File: 1332519018.jpg-(109 KB, 640x447, yoshiscock2.jpg)
109 KB blanked out parts of video game titles Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:10 No.133593897  
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:11 No.133593951
Thanks doc.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:11 No.133593960
     File: 1332519081.jpg-(107 KB, 500x500, titmeal2.jpg)
107 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:12 No.133594028
     File: 1332519147.jpg-(88 KB, 499x500, firered2.jpg)
88 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:13 No.133594089
     File: 1332519216.jpg-(61 KB, 299x259, 630-mfw.jpg)
61 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:13 No.133594090
     File: 1332519216.png-(283 KB, 320x446, 1286140470761.png)
283 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:14 No.133594156
     File: 1332519279.png-(1012 KB, 640x902, 1286139761828.png)
1012 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:15 No.133594228
     File: 1332519339.jpg-(60 KB, 488x699, asseffect3.jpg)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:15 No.133594238
     File: 1332519345.jpg-(29 KB, 298x429, 1286139403140.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:16 No.133594292
     File: 1332519396.gif-(174 KB, 425x600, 1286139266876.gif)
174 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:17 No.133594351
     File: 1332519451.jpg-(108 KB, 640x908, 1286139218399.jpg)
108 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:18 No.133594387
     File: 1332519484.jpg-(83 KB, 300x300, 1286139055505.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:18 No.133594390
     File: 1332519487.jpg-(3 KB, 110x126, 1321762089365s.jpg)
3 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:18 No.133594423
     File: 1332519517.png-(186 KB, 447x277, 121212454545787.png)
186 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:18 No.133594431
     File: 1332519525.jpg-(22 KB, 249x362, 1286138863551.jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:20 No.133594519
     File: 1332519608.jpg-(39 KB, 360x415, kingdomsofkony.jpg)
39 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:20 No.133594529
     File: 1332519614.jpg-(13 KB, 200x278, 1286138809598.jpg)
13 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:20 No.133594567
     File: 1332519659.jpg-(59 KB, 331x319, 1284150003341.jpg)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:21 No.133594601
     File: 1332519699.jpg-(58 KB, 1024x768, 1286138779323.jpg)
58 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:22 No.133594654
     File: 1332519749.png-(243 KB, 320x408, 1286138904773.png)
243 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:22 No.133594662
     File: 1332519760.gif-(968 KB, 380x262, 1332345801565.gif)
968 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:23 No.133594674
     File: 1332519782.jpg-(32 KB, 256x365, Untitled.jpg)
32 KB
Oh well
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:23 No.133594696
Oh god I haven't laughed this hard in a while, keep 'em coming.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:23 No.133594703
     File: 1332519809.jpg-(62 KB, 388x545, 1286138678063.jpg)
62 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:23 No.133594728
     File: 1332519825.jpg-(97 KB, 507x459, LEFLETE.jpg)
97 KB
Rhyme? Rhyme.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:24 No.133594751
     File: 1332519847.jpg-(19 KB, 455x523, heh heh.jpg)
19 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:24 No.133594773
     File: 1332519878.png-(210 KB, 400x264, 1286138659438.png)
210 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:24 No.133594775
I don't get it.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:25 No.133594823
     File: 1332519924.jpg-(53 KB, 340x475, 1286138549860.jpg)
53 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:25 No.133594854

