File :1227408992.jpg-(55 KB, 750x600, random.jpg)
55 KB Real Life Random Encounters Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)21:56 No.3045912  
So my car refused to start after I had stopped on the side of the road in some little town whose name I couldn't remember, and things were looking kind of grim. Dark streets, no open stores, and not a single human being in sight. And my cellphone wasn't giving me a signal.


After about a half-hour of fidgeting, whispered prayers, and nervously trying to figure out what was wrong under the hood, I managed to get my car to start. That was when out of nowhere (literally, like stepping out of the damn darkness) there came a young man wearing a red hockey Jersey, limping along with a cane. This guy had all kinds of scars on his face and his head, which were easily visible due to his crewcut.

As he hobbled towards me, I just sort of stood there, trying my best to look calm, despite the unusual circumstances. When he was in talking distance, he asked me if I had any smokes. In Spanish.

I said that I don't smoke. He then asked me if I was "selling", which I took to mean pushing. I said that I did not, in fact, sell anything. He seemed kind of surprised by this, so I wondered if I wasn't stranded on some kind of well-known drug corner, looking for all the world like a local dealer.

At this point he came closer, and asked me if I could buy him some cigarettes from the nearest gas station, which was actually visible from where we were. Before I could tell him that I was in a rush to get going, he shoved a ten dollar bill and an ID into my hand that told me that he was an Army veteran. I wasn't sure what the ID was for, but then he said "Please, if you could get me some Newports..." in perfect English.

I nodded dumbly, got in my car, and drove up to the gas station to buy his cigarettes. I wasn't even sure why I was doing it. But I did make sure to leave the car running so that it wouldn't quit on me again.
>> cont. Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)21:57 No.3045914
After I bought the cigarettes, I turned around, drove back, and there he was just standing in the middle of the road, staring at the sky. I reached out the window to hand him his cigarettes and his change, and, man, he was beyond elated. Like, he treated me like I was some kind of fucking hero just for actually coming back.

The whole thing left me feeling kind of weirded out, but the first thing that crossed my mind after I was on the road again was that the whole encounter felt like something you'd see on a random encounter table.

Anyone have any similar stories about odd happenings?
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:02 No.3045930
100 xp for you. Or 2 XP depending on system.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:15 No.3045964
Well, once I ran over an iguana.

How much XP is that worth?
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:15 No.3045966
Dude, you just encountered something out of /x/. I remember reading something like this from there a few months ago. What was his first name?
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:18 No.3045981
He didn't give me one.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:19 No.3045988

He gave you his ID.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:26 No.3046016
If anyone has that "I will now sing you the song of my people" image macro, please post it.

I saw a bunch of street performers on my vacation to Mexico. They were dressed like ancient aztecs and you could take your picture with them for some cash. And they didn't wear underwear, so I avoided them at all costs.

And I saw iguanas in that same area.

And I explored the ancient ruins of a long-lost civilization.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:29 No.3046027
Honestly, I didn't get a good look at it. I just noticed the bit of info about veteran of the armed forces and handed it back. I felt kind of uncomfortable holding onto the guy's money and his identification.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:35 No.3046051
I find that whenever I do something nice without any requirements for ANYONE, they treat me like some kind of saint. I theorize based on that and how much of a dick everyone I meet is that EVERYONE is a dick.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:44 No.3046088

That's pretty much true. Eye contact, greetings, just not fucking running into me because you don't give a fuck - that is a thing of the past. Chivalry, hell - common decency, is fucking dead.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:48 No.3046112
Mmm...not sure if it counts, but there was that odd little section of St.Catherine street I found myself on at four in the morning the other day, wherin I saw someone in a five-hundred dollar suit with bandages on his head and a face that looked like he went twelve rounds with Kharn being carried along by his buddies, stopped and had a smoke while I watched plain-clothes police get ready to raid an after-hours club, and saw a fistfight between what seemed to be a half-dozen fratboys and an equal number of transvestite caberet dancers in front of a McDonalds. That was a rather odd night in general.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:49 No.3046115
The world is ruled by trolls after all.

sage for not 40k
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:51 No.3046126
OP I'm using that as a random encounter in my next campaign. thanks.
>> Major Maxillary !!eorO1kqUwyR 11/22/08(Sat)22:51 No.3046129
driving in my truck one day I had a random encounter with a cardinal.

The bird rolled a 1 on it's dodge, and my truck rolled a natural 20 for damage.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:54 No.3046146
I ride the bus pretty regularly. Now you meet interesting folks on the bus. So one day, sitting there, an elderly African American man gets on, and as we ride, I notice a patch on his shoulder of his jacket, it's the Vietnam POW/MIA logo. So I ask him if he had a relative get lost. He replies that no, he was the one who was captured, and proceeded to tell me about how he had been tortured and just how bad it was. As he got off the bus, he handed me a POW/MIA pin and told me that I'd learned something valuable today. I never saw him again.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)22:57 No.3046159
All those plot hooks and you didn't even take one. Christ.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:01 No.3046175
>>So I ask him if he had a relative get lost.
Dang, I didn't think that someone would be proving this true so fast: >>common decency, is fucking dead.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:10 No.3046220
Well, I had massive to-hit and skillcheck penalties due to drunkeness and fatigue, so I figured the DM was pissed about something and looking to trap me.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:11 No.3046229
Okay, you got me curious. What did /x/ have to say about this?
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:13 No.3046243
Someone once came up to a friend and me on the street and began talking about his new theory of health, in which the entirety of "Western medicine" was a con job and all you had to do was think positive and stay unstressed. No medication, no surgery, you can cure cancer with sunshine and happy thoughts.
What exactly is the challenge rating of a kook?
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:14 No.3046248

That it's apparently a wide-spread phenomenon. A young man, scarred up, wearing brighter-hued clothing, professing to be a war veteran, showing up and asking to have cigarettes bought for him. Usually, though, it's German and English that are spoken. They decided that it must be a restless spirit, or something of that nature.

Crazy bastards.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:14 No.3046252

Depends on whether he's actually a cultist for an evil cult or not.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:15 No.3046258

Some people just have really hard times adjusting. That's all.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:16 No.3046264
     File :1227413818.jpg-(165 KB, 700x1051, Professor Badass 2.jpg)
165 KB
I can only see this man when reading your description.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:17 No.3046270
He seemed sincere, if deranged, so I suspect not.
Mind you, I have no ranks in Sense Motive and a Wis score of 9 max...
>> That Damn Mouse 11/22/08(Sat)23:19 No.3046280
Walking down the streets of my city, I am stopped by a man wheeling a bicycle. He shakes my hand and calmly states "Great day isn't it? All the best for the New Year." and walks off.

Crossing the road in front of me, he is hit and thrown a few feet by a car that was turning the corner.

He calmly gets up, ensures his bike is okay, asks the driver to roll down his window and - still in earshot of me - calmly shakes the drivers hand, repeats what he said to me, and walks off.

Happened not 3 hours ago.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:20 No.3046283

Truth. But, it wouldn't have come up in /x/ if there weren't a weird part to it. Apparently, there have been reports of it happening for about thirty years. I don't have the links that were provided, though. Might be a good idea to check with them.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:20 No.3046287
Okay, now I'm really weirded out about it. I doubt the thing about him being a restless spirit, but... why was the name important? Did a certain name keep showing up?
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:22 No.3046290
The part that creeped me out when reading this is that it's November 22.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:22 No.3046291
     File :1227414173.jpg-(42 KB, 448x336, zzzzz.jpg)
42 KB
You encounter goats
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:22 No.3046293

Last name Riley. Or Ridley. My memory isn't so great.
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/22/08(Sat)23:25 No.3046318
My friend walked into a Starbucks bathroom in Chicago, and there was an old man, naked, with feces smeared across his chest jerking off into the sink. The old man spun around and offered his hand to my friend, who started to leave the bathroom.

The old man chased him around the Starbucks, cursing and demanding he shake his hand until the cops hauled him off.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:26 No.3046328
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:32 No.3046353
I'm sensing a thread that will become archive worthy if it keeps up at this rate...
>> That Damn Mouse 11/22/08(Sat)23:32 No.3046354
Another event - walking the streets of my city, someone handed me and my friend a copy of Matt Tiley's Greatest Hits CD. Thinking this was good, we take it.

Opening it up, we see a folded piece of paper wadded on top of the CD. Unfolding it, we see a list of nearly 50 names of people who had held the CD before us.

