File :1214182989.jpg-(21 KB, 400x350, 1.jpg)
21 KB Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:03 No.2060651  
Dwarf Fortress hypothesis.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:03 No.2060656
     File :1214183033.jpg-(28 KB, 400x350, 2.jpg)
28 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:04 No.2060662
     File :1214183074.jpg-(35 KB, 600x450, 3.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:05 No.2060666
     File :1214183107.jpg-(67 KB, 600x650, 4.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:05 No.2060670
     File :1214183143.jpg-(73 KB, 600x650, 5.jpg)
73 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:05 No.2060674
Come back to suptg Jeanstealer.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:06 No.2060676
     File :1214183176.jpg-(91 KB, 600x650, 6.jpg)
91 KB
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:07 No.2060687
So this is basically an overly elaborate, 1-shot trap designed to kill merchants? I like it.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:07 No.2060688
Actually, I'm MS Paintmarine lol.

Anyway, I would test it, but my current fortress is placed in a human town.

Got tired of those fucking Goblins who attacked me 10 times each year. I hope the guards will somewhat help.
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:09 No.2060700
I like to start near friendly towns and then tunnel under and around them so they suffer massive structure damage from falling 15 Z levels downwards after i knock out the single pillar holding their city aloft.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:10 No.2060711
...I am amused.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:11 No.2060714
...this makes me want to adapt to Dwarf Fortress so badly...

curse my lack of skill...
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:12 No.2060719
where can you d/l dwarf fortress?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:13 No.2060723
Will a single pillar of dirt support an unlimited volume above it?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:13 No.2060725
The first hit on google from Dwarf Fortress, of course.
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:13 No.2060726
Yes, and that's what makes it so awesome!
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:13 No.2060729
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:14 No.2060730
     File :1214183640.png-(34 KB, 718x730, 1210848028706_anonib.png)
34 KB
Kitten butcher approves of this idea.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:14 No.2060735
fuck my life. i tried googling it, and typed 'dwarf forest', and didnt understand why i wasnt finding it.

thanks, anon
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:14 No.2060736
Adapt it to what? I know somebody was talking about a reverse dungeon game.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:15 No.2060745
>>didnt understand why i wasnt finding
Because you have sausage fingers.
>> MS Paintmarine 06/22/08(Sun)21:15 No.2060749
Merchant 1: "Did you hear something?"
Merchant 2: "No, what did you hear?"
Merchant 1: "I'm not sure, it sounded like something's gnashing."

-Last words of Tabz√°hul Vomitspoon the merchant-
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:21 No.2060793

I dunno, translating 'sandbox make the most elaborate traps' into pen and paper RPG would not work. A board game where you could have some political intrigue and everyone building up the fortresses and then randomly roll the goblin seiges or use pre-set turn limits before the horde arrives. The one who kills the most gobbos and/or survives is the winnah.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:23 No.2060818
For even more fun, put up supports and link them all to a single lever.

Mine away the support pillars.

Pull the Lever.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:24 No.2060823
Great, fuck you anonymous now I ahve to waste tons pf time trying this idea out.
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:25 No.2060825
>I dunno, translating 'sandbox make the most elaborate traps' into pen and paper RPG would not work.
You could always run a succession game in fortress mode then convert the fortress to a dungeon for D&D.
>> sage Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:25 No.2060833
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:27 No.2060841
I meant adapt myself to be able to play DF.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:27 No.2060842

Ho shit, controlled demolition in Dorf Fort would be the sickest thing. Perhaps that's what I need to do with my fort now. I haven't found any magma and I getting tired of waiting on wood supply. I'd like to wait for the first siege and see how I fare, but after that I'm gonna watch it go down in flames.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:29 No.2060847
you have no idea what you're in for.
The learning curve on Dorf Fortress makes the type of learning curve commonly described as "running headlong into a brick wall" seem more like "a gentle stroll up a slight incline"

It's the least well documented, most convoluted thing around.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:30 No.2060850
I tried destroying my fort the other day. Unfortunately, Magma is just TOO SLOW.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:35 No.2060870

Don't be an elitist prick.




