File :1227481744.jpg-(27 KB, 401x252, 1222967008271.jpg)
27 KB Real Life Random Encounter Part the Second Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:09 No.3050285  
Continuation of >>3045912

So I had just gotten done watching a horror movie at this all-night movie theater with some friends of mine. There were four of us. It was Halloween, just a little after midnight, and we were waiting in the parking lot for my friend's sister, who had borrowed the car.

The place is DESERTED. It's like we were the only ones there. The other moviegoers already left, apparently, and there was like one lone security guard somewhere near the entrance. I spot a group of four guys across from us, just staring. My friends notice them too. At this point they start following us. They remain directly across the street from us, but every time we move on ahead they mimic our movements.

Eventually, we run out parking lot, so we just do our best to ignore them... but they cross the street, walking towards us slowly. The security guard has disappeared as well, so we're all alone with these four other guys coming towards us. Finally, they stand right there in a semi-circle around us, and one of us speaks up and asks them if they want something. We hear a gun click. At this point, the guy's sister shows up, having pulled up right next to us, and we just climb in without another word, and tell her to step on it.

At this point the four guys start yelling after us, telling us that we got lucky, that we were dead next time they saw us around there, etc.

Never had any idea what this was all about and never saw them again. We still go to the movie theater anyway.
>> Juba, The Baghdad Sniper !1EVr3uyPJI 11/23/08(Sun)18:10 No.3050287
See, that is why you should get a concealed carry license.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:10 No.3050293
Maybe you were wearing rival gang colors?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:19 No.3050339
Me and my ex-girlfriend were walking out of a Chinese restaurant, when a group of skateboarders decided to harass us. It was pretty late, the restaurant was closing as we were leaving, and it was just the two of us and maybe five of them. So they start jeering, making some rather crude remarks. Eventually they stop skating, which kind of worries me a little. One of them stopped right in front of us.

The fucker reaches out and grabs her boob, and at that point, I'm seriously considering getting into a fistfight that'll likely land me in the hospital, since I'm fairly certain they'll all jump me if I lay a hand on one of them.

But my girlfriend just bends over, grabs this guy's board (which puts him off balance a little), and starts wailing on the guy's fucking head. Nobody moved. Nobody said anything. After the first shot this guy's already collapsed and she just keeps hitting him in the head with the board until the fucking thing cracks in her hands.

One of the other guys looks like he's about to step in, and I realize things are going to get a lot worse, but we hear this siren, and the telltale flash of blue light, and these skaters just take off. We started to run, too, but luckily the cops didn't follow us. I imagine they decided to stay with the guy she assaulted.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:23 No.3050362
RL Bolter Bitch?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:25 No.3050376

Skateboarders? Bunch of fags if you ask me.

In England we laugh at skateboarders and steal their boards.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:28 No.3050393
You know, I think the reason I never run into any encounters is BECAUSE I have a concealed carry weapon- the universe doesn't want to give me the chance to use it.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:33 No.3050413
One time my friends and I cut in front of a bunch of people in the Blockbuster line, dick move I know. Well as we were walking back to my house all of a sudden one of the guys we cut runs past and decks my buddy right in the nose. There's blood everywhere and suddenly we're surrounded by them and they start in on us. Eventually we catch a break when my friend whacks one of them across the face with this wallet chain. They're fucking shocked so we get the hell out of there. Fortunately we never saw them again.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:36 No.3050427
Got mugged outside a restaurant in the parking lot once. Around midnight, it was far from deserted, but no one helped. It was a skinny white guy with a switch, and I was a skinny white guy without one. He asked for my money, and I, without saying, "Okay" fumble for my wallet, which he takes to mean I'm fumbling for my skinny white guy .45, so he tags me in the left side of my abdomen with his switch, but I'm skinnier than he though, and really, he barely grazed me and went straight into the spare tire on the back of the Jeep he'd backed me up against. We both heard a pop and hissing, he took like five of my forty dollars, called me a cracker and legged it. I take this time to think to myself why I would be hissing, and realize that my side doesn't hurt as much as a stab into my liver should. I lean back and the tire gives in to my weight a little. I laugh uncontrollably, mostly out of anxiety, but a little because of the tire thing and four or five onlookers who didn't help are staring blankly at the guy who still his money in his wallet and who was just "shanked in the gut". And they see that guy laughing his ass off and continuing to walk to his car. And they see the other guy running full bore from who knows what.
I remember hearing a, "Jesus Christ, which one of them was the crook?" before starting my car and leaving.
Felt pretty good about the situation. Story worth telling you know?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:40 No.3050453
Over the course of my time on this island I've seen this one guy multiple times, in different cities, because he sticks out like a sore thumb.

This guy is clearly homeless, dressed in old, dirty clothes, and always wearing a sweat-stained white bandana. He pushes a shopping cart loaded with all kinds of random junk, but what really stands out are the signs... white poster board signs with multicolored but clearly legible writing, and a huge cross.

Yes, an actual cross, which I imagine this guy must have fashioned out of wood he found at a construction site or something.

Anyway, these signs all tell a story, and I had only ever gotten bits and pieces of it -- something about the police, you know, never could quite make it out. I was usually driving by, you see. But just a few days ago, this guy that I've seen in all these different cities, often times weeks apart, stops right in front of where I work, and leaves his shopping cart and cross in one of the parking spaces in the lot, and goes inside a nearby fast-food restaurant.

I'm on my break, and of course I'm curious, so I take the opportunity to read what the signs say. The whole story goes that when he was in New York, the police there framed him for raping and murdering his wife, and that as a result the state took his kids from him. One of the signs went on to say that Jesus suffered similar false accusations at the hands of the law, and that like Jesus, this frame-job was his personal cross to bear.

So the guy comes back out of the place with a 2 liter of Sprite, and just wheels off.

I guess what really shocked me was how everything was written in perfect English, because the guy was clearly a local, and almost nobody here actually speaks English.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:58 No.3050536
These stories gives me the urge to fashion myself some improvised brass knuckles.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:05 No.3050596
Not so much a random encounter as just someone who you'd never expect to see.

If was driving through rural Tennessee with my father and we stopped to piss at a gas station/truck stop. I'm from MA and we were pretty deep in the Bible Belt so we were feeling pretty out of place when suddenly this tiny little old Arab man in turban pulls up and gets out of his car. He lays his prayer mat down on the ground and starts praying towards Mecca. Everyone was just staring at him incredulously.

Dude had cojones.
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/23/08(Sun)19:06 No.3050600
a rock climbers d-clip should suffice.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:11 No.3050638
I'd bet anything that they were only carrying airsoft pistols anyway.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:12 No.3050648
Once I was walking home from games club with all my mini cases, card&games bag etc, through a bad area of town, though I'd done it tonnes of times before. I'm ever so slightly paranoid, so every now and then I glance over my shoulder. I saw two people walking towards me, about the same pace. I didn't think anything of it, but after a while I got the odd feeling they were following me. About thirty seconds after that, I looked back and they're gone. I got a little scared for a few minutes, but I soon began to relax, thinking "They were just walking the same way". I look back, and they're fucking there again, but the distance between us has halved. I get seriously freaked, but as soon as I convince myself they're following me, they're gone again. As soon as I feel safe, there they are. This happened twice more, and then they vanished. But, just as I was going into my house, I spotted them just across the street, sitting at the bus stop, staring at me. I locked every door and window, barricaded myself within my bedroom and fell asleep with a sledgehammer in my hands. In the morning, I went downstairs to find a note on my floor, which must have been pushed through my letterbox. I unrolled it, and all it said was "Lol". Fucking jerks.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:15 No.3050665
>decks my buddy right in the nose

Round where I'm from, decks means knocking someone to the ground (i.e. them hitting the deck).
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:20 No.3050688
I heard about some guy down in England who left his Games Workshop case full of metal minis behind at a busstop. Someone reports it and the police use a metal detector on it. With all the minis in there, there is a shit ton of metal, so they perform a controlled detonation on it.
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/23/08(Sun)19:22 No.3050701
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:23 No.3050711

Poor guy; those things are hella expensive.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:25 No.3050724

Man, the worst I've done is left my miniature case behind in an arcade - luckily it's a retrofitted Duracell electronics testing case, so it looks important rather than filchable. The girl behind the counter brought it out when I rushed back in looking for it.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:28 No.3050747
About a month ago, I was at a Starbucks with two of my buddies. I we got some coffee and I went in to use the bathroom. I don't think I was in there long, but when I came out, a little line formed. So I go back to my friends' table and I see this weird guy waiting to go into the bathroom as well. He's mumbling something and just pacing around like he's not all there in the head. Then all of a sudden he comes up to me and asks me if I was a Mormon. I said no, and for the hell of it I asked if he was. And he goes,"Fuck no! I hate Mormons!" He said it loud to so everyone stared at him. Then he just barged out of the place cursing and mumbling. Then my friend says, "Maybe you should've said yes to see what he would've done."
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:31 No.3050768
get out
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:31 No.3050775
I had just finished watching Quantum of Solace at the theater, and was stepping outside when I saw this guy dressed like a priest get held up (the mugger had a switchblade).