Even though we wanted the CD, we were compelled to add out names and pass it on - hoping someone would do the same.
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/22/08(Sat)23:35 No.3046362
Kind of tired of typing, but here's two IRL random encounters from the lovely city of Milwaukee.

1) This loon drives around with a car painted with Bible verses and even weird shit like "vampires are coming". He's always preaching through this megaphone affixed to the roof, but it just ends up sounding like creepy static and murmuring.

2) There's this crazy homeless black guy whose hobby is poking holes in condoms and giving them away.
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/22/08(Sat)23:37 No.3046370
Kind of tired of typing, but here's two IRL random encounters from the lovely city of Milwaukee.

1) This loon drives around with a car painted with Bible verses and even weird shit like "vampires are coming". He's always preaching through this megaphone affixed to the roof, but it just ends up sounding like creepy static and murmuring. Meet him in person once, excused myself pretty quickly. He said "Have a nice day. It could be your last!"

2) There's this crazy homeless black guy whose hobby is poking holes in condoms and giving them away.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:45 No.3046405
Not too weird, but enough to warrant a mention. Every now and then a person will call out my name, run up to me an give me a hug and I'll have no idea who they are - nor will any of my friends who are travelling with me.

Not the weirdest thing in the world, but they all act like we've been friends for life.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:47 No.3046418
Brother of my college roommate was in Chicago's SCA, and had finished a full-body (including neck) leather hauberk. Which he was wearing under normal clothing to break in before he went to show it off. He's walking along, and someone grabs him from behind and pulls a knife across his neck (presumably to rob him). It neatly slices the hauberk, but barely touches his neck. He turns around, completely pissed off, and glares at the slasher punk, who freaks out and takes off running. Like an idiot, he chases after the guy. And because he's a worse fa/tg/uy than most, he starts shouting "VENGEANCE OF ODIN! ... VENGEANCE OF ODIN!" as he pursues. Even though he's in decent enough shape, the guy gets away (probably for the best). A police report is filed, time passes.

He's in O'Hare one day, and the slasher punk walks right by him, not recognizing him. He follows, and sees the guy go into the men's room. There's nobody else in there, so he waits a few moments while the punk gets doing his business. Then he opens the door and shouts at the top of his lungs: "VENGEANCE OF ODIN!" He ducks around the corner, and the punk comes flying out, legs pumping full speed, panicked all to hell. Airport security grabbed the guy and were questioning him last he saw, but he's not sure what happened to the guy after that.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:47 No.3046419

Man, if you use a condom handed to you by a hobo, you deserve everything that happens to you. :/
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:49 No.3046429
I was traveling through Paris in August. At about 11 at night, I was on some street close to Notre Dame when 5000 kids on skates came tearing down the road, some of them with stereos on hand trucks or strapped to their backs blaring heavy techno music, with a ton of cop cars trailing behind them.

I thought that was pretty random of an encounter.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:56 No.3046438
I fucking lol'd.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:56 No.3046440
>>2) There's this crazy homeless black guy whose hobby is poking holes in condoms and giving them away.

Sounds like XKCD.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:56 No.3046444
I find your post strangely awesome.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:57 No.3046446
>>2) There's this crazy homeless black guy whose hobby is poking holes in condoms and giving them away.
Sounds like XKCD.

Sounds like fucking epic.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:57 No.3046447
okay I've got a couple not as good as the ops but worth mentioning

there's this guy who seems to just ride his bike around my town this wouldn't be that weird except he sometimes has a guitar with him and offers people lessons

one time when I was in texas this black man holding a bouquet of flowers asks my brother if he wants wrestle just kinda strange
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:57 No.3046450
Story as old as the internets. More normally told as "BLOOD FOR ODIN". See
>> That Damn Mouse 11/22/08(Sat)23:57 No.3046453
Once saw a blatant Tranny walking down the street escorted by an entourage of half a dozen men dressed as Gun numbers from the RAAF. What weirded me out was that they were speaking French.

Also - not so much a random encounter as a weird note - I still haven't seen anyone actually go to a Red Rooster and eat IN the restaurant. I've actually seen people walk in, order, and then go out to eat in their cars or sitting on the sidewalk.
>> Anonymous 11/22/08(Sat)23:57 No.3046454
Hahaha, oh wow.
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/22/08(Sat)23:58 No.3046457

Kind of reminds me of my Senior class prank. We all rode bicycles to school. As slowly as possible. Lots of honking, pised commuters, cops, et cetera. School was delayed by 2 hours.
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/22/08(Sat)23:59 No.3046467


Kind of reminds me of my Senior class prank. We all rode bicycles to school. As slowly as possible. Lots of honking, pised commuters, cops, et cetera. School was delayed by 2 hours.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:00 No.3046473
When I was 6 or 7, I was at a bus station in Indiana. A trio of tall (at least in my shrimpy eyes) women come in. Looking back on it, they might've been hookers or something. They were wearing skimpy neon-colored clothes. None of this really bothered me (I just thought they were really tall), but some older kid grabs me by the shoulder, walks me away about 10 feet, and tells me twice that these chicks were definitely men.

And then he ran off and left me very confused.
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/23/08(Sun)00:01 No.3046478
Whoah, I'm double-posting like mad.
>> That Damn Mouse 11/23/08(Sun)00:03 No.3046486

No weird story with this one.

They just pop up all the fucking time.



Like fucking locust.

I eat their book, and they still don't get the fucking hint.
>> Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 11/23/08(Sun)00:03 No.3046491
Ok, I've got one. Not really exciting, but it was a little strange never the less. I'm walking to my friends house last week around 2 in the afternoon. I hear this humming sound behind me, some kind of electric motor. I step out of the way and see it's some guy in an electric wheel chair pass. He says thank you and I say your welcome. We both get to the crosswalk, and it lights up. He gets midway before his chair dies. I know I can't just leave the guy there, so I stop next to him and stop traffic that would come our way until he get's it going again. He thanks me again, and vrooms off. I'm pretty sure I didn't need to stay there with him, but who knows if some asshole had not paid attention and splattered him because I didn't make sure people saw what was going on?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:10 No.3046513
A huge dog running alongside the road. Nothing strange in itself, but that he was dragging along an adult man on rollerskates made me go "lol wut."
>> Oak Prince !1jiuNnOF0A 11/23/08(Sun)00:11 No.3046522
     File :1227417088.gif-(67 KB, 450x550, bfclarge.gif)
67 KB
I was getting a pizza and the parking lot was filled with these guys. Kinda weird that they were having their shindig in some random plaza, since there were several nice parks in the area.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:12 No.3046528
Once, a saw a line of men in full gothic plate armor, with swords and shields and fucking everything. They were all holding each other by the shoulder, singing Man of War, an irish sailor's drinking song. They marched past, completely unaware of all the people stopping to stare at them. Weirdest fucking thing I've ever seen.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:14 No.3046542
*I saw

Fixed that for you.
>> That Damn Mouse 11/23/08(Sun)00:16 No.3046557
Women walking around in sexy pirate outfits to advertise Sexpo over the weekend. Not too weird, but nice to see women walking around delivering impromptu lap dances to strangers.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:17 No.3046562
There's a guy I see bicycling around my city in various places. He always has this device, about three and a half feet in length, balanced across his handlebars.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:17 No.3046564
One fine Summer day, while strolling through the suburbs of Orange County, I was accosted by a considerable-sized negro.

"Wassup man" he inquires.

"Uh....not much." I tentatively reply.

"How would you like to hear what's soon to be the hottest new thing in the R&B industry?"

"....sure." I decide to take the most diplomatic route so as not to awaken the rage infamous to his race.

He then proceeds to hand me a CD. Several hours later, I'm strolling down the exact same stretch of road when none other than our story's massive jungle man approaches.

"Sup kid, jew get a chance to listen to my demo yet?"

Terror brings bile rising up into my throat. Obviously I had no intention of sullying my ears with his drivel, but I had to appease the beast for this moment. "Uh, I've been out and about, but I'll give it a shot as soon as I head home."

Every muscle anxious as I wait for his next move, he shows an uncanny benevolence despite my insult. "Is cool G, just tell me how it was next time I see ya." After which he takes his fist and pummels my own hand with, which I took as a sign of impending combat until he smiled and turned to follow his own path.

I'm never quite sure how close to death I came there, but from now on I always make certain to cross the street when prudent.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:17 No.3046568
ITT: /x/ without the conspiracy theories.

Anyway, I was driving my truck through my neighborhood and was stopped at a small intersection when all of a sudden this guy in his pajamas walks over and climbs into the back. I found a place to pull over, got out, and asked him what the fuck he was doing.