So, building into the border between jungle mountain, if I dig down into the mountain biome, will I hit magma eventually? I'm considering just digging down until I find something cool, but I assume its gonna be LOL TENTACLE RAPE at some point.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:36 No.2060875
Z-levels will not change!
Uninstalling game!
Killing self!
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:37 No.2060879
It is actually very unlikely that there is anything of great interest under your fortress if you didn't use regional prospector to start at such a site; dig away.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:38 No.2060882

I had this problem too! Im on a laptop, does that have anything to do with it?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:39 No.2060891
I swear, somebody said they were making a game based Dorf Fortress
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:40 No.2060893

Did you use a tiled version??? It's different, if its vanilla DF it's < or >.
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:40 No.2060895
Yeah, you really need to use regional prospector to find anything of interest, of course you can get lucky but the chances of finding something awesome like demon pits are pretty low.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:40 No.2060896
Yeah, you have to change the keyboard settings because you have no keypad.

Except, it did nothing for me when I did it. Hence, uninstalling game and killing self.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:41 No.2060898

Theres a tileset, yes.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:41 No.2060902

It was some PBEM game and I never paid attention to the OP's idea. He got generally butthurt about lack of enthusiasm and left in a huff.
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:44 No.2060920
Wow, i guess if he got like that from simple lack of enthusiasm then it not getting off the ground was probably for the best.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:50 No.2060945
Actually he still asks for ideas now and then, and there's a maybe a %50 complete writeup on the Penny Arcade forums.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)21:56 No.2060996
I wanna know how many z-levels up my marksdwarves and catapults can fire from. I built my guard towers 5 levels up, do I put the fortifications up now, or did I need to put it at a lower z-level?
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)21:58 No.2061008
I believe dwarves can fire downwards as many levels as they can see, though i dunno about siege equipment.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:16 No.2061093
     File :1214187419.jpg-(13 KB, 400x227, lostconcounter7797517hj.jpg)
13 KB
Hey, I have a setup vaguely similar to the OP except no trade depot and I'm using support pillars rigged to a lever to hold the damn thing aloft. Basically if the goblins ever get into my fortress I throw the leaver, the pillars explode and the magma from my surface level moat floods in totally eradicating any sign that my fortress, or for that matter the goblins, ever existed.

My question is this however, I'm lazy and rather than having to order one of my dwarves to pull the leaver in times of crisis I want to set up a dead man's switch only I have little if any idea how to do it. So yeah, how can I set up a dead man's switch in DF?
>> MS Paintmarine 06/22/08(Sun)22:18 No.2061097
     File :1214187485.jpg-(98 KB, 600x650, 7.jpg)
98 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:22 No.2061114
Has anyone ever built a fortress as such:

1. Dig all the surrounding ground around the fortress down a few levels to form a dry pool.

2. Construct the fortress up many levels until it's a tower. Do the same until the tower extends below the ground into a magma chamber.

3. Dig a single hole strait down into the magma chamber from the above-ground pool, and then build a gate attached to a lever inside the fort and safe from the lava.

4. Carve a single hole from the top of the tower down through the tower all the way into the magma chamber. Build a pump attached to a lever.

The idea is to pump lava up through the tower/tube and out into the pool to deter elephants. When the coast is clear, drain the pool with the trapdoor back down into the magma chamber. I dunno how DF works, but I'd like to build a fort like this if I could play it.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:23 No.2061117
     File :1214187838.jpg-(49 KB, 350x350, lavafountain.jpg)
49 KB

Pic I didn't attach because fuck it.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:25 No.2061123
I suddenly envision Lava pouring out the top of a great tower, flowing all the way back over the sides and falling down into channels that funnel it back into the lava pool below.

A never ending cycle of Lava.

God, that'd be hard to set up, but would be so awesome.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:27 No.2061130
Now, I have to figure out how to build houses and buildings outside. I built a large square'd off area of walls, but it didn't let me build a staircase into a wall so I could go up to the next level and build stairs down...

...Huh. How does one build multi-level houses using only walls, stone, and all that?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:30 No.2061147
Hm. I'm thinking you have to build a ramp... but that doesn't really help anything. Huh.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:31 No.2061150

On the same submenu where you make walls, you can build stairs. They are freestanding and are not built "in" the walls.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:33 No.2061164
I hear it moves very slowly. Sounds like it'd take a long time to drain.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:33 No.2061168
Hm. I'll play with this. Doesn't it need to connect to down stairs above somehow though?
>> M:tG Rules Guy !!FE5SPyuM+g0 06/22/08(Sun)22:34 No.2061177
Ramp next to the wall; build floors over the empty spaces between the walls.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:36 No.2061184
One big annoyance I've found: Strewn about clothing.

