File :1208430787.jpg-(95 KB, 491x550, MGOOMG.jpg)
95 KB Gas Snake !ebNASgbxPo 04/17/08(Thu)07:13 No.13600191  
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:14 No.13600215
>> Morty Maxwell !B7L.awRrV. 04/17/08(Thu)07:14 No.13600221
I think I'll play some random online Brawl. Now to find some opponents.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:14 No.13600224
itt truth
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:15 No.13600239
I fucking lol'd
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:15 No.13600241
fucking agreed. It took my four fucking hours.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:16 No.13600255
Get a 360, it took like 2 minutes for the MGO update on that.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:16 No.13600256
He choose... poorly.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:17 No.13600265

Needs more colored "Searching..." squares
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:17 No.13600268
     File :1208431055.jpg-(29 KB, 490x549, ps3.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:19 No.13600304
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:19 No.13600311
Hey Buckley, keep up the hilarious comics man.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:31 No.13600516
inb4 spore edit
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:33 No.13600551
Fuck, I lol'd harder then I should have.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:33 No.13600553
     File :1208432030.jpg-(92 KB, 491x550, hurrdurr.jpg)
92 KB
>> Dawnfag 04/17/08(Thu)07:35 No.13600582
I laughed :)
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:37 No.13600621
i call bullshit
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:39 No.13600656
Jesus, did they fix the Rifles pretty much instant killing with ease? That shit was rediculous.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:40 No.13600666
     File :1208432415.jpg-(5 KB, 174x95, Hehehe.jpg)
5 KB
ur funneh
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:41 No.13600683
     File :1208432463.jpg-(40 KB, 491x550, gdorfpaunch.jpg)
40 KB
>> Tim Buckley 04/17/08(Thu)07:42 No.13600699
     File :1208432527.jpg-(47 KB, 490x549, 1208431055660.jpg)
47 KB

Hey, I just got here.

I came running as fast as my tiny legs would take me.
>> Nameless !2JF1umrU16 04/17/08(Thu)07:42 No.13600708

>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:43 No.13600726
     File :1208432633.jpg-(89 KB, 491x550, XenosagzzzZZZzzz.jpg)
89 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:48 No.13600807
     File :1208432882.jpg-(39 KB, 491x550, basdf.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:48 No.13600813
funniest thread on /v/ right now
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:48 No.13600815
     File :1208432906.jpg-(25 KB, 491x550, shitfuck.jpg)
25 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:51 No.13600865
     File :1208433063.jpg-(39 KB, 491x550, jtime.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:53 No.13600915

As my friend said it:
-you know, I've improved relations with my parents
-great, how?
-well, I go to talk with them while the witcher is loading the next location
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:53 No.13600925
     File :1208433210.jpg-(23 KB, 491x550, mkwii.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:55 No.13600955
hi jono
>> Miguel Sanchez !69TaYZon96 04/17/08(Thu)07:56 No.13600971
     File :1208433385.jpg-(37 KB, 491x819, brawl.jpg)
37 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:56 No.13600972
     File :1208433387.jpg-(40 KB, 491x550, kotr.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:57 No.13600985
     File :1208433432.jpg-(21 KB, 491x550, 1208433210259.jpg)
21 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:57 No.13600990
where's the funny
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:58 No.13600997
     File :1208433485.jpg-(44 KB, 491x550, 1208432030216.jpg)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:58 No.13601003
     File :1208433502.jpg-(22 KB, 491x550, dying.jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:59 No.13601014
oh my god
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)07:59 No.13601017

I lold hard
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:00 No.13601023
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:00 No.13601025
Could have been funny if you got rid of the last frame.
>> Pang Tong !KOcvfNjeL2 04/17/08(Thu)08:01 No.13601037
     File :1208433678.jpg-(36 KB, 491x550, 1208433485309.jpg)
36 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:01 No.13601048
     File :1208433706.jpg-(26 KB, 491x550, 1208433210259.jpg)
26 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:02 No.13601062
you best be trollin.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:02 No.13601066