Now, the priest was at least 6'4 and built like a goddamned pro wrestler. In comparison, the guy who was try to mug him was a head shorter and was only average sized. When he tried to take the priest's wallet, he got nailed in the eye with a cross.

That's right. The priest had gripped his cross between his index and middle fingers and rammed the long end straight into the mugger's eye. He dropped like a rock. The guy was screaming and bleeding all over the place while the priest wiped his bloody cross off on the guy's shirt and walked away.
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/23/08(Sun)19:33 No.3050791
how'd you know he was a priest?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:34 No.3050797
I'm guessing the cloak and collar that's worn by most catholic clergy.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:35 No.3050802
He's carrying around a cross, what would you think he was, a Roman executioner? An out-of-work carpenter?
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/23/08(Sun)19:35 No.3050809
But why the fuck would he wear that to a movie theater.
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/23/08(Sun)19:38 No.3050833
I think >>3050775 meant a cross on a chain. If not the more pressing question is why the fuck is he in a clergymen s robes carrying around a full sized cross at a movie theater.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:39 No.3050837
/tg/ = /k/
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:40 No.3050849
Maybe he likes to stand out from a crowd?
>> The Lionhearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/23/08(Sun)19:48 No.3050883
Perhaps but he could have gone with a less extravagant approach. Like wearing a silly hat *Cough*ThePope*Cough* or flamboyantly pink pants.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:52 No.3050915
Yeah, it was a cross on a chain.

Honestly, that priest is NOT somebody I would ever fuck with. I need both of my eyes.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:58 No.3050950

>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)19:58 No.3050952
Kind of reminds me of a priest my childhood church had for a while. Not as tall, but pretty damn buff. Cool guy.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)20:07 No.3050983
Cool story bro.
>> Lazyfag 11/23/08(Sun)20:11 No.3051002
I'm surprised it took this long for someone to say that.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)20:15 No.3051026

Good point, I'll delete it, since it has no value and isn't really in theme with the thread
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)22:18 No.3051755
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)23:55 No.3052387
I moved into an apartment building that was about 75% old people 25% young families. Fine, whatever. Rent was cheap, it was a quiet area and building so I just didn't care. A year or so later the really quiet elderly guy next door to me (been there since the early 1970s) gets booted out and his apartment sold as a condo for megabucks.

Someone new moves in and because of my work schedule I never see them. But they listen to really really bad gangsta rap. All fucking day long on their days off. So I'm thinking "oh great some wigga teenager moved in next to me".

One day I'm heading off to work and I see the guy next door. Bald as a cue ball middle aged white dude carrying a bandana. I'd say 45. Best part? He fucking BICYCLED to work every day wearing his fucking bandana listening to gangsta rap on his mp3 player.

Midlife crisis ftw...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:12 No.3052477
So I' walking around my hometown. This place isn't really well known at all, so I may as well not even mention it... But anyway, we have almsot no homeless folks around here. Now, you should understand that I'm a very charitable person. If I havchange, I usually igve them half my coins, because I get the feeling if I don't karma will fuck me so hard it'll need a smoke aftarwards. I ru across this old, I mean OLD, homeless dude. He's got a begging mug, a couple boards of cardboard for signs, stuff like that. He looks up at mefrom his place on the sidewalk and says, in southern talk so thick it sounds like he swallowed a guitar cause of the twang, "'Ey, son, can ye help me out wit' summin?"
I raise an eyebrow, because I dont here that accent often here in WA, And I pull out my empty pockets. I had just dropped off my date at home, after a very expensive date. No money left at all.
"Naw, sun, not with cash." I start to tell him I'm only 18, and I don't do drugs, when he cracks up. He holds up a sharpie and says, "Naw, I need sum 'elp with cummin' up with a sign. any idears?"
I blinked. Me and Bob shot the shit for a while. When I left, I still hadn't given him y ideas, but he told me that time is more valuable than money anyway and he was thankful.

Came back in ten minutes and he was talking with a forty-year-old mother and her son.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:16 No.3052495
Some wiggers tried to rob an asian kid at a bus stop a few years back.

There are 4 people there: me, a big latino dude in a hoodie, a middle-aged asian woman and a mildly nerdy-looking asian dude with neat hair, nice coat, glasses, and gloves. The asian kid isn't that scrawny, hard to tell since it's fucking cold out and he's wearing that big jacket but I'm estimating he's maybe 18 or 19 years old, 5'10" and 180 or so pounds. One of the wiggers pulled out a switchblade and demands his wallet, the guy next to the kid stands up, and he's HUGE maybe 6'4" looking about 270 lbs. While the wigger steps back in shock the asian leaps on him, disarms him and beats the shit out of him, throwing the switchblade into the storm drain before the wannabes run the hell away.

I talked to them as we got on the bus. Turns out the two were adopted brothers (asian's family adopted the hispanic kid), the hispanic guy was in the military and had been teaching his brother what he'd learned.

Strangest pair ever, they didn't even talk to each other the whole time while they were at the bus stop.

What I just realized is strange on retrospect is that the woman didn't seem shocked AT ALL.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:21 No.3052516
Man, I wish DnD random encounters were like this.
"So I was standing there, doing my watch at camp, right? Suddenly, this huge bear rolls out of the woods and into my feild of vision."
"So you woke up the party, right?"
"No, actually. I looked closer, and, the bear was angry, to be sure, but not because of u.... but three mother-fucking kobolds were wrestling the damn thing! One on each front paw and one on the back."
"Who won?"
"Dunno. The bear tossed one off, but it ot stabbed by the one on its back. Then it ran off, carrying the other two."
"What about the tossed one?"
"Landed right in our firepit. Couldn't get out and burned to death."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:22 No.3052526
"You have encountered a group of radscorpions fighting off some mobsters."
>> That Damn Mouse 11/24/08(Mon)00:51 No.3052640
I ended up following a guy all day today, just watching him sharpen a pencil as he walked through the city. He sharpened it to nothing, through away the unusable stub and then started on a new one.

He went through three in the time I was following him.
>> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 11/24/08(Mon)00:58 No.3052671

Regulator camp. Every three days, without fail, the brahmins at that place respawn. Without fail, two giant radscorpions spawn and fuck shit up. Then the regulators kill the. Then three days later, the brahmins respawn. And then the giant radscorpions spawn...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:01 No.3052682
1. Sneak.
2. Wait for one side to kill the other.
3. Kill the survivors, loot everybody.

- or -

>> Gary Reb !!yBSEiuYih/i 11/24/08(Mon)01:22 No.3052847
I went to school at Albion College in Michigan for a time before switching to a much more affordable community college. While I was at Albion I was walking to the dorm very late at night from a session of D&D when I passed by the Kappa Delta Sorority, outside was a woman wearing clothes that seemed slightly out of date, but not by much. As I passed by, she waved to me. I waved back.
She smiled then proceeded to walk through the CLOSED door of the sorority house.
Needless to say, I freaked out and ran away.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:04 No.3053509
When I was in college, I'd drive home on the holidays. 12+ hour drives on 3 hours of sleep means you see some shit that you just don't want to remember.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:08 No.3053542
get back to /x/, no one believes you were anything other than high or lying
>> Elusive 11/24/08(Mon)03:12 No.3053587
I try to keep life interesting sometimes just going out and driving untill I get lost some times its putting on odd costumes and walking around the college dorms. My list of costumes so far; Harlequin clown, mime, Leprechaun, Hawaiian tourist, Grim reaper, grim reaper mask with a tux top hat and pimp cane, Barney Rubble, Elmo puppet on one hand, redneck hick, secret service, huge mascot owl head, and Batman.
There have been several interesting encounters.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:13 No.3053589

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:18 No.3053632
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)04:05 No.3053888
Being something of a precocious but ultimately cowardly bastard, I often pretend to be a mute when faced with uncomfortable situations regarding strangers. Mind you, this isn't all the difficult to pull off on my part since I actually happen to "speak" International Sign due to once being good friends with a deaf-mute girl in elementary school. Anyhow, one such situation came up a little while ago while I was at the mall with my wife.

