File :1221448468.jpg-(334 KB, 1000x708, Metal_Slug_Mayhem_by_alexsanlyra.jpg)
334 KB Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:14 No.2578860  
I'm looking for a system that can easily adapt to the Metal Slug universe. Rules need to be simple to learn and play but have enough complexity to allow for some hilarious hijinks. I wan explosion that cause enemies to disappear on the horizon team rocket style, tanks that fire smaller tanks that fire miggets and knifes. I want a battleship with tank treads, rapid fire rocket shotguns and zombies.

tl;dr A system for Metal Slug meets Advance Wars
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:17 No.2578873


stunt that shit
>> Unholy Clown Ninja Mutant Beaver, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 09/14/08(Sun)23:23 No.2578904
>I wan explosion that cause enemies to disappear on the horizon team rocket style
You don't need rules for this. Just say it happens.
>tanks that fire smaller tanks that fire miggets and knifes. I want a battleship with tank treads, rapid fire rocket shotguns and zombies.
To be honest, alot of this can be handled with description like above.
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:26 No.2578916
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:31 No.2578947

Description is one thing, I can add all the crazy ass stuff I want, what I really need is a basic system for determining action resolutions. Roll this and you succeed don't and you fail, and allows the players to combine their skills and abilities to produce epic results. Otherwise we're just sitting around talking about what would make a good 90's cartoon.
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:34 No.2578979
Risus. Use Risus.
>> Unholy Clown Ninja Mutant Beaver, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 09/14/08(Sun)23:36 No.2579000
Well, >>2578979 suggested Risus which would work.

You could also make a Dungeon Squad variant, if you can make up 3 character archetypes for it.
>> Stranger 09/14/08(Sun)23:38 No.2579015
     File :1221449939.jpg-(23 KB, 252x475, p_eri01.jpg)
23 KB
You just gotta be nuts, as a GM. Though from what I know of Exalted, it is insane, and probably would give you the feel you want. I've considered running it in d20 modern, and just being very over the top.

Or you and 3 friends could run through Halo 3 on normal mode, calling eachother "Fio" or whatever, and pretending the enemies are all Metal Slug enemies. Just remember to skip cutscenes or talk nonsense over them to maintain feel.
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:40 No.2579033
Make it grim and dark and you have 40k.
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:41 No.2579041
To be honest, I thought the thumbnail was the Guard vs. the Metal Slug crew.
>> Amazing 09/14/08(Sun)23:51 No.2579125

Now I want to make a Guard army with Resistance color schemes.
>> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:56 No.2579165
Custom system time. You're going to need dice. Lots and lots of dice.

Let's start by talking about stating weapons:
All weapons come in two parts: delivery and payload. These are both measured in dice: one dice, of whatever size is needed for the job: 1, 1d2, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20, 1d100, whatever. If you have other sizes, cool, those are good too.

When you fire a weapon, first roll your delivery dice. Then subtract your target's dodging ability from what you rolled. If you're over 0, awesome: roll your payload dice that many times. For example, my rocket-launching sniper rifle is 20/*/4 (worry about the * later). I roll a 12, he has dodge 6, I roll 6d4. He subtracts his armor value from the result, and takes that much damage.

But that's a boring weapon. My new weapon is a shotgun that fires that last weapon. The shotgun is an additional delivery mechanism. Now my weapon is 10/20/*/4. I roll a d10, then roll that many d20s, then the poor sap gets to subtract his dodge, then I roll the remainder in d4s.

Almost, but not quite. Needs more boom. The rockets don't only explode, but the explosions themselves explode. No, I don't know how or why. But now it's 10/20/*/4/4. I roll d10, then that many d20s, then subtract dodge, then roll that many d4s, then roll that many d4s, then the poor son of a bitch better hope he has lots of armor.

Great, but now this thing is really complicated, so you're going to have to start worrying about fuckups. See, when you roll a 1 you don't get to add that dice to the total. If it's the final dice in the weapon chain, you're safe. But if there's another dice after that, you have to roll the next dice and whatever comes after it against yourself. Don't roll a 1 on your initial roll.

That's the basic mechanic, see you next post for specific weapon type rules.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)00:07 No.2579239
     File :1221451627.jpg-(334 KB, 684x982, 1181367088549.jpg)
334 KB
Interesting. Should ammo just be handled by a certain number of dice you can throw with that weapon, for the final payload dice pool? Will weapons like the heavy machine gun be able to split their initial delivery dice to hit more targets?
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:10 No.2579257

>limited ammo
>metal slug

>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:13 No.2579277

>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:14 No.2579291

get old cadians

paint green
add the cross thing
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:16 No.2579307
Total the number of stages in your weapon to get its speed rating. More stages = slower. During a turn, everybody says what they'll do simultaneously, but if two people fire weapons with different speeds the guy with the lower number goes first. If it incapacitates the other guy, he doesn't get to fire.

Special delivery mechanisms:
- Laser
Lasers are fast. Don't add this stage to the speed rating.

- Homing
When you roll your homing of laser dice, find the highest roll out of that and subtract that from the guy's dodge value. If you have homing things that shoot homing things, go ahead and subtract once per stage: who the hell can dodge that anyway?