>> Pang Tong !KOcvfNjeL2 04/17/08(Thu)08:03 No.13601081
     File :1208433813.jpg-(51 KB, 491x812, 1208433485310.jpg)
51 KB

>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:03 No.13601084
And then John was a zombie
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:03 No.13601086
     File :1208433832.jpg-(30 KB, 491x550, chancetime.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:05 No.13601102
     File :1208433909.png-(35 KB, 835x618, CHANCE TIME mario party.png)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:05 No.13601106
alright, funs over. cut it out now.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:05 No.13601107
     File :1208433916.jpg-(28 KB, 491x550, 1208433210259.jpg)
28 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:05 No.13601116
     File :1208433934.jpg-(27 KB, 491x550, 1208433502081.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:05 No.13601121
     File :1208433943.jpg-(24 KB, 491x550, finalform.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:05 No.13601123
Oh. He waited so long he died!
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:06 No.13601143

Not funny
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:07 No.13601157
The meme died in the same thread it was created.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:07 No.13601163
     File :1208434060.jpg-(41 KB, 491x550, 2.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:08 No.13601169
Oh, hi Miguel. No, I wasn't trolling. The third panel extended the 'joke' unecessarily and killed the funny.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:08 No.13601181
     File :1208434106.png-(242 KB, 491x550, 3r252.png)
242 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:09 No.13601203
Oh Hai samefag
go fuck urself pl0x
>> Miguel Sanchez !69TaYZon96 04/17/08(Thu)08:09 No.13601204
That wasn't me, and I agree with you.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:09 No.13601205
     File :1208434168.jpg-(31 KB, 491x550, 1208433210259.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:09 No.13601207
     File :1208434172.jpg-(24 KB, 491x550, pokemon snap.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:09 No.13601209
     File :1208434187.jpg-(82 KB, 491x550, 759.jpg)
82 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:10 No.13601218
     File :1208434219.png-(274 KB, 492x550, untitled.png)
274 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:10 No.13601221
fuck this thread got old after about the 10th one
>> Miguel Sanchez !69TaYZon96 04/17/08(Thu)08:10 No.13601231
     File :1208434247.jpg-(25 KB, 491x550, haha.jpg)
25 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:10 No.13601232
my penis extends unecessarily. the step from 2nd to 3rd panel made my day
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:11 No.13601234
     File :1208434266.jpg-(31 KB, 491x550, 1208433210259.jpg)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:11 No.13601237
     File :1208434275.jpg-(42 KB, 491x550, ledger.jpg)
42 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:11 No.13601238
     File :1208434276.jpg-(78 KB, 491x550, MGS.jpg)
78 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:11 No.13601242
It's getting retarded now.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:12 No.13601256
Ah, fair enough. My bad for thinking you were the same fag then :)
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:12 No.13601262
     File :1208434362.jpg-(30 KB, 491x550, cs.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:13 No.13601269

>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:13 No.13601270
     File :1208434403.jpg-(80 KB, 491x550, DMC4.jpg)
80 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:14 No.13601289
Best new /v/ meme in months
>> Pang Tong !KOcvfNjeL2 04/17/08(Thu)08:14 No.13601292
     File :1208434489.jpg-(36 KB, 491x550, 1208433485311.jpg)
36 KB
Two God Hand jokes but I don't care.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:15 No.13601298
     File :1208434513.jpg-(84 KB, 491x550, 6788678678.jpg)
84 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:15 No.13601302
Now it's getting so random xD
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:15 No.13601306
I thought my metroid one was pretty funny :3

No, I can't be at fault here, all of you faggots are the tasteless ones
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:16 No.13601311
     File :1208434564.jpg-(23 KB, 491x550, uboa.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:16 No.13601312
this is pathetic
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:16 No.13601322
     File :1208434607.jpg-(83 KB, 491x550, BLARGH.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:16 No.13601323
Fucking retards from /b/ thinking rofl xD so randum is funny ruined it.
>> Pang Tong !KOcvfNjeL2 04/17/08(Thu)08:17 No.13601328
But I think that's a record for /v/ killing something funny.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:17 No.13601332

