File :1214114077.png-(80 KB, 497x703, feylock.png)
80 KB Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)01:54 No.2054566

ITT, your current character (or party) made into a Touhoe using this flash. Or make your own on the spot.

<-- Fey pact warlock for a 4e campaign.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:07 No.2054678
     File :1214114859.jpg-(39 KB, 659x661, WynhelmWarlord.jpg)
39 KB
Wynhelm, the Inspiring Presence Warlord.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:29 No.2054840
     File :1214116173.jpg-(24 KB, 432x403, 4echar.jpg)
24 KB
Human Battlemage Wizard
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:44 No.2054954
     File :1214117062.png-(130 KB, 1280x1024, 4th Edition Imageboard.jpg.png)
130 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:47 No.2054977
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:51 No.2054999
Take it easy.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:53 No.2055013
Spoiler: It never happened.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:56 No.2055041
You take me for a fool?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)02:57 No.2055047
RAGE it easy.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:03 No.2055093
     File :1214118195.png-(52 KB, 507x704, Grace.png)
52 KB
Human Wizard/Archivist Gestalt.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:18 No.2055195
     File :1214119124.jpg-(67 KB, 1174x772, dwarf.jpg)
67 KB
My as-of-yet unnamed Dwarf Fighter (still building him).
>> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/22/08(Sun)03:19 No.2055199
     File :1214119144.png-(35 KB, 388x386, Picture 3.png)
35 KB
Human Nomad/Swashbuckler for a 3.5 Planescape campaign. Not actually wearing an eyepatch, but it seemed appropriate. I mean, the character's male, but I had no problem overlooking that slight problem.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:21 No.2055220
     File :1214119298.jpg-(16 KB, 348x354, Touhou-Miko.jpg)
16 KB
Human, Orc-Raised Fighter
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:23 No.2055236
     File :1214119414.png-(23 KB, 426x358, Screenshot-create.swf (applica(...).png)
23 KB
So I hear you gents are planning an excursion into the Underdark? Jolly good.

Hard Hat (On Head)
50 Feet of Rope (Around Body)
10 Foot Pole (Carried)
Handy Haversack (Worn)
Monocle (Pip Pip)
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:24 No.2055243
     File :1214119465.jpg-(59 KB, 449x357, Yukarilock.jpg)
59 KB
Dead serious. Fey pact warlock again.
And no, I don't have any shame whatsoever. This is probably a sign I should kill myself.
>> That Paranoid Guy 06/22/08(Sun)03:30 No.2055286
     File :1214119839.jpg-(49 KB, 468x430, Ultraviolet.jpg)
49 KB
Ultraviolet mechanic of Friend Computer. Name? Why, that information is above your clearance, citizen.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:48 No.2055353
     File :1214120926.png-(19 KB, 205x315, silvia.png)
19 KB
My impression of one of our games' loli healer DMPC, and even then I had to shoop to make it better. No elf ears, so...
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:51 No.2055362
I love loli healers. They're not quite as awesome as Frail Loli Laser Clerics, though.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:52 No.2055364
     File :1214121164.jpg-(20 KB, 328x380, hanma.jpg)
20 KB
Human Monk. I'm working on getting her into the Drunken Master prestige class, but we're too lazy to get the source book for that.

So she's just a monk who drinks a lot.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:54 No.2055372
Additionally, she constantly cusses out our resident Gnome for being an annoying shit and touching off every trap ever.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)03:59 No.2055408
Fucking Gnomes.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:00 No.2055413
Both of which don't exist in 4E.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:01 No.2055424
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:09 No.2055465
     File :1214122191.png-(23 KB, 281x315, kara.png)
23 KB
Stoic female fighter.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:10 No.2055468
     File :1214122235.png-(22 KB, 331x315, tear.png)
22 KB
Large-chested(though with touhoes, large chests do not exist) half-elven cleric.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:16 No.2055493
     File :1214122589.jpg-(42 KB, 500x400, 1206458528077.jpg)
42 KB
>(though with touhoes, large chests do not exist)
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:18 No.2055499
     File :1214122690.jpg-(78 KB, 480x640, 1214006175424.jpg)
78 KB
>>2055468 (though with touhoes, large chests do not exist)
>> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/22/08(Sun)04:21 No.2055510
     File :1214122871.jpg-(465 KB, 1055x1500, 1213779608722.jpg)
465 KB
A healthy ghost would like disagree.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:31 No.2055574
     File :1214123463.png-(18 KB, 288x348, svieldan.png)
18 KB
There is nothing masculine enough in there, so he's wearing a sailor's outfit. Elven rogue who's focused on ranged combat, and is very, very proficient at it.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:33 No.2055584
>> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/22/08(Sun)04:36 No.2055593
... Too lazy to get Complete Warrior?