I make a barracks, right? I make a squad of about 6 dwarves who work on training up Wrestling while off duty in the barracks.

Over time, I got mittens, leftover foot, hoods, cloaks, and all this shit in my barracks and if I mark it to dump it, no Dwarf dumps it.

What the hell.

I hate seeing these scattered around. What the hell causes it?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:36 No.2061190
Ramp is good. I'd prefer stairs. I thought you could build stairs...
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:42 No.2061212

They won't dump owned items. I've got the same problem in some of my tombs, when they get new clothes they just dump the last lot where they stand. Flooding your entire fort with magma would probably solve it, but otherwise you have to put up with it.

At first I was pissed off with Dwarven Economy, now in my main fort I'm used to it and it keeps my guys happy. My hammerer has a crown fetish, you can't move in his room for turtle bone crowns. It's fucking 4x4 too, with a couple cabinets and chests. I've also paved the outside of my fort entirely up to the moat some distance away. Every new season they find more ways to cover it with vomit.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:43 No.2061224
>leftover foot,

Wut. Did you mean footwear, or did a dorf actually lose a foot while wrestling?
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)22:44 No.2061225
They're items owned by the dwarves living in the barracks, you can solve it by sticking a few containers in there and giving ownership of them to your soldiers.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:44 No.2061227
Thats bloody annoying. How the hell do you get them to pick their shit back up? More cabinets? More armor stands?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:46 No.2061238
actualy I ment leftover food. Hell, I had two mussels rot in my barracks because the wrestlers who were eating decided to stop eating and go practice wrestling.

Its annoying as hell.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:46 No.2061242
It's caused by hot, sweaty dwarf bodies sliding against each other. They get so slippery that their clothes just fall off.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:47 No.2061254
I have 7 bloody armor stands and 7 weapon racks in there!! Do they need cabinets? Coffers? What?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:48 No.2061268
Making a tower seems much more irritating now because you can't build Walls on floors.

I wanted to make a giant wizard's tower with that magma pump. It was going to be glorious.

Toady needs to fix that.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:48 No.2061270
My second fort is a odd one. I decided to play HEATHEN dwarves who are building all their fort above ground as much as possible in a Haunted area I've picked out with a nice river in the middle.

Setting that up is a pain and I had to reclaim it after a really bad bit of luck with a goblin ambush with bows in the second year combined with the usual body stuck in the door forcing it open problem.

It's going well now, migration is a pain because I've been slow on making goods and wealth that attracts dwarves. I have everything I need in a sense, anvil included, but the population is like 10 dwarves trying to build outside buildings for all the workshops. I also got to get some zombie deer out of my moat, it makes getting to the trade depot something of a chore and thanks to a tree that grew in the moat blocking the stairs out I have a bit to do to sort it out.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:50 No.2061279
Okay. Tell me how you manage this outdoor construction
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)22:50 No.2061280
I...can't remember, coffers i think.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:53 No.2061303
Basically the most annoying thing about the game at the moment. Really shits me, and there's nothing you can do about it.

The stuff that is left lying around is owned by various dwarves. As it is the property of an individual it won't be moved to a stockpile or dumped even if you designate it. The fuckers won't put it in their rooms either, even if they have chests etc.

Hopefully it will be fixed next release, but at the moment there is no effective way to deal with it.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:54 No.2061308

Just needs a bit of forethought. You can build walls even over empty space so long as it's going to be connected to something that holds it up. The trick is to remember which parts are going to need walls and which are going to need floors. You can build walls on top of walls, just don't build floors on top of walls, just build floors for the internal area of your tower.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:54 No.2061315
Bah. Well, I knew I'd run into some point that makes it annoying in the Alpha. But, the rest is nice.

Building outdoors is annoying though.