Yes. Tried ten times before I gave up.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:17 No.13601338
     File :1208434657.jpg-(32 KB, 491x550, fallout.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:17 No.13601339
     File :1208434666.jpg-(26 KB, 491x550, 1208433502081.jpg)
26 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:17 No.13601340
     File :1208434674.jpg-(42 KB, 491x550, pyrape.jpg)
42 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:18 No.13601353
     File :1208434717.jpg-(74 KB, 491x550, Kirby.jpg)
74 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:18 No.13601356
     File :1208434725.jpg-(73 KB, 982x550, thisjokesucksnow.jpg)
73 KB
B^U it up in this house.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:19 No.13601366
     File :1208434774.jpg-(77 KB, 491x550, LO.jpg)
77 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:20 No.13601388
     File :1208434848.jpg-(84 KB, 491x550, 00000.jpg)
84 KB
>> JemaK 04/17/08(Thu)08:21 No.13601393
Posting in epic thread.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:21 No.13601400
     File :1208434880.jpg-(41 KB, 491x550, gta4pcdead.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:21 No.13601401
     File :1208434883.jpg-(51 KB, 491x272, Dead.jpg)
51 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:21 No.13601407
I regret saying this.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:23 No.13601427
its not hard to be the funniest thread on /v/
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:23 No.13601435
     File :1208435008.jpg-(24 KB, 491x550, longwaiforv.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:24 No.13601452
     File :1208435049.jpg-(98 KB, 491x550, yazmat.jpg)
98 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:24 No.13601465
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:25 No.13601473
     File :1208435111.jpg-(26 KB, 491x550, greatnewmeme.jpg)
26 KB
This one applies to this thread.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:25 No.13601477
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:26 No.13601509
     File :1208435195.jpg-(40 KB, 491x550, v is already dead.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:26 No.13601513
     File :1208435204.png-(226 KB, 491x550, 360 skeleton.png)
226 KB
Just one more?
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:26 No.13601514
so true, jesus christ this must be some kind of record or something
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:27 No.13601525
     File :1208435230.jpg-(97 KB, 491x550, internet.jpg)
97 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:27 No.13601531
     File :1208435256.jpg-(55 KB, 491x900, cad.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:28 No.13601552

>good again

Okay now this deserves a sage
>> JemaK 04/17/08(Thu)08:28 No.13601553
     File :1208435310.jpg-(89 KB, 491x550, holygrail.jpg)
89 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:29 No.13601563
     File :1208435345.jpg-(29 KB, 491x550, 1208434666668.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:29 No.13601581
Eat shit legionfag.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:30 No.13601585

>legion of anonymous
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:30 No.13601593
I can't be assed to read them all, did anyone do Duke Nukem Forever yet?
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:31 No.13601607
they're not the same guy. the skeleton has long hair while the guy in the first panel doesn't
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:31 No.13601617

you'd best be trollin'
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:32 No.13601629
where's that from?
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:32 No.13601632
     File :1208435539.jpg-(90 KB, 491x550, peterlol.jpg)
90 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:32 No.13601635
     File :1208435551.jpg-(67 KB, 491x550, hl.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:32 No.13601638
his hair grew long after a lot of waiting
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:32 No.13601643


Fucking troll
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:33 No.13601652
From awesome to fail in less than one hour. That's pretty quick, but it's hardly a record.
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:33 No.13601655
     File :1208435632.jpg-(150 KB, 491x550, redbutton.jpg)
150 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:34 No.13601665
     File :1208435658.jpg-(23 KB, 491x550, 1208434666668.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:34 No.13601669
     File :1208435663.jpg-(44 KB, 491x550, ohjesusfuck.jpg)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:34 No.13601675
holy shit, no, what the hell is wrong with /v/? that should have been a given!
>> GAYLO 04/17/08(Thu)08:35 No.13601682
     File :1208435707.jpg-(47 KB, 491x850, waiten.jpg)
47 KB
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:35 No.13601685
OP: 07:13
You: 08:33
>less than one hour
hi there
>> Anonymous 04/17/08(Thu)08:36 No.13601711
Went to shit far before that.
>> GAYLO 04/17/08(Thu)08:38 No.13601752