But it's one of the best books! Well... So long as you're a martial character kind of guy.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:45 No.2055620
     File :1214124329.png-(21 KB, 305x323, yuphail.png)
21 KB
Not proud of this one at all. Human bard, fetish for the color green, and a name that causes godawful puns every waking moment.
>> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/22/08(Sun)04:48 No.2055638
Just found it a couple of days ago in /jp/. Maybe you could ask them.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)04:49 No.2055644
Traps exist in 4e, Alcohol has a small mention, Gnomes are in the 4e MM, and Monks will exist later.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:03 No.2055690
If your spring a trap do you get a face full of white salt poison?

I fail my save.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:04 No.2055694
     File :1214125447.png-(17 KB, 274x347, halfmaerya.png)
17 KB
Female Drow NPC who's travelling with us, and probably will for as long as the rogue's still going.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:06 No.2055706
     File :1214125611.png-(53 KB, 927x598, iru1.png)
53 KB
Female elven archer gish
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:13 No.2055731
     File :1214126007.png-(48 KB, 821x550, Picture 25.png)
48 KB
Human engineer and puppeteer/fighter.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:13 No.2055735
why does she have cat ears?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:14 No.2055736
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:14 No.2055738
but they are fuzzy.....
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:15 No.2055741
walfas sucks
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:15 No.2055743
That's why I didn't use them.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:16 No.2055744
Go away.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:21 No.2055755
No, you.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:30 No.2055779
It makes them even cuter
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:32 No.2055783
     File :1214127144.png-(18 KB, 288x399, touhoutechpriest.png)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:44 No.2055829

I'm interested.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:46 No.2055833
Dicerolls. Oh, and the jokes never stop.

They really don't.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)05:47 No.2055834
Clearly "Fuzzy Eared Elf" is from some obscure splatbook.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)06:08 No.2055903
     File :1214129310.gif-(34 KB, 650x540, saran.gif)
34 KB
Human fighter, gardener dash retired assasin
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)06:21 No.2055931
     File :1214130066.gif-(47 KB, 839x500, alicia & friends.gif)
47 KB
My paladin, her reformed erinyes cohort (I couldn't find a double-bladed sword or a spear), and her coure eladrin familiar.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)06:44 No.2055976
Oh god, I remember that thread.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)06:45 No.2055979
     File :1214131552.jpg-(103 KB, 600x800, 1212674269749.jpg)
103 KB
Fuzzy you say?
>> I apologized on 4chan 06/22/08(Sun)06:52 No.2056010

OH god me too! Whatever DID happen to her sister in the end?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)06:58 No.2056036
I think her sister just lost all, or nearly all of her memories.
>> Clarence, Mage 06/22/08(Sun)07:06 No.2056055
     File :1214132809.png-(17 KB, 334x340, Grandma Justice.png)
17 KB
Frank "Grandpa Justice" Jaeger.
Human Knight.
>> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/22/08(Sun)07:08 No.2056059
     File :1214132891.png-(57 KB, 978x600, exalt.png)
57 KB
Twilight Solar Exalt.

Bow to me, puny mortals, or these fans go through your skull.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)07:15 No.2056069
     File :1214133354.png-(71 KB, 1071x780, tohoravien.png)
71 KB
Human Swashbuckler, ridiculously brave/foolhardy nobleman deciding to live a life of gentlemanly adventure.
>> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/22/08(Sun)07:17 No.2056074
     File :1214133463.png-(35 KB, 465x465, exaltavatar.png)
35 KB
Also, don't forget to worship me as your god to send me essence. When I get enough followers and power I am wiping out all those fuckers in Yu Shan. The gods are too busy jacking off to the games of divinity to give a damn about any of us. Time for another uprising. Yes, even that uptight fuck Unconquered Sun. He doesn't pay attention to any of us anymore.