We were in the food court getting some lunch after having been shopping for a few hours straight — she wanted some [fake] Japanese food from some knockoff while I decided to get some [bean] burritos from the Teco Bell stand. And so, since the stalls were at the opposite ends of the food court from one another, we obviously separated ways to go order our individual meals. So, as I'm standing there, second in line at the Taco Bell stand, starting into space as I often do, some tough guy (i.e. asshole) comes up and jumps in front of me with his girl' on his arm just as the guy in front of me walks away with his meal. Being that I'd just been on my feet for more than two hours straight, I really didn't feel like letting some asshole make me wait a few more minutes for my meal (there was only one guy at the stand/stall and he was being slow as hell; apparently the manager didn't show up for work).

Taking the initiative, I lean forward and loudly tap my middle and index fingers against the counter in a mostly certainly retarded manner. This obviously got the guy's attention as he spun around a bit and gave me some look like I was the asshole and asked me what my problem was. Now, as I said before, while I like to think that I'm bolder than most, ultimately, I'm just a pussy. So, I stiffen up a bit (trying hard not to show fear in my eyes) and start making hands signs at the guy and his chick. As you can expect, the guy gives me a "wtf?" kind of face.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)04:08 No.3053892
Again, since I actually know the language, I wasn't just flailing my arms around like retard ('though I felt like one, for sure). I actually asked him twice why he'd cut in front of me despite being a line of people behind me. Now, allow me to quote word for word what the guy said to me after doing this: "What the fuck's your problem, retard?" again, asking me what my 'problem' was and at the same time re-affirming my own view of myself at the time. "If you've got something to say, say it." Either way, it was your typical macho bullshit.

Standing there for a moment, we gave each other the stink eye until suddenly the seemingly embittered elderly woman behind me told him to get to the back of the line. Turning around a bit, she gave me a smile before continuing to berate the asshole in front of me, saying that he shouldn't cut in line, especially in front of "disabled" people. Obviously sneering at the old lady and me, he just left the line altogether with his girl' in tow. Bowing my head in thanks to the woman, knowing that I still needed to pretend to be a mute or look like an asshole myself, she told me to "tell" her what I wanted to get so that she could order for me. Slowly signing her (still feeling like a retard, I might add), she obviously understood me as she promptly ordered two bean burritos (I signed out the "burritos" phonetically and probably incorrectly to boot).

Anyhow, long story short, upon getting my meal, I thanked her in Sign and told her to have a good day. Then, scurrying off to find my wife with my tail between my legs, as it were, we quickly left the mall as I silently urged her onto toward the exit despite the fact that she wanted to eat inside.

So yeah, I, a fat, neckbearded pissant, while being too much of a coward to properly stand up to some asshole with a bad hairdo, had a kind and elderly woman come to my rescue. It was by far one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)04:19 No.3053943
>>It was by far one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life.

Eh, it still took a certain amount of balls. Also makes a decent story.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)04:28 No.3053997
Badass old lady is badass.

Reminds me of my grandmother.

Who died three months ago.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)04:31 No.3054025
That's a good story. You should save it as a .txt file just in case you forget.

Then when you drop dead decades from now your family will look on your computer and hopefully not see copious amounts of porn, but instead a compilation of life stories.
>> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 11/24/08(Mon)04:51 No.3054109
My high school mathematics teacher listens to clasical music, and is partially deaf so has to have it very loud. Recently, he had bought a convertible with a colossal subwoofer in it. Needless to say, there was some considerable surprise when he showed up in a bright red convertible, top-down, with Rachmaninov blasting so loud the windscreen was shaking.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)05:00 No.3054154
When I was a kid I was taking a shortcut somewhere when I interrupted a coyote drinking. I had never seen a real coyote before much less expected to see one in a city. I just stared at it while it stared at me for a minute. Then it just turned and went off. I've never seen another real coyote since then.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)05:22 No.3054204
2 storys.

First about 2 years ago my ex wife and I are sitting at a Waffle House, just after midnight, in Columbia SC. I am calmly eating my patty melt while she is digging in to her waffel. Now I do not smoke and normally would not sit in the smoking section but tonight Waffle House is packed so we sit in the smoking section. Now I notice at this point a new couple has come in, obviously from a party. She is dressed in fetish gear, leather corset, viynal bikini bottoms, silstocking, combat boots, the works. He on the other hand is dressed in a lounge suite...while wearing -Hollywood Quality- Devil Makeup. After a minute I go back to eating, the novelty of hot chick and devil guy having worn off (and dagger eyes from ex-wife for noticing hot chick) at which point someone taps me on the shoulder. I look up and there is Satan asking me for a light. Now again, I don't smoke, but I do own a lucky Zippo so I pulled it out and gave him a light.

Story 2

Rewind back to 1995. I am a stupid redneck kid (again in Cola SC) when my buddy and I are walking out of the mall. It is near dusk and we are walking to his car (I had jsut turned 16 and didnt have my license yet) when this wannabe wigger thug jumps in front of us, knife drawn, and demands our money. Now at this point multiple things flashed in my head. 1) The absudity of mugging a teen. 2) The pack of his little wigger freinds off to the side egging him on 3) and my hand pulling my much larger knife out from under my coat. Things happened pretty quickly after that. My friend also happened to be a black belt and promptly disarmed our attacker. We proceed to beat the ever loving shit out of him while I kept glacing at his "buddies" while looking menacing wiht my own knife. T oadd insult to injury we too the $20 in his wallet and went and got McDonalds. In retrospect it is the second stupidest thing I ever did. The first was marrying my ex.

TLDR: Gave the Devil a light and mugged a mugger.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)05:47 No.3054247
great thread *bump*
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:32 No.3054503
thread must not die
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:36 No.3054506
For my birthday, a friend got me a pope hat. One day, I wore it to the mall.

Encounter 1: A teenage guy came up to me and said "Where's your ring?", then asked if he could hug me. Hugs were given. Then a teenage girl came up, dressed as a fairy, and also requested a hug.

Encounter 2: While sitting outside the bathrooms an old man in a plaid shirt and suspenders came up and stood in front of me, yelling about how I "wasn't his god, not any god of his." for about a minute, then walked off without a backwards glance.

tl;dr: Fairy hugs the Pope, Old man is going to Hell.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:04 No.3054545
I was at the bank waiting for a teller when this woman comes up to me, telling me I looked just like Joshua.
Then she frowned a little and told me to look him up in the bible sometime.
A teller then called me over, mainly to get me away from her, she said.

It was an odd day.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:12 No.3054707
Once as I was leaving the subway station one evening, I was approached by a shady looking guy, twenty-something. My peripheral vision also spotted someone who seemed to be moving in behind me. The guy asked if I had any library books with me, to which I (truthfully) answered that I didn't. He replied "Ok", and walked away, in the direction of the trains.
>> Prophet of Killogram !!UN/8XlZaOkl 11/24/08(Mon)10:16 No.3054717
>wallet chain

your friend is either 12 or a worthless piece of white trash.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:27 No.3054742
For some reason, I get this sort of shit every fucking time I leave the house. Strangers always want to involve me in their daily lives, for no apparent reason. First, some train stories.
So, just yesterday, I'm sitting on the train, reading as there's no fucking way I'm listening to my mp3 on a train. A couple of girls get on, drunk as fuck; they walk in,and stand around, giggling and mumbling about tickets. They then turn around, walk towards the train toilets, before one looks back at me and asks if I'd like to join them.
Another train story: very crowded, standing room only. I've a can of deodorant in my pocket because I couldn't be bothered to open up my backpack and put it in there. As he passes, a rather huge man puts his hand into my pocket and has a good rummage around, blatant as the nose on his face. He passes on without word, and I just shake my head. More follow.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:41 No.3054779
>>3054742 Continued.
I've sat next to a guy on the train, making small talk, and the Lebanon-Israel conflict at the time comes up. "What do you think about it all?" he asks.
"Oh, I'm pretty much hoping for Israel to get through it all without the usual political flack." His brow furrows at me. "Are you Mossad?"
I'm pasty, a little short, slight build, blonde hair. I look less Jewish and less spy than I do yaoi character. From here, he starts half-ranting, half conversing about Israeli spies, about cryptography, about how the UK and Israel's spy services are basically the same thing and how we gave them nukes, obliquely referencing my apparent zionistic espionage.
He ranted for about fifteen minutes before he had to get off, winking about our little secret.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:48 No.3054792
My friends and I were sitting around doing salvia.

