File :1230596983.jpg-(58 KB, 315x450, post-90027-1205171981.jpg)
58 KB Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:29 No.3269689  
Space Marines are not human at all. They are a foul Xenos breed that is incapable of normal reproduction and must replenish their numbers by stealing the holy perfection of human sons. Some of them go so far as to take human wives, the ultimate insult to the purity of the human species. Then they add insult to injury by proclaiming themselves the defenders of humanity.

This most foul heresy must be purged from the Imperium before it is too late.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:32 No.3269703
So how do you propose we defeat the Angels of Death?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:33 No.3269710
Poisoned soup.
>> Big Tex says: Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:34 No.3269715
     File :1230597281.jpg-(248 KB, 800x1067, big-tex.jpg)
248 KB
This makes no sense at all, partner.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:34 No.3269716
And what kind of poison can kill a Space Marine?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:35 No.3269718
Faith in the divine light of the Holy God Emperor of Mankind.

And bolter bitches.

Lots of bolter bitches.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:37 No.3269734
Too risky, Slaanesh might get involved!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:40 No.3269750
Too risky? I'm afraid you lack proper faith.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:41 No.3269755
     File :1230597673.jpg-(34 KB, 265x265, 1229603154377.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:41 No.3269757
Your comments have been logged. You have all been targeted for exterminatus.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:42 No.3269763
Don't use that tone with me, git.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:42 No.3269767
And Daddy Nurgle. (Like in pimp extraordinaire Big Daddy Nurgle)
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:42 No.3269768

Ask the Grandfather.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:43 No.3269770
Maybe we can lure some Khorn Berserkers to them?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:43 No.3269771

>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:43 No.3269773
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:44 No.3269777
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:46 No.3269791
Exterminatus will commence in 36 cycles.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:48 No.3269800
That proves it.This thread is Heretical- It has gathered the attention of the warp.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:51 No.3269827
     File :1230598280.jpg-(197 KB, 1200x1713, Thread Op.jpg)
197 KB
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:52 No.3269832
Don't forget they willingly welcome psykers into their own ranks!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)19:52 No.3269833
Grey Knights have been deployed. Purge this sector of heresy with sword and flame!
>> Miss Kitty ♥ 12/29/08(Mon)19:55 No.3269854

Good luck dealing with the enraged eight foot tall invulnerable supermen.
>> Terminator 12/29/08(Mon)19:58 No.3269875
     File :1230598721.jpg-(39 KB, 613x473, 1222805522659.jpg)
39 KB
Cease and repent
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:03 No.3269907
The Grey Knights have arrived. Marine squads deployed. Heretic purging commencing.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:04 No.3269912
And yet I, the OP, am still here.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:07 No.3269929
And how long will that last with several Space Marines, some Angry Marines, a Grey Knight squad, and a Terminator all at your door step?
>> Adeptus Ministorum 12/29/08(Mon)20:07 No.3269930
     File :1230599246.jpg-(6 KB, 74x120, 74px-Adeptus_Ministorum_Symbol.jpg)
6 KB
It still is *us* who decree who's a heretic and who not, heretic!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:07 No.3269933
To 65 years, on average.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:09 No.3269941
And yet, no one gives a fuck.
>> BowlerHatMan !!hZDPsoEDBxR 12/29/08(Mon)20:09 No.3269942
>door step

They won't be able to walk in! They'll be forever stranded on his stoop, unable to lift their feet high enough to enter!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:09 No.3269944
>> A Radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor 12/29/08(Mon)20:09 No.3269945
Xenos toxins! I don't let my Stormtroopers leave base without them.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:10 No.3269951
Can't Terminators teleport though?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:10 No.3269955
Because figments of your imagination cannot hurt you. Physically.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:12 No.3269960
Objective blocked.....
Signal the drop pods and Assault Marines.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:12 No.3269962
     File :1230599560.jpg-(21 KB, 470x336, 1226081971098.jpg)
21 KB
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:15 No.3269978
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:18 No.3269993
     File :1230599900.jpg-(29 KB, 400x550, Valis Grey Knight Statue.jpg)
29 KB
You shut your lying, whore-etic mouth, OP!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:18 No.3269995
     File :1230599911.jpg-(56 KB, 600x506, 1221701655819.jpg)
56 KB
Can none of smell the breathe of Tzentch off the OP?!!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:23 No.3270018
>Valis Grey Knight Statue.jpg

You fail, that's a false GK.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:25 No.3270032

Bear witness to the greatest threat of these filthy xenos masquerading human defenders. They use our own drive to purity and righteousness against us!