that's cheating
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:26 No.133594864
     File: 1332519966.png-(1.29 MB, 749x1000, cum on sand.png)
1.29 MB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:27 No.133594932
     File: 1332520036.png-(753 KB, 639x645, 1286137993153.png)
753 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:27 No.133594964
     File: 1332520067.jpg-(50 KB, 640x438, turkhunter.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:28 No.133595060
     File: 1332520134.png-(1.12 MB, 640x908, 1286137634851.png)
1.12 MB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:29 No.133595106
     File: 1332520169.png-(75 KB, 228x271, billy11.png)
75 KB
This thread is gold!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:29 No.133595138
     File: 1332520193.jpg-(74 KB, 366x518, simba.jpg)
74 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:30 No.133595178
     File: 1332520229.jpg-(33 KB, 211x279, smg.jpg)
33 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:30 No.133595209
     File: 1332520248.jpg-(62 KB, 325x453, hawa.jpg)
62 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:31 No.133595245
>not you are mr gay
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:31 No.133595250
     File: 1332520279.jpg-(36 KB, 420x408, rape.jpg)
36 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:31 No.133595259
     File: 1332520289.jpg-(32 KB, 550x301, assbrotherhood.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:31 No.133595267
     File: 1332520292.png-(259 KB, 500x448, clocktowerds_2.png)
259 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:32 No.133595327
I love Haah WaaW
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:32 No.133595350
     File: 1332520365.jpg-(45 KB, 320x450, me gay.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:32 No.133595361
     File: 1332520376.jpg-(132 KB, 469x348, 1323796851121.jpg)
132 KB
>that timing
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:33 No.133595393
     File: 1332520414.jpg-(45 KB, 404x404, 1270597953977.jpg)
45 KB
>rape everyone
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:33 No.133595408
     File: 1332520423.jpg-(6 KB, 177x249, yaranaika.jpg)
6 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:33 No.133595410
     File: 1332520423.jpg-(93 KB, 1280x1024, Hitman-upcoming-movies-216094_(...).jpg)
93 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:33 No.133595413
     File: 1332520427.jpg-(131 KB, 500x351, Untitled-1.jpg)
131 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:34 No.133595462
     File: 1332520466.jpg-(82 KB, 640x449, supmario2.jpg)
82 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:34 No.133595465
     File: 1332520468.jpg-(95 KB, 640x444, supyouhoes.jpg)
95 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:35 No.133595514
     File: 1332520507.jpg-(24 KB, 307x386, 9sqwjq.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:35 No.133595530
     File: 1332520527.jpg-(93 KB, 533x389, shaqcover.jpg)
93 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:35 No.133595554
Looks like a bootleg game.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:35 No.133595559
     File: 1332520555.jpg-(122 KB, 709x709, crab sack.jpg)
122 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:36 No.133595562
Where is Super Mario Allstars?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:36 No.133595570
that is genius
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:36 No.133595579
I don't get it.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:37 No.133595641
     File: 1332520631.jpg-(34 KB, 300x410, Untitled.jpg)
34 KB
I'm not very good at this.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:37 No.133595670

>enforcer of justice

Id play it.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:37 No.133595675
     File: 1332520663.png-(90 KB, 256x257, 1989281981`.png)
90 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:38 No.133595704
     File: 1332520685.jpg-(42 KB, 600x400, LeF3y.jpg)
42 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:38 No.133595720
     File: 1332520699.jpg-(16 KB, 253x218, 1286139588911.jpg)
16 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:38 No.133595730
     File: 1332520707.png-(109 KB, 300x260, 1295549420511.png)
109 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:39 No.133595803
     File: 1332520772.png-(552 KB, 640x449, ur ma world.png)
552 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:39 No.133595807
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:39 No.133595808

Meh. Letters shouldn't be moved
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:39 No.133595823
the best
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:40 No.133595865
     File: 1332520825.png-(5 KB, 256x240, 1295549460238.png)
5 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:40 No.133595892
     File: 1332520854.jpg-(59 KB, 717x540, urmrgar.jpg)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:41 No.133595913
     File: 1332520871.png-(404 KB, 434x599, 1295549515464.png)
404 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:41 No.133595948
     File: 1332520895.jpg-(45 KB, 256x318, 1332511501536.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:41 No.133595949
     File: 1332520898.jpg-(69 KB, 355x445, turd.jpg)
69 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:41 No.133595958
     File: 1332520904.png-(552 KB, 478x588, 1295549601643.png)
552 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:42 No.133596007
     File: 1332520946.gif-(135 KB, 500x448, 1295549610031.gif)
135 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:42 No.133596034
     File: 1332520963.jpg-(65 KB, 472x375, eat bud.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:42 No.133596043
     File: 1332520969.jpg-(10 KB, 251x241, Smugcat.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:42 No.133596048
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:43 No.133596061
     File: 1332520987.jpg-(7 KB, 251x242, 1329371710273.jpg)
7 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:43 No.133596097
     File: 1332521015.jpg-(30 KB, 593x590, 1295549811246.jpg)
30 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:43 No.133596101

This one gets me every fucking time because of how relevant it is to the box art.


