File :1220167819.jpg-(89 KB, 800x495, For_the_Mushroom_Kingdom_by_gts.jpg)
89 KB DARK and EPIC Mushroom Kingdom setting Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)03:30 No.2470758  
Continuing a topic from the end of that now-autosaging GRIMDARK thread. Best to start with the original bit of dialog:

(At the front of the hall, the doors slam open. An undead skeleton topples down the steps, splaying out at the bottom to clearly reveal the crushed skull. The massive figure seated at the dining table looks up to the entrance.)
B: So. You've come.
M: You thought your paltry defenses would stop me, monster?
B: Monster? I who have kept my honor, who stood by and watched as those under my charge were slaughtered without mercy?
M: You will pay for abducting the princess. Your reign ends here.
(Bowser sweeps the table aside with one crashing swipe of his arm.)
B: And who are you to challenge my sovereignty, human? What has that princess offered you, an outsider, that you might fall to her will as readily as those servile Toads?
M: What has become of her?
B: My subjects brought word of your deeds to me again and again. My most loyal of subjects, the best of Koopas- crushed. Even as you struck down my child did I stay my hand, for I had given my word that she would come to no harm, and I have kept it.
M: Say what you will, fiend. You have brought this fate upon yourself.
B: Enough! The gods have made me as I am to lead the Koopas to glory, not so that I might simper at the will of some fair-haired maiden. It is you who shall meet your fate this day!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)03:35 No.2470788
I once wrote a Mushroom Kingdom setting with the Mario Brothers as a pair of assassins who rise to prominence and become the pre-eminent crime family in the city.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)03:35 No.2470793
     File :1220168154.png-(678 KB, 645x858, Bowser_Jr__and_his_paintbrush_(...).png)
678 KB
And a prequel, while I'm at it:

B: So it is true. You intend to seek him out.
(Bowser Jr. continues to don pieces of armor for several moments before replying.)
J: You speak as though there can be any other option.
B: Do not do this, my child. You know how many have fallen at his hand-
J: Precisely why I must now meet him on the field of battle. My blood allows no less.
B: Would that I could hear such proud words in times less cruel! You bring such pride to us all, boy, but think of the cost. Would you deny your art? Truly it is your murals that give our castles their soul-
J: I have painted of grand deeds enough, I think. I do not go alone, father. Wario will stand beside me-
B: He is a human, boy, and a brigand among brigands at that.
J: His selfish nature serves my purposes. I can handle him.
B: Again I beg you. Think of the future of our people-
J: What comes first, father? To rule the Koopas, or to be one worthy of that title? Do you really expect me to believe that your actions in my place would be any different?
B (quietly): I would know that I go to my death.
(Bowser Jr. silently meets his father's gaze).
B: Oh, my child. In my desperation I deny the truth even as it lies plain before my face. Forgive my insult; you are no boy, but a man. And you are everything I could ever hope for in a son.
(The two embrace tightly.)
J: And I in a father. Farewell.
>> Stranger 08/31/08(Sun)03:36 No.2470795

Seriously, epic shit you got there.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)03:39 No.2470806
     File :1220168343.jpg-(124 KB, 274x321, 1193913367848.jpg)
124 KB
Iz so bootiful....
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)03:43 No.2470828
Just to run through the basics of what was mentioned in the other thread:

Bowser is the leader of the proud and honorable Koopa clan; it was his grandfather who first began to unify the warring people of the wastes under a single banner, Genghis Khan-style. Humans are a rare noble class in Toad Society, with a new human child falling down from the sky once every decade are so. Yoshis are a warrior race who live in the fierce jungles of their home island. And no one's sure what motives the Shy Guys have, or whether there's anything beneath their masks; there's clearly some purpose behind their actions, but no one's sure what. . .
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)04:02 No.2470943
The truth behind the Shy Guys and the lie behind the honorable lineage Bowser takes so much pride in can both be traced to one individual: Kamek, leader of the Magikoopas and the Koopa clan's trusted advisor for generations. In truth, the Koopa clan were base warlords like any other before Kamek began to manipulate them- using high-minded talk of honor to guide their actions while twisting their forms to become more monstrous and powerful through his dark magic. In some ways Bowser is his greatest success, for the turtle is a highly charismatic leader and one of the prophesied Star Children to boot. The only problem is that the warlord truly believes in the concept of personal honor, which could soon make him more trouble than he's worth- after all, Kamek can't have him ending the conflict with the mushroom kingdom without burning that land to the ground, first.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)04:22 No.2471060
Reminds me a bit of the Savage Worlds SMB conversion, only that this one is more epic and that one was more "Mario war action RPG"

Keep it up!
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)05:23 No.2471416
The next big order of business is a note on the protagonists of the Mario universe. I'll start by referring people to; but what I really want to focus on is what the Mario series tells us about Mario and Luigi.

Here's the thing about these twin brothers: The events of Super Mario World 2 are canon in that *before they were born*, the two brothers had an adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi was snatched up by Kamek, and baby Mario had to get the Yoshis to go rescue his brother.

Now, Luigi was rescued and the brothers were able to proceed on to the real world- though their past experience makes it possible to call them back to the Mushroom World, they have no conscious memories of this first experience by the time this occurs. Still, the incident shapes their relationship and respective personalities from the very beginning.

Mario's experience was to witness an incredible series of battles in the care of the Mushroom kingdom's bravest and most valorous warrior race. Luigi, meanwhile, was a helpless prisoner/test subject for the Mushroom World's foremost master of dark magic- his prebirth experience was a traumatic ordeal, to say the least.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)05:24 No.2471420
Now, think about how this shapes a child. Even at a very young age, when something distressing occurs to these twin brothers, what happens? Luigi would naturally shy away, while his brother would be much less fearful and much more inclined to play the role of protector (in an imitation of his own 'pre-birth' parental figures). From the very beginning, Mario naturally steps forward to play the role of the hero, leaving his brother to hid in his shadow. And that in turn means that Mario is the one to face the challenges, unwittingly denying his brother chances to grow and develop into his own.

Now, here's another thing. In the past several years, there have been these odd but unambiguously stated hints from Nintendo that all is not right with Mario's younger brother. I can't make this shit up:
-In Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time the all-knowing Star Gate states that Luigi has a "dark secret from his past" and refuses to let him through because he is "unworthy."
-In SSBB, the trophy for Luigi's head-scratching final smash states that "This technique is a reflection of the dark side he embraced in his brother's shadow."
-And in Super Paper Mario, the big bad of the story is destined by prophecy to absorb an artifact known as the Chaos Heart and use it to annihilate the multiverse. Except that after his defeat we get an end-game plot twist: The subject of the prophecy is actually Luigi.

Let me reiterate that: Luigi was the ideal host for an ages-old artifact that, when combined with him, ripped open the fabric of the multiverse and would have sucked every last world into a void of nothingness. This is canon. And did I mention the thematic inverse of this artifact was true love?
>> Psyker 08/31/08(Sun)05:25 No.2471427
So many words...
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:26 No.2471436
Luigi just got so much more awesome.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:27 No.2471440
Okay, this rocks.