We allow an army of mutants who universally share the taint of the warp to dictate who is and is not a heretic? This in itself is heresy!

Double heresy!

Standing together, shoulder to shoulder, the untold billions of the Imperial Guard, their bravery infinite, their faith in the Emperor greater than any psyker's trick, have defeated savage Ork, rapacious, clever Eldar, vicious Tyranid, and much, much worse. Together with the Legio Titanicus, the Tech-Priests of Mars, and the Holy Ordos, nothing can stand in their way.

These monsters presume to pass judgment over us, yet they have failed to elminate their "traitorous" brothers, despite the bumbling of the Despoiler. They claim to protect us from the horrors of the great dark, but for all their efforts the enemies of Mankind wait at every turn to destroy all the Holy Emperor created.

They must be destroyed, purged, purified! Take up your lasgun! Purify with flame! Revere the Emperor with glorious death in battle!

BLOOD FO... wait, forget I said that.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:29 No.3270061
HERETIC!!! The immortal god emperor crafted the Space Marines from his very own gene-seed. Failing to acknowledge the devotion of even a single Space Marine is heresy.

Watch your mouth, the ears of the Inquisition are listening. Marine squads have already been deployed to your sector.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:35 No.3270104
They exist by decree of the Emperor, to go against His decrees is heresy.
You are hereby declared Hereticus Minima.
You will confess before we grant you the right to die.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:36 No.3270116

Were not the traitor legions also the creations of the most revered Emperor? Are we to believe that fully half of the Astartes could turn against his divine wisdom and seek to usurp his power for themselves?

The traitor legions fell to impatience, not to Chaos! The Great Enemy was a means to their end. Horus, near the pinnacle of power, aided by sorcerers, fanatics, and a violent lunatic, could wait no longer and tried to seize power through force, only to be stopped by the "loyalist" legions, for fear that he would spoil their plans- through craft and guile to overthrow the Emperor and establish themselves as overlords of twenty tiny empires. If you need proof, you need look only to the realm of Ultramar and the fief of the Space Wolves. How many chapters control their own little empires, using sacred humanity as breeding stock for their own monstrous kind?

The Ultramarines are overlords of their own region of space. For every chapter that follows the Codex Astartes, there are ten that ignore it, drunk on their own power.

These monsters are perversions of the sacred vision of the Empire. They have replaced dedication to battle with the hated enemies of Mankind with dedication to battle itself, and maintain the rest of us as playthings in their sadistic game of futile war. They mock us for our weakness while stealing our youth to feed their numbers! They are the enemy! They are the embodiment of Heresy!

Kill them all! Plant their helmeted heads on pikes for he who sits upon the sku... Golden Throne!

For the Emperor!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:40 No.3270133
The heretic refuses to repent. Do we silence him now brothers?

Let us rip out the heart of this heresy and decaptitate it before the vile worm spews any more blasphemy's.
>> Tzeentch 12/29/08(Mon)20:43 No.3270159
Sup guys?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:43 No.3270162

Heart ripping and decapitations! They're Khorne worshippers! Get them!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:45 No.3270177
     File :1230601521.jpg-(93 KB, 750x600, awkwardmoments.jpg)
93 KB
This is akward....
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:50 No.3270213
INQ REF 72394003270116

Regardding subject >>3270116
Subject stirs up trouble by creating animosity towards the Adeptus Astartes. Claims of Xenos and Warp taint on said Adeptus. Claims Astartes take wives from common populous.

Instigator unsuccesfull in creating any real revolts, has succesfully avoided Astartes kill-teams.

References to Khornate philosophy, but since that does not exist, most probably a Tzeentchian operative.

While there is no chance he will succeed in the stated goal of destroying the Astartes, there is a chance overzealous members of said adeptus may create horrific amounts of colleteral damage, providing more fuel for his rants. Quick capture and confession by Adeptus Arbites (No reason for the holy Ordo's to show their hand) preferable.