- Slow
After you roll this stage, write that number down and let it sit. Nothing happens until next turn. Next turn you get to keep rolling from where you left off.

Special payloads:
- Explosions
When a target is hit with an explosion he's sent flying in a random direction. How far? How many max rolls did you get on explosion dice? That's how far, in meters. Or yards.

- Armor piercing
See "homing" but apply to armor instead.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)00:23 No.2579362
     File :1221452598.jpg-(10 KB, 179x200, 1181367199947.jpg)
10 KB
Well, what I just thought was that pick-up weapons should have higher die types (d6, d8, d10, etc) and that, yes, totally have a limited ammo that can be replenished as you go. If you end up running out of dice for it midroll (you have 8 payload dice left, but score 10 dice of hits) you convert any extra down to d4s, i.e. pistol dice. You can also trade up if you are carrying a secondary weapon with a higher payload die. This would be a way to form a combo with a weapon that has a lower deliver, but higher payload. This is of course totally unbalanced, but besides saying only upto a forth or half of these dice can come from a combo, I'd let it stand. Cause, ya know, you're fucking badass.

I'll suggest that any delivery die can be traded for a grenade type delivery die. Unless you're a zombie, than using your zombie vomit is a full round action.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:29 No.2579404
Okay, yeah. I think that's enough basic mechanics. Do you feel comfortable making up balanced characters yourselves, or should I work on a creation system?
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:32 No.2579423

Was gonna steal some ideas from the Triple A thread from earlier
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)00:32 No.2579425
     File :1221453151.jpg-(22 KB, 252x475, p_fio01.jpg)
22 KB
Now this makes me rethink the combo idea a bit. I think comboing with a backup weapon (pistol, knife) could work fine as I had it, but with comboing with slower weapons, perhaps left over dice could add a bonus for the next round (depending on how many steps the next weapon is) to represent the weapon being prepped after the drained weapon is finished. Depending on if we care about balance, it could either be a direct bonus, or a much more balanced table giving a smaller bonus to the delivery dice. Also possible, this can eliminate a step, making the next attack a bit faster.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:36 No.2579456
Is it okay if I shoot a slow homing laser that shoots slow homing lasers that shoot armor piercing lasers that explode?
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:37 No.2579474
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:38 No.2579483
Wait, what if I want a payload to be slow?
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:38 No.2579487
I don't know what you have in mind, but it sounds painful.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)00:43 No.2579520
     File :1221453802.jpg-(73 KB, 454x700, METAL_SLUG_by_monk_art.jpg)
73 KB
Like a delayed blast? Some sort of sticky grenade type situation? Would be a nice way to totally rape something's armor if you sticky bomb them, than open up with another weapon next round to time it all together.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:46 No.2579542
For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head when he mentioned that was flesh-eating parasites.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:47 No.2579547
That gives me a great idea on how to deal with weapon reloading in most games.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)00:49 No.2579563
Oh shit, you are blowing my mind!!!!
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:51 No.2579574
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:52 No.2579585
     File :1221454340.jpg-(183 KB, 898x638, 1198305951439.jpg)
183 KB
i knew i saved this for a reason.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:58 No.2579643
Have a weapon clip be that number of dice in damage. Give the weapon a RoF trait, and allow the player to declare how many bullet's they're going to fire before they make their attack. Success means they do that many dice in damage, failure means it's lost.

The rules would take some finer tuning based on what system it was using, but it seems like it would work well on making weapon reloading more than just another number to track or ignore.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)01:00 No.2579659
     File :1221454811.jpg-(133 KB, 640x450, 929660_20050901_screen012.jpg)
133 KB
I guess a good basis for character traits and advancements would be all the abilities they introduced in 6 and 7. I'll just copy pasta a bit of the wiki, since I'm lazy:
* Marco: His default weapon (Pistol on Hard, Heavy Machine Gun on Easy) has twice the ordinary strength.
* Tarma: While riding in or on a Slug, durability and the effects of power-ups are doubled; additionally, the vulcan cannon's power is increased by 50%. He also is capable of using Vulcan Fix when on or in any vehicle.
* Fio: Begins each mission with the Heavy Machine Gun (on Easy mode, she begins with the Big Heavy Machine Gun from Metal Slug X and 3). Weapon supply is also increased by 50%.
* Eri: Receives twice as many grenades upon starting or resupplying. When throwing, she can aim in a specific direction.
* Ralf: Melee attack speed is doubled, at the expense of weapon and grenade supplies being halved. He can also use the special 'Vulcan Punch' attack, melee strikes capable of damaging vehicles. Can take two hits from most attacks before losing a life.
* Clark: gets an extra chance at start of respawn. He can perform his 'Argentina Backbreaker' against most non-vehicle enemies, and he's immune to damage during the move, also earning generous amounts of points with such action.