"Just going along for the ride."
" don't even know where I'm going."
"Yeah, but wherever it is, I can get where I'm going faster from there than from here."
"Where is it? If you really need a ride, I can take you, I guess."
"It's..." [pauses for a bit] "...actually, never mind. I don't need a ride anymore. Thanks."

And he just hopped out of the back and calmly walked off. Weird shit.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:19 No.3046573
So, two of my friends and I are walking through town, and stop outside a real-estate agency for no real reason. It's like noon on a saturday, warm out and everything.

This gray luxury car parallel-parks on the street next to us, and an older guy in a sharp suit gets out, probably works for the real-estate agency. But... it's a saturday, the agency is closed.

So I keep half an eye on him as I absentmindedly listen to my friends. He goes to the door, tries to open it, and realizes it's locked and nobody's inside. He looks to his left and right, then approaches us.

"Hey, er... are any of you boys dancers?"

Dancers? WTF?


"Oh, Ok."

And to the extent of our knowledge, he walks away. Odd, but we continue talking. One of my friends tells a chuck norris joke. About impregnating a townful of women in the hills of tuscany. Suddenly, the man is behind me again.

"Tuscany, eh? I've got a villa there. You want to go?" He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Uh, no. Thanks."

We're creeped-the-fuck out at this point, and start to edge away. The man acts as if nothing has happened, goes to the Realtor's door and tries to open it again, at which point we're half a block away.

I don't know how to explain it, except that he was maybe trying to get rid of witnesses before robbing the place. I don't know if a Real-Estate agency is a decent place to rob, though.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:25 No.3046598
Please be trolling.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:26 No.3046603
Where do you live? I want to move there!
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:28 No.3046606
Fucking SoCalfags. Not every black guy wants you dead.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:28 No.3046610
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:30 No.3046616
I'd lay money on the trannies. They're used to being harassed, and dancers tend to be built.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:30 No.3046619
I want him dead now that he told that story.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:30 No.3046620
     File :1227418232.jpg-(81 KB, 400x550, ishallsingyouthesongofmypeople.jpg)
81 KB
Oh, you saw some dansantes? Cool!
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:34 No.3046643

You're lucky to have made it away with your life.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:44 No.3046694
     File :1227419060.jpg-(90 KB, 384x494, whoa.jpg)
90 KB

I'm sorry that none of you are able to respect the danger of the situation.


That's what I feared. Thanks, friend. To clarify, the man looked something like this.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:44 No.3046697
     File :1227419096.jpg-(22 KB, 350x350, james.jpg)
22 KB

And here's one of me.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:49 No.3046709
Hrmm.... mine aren't all that amazing, but they're the only out of the ordinary things that I've witnessed. All these happened while waiting for my bus at the T

1. Some old guy started to make fun of a group of kids, some other group came up behind him and knocked him over, while falling he knocked over the group he was making fun of

2. Some drunk guy came up and used me as a shield to drink beer so the T cops wouldn't notice him, claimed he was the son of one of the bus drivers and was wondering if I knew a way to get in free, when that failed he tried selling me beer, all the while acting like we were best of friends. He drifted away for a bit, but came back, and started talking to me about something, I was steadfastly ignoring him but he didn't seem to notice, when apparently his bus arrived, and bid me farewell saying something about how I should come and visit him sometime... still have no idea who he was

3. I saw an engine explode and basically cause an annoying traffic backup while a tow truck came to take it away
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:02 No.3046794
DM: You walk into the great hall, burning your way through the cobwebs that stretch from floor to ceiling with your torch, when suddenly: Mormons! Thousands of them!
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:03 No.3046799

Oh shit, I forgot the best one of all mine...

I was walking to school, it's the middle of winter in MA and I'm wearing a light sweater and shorts, my usual attire, when a homeless guy with a small boombox playing jazz comes up to me acting all buddy buddy asking me if I want to grab a drink later, talking about how its a great day to wear shorts, etc. etc. being that I don't feel like getting attacked I just nod and politely agree, one of the teachers nearby came over after he walked away asking if I was okay, and if they needed to call the police on him or something
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:07 No.3046832

Paladin: Detect Evil.
DM: You detect no evil, but you feel soiled for having tried to detect on them.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:10 No.3046848
One day I was just walking along and this weird-ass old dude comes along and starts making lewd comments.

I think the thought I was a girl.

I ignored him and kept going. I've still not cut my hair.
>> That Damn Mouse 11/23/08(Sun)01:14 No.3046872

Kill them anyway.

Do the world a favour.


>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:26 No.3046937
It was me and 5 other chicks. We had just went for Japanese food and were walking to some ice cream place when some pudgy, average heighted black man walks up to one of them and was like "Damn, girl, you look like you just lost your best friend!" He had a kinda.. Southern accent and seemed generally concerned.

She said she was fine, and he started walking with us and asking what we were doing. One of the girls says we're going to Coldstone Creamery (which we were) and he was like "Hah! I just like buyin' my own stuff m'self." To which she replies with "But it's special when they serve it to you!"

He replies with "Haha, well, if it tastes good'n my mouf, then it's special enuff, ya' feel me?" and I was like "Yeah man!"

Then he started talking about how he loved orange sherbert, to which I said "I love orange sherbert!" and we bro-fisted.

It was a very pleasant conversation, cus' we were in a bad neighborhood and I was like "Oh boy, he's probably gonna try hitting on one of the girls." But he was probably the nicest stranger I've ever met.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:37 No.3047001
In my neighbourhood there are a lot of weird cars. There's one that's entirely covered in fake pink flowers. Another is completely covered in pennies. Someone else has a lime green 1940s pick up truck. There's a stereotypical white panel rape van in the neighbourhood. Those are so rare in my area that it's a random encounter. There's an abandoned car that has been gutted put on blocks and then filled with soil and plants. ALL the delivery trucks have graffitti, and at least 50% have actual spray painted murals.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:44 No.3047047
>>3046937 me again

Another time a hobo took 5 bucks from my hand when I was about to put it into a vending machine and yelled "YER' PUTTIN' TOO MUCH IN!" I was carrying my MP3 player and a fucking gameboy at the time, so I thought "Hmm, 5 bucks or two of some of my most valuable portable possessions... I'll let him keep it." I sometimes go back to the place where he took it (just because it's a place I normally go to hang out) and I haven't seen him since.

Also, ANOTHER story, some black guy came up to me at some pizza parlor and was like "Yo, dawg, you wanna sample some men's fragrances?" and I just say "No thanks." But he was persistent and went "You don't wanna smell nice, nigga? Bitches love a man who smells nice."

"I think I'll survive."

"Gay ass nigga." And he walks off. My friends were there and they all started laughing, and called me "gay ass nigga" for the rest of the day.

ANOTHER RANDOM ENCOUNTER, and probably the last one I'll remember, is when I was sitting at my computer and see a Raccoon staring at me right outside my window. Which, by the way, is pretty much right next to my computer. So he's just staring at me and I say "Sup?" and it kinda chirps or does whatever noise Raccoons make. I run to grab my phone and take a video of it, but when I got back he was gone. :[
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:59 No.3047113
>Another is completely covered in pennies.
At first I read that as penises.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:07 No.3047148

Same here.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:29 No.3047223
4chan will do that to you.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:33 No.3047236
See, this is why none of the viking sagas and eddas go "and then the viking was mugged by spics". No, just no. You don't mug vikings. Not even in the 21'st century.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:38 No.3047255

Penis mind.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:39 No.3047257
Now we know what you had on your mind.

...Penis car. It menaces with spikes of penis!
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:42 No.3047272

Quadruple penis mind.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:50 No.3047276
Once, I was riding the bus, typing some stuff up on my laptop as I usually do, when an elderly man leaned across the aisle and told me that I ought to go to Fry's.

I asked him why, and he responded that there I would be able to buy some screen cleaner. Now, my laptop screen was slightly smudged, but not that smudge. And, I certainly hadn't complained out loud.

Still, the next day I went to Fry's. The next day--

I am unceasingly dogged by the suspicion that I shouldn't have put it off till the next day--I should have gone to Fry's on the same day. It was a plot hook, I am certain, and I missed it.

I did get some screen cleaner, though.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:54 No.3047298
You will go to your grave regretting. There was your single chance for a life of excitement and advenuter up to the epic levels. You might think not, but you can never be sure.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:55 No.3047304
Incidentally, in addition to being elderly he was also African-American.