Your Loyal Servant,
Interregator Finsk.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:53 No.3270225
Commissar Fucklaw leads Angry Marines into battle and if the Space Marines are xeno filth as you say then Fucklaw be committing heresy...such a thing is unthinkable!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:54 No.3270230
Commencing orbital bombardment of heretics home world.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:55 No.3270231
hahahaha-BLOOD FO...
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:58 No.3270244
     File :1230602320.jpg-(62 KB, 750x600, 1219906525514.jpg)
62 KB
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)20:59 No.3270247
I always wanted to run a Guard army like this. No need to come up with any bullshit about why I'm fighting the most common army in the game. just "Fuck that shit, they're mutants who fall to Chaos like dominoes being sat on by Nurgle"

For that matter... No one has ever held the reins of the Imperium in a single hand save the Emperor... and a Space Marine. With their longevity mutations, the fact that they were around BEFORE the Inquisition ever existed... Tell me, who knows what happened during the Horus Heresy? EVERY bit of history before the Inquisition took control may be nothing but an Astartes LIE! Think about it! The Great Enemy of Chaos, the Immaterium turned Materium spills forth from the Eye of Terror to assault a single planet, and thirteen times they are turned aside? We are taught that an entire WORLD should fear even ONE Traitor Marine, and yet the HUMAN men and women of Cadia turn them aside again and again, while the "Loyalist" Marines have spent TWENTY THOUSAND YEARS "locked in combat" with them, while more and more Marines join them. They maintain the Deathworlds as "recruitment" centers, when all they do is purposefully keep humanity from taming the planet as is our Divine Right given to us from the Emperor himself! And tell me, brothers! They claim to be descended from the Emperor, but did the Emperor need to be cracked open like an Emperor's Day avian ration as torture while infectious mutations are shoved into him!? The Medicae can cure cellgrowth diseases without even breaking the skin, but the vaunted Adeptus Astartes take our children and butcher them open like a calf for slaughter, only to shove foul xeno organs inside!
>> Berserker 12/29/08(Mon)21:01 No.3270257
     File :1230602466.gif-(14 KB, 138x162, new02.gif)
14 KB
Why aren't we killing yet!?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:01 No.3270258


Wait, I mean, see how the vile servants of the False Em...

Wait, here we go. See how the Astartes pervert every institution of the revered Emperor with their heresy! They turn the loyal servants of the Emperor against each other to protect their own genetically modified, filthy, inhuman skins!

Next you're going to want to let ogryns pay taxes!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:01 No.3270259

Shut up, you're going to ruin it!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:04 No.3270275

He's right! These monsters use lies and deceit to maintain us as cattle for their heretical games! And I don't worship Khorne in any way!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:05 No.3270281
do they make female space marines?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:06 No.3270288
The taint of chaos is upon their tongues. I sense Tzeentch at work here. Twisting these servants of the divine one against us.

It is a shame they believe their cause is just. It will only make the hammer blow harsher.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:06 No.3270289
Why do I get the feeling that the guy mentioning Khorne isn't the OP at all, just another butthurt Spess Marine fanboy?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:09 No.3270302
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:11 No.3270316
The heretics lose fervor.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:14 No.3270338

See how the sycophant of the corrupted Astartes xenos filth twists the words of the righteous, seeking to spread fear of an illusory adversary to distract us from the stench of corruption in our midst!

They steal our children and wield their inhuman powers over us like gods, then teach us to fear invisible monsters!

Why, I'd bet this Khorne doesn't even exist at all!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:18 No.3270361
These Guardsmen wallow in their filth, pretending like the Chaos gods do not exist. Yet they accuse us, the venerable chosen of the Emperor of heresy.

I accuse you of warpcraft and conspiracy to undermine the power of the Imperium!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:22 No.3270385
     File :1230603763.jpg-(82 KB, 628x600, 1225213157515.jpg)
82 KB
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:24 No.3270395
The entire human genus will remain doomed as long as they cling to there mortal emperor. Only through chaos can the Imperium find the power to survive.

