File :1228382205.gif-(9 KB, 297x522, gaston.gif)
9 KB Kingdom Hearts? SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)04:16 No.3110598  
I'm playing Gaston in our Kingdom Hearts one-shot game in a few weeks. We're using M&M, as most of the players aren't very familiar with GURPS.

Two Questions:
1. As a Disney character, should I give Gaston Facinate: Perform song?

2. If so, Should I actually learn the song? Even going as far as to add the instrumental track to my phone to play while I begin to sing?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:18 No.3110604
>>I'm playing Gaston in our Kingdom Hearts one-shot game in a few weeks.

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:19 No.3110608
1. Yes
2. Yes, but only if you are actually good at singing. Also, there is no need for the instrumental bits.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:21 No.3110616

No one's slick as Gaston!
No one's quick as Gaston!
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)04:21 No.3110618
     File :1228382509.gif-(25 KB, 400x352, darkwing.gif)
25 KB
I was a choirfag in high school, so I'll manage. Perhaps some practice will be in order.

Also, ITT now: Character's you'd play in a Kingdom Hearts game.

Pic related: It was my first idea.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:26 No.3110627
     File :1228382803.png-(137 KB, 320x239, ClaudeFrollo.png)
137 KB
Judge Claude Frollo. Suffer not the Heretic, the Witch or the Mutant.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:27 No.3110629
     File :1228382822.jpg-(55 KB, 394x485, cloudkicker.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:27 No.3110632
     File :1228382856.jpg-(30 KB, 500x329, honey i shrunk the kids.jpg)
30 KB
does this count?
>> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 12/04/08(Thu)04:28 No.3110637
>>Pic related: No one is going to do better than this motherfucker right here.

>> Bad Decision Dinosaur !Oy7IeIvZMY 12/04/08(Thu)04:32 No.3110650
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:32 No.3110654
This idea is awesome and you should feel awesome.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:33 No.3110655
     File :1228383181.jpg-(90 KB, 500x510, 1228378281740.jpg)
90 KB
Be someone from mulan and sing "I'll make a man out of you".
It's a bonus for a double-entendre if you actually decide to go for reverse-trap mulan.
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)04:37 No.3110668
The rest of our party consists of a random keyblade, goofy's son from gooftroop, Jack Skellington, and Yuna from Final Fantasy 10.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:41 No.3110679
     File :1228383670.jpg-(9 KB, 180x300, maxgoof.jpg)
9 KB
Seriously? This kid? Does he... use his skateboard as a shield?
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)04:45 No.3110691

No, but he's the only character in our party i was vehemently against. I mean.. Goofy's son? Come on, who'd fuck goofy?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:46 No.3110701
That dude from Sleeping Beauty would make a pretty sweet character. Magic sword and shield.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:47 No.3110708
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:52 No.3110721
     File :1228384370.jpg-(92 KB, 500x380, malificent-shot.jpg)
92 KB
So, who you guys going up against?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:56 No.3110727
I'm surprised no one's RAGED over Kingdom Hearts yet.

So, what's M&M? I'm tired as hell, so I'm not thinking too well.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)04:59 No.3110735
Let me guess. You are the only somewhat "normal and cool" guy in your group. The other players are: a weeaboo, one shut in who plays WoW, skinny goth guy, fat goth girl.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)05:03 No.3110737
Mutants and Masterminds. It's awesome.
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)05:03 No.3110740

No, I'm usually the GM/black guy. we have a neckbeard (yuna), a /k/ommando(jack) and my roommate (max), who would be characterized as the "normal cool one."

Our GM's a christfag. Top THAT, troll.

M&M is mutants and masterminds.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)05:07 No.3110765

or furries
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)05:11 No.3110769
     File :1228385503.jpg-(131 KB, 300x454, skyhigh.jpg)
131 KB
hey guys, am I doin it rite?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)05:12 No.3110771
>> Lord Licorice 12/04/08(Thu)05:19 No.3110783
     File :1228385943.jpg-(43 KB, 500x500, 1207606867092.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)05:20 No.3110791
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)05:24 No.3110807
Totally forgot, our resident powergamer is playing Aladdin.