Surely, if you previously suspected me of overreacting, you do so no longer. When a strange old man you have never met before imparts a word of advice, and on top of he is African-American--well! Only a fool and an idiot would disregard his statements.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:58 No.3047319
You fool! Always listen to the Wise Old Negro. And on that note, I'm off to the "stereotypes you like" thread.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)03:02 No.3047340

He's like the guy who went into the men's restroom and saw Flea licking acid off of Johnny Depp's coat sleeve.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)03:04 No.3047345
as soon as the guy uses the ID he switches faces with the guy who gave it to him. Grug dealers ARE after the the wounded fella, because he burnt them on a BIG deal of some type of magically charged meth
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)03:42 No.3047460
Aztecs? Ancient? Long-lost?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)03:48 No.3047474
Nearly five hundred years is pretty ancient and long lost for us, given the number of people these days pretty much ignorant of World War One.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)03:50 No.3047478

Back when the Nazis were in power. Terrible stuff.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)03:53 No.3047494
oh you.jpg
>> Jude !ukCHdn9HIo 11/23/08(Sun)04:01 No.3047522
One time as my friend was leaving a gas station convenience store, a black man walked up to him and said "Yo you tell dat word son." and then left.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)04:30 No.3047623
     File :1227432631.jpg-(15 KB, 300x223, mcvegeta.jpg)
15 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)04:31 No.3047627
     File :1227432699.jpg-(25 KB, 300x410, Ne-oh%27s.jpg)
25 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)06:26 No.3047887

Way to kill what was once a good thread, jerk.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)10:57 No.3048286
Why's it seem like everybody has had an interesting encounter except me?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)11:01 No.3048299
The most interesting thing that's ever happened to me was watching some random stranger being suddenly attacked by a plastic bag while crossing a bridge.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)11:05 No.3048315
Back in my highschool days, this haggard old drunken woman with leathery skin comes up to me while I was waiting for the bus and asked me for the time.

This is odd, because:

1) I am an imposing 6'3" tall, which gave me about a foot on her.
2) I had my back to her as she approached.
3) I didn't make eye contact.
4) There was about fifty other people around.
5) I wasn't wearing a fucking watch.

Even better? She walks around the corner, then comes back ten minutes later and asks me for the time again.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)12:13 No.3048527

Obviously you're the rugged, dashing mountain of a man and she's just pining for the days when she could spin a guy like you into her web.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)12:20 No.3048562

Ah 4chan, where people assume tall means intimidating.

Sorry, a giant neckbeard is about as unscary as people come.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)12:27 No.3048596
Clearly you've never seen one just hanging around a playground.

Just hanging around.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)12:31 No.3048614
You've never seen me.

Otherwise you wouldn't make the mistake of questioning it.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)12:55 No.3048720
There was a raccoon in my dumpster once, but I guess that's not really random.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)12:56 No.3048728

Haha I'm 6'2" I don't think many people would find my hight intimidating, unless they are really short. Or women I guess. But what woman thinks she can take a man on the field of battle?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:20 No.3048847
I live in the wonderful world of Suburban Maryland.

One day as I started out to work, about halfway down the drive was a cow.

I sort of just moved around it.


>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:24 No.3048864
When I was 11, I was out hunting for pheasants in South Dakota. I was walking on really, really difficult ground (frozen, deeply plowed side of a hill) way off on one side where we figured the pheasants would fly toward after my dad and his buddy flushed them out. I was going slow because of the rough ground, and having to watch my feet or slip.

I'm going along, and up ahead I hear a bunch of shots go off, but don't see any pheasants pop up, and go back to watching the ground as I try to catch up to their position. I look up again, and HOLY FUCK. There's a bigass coyote barreling straight at me, maybe 50 yards away. Keep in mind, I'm 11 years old, and not very big for an 11 year old. This thing could probably kill me. But, I've got a gun, a little single-round 20 gauge with 4 shot. So I point, and shoot, and... must have rolled a natural 1. It stops, clearly confused, and slowly takes another step forward; I'm getting a new shell in as fast as my cold hands can manage. I shoot again! Another miss, somehow. It takes off running west as fast as it could go.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:25 No.3048870
Has this been archived yet?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:26 No.3048872
>assumptions of being able to hit things easily from 50 yards away

I don't believe you've ever hunted. Enjoy your supermarkets.
>> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 11/23/08(Sun)13:28 No.3048883
After I had finished launching some test rockets in the sandpit near my university (testing altered nose-cone weight vs. flight performance), I started walking back. It was a winding trail, 90 degrees out, of sand. I got lost. I was wandering for an hour, unaware of where to go.

Then there was a turtle. Just sitting in the middle of the road. So I walked up to the turtle and sat in front of him. We stared at each other for about 5 minutes. Then he started moving. Slowly. I followed the turtle.

After about 10 minutes, the turtle led me back to the university.

Best turtle ever.
>> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 11/23/08(Sun)13:31 No.3048892

50 yards away is like 150 feet. That's medium-to-far for a shotgun's range. Secondly, why reload? In New Jersey you're allowed one active shell and two additional loaded up. Why didn't you just pump and fire off the next shell?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:32 No.3048901
And people say that druids are jerks.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:36 No.3048922
A druid would have sex with the turtle
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:40 No.3048941
>>50 yards away is like 150 feet. That's medium-to-far for a shotgun's range.
1) 11 years old, this was my first year hunting
2) 11 years old, I'm glad I didn't do something dumb like run when I saw it coming at me with those sharp teeth
3) ~50 yards when I first saw it, a little closer by the time I shot, but it's still not all that easy.

>>Secondly, why reload? In New Jersey you're allowed one active shell and two additional loaded up. Why didn't you just pump and fire off the next shell?
>>New Jersey
Irrelevant, this was South Dakota.
>>one active shell and two additional loaded up
A little single-round 20 gauge with 4 shot. To be more precise, it was a pump, with a magazine plug in it because my dad thought it would help teach me to be accurate instead of just spraying rounds at a target.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:41 No.3048947

I d'awwwed.
>> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 11/23/08(Sun)13:44 No.3048964

I simply stated New Jersey since back home has the most stringent rules regarding shells in the gun.

I guess I can see where you were coming from. I have been hunting since a young age, but (like you I am sure) was taught safety first. There have been a few times I have seen deer or other animals but would not take the shot due to a tree in the way (that could deflect the pellets).

I understand the reasoning behind the accuracy thing, but my father believed that it was best to have backups. What if your first shot hit, but did not drop the deer? Would you want it to suffer while you followed the bleed-out trail to its final resting place? Best be accurate and prepared.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:52 No.3048991
     File :1227466327.jpg-(39 KB, 450x338, 1226348264885.jpg)
39 KB
>Dark streets, no open stores, and not a single human being in sight
>the nearest gas station, which was actually visible from where we were

>Army veteran
>buy him some cigarettes

nice try you
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:52 No.3048994
>>I understand the reasoning behind the accuracy thing, but my father believed that it was best to have backups. What if your first shot hit, but did not drop the deer? Would you want it to suffer while you followed the bleed-out trail to its final resting place? Best be accurate and prepared.
With pheasants, 95% of the time hitting at all means it will drop; even if you need to chase it down you can reload on the way. With deer, I used a .308, and that did have extra rounds.
>> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 11/23/08(Sun)13:55 No.3049009

Ah yes, pheasants.

Back home pheasant hunting meant 50 yahoos with guns all aiming at the same bird that 15 dogs flushed out, and the dogs fighting over the bullet-strewn tatters. My father said it sounded like Vietnam.

It must be fun to hunt pheasant when it's not a warzone.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)13:59 No.3049025
You could even call it pleasant
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:05 No.3049062
I am a mother pheasant plucker. I pluck mother pheasants. I am the pleasantest mother pheasant plucker who ever plucked a mother pheasant.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:07 No.3049066
I was in the city/town of Sundsvall yesterday, I was accompanying my girlfriend on a gospel tour, and was also drafted as a singer, as we didn't have many male vocalists, anyway, the metal band Sabaton had a live show the same evening, so after the sermon we went over there, paid like 20 bucks apiece to get in, and watched the show. Anyway, there was this really strange middle-to-old-aged man playing air guitar and boxing the air, and some time during the ned of the show he walked up to me and my girlfriend (we were standing on an elevated spot near one of the walls, she's pretty short), and he started doing these weird moves with his outstreched hands; something between groping and random spellcasting fingermoves (at least how I would picture them in a fantasy world) while staring at my girlfriend, so she pulled herself to me and started making out with me like mad, and he just went back while shouting that I had a great girl, and that I should never break up with her.