And we are doing it fucking RIGHT this time. No more games of divinity. No one in Yu Shan(well, I might throw a pool party now and then, but that's it). No gods. Just me kicking the ass of anyone that objects to the new status quo.

What is the status quo? We aren't going back to the old way of the exalts doing everything for you. Look how THAT worked out. Fuck that. I'm taking a que from the Lunars. You do shit for yourself or you don't survive.

What is that?
>> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/22/08(Sun)07:19 No.2056077
HOW is that.

Dammit, should have used a writing charm.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)07:20 No.2056082
Yeah, I don't think so.
>> Fuuka <3 !pZS1G/xQVc 06/22/08(Sun)07:25 No.2056093
I do hope you know that, in Exalted terms, you are merely an extra?

Prepare to be blown on. That should be enough to at least remove a limb.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)07:25 No.2056096
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)07:39 No.2056124
     File :1214134777.png-(19 KB, 358x392, Rehme.png)
19 KB
While not my current character, I was actually surprised at how well I was able to represent one of my more interesting and recent characters. The picture pretty much fits her to a "T", with only the finer details of her blouse being the exception.

Basically, she was a rather nonchalant and clueless human cleric that got shit on by the rest of the party because of how uninformed she was in regards to almost every little thing. Disbelief of her ignorance was often conveyed to her in the form of others' exasperations at how it was ever possible for one to be such a competent and well versed acolyte and prescriber of divine tutelage and yet be so bloody stupid when it came to things often governed by common knowledge.

Mind you, this was a Planescape campaign... So yeah...
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)08:01 No.2056185
     File :1214136067.jpg-(204 KB, 1374x904, hydra.jpg)
204 KB
You should already know about that Gibbering Orb session. Well, this was the Hydra combat before it.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)08:20 No.2056249
     File :1214137246.jpg-(78 KB, 1405x526, party.jpg)
78 KB
From left to right.
Assim, Human Telepath Psion Arab
Merkett, Human Paladin
Gnome, Gnomish Gnome (complete with raven familiar)
Melanie, Human Duskblade (DM's wife, highest kill count so far)
John, Human Warblade. Uses Sai and Short Sword.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)08:56 No.2056353
>John, Human Warblade. Uses Sai and Short Sword.
I love the touhou that you made for that.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)08:57 No.2056355
Touhoufag now you have an unlimited source of reliant touhou pictures with this. My question to you is will you still search for others?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)09:09 No.2056382
     File :1214140185.jpg-(17 KB, 343x367, roguelyn.jpg)
17 KB
Halfling Rogue.
>> CS 2 Creative Suite Goto 06/22/08(Sun)09:13 No.2056393
     File :1214140415.png-(38 KB, 562x443, Picture 2.png)
38 KB
Voidborn human sanctioned psyker.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)09:13 No.2056394
     File :1214140422.png-(16 KB, 400x400, Kaguya Wwwww.png)
16 KB

I laughed hard at that too.


I'd rather not use Walfas for pics to post. And I don't actively search for pics, to be honest, I just save pics that I find interesting from the front page of Pooshlmer every time I refresh it. Then again, I do go on a Danbooru romp from time to time.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)09:32 No.2056455

I try. Imagine a hobo, now imagine the hobo with a sword and sai pulling a bunch of disarm moves and stabbing people. That's John. He's broke, smelly, and drinks a lot. Also he's at negative 7 when we finished last session. (Going to be manifesting some Vigor and some Empathic Transfer when we return)
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)09:36 No.2056469
     File :1214141801.jpg-(65 KB, 400x800, mgs-solid-snake.jpg)
65 KB
Frank... Jaeger..?

Grey Fox...! Colonel, that knight is Grey Fox! No doubt about it!
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)09:57 No.2056531
     File :1214143035.jpg-(25 KB, 534x443, Arlington Bittermore1.jpg)
25 KB
Arlington Bittermore, male half-elf rogue/swashbuckler
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:20 No.2056618
     File :1214144448.jpg-(203 KB, 472x800, 9a132234cf7fbb71613e2090d8df99(...).jpg)
203 KB
If you are asking me, I need my daily Tenshi dose. I went 40 hours without posting her and it ended in TOUHOU HIJACK LOL.
That said, I get between 10 and 200 pics everyday, depending on whether I have something else to do.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:33 No.2056668
Martial arts students face a bewildering array of martial arts schools, each with its own adherents and detractors. But few schools are as unusual -- or as controversial -- as Drunken Boxing. By weaving and staggering about as if inebriated, drunken boxers avoid many blows. Likewise, their stumbling, lurching attacks catch their opponents off guard. Moreover, when they actually imbibe alcohol, drunken masters can perform truly prodigious feats of strength and bravery.

