File :1230519281.jpg-(10 KB, 328x475, reddawn.jpg)
10 KB Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)21:54 No.2440102  
ATTENTION WOLVERINES: Immediate reinforcements needed. We are watching Red Dawn-- come get your commie revenge on:

You know you're Swayze-Crazy.
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)21:56 No.2440110
FUCK yes, this was on tv today and I missed it.
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)21:56 No.2440111
     File :1230519409.jpg-(59 KB, 361x480, wolverines.jpg)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)21:58 No.2440123
what's the capital of texas?
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)21:58 No.2440126
need more people to start movie, dammit.
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)22:00 No.2440134
     File :1230519626.jpg-(158 KB, 450x337, 1230514504618.jpg)
158 KB
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)22:00 No.2440137
Big Commie Crater (pop. 0)
>> Anonymous 12/28/08(Sun)22:03 No.2440145
"And about 600 million screaming chinamen."
"I thought there were a billion screaming chinamen."
"There were."