File :1228859630.jpg-(25 KB, 216x282, WOT_DA_ZOG.jpg)
25 KB BrightHammer 40k Pt. 3 Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)16:53 No.3142594  
Second thread is now autosaging, so here we are. The 1d4chan entry is here:

I've been making additions to it, further ones would be greatly appreciated.

The concept is of an alternate 40k universe, that replaces the GRIMDARKNESS with NOBLE and BRIGHTNESS and the WAR with HIGH ADVENTURE!

In this universe, the Chaos gods are instead lords of Order, the Emperor is still in charge and alive and things are peaceful, war is rare. This does not mean perfect or utopian, however, as the warlike Tau are still on the rampage, there are many corrupt planetary governors and many worlds hold lost treasures guarded by fearsome beasts. It is a time of HIGH ADVENTURE!
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)17:00 No.3142620
You can stop now. Seriously - it's a cool idea, but you're liable to be banned for constantly posting new threads about the same thing.

Just a friendly warning - I'm all for this, personally.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)17:02 No.3142632
First I've heard of I don't troll /tg/ too often. And I think it's brillant. And serisously 3 threads isn't that bad. This is a million times better than another stat me thread.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)17:06 No.3142647
I expect this will probably be the last one for a while, at least. New content has been added with each previous thread. The second one added quite a bit; so much that the 1d4chan wiki hasn't been fully edited to keep up yet.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)17:34 No.3142821

I personally think this thread should be stickied, it's like we're reinventing the entire 40Kverse to it's noble and bright twin so we need to keep debating and discusing
>> RAWK LAWBSTAR 12/09/08(Tue)17:36 No.3142830
there needs to be a 3 way war between vanilla 40k, reverse40k (which is at best neutral in terms of grimdark), and brighthammer 40k
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)17:41 No.3142861

>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)17:46 No.3142885
I agree, this is a fucking brilliant idea.

In fact it's even got serious literary value as a parody (and thus is completely fair game for "fair use" doctrine since fair use includes Parody as a protected form of expression.

I suggest that an actual game system be created to go with this fluff.

If more people agree and a game system for 25mm gets made... I'd like to offer up the 6mm game system.

I think I'd call it EPOCH 40,000 (In place of epic 40k)
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)17:49 No.3142906
Personally, I feel it is best used simply as a separate setting for Dark Heresy, or for different Kill Team type scenarios. It's based on small, heroic action, and those reflect the ideology rather well.

Frankly, I see no need to create a new game system.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:18 No.3143035
The assassin temples are now basically the highest special forces group right underneath the Astartes that a normal human can achieve.
(And think of "School" as something like Ranger School)

Callidus School is still dedicated to infiltration tactics, scouting, information gathering.

Eversor School is for assaulting, almost singlehandedly taking on the target or objective, since he's the physically the strongest and most enduranced

Vindicare School is dedicated to long-range support, master of weapons, especially sniper-based ones.

Culexus School trains specialized individuals who are capable of uplifting moral to immense levels, despite lacking psyker capabilities. Aka, the reverse of the Pariah trait. These individuals are incredibly rare, but damn do they make good team leaders at times.

All of go to a first school session where they will train on basic advanced tactics, in which they become proficient in every basic combat area.

Then they go to their respective specialized training areas.

After the training at their respective schools, they go to a third phase of training where all of them will attend the same school for team building and developing alongside each other to use each others strengths to eliminate all the weaknesses they had as individuals. After graduation, they are known as Imperial Special Forces, second only to the Astartes in terms of awesome
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:21 No.3143052

DUDE! That... sounds shit hot! Needs work, but DAMN this is actually beginning to sound like you can create a spin-off series involving a 4 person team of each of the temples.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:23 No.3143067
     File :1228865032.jpg-(403 KB, 1230x806, 40k_Assassins_by_IronShrineMai(...).jpg)
403 KB

This comes to mind. Question though, what of the Culexus's helm? What does he shoot then? Excessive happy ray?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:26 No.3143088

Moral boosting beam, which also has a healing effect.

So in essence, the Culexus now acts as a healer as well, able to provide first aid from even a distance if one of his or her teammates is unable to heal themselves properly and there is a massive firefight that would spell doom for anyone trying to run across the open area. Like the Strogg Medic from Quake II with its beam healer effect
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:37 No.3143149
I added that to 1d4chan. Excellent addition. Top tier writing.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:44 No.3143188

I thank you kind sir, and for editing my slightly unprofessional areas as well and making it more clear
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:45 No.3143191
Adeptus Telepathica
Under the command of the Grey Knights, the Adeptus Telepathica is an elite corps of the strongest and most trustworthy psykers in the imperium. Each is first trained by the inquisition, recruited upon the Inquisitions White Ships and learning to fully harness their abilities, channeling the forces of Order for the good of mankind. Each makes a trip to Terra, where they are partially infused with the power of the Emperor, a blessing which strikes many blind. However, despite this loss, the increase in power more than makes up for it. Many are sent to serve in the Imperial Guard or as Navagators on ships that they might traverse the warp. Only the most elite, strongest in power and will are allowed to join the Adeptus Telepathica. They brave the mysteries of the warp and gain great power, using it for the good of mankind. Some psykers still go rogue, desiring to bring about ruin and destruction. It is often the Adeptus Telepathica that is tasked with their removal.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:45 No.3143193
No problem at all.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:47 No.3143204
This is the best shit ever

I'm crying manly tears from reading the archived threads and now this
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:52 No.3143223
>Sisters of Battle
>Still raging pedophiles

It's nice to see that some things don't change
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)18:52 No.3143224

Sounds more like it should be some sort of knightly order.