These are of course rather advanced characters. The kids from Metal Slug Advance sure didn't have this kinda shit.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)01:10 No.2579724
     File :1221455425.jpg-(42 KB, 600x450, metalmodel.jpg)
42 KB
Oh, I just recalled that the kids from MSA actually started with less ability than the normal slug members, so even without special abilities, they are pretty good level. I suppose the slide move from 4 could be some way of gaining an extra dodge action without losing delivery dice. Depending on how fast or slow you want advancement to go, you could have a boon to allow you to take an extra dodge with a penalty and another boon to lessen or take away the penalty. The various weapon specializations are pretty easy to convert into specific bonuses, though you might want to break them up a bit (again, depending how fast or slow you want advancement to go).
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:25 No.2579822
The cost of a weapon is determined by multiplying the costs of all of its stages together. Once you have the total, round down to the nearest whole number.

Delivery stages cost 0.5 * the dice size. Size 1 and 2 cost 0. Laser adds +1 to the cost, homing adds +5, and slow adds +1.
Payload stages cost 0.25 * the dice size. Size 1 and 2 cost 0. Explosions add +2 to the cost, armor piercing adds +5, and slow adds +1.

HP: costs 1 per point
Dodge: costs 50 per point
Armor: costs 25 per point

If you like, you can choose the ability to run for cover. This costs 20 per point. If you skip firing, you can add this value to your dodge value for the round.

For futuristic campaigns, you may want to be able to project shields. You can buy a point of shields for 10 points: you can skip firing to add it to your armor value for the round. You can't use shields and run for cover in the same round.

I'd recommend 5000 points for relatively tame games.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)01:28 No.2579839
     File :1221456485.jpg-(28 KB, 400x300, swench-metal-slug2.jpg)
28 KB
So, a few ideas for advancement trees:
*Extra dodge (extra dodge with -2 dice, with -2 to initial delivery dice next attack), Dodging slide (drop -2 to dodge dice), Attacking slide (drop all penalties)
*Weapon training (most characters start with it, otherwise -2 to delivery dice at all stages with this weapon), Weapon specialty (+1 die to initial delivery and final payload with this weapon. Boon can be taken multiple times).
*Ammo fiend (you always have a bit more ammo than others, 25% more every pick up), Ammo Archfiend (50% more).
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:30 No.2579853
Is archive time yet?
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:31 No.2579857
I dunno. Did we archive last time I made a custom system for somebody? It was the samurai-themed one.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)01:37 No.2579890
     File :1221457022.jpg-(231 KB, 1024x768, MetalSlug01.jpg)
231 KB
We should probably have a action/fate point system as well. You can use it the points to amazingly dodge the impossible, find a (random) weapon when all your guns are depleted or add a few extra dice here or there. Characters spending action points together can give bonuses on the random weapon table, making it possible to find a scene appropriate slug.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)01:37 No.2579895
If you did, I want a link to it.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:40 No.2579911
I don't have an archive link or anything, but I saved my good posts in a text file. If you want the contents of that.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)01:49 No.2579969
Is cutting people in it as awesome as shooting people in this Metal Slug system? If you got a name for it, you could toss it up on 1d4chan or such as well. God knows that more than just meme explanations would be a welcome sight there.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:52 No.2579985

> If you got a name for it,

>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:56 No.2580016
     File :1221458170.jpg-(54 KB, 500x557, 1127073782.jpg)
54 KB
can i play?
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)02:02 No.2580039
     File :1221458520.jpg-(25 KB, 350x417, metal_slug_advance3.jpg)
25 KB
Walter and Tyra! I had to look around a while to find a pic and their names!

Anyway, I'd be totally interest in this CQC. Could the systems be merged into some sort of Ultimate Murder system? Cause, that would just about make the most badass game ever. Assuming you're not insane though, I figure you wouldn't want to actually call the combined system Ultimate Murder.

I'll try to work on that fate point type aspect, get some tables made and such. Probably use it to represent every sort of power up or special ally moments, and give the players more control of how the battles take shape.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)02:18 No.2580111
Good idea.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)02:38 No.2580229
Very nice!
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)02:59 No.2580373
With your permission, if you aren't going to yourself, I'll organize all this for a 1d4chan article. You just want it titled "Metal Slug System" or something else? Cause I could see myself running Halo or any gun/vehicle heavy game with it.

Speaking of vehicles, I'll assume the main advantage the slug will have compared to other tanks is that it can make a dodge (possibly with a boon tree to do it even better) and it's insanely well armed and easy to control to a well trained user. They are gas guzzlers though, which will sometimes lead to one having to be abandoned or sacrificed explosively on the field.
>> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)03:29 No.2580523
Sure. Credit me as Squash Monster. And, if at all possible, keep these posts in a separate section from the rest. Besides just being the ones I made, I think they'd be the core system of something that could be expanded to fit any "more dakka" themed setting. Metal Slug, Gurren Lagann, whatever.
>> Stranger 09/15/08(Mon)03:55 No.2580674
     File :1221465300.jpg-(23 KB, 368x333, cthulhu_tare-panda_metal-slug-(...).jpg)
23 KB
Oh right, it's up:

I, and probably others, will either add to it or link various article off of it. I may put the ideas I had a separate article, and list it as a setting for your game. That will also give me lots of time to think of little ideas, and not clutter the main article in case others want to use it for other games.