The Japanese says nigger too lol
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:43 No.133596105
I applaud you for doing the katakana correctly as well.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:43 No.133596115
this fuckin thread.

loling hard right noq
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:44 No.133596125
     File: 1332521040.jpg-(98 KB, 732x1024, her-ass-sings.jpg)
98 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:44 No.133596137
     File: 1332521055.jpg-(96 KB, 354x500, 1295549738064.jpg)
96 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:44 No.133596142
     File: 1332521056.png-(530 KB, 531x750, sexmanlion.png)
530 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:45 No.133596223
     File: 1332521129.png-(335 KB, 640x480, jackie chan is happy.png)
335 KB
No, no, that's the third game.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:45 No.133596234
     File: 1332521134.jpg-(86 KB, 500x500, 1295550005559.jpg)
86 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:45 No.133596254
     File: 1332521154.png-(408 KB, 499x357, 1329941525056.png)
408 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:46 No.133596272

Holy fucking shit i died
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:46 No.133596275
     File: 1332521179.jpg-(225 KB, 500x447, 1295550175371.jpg)
225 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:46 No.133596293
my sides
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:46 No.133596318
     File: 1332521215.jpg-(94 KB, 495x496, have no friends.jpg)
94 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:47 No.133596326
     File: 1332521222.jpg-(36 KB, 231x190, 1326477980062.jpg)
36 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:47 No.133596332
     File: 1332521227.jpg-(46 KB, 300x264, guardian_force_web1.jpg)
46 KB
this is terrible
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:47 No.133596360
     File: 1332521259.jpg-(40 KB, 570x378, 1323745967390.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:47 No.133596375
     File: 1332521274.jpg-(725 KB, 1527x1757, 5454435.jpg)
725 KB
fuck you man. you at both of them
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:48 No.133596385
     File: 1332521282.jpg-(23 KB, 492x341, 1332446661315.jpg)
23 KB

Dong Rings
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:48 No.133596397
     File: 1332521295.jpg-(180 KB, 1280x1024, 1295550227796.jpg)
180 KB
This count?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:48 No.133596403
     File: 1332521297.jpg-(64 KB, 590x315, Untitled.jpg)
64 KB
Well, this is the best I can do.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:48 No.133596442
     File: 1332521338.jpg-(23 KB, 256x224, 1295550330082.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:49 No.133596454
     File: 1332521344.jpg-(60 KB, 450x310, sue me2.jpg)
60 KB