That's it.

Epic thread.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:29 No.2471457
Trigger Discipline
>> Random Death Star-Sized Sapient Disco Ball Of Tzeentch !4T1uHiOuyE 08/31/08(Sun)05:30 No.2471466
Poor Luigi ;_;

He's my favourite Mario Brother!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:31 No.2471470
Za Warudo is a Dark-Side power? I need to go get that trophy...
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:39 No.2471504
I main Luigi in that game for the shock value. Everyone expects Ike and Sonic (fags), but when I come out and trash those fuckers with Weegee's undeniable aerials, people start freaking out. He's like Wario. No one plays him, so when someone meets a good Weegee player, they have no idea what to do.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:42 No.2471526
I main Luigi in that game for the shock value. Everyone expects Ike and Sonic (fags), but when I come out and trash those fuckers with Weegee's undeniable aerials, people start freaking out. He's like Wario. No one plays him, so when someone meets a good Weegee player, they have no idea what to do.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:43 No.2471532
I also main Luigi in that game for the shock value. Everyone expects Ike and Sonic (fags), but when I come out and trash those fuckers with Weegee's undeniable aerials, people start freaking out. He's like Wario. No one plays him, so when someone meets a good Weegee player, they have no idea what to do.

Double post blame moot
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)05:47 No.2471552
Started working on it again earlier today, actually. Been busy with work for a while, hence my absence from /tg/ and so on. But I'm getting off topic. Back to the conceived storyline:

You could almost imagine the mushroom kingdom, as portrayed in the games and so on, as the brother's childhood recommendations of what they now think was an imaginary world they invented together. So it would come as quite a shock when they return to the "real" mushroom kingdom, with Mario quickly identifying himself as the sixth of the prophesied Star Children with his newfound ability to throw fire.

Say that things start to play out in classic fashion. Mario meets the Princess and so on, Koopas kidnap her, Mario volunteers to go to her rescue. Luigi, not being a mighty prophesied hero and not having any eagerness to throw himself into danger, stays behind.

Then things get derailed into Luigi's Mansion territory- Mario gets tricked and captured, and can't escape without outside assistance. It's worth noting that this is a crucial milestone for the "king of second bananas", as a certain SSBB sequence referred to him. Luigi's been in danger plenty of times, he can put up a fight (if not a good one). But this is different- with his brother in jeopardy, Luigi willingly seeks out danger in order to confront it.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:53 No.2471588

It seems less DARK and EPIC and more MARIO IS A FAGGORT.

Which is fine, mind you. But if you want to make it even better, you should give Mario a cause and not just paint Koopa as the victim.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:55 No.2471601
So much repost, so little time.
Still, more Dark'n'Epic settings need to be made.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)05:56 No.2471607
Perhaps its because he knows that if he doesn't put himself into danger, because like the other time he was in danger (In Mario is Missing!), he knew he would have to pick up the slack that he obviously would not be able to take on.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)06:02 No.2471635
I'd like to take a moment here to talk about the Boos. The canon for them has awlays been rather odd- they're both ghosts and a separate race. They live in old, ruined mansions that look nothing like anything else in the mario setting. What's a logical explanation for all this? Well, for starters, that the boos are victims of genocide. They're the ghosts of a separate race that was once alive. Specifically, the nobility of a peaceful nation neighboring the mushroom kingdom and enjoyed the benefits of their land's prosperity from the comfort of their fine mansions.

And then they were wiped out at the hands of a dark power that left them bitter remnants of their former selves, twisted beings confined to the ruins of their old estates and so filled with shame that they are incapable of bringing themselves face to face with a living being. Their nation became the Badlands, home of warring clans that raided the Mushroom Kingdom and were repulsed each time (until now). King Boo's title wasn't always such an empty one.

Well, here's the thing. Thanks in part to the machinations of Kamek, things turn out so that he and Bowser are hated enemies when they finally come face to face, but things might have played out very differently if they'd gotten to know each other in better circumstances. And make no mistake- Mario is very much a hero. He's willing to singlehandedly take on incredible odds in order to defend the weak without requiring any reward; and he makes it look easy.

This in turn actually brings up the interesting difference between Mario and Luigi more than any other example. If being brave means charging in fearlessly, then Mario is the braver one; but if being brave means acting in *spite* of your fear, then one could say that Luigi is the true hero while his brother just goes through the motions. There's no right answer here.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)06:05 No.2471645
Uh... are you forgetting the Princess?
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)06:11 No.2471668
Even Luigi doesn't know what to think- is his brother defending him or denying him a chance to prove himself? Does Mario love him ? See him as a burden? Respect him? Think of him as hopelessly weak? Luigi just plain doesn't know.

And this becomes more prominent after Luigi ventures into the mansion and comes out with a dazed Mario- who notices that his brother has become paler, and has now also gained the ability to throw fire (though in a strangely different form). It seems that there are actually *seven* star children, through the loophole of child # 5 being a pair of twins. But when Luigi provides some details of what he went through, everyone quietly concludes that he's exaggeratng his story, When pressed by Mario, they explain that while the story is probably largely truth, the details of Luigi's accounts of his more impressive acts all contain details which don't add up. Luigi wouldn't know that things like *killing* a Boo and removing a shy-guy's mask are impossible, so he'd have no reason to think people would see through his lie. But can you blame him? He just wants to be recognized, that's all.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)06:31 No.2471723
Okay, I really need to get some sleep. Be back in about 8 hours, please ask questions and brainstorm to your heart's content. I'll do my best to contribute further when I get back.

Oh, and one other bit of semi-original fluff. Say the star children's power is in each case paired with a heroic virtue by the prophesy. In order of birth:
Child of Selflessness: Yoshi
Child of Idealism: Bowser
Child of Hope: Wario
Child of Determination: Donkey Kong (Sir not-appearing-in-this-film)
Child of Courage: Mario
Child of Love: Peach
The trick is that a single heroic quality does not a force for good make. Wario is the best example; rather than making him an inspirational speaker, his "hopes" lead to his naked ambitions. The Toads would describe Bowser as an earnest idealist, but whose ideals can unfortunately be summed up as "Might makes right." (Of ourse, the Koopas would vehemently disagree)
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)06:43 No.2471780
>Uh... are you forgetting the Princess?

Which one? Don't forget Daisy after all.

Also, weren't members of the Mushroom kingdom turned into blocks when Bowser invaded?
I remember hearing that somewhere, and it was the reason why after you pound a ? box it turns into a brown box with a face.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)06:46 No.2471789
I had always assumed that Shy Guys were living nightmares. Their bodies are shadows, and have no real physical properties at all. they need their masks and clothes to give them shape, something like the nazgul seem to. as dreams, they have no actual memories, but they are under the impression that they have a species/race/culture, but it is their culture's code to never speak of it to anyone, including to eachother.

they're nothings trying to find a shape
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)06:50 No.2471800
mine's Juzeppi, the brother that stayed in Brooklyn
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)07:33 No.2471971


Also, I just downloaded a PDF for the Super Mario World from

Just reading through the beastiary section. Apparently the Boo's mansions are also occupied by ghosts called Eeries a: "Dinosaur Spook that roams the haunted house."