None of this garners them much respect among other martial arts schools, because drunken boxing exacts a toll on its users. Drunken masters remain intoxicated for hours after a fight, and they are often found half-asleep in taverns, mumbling incoherently. This flies in the face of other schools' ascetic principles. But rival schools must be wary -- they never know when the tipsy lout at the bar is just a harmless thug, and when it is a nigh-unstoppable drunken master.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:34 No.2056670
Monks form the backbone of the drunken boxing school. They lose some face with their original school or monastery for becoming a drunken master, but a brilliant display of drunken fighting can sometimes silence critics in one's former school. Members of other character classes are chosen as drunken boxers only rarely, although students often tell the tale of a barbarian from the north who became a phenomenal drunken master.

Prospective students are studied at a distance by drunken masters, then treated to a display of drunken boxing's power. If the student expresses enthusiasm for learning the new techniques, a group of drunken masters take him or her from tavern to tavern, getting rip-roaring drunk, causing trouble, and passing along the first secrets of the technique. Those who survive the revelry are new drunken masters.

NPC drunken masters are often found in taverns and bars. They rarely pick fights there, but are quick to come to the aid of someone overmatched in a tavern brawl. Most keep a low profile, although some are famous -- or infamous -- for the deeds they have performed while under the influence.

Hit Die: d8
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:34 No.2056672

To qualify to become a drunken master, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

* Base Attack Bonus: +4.
* Base Unarmed Attack Bonus: +4.
* Feats: Great Fortitude, Dodge.
* Tumble: 6 ranks.
* Other: Evasion ability, must be chosen by existing drunken masters and survive night of revelry among them without being incarcerated, poisoned, or extraordinarily embarrassed.

Class Skills

The drunken master's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex). See Chapter 4: Skills in the Player's Handbook for skill descriptions.

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:41 No.2056698
     File :1214145678.png-(19 KB, 366x365, delaine.png)
19 KB
DeLaine, doppelganger paladin
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:42 No.2056707

Level - Base Attack - Fort - Ref - Will - Special- Specail
1st - 1 - 2 - 2 - 0 - Speed 50 ft., drink like a demon, bottle proficiency, unarmed damage 1d8 - Harm's way
Defensive strike
2nd - 2 - 3 - 3 - 0 - Stagger - Deflect attack +1
3rd - 3 - 3 - 3 - 1 - Speed 60 ft., swaying waist - Defensive strike +1
4th - 4 - 4 - 4 -1 - AC bonus +1, improvised weapons- Deflect attack +2
5th- 5 - 4 - 4 - 1 - Drunken rage, unarmed damage 1d10 - Defensive strike +2
6th- 6 - 5 - 5 - 2 - Speed 70 ft., lurch - Deflect attack +3
7th- 7 - 5 - 5 - 2 - Drunken embrace - Defensive strike +3
8th - 8 - 6 - 6 - 2 - For medicinal purposes - Deflect attack +4
9th - 9 - 6 - 6 - 3 - AC bonus +2, speed 80 ft., corkscrew rush, unarmed damage 1d12- Defensive strike +4
10th- 10 - 7 - 7 - 3 - Breath of flame
Base Attack Bonus: Note that, like a monk, a drunken master makes unarmed iterative attacks at a –3 penalty, not the usual –5 penalty.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:43 No.2056710
Class Features

Drink Like a Demon: Your body handles alcohol differently from other people's. You can drink a large tankard of ale, a bottle of wine, or a corresponding amount of stronger alcohol as a move-equivalent action. Every bottle or tankard of alcohol you consume during combat reduces your Dexterity, Wisdom, and Intelligence by 1 point each, but increases your Strength or Constitution (your choice) by 1 point. However, your Reflex save bonus, Dexterity bonus to Tumble, and AC bonus remain at their original levels regardless of your new Dexterity modifier. Your body metabolizes one drink per hour, reducing both the penalties and the bonus accordingly. You only gain the Strength and Constitution bonuses for alcohol drunk during a fight, and the bonuses only last until the end of the combat. (The penalties disappear more gradually.) What quantity of alcohol constitutes a "drink" is deliberately left undefined.