Pure gold throughout though. Damn, I'd say that with a little work the whole setting could actually be BETTER than 40k's fluff simply because it's new.

I mean we're all so used to dystopic and bleak and dark settings that something like this is actually fresh and interesting.

Hell, corrupt and apocalyptic settings are a dime a dozen, a hopeful filled (but not cloying) setting isn't.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:53 No.3143226
I created the Adeptus Telepathica because it cannot really exist in regular 40k, but it makes sense for it to here. Think of them like the "wizards" of 40k. Not necessarily good or bad, but just as powerful as psykers sometimes are.

Of course the Emperor would have his own force of psykers, and what better use for the Grey Knights than for them to be their Elite? There is no chaos to fight now, but there ARE psykers to fight.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:54 No.3143238
Wait why are they pedos?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:56 No.3143251
Because the love the delicious shota and loli, obviously. I mean, it just WORKS. Don't argue with what works.

Oh, and I'm glad that the bit on the Ordo Explorates was added to the wiki; that was good stuff too.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)18:58 No.3143261
Asdrubael Vect, the King of the Bright Eldar, or known as the Ascended, is the inspiring and kind leader that manages all of Commorragh.

Commorragh is the hub of the Webway, where all who travel through the Webway will eventually come across the massive endless city kingdom, where it still continues to develop as more than just the Ascended live.

The Emperor and Asdrubael signed the Alliance Papers in which both Humans and the Bright Eldar would coexist in peaceful terms, where both would share and adapt from one another. This would eventually result in the hybrid creations of the Battleships with Bright Eldar design, powerful yet elegant. As well as various other products as a result.

Let it be known that compared to the original Dark Eldar, the Bright Eldar still have the various extra attachments on their armor that stands out unlike the blandness of the regular Eldar. Except none of it is sharp or terrifying-looking, rather angelic and serene.

After the signing of the papers, the Emperor and Asdrubael both shake hands and hugged each other like brothers in front of the entire massive arena where various Olympic-like events take place. Yes, the Emperor brought back the Olympic games, and on occasion they are hosted in Commorragh's biggest arena stadium.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:00 No.3143281
>hugged each other like brothers

Take that Eldrad, always a dick even in both realms
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:08 No.3143326
I added this to the wiki:
The God-Emperor of Man

The guy so awesome the entire galaxy bows to him. Created in the distant past by countless warp shamans coming together to form a single being, able to guide all mankind to a brighter tomorrow from the shadows. After the disastrous war with the Iron Men during the Dark Age of Technology, the Emperor lead his newly created force of noble, genetically enhanced knights known as the Space Marines on a crusade to rebuild the galaxy. In battle, he is a warrior without peer, a psyker powerful enough to create supernova, and a tactician beyond measure. In battle he wields a mighty Hammer of Light; which channels his formidable powers as a psyker into pure destructive energy with each blow. He has been known to loan out this hammer to the mightiest adventurers on their direst missions, and it has been at the forefront of many victories at the hands of Mankind. He personally started the tradition of showing rank by wearing giant hats (unwittingly) due to his habit of wearing a giant golden Sombrero. The Sombrero has two lifesized golden eagles that shoot plasma bolts from their eyes, and the weight of it is such that it would instantly snap the neck of any other who tried to wear it.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:08 No.3143329

Urien Rakarth is considered to be the greatest surgeon ever in Commorragh, his skills and knowledge of each species body is unrivaled.

Given the nickname of Haemonculus, like the rest of his surgeon brothers and sisters, Urien strives to understand every new species body discovered, often paying volunteers to allow him to operate freely on them, with painkillers of course, and sowing them back up once his thirst for knowledge had been quenched. Such is his skill that it is rumored than there has never been a single scar on his patients, making it seem as if they had never been operated on in the first place!
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)19:11 No.3143347
Avatars of Kaela Mensha Khaine.
Legend has it that when Slaanesh, the great order God of Love and Compassion was born, Kaela Mensha Khaine was the one who stood guard over the event to keep him safe from harm and to champion his cause throughout the heavens.

When most of the Eldar ascended upon Slaanesh's birth in "The storm of great enlightenment" (Now called "The Eye of Harmony" by the empire due to the peaceful radiance filling this region of space) Khaine chose to scatter his divine essence among those who remained behind and safeguard their existence till they too joined their brothers and sisters in Order.

On each craftworld vessel you will find a room dedicated to the worship of Khaine and his sheltering hand. In each such hall stands a single bright white and gold statue of Kaine, his upraised arm holding "The Song of Hope" a great sword that is said to be the first of the 99 swords of Vaul.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:12 No.3143354
     File :1228867938.jpg-(18 KB, 235x297, flapjack.jpg)
18 KB

>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:15 No.3143380

Personally I think Slaanesh needs to be completely female, just to feel in the role of Love, Joy, and Compassion.

Makes more sense with Goddess of Love, Joy, and Compassion
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:20 No.3143401
Hmmm... I don't know. Personally, I kind of like the idea of Khaine being pretty evil, having been defeated before the rise of Slaaneesh, and that Eldrads forces seek to resurrect him. How about this:

Long before the Eldar ascended, they were cruelly oppressed by their bloodthirsty god, Khaine. Driven to insane acts by his madness, they committed horrific atrocities.