This makes me RAAAAAAGE!
>> Lord Licorice 12/04/08(Thu)05:29 No.3110828
     File :1228386588.gif-(1.13 MB, 250x189, Mozenrath.gif)
1.13 MB

OH! OH SHIT. PLAY MOZENRATH. I just remembered this guy existed. Fuck yes awesome badass dark sorcerer guy.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)05:31 No.3110833

He also has an awesome lich-hand
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)06:12 No.3110910

i've never seen this guy. Also, bump for in-game singing.

...Will the yuna neckbeard sing any songs from x-2?
>> Chaotic Cleric 12/04/08(Thu)06:46 No.3110993
I remember seeing Mozenrath and thinking "Holy fuck, Aladdin's fighting the Hand of Vecna!"

Which now makes me want to play Al-Quadim. Dammit.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)06:51 No.3110998
     File :1228391489.jpg-(13 KB, 560x350, Clopin.jpg)
13 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)06:57 No.3111004
Have your GM Make Marche the villain.

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:08 No.3111016
I'd play Robin Hood and set myself on fire everytime a furry pops up.

On the original topic... DO A LOT OF MUSICAL SCORES!

Fuck, I wanna do something like this, but my gaming group is too GRUMPDORK.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:14 No.3111023
     File :1228392865.jpg-(71 KB, 259x679, 1212298949061.jpg)
71 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:33 No.3111063
     File :1228393997.jpg-(43 KB, 704x480, igthorn2.jpg)
43 KB
this guy here
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:37 No.3111070
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:37 No.3111073
Gaston would have been my first choice. I'll have to go with Merlin from the Sword in the Stone. Or maybe Clayton from Tarzan.

Oh wait, fuck no. Shrek.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:40 No.3111085
Shrek is not disney
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:40 No.3111086
Shrek is Dreamworks, idiot. They're close, though.
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)07:45 No.3111094

nope. We're only using disney affiliated characters, studios, etc.

Mr. Feeny is apparently an npc, which means... urkel is playable.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:47 No.3111101
     File :1228394846.jpg-(23 KB, 404x303, nacktmule_10.jpg)
23 KB
Permit me to suggest an alternative?
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)07:53 No.3111111
     File :1228395200.gif-(32 KB, 209x300, feeny.gif)
32 KB
right, anyway, the story involves our party being sent on a quest by the "Disney Sages," merlin, Christopher Robin, Mr. Feeny, Yen sid, and some sort of moogle, and another character I can't remember.

Our goal is to retrieve an artifact that they can use to repel the heartless from certain worlds to make them habitable again.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:54 No.3111116
     File :1228395247.jpg-(6 KB, 150x113, Mechanicles1.jpg)
6 KB
Is that the Lord of the Black Sands, who slew his master Destane to acquire his power, whom brings forth the dead to serve him?

I thought of Mozenrath when the Pale Master prestige class first came out.

Hell, Aladdin had a whole gallery of awesome villians. Imagine Mechanicles as a campaigns big bad?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)07:58 No.3111123

if we're suggesting sages, would "smart guy" from the show of the same name be acceptable?

Shit, you could even include scrooge, for that matter. Or perhaps auron from ffx?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)08:02 No.3111128
This thread has reminded me that Disney is awesome and Kingdom Hearts really shat all over it.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)08:09 No.3111138
Gaston is one hell of a pick. Darkwing too.

But if I was powergaming it'd be Hercules.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)08:12 No.3111144
     File :1228396323.jpg-(29 KB, 250x158, Song of the South.jpg)
29 KB
Pic related, just to cause RAAAGE.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)08:13 No.3111145
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)08:23 No.3111170
     File :1228396991.jpg-(57 KB, 287x300, wd0290patch.jpg)
57 KB
An angry dwarf with a pickaxe.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:03 No.3111333

I'm not very familiar with M&M, but if there's a way to play all SEVEN dwarves at once, that might just more fun than Gaston.