It would be much easier if you could build walls on floors.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:59 No.2061360
lol wut
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:00 No.2061372
Hm. You can build Down stairs ontop of walls... I wonder.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:01 No.2061379

It's pretty basic once you get how construction works in DF. For the first floor, just build your outside walls as normal leaving space for a door. If you want you can cover the ground with floors too to add a real room effect, leaving a space for the stairs inside if you are going to use stairs on the internal part. The stairs will want a up/down stairway on the next floor once you have the up stairway built.

If you are kind of odd and built your stairs in the middle, build floors in the empty spaces until the dwarves can reach the top of your walls, note that floors above the ground floor will change it into a internal area so you'll be able to build beds and your dwarves won't be sick if they aren't used to outside. Don't build floors over the walls unless you intend to use that those spots for internal of that floor. Build the your walls for the second level over the first. Repeat as needed.

It's pretty easy really, and for nice elevated guard towers you can fortify walls built like normal or build them as fortifications in the first place. Crossbows can fire from higher levels to pretty damn good effect.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:02 No.2061381
I've downloaded the tileset, but everytime I try to run the game, it uses the original graphics. What am I doing wrong?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:02 No.2061383
Ah ha. I have figured it out. You use build up stairs on the level, then build down stairs just above it.
>> Commissar Internet !!49Ay+6zEbfG 06/22/08(Sun)23:03 No.2061395
>>zombie deer
I like this thread.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:05 No.2061408
Hm. I'll fuck with it. I have an idea of making this thing.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:08 No.2061422
your supposed to run the tileset
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:11 No.2061442

Basically, it's annoying and takes a lot more effort to do then simply digging out rooms and stairs. Making a mistake even more time costly as you've got to use the designation menu to take it apart bit by bit and they take their time with it.

Furthermore, building above ground means you've got to move your rock/wood near the location for quick building... either that or your mason/carpenter will be making trips to your stockpile. The best way I find is to make temporary stockpiles and then customise them to the material you want to use (I'm using chalk for most of mine, it's ridiculously abundant where I am at and looks nice for floors).

I also got annoyed that even indoors food will rot if it's above ground even in barrels. So I have a basement level with all my food. Well was easy because I built my dinning hall above the river.

And yeah, that settlement is plagued with zombie deer. They are the least threatening monsters I've ever seen, but will make their way to enter my huge walled of village to attack the dog I have on a rope at the entrance, usually falling in the moat after. I have three sets of defences. First the wall, directly after the moat with water, then a square away a moat without. If I'm building on second levels and zombie deer are near the wall section nearest to my workers, they'll see over the wall and flee.

Fucking love my area.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:13 No.2061456

You can build walls beside floors though. Just remove the floor, and put the wall there.


I think clothes go in cabinets. Coffers are just stone chests.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:25 No.2061528
Is there any reason if you turn the economy off to give your Dwarves anything more then Beds?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:27 No.2061542
I like to put a drawbridge in my Dorf Fortress entrance.

One tile long, five tiles wide. It acts like a portcullis, smushing anything caught under it when the lever is flipped. The bonus is that, as far as I know, nothing can break a drawbridge.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:41 No.2061653
Hey guys. I'm digging the mine shaft from my settlement to the magma vent now. I just noticed a bunch of fire imps in the vent though. Is there a good way to make sure they don't wander up the shaft?

(I don't have any steel.)
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:47 No.2061706
Build grates in the magma tunnel. Typically you do this before you dig out into the magma. The grates will need to be made of a material that won't melt in magma. Like Bauxite.

Make sure the grate is a fair distance from your workshops, so nosy fire imps don't bug your dwarves or set them on fire.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:50 No.2061727
Another option is to carve (not build!) fortifications in the tube (you'll have to have a small horizonal tube though at some point). Carved fortifications can't be destroyed by anything (even magma) and allow the flow of liquids.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)23:51 No.2061735
What is tileset file named? Dwarfort is the only thing that lets me play the game. I'm trying to use the tileset I found on suptg.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:07 No.2061814
Not true. Carved fortifications can be destroyed by magma.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:13 No.2061849
wrong, try playing the game first
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:20 No.2061898
Hm. I am tempted to try building a giant fortress... turning off invasions, setting popcap to about 20 or so... making only a large mining complex and dining hall/food storage below...