Among the Eldar some embraced him, and were exiled upon their Craftworlds, driven out by the majority of Eldar. The Eldar, seeking an end to the tyrant god Khaine, then worked to create a new god to oppose him, and in the process ascend to a higher plane of existence.

The god of love, Slaaneesh, was born and battled Khaine in fierce combat, stripping away the hatred and bloodlust, scattering them across the galaxy. Khorne was born from the remains, becoming the god of honored combat.

Some Eldar did not ascend, and remained behind both to keep an eye on their lost cousins and to help guide younger races to ascension.

The others, lead by the evil lord Eldrad, sought to rebuild their god, and now seek to regain the lost shards of Khaine, and using the souls of captured people, attempt to rebuild their dark god in the hearts of their craftworlds.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:24 No.3143429
I do like the names Storm of Enlightenment and Eye of Harmony, though. Those really should be used.

Although "Heart of Order" might work better. But I really like Storm of Enlightenment.
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)19:24 No.3143430
Khaine's a bloodthirsty god in 40k.. so making him a guardian and healer is more in line with this being an opposite world.

I'd instead make the other eldar gods... instead of getting eaten by Slaanesh... become jealous bitches. So the eldar are constantly being tempted by their jealous gods of old to return to their previously wicked ways.

Khaine is arguably evil in normal 40k so I figured a more hopeful and less bloody avatar would be kinda cool.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:29 No.3143452
Was it ever agreed how the liivi thing was going to end up?
Did he manage to redeem Taldeer, or did she corrupt him?

Also, how about Sister Sinai and her Vindicare?
Please tell me they actually ended up happy ever after.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:29 No.3143454
Well, the main reason I want him as a bad guy here is that he fills a sort of "good" guy role in 40k (finding shards of him being the only defense the Eldar really have) and this setting needs more than Eldrad just being a dick.

I like the idea, but I feel he just works better as a bad guy. There needs to be some conflict to keep the setting interesting. The Tau can't be the only badguy around, and Eldrad can't JUST go around being a dick. There needs to be some sense of conflict; some view of an end game (even if we never deliver it like GW).
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:31 No.3143474
I'll add to the idea of bad guys by starting to work on the old ones once I get everyone elses feelings about this. Should Kaine be a bad guy, or a good guy?
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)19:35 No.3143494
Gotta be the Eye of Harmony. Just to tie into the Eye of Terror.

I'd suggest keeping the constant references to Order down, other than when referring to the gods of order.

I mean in 40k they don't call it the "eye of warp" or "eye of chaos."
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)19:44 No.3143524
My vote... Khaine should be a good guy. I mean in 40k he's the bloody handed god, and it's theorized the that Ork Gods Mork and Gork are acutally Khaine and the Laughing god just reinterpreted by the orks.

I know what you mean though, you can't have EVERYONE be good. otherwise where is the conflict and adventure. But at the same time, Khaine is a murderous being that really enjoys killing in 40k. Making him a guardian of peace seems an appropriate mirror.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:46 No.3143532
So, who do you suggest? I mean, the whole thing about Khaine being a bad guy is that it gives the Eldar something to do. Stopping Eldrad's forces from finding shards of the dead god is a great adventure hook. It gives them a motivation.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:50 No.3143552
Man, I forgot all about Sister Sinai.

Now I'm pissed because we didn't get a decent ending, or any ending at all to that writefaggotry.

Anyway, might as well have it so that it was a corrupt Inquisitor used by the Tau to try and destroy the harmony between the sentient species that currently existed, by trying to use the ship they were flying on to destroy the blood bowl, I think it was called.

The thing where Orks compete in friendly terms with humans to solve problems.

With the Inquisitor dead, the Emperor gave the Vindicare and Sister Sinai a honored discharge or something, and they now live in a happy household, in a small town somewhere, where the Vindicare is the officer of the police.

Sister Sinai still deals with religion, though much more subtly now that she has been given the gift of getting her limbs back.

At least once a week, the Vindicare takes her out to eat, and they talk about anything.

GOOD END, anon.
Don't fucking try and make this end badly.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)19:52 No.3143572
It's also in an earlier part of the article.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:00 No.3143623
So, where does it say what happened of Liivi and Taldeer?
I mean, this had to have been brought up before, judging by what >>3143452 said.
>> 4E over OpenRPG, IRC, etc. Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:07 No.3143670
Khorne - Lord of Order of Tranquility
Nurgle - Lord of Order of Life
Slaanesh - Lord of Order of Love
Tzeentch - Lord of Order of Justice
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:07 No.3143676
LIVII fell, and they created Nfol, the destroyer. She's an utterly unholy Damienesque evil girl.

The Sisters of Battle hunt her; determined to redeem Nfol. Their methods are... unique.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:09 No.3143686
That's not quite it.

Khorne - Order of Honor
Nurgle - Order of Compassion
Tzeentch - Order of Knowledge
Slaaneesh - Order of Love
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:12 No.3143707
Goddammit, even in this alternate universe of 40k, things end badly for them.

Oh well, I don't suppose it could be said that Taldeer is still slowly being redeemed, even if she doesn't know it?

Alright, how about Sister Sinai then?
Has this been mentioned, or is >>3143552 the new canon?
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)20:13 No.3143710
How about the Exodites who still follow the Olde Gods of the Eldar.

In a time nearly forgotten to the Eldar today, a great schism took place some 40,000 years ago. The Exodites (Eldar who chose to return to fundamentalist teachings of their old gods, gods founded in the harsh natural order of the wilderness) thinking the eldar of today were becoming too detached to the natural world, broke away from greater Eldar society.