"Hi ho, Hi ho, Its off to work we go..."
>> Amazing 12/04/08(Thu)10:12 No.3111349
Brooklyn, from Gargoyles.

Because that show was KICKASS, is why.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:13 No.3111354
Just remember that Gaston, along with his muscles as big as a barge, gets proficiency with bows, axes, swords, and blackpowder guns. (If he uses anything else I can't remember.)

He can also eat 5 eggs at once.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:14 No.3111355
     File :1228403663.jpg-(214 KB, 551x546, gizmoduckweb.jpg)
214 KB
Pic related, he will fuck your shit up.

No, seriously guys, I'm gonna fuck your shit up. Some douchebag stole my remote.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:15 No.3111358
I think everyone here would love to be Gaston.

Even when taking his lumps.
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)10:16 No.3111364

I accounted for all of these except bows, and being able to eat five eggs at once.

His strength's 20, and his constitution's 18, other than that, I'll have to stat him out.

Tell ya what, I'll just wait a few days and post everybody's sheets.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:18 No.3111367
     File :1228403896.gif-(954 B, 32x48, Kefka - Laugh.gif)
954 B

Fuck, I was going to pick Mozenrath.

I guess I could just be an awesome sorcerer from the other side of the Disney/Final Fantasy divide, though...

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:19 No.3111370
He is also a skilled taxidermist.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:19 No.3111374
     File :1228403991.png-(280 KB, 400x294, CruellaDeville15puppies.png)
280 KB
Come on, she wanted to make a coat out of puppies. You don't get much more evil than that.
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)10:23 No.3111379

Fuck it. The GM says start requesting Villains

malificent 1
Jafar 1
deVille 1
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:23 No.3111380
>>Tell ya what, I'll just wait a few days and post everybody's sheets.

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:23 No.3111384
Tell that to /fa/.

I bet Cruella is their patron deity.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:24 No.3111389
Well hell, if you're going to include Cruella, you might as well bring in her whole family. There was an episode of the 101 Dalmations cartoon series where she had a family reunion.
>> Amazing 12/04/08(Thu)10:25 No.3111390

Ultimate Final Boss: Chernabog.
>> Prophet of Killogram !!UN/8XlZaOkl 12/04/08(Thu)10:26 No.3111392
rolled 40 = 40

I statted gaston for 3.5 a while back. Monk1/Fighter whatever/ Drunken Master whatever. Used Gauntlets most of the time with a few ToB feats to improve his unarmed damage. He was competent with the other weapons but specialized in brawling.

never got to play him though and dont have the sheet with me or i'd post it.
>> Prophet of Killogram !!UN/8XlZaOkl 12/04/08(Thu)10:28 No.3111398
rolled 62 = 62

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:29 No.3111404
     File :1228404574.jpg-(9 KB, 200x160, 200px-Chernabog_fire..jpg)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:31 No.3111407
     File :1228404667.jpg-(8 KB, 240x192, 240px-Chernabog1.jpg)
8 KB
Dammit. Ninja'd because of Squirrels.
>> Kitty-Moogle-Chan 12/04/08(Thu)10:32 No.3111411
Mechanicles! Come on, let's play stomp on Agrabah with a giant robot everyone!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:35 No.3111414
     File :1228404946.jpg-(59 KB, 720x576, rasputin.jpg)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:36 No.3111415
>>He was competent with the other weapons but specialized in brawling.

"In a wrestling match nobody BITES like Gaston!"
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:36 No.3111418
Huh, I don't remember fighting him in Kingdom hearts.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:37 No.3111421
Seconding this.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:38 No.3111425
     File :1228405135.jpg-(14 KB, 248x240, big_bad_wolf_1003.jpg)
14 KB
Moar villains.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:39 No.3111428
The Horned King.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:39 No.3111429

Rasputin is also not Disney, although it practically should be.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:40 No.3111431

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:40 No.3111432
     File :1228405227.jpg-(7 KB, 205x132, mcleach3.jpg)
7 KB
This would be my character.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:46 No.3111435
     File :1228405609.jpg-(189 KB, 834x1100, tron.jpg)
189 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:46 No.3111437
     File :1228405613.jpg-(14 KB, 512x304, hun.jpg)
14 KB
Shan Yu.