So I'm thinking either former pets of the boos, or former slave race/pack animal.

Speaking of Boo's, I found something lulzy on wikipedia:
>Due to being intensely shy,[3] Boos cover their faces with their arms, cower, and become translucent when directly looked at. Takashi Tezuka's wife was the inspiration for the Boos featured in Super Mario 64.[citation needed] Like Boos, she is often shy, but once became very angry at him for spending too much time at work.[4]

Oh lawdy.

Apparently a somewhat mutated breed of dolphin also live in the Super Mario World, and help out the hero's in crossing hazardous water.

Then there's the Bob-ombs. The walking suicidal explosives. Given their appearance, I think these are clockwork automata, designed with crude friend or foe recognition abilities, and will explode when they come into contact with enemies.
As to their origins, I can see Kamek secretly using these as his own private and absolutely loyal assasins.

Also, listen to this about Goomba's:
>Goombas (クリボー, Kuribō?) are depicted as brown mushroom-like creatures with feet, with a bushy brow, and a pair of fangs sprouting from their lower jaw. They generally tackle, headbutt, or bite an enemy. The Goombas once lived in peace in the Mushroom Kingdom, but they betrayed their homeland to side with Bowser.

Now that is interesting...
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)07:34 No.2471974
Shy Guys live in the rainforest and hunt with spears. They are completely silent, moving with great agility, rarely encountered except by those who become lost in the jungle. It is rumored that they steal children, but then again, that rumor has been spread about all primitives... plus, only adults have ever been seen. They have never been seen eating or drinking. When one is captured, hundreds of them appear immediately, as if they melted from the jungle itself, and the capturer usually does not escape.

Despite the tropical heat, they always wear thick long robes, and the rumors surrounding these are more horrifying than those concerning their populations - what are they made of, and what are they dyed with? Even in the midst of a bloody and filthy hunt, their masks are always pristine, whiter and smoother than bone. Get too close to one's face, and you will experience an awful compulsion to stare into its blacker-than-black eye-holes or mouth-hole.

There are many mysteries in the Mushroom Kingdom, but the face behind a Shy Guy's mask is one that nobody is eager to solve.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)07:36 No.2471980
If you're looking for perfectly loyal assassins, try on for size maybe.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)07:40 No.2471997
Now what about. What about Dry Bones. Plain old zombie koopas, right, but we have here an opportunity to decide how magic is supposed to work in this place.
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)07:42 No.2472003

I'm not entirely sure if the living incarnations of the dreams of NES players would be what you'd call 'loyal'.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)07:43 No.2472010
     File :1220183022.jpg-(20 KB, 400x367, standsquadstore.jpg)
20 KB
>>shy guys+grimdark

Death Korps
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)07:55 No.2472055
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)08:26 No.2472160

Fun fact, Luigi has seen what lies beneath a shy-guy's mask twice. Once in Luigi's Mansion (though the ghost their were all created by one man, so their not 'true' Shy-Guys') and in Mario Tennis 64 (though it's not considered canon).

So, we could infer that while it is normally impossible to remove a Shy-Guy's mask since in actuality the mask the shy guy's actual face (there have been several instances where the expression of the mask has changed based on circumstances). Luigi however is somehow capable of removing them, and what he saw terrified him deeply.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:29 No.2472171

Luigi frightens me
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:30 No.2472176

One day, Luigi's car is gonna break down by a little town called Silent Hill
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:35 No.2472193
man if the paper mario games are all counted as canon, i think silent hill is INSIDE LUIGI'S HEAD anyway.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:37 No.2472196

what happens in paper mario?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:44 No.2472212

You deliver newspapers and score with hot cheerleaders on your route, but making sure none of them actually discover each other before you save enough for the Plymouth Cuda in the For Sale column.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:46 No.2472216
And what about Thwomp Kingdom? Those Thwomps have
a king and all. So..?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:52 No.2472232
     File :1220187175.jpg-(58 KB, 700x475, plymouth-cuda-aar-1970b.jpg)
58 KB

Pic of said Plymouth Cuda you're saving up for. You buy it from Luigi.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)08:54 No.2472240
     File :1220187280.png-(24 KB, 709x543, Silentweegee.png)
24 KB
"Have-a you seen my brother? Mustache, blue overalls..."
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)08:55 No.2472243

I see what you did there.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:02 No.2472266
Thwomps... hmm. They seem more like animals than sentient creatures, so, my guess is that they'd be something like guard dogs.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:08 No.2472287
     File :1220188131.jpg-(125 KB, 758x1248, sonic_72_80.jpg)
125 KB
What are you talking about ?

Anyway. listen...

Have you seen my wife... her name's Amy.
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)09:09 No.2472289

They have been described as being "stone spirits", so it's possible that they're some kind of elemental.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:14 No.2472314
You got it wrong...
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:16 No.2472322
Summoned and subsequently bound guardian elementals?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:17 No.2472327
If Sonic got GRIMDARK, I don't know how the hell to describe it. Sonic risks heart failure every time he runs, Tails is constantly tormented by the fact that his mind runs at 700+ mph constantly, and Knuckles will RIP AND TEAR anything that steps near the altar.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:17 No.2472329
(At the front of the throne room, the doors smash open. Mario steps through, carrying an oversized hammer. A figure, casually sat on the throne barely moves to regard him.)
M: LUIGI! What have you done?!
L: I have taken what is mine.
M: The Mushroom Kingdom never belonged to you, and never will!
L: Oh but it does. It all does. It is my birthright.
(Luigi rises out of the throne and walks toward Mario)
L: All these years in your shadow, Mario. You got the fame, the glory, yet I worked just as hard as you! So I just thought I should take my... payment for services rendered.
M: What happened to you, Luigi?!
M: ... I won't let you do this. I'll stop you, even if it means we both die.
(Luigi laughs, maniacally)
L: Such brotherly sentiment! But you'll never get the chance! NEGATIVE ZONE!
(A black sphere of energy grows from within Luigi to quickly encompass the entire room, trapping Mario. Mario struggles to move.)
M: What have you done to me?!
L: I've stopped you from stealing the limelight ever again. With you gone, the whole world will know my name; it will be burnt into the minds of every living being, for all time!
(A ball of green flames erupts in Luigi's hand, which he points towards Mario)
>> Marca Reg !!XL717J3DDe9 08/31/08(Sun)09:18 No.2472333

There are a few loyal Goombas -- there are Goomba party members in join up with Mario in Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door. They're stronger than Toads and defeat them easily -- it makes sense that Goombas with pride in their own strength would flock to the Koopa King's banner.