Preaching a doctrine of whiny self absorbed moral equivalency and "the law of the jungle" they ventured out into the abyss of space leaving the ethical and enlightened rationality of the Bright Eldar far behind, all the while pissing and moaning about how the other Eldar were fagots for not just tolerating their sadistic bullshit and blatant asshatery .

Instead of making something of themselves however, they reveled in the debauchery and indulgent ease that the technology of the Eldar race afforded them, and fighting over the remote. This led to fighting and eventually created a feudal society amongst the Exodites where only the most ruthless Eldar seized power, rising to positions of authority from within their fearsome "Knight" suits.

Since the The Eldar mind is capable of a far deeper level of emotion and imagination than that of a human; they found that when all moral constraints were released and they allowed their old gods to guide them, they were capable of experiencing the greatest joys and creating the most beautiful pieces of art and music, however they were also capable of experiencing the deepest hate and ugliest depravities. These pursuits became more extreme and depraved as time went on. Torture and murder came to be seen as artforms every bit as worthy as music and drama, and their philosophy of moral equivalence allowed them to justify even the most base of acts as being acceptable "somewhere".

Now, the Exodites, raiding from their crone worlds seek to strike back at the Bright Eldar.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:15 No.3143716
Hey, they live to create Lofn in the normal universe.

As for the other, yeah, it's canon - why not?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:18 No.3143733
Not bad, but it kind of strikes me as just kind of being... well, Dark Eldar. It doesn't have the right feel.

Self imposed primitivists, I can buy. Follow the evil ways of the long hated and forgotten old ones, I can totally dig. But really, they FEEL just like Dark Eldar there.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:21 No.3143749
This is awesome. Now, reading a storybook with Uncle Tzeentch or getting a hug from Papa Nurgle aren't terrible things at all.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:23 No.3143757
Thinking of backwards Chaos Gods as friendly parental figures makes me d'awwwww. :3
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:26 No.3143785
This is supposed to be some wacky mirror universe, right?

Nurgle is already about love and compassion. He just delivers them through diseases that keep you alive forever.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:27 No.3143795
In charge of teaching medicine and healing.
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)20:28 No.3143800
Well that's the problem. The Exodites supposedly left because they saw the eldar becoming too wrapped up in hedonism. So they were self imposed primitivists. The Exodites in this case saw that the current bright eldar as "moralist fags" and decided to grab their stuff, take a ton of tech, and go have a non stop party. Only when the weed, beer, and hookers ran out, they got pissed off and started raiding to maintain their lifestyle and bankroll their desire for "bling"

Think of them as being nigger-space elves. Not the goth pricks of normal 40k.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:30 No.3143811
Nurgle the Healer.
>> Ifuritasfan !!v09L1F0F0uU 12/09/08(Tue)20:30 No.3143814
The exodites of NORMAL 40k left because of the normal eldar becoming hedonists, is what I meant to say. They were like.. survivalists. They went out to rough it so that they'd not fall into the trap of being too "soft".. So I figured these Exodites would be the opposite. Soft and lazy and only becoming hard bastards after the booze and doritos ran out.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:31 No.3143820
Fair enough, I guess.
Still, it really would be nice if this could have SOME form of GOOD END to it.

Maybe Taldeer actually likes Liivi?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:31 No.3143824
So the Bright Eldar in this setting wanted to ascend to godhood.

The Exodites didn't. Let's say the Old Ones in this universe were evil, and the warp gods they created oppressed and subjugated the Orks and Eldar during their war with the Necrons.

The Exodites, therefore, wish to return to the way life was under the Old ones; re-entering a self imposed primitive way of life, and being far more brutal and warlike.

I will write about the Old Ones and Necrons in a bit, but I don't feel like it at the moment.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:32 No.3143828
Slaanesh - Guardian of the Chaste

Khorne - Emissary of Peace
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:35 No.3143846
Slaanesh - Deity of Temperance.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:36 No.3143856
Slaaneesh, Lord of Love and the ascetic virtues.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:36 No.3143862
I mean, instead of just ruthlessly using him for a plot of hers.

This reminds me - what about the guardsman and the dark eldar from awhile ago?
>> teh_french_/co/as/tg/uard !wDzhckWXCA 12/09/08(Tue)20:41 No.3143880
Also, let's start the archival process right now.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:44 No.3143892
The Agrarium of Mars cultivates vast armies of techno-organic soldiers and machines for the Imperium. Enormous treant walkers march alongside the Ordor Explorates, their watchful eyes keeping guard against those who would abuse and exhaust life.

The Agrarium ships orbit over dead and hostile planets and release their seed-bombs to spawn immediately into the Agrarium's foot soldiers and release neurotoxic spore, wreaking havoc on those who harm the Empire.

The Servitors of the Agrarium, the most revered and respected of their ranks, sacrificed their own lives to become one with the Botanigod.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:45 No.3143903
Wait, if this is reverse 40k, then shouldn't there be almost no corrupt bureaucrats?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:46 No.3143905
I wrote up some stuff on how I envision Khorne, Lord of Honor and Tzeentch, Lord of Knowledge and Wonder. It's probably garbage, but I might as well throw it out there.