>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:25 No.2061939
iunno, the tileset i downloaded was a full version of df and i just went into that folder and started it normally
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)01:33 No.2062433
setting pop cap at 20 and no sieges seems silly.
it is already beyond easy to build a large fort. two miners at the start will be legendary by no time and if you have a mechanic making mechanisms from the get go you'll sell enough items to get 20+ dorfs the first immigration.

a couple marksdorfs is all it takes to keep your fort secure
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)01:35 No.2062444
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)03:34 No.2063206
     File :1214206471.jpg-(35 KB, 1279x408, subordinate ally.jpg)
35 KB
>> Very Serious 06/23/08(Mon)03:56 No.2063324

Dwarf wrestling. The clothes just go flying off.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:04 No.2063369
seems like this would be easy enough to do with a non-fortress block of ground.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)07:19 No.2064271

Stuff in their rooms makes them happier.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:21 No.2065301
Worked wonderfully. Thank you.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:37 No.2065656
     File :1214239077.jpg-(395 KB, 1280x800, Brain.jpg)
395 KB
I got the toughest dorfs ever.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:42 No.2065685
I can't read this game's shots.. but is that a prison? With like a kobold or something guarding it?

>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:45 No.2065711
It's the sleeping quarters with a lot of wasted space. I hate trying to read that tileset though. Dear /tg/, if you're gonna post DF screenshots, post it in the normal ascii so everyone else can tell what's going on.You don't need it in whatever tileset you like to use, when you take the screenshot since you already know what you're looking at.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:47 No.2065721
It's a bunch of bed rooms and offices. To the right is the Dungeon Master in the horned hat, a bunch of levers what looks to be a magma smelter.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:48 No.2065725
learn to not suck, faggot.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:48 No.2065732
How exactly would you plan for people to do that, shitcock?

Christ, fucking elitist asciifags.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:49 No.2065742
I tend to just use the printscreen key. Are you suggesting that people should save their game, transfer their data over to a non-ascii version, reload and take screenshot to accomodate for your lack of knowledge?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:53 No.2065767
so i see alot of these 3 by 3 bedrooms about, which is fine, nice big rooms for the dorfs and stuff, but i find them bulky to make, so i started doing 10 by 1 (including door) fish-bone bedrooms. Is this inferior? i mean you get the same amount of floor tiles, but 19 wall tiles rather than 11, so effectively the rooms are worth more. Other than that it's easier to build (22 squares across, split by 2 wide hallway, extend to a 5-7-10-whatever 'bone' fish-bone pattern) and i find it goes nicely on the eyes. Am i missing anything?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:53 No.2065770
Save it, change [GRAPHICS:YES ] to [GRAPHICS:NO] in the ini. Open it up again, print screen, change it back.

..You have to turn that on in the first place to use non-font graphic sets like the special dwarf and goblin sprites anyway, so its not like you haven't done it at least once before...
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:54 No.2065778
How did you miss the dwarf with NO BRAIN?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:55 No.2065780
Unless I downloaded a tileset that was packaged with DF and a modified ini file so that I could play right away.

Also, don't you need to generate a new world before changes to the ini file take effect?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:55 No.2065782
No, you only need to generate a new world if you change the raws.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:56 No.2065787
That's light grey not dark grey. It's slightly bruised not lopped off.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:57 No.2065794
Depends on the changes you make. Visual stuff like whether or not the intro movie plays or whether graphics are used doesn't require it. Regardless, >>2065711 is an elitist cockfag and shall be ignored forthwith.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:57 No.2065795
Wooden items get worn by dorfs walking over them, so the bed would have to be at the back or get worn down eventually.

Only problem I can see, but I like my 3x3, it's more pleasing to mine eye.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:57 No.2065796
Sounds... odd. Post a screenshot?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:57 No.2065797
Either way, it's still a lot of fucking work to compensate for one person's inability to look at pictures and figure out what they are.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:59 No.2065800

I thought she was hardcore.

She doesn't pass out ever though!
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:05 No.2065818
     File :1214240727.png-(30 KB, 1728x4032, Fierceglaze-27-region4-1053-75(...).png)
30 KB
Being elitist would be telling you not to use a tileset. If it makes it easier for you to understand the game, that's fine. You enjoy the game your way, I'll enjoy it mine, If you want to post a screenshot, I suggest you use the default font so more people can understand your fortress outside of the minority who share the same tileset as you.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:07 No.2065825
     File :1214240823.jpg-(89 KB, 670x724, NeverForget.jpg)
89 KB
Look, asciifags, We're willing to concede you're playing the more authentic version and are therefore more hardcore than us.