What about Snifits? Shyguys with modified masks, capable of spitting shards of their own tenebrous bodies at their prey?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:19 No.2472338

(A massive jet of flames roars towards Mario, seemingly engulfing him. However, as the flames die down, Peach is revealed, swiftly spinning an armour plated parasol)
P: Luigi! I'll never let you hurt Mario OR the Mushroom Kingdom!
(Suddenly, a cracking sound is heard and a whip wraps around one of Peach's arms and is yanked backwards. Daisy steps out of the shadows in a yellow leather catsuit and spike heels, a small crown perched on her head, and a whip in one hand.)
D: Peachy, Peachy, Peachy... You didn't think I'd let you interfere, did you? You see, I have a score to settle with you.
P: What did I ever do to you?!
D: Oh it's nothing you did, but what you DIDN'T do. At all those society galas, those lavish balls we both attended, you were the one everyone adored, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! Yet all you did was simply revel in the adoration. I may be a princess too, but of what? My title was simply a cruel joke, yet you did nothing! All the laughter, all the pity and spite, YOU had the power to stop that, but you did NOTHING! And now I'll take everything away from you, so you'll be the one with nothing.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:24 No.2472355
     File :1220189043.jpg-(5 KB, 125x126, Bear Tear.jpg)
5 KB
It's... beautiful.>>2472329
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:28 No.2472376
     File :1220189293.jpg-(19 KB, 200x285, One_with_Nothing.jpg)
19 KB

>one with nothing.

Oh shit.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:28 No.2472377
To be fair, Daisy is princess of Sarasaland (I think that's how you spell it, anyways)
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:31 No.2472393

Yeah, but when was the last time you ever heard of Sarasaland?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:37 No.2472423
In the Mario-verse, no news appears to be good news. The princess isn't being kidnapped, they're not suffering some sort of Koopa onslaught. They've only needed Mario once, if memory serves.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:41 No.2472433

True, but given the comparative sizes of the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland, Daisy could still feel that she has "nothing". Inferiority complex anyone?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:42 No.2472439

Finally fed up with Mario's admiration leaving Luigi to rot in its shadow, Luigi spies a green comet flashing across the sky one night, and he makes a desperate, perhaps foolish wish: "I wish the Mushroom Kingdom never knew Mario." Mario wakes up the next day to find a Mushroom Kingdom unlike anything he ever knew: Bowser is dead, Peach lost her kingdom decades ago and has been missing since, Luigi and Daisy rule with a iron green fist, and the world itself is being slowly eaten away by a negative zone summoned by Luigi himself. Nobody recognizes Mario; he's just a human who looks kind of like the overlord, in red. In this world, he must fight his way to his once-brother, and end the terrible tyranny he has produced, returning things to the peaceful way they once were, even if it means destroying his only family.

The last game to be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, coming 2010.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:47 No.2472457

I would KILL to see this game made.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:49 No.2472465
So crazy it could just work.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:54 No.2472485

A kingdom, forced into war to survive...
(Rank upon rank of Koopa Troopas, marching)
A princess, held hostage for daring to protect her kingdom...
(Princess Peach, bound and gagged, being carried away by Koopa Troopas)
A man, willing to sacrifice everything for the one he loves...
(Mario fighting his way through rank after rank of Koopa Troopas)
An epic tale of love...
(Mario, protecting Peach by blocking the Koopa Troopas path)
(Bowser and Kamek, arguing)
B: What do you and your sorcery know of honour, bastard?!
(Bowser Jr., putting on the last of his armour)
J: We march... TO WAR!!
And hatred...
(Bowser and Mario, fighting on a rickety bridge over a bubbling pit of lava)

Shigeru Miyamoto's 2-part magnum opus, coming soon...

(the other part being >>2472439)
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:56 No.2472488
>The last game to be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, coming 2010.
Unless he dies after production, that's not happening. Miyamoto said in an interview that he has no intention of retiring.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)09:59 No.2472493

(way to kill the mood)
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)10:13 No.2472553
This thread needs to be saved for future generations.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)10:38 No.2472657
This can take a few seconds...
Checking if the thread exists: >>2470758
The thread has been found, continue processing.

Thanks for your request.
It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
This thread has been requested 1 times now.

Lets get this archived people!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)10:39 No.2472665
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)10:42 No.2472685
Seriously, you fail.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)11:02 No.2472765
Archive this. Is very awesome.

Seriously, what could be fail about a thread that turns one of the most sunshine filled games in existence into Grimdark?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)11:06 No.2472782
Seconded, suptg archive is fickle and full of fail.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)11:12 No.2472798

Related, but I don't know if anythings actually getting done.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)11:36 No.2472902
     File :1220196993.png-(383 KB, 888x958, caplessluigi3hb.png)
383 KB

"What's the matter, Mario? Jealous that you ain't the star no more?"
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)11:48 No.2472925

Most of us that were "working" (and I use the term loosely) on it lost interest in the project years ago.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)15:52 No.2474119
""I don't expect you to believe me. No one ever does, 'scept the boys down at the Union hall. We know...we all know. Every plumber in the city who's ever had to go down under the streets has either seen one, or is just waiting for his first sighting. Hell, I shouldn't be telling you this...we ain't supposed to talk about it. Union rules. But who can you tell who'd believe it?

The Pipes are down there.

Oh, real funny asshole. I ain't talking about no steel or plastic pipes, or even the old lead ones we sometimes gotta replace. The Pipes were down there when they started diggin' the sewers. No one knows who, what, when, or why - none of that stuff - all we knows is where.

They're green, and shiney - even though they gotta be older than even the whole damn country. The green is the ain't no paint - we tried scrapin' them once, but we can't even scratch the damn things. No, it ain't no corrosion! I been a plumber for thirty years, you think I don't know what a corroded pipe looks like?

Anyway, if you're lucky, you'll only see a small one. About as big around as your arm, maybe smaller. Cold air always blowing out of them, like a soft breeze.

If you're unlucky, you'll see one of the big ones. One big enough for a grown man - even one with a belly like mine - to crawl through, no problem. Some go up and down, coming out of the floor or ceiling to hang open in the middle of the room. Some come out of a wall sideways, like a tunnel. Doesn't really matter, though. No one wants to find one of the big ones, however it runs."
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)15:53 No.2474130
"Because sometimes things come out of them, that's why! Bigass turtles - mean, too. Or these crab-lookin' things. All kinds of crazy shit.

Stop laughin', I'm serious here! I saw one of the turtles, once, and it was as tall as I am! Mario was the first to get everyone to believe it. He and his brother found six pipes, all together, and got attacked by a whole pack of the things. They fought for hours, but finally managed to kill 'em all. We laughed at them both, too, until they hauled in a shell.

Since then more people have seen the things from The Pipes. Union policy these days is that if you find one of The Pipes on a job - don't matter what size, you come right back and report it. The Union sees you get paid more, and that you don't go back down alone. That's how the mob got in with the Union, but hey - we needed protection, y'know?