Walking away, tears well in your eyes. Your eye is swollen. Your lip is bloody. The smoldering coals of hate burn hot in your heart. You see the one responsible from across the playground. That other boy knew what he was doing. He knew it would hurt you, and he hit you anyway. You want to hit him back, it's your right. Suddenly, you feel a firm, but gentle grip on your shoulder. You turn around and see the mighty visage of Khorne "Now son, it's best not to hold seek revenge. If you treat lash out with cruelty when others are cruel to you, they'll only return the favor. It's best forgive your enemies so you don't make more of them. Trust me on this, young one."

Sitting on the lap of Tzeentch, you hear a chuckle in his calm jovial voice as he hefts the tome onto his knee. The library is dimly lit, but the bright fireplace provides more than enough light to read by. Tzeentch opens the cover and begins to speak, slowly and purposefully, "Now, be patient, young one. Uncle Tzeentch is very old, but he'll always have a new story for you. Now, then, what sort of story would you like to hear today? A tale of adventure? A story about The Emperor's quest to bring peace to the galaxy? How about a bed-time story about how one day you'll meet your forefathers in the peaceful waters of the Warp? We have all the time in the world, young one, and I'm sure there's something you want to hear."
>> Eldrad, Insane Individual of Incomprehensable Incompetance (Just as Planned.) !!srlFJqQzH9+ 12/09/08(Tue)20:46 No.3143906





>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:47 No.3143918
I know this connects back to the 'mirrorverse' thing that is being avoided, but I think if normal Slaanesh has all the bits, then the Protector of Hearts in this version should have none. No possibility of rape.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:49 No.3143930
The Adeptus Sororitas is actually a sorority full of alcohol and hot girl on girl action.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:49 No.3143933
I love the Tzeentch one, so much.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:51 No.3143949
No. It's not "everyone wears their shoes on their head" it's simply swapping GRIMDARK for NOBLEBRIGHT.

There are plenty of corrupt politicians and such. Defeating these individuals is one of the points of interest.

The difference is that these individuals are an exception, and only about as common as they'd "realistically" be. They exist to provide in-universe enemies to face.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:53 No.3143957
Aside from the plotting Tau, and the potentially troublesome Orks.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:55 No.3143967
Edrad is seeking to revive the Old Ones, though, so the Old Ones are another potential foe, if extraordinarily powerful ones.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)20:58 No.3143968
Reasonable Marines still reasonable?

Daemonettes would be like Reasonette: Passionate, but more into healing hearts and providing love advice to the lonely, like sexy versions of Dr.Ruth.
>> teh_french_/co/as/tg/uard !wDzhckWXCA 12/09/08(Tue)21:00 No.3143984

About the Sororitas, the 1d4chan current entry buggers me. It doesn't feels right, somehow. I'm not sure it's very space pulp fantasy.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:00 No.3143987
So what are the Dark Eldar now? Family-friendly space pirates who follow a trickster god?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:01 No.3143990
What if the Space Marines have a humanitarian slant? Instead of focusing on solely on combat and slaying the Emperor's enemies, they could also have an emphasis on protecting his people. Maybe they would be dispatched to deal with natural disasters like the ultimate National Guard.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:02 No.3143995
Wouldn't the MAJORITY of Space Marines be much like Reasonable Marines?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:02 No.3143997
So essentially turning them into the Imperial Guard
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:04 No.3144006
Well, without fears of Space Marine Legions falling to Chaos and taking the Guard with them, there would be no reason why Space Marines wouldn't work together with the Guard. They would more resemble "elite" divisions of the Guard in BrightHammer.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:05 No.3144012
Hmmm.. Kharne is Kharne the Loyal. This brave servet of Khorne lives by the motto, "First in, last out," when he takes to the battlefield. Even though divine followers of Khorne are dedicated to defense and honor, many do tend to somewhat serious-faced about it. Kharne, however, is a well-known practical joker who loves to disrupt foes by making misfortune happen to them. Eben his enemies tend to say "What a guy!" after meeting him.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:07 No.3144020
No. In this setting, they are the Bright Eldar. The Regular Eldar are the evil ones.

No, they are the Emperor's Knights. They are rulers, leaders, teachers, and soldiers in his service, and act as knights would.

They aren't just super Imperial Guard.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:08 No.3144023
Macha = total slut
>> teh_french_/co/as/tg/uard !wDzhckWXCA 12/09/08(Tue)21:09 No.3144027
>>Khorne - Emissary of Peace

Nah, It's still a warrior, but a noble fighter, on a mountain of helmets, that sort of thing. Honorable battles and the like.

Dear Eldrad, I'm sorry but
1) I'm not into Wakfu at all, I'm biased against the studio that makes it, I hate their guts.
2) I suppose I could anyway, for /co/'s sake, but I have no idea how to subtitle a vid.


Dumbing down the Space Marines would be stupid and not cool at all, some things mustn't change. making them more Guard-friendly, on the other hand, is nice.

By the way, what about the Angry Marines ? They are perfect the way they are in /tg/'s regular 40K universe, we really shouldn't make them tree hugging hippies. We have to find a way to keep the angry flavour, some way or anything. Painting them in pink would be turning them into Pretty Marines. Do not want.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:10 No.3144031
Love Angels, essentially.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:19 No.3144064
I mentioned the angry marines in a previous thread, turning them into the ultrasnooty "Noble Marines", being so stuck up no one but Fuklaw, the equally stuck up commissar, will have anything to do with them.

Oh, and I created these three threads and the 1d4 wiki, along with most of the setting. I don't want a name, because really that just makes you a target.