Yu'd best get down to business and defeat this Hun.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:46 No.3111438
Now I remember why I liked the 2nd Rescuers film so much.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:46 No.3111439
     File :1228405616.jpg-(8 KB, 205x132, ratigan2.jpg)
8 KB
In a stage where you get shrunk down to the size of a mouse.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:46 No.3111440
     File :1228405617.jpg-(17 KB, 336x336, 507O1071X Evil Queen 8X8.jpg)
17 KB
"Just as planned"-villain?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:48 No.3111449
     File :1228405699.jpg-(13 KB, 351x313, CaptainHookcartoon.jpg)
13 KB
And, of course, we need a pirate.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:49 No.3111454
>>Ruthless and cold-hearted, Shan Yu kills without mercy, remorse and, on occasion, as a joke; for example, he once asks his archer, "How many men does it take to deliver a message?", to which the archer replies "one" as he draws his bow.

A giant-ass avalanche couldn't kill him. No, it took an entire fucking tower full of gunpowder. Yeah.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:50 No.3111455
Aww yeah. That guy was such a badass.

Didn't his truck have a giant rifle on top of it or something?
>> Eldrad, Insane Individual of Incompetance(Just as Planned.) !!srlFJqQzH9+ 12/04/08(Thu)10:53 No.3111468

>Yu'd best get down to business and defeat this Hun.

Hurrr, I lol'd.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)10:53 No.3111469
I think it was a giant net cannon. And it was more of a tank than a truck. With a giant cage pulled behind it.
>> Anonymous. 12/04/08(Thu)11:07 No.3111514
     File :1228406847.jpg-(7 KB, 200x160, hornedking.jpg)
7 KB
Horned King, motherfuckers.

Just in case you need to throw a Lich lord in there, or something.
>> Amazing 12/04/08(Thu)11:07 No.3111516

Yeah, it was basically the most badass vehicle in a Disney film ever.

And I'm COUNTING Atlantis: The Lost Empire in that call.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:09 No.3111522
See; >>3111514

Black Cauldron was going to be such a great movie until Disney pussied out.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:13 No.3111538
What did they pussy out over?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:16 No.3111551
It was originally going to be a whole lot more violent. That skeletal Viking army at the end that just falls down? They didn't just fall down in the original script. They even finished a lot of animation for it. They chopped it up so bad if you listen for it the music skips in a few places.

Also, no Gurgy. No FUCKING Gurgy. I was happy when he died.
>> Heynonnynonnymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:18 No.3111558
     File :1228407505.jpg-(21 KB, 308x398, karnage.jpg)
21 KB

Oh, you bassids are taking the good chars.

I guess I'm gonna go with the SKY PIRATE!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:21 No.3111569

Right then, /tg/. Party of 4 badest motherfuckers in Disney.

Hard Mode: They fulfil all 4 standard class roles for a D&D party (fighter, rogue, healer, mage).
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:22 No.3111573
>I guess I'm gonna go with the FURFAGS!

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:22 No.3111575
     File :1228407738.jpg-(10 KB, 312x252, karnage.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:23 No.3111584
I'm going to throw another vote behind Mozenrath.
Also, don't forget Judge Rollo.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:25 No.3111588

I'm giving a vote for Don Karnage, at least as a minor villain. He's got a flying aircraft carrier and plenty of swashbuckling, for fuck's sake!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:27 No.3111597
And a rather hilarious accent. I'll vote for him, even though I've already voted for Rasputen.
>> Heynonnynonnymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:29 No.3111604

I dun think Rasputin is a Disney char.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:34 No.3111627
Don't forget his name is fricken carnage with a K!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:36 No.3111629
Gaston - Tank
Captain Hook - Rogue
Judge Claude Frollo - Cleric
Jaffar - Mage
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:37 No.3111632
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:38 No.3111639
The best thing is that all of them could theoretically inhabit the same time period.