What's that? Oh, I don't know where Mario is these days. He came back up one day, saying he found one of the big ones, and that he swore he'd heard some dame yelling for help in it. He thought maybe one of the things had grabbed one of the crazies that live down under the city. No one wanted nothing to do with no kidnappers from The Pipes. So he marched right back down there - we followed along, since some of our 'friends' went with him - and damn if he didn't walk right into that hole, head held some sorta hero, or something.

Well, after we yelled after him for a couple of minutes without no answer, Luigi - that's Mario's brother - went a running after him before anyone could get ahold of him. Last we heard of either of the brothers was Luigi yellin', "Maaaariiiioooo! Maaaaariiioooo!" like he was a zillion miles away.

And that, my friend, is why the Union sent me over here. We gotta talk about what you're paying our boy Antonio, because guess what you got down in your sub-basement?"
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)15:54 No.2474143
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)16:09 No.2474257

>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)16:16 No.2474313
     File :1220213815.jpg-(379 KB, 849x1280, berserk18-chapter01-page013.jpg)
379 KB
Hey, back. I think that for the most part my thoughts are pretty much in line with what's been discussed so far, particularly regarding the Shy Guys. After >>2471974, the main thing I have to add is that their portrayal in combat could take cues from the Kushan Assassins seen at the start of volume 18 of Berserk- show up out of nowhere, stage attacks that are way faster and more coordinated than they have any right to be, and never say a word. While most of their attacks occur upon the yoshis in the jungles at their home, they have been known to strike without warning in many other locations as well.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)16:19 No.2474334
Awesome indeed.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:21 No.2474347
     File :1220214100.jpg-(634 KB, 1000x1535, Galaxy__Too_bad__four_by_Kitty(...).jpg)
634 KB
Kinda related.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:23 No.2474356
     File :1220214180.jpg-(704 KB, 1000x1473, Galaxy__Too_bad__nine_by_Kitty(...).jpg)
704 KB
>> Project Kurtz !cfZiGIAqOg 08/31/08(Sun)16:34 No.2474430
Luigi really does scare me sometimes. I'm interested in how his character has developed over the games, he's a lot stranger than the other characters, fer shur.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:39 No.2474452
"Know, O Prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Adventure Island and the gleaming cities, and the rise of the Sons of Liberty, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars -- Hyrule, with its pointy-eared women and towers of octorok-haunted mystery, Sosaria with its chivalry, Charlock that bordered the pastoral lands of Alefgard, Castlevania with its shadow-guarded tombs, Makaimura whose knights wore lance and armor and boxers. But the proudest kingdom of the world was the Mushroom Kingdom, reigning supreme in the dreaming west. Hither came Mario the Plumber, black-haired, sullen-eyed, shell in hand, a coin-thief, a box-basher, a goomba-slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the game under his booted feet."
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:39 No.2474456
     File :1220215168.jpg-(94 KB, 364x600, 1205521110414.jpg)
94 KB
This thread is fucking awesome.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:47 No.2474502
     File :1220215637.jpg-(147 KB, 550x724, 1193795720565.jpg)
147 KB
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:53 No.2474539
Shit, does anyone remember that epic /v/ thread where they linked the Donkey Kong Country games with the Mario universe through time travel antics? That was ridiculously cool.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)16:59 No.2474581
I thought that the Donkey Kong and Mario universes were already linked from, you know, the arcade game.
>> I apologized on 4chan 08/31/08(Sun)17:08 No.2474657

Why does this remind me of Lovecrafts Dreamlands stories?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)17:10 No.2474668
     File :1220217013.jpg-(211 KB, 340x500, luigi_fucking_awesome.jpg)
211 KB
And more recently by Mario vs. Donkey Kong series and Yoshi's Island 2.

Surprised this hadn't been posted yet.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)17:10 No.2474671
Because the Dreamlands were pulp swords and sorcery stories, just like Conan.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)17:21 No.2474777

Because this thread is about dark AND epic Mario. That is epic Luigi, but isn't dark.
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/31/08(Sun)17:26 No.2474846
As for Luigi: The discussion about him having creepy powers, about him being able to remove shyguy's masks, that all matches what I was working towards. But I don't see him as becoming petty, nor overtly evil in some other manner. I have to leave soon, but just quickly continue the story from >>2471668: Say that after this Mario continues on his journey- Luigi is kinda left behind again.

Meanwhile, Bowser Jr. (having set off after his conversation with his father in >>2470793) and his men come conflict with an enemy force: Princess Daisy and her retinue. Daisy is an odd one out among the nobility; she's always had an independent streak, and seems more at home as a "warrior princess" than she does in her assigned role as a courtly figure. And in her prior appearance she was one of the few at court who showed an interest in Luigi, talking with him openly and without condescension.

The battle between Daisy and Bower Jr. is interrupted by a sudden attack by the shyguys. As the only survivors of the initial massacre, the two leaders are forced to work together as they try to make their way across the Badlands to some sort of defensible position- not realizing Wario, who fled when the shyguys attacked, is now shadowing them from a distance.

At the same time, news of the decimation of Daisy's group reaches the Mushroom Kingdom, with daisy herself presumed captured or dead. Luigi sets off after her.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)17:34 No.2474921
Need to work those weird-ass pictures of Peach being corrupted and turned into some sort of koopa sex beast out of /d/'s worst nightmares into this somewhere
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)17:46 No.2475026
This is fucking epic.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:04 No.2475202
Just addressing the Paper Mario Games
Couldn't there be loyalist Koopa's and Bombs? willing to take up arms to preserve the old ways?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:05 No.2475206
then whats it doing all the way on page 3?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:09 No.2475243

Through the countless eons, even epics can be forgotten.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:11 No.2475262
/tg/ is being really fast and shitty today, and all the good threads are hovering a few pages down
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:13 No.2475277
yeah it is pretty irritating eh?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:23 No.2475366
Those are in here I believe. Not gonna trawl through it for you, you must enter the pit on your own.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:36 No.2475445
     File :1220222212.jpg-(146 KB, 612x790, Snifit-G-Man-1.jpg)
146 KB
>What about Snifits? Shyguys with modified masks, capable of spitting shards of their own tenebrous bodies at their prey?

Snifit masks are way different from Shyguy masks, and Snifits are chatty little fuckers. They live up in the mountains and have a society where a particular kind of beetle is used as currency. I'm not sure why; something to do with something the beetles excrete. They keep to themselves for the most part, although there's ruins of a tower up in the mountains that is unlike anything they would build on their own.

Their faces are deeply recessed behind the hoods; the mask is actually hunting gear. Binoculars and a surprisingly accurate pellet gun. They dress up like that because of the extreme temperature. Benign compared to a Shy Guy, but individually much deadlier, just because of that gun.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:44 No.2475481
This Thread....
Is the Best thread
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:47 No.2475495
Not grim and dark enough.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:49 No.2475508
I'm not sure Luigi has it in him to be malevolent. Evil and dark aren't necessarily the same thing. The temptation to turn on Mario and make the world his own is going to be there, always, just under the surface - he knows he could do it - but in spite of his jealousy and all the rest, he's still got a conscience.