LMFAO you did good
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:49 No.133596485
and you did fuckin good.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:49 No.133596492
     File: 1332521376.gif-(44 KB, 280x280, 1295550344229.gif)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:49 No.133596503
     File: 1332521389.jpg-(38 KB, 300x295, sperm.jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:50 No.133596535
     File: 1332521420.jpg-(88 KB, 541x753, 1295550383580.jpg)
88 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:50 No.133596546
     File: 1332521428.jpg-(82 KB, 403x400, kirby the nig.jpg)
82 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:50 No.133596558
     File: 1332521443.jpg-(10 KB, 184x184, wut.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:51 No.133596597
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:51 No.133596620
     File: 1332521485.jpg-(41 KB, 430x320, 1295550387101.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:51 No.133596626
     File: 1332521489.jpg-(217 KB, 729x737, a old man.jpg)
217 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:51 No.133596629
     File: 1332521493.png-(179 KB, 300x332, upmaass.png)
179 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:51 No.133596638
Oh man all this metroid!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:51 No.133596662
     File: 1332521519.jpg-(49 KB, 596x396, 1295550419183.jpg)
49 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:52 No.133596693
     File: 1332521544.jpg-(19 KB, 397x436, 1286597919923.jpg)
19 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:52 No.133596713
     File: 1332521556.png-(126 KB, 225x225, ballz of goku.png)
126 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:52 No.133596728
     File: 1332521567.jpg-(70 KB, 495x704, 1295550433401.jpg)
70 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:52 No.133596741
     File: 1332521573.jpg-(10 KB, 156x156, 1326480847248.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:53 No.133596796
     File: 1332521614.gif-(123 KB, 368x500, 1295550528797.gif)
123 KB
This one is gold
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:53 No.133596798
     File: 1332521615.jpg-(207 KB, 600x845, 600x.jpg)
207 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:53 No.133596812
     File: 1332521623.jpg-(240 KB, 673x952, great nads.jpg)
240 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:54 No.133596868
     File: 1332521669.png-(733 KB, 640x570, i c u p.png)
733 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:54 No.133596887
Americunts won't understand this one
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:54 No.133596892
     File: 1332521688.png-(265 KB, 352x494, 1295551458491.png)
265 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:54 No.133596893
     File: 1332521689.jpg-(48 KB, 320x321, me miss.jpg)
48 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:55 No.133596941
     File: 1332521733.jpg-(99 KB, 300x300, 1295552805140.jpg)
99 KB
This one, every time
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:56 No.133596971
These are so simple, yet so effective.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:56 No.133596980
     File: 1332521768.jpg-(356 KB, 504x641, thisgameisfuckingBORING.jpg)
356 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:56 No.133596984
     File: 1332521772.jpg-(41 KB, 411x272, mario sing!.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:56 No.133596989
     File: 1332521777.jpg-(24 KB, 247x248, 1326769101787.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:56 No.133596993
     File: 1332521780.jpg-(6 KB, 180x191, 1299215462033.jpg)
6 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:56 No.133597008
     File: 1332521789.jpg-(100 KB, 250x351, 250px-Super_Mario_Bros_2.jpg)
100 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:57 No.133597053
     File: 1332521824.jpg-(104 KB, 500x500, super man.jpg)
104 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:57 No.133597101
     File: 1332521854.jpg-(116 KB, 640x737, 954345_125120_front.jpg)
116 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:57 No.133597114
     File: 1332521868.jpg-(253 KB, 762x1083, stalker.jpg)
253 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:58 No.133597135
we use to do shit like this all the time at my old GS store, me and my SM made sure all the GA's knew that this is what we wanted. most of the time people wouldnt catch on.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:58 No.133597136
Stalker? I hardly know 'er!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:58 No.133597148
     File: 1332521897.jpg-(80 KB, 400x400, MariosDong.jpg)
80 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:58 No.133597153
     File: 1332521899.png-(1014 KB, 672x852, nogames.png)
1014 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:58 No.133597194
My sides!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:59 No.133597220
     File: 1332521953.jpg-(117 KB, 640x640, pee.jpg)
117 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:59 No.133597267
     File: 1332521983.jpg-(102 KB, 403x400, ss.jpg)
102 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)12:59 No.133597271
     File: 1332521987.jpg-(38 KB, 300x450, c46737e54526.jpg)
38 KB
I thought I would be able to do more with this
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:00 No.133597294
     File: 1332522012.png-(353 KB, 420x417, tonyhawksskat.png)
353 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:00 No.133597310
     File: 1332522029.jpg-(60 KB, 400x464, dick souls.jpg)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:00 No.133597316
Americans use "nads".
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:01 No.133597363
that's, as stated once before, cheating
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:01 No.133597385
     File: 1332522077.png-(238 KB, 350x356, pooball.png)
238 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:02 No.133597451
why is the other 'o' right next to the first one? that's retarded
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:02 No.133597456
     File: 1332522142.jpg-(1005 KB, 1468x1458, 719593020073F.jpg)
1005 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:02 No.133597467
     File: 1332522148.png-(470 KB, 480x599, sex.png)
470 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:03 No.133597527
     File: 1332522195.png-(321 KB, 500x448, 1332520292964.png)
321 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:03 No.133597538
funny colors
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:03 No.133597543
How is that cheating?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:03 No.133597553
     File: 1332522210.jpg-(247 KB, 640x751, exPANSIONpack.jpg)
247 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:03 No.133597556
     File: 1332522211.jpg-(38 KB, 275x383, 1286139795383.jpg)
38 KB

it was just moved over for readability jack ass
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:04 No.133597597
     File: 1332522254.jpg-(84 KB, 457x650, 1286139551205.jpg)
84 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:04 No.133597601
     File: 1332522255.jpg-(34 KB, 332x419, hergreattits.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:04 No.133597607
no it's not

ur a fag
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:04 No.133597624
     File: 1332522274.png-(944 KB, 1022x819, 1260759414488.png)
944 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:05 No.133597695