Khorne, Slanesh, Nurgle, Tzeench, this are your new gods now.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:24 No.3270399
Hold your rage, Astartes. Normal guardsman do not know of the chaos gods for very good reasons. If one of the emperors chosen can fall, a man can fall even quicker. All they should know is to worship the Emperor, to obey orders and how to use a lasgun, in that order.
The rest of you Astartes, stand down. the situation is completely under control by the Holy Inqiusition.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:29 No.3270434

what about the berserker my lord >>3270257
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:30 No.3270447
Hark brothers, this man's words ring true. Who among us lived through the Heresy. These creatures claim they are men, but look upon them for men they clearly are not!

We have all heard talk of Space Marines who dwell within the eye of terror, how do we know they do not all originate there, some chaos play to rule over us? Watch as we are martyred for these words are death only proves our truth!

If this agitator, this visionary is wrong, blasphemous in some way it is that he claims the tech priests are our friends.

Friends? Among those who do not follow the imperial cult? There cannot be such a thing! Indeed what proof have you that the golden throne is not a prison. Obviously no prison could hold the Emperor for ever, but while imprisoned he needs our help.

And talking of the imperial cult, why do Space Marines need a Chaplain? If they had our faith surely a member of the ecclesiasty would do. Clearly they do not, as claimed worship the emperor.

Rise, brothers, rise against these heretics. The Tech Priests of Mars, The Space Marine. If you doubt I can defeat a titan then you are a heretic for I believe in the emperor, not some false machine god as the titan crew.

For the Emperor, rise up
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:33 No.3270460

How can the Inquisition have any situation under control while it cannot control itself? Your own ranks give succor to Daemonhosts, mad psykers you use as poppets to prove the existence of these false "Gods" while you hunt each other for heresies.

These madmen want to judge us when they spread the word of these false chaos gods and debate with one another over whether to murder the holy Emperor to "free" him from his "imprisonment" on the glorious Golden Throne!

Chaos is a lie! The Emperor himself proclaimed there are no gods, and would suffer no temples, no fanes. Now entire worlds are dedicated to his worship. What greater insult to the Master of Mankind?

If there are gods of chaos, then these madmen would have their own. One who wears the face of our beloved Emperor. This is the highest heresy!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:35 No.3270468
/r/ Love is a battlefield
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:36 No.3270471
lrn 2 High Gothic
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:39 No.3270483
I have served the Dark Angels Legion for nigh a century and a half. I have hunted for our Fallen for just as long. We have seen into the dark abyss known as the Eye of Terror and have come out victorious because of our faith in the Emperor.
While there, I have heard whispers of the star-child.
Prophecy foretold that if the God-Emperor were allowed to die, then he will be resurrected anew. Then he will lead all of humanity from the brink of destruction and wipe all xeno-filth from the galaxy and peace will reign.

Of course this was from the gibbering mouth of a Fallen Marine. He was shortly resolved and executed by our Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:39 No.3270487

Blasphemy! The Emperor lies writhing on the ruins of his greatest invention, the key to universal salvation! For the Emperor left the Great Crusade for some purpose even grander, some plan that would free mankind from the need for the Astartes, the one threat he could not anticipate. Was it not an Astartes and a Psyker that sent the vile energies of the Warp into his Imperial Palace, leaving it besieged by the foul xenos breeds that move within the warp?

Yet, there is truth in your words. Did not the Mechanicum side with the "traitor" Astartes? Yet only a few, for the remainder fought the with the so-called Loyalists to end the dangerous heresy of Horus, offering token opposition to the Heresy that left the Astartes, the tech priests, and the Inquisition, who I now see for the wolves in sheep's clothing they truly are, the masters of the degraded and ruined Imperium?

How the Emperor must suffer on his Golden Throne, watching his own children and their toadies pervert and corrupt everything he sought to create!

Let the imperium of man be for MEN, not for mutants, mechanical half-men and sorcerers who butcher the innocent and give succor to psykers!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:40 No.3270491
An' 'at's anutter t'ing innit? Y'kno who else talk all high'n migh'ty like'at? Chaos. Only th' upp'ty Imp'rial blokes and chaos.