Does that encounter count as random?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:07 No.3049068
A group of around 5 guys, one in pink with a mouthcap, and a couple of goths. They walk around, yelling at people "Can you hear us?"

Someone just sitting in a train station, smoking a cigar. Just looking at people. On a monday morning.

One early morning, two tall guys walking around, not making a sound, just using some weird sign language.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:08 No.3049075
     File :1227467326.jpg-(111 KB, 600x750, 1224390968745.jpg)
111 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:12 No.3049087
When I was dating my last girlfriend, I had no less than 5 strangers come up and ask to shake my hand for "having such a gorgeous girlfriend," while acting like she wasn't even there. That uh, that didn't go over so well with her. Ronery fa/tg/uy is now ronery.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:12 No.3049090
Was Sabaton accompanied by the Grailknights? They are from my region and fucking awesome
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:14 No.3049104
>One early morning, two tall guys walking around, not making a sound, just using some weird sign language.

Those are called deaf people.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:14 No.3049105

To clarify: these were all separate incidents.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:21 No.3049138
While riding my bike back from my girlfriend-now-ex-girlfriend-cause-she's-a-cheating-whore's house at 3AM I encountered a guy lying in the street with his head propped up against a car tire. I stop, wondering if he's just drunk, or maybe dead, and say "Hey, you ok buddy?" He doesn't move.

I get closer and kick at his foot. "Hey, wake up man. You ok?" He stirs this time, and mutters something unintelligible. I ask him if the car he's leaning against is his, and he says it is, so I try to help him up and get him in the back seat of his car.

While doing this, two frat boy looking guys in an old Saturn pull up and first ask if everything's alright. I say it is, and start to explain why I'm dragging a drunk guy up off the ground, when the driver asks me "Hey, so what kind of money does he have...what kind of drugs does he have?"
"What?" I say.
"Drugs man, he have any drugs?"
"No, I don't think so."

And with that, the frat guys drive off. In the mean time, the drunk guy has became suddenly lucid. "Where am I?" he says.
"Is this your car?" I ask.
"No. I'm fine now, thanks" he says after a pause, and with that starts walking down the sidewalk.
>> Papa Bear 11/23/08(Sun)14:21 No.3049142
My God, I have so many. One's even similar to the OP's.

*I was 17 and had a job at a pizza place. I cut through a park by my house to shave off five minutes on the walk and was was approached by a homeless man asking for smokes. I told him I didn't have any and kept walking since I needed to get to work. Guy tells me not to lie to him, he just needs a cigarette. I told him again that I didn't have any and he screams "LIAR!" and starts coming after me. I walk a little faster and he starts running, so I do do. Guy chased me for the length of the park where he stopped walking and started throwing rocks.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:22 No.3049144
Nah, some russian band called Asgard or something...
>> Papa Bear 11/23/08(Sun)14:23 No.3049154
*I spent the night at a friend's place. Brought a jacket, some video games, snacks and a Play Station controller. The next day, a Sunday, I start walking home around ten in the morning and see an old lady walking her dogs so I say "Good morning." The old bitch just stared at me like a sprouted a dong from my forehead and ran inside. Whatever, I thought maybe she's just not used to teenagers being polite. So I continue on my way.

I haven't gotten out of the neighborhood yet when I see a couple cop cars pull into a yard about a block (neighborhood block not city block) ahead of me and start getting out. I think to myself "Hehe, somebody's in trouble." One of them reaches for his pistol so I start to turn down an alley. Suddenly all of the police are out and pointing their pistols at me. Police in my home town get in trouble pretty frequently for shooting people that they oughtn't so this way kind of frightening.
"FREEZE! STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" So I stop in place.
"THROW YOUR JACKET ON THE GROUND!" There was a jacket draped over my arm. I reached for it and heard "DON'T USE YOUR HANDS!" So, not quite knowing how to do this, I kind of start thrusting my shoulder back and forth until it falls.
"Uh, what gun?"
>> Papa Bear 11/23/08(Sun)14:23 No.3049155
>>3049154 continued
"THE ONE IN YOUR HAND!" I look down at the Playstation controller. Damn thing costs fifty bucks, I'm not throwing it on to the asphalt. So I grab the cord and lower it down. You should have seen the looks on their faces seeing this "gun" levitate. One of them holsters his pistol and walks over to search me, his buddies still aiming at me, and chuckles when he sees the controller.
He whispers in my ear "Whatever you do, don't put your arms down." My arms shot straight up so that there was no mistake. He searches me and yells back that I'm clean. Since I'm no longer in any danger I move to pick up my things and see the other two cars behind me. The officer explained that a little old lady had called 911 and said that a kid matching my description was casing the neighborhood, gun in hand.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:25 No.3049162
While stocking in the freezer section of the grocery store I used to work at, my work cart to my back, the freezer in front of my, the door open to my right, a sly homeless looking man slid in on my left, blocking me in.

He greeted me warmly, explained he had traveled far and wide. Worked for men who paid him handsomely just for his company but left that life because their ways disagreed with his. He regaled my with stories of how rich people's betadyne comes fro the moon, and is four times better than poor people's earth betadyne. He had been a musician, he had been to space, and helped drill a secret government tunnel to the center of the earth to make a volcano weapon.

After eating up 45mins. of my shift, he explained he needed a dollar to get his prescription. I literally had nothing. I didn't carry my cash on me so I wouldn't buy junk food at work and lost a shit ton of weight that way.

I even went as far as showing him my empty wallet. A look of dejected depression formed on his face, and every feature sagged. Without a word, he turned and left.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:27 No.3049165
Common decency is not dead. I hold the door for people wherever I go, I wish people well, and I try to avoid being a douche to passers-by, unless they're handing out Dianetics faggotry, in which case I troll.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:30 No.3049179
Wow, I hope that someone breaks into that old lady's place for the sole purpose of taking a shit on her face as she sleeps.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:31 No.3049184

Nah, that was me and a friend actually.
All those things were me and my friends.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:31 No.3049189
I hope that old lady has no living relatives and dies a lonely and withering death, after breaking her hip and lying there for days.

call the goddamn PO-LICE on a guy?
>> Papa Bear 11/23/08(Sun)14:34 No.3049203
*Once, I found money falling from the sky. I have no clue where it came from.

*I was waiting for a bus and was reading the AD&D (1st Ed) DMG at the bus stop. There's an old guy sitting next to me and asks what I'm reading. I tell him and he says that he saw the cover and assumed it was about the occult, which he then starts talking to me about. He invites me over to his apartment and I go with him. In retrospect following an elderly man into his house where nobody knows you're going is probably a bad idea. Any way, we get there and the guy has every wall in his apartment covered by a bookshelf. There are rows of books set neatly on the floor in the living room and all three bedrooms are filled with bookshelves. Every one of them pertains to his his field of interest. We talk for a few hours and I read some books that I was drawn to and hadn't seen before, stuff like Abramelin. He tells me about his time in a German "work camp" and how he's spent his whole life trying to rebuild the library that he had back in Europe. Then, he made me promise not to tell anyone about where he was.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:35 No.3049213
     File :1227468923.jpg-(1.26 MB, 2016x2672, Adventure Hooks.jpg)
1.26 MB
I was buying groceries when an old man beckoned me over to the dairy aisle. Thinking that he just wanted help getting something off a high shelf I went to help. he then gestured at the soy milk and said "Everyone who drinks this cannot get pregnant, why do you think that is?"

I left, thinking him a nutter. About 2 hours later I realized that he was actually a real life quest giver, and I had just missed an opportunity to investigate the mystery of the soy milk non-pregnancies.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:36 No.3049219
>>*I was waiting for a bus and was reading the AD&D (1st Ed) DMG at the bus stop. There's an old guy sitting next to me and asks what I'm reading. I tell him and he says that he saw the cover and assumed it was about the occult, which he then starts talking to me about. He invites me over to his apartment and I go with him. In retrospect following an elderly man into his house where nobody knows you're going is probably a bad idea. Any way, we get there and the guy has every wall in his apartment covered by a bookshelf. There are rows of books set neatly on the floor in the living room and all three bedrooms are filled with bookshelves. Every one of them pertains to his his field of interest. We talk for a few hours and I read some books that I was drawn to and hadn't seen before, stuff like Abramelin. He tells me about his time in a German "work camp" and how he's spent his whole life trying to rebuild the library that he had back in Europe. Then, he made me promise not to tell anyone about where he was.