He definitely does have to snap at some point. But the way he snaps, I think, can be better than just "BLARG KILL MARIO"
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:49 No.2475510

It has been archived on suptg, though it could do with being archived on 4chanarchive too.
>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)18:54 No.2475536
     File :1220223266.jpg-(9 KB, 192x192, t192.jpg)
9 KB
I can be Grim Dark... Right guys?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:57 No.2475555
Only because we're pathetic bastards who need to masturbate to everything we don't kill
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:59 No.2475567
>>2475508 (continuing)
So how about we take a page from his Mr. L persona in Super Paper Mario? Take away Luigi's memories, and he loses his inhibitions and becomes a competent and dedicated badman. So the potential is there, and he's got the inclination to believe that the world is so damn bad that he'd be better off without it.

What he hasn't got is Mario's faith in the basic goodness of people (in general). He's got individuals he'll trust, but always reluctantly, and he sees them as exceptions. It's hard to earn Luigi's trust, as he's naturally suspicious and depressive (not depressED or depressING, but depressIVE) to boot.

Since we don't want Luigi to destroy the setting by unleashing the Negative Zone or whatever, but we might want him to try, Mario has to win. So now we decide: how does he win?
A) Mario just stone kills Luigi, and retreats, inconsolable, to the wilderness, where he begins teaching himself medicine so that he can heal such sickness as Luigi seemed to possess
B) Luigi realizes that he trusts Mario to stop him from seriously fucking things over, and stops.
B-prime) The above, but the Negative Zone has already started to appear, and Luigi abandoning that impulse causes it to become independently corporeal, in the form of Mr. L
C) A total cop-out: Luigi figures out he can't pull it off on his own yet
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)18:59 No.2475571
Who the fuck is that?
>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)19:01 No.2475583

>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:02 No.2475592
It appears to be an anthro shy guy. Shy girl. Whatever.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:05 No.2475611
/r/ stuff from old thread? I'm new here
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:08 No.2475626
fuck...where's a bolt pistol when ya need it
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)19:08 No.2475629

A-a-anthro? That sounds scary!!!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:09 No.2475633
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)19:10 No.2475637
     File :1220224224.jpg-(4 KB, 165x73, 8732638527.jpg)
4 KB

I... I don't mind. If that means I can stay.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:13 No.2475654
Dammit... now I have a Shygirl fetish!!!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:14 No.2475664
Give it half an hour and see if it sticks.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:18 No.2475676
You're not the only one. I wonder what she looks like under those robes.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:18 No.2475677

fapping already
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:21 No.2475692
Fetishes seem to stick when more 34 is applied.

That said, I'm off to go search for more shygirls.
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)19:22 No.2475700
     File :1220224920.jpg-(4 KB, 168x71, umm....jpg)
4 KB

That's.... a secret!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:23 No.2475706
     File :1220225001.jpg-(25 KB, 450x392, real-mario-face.jpg)
25 KB
It'sa me
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:23 No.2475708
     File :1220225018.gif-(52 KB, 350x450, 1219461521737.gif)
52 KB
Take it off...
>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)19:24 No.2475719
I always imagined them looking like previously mentioned humanoid shades with possibly yellow glowing 'black mage' disks for eyes when unmasked. Maybe a purple-ish or blu tinge to overlapping features like lets say the filding of arms over the body or the underside of.. *blush* breasts.~
>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)19:26 No.2475727
Being without a tablet scanner or anything greater than MS paint and a touch pad mouse there's naught I can do for visual aid! baaaaaw! ಥ_ಥ
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:26 No.2475731
anyway we're getting away from the point
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:32 No.2475764
nevermind lets just fap to "shygirls"
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)19:39 No.2475797
How about Boogirls?

So tsundere!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)20:21 No.2476043
     File :1220228472.png-(48 KB, 366x535, shygirl.png)
48 KB
tried a shygirl...
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)20:26 No.2476067
Your imagination sucks.
>> Doctor ? !yOVYMaY/uQ 08/31/08(Sun)20:40 No.2476132
     File :1220229609.jpg-(73 KB, 350x407, JawaGuys.jpg)
73 KB
>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)20:52 No.2476214

I know, it even swallows.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)20:57 No.2476240
I wish I had your imagination, mine generally just lies there while I go over it doing all the work.
>> Dalek 08/31/08(Sun)21:01 No.2476262
>> Devil 08/31/08(Sun)21:02 No.2476264
     File :1220230939.jpg-(58 KB, 600x590, Beksinski blue face 2.jpg)
58 KB
Like so?
>> Devil 08/31/08(Sun)21:03 No.2476269
     File :1220230992.jpg-(58 KB, 600x499, Beksinski blue face.jpg)
58 KB
A horror best left... unseen.
>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)21:07 No.2476295

but those aren't fappable! Hmm..well... maybe not the bottom one... hehehehe.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)21:08 No.2476297
     File :1220231284.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, glory.jpg)
72 KB

>> Vesper !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)21:11 No.2476313

My god that's so frustrating, that kinda stuff should be done as a team. Not one person sitting back and taking a ride. Fucking selfish idiots.

My god where did that come from? OK bed time for bitches. nini~
>> Devil 08/31/08(Sun)21:13 No.2476329
     File :1220231610.jpg-(41 KB, 431x600, Zdzislaw Beksinski - 214.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)21:15 No.2476337

ever since Gendo Hikari sunk his finkers into Rei's tit I've been hankerin' for something like this, thank you.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)21:19 No.2476355
     File :1220231975.jpg-(73 KB, 500x500, WarbossKoopa.jpg)
73 KB
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)21:19 No.2476356
     File :1220231985.jpg-(125 KB, 340x423, Shy_grrrrrl_by_IronShrineMaide(...).jpg)
125 KB
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)21:47 No.2476497
What the fuck did this thread become? We need to get back to the awesome.

What exactly are Goombas? Earlier in this thread someone said they were traitors to the Mushroom Kingdom. I'm going to run with that. The Goomba clan had always been considered a bit savage by the Toads near the palace. They lived in small pastoral villages instead of the more urban areas. They lived off of the land, were a bit simple and were treated like second class citizens by most others.