I don't think there are really any rules as long as you're not photoshopping in letters or moving them in different orders
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:05 No.133597701
     File: 1332522343.gif-(334 KB, 736x735, 1331621262600.gif)
334 KB
Every time
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:05 No.133597717
     File: 1332522359.jpg-(49 KB, 694x418, real mad.jpg)
49 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:06 No.133597725
>take any title with some kind of large letter in it
>mold it into any letter that you desire
>destroy all the fun and actual thinking you have to do to create one of these
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:06 No.133597736
     File: 1332522378.jpg-(76 KB, 1080x1080, 1232.jpg)
76 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:06 No.133597737
     File: 1332522381.jpg-(191 KB, 640x770, 981014994-00.jpg)
191 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:06 No.133597767
     File: 1332522408.jpg-(40 KB, 352x500, Hi-Man-Blo-Me.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:08 No.133597907
that's... kinda sad
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:08 No.133597919
     File: 1332522519.jpg-(100 KB, 638x726, Hi man blo me.jpg)
100 KB
Take a closer look
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:09 No.133597976
then by your standards OP pic is "cheating"
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:09 No.133597992
     File: 1332522581.jpg-(184 KB, 766x906, blanked out.jpg)
184 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:10 No.133598039
deze niggas with the same jokes
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:10 No.133598046
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:10 No.133598072
     File: 1332522645.jpg-(40 KB, 460x216, gays mod.jpg)
40 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:11 No.133598091
     File: 1332522662.jpg-(118 KB, 500x333, 1331210413350.jpg)
118 KB
you sir are my hero
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:11 No.133598120
quit gettin mad because of assumed social structure. i bet you take every free sample cause YO THEY FREE
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:12 No.133598168
>implying it still wouldn't make sense for the first part of the game.

Seriously, Luke is a cunt to start off.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:12 No.133598196
     File: 1332522756.gif-(492 KB, 474x268, umad.gif)
492 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:12 No.133598228

Oh my God I can't stop laughing!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:13 No.133598242
     File: 1332522791.jpg-(47 KB, 414x521, 1331899010525.jpg)
47 KB
>get called out on being retarded
>call me mad
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:14 No.133598331
Just accept being called retarded for being a dick. The further you push it the more douche you get.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:14 No.133598365
Can't we have one thread without trolls trolling trolls?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:14 No.133598375
     File: 1332522899.jpg-(36 KB, 430x400, binass.jpg)
36 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:15 No.133598382
     File: 1332522907.jpg-(69 KB, 493x311, 1331803558434.jpg)
69 KB
>mfw this thread
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:15 No.133598415
     File: 1332522927.jpg-(65 KB, 418x595, iMac.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:15 No.133598436
You fuckers are making me laugh too hard oh god I should get off my iPad during class
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:16 No.133598462
     File: 1332522960.jpg-(90 KB, 465x351, 1278704513731.jpg)
90 KB
what is it like failing at remedial shit?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:16 No.133598531
I used to do this at my local gamestop with their own price stickers.
Jew Quest was a regular one
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:17 No.133598573
its frustratin omg
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:17 No.133598602
     File: 1332523070.jpg-(30 KB, 264x351, 1186343617649.jpg)
30 KB
>this thread