I mention this because I want to say I like the contributions I've seen so far, even the ones that don't really fit with my vision. I have a natural tendency to squash "silly" elements out, so I feel /tg/ is doing a good job at retaining them. Moreover, you can make a fully fleshed out universe where I cannot. I'm proud of what's been posted, for the most part, and happy I could be a part of /tg/s awesome.

Keep up the good work, /tg/.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:22 No.3144072
>Angry Marines

They are exactly the same, only difference is they are only called for when there is such an example of the most pure faggotry that makes neckbeards cringe and puke.

That even the Emperor snorts his nose in disgust.

Example, that novel which shall not be named, if words gets out of a copy on some planet, then they send in the Angry Marines on the biggest massive invasion possible to purge of that book. And the planet welcomes it, 1) because they are rid of the horrid thing, and 2) because they are witness to the most awesome and hilarious thing in their lives with the Angry Marines screaming in rage like the Angry Video Game Nerd
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:27 No.3144089
I really wish people would read the previous threads, there's already alot of the same thing being discussed on here.

Oh well, makes for healthy discussion with different versions of ideas. But still please read the archieved previous threads at suptg
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:29 No.3144092
you mean of course various characters having already been described early in the previous threads, right?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:30 No.3144100
I don't think the revisiting is necessarily a bad thing; it's lead to some good additions.

That being said...
Pt 1:
Pt 2:
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:32 No.3144109
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:33 No.3144117
More awesome.
More Ordo Explorates.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:35 No.3144124
Angry Marines on leave for anger management training.
Dr. Kharn, PSY, leads their group therapy sessions and encourages them to use "I" statements so they become more aware of their own feelings and how their actions affect others.

Taldeer, on the other hand, has become obsessed with LIIVI, the prettiest Vindicare, and follows him wherever he goes, trying to subtly gain his attention so that he will return her affections. So far he has remained oblivious to her increasingly elaborate gestures of affection.

Reasonable Marines are now Silly Marines, performing their wacky sketch comedy show weekly on the TBC (Terran Broadcasting Corporation) which is called Ciaphas Cain's Flying Circus.

Macha, as previously mentioned, is a giant slut, but has her father Eldrad's approval for this because he wants grandkids. He wishes Taldeer was more like her.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:42 No.3144159
Acutally Taldeer is a Wytch, she and the fallen LIIVI spawned Nfol, the enemy of all life.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:51 No.3144203
Bump for awesome.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:55 No.3144235
>Bump for awesome
>sage in email field

>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)21:58 No.3144249
lolwhut indeed Anon...
It may be a troll.. or some one who doesn't like the NOBLEBRIGHT.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)22:00 No.3144261

Didn't see that he was putting SAGE in the E-Mail field.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)22:30 No.3144416
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)22:56 No.3144561
Is the Medizin Korps of Kreig Brighthammer 40k canon yet?
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:00 No.3144580
if it was in one of the other two threads, yes
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:01 No.3144584
BrightHammer 40k is produced by Amusements Factory inc. Know for releasing quality metal miniatures for reasonable prices, and in its 25 years of business has released only 3 versions of the rulebook for BrightHammer. All subsequent rules and changes have been provided free in PDF format on the well designed AF website.
>> Anonymous 12/09/08(Tue)23:02 No.3144588

Make that All metal miniatures.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)00:14 No.3144971
Heey, what the fuck happened to D.A.R.E. rider?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)04:11 No.3146013
This seems to be the canon thus far, regarding them...

Still, I'd like to add that she should actually like the guy, as well.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)05:08 No.3146154
You lot needz ta fink bout Brainboy Gorgutz! He'z da smartest der is.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)05:19 No.3146186
     File :1228904369.jpg-(38 KB, 284x154, Initiate-chan.jpg)
38 KB
Initiate-chan has brought waffles for Order.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)05:30 No.3146200
He's small, to be sure, but we listen to him because he has great ideas. He never bothers with an escape plan for himself because he would never abandon his brothers-in-arms.
>> teh_french_/co/as/tg/uard !wDzhckWXCA 12/10/08(Wed)05:51 No.3146239
The Agrarium of Mars entry updated with previous material about the Botanicum (why the change of name by the way ?)

I'm not sure about the neuro-toxin stuff. Sounds like violent and GRIMDARK.

War is glorious and somewhat deadly, but not dirty, in the Noble Brightness of the 40th millenium...
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)05:54 No.3146250
one thing I am having trouble with is the switch from Chaos to Order... since it's not a shoes-on-head mirrorverse shouldn't the chaos element still be there? just a happy "kittens and puppies and monkeys and penguins" kind of chaos instead of a "daemon-eats-your-soul and /b/-randum kind" of chaos? basically switching the chaotic evil to chaotic good.

other than that, i'm loving it!
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)10:09 No.3146738
Well, when I originally came up with the concept I borrowed Order from Warhammer Fantasy. It's something that already exists in the sort of Warhammer/Warhammer 40k mythos as an opposite of chaos.

Anyway, order doesn't necessarily mean good, although it does mean life is generally better and the warp is stable. It's possible for the gods of Order to be overzealous knight templars and so on.

Basically, it's just a concept that meshes well with 40k because it was already used by GW. Basically most of what we're doing already has its roots in GW lore, but they play it down so much that you'd hardly know its there. There, Order only exists to be someones bitch, all the good elements only exist to give a tiny sliver of hope to a grimdark universe gone mad, and evil runs roughshod over everything.