>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:41 No.3270496
Yeah, about that.... the inqusition has a couple of questions about those... "fallen"
>> Cameron !HyofuzlxiM 12/29/08(Mon)21:43 No.3270506
ITT: Spacktard Marines and their faggot Emperor.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:43 No.3270507
God damn, y'all are some ridiculously geeky fuckers up in this thread.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:44 No.3270512
Truly, how do we know these monsters were ever human? They claim they were created by the Emperor, and that they were once men but now blessed with his creation.

But I ask, who among you can look back twenty centuries and witness their creation? Who here has seen one of these monsters being born?

All we know is that our children -and our strongest, mightiest children at that- disappear, and that these monsters are responsible?

The perverse Eldar, filthy xenos though they are, take a form not too distinct from the holy shape of Man, and some are even pleasing to the eye. Even the vile Ork has a head and four limbs. Who is to say what lies hidden under that armor?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:44 No.3270513
Worry not o concerned one. That was merely a large number of very small heretics in a cardboard pile of boxes in the shape of a bezerker. The boxes are being lit aflame as we speak. Immolated midgets heretics smell like the Emperors judgement...
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:44 No.3270514
Omg hai ^___^ I’m Ai-san and I absolutely luuuv @_____@ traditional gaems <3 and my fav is WH40K!!! Okies so anyways, im going to tell you about the BEST day of my life when I met my hot husband the emperor!! <333333333 OMFGZ HE WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN KAWAII IN PERSON!!! Supa kawaii desu!!!!!!!! ^______________________________________^ When I walked into the Golden throne =^____^=I looked up and saw…THE EMPEROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333333333!!!! “KONNICHIWA OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SUPA SUPA SUPA KAWAII EMPEROR-SAMA!!!!!” I yelled n____n then he turned chibi then un-chibi!! he looked at me [O.O;;;;;;;;;;;] and then he saw how hot I am *___* he grabbed my hand and winked ~_^ then pulled me behind the throne o_o and started to kiss me!!!!!! [OMG!!! HIS TOUNGE TASTED LIKE A ROTTING CORPSE!!! RLY!! >.> <.< >.< *(^O^)* *(^O^)* *(^O^)*] then I saw some baka fa/tg/irl watching us and I could tell she was undressing him with her eyes!!!!!!! [ -_____________-;;;;; OMG I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!! (ò_ó) (ò_ó) (ò_ó)] so I yelled “UH UH BAKA NEKO THAT’S MY MAN WHY DON’T YOU GO HOOK UP WITH NURGLE CAUSE EMPEROR-SAMA LOVES ME!!! (ò_ó)” then the emperor held me close =^____^= and said he would only ever love me and kissed me again!!!!!!! ** (*O*)/ then we went to his apartment and banged all night long and made 42 babies and they all became space marines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyaaaaa!!!*(^O^)* *(^O^)* *(^O^)* (^o^)(^o^)(^o^)
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:44 No.3270517
A Waaaaggh fleet seems to have ventured into this sector. Will your heresy know no ends?

My lord,
We have hunted the Fallen since the days of Horus's Heresy. It is our duty to cleanse those who have lost their way before they further taint the galaxy with their blasphemous words.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:45 No.3270520
Except the Inquisition came around after the end of the Heresy. . .
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:45 No.3270524

And why is it when these so called holy Astartes appear, the savage Ork is not long to follow? What is the connection?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:45 No.3270525

Be not thee fooled by this thrice damned heretic. For his words are mixed with truth to disguise the lies!

It may be so that the Emperor is imprisoned within the Golden Chair, it may be true that there are no other Gods, but the Emperor he is a god.

You do not need to look upon histories, or listen to the teachings of a heirophant. Look around you. We see, feel his presence everywhere. The xenos may be inferior to man, but they are beyond number. Only through his guidance do we win against the ork, the tau and the taint of chaos.

Yes, chaos. There may not be gods of it, but the eye of terror is there. The warp is there. There are horrors we must be vigilant for. The emperor helps those who help themselves.

As for the inquisition, are they heretics? They have allowed both tech-priest and space marines to live thus far, yes. Perhaps they have some master plan?