>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:18 No.133598690
Does your ass ever get jealous at the amount of bullshit coming out of your mouth?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:19 No.133598731
     File: 1332523163.jpg-(104 KB, 500x710, Cncra2-win-cover.jpg)
104 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:19 No.133598743
     File: 1332523171.jpg-(133 KB, 601x850, Colossanigger.jpg)
133 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:20 No.133598791
     File: 1332523206.jpg-(521 KB, 1280x960, 6865.jpg)
521 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:20 No.133598818
     File: 1332523225.jpg-(44 KB, 527x359, 1298616109026.jpg)
44 KB
thankyou /v/, you redeem yourself this day!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:20 No.133598843
Someone post the "Cum & Conquer" one.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:21 No.133598902
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:21 No.133598915
     File: 1332523305.jpg-(86 KB, 510x700, 1287660534200.jpg)
86 KB
>Man on Queer 2
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:22 No.133599007
     File: 1332523379.jpg-(120 KB, 520x742, A-Killer-Overdose.jpg)
120 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:24 No.133599090
     File: 1332523452.jpg-(53 KB, 725x290, 1328475017167.jpg)
53 KB
I laughed
I cried
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:24 No.133599113
     File: 1332523464.jpg-(244 KB, 640x902, copy of hoes.jpg)
244 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:24 No.133599162
     File: 1332523498.jpg-(9 KB, 99x136, diamondigger.jpg)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:26 No.133599238
     File: 1332523568.jpg-(249 KB, 944x940, Diablo_1_box.jpg)
249 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:26 No.133599269
     File: 1332523591.jpg-(70 KB, 250x234, noears.jpg)
70 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:27 No.133599335
     File: 1332523645.jpg-(27 KB, 340x340, see.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:27 No.133599345
     File: 1332523653.jpg-(65 KB, 449x634, cumandqueer.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:27 No.133599359
     File: 1332523667.jpg-(47 KB, 640x480, 1314570081028.jpg)
47 KB
>no big ass fish
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:27 No.133599368
     File: 1332523672.jpg-(100 KB, 407x352, HAAH.jpg)
100 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:28 No.133599413
     File: 1332523705.jpg-(268 KB, 725x1024, Stale old sake 3.jpg)
268 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:28 No.133599437

>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:28 No.133599448
     File: 1332523732.jpg-(35 KB, 256x361, sith.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:29 No.133599473
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:29 No.133599494
     File: 1332523767.jpg-(16 KB, 158x151, 1322283584651.jpg)
16 KB
wtf is that supposed to be?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:30 No.133599583
     File: 1332523839.jpg-(81 KB, 600x773, 1331471339302.jpg)
81 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:31 No.133599634
     File: 1332523883.jpg-(51 KB, 450x407, Hoe room.jpg)
51 KB
The not so great sequel to "Dusk my cock"
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:32 No.133599693
     File: 1332523939.jpg-(34 KB, 256x328, Pro Scat.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:32 No.133599694
     File: 1332523940.jpg-(68 KB, 189x220, 1331242063898.jpg)
68 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:32 No.133599714
     File: 1332523952.jpg-(65 KB, 478x326, ma leg.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:33 No.133599753
     File: 1332523985.jpg-(200 KB, 500x707, thegame.jpg)
200 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:34 No.133599814
     File: 1332524051.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1418x1405, Average feeling on v.jpg)
1.06 MB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:34 No.133599867
     File: 1332524098.jpg-(5 KB, 126x126, 1260756989151.jpg)
5 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:34 No.133599869
     File: 1332524098.jpg-(152 KB, 520x736, ro2.jpg)
152 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:35 No.133599886
     File: 1332524116.jpg-(119 KB, 1024x768, 64049nolf2.jpg)
119 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:35 No.133599921
     File: 1332524147.jpg-(143 KB, 504x500, go bi.jpg)
143 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:36 No.133599941
     File: 1332524167.jpg-(61 KB, 255x177, Papermario.jpg)
61 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:36 No.133599968
only slightly anon, only slightly
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:37 No.133600021
     File: 1332524239.jpg-(1.17 MB, 1532x1763, Chad Monti 2.jpg)
1.17 MB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:38 No.133600132
     File: 1332524316.jpg-(45 KB, 500x403, 1316367065899.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:40 No.133600246
     File: 1332524409.jpg-(67 KB, 220x373, troo lies.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:40 No.133600269
     File: 1332524428.jpg-(153 KB, 640x908, 1260756371670.jpg)
153 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:40 No.133600290
     File: 1332524448.jpg-(43 KB, 281x400, Zone of Tender rears.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:41 No.133600317
     File: 1332524471.jpg-(45 KB, 300x300, Conker.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:41 No.133600364
     File: 1332524516.png-(98 KB, 390x310, 1317864920759.png)
98 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:42 No.133600375
     File: 1332524524.jpg-(39 KB, 683x1024, v.jpg)
39 KB
Close enough.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:43 No.133600461
>somebody posted my shop