But can you PLEASE stop crapping on about it? We KNOW we should be old school roguealikers like you, we KNEW elephants are really just E.

But we made our choice when we were trying to get into the game, it was frightening looking into that wall of text and trying to imagine the labyrinthine logic behind it. So we opted to change it to a wall of icons.

We all still climbed the same wall.
We all still love that wall.
We just have a tough time reading each others.

Please don't hate us our dorfish brothers.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:07 No.2065827
While you are right that ascii should be the default for screenshots, it's still a pain in the ass to switch between the two. It's not fucking worth it.

And if you can't tell what's going on in that screenshot you suck at ision.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:08 No.2065832
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:09 No.2065837
barrels nigger, do you use them? cause ya need more
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:11 No.2065840
What is that line of ramps in the sea all about?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:12 No.2065847
It's only a temporary fortress for my 7 dwarfs as part of an underwater fortress experiment. More than enough food and beer for a beginning fortress. If the theory works, I'll start up again somewhere else with a better seed and more resources.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:13 No.2065852
     File :1214241219.png-(15 KB, 630x299, DF beds.png)
15 KB
i had to go reclaim an old castle, so it's a bit messy.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:13 No.2065853
The ocean floor has different z levels like dry land. The ramps are just where it gets higher or lower.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:15 No.2065865
I like the design, but it needs more fractal, it'll keep the walking distance down if you do it right.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:17 No.2065872
Reclaiming is the worst.

I mean, I can see some things being moved around while the fort is empty, but it's like there's this one mentally disturbed kobold that sneaks into abandoned forts and just throws shit around until there's not a single thing left in its original place.

Seriously, with all the damn socks that'll end up strewn across the landscape you'll be getting sieged again before you get any work done besides Move Item To Stockpile.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:19 No.2065880
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:19 No.2065882
That's why it all starts off forbidden.

Just let that kobold come back and steal all the socks, and d, c all the shit you want to keep.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:19 No.2065885
You know, I'd really like proper graphical support already.

I think I know a way to do it with a minimal amount of BAWWing from Toady. But before I go suggest it I need a list of all the things in fortress mode that should be visible on the map but aren't listed in the k menu.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:21 No.2065891
Interface Arc is supposed to be next up after Army, so we should get something decent within the next three or four months :D
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:22 No.2065895
what do you mean more fractal? i mean my main problem with the 3x3 bedrooms is that i have to make all those little fucking rooms and doors and shit, is a bain in the ass, and it always seem to take up a huge area once you need like 40-50 of them., if this was set up with properly with stairs through the upper/lower z-levels, you would have like a walking distance of say, 12(or so, assuming the stairs are at the the 'head' of each fish) +z level difference + distance from stair to workshop/whatever at max, and then have a capactiy of 40 beds.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:24 No.2065903
>I've hand-made some little presents today, like being able to place multiple constructions via rectangles, being able to select all of the required building materials from one list entry with a single command (so you can select 30 granite at once, though there are no general categories like 'stone' or 'any' yet), dump/melt/hide from 'd', 'hide' from everywhere you can forbid/dump/melt (including being able to hide buildings), forbid/dump/melt/hide right-side unexpanded groups in Stores, and a bit of cursor persistence stuff somebody requested for the Stores screen as well (at least partially)

>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:24 No.2065906
That's pretty cool!

Do you think you could keep it running at a low level with dorfs still putting shit in there?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:29 No.2065921
possibly, depends how much pressure those pumps create. Dwarves do weigh more than most junk but those socks were moving pretty fast. I'm not sure how much difference weight makes if the pressure is high enough to move things quickly.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:29 No.2065927
     File :1214242191.png-(44 KB, 845x826, walls.png)
44 KB
"tube bedrooms" are less efficient than square bedrooms, more walls per usable space. Course + shaped bedrooms are even more efficient but are harder to place because of their odd shape.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:30 No.2065931
I've had water move cages around and they tend to be pretty heavy. They weren't moving particularly fast though, but then again, neither was the water.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:31 No.2065932
i think things wont move without 4/7 or higher water in a tile, and thats the same hight dorfs start to swim also. odds are they would get swept away also i think
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:31 No.2065935
     File :1214242282.jpg-(91 KB, 1280x800, The Beloved Furnaces.jpg)
91 KB
I've seen a lovely fractal setup of bedrooms, each corridor fans out into more of them all of which have a number of bedrooms in, it was all symmetrical until the guy hit an underground lake.