During the early days of Koopa aggression, it was the Goomba clan that provided the best warriors. Goombas performed many acts of heroism and yet still were not treated equally. After so many years of not getting their due, they got a bit unsatisfied with the way thins worked. Than a William Wallace type Goomba sprouted up. He was strong and proud and brash. He slew many enemies in the name of the Mushroom Kingdom and yet he was not recognized as a hero by the bulk of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopa Kingdom has many spies of their own and discovered this Goomba's discontentment. The king of the Koopas at the time made a deal with him to fight under his banner. He promised that when the Mushroom Kingdom fell, the Wallace Goomba would become the lord of the remaining Toads. The Wallace Goomba realized soon after he had brokered the deal that it had been a mistake and product of his own selfish pride. He had gathered most of the Goomba clan to attack the Mushroom Kindom by sowing the seeds of discontent amongst them and felt great shame for it. He tried to change his fellow Goombas minds but in doing so he angered the Koopas he made the deal with. The dark sorcerer Kamek, who was the adviser to this King Koopa, cursed all who carried the name Goomba for their treachery. The all were warped into the fanged creatures you see today and no longer welcome in the Mushroom Kingdom. They had no other choice than to become warriors for the Koopa Kingdom.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)21:58 No.2476545
Secretly, Bowser is just as ashamed by this. He would restore the Goombas to their former pride, for he would not see such a brave people reduced to wretches like this, but the Koopas need their strength as the warped savages they have become. Kamek, the ever-treacherous bastard, keeps pouring salt over the wound by reminding him constantly of the Goombas' past, trying to make the warlord more malleable to his desires.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:30 No.2476690
threads gonna die soon :O
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:33 No.2476705
I think this would be better if their warped appearance came from more than just "a wizard cursed them". Magic needs more limitations than that. Try this:

When their leader tried to convince them to convince them to go back on the plan to overthrow the Mushroom Kingdom, the Goomba Tribe saw this as a sign of Wallace Goomba becoming weak and losing the fire that had made him a hero. Despite his best efforts, he could only sway a handful of them to stay their hands.

The Goomba Tribe, leaderless, were approached by the Magikoopas, who offered to use their magic to help them defeat the Mushroom Kingdom. The Goombas helped the Magikoopas perform a magic ritual that promised to give them ferocious, powerful new forms for the coming battle.

Of course, the Magikoopas, knowing what would further their own ends, somehow failed to tell the Goomba Tribe that this change would be permanent.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:34 No.2476711
So I'm picking up the idea that Kamek and Bowser are often at odds. Who's the real power, here?
>> Lazyfag 08/31/08(Sun)22:35 No.2476712
No worries. It's archived at
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:36 No.2476722
Dammit, see what you shygirl posters have wrought?
>> Queen Wart !!FIKs9rk6k0M 08/31/08(Sun)22:37 No.2476725
     File :1220236649.png-(133 KB, 200x300, 67591 - Rule_63 Super_Mario_Br(...).png)
133 KB
Where do I fit into all of this? I supposedly invaded Subcon and utilized Shyguys as loyal foot soldiers.

Or is that even canon anymore?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:38 No.2476731
You're probably mythology.
>> Queen Wart !!FIKs9rk6k0M 08/31/08(Sun)22:39 No.2476733

>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:39 No.2476735
>>Than a William Wallace type Goomba sprouted up.

He shot fireballs from his arse?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:46 No.2476765
I think it depends on how you define as power. Bowser controls the entire koopa kingdom, which by any classical definition is far ahead of Kamek's magikoopas. If Kamek rounded up all those loyal to him, they could barely form a self-sufficient town, let alone their own nation. The koopa kingdom, on the other hand, supports a huge military and is almost entirely directly loyal to Bowser himself.

Bowser would be fine without Kamek. Kamek would be screwed without another ruler to support him.

However, despite all this: the magikoopas are planners and manipulators, and if you measured power in terms of who's goals are accomplished... Kamek is winning. By a lot.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:47 No.2476769
This being Mario World, YES.
>> Drawde !!bcjq1FXc5np 08/31/08(Sun)22:52 No.2476788

Bowser: I fight for honor!
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:55 No.2476802
So in that case, what is Kamek's goal, and what is Bowser's? Whose idea was it to start the war, and why?

Unrelated: how are we going to deal with floating coins and big green pipes?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)22:57 No.2476810
You do mean fireballs from his eyes, and lighting bolts from is arse? Also, William Wallace is everywhere. All those poor editing cuts are actually his super human Mel Gibson powers.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:01 No.2476830
Kamek and Bowser confirmed for Tzeentch and Khorne! (fantasy Khorne at least)
>> Queen Wart !!FIKs9rk6k0M 08/31/08(Sun)23:02 No.2476836

An offshoot of the Koopa clan along with several loyal Birdos who (with the help of Kamek) Were sent to the land of dreams (Subcon) where the first shyguys are encountered and brought under my control with brute force in an attempt to affect the real world. Mario and his allies intercept me in their own dreams. Foil my plans and during the supernatural disturbance Shyguys enter the real world. a mere foot note in unrecorded history. le sigh...

Coins could be a naturally occuring phenomena (manifested by the desires of the star children in the surrounding area.) and the pipes could be ancient ruins/lost tech.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:05 No.2476855
That's great, the coins only appear floating about eerily in mid air for the star children Mario Bowser Luigi Peach etc.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:08 No.2476873
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:08 No.2476874
Then how can everyone else know about coins and use them as payment?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:10 No.2476881

Mario has collected them by the MILLIONS there should be a good circulation by now.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:10 No.2476883
Possibly: the metal from which coins are made reacts to the presence of star children?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:12 No.2476886
A man can collect a million dollars at a bank. That doesn't mean much.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:12 No.2476887
Did...did Edward just do something right?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:13 No.2476896
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:15 No.2476907
sorry to OBJECTION!!!, but why hasent weegee's ability to create electricity, showcased in M+L, been touched upon?
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:16 No.2476911
Thread is epic.

Also, this made me want to make an army of orks/koopas for 40k with regular greenshells as da boyz, goombas as grots, and Bowser for a Warboss. Throw in dr. mario as a painboy for the lulz.

is this awesome? y/n
>> Project Kurtz !cfZiGIAqOg 08/31/08(Sun)23:17 No.2476916
It's rare, but not unprecedented.
>> Queen Wart !!FIKs9rk6k0M 08/31/08(Sun)23:20 No.2476931

Consider the size of the coins he collects. Maybe they are melted down and NPC prices are the same regardless of the size of the coins so in essence it's kinda like the ol' npc pricing in all RPGs. All of Mario's XBAWKS sized coins are worth the same as the smaller minted coins they are derived from.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:20 No.2476937
That doesn't make any sense.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:22 No.2476944
>> RAWK LAWBSTAR 08/31/08(Sun)23:27 No.2476970
I would say just make it so that when someone "owns" the coin it will shrink to a fraction of its size. That way it's still consistant with the games (since the appear to disappear and all) and also gives the implication that giant coins are freegame.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:30 No.2476976
     File :1220239811.jpg-(11 KB, 156x162, Smithytalk.jpg)
11 KB
So where does Smithy fall into this?

I'm thinking that he was a allied warlord that Bowser's ancestors fought with during the unification. Smithy and the Old Koopas came to an understanding. The Koopas leave Smithy and his factory alone and he will continue to churn out weapons for the Koopa hoard as well as Bomb-oms. Little does anyone know, the simple Bomb-om is much more insidious than it looks. Everything that they can see, Smithy sees and because they are seen as mindless automatons with the tendency to wander everywhere, everyone just leaves them alone.