Damn this shit is old.. But still feels good, man.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:44 No.133600557
     File: 1332524662.jpg-(126 KB, 640x446, sad turd.jpg)
126 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:46 No.133600687
     File: 1332524772.png-(17 KB, 527x434, 1303403015475.png)
17 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:47 No.133600781
This is why I love you, /v/.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:47 No.133600828
     File: 1332524875.jpg-(175 KB, 643x808, Bam a ham yum.jpg)
175 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:49 No.133600984
     File: 1332524987.png-(170 KB, 400x254, um ok.png)
170 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:49 No.133600987
best one.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:50 No.133601035
     File: 1332525024.png-(97 KB, 400x254, i ate kum.png)
97 KB

>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:52 No.133601193
     File: 1332525152.jpg-(57 KB, 468x471, Gay furry simulator.jpg)
57 KB
>file name
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:56 No.133601456
     File: 1332525361.jpg-(121 KB, 400x569, Dom force.jpg)
121 KB
>you will never get to dominate a super hero
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:56 No.133601503
     File: 1332525397.jpg-(43 KB, 280x280, MOER RANCH.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:59 No.133601756
     File: 1332525571.png-(11 KB, 390x470, 1330433576321.png)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)13:59 No.133601769
God dammit, I just spat water everywhere.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:01 No.133601880
     File: 1332525676.jpg-(117 KB, 650x650, fatass.jpg)
117 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:01 No.133601898
     File: 1332525695.jpg-(103 KB, 527x740, Alf 2.jpg)
103 KB
He's come to kick ass and eat cats, and he's all out of cats
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:01 No.133601919
Holy shit my sides
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:05 No.133602268
     File: 1332525956.jpg-(137 KB, 450x773, Fucking engrish.jpg)
137 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:08 No.133602452
     File: 1332526092.gif-(974 KB, 312x208, 1322073877463.gif)
974 KB
>Blow us
>Steam a ship

I don't know WHAT the fuck is going on.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:08 No.133602495
     File: 1332526127.jpg-(107 KB, 507x349, ban global ass.jpg)
107 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:08 No.133602498
thread of the month
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:09 No.133602526
     File: 1332526142.jpg-(58 KB, 542x372, o a furry.jpg)
58 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:09 No.133602535
Why Is Tidus on the left of that case?
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:12 No.133602806

It's supposed to be some guy called Vanilla from a game called Steambot Chronicles. This is some god awful PSP game that for whatever reason reason the most horrid alternate cover known to man
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:13 No.133602892
     File: 1332526413.jpg-(123 KB, 849x573, the legend of da ass.jpg)
123 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:16 No.133603138
     File: 1332526605.jpg-(48 KB, 321x489, fear2xbox_case.jpg)
48 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:17 No.133603174
     File: 1332526636.jpg-(83 KB, 500x345, i pay.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:19 No.133603372
> collectors edition

Lost it
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:20 No.133603469
     File: 1332526843.jpg-(114 KB, 753x1095, tit quest.jpg)
114 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:21 No.133603517
     File: 1332526880.jpg-(236 KB, 800x1067, Butt destroyer.jpg)
236 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:21 No.133603548
     File: 1332526900.jpg-(143 KB, 442x671, street fag.jpg)
143 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:25 No.133603892
     File: 1332527131.png-(157 KB, 256x256, dr. dose.png)
157 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:25 No.133603925
     File: 1332527154.jpg-(198 KB, 883x1199, Rape cats.jpg)
198 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:31 No.133604387
     File: 1332527478.jpg-(196 KB, 770x774, gay luigi saga.jpg)
196 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:32 No.133604473
     File: 1332527534.jpg-(141 KB, 821x616, Britfag game.jpg)
141 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:35 No.133604753
     File: 1332527723.jpg-(94 KB, 512x510, bate ween.jpg)
94 KB
>> Anonymous ## Mod 03/23/12(Fri)14:36 No.133604825

did u make this for me? <3
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:36 No.133604878
     File: 1332527810.png-(46 KB, 649x434, 1331669769619.png)
46 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:37 No.133604893
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:37 No.133604905
     File: 1332527834.jpg-(164 KB, 640x736, mous.jpg)
164 KB
>What people expected of Epic Mickey
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:38 No.133604979
     File: 1332527889.jpg-(31 KB, 246x300, roosevelt.jpg)
31 KB
Some of these are really glorious
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:38 No.133604990
My sides no longer exist.
Dammit, /v/
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:39 No.133605095
     File: 1332527973.jpg-(56 KB, 500x552, 1331571648472.jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:45 No.133605518
But Long haired Luke was awesome.