What would be their quest, though? Who would they battle? Let us hear the epic sage of this brotherhood.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:39 No.3111641
I have as much nostalgia as you do, but no excuse exists for furesy!
>> PEdro !f7I5B5GFQM 12/04/08(Thu)11:40 No.3111646
The Beauty and the Beast is in the same period as The Hunchback of Notredame
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:44 No.3111669
And we don't know when Aladin is set, because those sand niggers STILL act like that.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:44 No.3111670
Actually... all of them but Hook are in it for the bitches. And he's in it for the little boy.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:48 No.3111678
They're all roughly in the same period.
As for their quest... God, I don't know.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:50 No.3111687
>>They're all roughly in the same period.
Yeah. "Ye Olden Times."

>>Actually... all of them but Hook are in it for the bitches. And he's in it for the little boy.
Sounds like a quest to me.
>> Heynonnynonnymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:51 No.3111691

I think there's some sort of rule that says character coolness offsets furriness...or something.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:51 No.3111695
Tale spin was Disney right?

Oh please let Tale spin be Disney.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:52 No.3111703
Actually, I think the Hunchback comes first, despite the moving coming out after B&B.

Belle can be seen in Notre Dame square, after all. Reading a book, no less.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:56 No.3111715
Yeah it was.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)11:57 No.3111716
     File :1228409827.jpg-(37 KB, 500x244, lavos1mm.jpg)
37 KB
This might be a good villain for you.
>> Prophet of Killogram !!UN/8XlZaOkl 12/04/08(Thu)11:58 No.3111723
rolled 47 = 47

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)12:02 No.3111737
Yes. Yes it was.

You can tell, because the Jungle Book is Disney. And the entire animal cast of The Jungle Book is in fucking Tale Spin.
Sheer Khan becomes an evil businessman, Baloo learns to fly a plane, and King Louie gives up his crown to serve margaritas to pelicans.

They then added another bunch of characters because otherwise the entire series would have been 'Baloo delivers rum to King Louie while Sheer Khan tries to stop them by opening another bar next door that sells drinks for much less.'

Also, Baloo looks a lot like a grey Little John. c.c;
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)12:03 No.3111743
So, Gaston, Judge Claude Frollo, Jaffar and Captain Hook are all in it for the bitches (and the little boy).

I like the sound of this.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)12:05 No.3111751
I vote for Mozenrath and Don Karnage as well. Classiest villains.
>> Drawde 12/04/08(Thu)12:27 No.3111848
Yes, and probably.
>Mr. Feeny
Yes. Fuck yes, best campaign ever.

This thread reminded me how Disney was awesome and then just decided to stop being awesome after Tarzan, because they're all morons.
I need to go listen to Hellfire again.

Jafar and Kefka team up to take over the world. The two of them become genies, and do Kefka's World of Ruin thing on the place, and you have to travel to their twisted tower, through the sands of a massive desert, and stop them.
Kingdom Hearts should have had a real villain team up, as opposed to "we'll all just stand her in the shadows making plans, but not actually help each other."
>> Prophet of Killogram !!UN/8XlZaOkl 12/04/08(Thu)12:37 No.3111886
rolled 40 = 40

More like the success of Pixar and Michael Eisner fucked up everything that used to be good about disney.
>> Drawde 12/04/08(Thu)12:39 No.3111896
Their successes is no excuse to can the traditional animation team and stop using anything but CGI, without musicals.

That's stupidity.
>> Prophet of Killogram !!UN/8XlZaOkl 12/04/08(Thu)12:42 No.3111908
rolled 50 = 50

Yes, Edward, Michael Eisner's stupidity. He saw CG as "the future" and said "Fuck making good things, I suck cocks."
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)12:49 No.3111958
Oh god, that was such an awesome show. I tried explaining it to my friends and they wouldn't believe it was Disney. Airplanes, bars out in the middle of nowhere, treasure... and isn't there one episode where Baloo ends up in a concentration camp run by a nazi boar or some shit?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)13:17 No.3112102
>>nazi boar
There were several that mocked the USSR; it was a commie boar.