400 xp awarded.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:36 No.3049220
I hope somebody calls the cops after hearing a suspicious noise in her house, and they shoot her dead after she;s silhoutted against a window holding dentures that looked like a gun.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:38 No.3049238
That's pretty fucking awesome right there.

You had an encounter with a Jewish wizard.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:46 No.3049267
I think I WAS a random encounter once. I was on a scavenger hunt with some friends one time for school, and at some of the locations we were supposed to go to there were upperclassmen who would have us do some random task. We would have to go dance with random people, or sing at them, or invite them to do the limbo, etc. In one instance, on the steps of a museum, we had to act out an elaborate dinosaur battle. It must have all looked very random for people just going about their day...
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:47 No.3049275
Whatever his OT level is.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:48 No.3049276
there was a time when i was younger,when i was on my bicycle heading home from the rental shop, when i take a shortcut through a parking lot.
when i pass by one of the cars the driver that was in one of them screams: GODAMN MOTHERFUCKING KID!!!.
the driver puts some metal to the petal and aims straight towards, where my instinct kicked in and i cycled away.
never knew why the man did that.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:52 No.3049298
>>3049138 Same poster.

While playing Humans vs Zombies ( this quarter at OU, I walked up behind a guy with a bandanna on his head. I ask him "Hey, you playing HVZ?" No response. Again, "Hey are you playing?" And again, he says nothing, and kind of hunches a little, just acting suspicious in general.

"Look, no offense, but I'm gonna shoot you just to make sure." I shoot him in the back with my nerf gun, and as soon as I do he whirls around and stares at me.
"You ever shot a man on ecstasy before?"
"What?" I ask.
"No...I don't believe I have." I say, while barely choking back laughter. The guy was a total frat boy.
"Look, you got about 2 minutes before I call my boys." he says, as menacingly as his little popped collar self could muster.
"Alright man." I say, smiling. I bend down, pick up my nerf dart from near his feet, and walk away laughing.

I think I win that random encounter.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:53 No.3049309
Once I saw a raven fucking look left and right after the cars on a busy street, then pogo-hop nonchalantly across when it was clear.

It was amazing.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:54 No.3049315

Ah, scavenger hunts.

While running a register late at night, probably 11, before we closed up, three married couples, all laughing as though they were drunk, came in and scoped out the place. It was pretty much just me and them, so one woman approached, stiffling a laugh.

"Can... can I hug you?" she giggled.

"Uh... yeah, sure, what the hell."

She proceeded to wrap her arms around em, they all laughed, and then the largest of the men approached.

"Can I give you a piggy back ride?"

At this point, my manager appeared, but didn't approach. She hadn't heard him ask, she just saw me stare dumb founded at what she thought was a customer, and then lost her shit when I leapt on his back and he ran me about the store.

I'm fairly positive they were on some weird social scavenger hunt.

Also, when I was younger and school/churches/boy scouts actually thought it was safe to send kids door-to-door to ask or random shit, me and my friends would make up random lists and go on scavenger hunts for things we just wanted.

People would always oblige. Toys, chains, old books, coins, sodas. Christ, I could go shopping through random people.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:55 No.3049319
I was actually a part of a random encounter once.

Annual Anarchist Halloween Parade in Chicago, we managed to ditch the cops (ironically, by charging through a city-erected blockade) and head into the busiest, richest streets of the downtown area. Hundreds of people in fur coats and suits stared at a huge group of bloody, disheveled, zombied-up anarchists marching down the street.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:57 No.3049333
I don't believe you know what that means. Enjoy your Fascism.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:58 No.3049338
Whatever his OT level is.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)14:59 No.3049352

d'awwwww, it knows how to look twice:)
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:05 No.3049374
That's nothing.

I've seen a moose do that. Most unsettling thing I've ever seen.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:07 No.3049390
A political system based on a horizontal structuring of society, commonly featuring the abolishing of capitalism, government, and private property and maintaining itself on principles of mutual aid and collective organizing?

Nope, no idea what anarchism is.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:08 No.3049393
Fucking Druids all over Canada, man. You can't trust any of the animals here.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:08 No.3049394
I've got one, but this was in no way amusing.

I like to keep fit, so I jog in the mornings. This particular morning I had gotten up very early, 5 a.m. Thrown on my p.t. gear and was off to an early start. Well, I live in a decent part of town, no running through the ghetto or anything. I start off running around this nice golf course, and eventually away down the road to what is oddly, the nicest part of town. All the affluent people have their multi-million dollar homes there.

I wouldn't mention that, except that a car pulls up beside me (no other cars in sight, it's ~5:45 am after all). Still rolling, what do I see when I turn my head? A hispanic kid in a black hoodie and bandana around his face pointing a shotgun at me. He fires once and they peel away.

He missed, thankfully. Called the cops and filed a report with them. I didn't catch the plate number. They told me they believe it was supposed to be a gang initiation. They found it odd because that is not normal for the area.

I am very grateful that gangbangers don't know how iron sites work.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:08 No.3049396
Damn, where's that "Roll a Will save" motivational with the guy in the window when you need it?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:16 No.3049440
Or maybe a Nazi occultist?

You ever heard of the Thule Society? Those fuckers were NUTS about the occult.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:18 No.3049455
well as the subject of adventure hooks has come up...
I was 20 I answered an advert on a yacht clubs notice board to crew some arab princes pleasure yacht sailing from portsmouth to copenhagen. The pay was ok and I was learning a lot of seamanship.
1day into the trip the owner tells the skipper to turn south as he wanted to go back to saud. the crew didn't know this until we noticed we'd being heading south for rather longer than we hsould be.
when we explained to the skipper we didn't have Visas or any way to get home he told the prince who threw a shit fit and dumped me and two other guys on a beach in morroco, near a little town called jadida.
We hitchhiked round the coast til we reached tanger, dodging local authorities, pot farmers and some crazy guys with guns who might have been bandits, while trying to get the consulate to help get us home. when we reached tangiers we stole a boat and sailed the ten miles to spain then called the embassy in spain told then the story [leaving out the boat part] who then arranged for us to fly back to england.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:21 No.3049472

Sup Niklas.
Going to the Sex Show on Wednsday?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:24 No.3049494
holy shit it sounds like england sucks
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:27 No.3049505
That prince sounds like a real asshole.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:35 No.3049534
EPIC AS FUCK, yet somehow I doubt its authenticity. Then again, who knows, shit happens.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:42 No.3049564
I have one.

I was leaving the LGS in Sundsvall to grab a snack with one of the gamers. We passed the mainstreet with MacDonalds, Booze Botique and the cloth stores are. All of the sudden, a police car breaks next to one of the malls, and two cops rush inside. One of the yells out loud "Stop fer fuck sake!/Stop fucker!" in the native tongue.

Good thing I'm True Neutral and not Chaotic Good, otherwise I'd be curious what was going on.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:49 No.3049610
You and your companions have now earned enough XP to gain a level!

I recommend Fast or Charismatic Hero if you're going to get into more of these sorts of adventures.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:53 No.3049617
I was walking to catch a train home with a friend of mine, and suddenly a man jumps out at us, assumes what looks like a football player's stance, and shouts "WITH A REBEL YELL, SHE CRIED MORE, MORE MORE!" followed by somewhat more unintelligible shouting. I stared at him for a few seconds and then calmly sidestepped and continued on my way, followed briefly afterward by my friend, who asked,

"Was that guy singing Billy Idol?"
>> W.Irving 11/23/08(Sun)15:53 No.3049621
I was someones random encounter back in highschool. My school (West Essex) had a shit ton of bomb scares that year, and I had forgotten my backpack out on the curb when my bus came. Someone called it in as a suspicious package, and the bomb squad shows up. They scan it, my calculator shows up as a potential detonator. They do a controlled demolition of my backpack...

One random encounter I witnessed was, while driving on Route 3 North, I saw at least 20 construction workers (who were probably supposed to be building the new Giants stadium) picnicking on the grass medium, drinking and playing tag.

Another fun one I witnessed (in Rome) was a group of Roman soldiers/senators running down the street away from the police. Apparently it had been a "Historical Re-enactors Union Protest" that was being broken up. Funniest thing I have ever seen.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)15:59 No.3049653
Once as I was driving back from a friend's house late at night using some back roads that were deserted at this time, I saw something bizarre. I saw a trash can on the side of the road vanish into thin air, then reappear further down the road. I did a double take and slowed the car to confirm that I wasn't just seeing things, but everything seemed to check out. Nothing in the place where the can was, and there was the can fifty feet from its original position. There was a mailbox between them so it could not have been an optical illusion.