With his eyes everywhere in Bowser's realm, Smithy is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world and he has not been idle since his alliance with the Koopas. He has been building a mechanical hoard to carve out an empire of his own.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:35 No.2476996
bump for an answer
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:35 No.2476998
No? It was clearly stated in the game that Smithy was from Beyond the stars, even destroying the Star Road above the Mushroom kingdom.

And in Thousand Year Door, you find a community of DEFINITELY NOT AUTOMATON Bob-ombs.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:38 No.2477008

I didn't realize that we were adhering strictly to "lore" of the Mario games, just using them as inspiration. If that is the case about him being from beyond the stars and all, than I guess he shouldn't be included as that would make him a bigger threat than Bowser, which would detract from the story somewhat.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:40 No.2477014
Yeah, this is supposed to be as canon as possible. we're just reinterpreting the existing canon lore in the most grimdark fashion possible.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:44 No.2477031
A threat from the stars that puts both Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Tribes at peril sounds like a grimdark thing to me. But leave the bob-ombs out of it.
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:47 No.2477041
Their lore is too messy, I agree that it is better left alone.
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 08/31/08(Sun)23:57 No.2477079
     File :1220241465.jpg-(119 KB, 332x362, 17077 - EnterPraiz Nintendo Ru(...).jpg)
119 KB
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:59 No.2477085
>> Anonymous 08/31/08(Sun)23:59 No.2477086
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:02 No.2477097
What if Wart was real, ages and ages ago? The greatest - the only - leader the Shyguy people have ever known.

The Shyguy people are strong: even their regular citizens are easily tougher than a goomba and a fair match for a koopa warrior. Their elite warriors are amongst the most deadly in the world. Even the great Mario, who has only faced them near the peak of his power, has barely survived encounters with them.

Wart was stronger than every Shyguy who had ever lived before, and has ever lived since. He dreamed of conquest and victory, and the other Shyguys gladly followed. They conquered every neighboring nation within weeks.

Their new neighbors were terrified, and rightly so. They united abruptly against the Shyguys and may even have repelled their advance if Wart was not as cunning as he was strong. He knew this would be their reaction, and had already gained enough allies to hold them off and conquer them too: Mouser, leader of the sniffits, Clawgrip, honorary leader of the Beezo pirates, Tryclyde, a wicked serpent of unknown origin, and Fryguy, a construct offered in exchange for peace from the Magikoopas.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:03 No.2477098
With these allies and his growing Shyguy army, Wart lead conquest after conquest, until the Shyguy people covered the world. Not yet satisfied, Wart lead his people as far as the Star Road, and farther. Eventually, with so few places left to go, Wart lead his people to the land of dreams: Subcon.

Soon after they started this latest attempt, they knew this would be their most difficult battle yet. The landscape of Subcon was strange, and many of its peoples were as strong as the Shyguys themselves. Wart himself was forced to join the frey for the first time since the beginning of their conquest.

Eventually, it seemed that the Shyguys would prevail even here. But somehow, without any warning, they were under attack and losing. Within the space of a single day, a small band of resistance fighters: three humans and a subcon native, had stormed the strongholds of each of Wart's generals and killed them. Wart had no time to muster his army to defeat them, was forced to face them in individual combat. Somehow, inexplicably, the resistance fighters won.

The Shyguy offensive was shattered without a leader. The remaining subcon natives easily repulsed them, and across the world their occupations were ended and the shyguys barely held onto small corners between nations.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:03 No.2477100
The Shyguys were desperate to bring Wart back, but all the bands of Shyguys searching the world for ways to revive him discovered that even those darkest magics that would revive the dead could not do so without the corpse. They needed to get back into Subcon.

Of course, the Shyguy people were broken and leaderless, and if any nation learned they were attempting to get back into Subcon they would assume the worst and do everything in their power to stop them. The tale of what the Shyguys did would last for hundreds of years, and as long as their motives were known, they could never bring back their leader and conquer the world again.

The Shyguys had secretive councils for years, looking for ways they could accomplish their goals secretly. Eventually, their highest council decided on a solution so drastic that they felt no other nation could ever conceive of it. They spread the word. Ten years after Wart's defeat at Subcon, every last Shyguy stopped talking.

Their plan is working. Nobody but the Shyguys know this story. The only thing stopping them are the muddled visions of their rise and fall to power in Subcon that people occasionally see in their dreams. Someday, perhaps, these visions will become so muddled that they are of no use. That day, the Shyguys will mount an offensive into Subcon to find the bones of their long-lost leader.

You ever wonder why all the peoples speak the same language? Before they made their oath of silence, that was the Shyguy tongue.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:04 No.2477105
Man, the Shyguys can conquer whatever they want if I can get me some of that.
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/01/08(Mon)00:06 No.2477120
     File :1220241992.jpg-(286 KB, 532x712, 46886 - Luigi Mario Nintendo R(...).jpg)
286 KB

oh..oh my~!
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:07 No.2477124
I didn't understand half of that. l2write
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:10 No.2477129
damn you /tg/ why do you alwais ignore my pictures, still this is epic, and needs epic drawfaggotry
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:16 No.2477158
A long time ago, the Shyguys had a really kickass ruler named Wart. They conquered fucking everything, and nearly conquered Subcon. Some resistance fighters came out of nowhere and killed Wart and his generals before anybody could react. Everybody kicked the Shyguys out of their respective kingdoms, and the Shyguys didn't know what to do about this without their leader. Nobody would let them go find his corpse in Subcon, so they decided to wait until everybody forgot about the entire thing and make the process faster by never talking again.

Learn to read.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:19 No.2477175
Nope, I didn't get the other posts either. You're a faggot.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:22 No.2477189
     File :1220242942.jpg-(38 KB, 328x384, 2a1743e0192763836085ec8a25bcf2(...).jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:25 No.2477200
Running around jumping on turtles and throwing fireballs at walking and takling mushrooms isn't normal, but on meth it is.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:25 No.2477203
needs more Tatanga
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/01/08(Mon)00:27 No.2477213
     File :1220243277.jpg-(49 KB, 400x400, 113928 - Blooper Nintendo Supe(...).jpg)
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This is my friend, Bloop.~ We like to have lunch by the sea.
>> Shyguy Number 812 !pH6MknmGQI 09/01/08(Mon)00:33 No.2477233
Hey. Hey baby. My number's an anagram of your number.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)00:47 No.2477292
Bump in hopes that the epic will return.
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)01:16 No.2477417
     File :1220246192.jpg-(67 KB, 500x500, 7_Day_Challenge___Goomba_by_pr(...).jpg)
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The Goombas will rise again!!
>> Anonymous 09/01/08(Mon)01:34 No.2477498
Just gotta keep this alive for a while longer...
>> Shygirl Number 218 !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/01/08(Mon)01:44 No.2477557
     File :1220247885.png-(27 KB, 350x400, 180801 - Nintendo Rule_63 Shy_(...).png)
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