The idea is to shorten the path for your dorfs, which is what my 3x3 utterly fails to do. I can't think how, but I feel sure there must be a way to make your bedrooms all fit in around a neat cunning network of corridors.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:32 No.2065943
/r/ dorf traps
and not the cage kind
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:33 No.2065944
That will deal with sooo much of the tedious micro.

What I'd like to see would be dwarves carrying more than one thing without needing bins. It would really help deal with all the junk spam after an attack. "Sorry guys I'm busy carrying this single goblin's sock back to the stockpile, I can't handle anything else right now!"
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:33 No.2065948
>The dwarf is raising the cave spider silk short skirt.

>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:34 No.2065951
     File :1214242446.png-(353 KB, 1920x2688, The Chaos of Mountai-15-region(...).png)
353 KB
Bum, either way, something like that powered by lava is now my ambition in life.

Fucking stones...

There all still there, in the stocks menu, now under "glob" and "liquid", taunting me.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:34 No.2065952
Oh. That's good.

I was going to suggest that he let us specify a program in the ini that DF would dump the currently visible map to every so often, using the same plain text as the k menu. Then that program could deal with drawing a visualization in a separate window or whatever, thus keeping it out of his hair.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:35 No.2065956
Goddamnit you're right. Fucking xGiant Cave Spider Silk Sock(s)x. EVERYWHERE.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:35 No.2065959
     File :1214242546.jpg-(94 KB, 1280x800, Itsatrap.jpg)
94 KB
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:36 No.2065963
That's... That's a lot of magma.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:36 No.2065966
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:38 No.2065971
     File :1214242688.jpg-(469 KB, 1280x800, Post Victory.jpg)
469 KB
Maybe if they just carried bins out with them?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:39 No.2065978
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:40 No.2065981
     File :1214242824.png-(261 KB, 1920x2688, The Chaos of Mountai-15-region(...).png)
261 KB
No, THAT'S a lot of magma.

I really really hate stones.

Worst part is, I'm already doing EVERYTHING else you should be doing to get rid of the things.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:41 No.2065982
Maybe it's taking so long because you're raping your framerate?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:43 No.2065990
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:45 No.2065994
>>2065981 I really really hate stones.
You call yourself a dorf?!
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:45 No.2065996
You should only dig with unskilled miners. Higher skilled miners dig faster but make more stone- you'll save more time in the long run if you don't let anyone above "miner" do the digging. They'll dig slower but leave you with less dumping micro.

You might want to bring in legendary miners for getting coal/ore/gems since you'll get more that way but you'll be better off just (A)ctivating them into the military or giving them another job for everything else.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:46 No.2065997
     File :1214243178.png-(391 KB, 1920x2688, The Chaos of Mountai-18-region(...).png)
391 KB
actually my framerate has been fairly good this fortress, I used a bunch of up/down stairs in the center and just radiated from them for every floor, it keeps the pathfinding simpler I think because dorfs don't have to crawl past each other on stairs, so shuffle about less.

And tbh I've never really noticed much change in my framerate while mucking about with liquids.

Pic is a storage level and the floor we put over the newly lowered magma vent. Just because we could.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:49 No.2066007
     File :1214243393.png-(385 KB, 1920x2688, The Chaos of Mountai-16-region(...).png)
385 KB
My military is all ex miners, and I've still got about 20 odd miners for digging.

But then mining out the magma hall wouldn't really have helped that.

But there's no way my dwarves are going without underfloor heating!

Pic is the floor above the lava hall.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:51 No.2066016
Build some baths on top of it too.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:51 No.2066018
I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the revelation this is a fucking central heating system.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:52 No.2066026
     File :1214243574.jpg-(310 KB, 1280x800, E-Peen too.jpg)
310 KB
Baths, how!?

