File :1228882969.png-(291 KB, 806x625, table2.png)
291 KB Virtual Table Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:22 No.3144693  
Hey guys. Remember me?

I'm almost ready to rock this thing. Up to 8 people can connect to a host (so total 9 people, 8 players and a DM), and manipulate the 3d table. Players can place figures; the server can place tiles, environment objects, and figures. Hosts listen (and clients connect) on port 7500, so make sure it's free and not firewalled.

The three buttons in the top left are for choosing tiles, objects, and figures respectively. Enter and exit mouse-grabbed table manipulation mode with the ESCAPE key.

Compiles for Windows and Linux, but the Windows binary is easier to squeeze out due to being able to repackage the .dll files easily.

Want to play with it? Rapidshit:

(don't be a retard; virus scan everything you get from 4chan)
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:27 No.3144708
>(don't be a retard; virus scan everything you get from 4chan)
Never heard of such a thing.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:27 No.3144709
Rapidshare says it can only be downloaded 10 times, I don't know what's up with that.

Anyway, I registered the domain but I'm too poor for a webserver this month. Expecting to wrap up and get a real alpha release in January.

What I could really use from you guys is suggestions, ideas, and 3d models in Wavefront Object (.obj) format to use as objects (especially doors, tables, etc.) and player figures.

The rar up there has some models I made, note that you can place a hojillion Knights down with no slowdown, but the MASSIVE number of vertices on those trees kills the game. The lower poly count the better.

Previous ideas were:

-allow .png files to be made into round tokens like the tile files are made into rectangles
-allow for 3d tile stacking
-create transparent water tiles

Let me know what you guys think.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:29 No.3144719
I will repasta this thread tomorrow when there are more people here also.
>> SquashMonster !!YzKAMLHEhyW 12/09/08(Tue)23:33 No.3144738
Can you make 3D maps in this? As in multiple z-levels?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:35 No.3144747
not yet, I hadn't rally thought of that
>> SquashMonster !!YzKAMLHEhyW 12/09/08(Tue)23:41 No.3144769
That's the one thing I really feel is lacking in RPG table software, honestly.

If you can fit in a way to make the grid 3D I'll show you some old techniques of mine to make a program pick good-looking tiles out of a grid. With those two features and some good art you could make a very nice looking dungeon very quickly.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:44 No.3144790
I can implement decent Z in a few minutes actually, I'm already working on it.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:47 No.3144808
I have to agree, as depicting a layout in 2d can be done even with ASCII on a forum. Showing how high that ledge is, or where exactly the dragon in flight above you is, is the hard part.
>> SquashMonster !!YzKAMLHEhyW 12/09/08(Tue)23:48 No.3144814
Oh, and when I run it in WINE I get these messages and it immediately quits:

fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_LoadKeyboardLayout L"00000409", 0080: stub!
fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_LoadKeyboardLayout L"04090409", 0001: stub!
fixme:wgl:X11DRV_wglChoosePixelFormatARB unused pfAttribFList

And it seems the only source you included was your include directory so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:52 No.3144831
I do remember you. Please continue: you're doing God's work.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:53 No.3144845
you're not supposed to do anything with it. I included it accidentally I guess.

I'm not surprised it won't run in WINE, it compiles in Windows via mingw32 so linux is probably freaking out. I can get a native linux executable at work tomorrow.
>> SquashMonster !!YzKAMLHEhyW 12/10/08(Wed)00:13 No.3144969
     File :1228886015.gif-(403 KB, 640x640, ttype1.gif)
403 KB
To make tiles look really good with no effort from the user, make tile "types" like "grass" or "stone" that the user paints with. Each tile type has a number of variants, which it chooses based on which neighboring tiles share the same type. Typically you don't need diagonals, so that's 4 directions and 16 variants.

The system I always use for which variant to pick goes like this:

int style = 0;
if(tiles[x+1][y] == tiles[x][y]) style += 1;
if(tiles[x][y-1] == tiles[x][y]) style += 2;
if(tiles[x-1][y] == tiles[x][y]) style += 4;
if(tiles[x][y+1] == tiles[x][y]) style += 8;

Then use the style'th tile variant.

You can also perform a version that looks at the diagonals, using a similar method. This allows your artist to make a much smoother looking dungeon, but it is also 16x as much work.

Pic related: it's a tile sheet for a game I made that used corners. If you only look at the first row, that's what the sheet would look like if you ignored corners.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)00:15 No.3144983
OK, time to get shit done. I might be able to supply a number of traps and stuff sometime soon.

@OP: Is your texture stuff up to date? You should think about doing the trees the old-fashioned way (simple squares with branches and leaves as a texture with a transparent value).
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)00:16 No.3144985
psst I enabled zlevels ;)

There are benefits to doing this kind of thing in 3d
>> OP 12/10/08(Wed)00:22 No.3145024
I'm not certain individual tile painting is a good idea, and let me tell you why.

After using the WotC dungeon tiles, I will never go back. You can place them down on the table with no effort whatsoever, make a swift, decent looking dungeon in seconds by flopping them down, or spend effort on the scene and place them on top of things like dice or dice boxes.