Well, in this universe, it's the opposite. Evil exists in large enough quantities to provide a rich backdrop for HIGH ADVENTURE! but not for serious trouble. Chaos exists, but only enough for it to be kicked around by the good guys. It's basically what WH40k COULD have been if it hat started to be cheery instead of dressing all in black and cutting itself.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)10:27 No.3146780
I wonder what Big Boss Ghazghkull Thraka is like in the Brightverse?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)11:34 No.3146959

Chess champion. I guess.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)14:21 No.3147475
     File :1228936912.jpg-(40 KB, 252x329, 4937811.jpg)
40 KB
Some of the best (looking) things to come out of the Human/Eldar alliance besides spacecraft are the half-eldar or 'peace children'. Lynn MĂ­nwen, the daughter of Drazhar and Celestian Miriya (Adepta Sororita) is a particularly famous idol singer. So inspiring is her music that it has ended wars throughout the galaxy. Her chief nemesis is Nofl, the Daughter of Darkness.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)14:23 No.3147481
Nah DareDevil or RaceTrukk Drivar!
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)14:47 No.3147586

>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:08 No.3147704
Instead of Order, positive Chaos - weird, magical, etc but not uniformly evil. Still dangerous, and the warp could still have a load of nasty creatures in it, but also some intelligent, reasonable ones. The Eye of Terror as a place where the Warp blends into reality, with a load of fantasy-style planets where "magic" (psi) is real powerful.

In fact, Order kinda sucks - running away from a strict, hierarchical, witchburning middle-ages society to hang out with the mutants and sorcerors would be rather splendid, IMO. You could view Brighthammer as the 'real' warhammer universe, if you assume that the standard fluff is imperial propaganda. ("They're all just eevil, mmkay?")

Also, getting rid of the "all X hate all Y" nonsense would allow great adventuring parties - ork brawlers, squat engineers, eldar assassins, various muties and psykers, etc.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:18 No.3147758

I like that transformation of Chaos.

Order is a pretty stupid idea.
>> Salamanders Fanboi !!5UlGlkaxBkH 12/10/08(Wed)15:20 No.3147761
I fucking hate you.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:25 No.3147782
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:31 No.3147815
Order is Warhammer's canon opposite to chaos. This sort of logic leads to things like throwing out chainsaw swords because they "Aren't logical combat weapons".

Nobody said Order was necessarily SAFE.

More importantly, stop trying to uncool my 40k. The strange, often silly and implausible nature of it is what I like best of all.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:31 No.3147824
Taldeer, on the other hand, has become obsessed with LIIVI, the prettiest Vindicare, and follows him wherever he goes, trying to subtly gain his attention so that he will return her affections. So far he has remained oblivious to her increasingly elaborate gestures of affection.

I would watch this anime.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:33 No.3147833
>Order is Warhammer's canon opposite to chaos

Wait, what? The opposite of Chaos is... more Chaos. Nurgle vs Tzeentch, etc.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:39 No.3147884
Warhammer Fantasy has order as the opposite to chaos in gods like Sigmar. The emperor in 40k arguably represents the same position and ideals (especially since 40k was initially based on WHFB).

If there is ever going to be an opposite to chaos, it is order. That's how Warhammer works, they've already given us the roadmap.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:42 No.3147905
Chaos opposes both Order and itself

You could honestly have to groups of Chaos trying to derail Order in an area and don't agree with each others methods.

Thus easily having players make characters for a group belonging to one of the three... or just characters from all three.

Interesting times.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)15:54 No.3147985
Tyranids can be an entire blend of species on certain planets, left there from meteorites and the resulting organisms spawned.

Makes for good battles, fighting random encounters of Tyranids on a quest to look for an ancient Necron tomb for knowledge

As for their hiveships and stuff: Ancient space traveling organisms of the most epic proportions, not related to the ground Tyranids
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)16:26 No.3148164
Eh...SoB shouldn't even exist if this isn't grimdark;. SoB came because of the Age of Strife.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)16:27 No.3148172
Hmmmmm, maybe...
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)16:32 No.3148201
I say there's always room for hot chicks in power armor in any setting.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)16:35 No.3148211
     File :1228944926.jpg-(116 KB, 296x427, evolution_ver1.jpg)
116 KB
I like the idea...
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)16:37 No.3148219
     File :1228945036.jpg-(47 KB, 790x527, 1228672394610.jpg)
47 KB
>>SoB came because of the Age of Strife.
Really now?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:12 No.3148736
     File :1228950776.jpg-(67 KB, 350x351, peacechildren.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:13 No.3148742
>Eh...SoB shouldn't even exist if this isn't grimdark;. SoB came because of the Age of Strife.

Moar like Age of Apostasy, amirite?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:16 No.3148768

Tyranids have already been adressed in the previous threads. Read them, people, before making suggestions. It could actually give you ideas.


and that's why :

Sisters of Rock

The Adepta Sororitas is composed of once unruly children that got sent to slaaneshi monastories, in which they learnt to channel their passion throught art. The ones that enter the Adepta Sororitas afterward are all girls, that chose to express themselves in the form of ROCK MUSIC. Going from concerts to battlefields, the Sisters of Rock work as hard as they can to spread the word of the Emperor and the Gods of Order in spectacular shows. In battle, they use special, personal weapons like sonic attacks, bolt-guitars and chainguitars. They seek Nfol; the bringer of darkness - spawn of the fallen noble warrior LIVII, former Vindicare Knight, and the dark Wytch Taldeer, among the vilest of Eldrads twisted daughters.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:27 No.3148841

oh gawd I d'awwwed
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:30 No.3148864

Awesome, the first ORIGINAL drawfaggotry for Brighthammer. While the editing, like with the Emperor's goatee and Cultist-chan as Initiate-chan, is cool in itself, new artwork solely for Brighthammer takes the cake.