But to you, inquisitor, I urge you. Join me. Help me cleanse the space of these heretics. The tech-priests, the space marines and this blasphemer.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:45 No.3270526

Because Space Marines are made from humans, not born from other marines.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:47 No.3270537
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:49 No.3270544

How clever they are, these tools of the damnded Astartes. Always to they clamor for the death of men! They turn their weapons on their own while warning of us slavering monsters in every direction, lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on us! Who are we to fear most, the enemies we cannot see, that we learn of only from those who have us under the gun, or the man pointing a bolter in our faces?

Hear them in the same breath tout the glories of Mankind, the supreme form of creation, while reminding us of our "inferiority" to the Xeno!

Inferior to Xenos? HERESY!

Xenos walk among us! They steal our children and fool the weak into worshipping them as heroes! They pervert the Imperial Truth into a blasphemy against itself!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:49 No.3270548
Right lads, you heard the buggers. Let's rise up and liberate humanity from the bounds placed upon it by foul, blasphemous witches and mutants.

Also, let's see if we can't liberate some vox-receivers and data slates and don't forget to grab the amsaec!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:50 No.3270560

They claim that the children they steal join their ranks, but who knows? Have you seen this implantation of this so-called gene seed?

How are we to know that these infectious mutations are the product of the holy Emperor? They may be a xenos breed in and of themselves, and insidious one that uses our strength to mask their own weakness!
>> ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ 12/29/08(Mon)21:50 No.3270561
     File :1230605444.jpg-(98 KB, 736x736, 1221109095720.jpg)
98 KB
10/10 will rage again...
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:51 No.3270567
Alas, this sector has been invaded by something far worse than any xeno or the taint of Chaos.
There seems to be a retard in our midst. I will set our judgement aside to deal with this threat.
We will be back!
>> Uzgob 12/29/08(Mon)21:52 No.3270575
     File :1230605555.jpg-(86 KB, 212x346, uzgob3.jpg)
86 KB
>Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, >Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, >Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, De-Blah!

Shut yer gobz 'n' get ta killin', ya Squig Farmas!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:54 No.3270594
The Astartes and their servants must be destroyed! We must free ourselves from their hersey! We must spill their blood! Let us take their skulls! Then we will see how human they are!

Then, when every thrice-damned Astartes is slain, we will carry their skulls to the feet of the Emperor on his Golden Throne and bow down before him in reverence!

Even the Astartes cannot stand against the full might of the human race!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)21:58 No.3270624
As always, the heretic draws the attention of the chaos cultist, which in turn divides them. That some of those cultist are send by the Inqusition, is something normal people shouldn't think about.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:00 No.3270628
Also, let us bathe Emperor on Astrates blood so he could be awoken.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:00 No.3270630
I believe Khorne is at work here. The Emperor only demands obedience and loyalty.
Khorne demands blood and skulls for his throne.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:00 No.3270636
Lrn 2 High Gothic
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:01 No.3270638
Who said anything about blood and skulls? Nobody said anything about blood and skulls.

Now let's go spill the blood of the Astartes and take their skulls!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:01 No.3270643
Look, brother, look how the agents of the Astartes flee.

They know we speak truth, they know they are traitors!

They cannot stand against us for the emperor protects us. We have purged this hive of the filth of heresy and we shall purge a path to the throne itself!

And there the emperor shall rise up to great us. US! the greatest beings in the universe. Not the Space
Marine, not some damned machine, MAN!

And on that day we shall be made saints and for each man shall be set aside fourty pure member of the Soriritas so that we may spread forth OUR, pure, human geneseed.

Come men, do not rest on our laurels, to final victory!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:01 No.3270644
Bit slow on the uptake huh? Lemme guess, Ordo Malleus?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:03 No.3270662
If it was not for the Space Marines the human race would have never survived. In fact, without the space marines the Imperium would have never been born. So please explain how the still loyal chapters are a THREAT to humanity?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:04 No.3270665
Hahaha (Completely not relevant, just found that amusing, now back on topic).

While you spill blood for your blood god, what shall you do after? Indulge in an orgy of the flesh to please Slaanesh? You are only fueling the whims of the dark ones!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:06 No.3270683
... It is all part of the plan.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:06 No.3270684

And who told you that? The Astartes!

You look on these things which are manifestly not human, which hide their forms under tonnes of armor and ghoulish masks, and then question the words of a pure child of the Emperor? You believe anything when each of us is bound in servitude under a ceramite boot, in the sights of a gun none of us could even lift?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:08 No.3270689

It's an Astartes trick! Confront them with the truth and they fall back on their imaginary heresies!