Also, this thread has made me realize that Gaston would be an awesome Spirit of the Century character.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)13:34 No.3112175
+5 Might
+4 Survival, Guns
+3 Weapons, Alertness, Athletics
+2 Fists, Endurance, Stealth, Leadership
+1 Resources, Rapport, Contacting, Gambling, Intimidation

Might - Herculean Strength, Wrestler
Fists - Brawler
Contacting - Contact (LeFou): Average Social minion
[1 left]

No-one [Verb]s Like Gaston
Country Bumpkin
Unreturned Crush: Belle
Mortal Enemy: Books
Paragon of Manliness
Big as a Barge
Bumbling Companion
Vain and Arrogant
My Survival Comes First
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:04 No.3112296
     File :1228417461.jpg-(75 KB, 800x600, aladdin-1.jpg)
75 KB
THIS. I would play Jafar as well. Barring that, probably play Aladdin, too.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:05 No.3112301
Yes, I remember that one.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:06 No.3112310
>I'm playing Gaston in our Kingdom Hearts one-shot game in a few weeks
>Kingdom Hearts one-shot game
>Kingdom Hearts


Seriously if you wanted a decent game you could've done with it just Disney instead of Final Failtasy.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:39 No.3112455
     File :1228419582.jpg-(128 KB, 1024x768, Aladdin-3.jpg)
128 KB
>Captain Hook - Rogue
No, he's just a high-Dex fighter with Leadership.

You want Rogue skills? This nigga here can get it done.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:46 No.3112485
Aladdin with Jafar?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:56 No.3112521
     File :1228420578.png-(182 KB, 1024x768, fraz1.png)
182 KB
Negaduck up in this motherfucker!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)14:57 No.3112526
     File :1228420659.jpg-(11 KB, 357x187, DarkwarriorDuck.jpg)
11 KB
Negaduck is a fag.

Darkwarrior Duck is superior.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)15:04 No.3112545
     File :1228421093.jpg-(11 KB, 240x176, 240px-OriginalNegaduck.jpg)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)15:23 No.3112615
     File :1228422223.jpg-(25 KB, 750x478, tarzan-spear.jpg)
25 KB
You need a Barbarian for the game?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)15:27 No.3112630
>> SetSail4Fail !Twb3SytpoI 12/04/08(Thu)15:53 No.3112777
Yeah, but fuck you.

Anyway, apparently we're playing next week. Also, some faggot I don't know will be rolling a gummi bear. Gaston my attempt to eat them.

Apparently, our rogue's gallery will Include Mr. Turner's nobody (from boy meets world), malificent, Cruella deVile, and Seymore from ffx10, and Menozarath.

Thanks /tg/, you've delivered an epic campaign on a silver platter
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)16:54 No.3113100
     File :1228427673.jpg-(87 KB, 547x410, beagle-boys.jpg)
87 KB
These guys might be good as henchmen for the other villains.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)16:59 No.3113136
I loved that episode. It was like I was watching Duck Batman!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)17:45 No.3113432
No-one [Verb]s Like Gaston
Mortal Enemy: Books
Kill the Beast!
Hero of the Pub
Unreturned Crush: Belle
Country Bumpkin
Paragon of Manliness
Big as a Barge
Get to the Kitchen, Bitch!
Being an Asshole is Part of My Manly Essence

+5 Might
+4 Survival, Guns
+3 Weapons, Alertness, Athletics
+2 Fists, Endurance, Stealth, Leadership
+1 Resources, Rapport, Contacting, Gambling, Intimidation

Might - Herculean Strength, Wrestler
Fists - Brawler, Mix it Up
Contacting - Contact (LeFou): Average Social minion

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)17:49 No.3113460
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)17:55 No.3113487

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:06 No.3113544
More Spirit of the Century Disney villains!

Captain Hook

I'm the Captain
Mortal Fear: Croc with a Clock
Mortal Enemy: Peter Pan
Sword and Hook Style
Find the Loophole
Coward at Heart
Silver Tongue
Demolition Expert

Leadership - Lieutenant x2 (Smee), Minions
Weapons - Flawless Parry, Riposte

+5 Weapons
+4 Leadership, Deceit
+3 Art, Sleight of Hand, Resources
+2 Rapport, Resolve, Alertness, Intimidation, Guns
+1 Academics, Athletics, Stealth, Gambling, Burglary
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:08 No.3113569
     File :1228432133.jpg-(167 KB, 413x605, 1218836937531.jpg)
167 KB
I'm a bit late to the party, but Why does no one who plays with Kingdom Hearts stuff remember Squaresoft makes games that aren't Final Fantasy?

We need some Parasite Eve, Einhaender, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears. At the very LEAST.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:25 No.3113677
Cobra Staff
Just a Little Respect (That's All I Need)
Magic Lab
Master of Arcane Lore
Looks Distinctly Evil
Underworld Connections
Thirst for Power
Hidden Crush: Jasmine
Mortal Enemy: That Damn Streetrat

Mysteries - Rare Artifact, Mesmerist, Hypnotic Speech, Mind's Shadow, Enthrall
[Alternatively - Animal Companion (Parrot: Iago), Sucker + Big Sucker, Personal Artifact (Cobra Staff), several Rare Artifacts, Clever Disguise, and/or Headquarters; Jafar fits all of these quite well, but I focused on his Hypnotism]

+5 Mysteries
+4 Rapport, Deceit
+3 Resolve, Contacting, Academics
+2 Sleight of Hand, Investigation, Resources, Empathy
+1 Endurance, Stealth, Burglary, Art, Intimidation
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:33 No.3113738

Fuck square!

Moar Disney!
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:43 No.3113795
>>3110691Come on, who'd fuck goofy?

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:46 No.3113823

>Underworld Connections

I remembered that Hercules/Aladdin crossover episode, and this made me chuckle.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:47 No.3113834
>>3112777Apparently, our rogue's gallery will Include Mr. Turner's nobody (from boy meets world)

>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:49 No.3113856

Don't nobodies have absolutely no memory of their previous lives and, if they're lucky enough to maintain their human form, gain weird-ass elemental powers? I wonder what Turner's power could be, and his personality might not be anything like the guy in the show.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:51 No.3113869
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:54 No.3113895
Or failing that, Launchpad McQuack. He was always good for a laugh.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:55 No.3113901
For that matter, Nega-Duck. Fuck yeah.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)18:58 No.3113922
Wait. We had this conversation already. Darkwarrior Duck is best.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:15 No.3114020
     File :1228436155.gif-(6 KB, 640x400, GADGSPY.gif)
6 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:18 No.3114040
1 VS 1
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:21 No.3114062
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:22 No.3114070

Hey - Darkwing was reasonably competent. Inspector Gadget was a complete fuck-up, through and through. I don't think he ever once pulled out a legitimate win.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:24 No.3114085

Is that Elly from Xenogears, or one of the bitches from Parasite Eve?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:26 No.3114096
>> Lord Licorice 12/04/08(Thu)19:28 No.3114112
     File :1228436904.jpg-(193 KB, 512x512, inspectorgadget2.jpg)
193 KB
My votes so far are for Mozenrath, motherfukkin' Mechanicles (FUCK YEAH CLOCKWORK EVERYTHING), Zummi Gummi (the sorceror voiced by Jim Cummings), and Inspector Gadget if you play him like this.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:35 No.3114160
     File :1228437307.jpg-(53 KB, 340x468, 1215793129384.jpg)
53 KB
Neither. That is Id. The Demon of Elru. Although Grahf is a MUCH better option for a villain to fight. I just can't find any of my images of him.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)19:59 No.3114303

Fukken' Id...
Yeah, Grahf was way more badass. Of course, his backstory was EQUALLY retarded (LOL XENOGEARS), but at least his character design made up for it.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)20:24 No.3114453
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)20:31 No.3114486
Who to use would depend on whether you want a "RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS, and I'm also you" or a "just as planned, and I'm also your father" villain. And those aren't spoilers, because if you don't know them by now its your own damn fault.
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 12/04/08(Thu)20:39 No.3114524
     File :1228441151.jpg-(12 KB, 286x240, doug24.jpg)
12 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)20:39 No.3114529
Greatest potential flaw? Unless I'm mistaken, three Frenchmen.