Still a bit tripping, we sat around and tried to describe how we felt.

That was when a man sitting on a wheelchair pushed by a legion of people came out the front door, carrying a crutch and saying ONWARD! Invariably, all of us saw him as a knight type character, and said "that cannot happen right now"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:53 No.3054808
Now for some non-train stuff, like the time I encountered a chicken on the way to my Uni classes. No rhyme or reason it should be there, just a chicken, walking around, ten feet from a busy road. In a real encounter, it'd have been an owlbear, I know it.

Then there's the time that I and a friend were stopped at red light on a hot day, window opened. Window on the big four-by-four next to us comes down, and a pretty girl smiles at me. Nice. "Have you heard the word of Jehovah?"
"What?" "Read this!" she says, quickly jamming a copy of the watchtower through the window, just as the lights are changing. Drive-by Jehovah's witnessing. Price was so surprised he stalled the car.

I once wore my natty blue "NPC" t-shirt out in public, on the way to my LGS, back in the days I still used to go there. I'm halfway there when a tracksuited man breaks away from his three or four friends, all talking about football. H?e grins at me, and asks me for a quest. (More accurately, he said "quest", and I spent a few seconds working out what the hell he was talking about.) I gave him the quest to buy me a soda, and, sadly, he laughed and walked away. A shame, he looks like he could have done with 400xp.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:57 No.3054814
And THAT is why clerics are overpowered.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:09 No.3054874
That guy would have beat your ass, but he wouldn't touch an old woman. So she had nothing to fear, you however did.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:13 No.3054906
I wish I had a random encounter story to share, but I've led a boring life.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:15 No.3054920
My grandma is one of the coolest people ever. We always pull crazy shenanigans when she's around. So, last year we were walking my dog (a 110lb Great Pyrenees) when my grandma decides that she wants lunch. We go to the nearest restaurant and pretend she is blind and that my dog is a seeing eye dog "in training." It was fucking epic. I love my grandma.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:17 No.3054928
Well here is mine.

So there I was a swedish guy on the isle of wight on the bus going from Ryde to Bembridge when this little emo boy walks up to me and says:

"Jesus christ, I wanna fuck you in the ass"

I was both shocked, disgusted and a bit flattered.
But then me and my friends just talked abit with him asking him why.

He cried when we said to his mum what he had said to us.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:38 No.3055033
What did his mom do?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:47 No.3055091

imagine what your grandma was like when she was a teenager
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:47 No.3055094
I'd imagine this priest would have just fallen and hard, if we lived in a world with an alingment system.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:52 No.3055103
I was walking the trail to the hot spring in Blue River (by Mt. Whistler in BC Canada) when suddenly I got Sneak Attacked by a large Black Bear (large for a black bear, I mean. Black bears aren't very large compared to other Canadian bears).

Long story short; I have a scar from my right elbow to my shoulder, half a deltoid, some stringy muscle that used to be a bicept, and a dead bear. The piss of it is I'm right handed.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:04 No.3055172
one time i was walking home drunk in the middle of the night in the bad part of Oslo when i was suddenly surrended by nigerian whores who pushed me up against a wall and started screaming and clawing at my face.
i have never again runned so fast
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:05 No.3055182
My apartment building is next to a creek, in a fairly wild area.

I see all kinds of animals, raccoons, wild turkey, opossums, tons of giant wild crows, hawks, rabbits, etc.

So, I'm leaving in the early morning to walk to the train for work, and as I'm passing the trash bin, a family of deer walk by, close enough for me to touch them.
A doe and two fawns.

I just stand there, and wait for them to pass, and they casually glance at me and do so.

I take a few steps forward and get this funny feeling in my gut, so I turn around.

There was a buck with sharp antlers less than 5 feet behind me, watching me.

He was watching me the entire time.
If I'd have scared the family of deer, it probably would have killed me.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:10 No.3055198
Not anymore you're not.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:40 No.3055316
Me and a friend of mine were staying over at one of our other friend's house. We were talking about whatever

triffle crossed our minds at the time when the subject led to a rather creepy house we had seen the other day. That

night we didn't have much in the way of entertainment, no video games, too few people to play RPGs and the internet

was doing a rather disappointing job of keeping our attention.

It was about 1am and we were talking about the creepy house when I suggested we just go there. So, we left my

friend's house at 1am, and started walking towards the house. Continuing talking the same trivialities we had been

talking before.

Now, I live in rather small town, that for some reason decided to call itself a city. Maybe because it's the state

capital. Regardless, it's completely deserted, save for a car or two that came as quickly as they went. We quickly

arrive at the house, and quickly take notice of what a stupid endeavor it was to leave at this hour just to see a

house. A house which was inhabited, and noticing three figures staring at his place the owner, who was still awake,

started moving around the house. Noticing we had been noticed, me and my friends decided to leave. For whatever

course of action the person in the house took, would mean nothing but trouble for us.

Still, we were far from being tired. So we decided to keep walking.

Now, one of these friends was DMing a VtM game, which took place in our hometown. He said he wanted to do some

research so we went to southern part of town, close to the beach.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:47 No.3055334

So we're following the coastline in the one part of town that one could say sports a nightlife. Soon, we come across a pair of transvestite prostitutes. My friend says he is going to interview them and starts to walk towards them, me and my other friend stall a little. I don't know my friend's reasons, I was thinking that we were without any money or documents, it was past 1:30am and the tramps were obviously under influence and potentially armed. Either way, my friend had a friendly conversation with the not so friendly creatures and after coldly rejecting one of the aberrations' offer for a goodbye hug we were on our merry way, towards nowhere. He tried to talk to a pair of female prostitutes later, but they were not very drugged nor very open about their carreers. Possibly due to my friend's lack of money.

As we keep following the coastline for about an hour while pondering what we should do next; a muscular man, dressed in women's clothes, clumsily running in the opposite direction to where we're going. We stand there, on the sidewalk, let the scene sink in, and keep walking rather confused.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:48 No.3055343

Until we come across a cop car, parked behind a regular car; with two police officers talking to an old man, obviously local and obviously married. We question one of the policeman about what happened, he retells the scene the man described him.

According to the man, he was from out of town, and being lost, decided to ask someone for information. Coincidentally, the people he chose to question was a pair of transvestites who were standing around in a corner. One of them, he said, leaned against his car window to talk to him. And at some point, reached inside the car, taking his wallet and ran away. The other one, seeing this, ran to another direction. And the old man called the police.

Needless to say, we laughed. The officers laughed back in a mix of amusement and understanding. The rest of our evening was uneventful. But I'll never forget the old man complaining about how no one respected their elders anymore.

Sorry about the spacing on the previous post. Stupid notepad.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:03 No.3055403
So I met that deaf guy in the train. I'm hilariously unskilled in any kind of sign language, but my cellphone saved the day. Text function FTW.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:15 No.3055451
Heres mine. I'm a bike enthusiast, and ride almost every night before bed. Once, while riding along the river that runs past the city I live in I came careening around a corner and hit a chain that was stretched across the path for some reason. I went over the handlebars and came down hard, blacking out for a few.

I come to and I'm surrounded by transvestites looking down at me shocked and concerned, it took a bit to register and I just kinda lied there looking at them, probably with my jaw hanging open. One of them asks if I was okay and they help me up. Turns out that a large group of gay men meet at that spot every Friday night and then go and do their thing...

They were all really nice people but damn was it unexpected.
>> I've got some more Papa Bear 11/24/08(Mon)13:20 No.3055476
*This one takes a little bit of explanation. I was living in a small desert town. My druggy moron biological parents were making payments on a 35 acre piece of land. We lived in a trailer with no electricity or running water. I couldn't stand them, so at night I'd often chop wood for the fire that we'd cook shit on and then go for a walk or read a book b candlelight until they were done eating so that I could have dinner.

So I'm sitting with my back up against the trailer when I hear some sniffing and grunting coming from the darkness. Something moves. I start talking to my family who is sitting in the trailer's living room, the window to which is about eight feet off the ground right above me. They call me a pussy and tell me to quit bitching. It happens again, this time from a different direction. I point and say that there's obviously something there. In order to shut me up, they shine a flashlight.