Bottle Proficiency: You can use bottles and large tankards as weapons using your unarmed base attack bonus, including your more favorable number of attacks per round. Bottles do 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage with their first blow, then 1d4 points of slashing damage thereafter. Tankards do 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage. Furthermore, you can make these attacks without spilling most of the liquid inside.

Stagger: By tripping, stumbling, and staggering, you can make a charge attack that surprises your opponents. This has two beneficial aspects: First, your charges need not be in straight lines, and you still move up to twice your speed. Second, make a Tumble check (DC 15) when you begin your charge. If you succeed, your movement through threatened squares provokes no attacks of opportunity.

Swaying Waist: You weave and bob about as you attack. You gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC against any one opponent you choose during your turn. This supersedes the Dodge feat, but functions like it in all other ways.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:43 No.2056713
Improvised Weapons: You can use furniture, farm implements, or nearly anything else at hand to attack your foes. Anything from a ladder to a haunch of meat to a barstool is a weapon once you imbue it with your ki using this ability. Regardless of the exact item, the weapon does 1d6 points of damage at your more advantageous number of attacks per round. Most items do bludgeoning damage, although shish-kabob skewers, for example, would do piercing damage. Long items (such as ladders) have reach according to their length, and items with many protrusions (such as chairs) give you a +2 bonus on Disarm attempts. Finally, large items with broad, flat surfaces (such as tables) can be upended to become improvised tower shields.

Drunken Rage: You can rage just as a barbarian does, with a duration equal to your (new) Constitution modifier plus the number of drinks you have consumed. You gain +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, a +2 morale bonus on Will saves, and a –2 penalty to AC. This ability supersedes the Strength and Constitution bonuses from drink like a demon.

Lurch: Your lurching movements let you make one feinting in combat Bluff check (opposed by Sense Motive) per round as a move-equivalent action. You gain a +4 competence bonus to Bluff checks made for this purpose.

Drunken Embrace: You can grapple an opponent without provoking an attack of opportunity, and you gain a +4 competence bonus on all opposed grapple checks.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:43 No.2056715
For Medicinal Purposes: By combining your ki power with alcohol, you can convert an alcoholic drink to a potion of cure moderate wounds up to three times per day. The alcohol activates the ki in your body, so the cure only works on you. Alcohol drunk in this way neither impairs nor improves your ability scores.

Corkscrew Rush: You leap forward, twisting your body in midair as you head-butt an opponent. This is a charge attack that, in addition to dealing normal damage, automatically initiates a bull rush attack (without provoking an attack of opportunity). Furthermore, you are considered to have the Power Attack feat for the purposes of a corkscrew rush, and if you hit your opponent, you stun your foe unless she makes a Will save (DC 17 + the drunken master's Wisdom modifier). However, if your attack misses, you land prone in front of your opponent.

Breath of Flame: You can use your ki to ignite the alcohol within you and spew it forth from your mouth in a breath of flame. Breath of flame deals 3d12 points of fire damage to all within the 20-foot cone (Reflex save DC 18 for half). Each time you use breath of flame, it consumes one drink's worth of alcohol within you, reducing both penalties and bonuses to your ability scores.

Enjoy your drunken master.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)10:50 No.2056743
     File :1214146241.png-(22 KB, 400x500, Eirin Sick.png)
22 KB

My bad, misread it at first. You could've just said "Pages 27-29 of Complete Warrior" and then provided a link to the PDF.
>> Edward !F8wHraWURw 06/22/08(Sun)11:15 No.2056829
     File :1214147723.png-(141 KB, 1024x700, Sephirot Touhou.png)
141 KB
My Big Bads

Kether, Commander and the leader.
Tifereth, his admirer who's not-so-secret except to him
Raphael, the sadistic archer and illusionist
Ash, the grumpy homonculus fighter
Raziel, who's in it to learn new things
Cassiel, who is in a gundam because there was no wheel chair.
Nuriel, who cannot be naked and horribly burned is just grumpy.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)11:40 No.2056911