The tile-approach covers large areas of map quickly and easily, and I actually think it would be best to DIScourage the use of 1x1 tiles as much as possible in an effort to speed up the game.

I don't want to make the same mistake WotC is making with their program, namely making it too big for itself. This is only an aide to playing D&D, not D&D itself.

>> OP 12/10/08(Wed)00:25 No.3145047
Low-poly wavefront objects are just as good, can texture them however you want and I'll interpret it correctly. I would just tend to prefer trees with big circly areas of leaves over individual leaves like the one pictured in the OP

If you and all your players are running 6800GT video cards, you won't notice a difference anyway, but if one guy has a 1.2ghz Celeron laptop he'll be grateful
>> SquashMonster !!YzKAMLHEhyW 12/10/08(Wed)00:27 No.3145063
I'm not sure what the disadvantage you're getting at is.

Using a system like this is insanely quick to work with: you click a square and now it's a tile.
>> OP 12/10/08(Wed)00:32 No.3145098
I prefer 'you click a square and now it's a hallway/room'
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)00:34 No.3145111
Wow this guy is dense. The tripfag's system lets him keep exactly the same user interface but makes it automatically figure out how to look sexy.
>> OP 12/10/08(Wed)00:34 No.3145116
I don't understand which one of us you're insulting
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)00:57 No.3145217
You could configure it to automatically figure out where the borders are and choose the appropriate border pieces from the associated library, that's the essence of his garbled stuff.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:05 No.3145253
Pedobear: The Movie
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:06 No.3145258
     File :1228889168.png-(14 KB, 64x128, 4x2floor.png)
14 KB
ah, I see now.

I think I will elect to not go that route.

Attached is a .png "4x2floor.png". This is all you need to make a tile. The height and width are included in the filename. The program makes the base of the tile automagically. To add a new tile, all you need to do is place a .png in the "tiles" directory with a "#x#description.png" filename and bam, it's a tile.

I think simplicity is superior to aesthetics and will result in, overall, better looking tiles if the DM can fire up Photoshop and just blast out the one they need. Or, alternately, download any rectangular image from the internet and make it a tile by saving it as a .png in mspaint and changing the filename.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:09 No.3145271
That works for standard rooms. The idea was to make it single tiles, to cater for irregular rooms. Not all rooms are just standard 4x2 or 13x8 stuff.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:11 No.3145284
     File :1228889506.png-(3 KB, 32x32, 1x1floor.png)
3 KB
have one of these
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:14 No.3145298
Might be good enough for YOU, Anon, but you're pretty much missing the point.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:17 No.3145315
Have it import models from Dawn of War. Operation Flash Point did it.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:19 No.3145331
You can do it yourself, if you use a 3D modeling program like Blender. There's a plugin for that somewhere, Blender saves in .OBJ if ordered to do so.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:26 No.3145361
     File :1228890402.jpg-(79 KB, 921x709, Kali_Class_Aerodestroyer.jpg)
79 KB
Fuck, I used to be a wiz with wings3d (which can export to .obj) but for some reason it doesn't run on my system anymore.
Which is a shame, as I used to make a lot of (I think) pretty cool things in it.
Everything in 3d on here I made using wings 3d, and even then it doesn't have some of the crazy stuff I was working on.
If I figure out how to get it working again, I'll be sure to contact you.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:41 No.3145414
i think we need a new link for this?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:47 No.3145450
Focus on Necromunda, its a game that requires 3D areas.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:54 No.3145478
We totally need this to be reuploaded somewhere that DOESNT limit you to 10 downloads.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)01:58 No.3145492
Dear OP: Make a collector's acount on Rapidshare, move the file there. Add new versions as you see fit. A soucecode is fine too, we might want to contribute to the project. Don't do it like the DF programmer who is stuck with a piece of shit and refuses to get any help.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)02:00 No.3145500
agreed, OP is faggot for not doing this already
>> Lord Licorice 12/10/08(Wed)02:10 No.3145532
What the others said: Just make a free collector's account with RS and move the file over. Not complicated.

Normally I'd offer a spot on my server for a project like this but the OP seems a little ¯\(º_o)/¯ so I'll wait and see.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)02:15 No.3145548
You might want to name this something different. There is a program already called RPG Virtual Tabletop and it might get confusing.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)03:13 No.3145797
     File :1228896786.jpg-(34 KB, 700x606, Great_Hammer.jpg)
34 KB
Fuck it, wings3d isn't working no matter what I try. Any object with more than 100-ish polies causes the program to slow to a crawl and every time I click to select a face it selects the backface behind/opposite it. Which shouldn't even be possible

Know any other 3d programs (besides blender, which I could never puzzle out) that do .obj?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)03:28 No.3145875
Sorry man, if you're too stupid for Blender, you're pretty much fucked.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)03:34 No.3145895
... Oh, it's on. I'm gonna learn the everloving fuck out of that program, fucker.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)03:35 No.3145904
Enjoy your nonstandard GUI and extensive use of keyboard commands.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)03:46 No.3145930
"Standard UI"... the only two programs I've ever seen share a GUI were Milkshape and 3d Studio Max
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)04:11 No.3146014
Already acquainted with roguelike games, I know my keyboard commands.