I had the sudden sense that perhaps I should be on my merry way, and prompted accelerated my ass out of there.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:05 No.3049681
Two friends of mine were playing this finger-fighting game thing (I don't know what it's called, you basically clasp hands with another person with your index finger pointing out and try to poke them before they do likewise), and this dude walks up and inquires what's going on. My one friend begins explaining, and the guy mutters something like "fuck that pussy shit" and, as we stare incredulously, he then asks for some money so that he can buy some fried rice from a nearby Chinese place. All of us (me, two guys, one girl) were rather agitated with this dude's demeanor so we refrained from giving him anything. He continued hassling us for a while until the rest of our group came out of the Chinese place with their food, and we said we had to go.

We walk down the street and around a corner and three of us (the same people minus one guy) sit down on the sidewalk while everyone else goes inside a costume store for some reason. The same homeless guy walks up, deliberately stops, turns around, bends over in front of the girl, and sits down on her. She yells at him and gets up and me and the other guy stare at the dude nastily, and he mutters again something like "I got a reason to sit here, she ain't sittin' here for nothin'", and he then starts talking to us, first inquiring as to where I live and whether I'm some kind of racist (I was shooting him dirty looks; he's black; I'm white; clearly the only explanation), I was getting kinda pissed. Then he turns to the guy with me and asks him to get a soda from a 7-11. My friend says he doesn't have any money, and the dude says "I didn't say BUY it" and my friend (who would normally shoplift, no doubt) says he won't steal it. [continues]
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:08 No.3049694
continued from >>3049681

Then everyone else comes out of the store and the homeless dude asks them for money and starts harassing one of the other girls we're with, calling her a bunch of shit (including some racial epithets...and she's black, wouldn't you know it), and then finally I'm standing up and my friend the skinny white guy is shouting at the drunk for making a scene and starting shit, about to get into a fistfight.

And then some guy just walks up and puts his arm around the drunk dude and is like "aw hey man what'choo doin' around here c'mon man" and smiles at us and they walk away.

Chicago is fucking weird.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:09 No.3049695
sweet. I need to get some more campaigns under my belt
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:11 No.3049704
>They do a controlled demolition of my backpack
"Alright, where's your homework?"
"Funny story about that..."
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:13 No.3049713

It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of the homeless. Fair enough if they're mental, but I've had one perfectly lucid guy call me a cunt, and then ask for money.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:15 No.3049726
Oh fuck, that was incredible. Good job, old chap.
>> W.Irving 11/23/08(Sun)16:17 No.3049730
Word to this. Seriously. Especially University. I've seen some fucking weird ass shit, especially around Scavhunt.

Worst part was that it was right before finals.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:21 No.3049740
Poster of quoted story here.

Honestly, I can't entirely blame them for it. People usually end up homeless because they've had some fault or fight with a major influence in their life (addiction to drugs, fights with bosses/landlords, plain ol' fucked over by the guvments) and nobody ever helped them out. So they end up bitter and cynical and generally hate the fuck out of everything and everyone because life completely screwed them over.

But it is kind of...annoying as fuck to deal with, yeah.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:22 No.3049745
This happened last year, when I was a freshmen in college. My father picks me up one weekend because he hasn't seen me for several months and misses me something terrible. We're going to New York City to visit some art museums, which is something that the both of us enjoy, being the enlightened gentlemen that we are. We visit every museum that we're interested in by Saturday, so we have Sunday to just enjoy the city. We're on the subway and this homeless woman gets on. It's obvious that she's homeless, not by the clothing that she wears or the smell that wafts from her, but by the madness that burns in her eyes; the woman was crazy in a scary way. Young, too, poor thing.

So she's going from car to car asking for spare change, food, anything. She asks me if I have anymore gum, and I don't, so I shake my head. She gives me a dirty look and mutters something, but I don't hear what. She bypasses my father and goes to a young mother and her child. She asks for change, and the woman hands her a dollar. The homeless woman smiles and pulls a beaten-up old box of Valentine's Day chocolates out of her coat and moves to hand one to the baby, but the mother stops it.

The homeless woman goes nuts and starts screaming about how she was only trying to be friendly.

It was scary and sad at the same time.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:23 No.3049746
When I was like 11, I at some sort of amusement park (don't remember which). I was just walking along eating some ice cream when out of fucking nowhere something fills my field of vision and BAM ice cream is gone. A seagull had divebombed me and stole my ice cream.

Fucking druids.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:23 No.3049747
Public transportation can be amazing like that.

Had some ancient black woman screaming at this guy sitting across from her for like 30 minutes straight. She was clearly insane, she kept screaming 'I'M OBAMA'S MOMMA!!" Y'ALL NIGGAZ IS GAY!" "YOU AINT BE TRYIN TO BE SITTIN THERE! I'M OBAMA'S MOMMA!" "DO YOU HAVE FOOD? WELL *I* HAVE FOOD!"

I would like to type this out more phonetically, as it was very ebonics.

Myself and 4 other passengers called up the RTA to report the incident. Hopefully the driver was reprimanded, as she should have kicked the woman off. I have seen it happen many times for much much less.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:24 No.3049748
A couple of years back, I was heading back to highschool after getting something to eat. Couple of obvious thugs walking down the road, fast paced, straight towards me. I cross over and walk into the school and turn around to watch if they're following.
The poor kids who are sent to monitor who comes in ask 'em to leave after radioing the management. You know what the thug does in response?
He headbutted him. Kid was knocked out, thug left with his buddies.

Also, there was an encounter on a bus on the way home. A homeless black man walks up to another black as he gets on bus, asking him how he is and stuff in a very, very loud voice. Other black is confused. Homeless man says that they go to Church together. Eventually homeless man just goes whatever and walks over to a white kid, giving him a bearhug and asking him how his mother is, insinuating he fucked his mother and so on. He does the same to every other person, giving each one an individual comment on something - hitting on a black woman, offering another negro a cigerette, telling me to put some weight on, etc. Eventually, he just climbs out of the bus yelling at the top of his voice 'god bless you man'.
I swear, the guy was so loud I swear his mental capslock button was broken.

Overall, it's pretty normal stuff.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:26 No.3049754
I'm still lol'ing at that.
>> W.Irving 11/23/08(Sun)16:30 No.3049776

On the note of public transportation.

Halloween - I am riding the subway. 6 skinny black kids get on. Dressed like a Mariachi band. They play mariachi music for a stop, get off. The entire subway car just looks around in a collective WTF?

Also, I once saw two guys in Santa suits get in a fight at a mall, some sort of double booking dispute.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:30 No.3049779
Actually, had a few more encounters with crazy black men.

One guy was built like a motherfucking tank and he was just standing there, talking to passing people. When I walked by him, he spoke. Motherfucking bass was on. 'Hello, young man'. Then, when I walked past: 'Goodbye, young man'. I looked back a few seconds later. He was staring, and grinning. Seconds later. Still, staring and grinning.
I walked a little bit faster and didn't look back.

Then there was a crazy black woman walking down the street, screaming at the top of her voice about someone stealing stuff from her, shoving whoever was in her way, out of her way. I was one of those people and god knows how many dirty looks she was being given. Still, she seemed to scream at... no one, as she walked along, puffed up like a fucking pigeon, ever-so-proud of herself.

Also, there are the countless swarms of niggers who gather in the middle of that street every day, screaming their praises to the Lord.
Yes, all of these encounters, on one street.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:36 No.3049800
Speak for yourself. I have dozens of encounters with squirrels.
I walk past a tree? Squirrel suddenly crawls around the edge, staring at me. Next tree, same thing. I throw a can into a bin on the street? A squirrel jumps out with a piece of pizza in its mouth, scurrying away.
Fucking bushy-tailed rats.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:37 No.3049805
Let's not be racist. Using race as a descriptor is fine, but try to not use it derisively.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:41 No.3049828
However, can't help but state the one thing that all of these people have in common.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:41 No.3049830
When you see that sort of behavior all the time, and almost exclusively from blacks, it becomes difficult to not mentally label them a nigger.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:45 No.3049869
I'm not so much trying to regulate behavior as I am attempting to promote intelligent discussion. Surely we can convey our thoughts and ideas without resorting to racial slurs?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:46 No.3049870
Once, as I got out of the car in some strip-mall parking lot, I was approached by a swami. He briefly introduced himself to me, and told me that he would tell me my fortune. Since I had some time to kill until I saw my next client, I figured I'd humor the guy thinking it was going to be some cold-reading stunt.

He asked me a few questions about where I was from, and what I did for a living, nothing really interesting, and he didn't really seem to do anything with the information to lead the conversation.

He then asked me to think of a random number that I thought was significant, which I did. I told him nothing, and he wrote something down on a piece of paper. Next, he asked me to think of my favorite color, which I did. He wrote something else down on a piece of paper, again, unprompted by me. (this one I tried my best on, since I was afraid that if I looked around he'd key in on some car I was looking at, so I just stared at his face).
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:46 No.3049872
Apply the definition from The Boondocks.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:46 No.3049877

He then told me about his journey here in the US, and that there was something great in store for me in the future. While he was telling me this, and I was listening quietly, he wrote something else down.

He tore the little piece of paper out of his notebook, crumpled it up, and shoved it into my palm. "Look at it, and say nothing. If it is accurate, perhaps you can repay me," he instructed.

I smiled, and unwrapped the paper.


I stood stunned for a moment, furrowed my brow and looked up at him. I don't believe in magic, but it was a damn nice trick.

I don't know how he did it, especially not the London part, since that came up nowhere in our conversation. But I figured a good trick deserved repayment. So I reached into my pocket for what little change I had and held it out to him.
"No, my friend. Paper money."

HAH! Take that, swami! I was in that strip mall to go to the bank! Didn't see that comin', did ya! Nice trick, but it wasn't worth twenty dollars.

Of course... in retrospect... London seems a long way away...
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:48 No.3049886
At the beginning of last year I was going shopping with a friend. This was before school was up and running so I didn't have my U-pass yet (grants free travel in Chicago's public transit system). So going back to school I had this transit card with 3 uses on it that I wouldn't ever touch.

Anyways, I'm waiting for a train on the way back to school with my friend when this black guy kind of hops up next to us, talking to himself as he does it. My friend freaks out and bolts to the other side of the shelter thing.
The black guy says something about passing me the ball and makes a hand gesture to match.

I attempt to catch the invisible ball and say "hi".
"Hey man, you around here?"
"I'm staying with a friend at school" Fuck if I was gonna tell some bum I live near there.
"Well, what we should do is go get some beers and drink em"
"I'm not 21" I dislike beer and my friend, still hiding, doesn't drink at all.
He kind of backed off at that point, but was still hanging near me. I gave him my transit card (I'd get the U-pass soon enough) and he acted like I had just cured him of some sort of disease.

This is about when my friend came back around and the black guy started giving him shit for running away.
The fucker said he was answering his phone.
We got on the train without further incident.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:48 No.3049891
I tried. I really, really tried. You don't know how many times I went back and wrote out the word 'nigger' and 'negro' because I thought it was tasteless use. However, I ended up using it at the end out of reflex and forgot to edit it out.
So, I apologize.
On second thoughts though, even if this is /tg/, it is still 4chan. Get the fuck out if you aren't ready for racial slurs, cracker.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:49 No.3049894
/tg/ is not /b/, when last I checked. We are expected to conduct ourselves with a bit more class, I should think.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:52 No.3049905
Note how the poster uses the slur 'cracker', when it is almost certain that he, and the one to which he is replying, is white.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:54 No.3049912
It's a play on the usage of the racial slur 'nigger' by black people. They use it casually, so I use the racial slur 'cracker' casually.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:54 No.3049915
/tg/ is not /b/, when last I checked. We are expected to conduct ourselves with a bit more class, I should think.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:56 No.3049922
This is 4chan, even if it is /tg/.
This isn't a civlized forum with mods. Everything is allowed, except for NSFW images and discussions.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)16:58 No.3049936
Walking through the woods, I came upon a homeless man's campsite. He was passed out could on top of a huge pile of mouldering blankets.

As an adventurer I did the proper thing, I knifed him and took anything of value.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:00 No.3049940
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:03 No.3049958

While he was talking to me about his journey, I couldn't help but think about how great it would be to take a trip to London. I've never been, but I'd love to go.

I can't help but feel that somehow by not paying him, I denied myself that opportunity.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:12 No.3050001
Did he have any books on how to animate golems?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:13 No.3050012
My sister. She'd probably think she could kick your ass.

Know what?

I bet she'd be right.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:13 No.3050014
(Of course, I could be mistaken... but) it's not magic; it's just psychology methods/tricks. I've seen some articles on that type of "mind-reading" and it's likely that the guy was implanting subliminal suggestions in your head--he'd already decided on the 37/blue/London, and just had to get you thinking of them. Pretty cool stuff, really. Too bad for him that he didn't suggest "paper money"... heh.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:17 No.3050033

I'd like to look into that, because I know this wasn't a cold reading. He didn't have me volunteer anything at all, it was really much more like he was talking to me.

Of course, I'm sure I could have given away physical cues, or nervous ticks that gave him information.

I find the number 37 really troubling, because the number has specific significance to me and a fistful of friends from high school. At the time, it didn't seem like that particular number came up anywhere.

Of course, any guess has the possibility of being right.
>> W.Irving 11/23/08(Sun)17:18 No.3050036

Oh man, I've been propositioned so many times in the Chicago transit system, shits gross.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:22 No.3050058
>>I'd like to look into that, because I know this wasn't a cold reading. He didn't have me volunteer anything at all, it was really much more like he was talking to me.
If I remember right, that's how the method I mentioned works. You just work very subtle cues into the conversion, and done right they'll be unconsciously thought about.

>>I find the number 37 really troubling, because the number has specific significance to me and a fistful of friends from high school. At the time, it didn't seem like that particular number came up anywhere.
I don't have any explanation for this, though. As you said, he could have been lucky; for all I know you have several significant numbers; or maybe he noticed something.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)17:52 No.3050215
A plot hook missed, perhaps only by bad luck, or bad timing...

At 18, I was living with my dad, and spent most of my non-working hours laying about, playing videogames or reading. One day my father comes back from the grocery store, bags in hand, but something else, as well.
A notebook. college ruled, 80 pages.
I ask him "what's with the notebook?"
"I found it in a homeless guys hollow behind the food4less!" He's ecstatic, like he'd found gold, or somesuch. "You gotta analyse it for me!"
"What?" i'm barely a high-school grad, even if i took a psych class or two, so this is WAY out of my league.
"DO IT! READ IT AND TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS!" He shouts, like it's some mystical notebook of prophecies.

So I do. I read it. And its like something Lovecraft would have written, had he ever sat down for coffee with 2 cryptologists and all of /x/ at the same time.

Every page, six words frame the central text, seemingly chosen at random. An isoceles triangle at the top and bottom, the words composing the points, the points connected by dotted lines. The only set i can remember offhand is:
Top set: Fire
Questionable Blanket

Bottom set:
Sheet Furious

>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:02 No.3050250
Stuff like this is why the thread is gold.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:10 No.3050289
In between each sextet was a page of ranting violent prose, cursing the american government, the russian government, the white supremacists, all asians, those with a fear of fire, anything you can think of, according to this diary they were all to blame for the impending invasion, though exactly what was invading, the booklet never got around to saying. It seemed to hint at some alien race, though it could just as easily have been referring to elves, for all i know.

After reading it, i just told my dad that it was the ravings of a madman, no more sensible than if you had given a puppy a pencil and told him to write a thesis. I asked where EXACTLY he had gotten it, so i could return one of a homeless man's precious few possessions to him, and he told me.

The next day, I went to the spot in question, leaving the original notebook, a new, 120 page notebook, a 10 pack of mechanical pencils, and several plastic bags for the vagrant, at least hoping to give him some solace in his maddened state, even if i couldn't help him.
I then sat in my car, some 200 yards away, with a pair of binoculars, waiting for him to come back, so i could call police, perhaps, and get him some help.
Hours passed, and no-one arrived, eventually i fell asleep in my (thankfully) locked car.
I woke up well past midnight to a "bump" type noise on my hood, though i saw nothing there. I, spooked out of my wits, turned on and revved my engine, with the hope of scaring off anyone nearby, then pulled backwards from the spot i was in, out of the parking lot, went to go home. As i exited the lot, i would have sworn i saw someone peering at me from behind a dumpster, but no proof.

I returned the next day and everything i had left was gone.
I spent weeks thinking some homeless guy was going to jump out and kill me, thinking i was some kind of hideous alien.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:34 No.3050418
     File :1227483243.jpg-(83 KB, 800x622, legendary.jpg)
83 KB
I love you fa/tg/ents.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)18:41 No.3050460