Right into the face of a javelinas, which are kind of like Southwestern US boars. Kind of. Well, by shining the lights around we determine there are five of these thing and they're rooting around everyone's garbage. The light is pissing them off and I still have my dinner so I'm getting really freaked out. So my biological parents hand me a sword. While I wonder why the fuck they gave me a sword, I start hearing loud POP!s coming from the ground not far from me. Those assholes are throwing firecrackers. The javelinas squeal with anger and my nerdy ass jumps through the damn window that I couldn't even reach.

Also, I heard something from the back of the damn trailer. Fucking javelinas had posted two guards at our back door!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:26 No.3055499
     File :1227551163.jpg-(49 KB, 960x720, 1226838634536.jpg)
49 KB
>> Papa Bear 11/24/08(Mon)13:32 No.3055526
*Some friends of mine and I were walking home from the arcade. Something hits me from behind and I stumble forward. Turning around, I see a fat black girl with a cell phone in her hand lying in the road, her bicycle beside her. Trying to make light of the situation, I say "You shouldn't talk on those things while you're driving; it's dangerous."

She gets up and starts swearing about how I need to watch where the fuck I'm going. One of my friends points out, although not very politely, that she hit me from behind while I was walking on the sidewalk. This is when she calls me a "stupid ass honky, nigga." One of my friends, in disbelief, asks "Did you just call him a 'honky-nigger'?"

"Oh so now I'm a nigger, am I? You fucking pieces of shit. My cousin {I forget the guy's name, as I wasn't even paying attention} gonna come here and kick your ass!" Seeing as we had a miscommunication, I repeated what she had said and was given the following clarification: "I didn't say 'nigger.' I said 'niggA'."

Another friend, who until now had been silent screams "WHAT'S THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE?"

She says something about shooting us, I apologize for my retarded friends and walk away, laughing. I wasn't laughing when I saw the girl ten minutes later in the passenger seat of a convertible filled with angry black men. Just in case, I told my friends and we took off running through people's back yards and stopped at a health food store where we waited for a good hour to make sure we didn't get found.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:35 No.3055545
Wow...fat black women are real bitches.
>> Papa Bear 11/24/08(Mon)13:35 No.3055552
*Was in the Army at the time, and we had just been issued our gas masks. We took them to the barracks so that they would be cleaned. I hear someone knocking at my door. I answer it, and there's someone standing in a gas mask and wearing our thin black thermal underwear (basically Under Armor). He yells "NINJA ATTACK!" and punches me in the balls. I fell to my knees, and when I looked up he was already gone.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:43 No.3055600
I live in a small town understand, so everyone is fairly normal here. Anyway, I was walking down the street one day and I saw a prostitute and a big beefy man wearing leather with a python around his neck.

I never saw them again.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:47 No.3055626
That wasn't a python.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:52 No.3055661
This thread is awesome.

I wish my life wasn't as mundane.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)15:36 No.3056151
Here's a couple. When I was a kid, I lived in the big city, and there was a massive fox infestation. I had a paper route, and in the winter it'd still be pitch black when I was finished. One day, on the route, I heard some padding feet behind me, and saw a fox about 30 feet away, looking at me. They're pretty timid creatures, so I just shrugged and kept delivering my papers, but the fox followed me, getting a little closer each time I stopped at a house. Eventually the fox was only about 5 feet away, walking just behind or in front of me. I'm sure he only wanted food, but for a while I felt I had an animal companion.

Coming home from work, a year ago, I got on the subway/underground and the second I stepped onto the carriage felt a *pop* in my face, and blood just starts pouring out my nose. With no tissues I just have to try and hold it back with my hands, and when the flow eventually stops I have blood all over my face and both hands. Two girls get on (drunk) and ask me what happened. I told them my girlfriend was menstruating.
Later I convinced my roommate that there was a zombie outbreak and I had only just escaped.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)16:57 No.3056566
bump for the bump god!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)17:46 No.3056843
I was an exchange student in Kyoto for a year. During this time, I met this random encounter several times.

The first time I met the old man me and two friends were heading back to the dorm from a party. My friends were drunk and for some reason I couldn't convince them that I knew the right train, so one of them asked him if he knew which train was heading the way we were going. He showed us the right train and it turned out he was heading in the same direction.

We talked with the guy who was obviously at least a bit drunk himself and it turned out that he was an English professor at Kyoto University (we were Ryukoku students, so I'm not sure if this was true). When he heard that I was Finnish, he got really excited and said that he had lived in Finland for a few years. We got off the train soon after that and I thought that was the last time I'd see this nice old man. Boy, was I wrong.

I ended up meeting him every now and then walking around near the Kyoto station and he never remembered meeting me before, even when he hadn't been drunk the last time. Eventually I got sick of repeating my true identity to the guy, so I just started telling him these made up stories of where I was from and what I was doing in Japan.

He always claimed to have been to whatever country I said was from and I could never be quite sure if he was lying as well, because he did seem to have quite good knowledge of the places. Especially convincing to me was the fact that he could name relatively small towns from Finland.

I met a nice old Japanese man who never remembered meeting me before several times.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)18:14 No.3056983
On my trip to NY in '06, this skinny teenage black kid walks up to me in an ally, pulls out a fucking 2" blade and proceeds to demand all the cash in my wallet. Now I'm not the fittest guy, but I'm army and 6'4". I take out my wallet, 'fumble' a twenty, and while the wind catches it (and he's distracted) I knee him, right in the chin. His jaw clenches on his tongue, and immediately he drops the flickblade as he covers his blood-filling mouth and staggers away as fast as his skinny legs can take him. I retrieved my 20$, gave it to a hobo in the same ally, and decided not to take shortcuts for the rest of the trip.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)18:20 No.3057016
Not if he was Lawful Awesome.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)18:28 No.3057047
God, this man alone reevaluated christianity in my eyes.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)18:33 No.3057081
Didn't happen to me, but two of my friends got mugged walking along a fairly major street in our city. Both of them were carrying knives, neither of the people mugging them had knives.

I have some seriously disappointing friends.
>> Anonymoose !!J/4EyXrVAFw 11/24/08(Mon)18:57 No.3057200
     File :1227571064.jpg-(33 KB, 280x532, Fire_Knives.jpg)
33 KB
I was walking into work today and just as I'm coming in someone is coming out. Great big huuuuuge bald guy. Then I notice the tattoo on his arm (attached pic). That's right. The Fire Knives symbol. And just above that a tattoo of a d20.

If I hadn't been barely on time for work as it was I would have talked to the guy. Now I'm tempted to get a Fire Knives tattoo as well. :(
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:13 No.3057248
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:18 No.3057263
Self-defense mothafucka
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:28 No.3057308
     File :1227572883.jpg-(6 KB, 200x154, Alexander-anderson-hellsing.jpg)
6 KB

Was this the priest?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:30 No.3057326
     File :1227573040.jpg-(196 KB, 763x1000, Priest_with_Shotgun.jpg)
196 KB
No, this was.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:35 No.3057346
ITT: Real life people with the Trouble/Weirndess Magnet Flaw.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:41 No.3057368
A bunch of thugs ran right by me and beat up some guy walking down the street for about a minute before scattering.

I run over and help the victim up, and ask him what that was all about. He says he'd never seen them in his life. They didn't take his money either, so it's not a mugging.

This happened twice so far on my own, and something similar has happened when I was walking with my friend.

tl;dr: random senseless violence has thrice passed me up for no particular reason.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:42 No.3057372
     File :1227573720.jpg-(98 KB, 600x750, poverty.jpg)
98 KB
It's the best flaw you can ever take, really. Hell, I'd take it as a perk/feat/bonus/etc. It even beats Poverty as a character flaw for providing awesome times in a gaming session.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:44 No.3057382

Whenever I see a bum with a "funny" sign I remember Chris Rock's advice about homeless people with "funny" sings.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:45 No.3057384
What did he say?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:48 No.3057399
     File :1227574127.jpg-(54 KB, 431x431, visibly_impaired_homeless.jpg)
54 KB

That they obviously haven't been homeless for very long. A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:52 No.3057414
Kharn-writer here. My favourite random encounter was at a restaurant with my family. The restaurant was out in an area full of different wineries and was a fairly popular place for people to go on tasting tours. As we were finishing up our meal, a bus pulls up and a bunch of people come out dressed up in costumes.