Nice work
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:33 No.3148891
i just noticed on the 1d4 that the tau were set as facists. from the fluff it would seem that he opposite of thier society, everything they fear and despise in the grimdark world is a lack of order, making it more appropriate for them to be anarchists or a group ruled by slovenly masses (rather than the "godly" ethereals. thats just my thought
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:38 No.3148914
As well a well known fact, Orkz love going fast and no ork goes 'fasta' than Big Boss Ghazghkull Thraka. Due to strange mutations, Ghazghkull came out of his womb red, instead of the normal, orky green. Over coming the other orks predjudice, he devolped many a Hyper-Speed Buggies. But his crowning achievment was the WAAAGH! Engine. A Warp engined designed to run off psychic Waaagh! Energy.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:48 No.3148958

Or rather the Ethereals use their chemical controlling powers and force the other four castes to do their bidding, taking away all freedom completely.

In this verse, the other normal Tau originally were a developing democratic society, with no wars or anything. Everything was good. But the dreaded Ethereals arrived one day, and the other 4 castes were compelled to obey.

Hence why they seem like en evil empire, but remember in the very first post of this awesome series of threads: The Emperor believes they can be redeemed.

For it's true, Commander Farsight, the moment he got ahold of the Dawn Blade, a mysterious sword of untold power, he was able to break free of the Ethereal's malice and control, taking with him his personal comrades who too were able to shake free of the Ethereal influence and follow their leader.

Farsight serves as a secretive ally for the Imperium, striking from nowhere, but quickly disappearing when the situation is shifting towards the human's fortune.

This is the shining example that the Tau can be saved from oppression, so the Emperor has proven.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)18:59 No.3149032
Peace Children and original drawfaggotry added to the page. awesome.
>> Captain Seraphim 12/10/08(Wed)19:01 No.3149043
Are Intiate-chan and Scout Marine still together in Brighthammer?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)19:08 No.3149085
Currently considering doing some writefaggotry about the Noble Savage Orkz. Maybe a human colony on a world on the border of Ork territory is terrified when they see a rather large group Ork ships on the horizon, but are pleasantly surprised when the Orkz land and they just want to trade, party, put on rokk concerts, and play chess.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)19:13 No.3149106
Farsight as Zero? FUCKING METAL!
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)19:47 No.3149263
     File :1228956439.jpg-(36 KB, 284x154, Initiate-chan Glare.jpg)
36 KB
Oh hai.

I may have stolen Mr. Culexus' art when I made Initiate-chan (and all the others of Cultist-chan and Sororitas-chan), but I still had to vector the whole fucking thing. And then anything aside from her original look was drawn for reals.

tl;dr fuck you.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)19:56 No.3149323

I don't think he was trying to insult you lol, just saying that when drawfaggotry from complete scratch is made, you know a thread is going good.

We still love edited work when it ties in to the discussion
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:00 No.3149345

oh fuck yes, more Initiate-Chan
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:05 No.3149362
     File :1228957501.jpg-(38 KB, 284x154, Initiate-chan Titty Monster.jpg)
38 KB
Glad somebody appreciates my "leet" (or whatever the cool kids are calling it) vector skills.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:06 No.3149363
What part does Iniate chan play in the Brightverse?
>> Captain Seraphim 12/10/08(Wed)20:07 No.3149368
look at
since your the guy behind initiate-chan, can you answer my question?
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:08 No.3149375

>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:11 No.3149389
     File :1228957913.jpg-(37 KB, 284x154, Initiate-chan Lion.jpg)
37 KB
Fuck I dunno.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:14 No.3149405
"ZOG! Now 'oo's up fer sum chess?"
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:15 No.3149413


>> Space Wolves Marine 12/10/08(Wed)20:16 No.3149416
     File :1228958215.gif-(6 KB, 80x80, sm_03.gif)
6 KB
I would my good sir
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:19 No.3149431

THIS... is Initiate-Chan's official standard face now
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:34 No.3149513
Just keep the Angry Marines the same, only without collateral damage.

None of that "crash a battle barge onto the battlefield," but keep the Angrinator launchers and such.
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:36 No.3149526
The Angries have been adressed in the 1d4chan page.
"Angry Marines On some previously corrupted worlds, some people speak in awe about marines of red and yellow that fell from the skies aboards their rhinos, to brutally and noisily destroy the source of the evil on the planet. The Angry Marines Chapter is quite a puzzling one, as their behaviour differs so much from what you usually expect from noble knights. They seem to be sent in when the threat to the people of a planet is extremely serious, and no other solution can be found at the moment."
>> God-Emperor of Mankind 12/10/08(Wed)20:38 No.3149539
you know this is the Galaxy that would happen if I died on the throne and came back as a supreme godlike mortal.

Only Chaos would worship me as their supreme god, and then their specific sect god, and become rather violent about it too. Though the strife between Chaos and the imperium pretty much subsides, the imperium does NOT take responsibility for Chaos, say they invade the infidel planet and purge them.

So in a way IoM becomes a regular 'ol empire, and Choas is the religious zealous people.

Or the Brighthammer setting is what would be if I was victorious and Horus didn't try playing daddy...
>> Anonymous 12/10/08(Wed)20:43 No.3149571

That last sentence just gave me an idea: