File :1224766085.jpg-(187 KB, 348x1852, 1000son.jpg)
187 KB Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)08:48 No.2863065  
Macha can't get laid
1000 Son Marine can't find love and happiness
And the funny part is that they could never be satisfied with each other too, even though they're looking for basically the same thing-validation by others.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:03 No.2863105

The children of the Planet of Sorcerers likely idolize the rubric marines though as their supreme protectors
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:22 No.2863156
day ruined. thanks.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:25 No.2863165
Day made. Thanks.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:27 No.2863171
     File :1224768444.jpg-(46 KB, 926x409, hawhawhaw.jpg)
46 KB
>> go 10/23/08(Thu)09:28 No.2863180
I'm bored by this thread. Let's talk about Touhou.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:30 No.2863184
The girl dies of old age, or what? Not very clear...
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:32 No.2863190
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:41 No.2863218
But.. Isn't Macha an eldar? They don't age...
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:42 No.2863220
She's a human. AFAIK Macha's never met a rubric.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:49 No.2863234
This is the 'Bad End' of some write/drawfag collaboration from a while ago. A Rubric inexplicably feels pity for a terrified woman he finds in a besieged city, so instead of killing her or handing her over to the chaos hordes for their fun he kidnaps her and flees. They live together for a while and are happy. The good end version was that he regained some measure of his humanity from being with her and, even though she eventually dies of old age, he comes out of the relationship a little happier and a little less WHY IS MY BODY A PILE OF DUST.
>> Stranger 10/23/08(Thu)09:57 No.2863254
While I've always loved the 40K universe, I don't think I'd love it as hard as I do these days if not for /tg/'s insanity.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)09:57 No.2863255
>so instead of killing her or handing her over to the chaos hordes for their fun he kidnaps her and flees

Or the rubric could simply say "She is my pet now." Noone's gonna tell something that eats spess muhreens for breakfast no.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)10:08 No.2863294
Except for his Sorcerer masters.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)10:51 No.2863440

Rubrics have a rapport with their sorcerers as a leftover from the camaraderie of their living days, but sorcerers can't actually mind control rubrics, and its not like there is any form of punishment or intimidation imaginable that would work on one. So, yeah... best to humor them.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:14 No.2863500
This is the life of one of the Thousand Sons. He has no name, no more than he has a body. He has nothing. In nearly all aspects, he is nothing. He does as he is bidden, fights where he is led, follows his orders, finding nothing of value or satisfaction in doing so, nothing to give his existence worth. Years turn into centuries, as he moves through them like a machine; life, barely worthy of the name. Then, in the most unlikely of places, he finds something that surprises him. In the charnel ruins of a world of the Imperium, a world that has fallen under the scourge of Chaos, he finds a soul like his own; a young girl, wounded, near death, having lost everything she held dear.

He feels something new. He feels pity. From some inexplicable place in the depths of his mind, he feels the urge to protect her. He is strong, this Son; strong enough to guard her against the darkness, strong enough to save her life when hope seemed lost. He cares for her as she recovers from her injuries, and despite his inability to communicate, she slowly realizes that he is genuine, that means her no harm, that there is no underlying fiendish plot. Gradually, the caring that he feels for her is returned.

And so, together they build an island of joy in a sea of horror. They find happiness, love, and it seems as if they have escaped from the cares of the galaxy. For a time. For there is one flaw in their love; the Son is ageless. The human is not. The girl grows to a woman.

The woman grows old.

Finally, after decades together, time claims what cannot be denied. She dies, peacefully, her last words "I love you so." Her soul rejoins the Warp, after a life better than many in this dark age. And the Son must go on, alone, with only the memory of his time of joy, tainted now by the agony of losing that which he loved. The Son must go on, forever.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:14 No.2863501
In his mind's eye he sees the future set out for him; a barren path stretching into the ages. With the passive resolve of an automaton, he rebels.

He makes no declaration, does nothing to announce his silent revolt. The fingers of his gauntlets feel for the seals of his armour, fused shut for ten thousand years. They won't open. His armour has become a coffin, what remains of the man buried alive to fight and obey for all time.

And yet... He remembers the time he crushed the armoured head of a loyalist marine on Badab VI. His fingers constrict around his neck, buckling and snapping the airtight seals, the might that made him invaluable as a slave now setting him free.

The Thousand Son removes his helmet and stares up at the stars with his own eyes for the first time in ten millenia. Only his eyes have long since turned to dust. Without the lenses of his helmet to see the world through, he sees the warp, the winds of chaos, and on them a delicate, luminous wisp of soul, its warmth and decades of quiet contentment so unpalateable to the daemons of the gods of chaos that the fierce predators of the warp flow around it like oil and water.

It's her.

The armour clatters to the ground, and with an inaudible sigh, the dust within is carried away on the winds.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:25 No.2863536

That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:25 No.2863537
I baw'd shamelessly.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:31 No.2863555

First story ever in /tg that made get teary eyes.
that was beautiful.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:38 No.2863575
>> Salamanders Fanboi !!Zoh0kzxa4Qb 10/23/08(Thu)11:40 No.2863580
This would be nice and all, but it's 40k. Her soul is gobbled up and the rubric marine reforms a few days later on the planet of sorcerers.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)11:42 No.2863590
Her soul is too happy. The only one that'd take her is THE EMPRA.

The Rubric Marine probably keeps breaking himself for eternity, forever in agony over it.

Just as planned.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:08 No.2863696
As much as it horribly rapes the fluff, this would make an awesome army. A group of Thousand Sons, inexplicably moved by the tale of their comrade, feels something stirring within them they haven't felt in ages, and now seeks to throw off their shackles and rediscover this mysterious and alluring passion called 'love'. Distrusted by the Imperium and Chaos alike, they travel the galaxy, fighting enemies at every turn, trying to discover something that will revive their long-lost emotions. Every death and regeneration only strengthens their resolve, as they they rebel against everything the galaxy now stands for in the hope of some small sliver of peace in the vast grim darkness.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:12 No.2863712
     File :1224778325.jpg-(76 KB, 400x300, FundIt.jpg)
76 KB

Fund it.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:12 No.2863713
The only 1000S mehreen with a name besides Magnus, already is a renegade against chaos that wanders the universe rebelling against chaos and shit. That sort of thing is as unusual for Tzeentchians as "a band of Death Guard who wander the cosmos spreading diseases and preaching the love of Papa Nurgle"
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:18 No.2863732
Sooo...... not uncommon at all? Or do i know less about the Death Guard than I think?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:21 No.2863744
You're correct. 1000S basically are there to reverse all other cliches of CSM, and Tzeentch is all about rebellion, change, and hope (even though hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, etc.)

They don't even have SPIKES
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:25 No.2863759
     File :1224779107.jpg-(121 KB, 600x600, saved.jpg)
121 KB
I have all the misery in hi-res if you want
Well ok here's the first one
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:27 No.2863768
     File :1224779238.jpg-(97 KB, 600x600, saved1.jpg)
97 KB
more hi res grimdarkdepressingbleakness
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:28 No.2863775
     File :1224779299.jpg-(74 KB, 600x600, saved2.jpg)
74 KB
I mean if you want to make some kind of rasterbation for your wall or whatever this it what you'd use
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:29 No.2863779
     File :1224779370.jpg-(85 KB, 600x600, saved3.jpg)
85 KB
Or maybe you can make a higher res version of OP
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:32 No.2863793
     File :1224779557.jpg-(97 KB, 600x600, saved4.jpg)
97 KB
I mean I had to compress that shit like the fist of the north star because I suck at getting MS paint to do what I want
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:33 No.2863797
This is my favorite.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:33 No.2863799
     File :1224779611.jpg-(80 KB, 649x932, saved5.jpg)
80 KB
I mean, I can make a PC but don't ask me to do a spreadsheet
There,now this thread can go to page 10
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:35 No.2863807
so, what's this 1000s' name?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:35 No.2863810
It's, uhhh... Jumblejorp
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:36 No.2863814

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:38 No.2863824
The tragic beauty of this short tale will haunt my mind for days.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:39 No.2863833
and where can I read about his epic strugle against Tzeentch?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:40 No.2863839

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:41 No.2863846
This reminds me of the lost space marine company.

And I mean, the ones that are on empires side. Wraiths or something alike, fuck.

Damned something?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:43 No.2863852
Note that only the first story is by the same writefag, so he might still be "alive"

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:43 No.2863853

Legion of the Damned, led by Primarch Bethrezen
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:45 No.2863864
moments later Tzeetch pulls his soul into the deepest pits of hell to suffer for all eternity

The end
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:45 No.2863865
...Fallen? Alternately, the dead guys they use when shit really hits the fan?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:45 No.2863867
>led by

Technically their Primarch's still imprisoned within the core of a world somewhere

Don't ask me how it works
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:46 No.2863870
40k doesn't actually have a hell.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:52 No.2863906
     File :1224780774.jpg-(10 KB, 201x176, Elder God.jpg)
10 KB
"You see, Ahriman? Even when you defy me, you perform my will."
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)12:56 No.2863921
Damned souls go to daemons worlds for torment.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:06 No.2863961
they have a primarch now?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:07 No.2863965
I thought Daemons would rip them apart and consume them, obliterating the soul from existence or at least destroying the consciousness and returning every thought and bit of it to the Warp?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:10 No.2863979
     File :1224781829.jpg-(148 KB, 691x691, Unrub1.jpg)
148 KB
Bittersweet dreams
>> Mootzarro !moot/UIi/o 10/23/08(Thu)13:11 No.2863984
>Damned souls go to daemons worlds for the holidays!
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:11 No.2863988
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:12 No.2863993
its mostly fan conjecture but he there's no other explanation as to what he could be other than one of the lost primarchs, unless he's a one-of-a-kind librarian
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:12 No.2863994
     File :1224781969.jpg-(430 KB, 691x691, Unrub2.jpg)
430 KB
But she wouldn't talk to me anymore.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:14 No.2863998
Depends, some souls are literally tortured for an eternity or two before being consumed by the warp entities.

Eliphas for instance, talks about the Basillica of Torment.
And eternal torment is what the Eldar fear so much.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:16 No.2864005

poor Byss
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:22 No.2864029
Tzeetch: Just as Planned
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:39 No.2864114

He was tormented in the Basilica of Torment while still having, you know, pain nerves.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)13:51 No.2864174
This thread is ;_;
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)17:13 No.2865356
I thought the Eldar were afraid of dying because Slaanesh will consume their souls.

It seems, to an extent, that the whole process is sort of a forced absorption of the souls into one big gestalt (like how the shamans formed the Emperor). Slaanesh is literally one big legion of all the hedonistic and fucked up Eldar and whatever else it's had for breakfast that morning. I think I remember from one novel (can't recall which) a Daemon offering to consume someone's soul so that they could take part in all the joy and pleasure the daemon would have, though that might have just been a lie.

Curse you, obscure spiritual metaphysics!

Also yeah, the Basilica of Torments seems to be some actual place for people to be tortured, not some kind of spiritual hell.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)17:30 No.2865425

I only thought there was a bad end, where she dies and her soul gets eaten by daemons forever while he watches...
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)18:36 No.2865722
god damn, quit it with the freaking grimdark.

The universe was made obscure specifically for us to create our own fluff.

If Tzeench is the god of rebellion and change, then a lone thousand son rebelling against his fate would do nothing but bring pleasure to tzeench. I find this story 100% feasible.

Grimdarks can go fornicate themselves on an iron shaft. of chainsaws
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)19:15 No.2865907
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)19:40 No.2866036
I'm going to go with Jumblejorp.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)19:46 No.2866066
I like the version where he joins her in the Warp. So it's now canon for me, and no neckbeard can stop it!
>> Frazer 10/23/08(Thu)19:59 No.2866152

I'm honestly bewildered by how Tzeentch is regarded so highly by so many people. If anything, he's the most reprehensible of all the Chaos Gods. Being "GRIMDARK" has nothing to do with it - everything about him and his whole concept is rotten to the core.

They say that Tzeentch is the "God of Change". However, there's a very important qualification of that in his very title: His Greater Daemon is a "Changer of Ways" - but WHOSE ways? Tzeentch is not some virtuous philosopher labouring to preserve the universe from entropy, he is the god of deceit (and this bizarrely positive press that he's managed to spin in some Hobbyists' minds is perhaps the greatest falsehood of them all).

He's the patron of charlatans, chicanery, corruption and conspiracy. He is the one who knocks on your door at three in the morning; he is the reason you keep your back to a wall to prevent a knife finding it; He is the transmission vector of toxic mistrust. He is a malevolent narcissistic schemer, because there is actually one definite constant amongst all of that 'change' he generates - whatever happens, when the dust settles HE's going to be on top. And YOU'RE going to be underfoot.

From the Codex Imperialis.

".Do not ask what creature screams in the night.
Do not question who waits for you in the shadow.
It is my cry that wakes you in the night.
And my body that crouches in the shadow.
I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet
That dances to my tune."

For all of Ahriman's efforts to halt his Legion's devouring mutations (Tzeentch doesn't care for fight-the-Man revolution, and only favours it so far as the revolution then continues to destroy itself), the Rubric Marines are perfect, onsecrated icons of Tzeentch - blank marionettes that will jerk and dance and do as they are bid.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)20:01 No.2866166

He always stands his round at the bar though. That counts for a lot. He's a pretty cool guy.
>> Frazer 10/23/08(Thu)20:07 No.2866194
Slaanesh would be the life and soul of the party and always get offered free drinks which he'd pass onto us; Nurgle would always ensure that we get a table to ourselves; and Khorne would be the bouncer to keep the riff-raff out so we have a nice evening. :p
>> Mootzarro !moot/UIi/o 10/23/08(Thu)20:08 No.2866203
I'm still waiting for Ahriman to capture a Dark Angels successor chapter, and by merely telling them what happened to Luthor, Lion El'Jonson and Caliban turn them all to Chaos. Because he's an awesomely manipulative dick, and he must know the whole story by now - drinking in the same bars as the Fallen, etc.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)20:58 No.2866452
     File :1224809920.jpg-(189 KB, 690x481, 1205158029124.jpg)
189 KB
Long after the galaxy was purged of life by the Tyrannic hive fleets, the Son still waited by his love, unmoving. Given enough time the chances of her coming back to him were astronomical. He would wait.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:03 No.2866480
Ehh in general it's not Tzeentch people feel for, it's the Sons.

The TS got the short end of the stick through the entire heresy and afterwards. People kinda feel sorry for them.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:30 No.2866664
Hey, would a CSM spare a person like that?
Are they evil, or is that just the image the imperium gives them?

I'm shitty with my fluff.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:31 No.2866673
Didn't we just spend this whole thread debating this?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:32 No.2866677
Case to case basis.

Most all World Eaters are batshit now

Night Lords are mostly sadistic crazies now, Lord of the Night gave an "opposing" viewpoint to their savagery

TS had lots of variation within them - some embraced Chaos, others like Ahriman didn't, relying on their own powers.

Most CSM harbor deep hatred for the Imperium, against more generic targets they might have a huge variety of reactions.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:32 No.2866678
I thought it was just write faggotry like love can bloom.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:33 No.2866681
I guess it depends, but generally not-good things will happen to them.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:34 No.2866686
Not good things sex wise, or from their buddies?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:35 No.2866688
dunno, but redemptions always played a big factor in humanity. If a Terminator can be sent back in time to protect someone and develop human feelings, why not a Son?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:44 No.2866742
When did a Terminator go 88mph?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:55 No.2866813

Not 40K Terminator. "SARAH CONNOR?" Terminator.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)21:58 No.2866826
Goddammit I'm a retard. How the fuck do I forget that
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:04 No.2866866
I'm wiling to forgive it for no other reason then the mental image of a Spess Mehreen going BACK TO THE FUTURE.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:07 No.2866890

Biff Angron?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:13 No.2866924
Marty McTermmie: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that my emporer has got the hots for me?
Inquisitor Emmett Brown: Precisely.
Marty McTermmie: Whoa, this is heavy.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:15 No.2866931
So yeah, I can't spell emperor.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:15 No.2866934
     File :1224814545.jpg-(359 KB, 500x699, Angron_puzzle.jpg)
359 KB
What's the matter, McTermmie?

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:17 No.2866941
... A lone Space Marine sent back in time by forces unknown. He was supposed to stop the Horus Heresy. Instead he is sent further back. To the great age of human expansion. The Space Marine knows the Emperor exists somewhere in this time and universe and begins his search to inform him of the future. Along the way to holy terra, the Space Marine battles a myriad of xenos and human heretics.

Coming 2009- Alien Vs. Predator Extinction. Age of Man
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:17 No.2866945
     File :1224814673.jpg-(50 KB, 613x473, marty.jpg)
50 KB



>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)22:20 No.2866966
     File :1224814838.gif-(4 KB, 47x20, 119265236148.gif)
4 KB
I <3 this thread.