I don't really remember too much about any of the other costumes, because the one that had my attention the whole time was someone in a KKK uniform. It was actually pretty well made, but being in Australia I have no way of telling how accurate it was. But it didn't look like someone had just cut eye holes in a sheet.

They enter the restaurant and you can tell everyone is really kind of weirded out by the Klansman costume. Then the person takes off the cone-hood.

A cute little indian girl. Forehead dot and all. I cracked up.

I also work a shitty supermarket job between studying and other stuff, which is basically random encounters agogo.
>> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 11/24/08(Mon)19:52 No.3057417
     File :1227574340.jpg-(199 KB, 500x375, 115390817_ea8301a6aa.jpg)
199 KB
it was a fairly nice night so me and some friends were out walking to the store at maybe 2-3 in the morning. We walk under the overpass and just see this hunchbacked old woman wheeling a baby carriage around. We get that horrible "OH SHIT SOMETHING REALLY BAD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN" vibe and quickly get the hell out of there. We notice that she's following us. We take random turns to try to evade her, getting all the more scared. We finally make it to the store and she's nowhere to be seen. We shop around, get our stuff, and leave. I remember this last part extremely vividly. It was really dark in the parking lot and under one of the few working lampposts is just that fucking baby carriage like it was purposely positioned there. Sounds like shitty /x/ creepypasta I know, but scared the fuck out of all of us and a friend still doesn't like to talk about it, even though it happened months ago. We were all at least fairly fit guys and should have easily been able to outrun an old woman but she never got too far away from us except for when we neared the store's entrance.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:53 No.3057421
     File :1227574401.jpg-(29 KB, 420x281, office space.jpg)
29 KB
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:54 No.3057429
Well that just killed this thread's happy mood.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:56 No.3057435
>>I also work a shitty supermarket job between studying and other stuff, which is basically random encounters agogo.

Seconding this.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)19:56 No.3057440
"Excuse me, which of these tampons are the best?" (Asked by a male, to a male.)
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:03 No.3057476
I went to the supermarket and saw a very randomly placed life-size scarecrow in the middle of an isle. Thinking it was a real person in a costume, I said "Hello" to it, and it's eyes turned to meet mine, but it didn't move an inch.
I realized that the scarecrow was indeed not a human in a costume, but an actual scarecrow made out of straw. I checked its eyes that had previously met mine, but there was nothing there but empty black dots.

I've been scared of scarecrows ever since.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:05 No.3057498
I used to have to look forward to a 3 hour walk home whenever my roomate forgot to pick me up from work. And there's this creepy stretch of lamplit road between two hills, in the middle of the woods, between my old job and my old appartment (the suburbs around Seattle have a lot of long stretches of forest randomly mixed in with their cities, with four-lane highways cutting through), that I would have to walk through, around 1.30 a.m.

I once found an empty wheelchair just sitting beside the road, looking like it had just been vacated. Kinda creepy.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:06 No.3057503
Well, she is technically Aryan...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:15 No.3057551
Yeah, I think it might just be the sheer number of people passing through that the odds for random encounters increase, but here's some of the things I've encountered.

- A shabby looking lady who looked like she was in her fifties comes in and argues with the store manager for a bit, then on the way out stops near me and screams out "AND YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF".
- A stoned man manages to turn buying an orange into a complete debacle that culminates with him declaring "I'll murder you" in the least threatening and drawling voice possible.
- An old lady explains to me that all the state's politicians are italian mobsters.
- A man in a black and white striped sports jacket runs clean through a register being chased by a manager who is yelling "SIR! EXCUSE ME SIR!". The man turns around near the door revealing his arms are loaded with meat goods and yells "GET BACK I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU" before tearing off again (a customer asked me what that was all about, I explained that "The hamburglar has fallen on hard times").
- Two women get into a fight at the front of the store, and when trying to hit one another one lady by accidental knocks a small child down.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:18 No.3057561
And my personal favourite!
There was this guy, no idea how old he was but he was probably in his fifties at a rough guess. I could be wrong. Anyway, the guy was an absolute pain in the ass and would hassle female staff, accusing them of saying things to or about him. Whenever he actually wanted something he was polite and normal, but then five seconds later he'd be a prick again (and ranting and accusing as he walked out the door too, no less).
Eventually I guess he decided he was awesome enough to start annoying the male staff because he started on me. I've got a bit of a hearing problem, so for the most part our conversations would be him accusing me of something at a mumble and me going "I'm sorry sir I didn't hear that" as he ranted his way to the door. It starts to get very old very fast.

Finally one day I'm talking to an old friend and he just walks up and blurts out "Did you just say you wanted to kick me in the face?"

I whirl on him, and practically yell "HOW DARE YOU, I would NEVER say something like that" because hey, a lie about me threatening a customer would get me in a lot of trouble. He backs off going "Ooh, and authority type", and before I turn back to my friend he's declaring I'm talking about him again.

So I just point at the door and say quite clearly "Just FUCK OFF". Somehow no one complained and I still have my job! But anyway, never saw him much after that because he avoided me (and eventually he dropped off the face of the planet I guess). Someone told me he was at one time a member of the band AC/DC (they at one early point did have a high rotation of members) but I seriously doubt that.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:38 No.3057676
A few years back I was on the subway when these two highly attractive blondes get on at the stop (with a third brunette boarding at the other end of the car - this'll be important in a moment), and as soon as we got moving again the two blondes immediately moved over to near the door, about four feet away from me. And started making out.

Needless to say this attracted everyone's attention very quickly, and the car was rather crowded at this point.

So I'm sneaking glances here and there and I notice, when I looked away for a moment, that the brunette was moving down the car towards us. I don't really think much about it at first, but a moment later while I'm sneaking a glance at the make-out session I feel a slight tug on my coat pocket (which was empty) and look down to see the brunette standing next to me. She gives an embarrassed little smile, moved over to the blondes, and then all three got off the car at the next stop.

About half a minute after we started moving again half the people in the car started freaking out about their wallets/etc. being missing.

TLDR gang of lesbian thieves with an epic level distraction on the subway.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:42 No.3057701
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)20:47 No.3057732
this is awesome.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:06 No.3057844
Well one day I was working at the local supermarket, when some guy... short, very muscular, wearing a black tanktop and some black sweatpants asked me if he could borrow some change to make a phonecall. Said I didn't have any, but that I did have a cellphone he could use.

He makes the call, and I swear it can't have rung more than twice before he shut it and said "MOTHERFUCKER".

At first I thought he was angry with me, but instead he re-dialed the number. This time, he let it ring for a while before closing it, and calmly said "Last time that son of a bitch fucks with me" before handing me back my phone and wanders off.

I think nothing else of it until two hours later.

The sun is setting, and there in the parking lot is the guy I loaned my phone to, practicing whipping these nunchuks around like he's Bruce fuckin' Lee. After he's done practicing with them, he puts them in a duffle bag (which looks like it's FULL of martial arts weapons I notice, like swords and such) and stalks off with it in tow.


I felt like I was an extra in some 80's kung-fu revenge movie and had just had a brush with the protagonist.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:10 No.3057859
this to is awesome.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:12 No.3057872
>DERP its awesome because its girls who shun men!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:19 No.3057918

EPIC PICKPOCKETS! I consider myself forewarned now- hand in pockets leads to raep time!


Now that's just cool- Male Beatrix Kiddo borrowed your phone :D
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:31 No.3057994
     File :1227580265.jpg-(26 KB, 640x480, IMG000020.jpg)
26 KB
The one random encounter I've had involved some punk ass black football player from a local uni (i think, may have simply been wearing the jacket). Anyway, it's evening and I'm at a CD warehouse near my house checking out some metal and such when he comes in. I finish up sooner or later and go to the checkout and this fucker just sort of comes up and shoves me out of the way(weighed significantly more than me) and says something to the effect of "what are you going to do?". I hate being shoved, pushed, poked, or hit, or eve touched unless it's in an affectionate or friendly way, so I shoved back and told him to wait his fucking turn. He's not having any of that so he decides that now's a good time to threaten me. He does his spiel and keeps edging towards me the whole time, doing this ducking, bobbing, posturing-thing the whole time. He gets to about 6 inches from my face, spittle flying everywhere and moves to shove me again. I get shoved down, but come up with my knife out (see pic). It's a simple utility knife I use at work (a wholesail furniture store) in place of a box cutter, but it looks mean as fuck. The pussy backs of, goes around the counter and leaves the store. The clerk's laughing his ass off, and then checks my purchases out for me and I go home.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:54 No.3058145
I've had a relatively normal life (Or at least I've gotten used to the odd things), so the extents of my random encounters are a continual stream of crazies that seem to single me out to talk to.

One of them was insistent that she fill out a certificate denoting that I had a Powerful Soul, and that I would be needed in the future. Didn't take my name or a fingerprint or anything, just kinda a scrawled "IF SOUL CHECK HERE" page. She kept the certificate.

Another woman randomly came up to me and asked if I had a pentacle yet, and then handed me one when I said I didn't. "Just in case." It wasn't a cheap one, either, I think, it looks silver. Looks.

So either I'm going to be a PC in the years to come (isn't 2012 going to be the end of the Mayan world, or sommat?), or I exude crazy-pheromones.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:57 No.3058164
I was leaving a comedy club late one night when I was jumped by 3 wiggers. The first one has a knife and pushes me up against the brick wall and demands my wallet. Without saying anything, I hand it to him and he backs off. There's a short pause where he and his friends exchange these triumphant smiles like this was a brand new idea for them.

I instinctively act on something stupid my dad had once suggested. I kick the guy's hand, sending my wallet and his knife flying. We all stand and stare for a few seconds. Then all three of them bolt for the knife while I snag my wallet. I started sprinting off, and I looked over my shoulder after about a block and they were all just bewildered, staring after me.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)21:57 No.3058166
Or Pagan. Damned if I know. I forgot to mention that the Pentaclegirl didn't SEEM crazy, but didn't want to stop and chat.

I have a feeling that if I actually asked her what it was about she'd say something like "Who knows?" or "Can't say. Spoilers."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:20 No.3058271
     File :1227583226.jpg-(264 KB, 1920x1200, DEEP CROW and Carl.jpg)
264 KB
Once, on the bus home an old guy (sitting) grabbed me by the coat (I was standing, crowded bus, I couldn't move away) and started talking at me about crows and ravens. It was all weird, and most of it was nonsensical, but one thing he kept telling me was how he was walking up a street and saw 40 or 50 crows just all sitting in an empty lot.
He didn't notice when I finally broke away at my stop. I've seen him a couple times since (kept my distance), and if no-one's around him then he just sits there babbling, presumably about crows.

I'd like to think that he saw something to do with crows that unhinged him, but this isn't the Cthulhu mythos. Still, whenever I see a crow or raven, it reminds me of him.
Pic unrelated.
>> Papa Bear 11/24/08(Mon)22:46 No.3058442
OH! I have another one. I took a girl that I had a thing for and her friend to a comedy club. The comedian mentions that since most girls will spit out anything that doesn't taste good, if you find a girl who drinks beer you need to keep her. Audience laughs. The girl I brought, Liliana, mentions that she likes beer and wants me to explain the joke. People are starting to look at us so I tell her, "it's about fellatio."

She says "That sounds like something out of Shakespeare. Fellatio. FELLATIO," and then, loud enough to get everyone's attention, even the comedian's, "FELLATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" God I wanted to hide under the table.

That, and I've been in seven different car accidents and I don't even have a license much less drive. For more than half of those I was a pedestrian.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:48 No.3058452
     File :1227584903.png-(65 KB, 711x585, croooow.png)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:48 No.3058456
     File :1227584923.jpg-(570 KB, 1056x751, 1224233762286.jpg)
570 KB
>>3058145So either I'm going to be a PC in the years to come (isn't 2012 going to be the end of the Mayan world, or sommat?), or I exude crazy-pheromones.

you're a stand user. Stand users attract each other
>> Papa Bear 11/24/08(Mon)22:53 No.3058491
Yeah. I try to explain it to people and no one seems to understand.

Stand user? What's that?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)22:55 No.3058507
there I was on my way to viridian city to get Oak's package, when I enter this one patch of tall grass this Ratata jumps out of nowhere so I release my charmander and needless to say the rattata is owned.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:00 No.3058539
     File :1227585604.jpg-(124 KB, 690x1100, 07.jpg)
124 KB
>>3058491Stand user? What's that?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:01 No.3058545
...You killed a bear?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:04 No.3058560
I was 16 and spending a summer at my grandmothers house by the beach.

I found that I loved to walk around the beach town during the middle of the night when everything was quiet, heading all the way down to the tip of the peninsula, then back up along the beach to cut in towards my grandmas house, so I could get in at the crack of down, then get in bed for about 6 hours before she woke me up.

One particular night I decided I would take my bike instead, and rode out, I got about to the middle of town, and suddenly start hearing the chain and tires of another bike behind me. There is this enraged looking mexican dude riding this little bmx bike at full speed in my direction, I don't really know what to make of this at this point, so I roll to a stop.

He yells something, and launches himself off of his bike at me, hits me, knocks me and my bike over, then starts punching me, telling me he is going to kill me over and over.

Now, I take hits really well, I don't really react to them much, and was already surprised, he hit me about 10 or so times, all the while my mind just whirling in confusion about why this was happening, before I said really calmly, "Alright dude, you've exerted your authority over me, now chill out", I don't know why I said this, or how I got it out so calmly, but he got up off me with a weird look on his face, spat on me, then started wheeling his bike off slowly while I sat up and sort of touched at my face to see how fucked up I was.

I had a bloody nose, and my cheek felt swollen up, but otherwise I was fine, so I continued on my merry way, completing my bike ride around the peninsula before getting back to my grandmas house.

To this day I have no idea why this happened, but I figure it fits the criteria for a random encounter.

I don't what the Diplomacy DC is for calming an enraged Mexican down is, but I sure as fuck rolled a natural 20 there.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)23:46 No.3058758
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:15 No.3058913
I want to hear more of this. The long version of the story.

Also, I'm amazed that /tg/ can fill two threads full of RL random encounters, while keeping most all of the stories top quality.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:33 No.3059036
This happened to a group of my friends.

They were out really late at night wandering a not so great part of town. They come across a bike with no pedals. One of them decides to take it for some reason. A little while later they find two pedals, mismatching, neither of which go with the bike. Somehow they manage to jury rig the pedals onto the bike and get it to work.

They keep going along with one of the 4 of them riding the bike. They pass a house with a bike unchained outside. Someone decides to take said bike. As soon as they move for it, they hear a big black guy yell out the window "What the fuck do you think you're doing!" So they all bolt and go seperate ways because the black guy and his friend start chasing them. They're all hopping fences in all different directions. One of my friends hops a fence and then falls into a 6' deep trench someone had dug in the backyard and he just laid there for awhile. At that moment ALL 4 of them are hiding and simultaneously remember to turn off their cell phones, this is known because they all remember the time. They all wait like 10 minutes and then turn the phones back on to call each other and meet up. They make their way to one of their houses with their orky bike and go into his house. When they come out 10 minutes later to get food, the bike is gone.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:38 No.3059073
...Did the nigger steal your bike?
Oh god, that was terrible, I'm sorry.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:50 No.3059182
story one.

heading home from a night of drinking with 3-4 people. to get to my apt we walk past my college campus in Boston. next to the campus was a housing project and a hybrid housing project/condo deal (mostly college kids living there). the area is fairly ghetto due to the projects.

we see this black guy, 17-22, trying to climb into a second story window. he sees us and freezes. we walk by and don't say a word.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:53 No.3059213

story two. we're at the local dive bar. half college kids, half ghetto thugs from the area. the two groups stick to different sides of the bar. friend goes to the bathroom, pushes on the door to open it, but somebody on the other side pushes it closed. he figures people are just doing coke or something. few minutes later people are calling 911, someone was being stabbed in the bathroom.

different night ... we saw some of the ghetto folks getting uppity outside the bar. we're walking home. maybe a block from the bar and we hear gunshots and a car peels out ... girl who was with us freaked out.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:55 No.3059229
story three

my roomie and his gf are smoking on our porch at 3am. a black woman is walking down the street with a baby stroller. they are all wtf. call out to her saying it isn't a good area to walk a baby at 3am. she says "MY BABY AINT IN HERE YOU SASSY BITCH!" and keeps walking.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)00:56 No.3059243
story four (from a friend)

driving through amsterdam, NY (ghetto area) and white kid pulls up, sees a older black man walking down the street late at night. he says "what's up nigger?" the guy turns, looks, says "not much you honkey bastard" and keeps walking.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)01:25 No.3059405
My friends and I walk downtown here in Kingston, Ontario. Since we live so close we are there nearly every other week. Two of my friends are asian (me being white). TWICE now, we have been approached by a bewildered-looking brown woman (Indian perhaps?). Each time, she looks at one of the asian guys, and says "Go home." She then keeps walking.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)02:16 No.3059662
One summer night, must have been a good 10 years ago, me and my mother were driving back home on some minor highway. While a good driver, my mother can't exactly pick out wildlife nearly as well as my stepfather and where I lived at the time used to have lots of car/moose collisions.