I've used shower halls, but it just added another layer of water over the mud blood and vomit covering my dwarves.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:54 No.2066037
     File :1214243657.jpg-(92 KB, 1280x800, The Blaze of Dots.jpg)
92 KB
Thank you Anon, that means a lot to me!
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:56 No.2066047
I'd assume a room with 3-deep water would work as a bath, though finding reasons for your dwarves to be in it might be a problem.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:58 No.2066061
     File :1214243888.jpg-(122 KB, 1280x800, Brainfinger the Boring Hairs.jpg)
122 KB
I see no end of reasons.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:58 No.2066064
By shower halls, does that mean you created a system to dump water on hapless dwarves standing on grates?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:00 No.2066075
I... uh... wow.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:01 No.2066079
     File :1214244071.jpg-(83 KB, 1280x800, Sunshine Biscuits.jpg)
83 KB
In the main hallways in and out, yes.

Are you thinking we should get the clothes off them first?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:01 No.2066082
They'll wade into 4 depth water if they have to. I had a Dorf who was trying to get obsidian out of a 4/5 depth pool. He'd swim into the 4 depth water, hit 5 depth water, shit himself and leave the pool and then go back in to get the stone. He'd do this over and over and over again until I just forbin everything inside the pool.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:05 No.2066104
on the plus side, the dumbass will eventually get some swimming experience and keep going.
still a dumbass though, i say lock him in and make sure it gets to 7/7
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:05 No.2066106
     File :1214244337.png-(2 KB, 496x314, dwrofpool.png)
2 KB
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:05 No.2066108
     File :1214244348.jpg-(211 KB, 800x800, 1212128255199.jpg)
211 KB
While I'm here /tg/, Have I missed any cool dwarf pictures?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:16 No.2066166
Thats a pretty nice ramp you drew there.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:23 No.2066205
Stairs work too. Ramps are only built on one level and still show up as the ramp triangle when submerged, stairs just become generic submerged wavy lines. Stairs would need a down stair on the top level and an up stair built in the water. Personally I'd go with ramps.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)14:26 No.2066231
pointing out that everything is labeled including the ramp, but stairs are drawn
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)15:03 No.2066465
Have you tried misters instead? I hear that cleans dorfs better, plus they get happy feelings from the stuff.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)15:39 No.2066673
Whiskey and Sunshine...

I desire these.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)15:53 No.2066750
Tastes like a wild party at the beach.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)15:56 No.2066777
     File :1214250994.jpg-(114 KB, 700x840, batlich.jpg)
114 KB
I DMed one D&D campaign based on Boatmurdered.
I asked on /tg/ before, and fatguys got some good ideas.
Pic related - I started thread with it.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)16:09 No.2066854
* /
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)16:24 No.2066939
Everytime I get sick of DF one of these threads pops up and I start playing again.

Congratulations on making me never go into work fa/tg/uys.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)16:57 No.2067146
sadly you'll get bored after 1 or 2 game years...thats all it takes to have a fort finished.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)17:00 No.2067161
From the DF development page:
"06/22/2008: 156. As I stated a while ago, I've been putting off weekends until now so that I can have a fair chunk of time at the end of the month to work on the weekend project without switching gears so often. If you consider this schedule vs. the normal work-week schedule, you'll see DF hasn't been slowed at all (if anything, more DF days in a row helps), but I know some of you are disappointed, so I've hand-made some little presents today, like being able to place multiple constructions via rectangles, being able to select all of the required building materials from one list entry with a single command (so you can select 30 granite at once, though there are no general categories like 'stone' or 'any' yet), dump/melt/hide from 'd', 'hide' from everywhere you can forbid/dump/melt (including being able to hide buildings), forbid/dump/melt/hide right-side unexpanded groups in Stores, and a bit of cursor persistence stuff somebody requested for the Stores screen as well (at least partially). Unfortunately, you won't get your presents until next month. I suppose it's kind of crappy of me to spoil what they are before you've even received them, but it's not like they were going to be wrapped anyway. My next entry here will be at the beginning of July."
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)17:02 No.2067178
nice so i will finally finish my above ground fort
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)17:08 No.2067220

>being able to place multiple constructions via rectangles