There is no blood god! He certainly doesn't want us to butcher like swine any who oppose us, dance in their blood, and carry their skulls forward in our inevitable march worship at the feet of the Golden Throne!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:12 No.3270709
I take it back, the emperor will not grant you 40 Soriritas for you to multiply with. He will supply you with 40 for each heretics skull you supply on that great day! And then we shall have such a great revelry of food and booze and multiplication as to make the universe quake in fear before us. AS WELL IT SHOULD!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:14 No.3270723
Thus further pleasing Slaanesh and dooming all of man kind to a eternity of servitude to the dark gods.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:19 No.3270761
Blood, the pure essence of humanity, is all that matters.

Let the corrupted, dirtied blood of the Astartes flow, and be cleansed from the Imperium as filthy is cleansed before the spring rain on a paradise world.

When we march across their mutant skulls, we will find their parody of the Emperor's vision swept away, and replaced by a glorious New Imperium tied together by chains of pure, holy human blood.

Also there's no such thing as Khorne.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:19 No.3270766
Space Marine give their lives so that humanity may live. They are bound by duty and honor. The blood of the Emperor HIMSELF runs through their veins. With all of this I ask how is it that you cannot see the the madness in you words? GIVE IT UP.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:20 No.3270768
Slaneesh? Khorne? The Omnissiah?

Why must you utter the name of these non-existent beings? There can be no god but the Emperor.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:21 No.3270775

Free yourself from these lies. You claim the holy blood of the Emperor flows through these parodies of men? These corrupted monstrosities? Through psykers and mutants?

>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:23 No.3270791
In the name of the Emperor WHERE IS COMMISSAR FUCKLAW! Surely he could open this heretic's eyes.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:23 No.3270794
The Emperor himself is a pysker fool!
We give our lives so that heretics such as you can spew such blasphemy's.
Small wonder why the Inquistion is here.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:25 No.3270810

The Emperor, the most perfect being, is not so weak as to be termed "psyker". He does battle with the warp, while the corrupted Astartes wallow in it.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:26 No.3270819
Space marines are merely tools, sub-human tools like ogryns.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:28 No.3270837
Don't denigrate the noble Ogyrn by comparing them to the warp spawned mutate abominations that are the Space Marines. The noble Ogyrn is incorruptible to the powers of the warp and does not spawn such abominations as the Astartes Librarians.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:29 No.3270840
Commissar Fucklaw should close these heretics eyes not open them. He is far past redemption. Only through flame will he be absolved.
Comparing Space Marines to Ogryns is like comparing Space Apples to Space Oranges. Both human but of a different variety.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:30 No.3270854
This guy is onto something here.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:33 No.3270880


>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:35 No.3270889
Lord Inquisitors.

This mans words are sending the people of the world that he speaks on into open revolt. We are losing servants of the Emperor to this madman and those that are still loyal are losing their lives. Something must be done now or we risk losing this planet to heresy.
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:36 No.3270900

Purge maim kill?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:38 No.3270913
*dude do not blow our cover*

HE WAS KIDDING FOLKS. No see what he ment was that was what the Astartes scream in their secert rituals and stuff...

...fucking hell Dave couldn't you keep it on the down low for once?
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:38 No.3270916
The Dark Angels have been fighting this heresy for nigh on a month now. Only a single Grey Knight Squad has been sent.
This heretics rantings have instigated full rebellion upon the planet and has drawn the eye of the traitor legion "World Eaters".
We the Marines of the Dark Angels Chapter shall defend thee planetary governor and all those still loyal to the Emperor!
>> Anonymous 12/29/08(Mon)22:42 No.3270934
Open revolt? Yes.

Loosing loyal servants to the emperor? Horus no! Look how we, the so called common man, stand against the might of the astartes, so called pinnacle of creation. And win no less. You are not losing loyal servants. Look upon the multitude, we have fanned the spark of loyalty in all these mens hearts into a blaze. A blaze that has burned this planet of heresy!

You do not risk losing this planet to heresy, but if you stop us you risk losing the empire to it!