We go around this bend and on the side of the road is a big cow moose, just coming from the underbrush. Now, we're only in a small car, and this thing is a good few inches higher than the roof. And like all animals, it's dumb as rocks and darts out into the road.

We swerve out of the way, but wind up catching the catching the moose in the face. All I see in the passenger seat is the uncomfortably close up view of a cow and a string of drool going the length of the two windows.

We pull off to the side, completely freaked out knowing we were split seconds from having an 800 pound moose through the windshield.
>> Anonymoose !!J/4EyXrVAFw 11/25/08(Tue)02:30 No.3059727
I shared an apartment with a roommate for over a year. My landlord's bank were a bunch of fuckwits so I always paid my rent in cash. Well it was rent day and I'd forgotten so I ran my ass over to the bank. It was early evening-ish. 8 pm or so. Just late enough to be dark.

I was working graveyards and hadn't slept yet so I was beat. I go into the bank, use the ATM, and walk out with my 400 bucks. Across the street I see two crackheads beating the living fuck out of a payphone with their barehands. I mean they were bleeding all over the phone and punching/kicking it like crazy. I quietly stepped into the shadows and walked away as quietly as I could.

I thought about it later and, really, what would they have gotten out of a payphone if they had somehow managed to bust a metal payphone with their hands? 2 bucks? 3?!
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)02:59 No.3059820

They may have been monks that took the Vow of Poverty. Those two or three bucks may have fed the lot of them for about a week, if they played their cards right.
>> Anonymoose !!J/4EyXrVAFw 11/25/08(Tue)03:31 No.3059903
When I was about 12 my parents took me to the nearest big city (2 hour drive) to pick up some odds and ends.

Anyway, after various stops my mom wants to go to a fabric store. (My mom sewed various things to sell to give herself some spending money.) Now going into a fabric store with my mom would be boring as fuck so I wait in the car with some magazines to read. (She dragged my dad into the store with her, poor guy).

I'm sitting in the car reading and I hear other kids my age talking. I look out the window and there's 3 kids on bikes calling me names, making various comments about my mom, trying to get me to get out of the car to fight them, etc. I flip them off and they bike away laughing and still calling me names.

I finish my magazine and I had already read the other magazines way too many times so I was bored and watch the kids on bikes. They're going around and around the parking lot trying to do various tricks. One of them tries to pop a wheelie, fucks it up and ends up crashing into a expensive-as-fuck looking motorcycle.

His friends try to help him up and I can see a big ass scratch on the motorcycle. I see a huge huuuuuge bald biker guy just coming out of the mall come RUNNING over full speed. He pushes the kid off his bike, picks the kid's bike up over his head and starts smashing the kid's bike into the pavement as hard as he can. He ended up throwing the seat onto the mall roof and bending both tires to complete shit.

Then he gets on his motorcycle, flips the kids off and drives away. The kid whose bike just got royally fucked is crying like a baby. I roll the window down a bit to hear the conversation with his friends and it turns out it's not his bike. It's his older brother's bike. Who will be home from school really soon.

Part of me wanted to feel sorry for the little bastard but all I could do was laugh.


>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)03:35 No.3059917
>Bored in fabric store


I remember I use to beg my mom to take me to the fabric store, I had a really cheap one where they just had piles of fabric, fabric on the floors everything. I would run around hiding in the piles playing soldier doing all kinds of cool shit just having the time of my life. They eventually had to put up these GIGANTIC signs ALL over the store saying "Children must be attended by their parents at all times" and I knew they hung up about 15 signs that where 1 by 2 feet wide JUST because of me. It was the proudest moment of my life.
>> Anonymoose !!J/4EyXrVAFw 11/25/08(Tue)03:41 No.3059935

Fuck I didn't think of that :(
>> sage Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)03:44 No.3059949
Typo: You're.

Sorry to all the grammar nazis. It's late.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)05:02 No.3060118
Oh shit! I can't believe I forgot this one (I posted 2 stories in the previous Random Encounters thread and thought my supply was exhausted).

So when I was 11 my parents went on a whirlwind trip through Europe, and while in Florence, Italy, we were walking to our hotel wheeling our luggage behind us. Two women that I can only describe as gypsies pop out of an alley behind us and start following us. One of them is holding an obviously plastic baby, the other is walking behind her pointing at the baby. They both start ranting, talking about "mi bambino" (I was 11...that's the best I can remember it, so apologies in advance to any Italiafags out there).

When they get within 2 feet of my dad, the one without the baby rather ineptly reaches for his camera case (she clearly rolled a 1). My mom flips out, yells at me to "run!", and starts screeching for help. My dad calmly knocks the plastic baby out of one of the gypsy's hands, forcefully shoving it into her face.

Meanwhile, I'm standing my ground, umbrella wielded katana-style, staring rather apathetically at the situation. I was actually about to start advancing on the gypsies when the manager of the hotel (we were almost to our destination) comes out and starts shouting and gesturing at the gypsies as if this is a daily occurrence.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)05:27 No.3060165
Me and my 2 friends from high school got part time jobs at the age of 16. After our first paycheck, the idea of buying paintball guns and equipment came into our minds, and so we bought guns/paintballs/helmets/camo clothing. Keep in mind here that we're barely athletic nerds.

Somehow, the idiotic idea of going to the River Valley in our city (1 million+ people) in our full paintball gear and shooting whatever we saw would be a great idea. We got there at about 1AM, it was relatively dark with barely any light. We were basically commandoing it up through the bushes when we run into a whole bunch of niggers, with a bong. They see us, and for some unknown reason, one of my friends yells "RUN", so we all attempt to flee. Unfortunately for us, our DEX and CON rolls were pretty low when we were born, so the niggers caught up using their innate racial Sprint ability. They get to us, we're dying out of breath, and they obviously are smoking weed, and probably more shit. The boss nigger out of the 5 of them asks us why the fuck we were shooting him with paintballs, which we weren't, obviously. My retarded friends have no idea what the fuck to do, but naturally I rolled a 20 on diplomacy.

"Oh sorry man, I thought you were our friends; we're playing paintball with our friends, and we thought that you were them so we ran away." I quickly came up with the lie, and saved our nerdy asses from a huge beat-down.

The clincher- Apparently my wallet dropped from my pants running away from them, and one of the cohort-niggers handed it to me.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)05:54 No.3060215
>Apparently my wallet dropped from my pants running away from them, and one of the cohort-niggers handed it to me.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)06:30 No.3060339
When I was a young fag I was in London attending a conferance and one day I was walking back to my hotel. I see that this old black guy ahead of my had been stoped by this girl, I'd say around 16-20 her cloths are real grimy and has somes scubs/spots round her lips, she looked a mess.

Anyway as I'm walking closer the guy shakes his head at her and walks off, she then comes up to me and asks if I know where a street is. I told her I did'nt know as I was just visiting on buisness, I go to walk on but she gently grabs at my hand and ask "Would like some company". It dawns on me she's a hooker and I say no and shrug her off and walk on, she asks if I'm sure and say no and walk on a little faster.

When I got back to my room I scrubed my hand she had grabbed wraw in boiling water. Then oddly fapped off thinking about the girls face.

lol, I laugh at myself now, almost forgot this encounter until I read this thread 10/10 OP
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)07:37 No.3060623
Crap. Does that mean I'm going to start having to dress funky-stylish? And Pose a lot?
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)08:11 No.3060751
Word of advice. Next Monday. Wear it. YOU'LL SEE.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)12:21 No.3061487
Two thoughts about this thread.

1) has it been archived yet?

2) Someone should take the stories from both threads and make them into a random encounter table for GMs to use.
>> That one bot programmer 11/25/08(Tue)16:05 No.3062472
Thought about it. These are good stories, for sure, but I doubt that they are usable as an encounter table - far too long for that.
>> Anonymous 11/25/08(Tue)16:09 No.3062486

I archived it