all my knowledge is manga and games, so I don’t know if it’s really true… (´・ω・`)
Help… "

>my fucking face when
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:45 No.139243786
     File: 1336844720.jpg-(2 KB, 220x138, 1334537076695.jpg)
2 KB
I cant believe I just spent almost half an hour reading this

This is fucking unreal
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:47 No.139243970
Ako must have been laughing after he spent roughly £5500 ($8700) altogether on her.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:48 No.139244110



>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:50 No.139244250
How do women do it, even if I tried i couldn't do something like that.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:51 No.139244328
     File: 1336845064.jpg-(13 KB, 320x400, 1334228022865.jpg)
13 KB
>mfw the japs are just like us
>> Mutio !!dl06UKg/Sgd 05/12/12(Sat)13:51 No.139244415
I look forward to it too! *smile*
I just want you to promise me three things:
First, don’t tell anyone we’re dating.
Second, I’m the one in charge here, and if you deny it, then this is all void.
Third, as a general rule, you’re forbidden from contacting me if I don’t contact you first.
Can you uphold those three for me? ♥

So yeah… (´・ω・`) Kinda strange how she doesn’t want me to contact her, huh?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:52 No.139244475
He did get it in though.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:53 No.139244510
     File: 1336845195.jpg-(9 KB, 225x188, 225px-Strawberry_shortcake.jpg)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:53 No.139244529
>I would think this is a troll for sure, but that guy who got arrested a while ago was for real…
>There are some serious crazies in the world.
What guy he is talking about?
This is a fucking goldmine, I wish i'd learn some japaneese to read this shit.
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:53 No.139244546
     File: 1336845220.jpg-(17 KB, 177x250, 1323799440024.jpg)
17 KB
Oh Japan...
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:53 No.139244560
Well, I sent “Do you like anal?”… (´・ω・`)

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:54 No.139244657
4381.65 dollars? just for sex?

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:55 No.139244740
     File: 1336845353.jpg-(35 KB, 700x509, Where do you think we are.jpg)
35 KB
>mfw the japs are just like us
>just like us
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:56 No.139244796
     File: 1336845396.jpg-(15 KB, 306x227, co to kurwa jest.jpg)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:56 No.139244797
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:57 No.139244879
that idiot probably thinks 2ch is some kind of place where their nippon overlords post their good taste in vidya
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:58 No.139244978
美味しそう! ありがとう。

>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:59 No.139245103
what is the difference between 2ch and 2channel?
>> Anonymous 05/12/12(Sat)13:59 No.139245104