Until he blow up a entire town that is.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:46 No.133605606
     File: 1332528375.jpg-(89 KB, 512x512, ok dad i did!.jpg)
89 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:52 No.133606104
     File: 1332528739.jpg-(97 KB, 500x500, sports!.jpg)
97 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:55 No.133606382
     File: 1332528926.jpg-(214 KB, 607x743, Duds.jpg)
214 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:56 No.133606439
     File: 1332528974.jpg-(134 KB, 1280x1024, 1309063005390.jpg)
134 KB
Best thread in years
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)14:57 No.133606590
     File: 1332529074.jpg-(2 KB, 126x120, 1323740176261s.jpg)
2 KB

>Okay Dad I did!
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:02 No.133606964
     File: 1332529341.png-(1.28 MB, 1051x768, good work.png)
1.28 MB
>saving thumbnails
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:03 No.133607065
     File: 1332529397.jpg-(174 KB, 640x795, STOP.jpg)
174 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:04 No.133607125
     File: 1332529442.jpg-(150 KB, 594x837, Poor Al.jpg)
150 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:06 No.133607302
     File: 1332529591.jpg-(274 KB, 574x741, hate.jpg)
274 KB
>> ­ 03/23/12(Fri)15:08 No.133607486
shut up
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:08 No.133607507
     File: 1332529733.jpg-(65 KB, 600x610, 1277455987100.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:09 No.133607526

>v goes into panic
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:09 No.133607579
     File: 1332529782.jpg-(152 KB, 640x729, go piss.jpg)
152 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:09 No.133607596
fuck, you got me
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:14 No.133607929
     File: 1332530040.png-(95 KB, 252x225, 8Ball_Allstars_Coverart.png)
95 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:14 No.133607974
     File: 1332530074.png-(181 KB, 300x270, Hatsworthcover.png)
181 KB
Maybe cheating since I drew on it, but still.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:17 No.133608214
     File: 1332530256.jpg-(65 KB, 706x284, herp.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:19 No.133608360
>bits of corn in the poop

i think i just peed a little
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:20 No.133608458
     File: 1332530435.jpg-(130 KB, 500x500, get gay.jpg)
130 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:20 No.133608470
Put this thread's URL where the webpage asks you to. This thread will not be forgotten.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:23 No.133608680
     File: 1332530600.jpg-(55 KB, 570x121, ugly.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:24 No.133608775
     File: 1332530673.jpg-(1.08 MB, 1200x1535, Untitled-4.jpg)
1.08 MB
bloated file
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:25 No.133608826
     File: 1332530715.jpg-(246 KB, 640x673, kum forever.jpg)
246 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:25 No.133608834
     File: 1332530719.jpg-(39 KB, 300x300, booty lovin fish wears ray bah(...).jpg)
39 KB
>> ­ 03/23/12(Fri)15:25 No.133608847
>> 03/23/12(Fri)15:26 No.133608947
mod pls god
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:28 No.133609072
     File: 1332530901.jpg-(81 KB, 400x462, bob came in pies.jpg)
81 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:30 No.133609267
     File: 1332531052.jpg-(137 KB, 640x655, lol fags.jpg)
137 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:31 No.133609279
     File: 1332531062.png-(191 KB, 403x543, DRAG age origins.png)
191 KB
Another homo game by Bioware.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:31 No.133609359
     File: 1332531117.jpg-(27 KB, 200x200, 1299892834446.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:35 No.133609663
     File: 1332531333.png-(8 KB, 565x390, u a queer.png)
8 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:35 No.133609668
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:35 No.133609682
     File: 1332531344.jpg-(269 KB, 550x677, maximum lazy.jpg)
269 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:37 No.133609853
     File: 1332531452.jpg-(137 KB, 640x882, 1257129099-00.jpg)
137 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:38 No.133609959
     File: 1332531531.jpg-(10 KB, 293x219, nnnnnnn.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:40 No.133610091
Someone post ASS EFFECT.
>> Anonymous 03/23/12(Fri)15:40 No.133610103
     File: 1332531621.jpg-(159 KB, 400x568, a world of poo.jpg)
159 KB