That party's going down like a brick.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)20:50 No.3114620
     File :1228441819.jpg-(36 KB, 300x400, atticus-finch_l.jpg)
36 KB
New 3.5 DnD game /tg/ and I feel like playing a 1950s dad type.

Any ideas on what classes would be good for such a thing?
>> Vanzetti !!N/2mhBhcfAI 12/04/08(Thu)20:52 No.3114632
they need a french canadian to balance out the party. Quebec, the only french people who never surrendered to anyone.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)20:54 No.3114648

Isn't Hook English?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:03 No.3114702
     File :1228442616.jpg-(22 KB, 504x336, hexxus.jpg)
22 KB
Screw the disney rule.

Tim Curry as a giant toxic smog elemental, what's not to love?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:08 No.3114723

Ferngully was my favorite environmentalist propaganda movie when I was a kid.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:24 No.3114823
     File :1228443865.gif-(16 KB, 264x215, Batty Koda.gif)
16 KB
THIS punk. I defy you to find a more entertaining character than a schizophrenic flying mammal with a radio in his head.
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 12/04/08(Thu)21:25 No.3114834
As was it for us all.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:30 No.3114857
The Disney version was allegedly based off a Spanish king.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:32 No.3114882
     File :1228444375.png-(158 KB, 383x354, 1224887038234.png)
158 KB
I second this.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:35 No.3114897
     File :1228444504.jpg-(49 KB, 367x541, zjohnsilver.jpg)
49 KB
>>Screw the disney rule.

Then John Silver from Treasure Planet.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:36 No.3114912
OK. TWO Frenchmen. My point holds. That party is already half -R-U-N-N-O-F-T
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:50 No.3115025
     File :1228445414.gif-(37 KB, 329x247, garcast.gif)
37 KB
How are we having a thread about awesome disney characters without mentioning these badasses?
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)21:56 No.3115072
     File :1228445776.jpg-(23 KB, 400x314, bonkers91.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)22:08 No.3115128
Because that show was bad and you should feel bad?

Seriously, never got into it at all. Just annoyed the hell out of me.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)22:12 No.3115152
fuck you fgt that show was amazing.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)22:16 No.3115170
Also, Hook might be a Spaniard but he's definitely French where his courage is concerned. And Gaston turns pure Frenchie when his life's on the line.

tl;dr: Hook's a coward.
>> Anonymous 12/04/08(Thu)22:32 No.3115274
     File :1228447922.gif-(6 KB, 100x100, ttg.gif)
6 KB
>Hook's a coward.

Your mom's fat.
>> Anonymous 12/05/08(Fri)00:51 No.3115928
     File :1228456302.gif-(20 KB, 357x284, pumbaa09.gif)
20 KB
is lion king canon? if so, i'd totally be pumbaa.
>> Anonymous 12/05/08(Fri)01:14 No.3116031
     File :1228457642.jpg-(9 KB, 526x356, Theoneguy.jpg)
9 KB
Rourke, this guy was pretty hardcore I'd say. Steals last hopes and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> Anonymous 12/05/08(Fri)02:18 No.3116340

Learn what furry actually means, and why we actually hate them newfag. Existence is not the reason for our hatred.


It's Id. That's a dude.
>> Anonymous 12/05/08(Fri)02:22 No.3116360
Yes, and more yes.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 12/05/08(Fri)02:25 No.3116384
Your ability must compel people into singing along in a coordinated fashion. Crucial element there.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 12/05/08(Fri)02:26 No.3116392
Also, if they participate through the entire length of the song, then their attitude towards you improves to friendly (or one step further if it was already there).
>> Anonymous 12/05/08(Fri)02:28 No.3116405
Everything about this thread is awesome.
>> Johnny Tsunami Anonymous 12/05/08(Fri)02:32 No.3116428
     File :1228462342.jpg-(35 KB, 250x400, Johnny_Tsunami.jpg)
35 KB
I fucking win