I can't help but notice that that's the 3.0 version.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)12:13 No.2057096
     File :1214151220.png-(32 KB, 520x436, Molly.png)
32 KB
Halfling star pact warlock.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)12:21 No.2057138
     File :1214151713.jpg-(59 KB, 348x354, Derry.jpg)
59 KB
Feral Planet Assasin, Derry Awnnyng
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)14:04 No.2057805

I remember that thread too. That paladin's still going?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)14:04 No.2057808
     File :1214157865.png-(90 KB, 833x591, Touhouscampain.png)
90 KB
Well, this is the party for my friend's Evil campaign.

From left to right shall we?

First we have the Gnome Bard, Wally. Wally has this astounding ability to obliterate thing that are on fire or while he's on fire. He also beats the crap out of everything.

Then, next to him is Amalric Squadra, the dwarf fighter. His brother is famous around these parts, same person plays him...or is supposed to. He hasn't shown up in a logn time. He's pretty tough.

Next is Ulrich, the moral fag. Or...supposedly. An Assimar paladin. Burns everything.

Then is Kelsin. Lolmercenarylolscarslolalignmentchaning

Then is Elizabeth, an unnecessary monk NPC, she's with us unintentional. We happened to protect her. Also HER PARENTS ARE DEEAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

And finally, Benjamin Amadeus Fleischer. He's a batshit insane sorceror who dabbles in Alchemy and animates dolls. Here he is attempting to convince Elizabeth to kill herself...or to drink one of his concoctions. He is unusally silly, as his hat suggests he is serious. He kinda sounds like Daniel Day-Lewis.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)14:57 No.2058196

An assimar paladin in an evil campaign? What?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)15:17 No.2058317
     File :1214162253.jpg-(26 KB, 513x392, cormorant.jpg)
26 KB
Cierce Cormorant. Half-elf Cleric. Rainbows for radiant powers.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)16:13 No.2058581
     File :1214165634.jpg-(188 KB, 944x676, Dark Touhou Heresy.jpg)
188 KB
My previous DH party.

On the left we have our techpriest 'Del' who is studying our Daemonicly posessed Cleric, Cleric Elric (no lie, the guy is that bad at naming). Hiding behind the menu bar is our Assassin Mojyce. The one with the gun is mine. Lt. Relmast. Then we have Ellie (Pronounced El-ee-yay, as my buddy is at pains to point out) our (un)sanctioned psyker. And the one in the back is our 'Scum' Brales Rooney, an explosives nut.
>> Open Society of Transparency, /tg/ division leader Elbert Higginbottom !CF3MHARUHI 06/22/08(Sun)16:16 No.2058597
>Cleric Elric
Should have gone with Claire Ic.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)16:37 No.2058669
Fucking die, weeaboo shits.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)16:39 No.2058682
You're a fucking idiot if you think I'm weeaboo. You really are.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)16:55 No.2058814

Seems like it. I'm curious too, the poster of those has stories every so often.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:14 No.2058972
Int -4
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:16 No.2058989
Why are 90% of the parts here for female characters? It makes creating guys hard.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:18 No.2058997
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:18 No.2059001

You don't know much about the Touhou do you?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:19 No.2059004
He has his reasons for being with us evil people. It's pretty fun I think.

The paladin he created before the one he created for the campaign, and when that one died (provided the paladin started off like the convicts) he was allowed to play him.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:19 No.2059016
Touhou = largely flatchested females with varying bodyparts.
>> Edward !F8wHraWURw 06/22/08(Sun)17:23 No.2059045
Perhaps someone could expand the things to add more variety?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:36 No.2059127
     File :1214170590.png-(160 KB, 1280x1001, Orcuslayer.png)
160 KB

I doubt that Walfas (the creator of this Flash) is going to expand it to include non-Touhou stuff, considering that this IS intended to be a Touhou character generator, after all.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:50 No.2059237
>I doubt that Walfas (a faggot) is going to[...]
>> Edward !F8wHraWURw 06/22/08(Sun)17:52 No.2059244
if /f/ can turn a hood into real hentai, then I'm pretty sure someone with minimal Flash skills can add some options.

Also, Spider Jerusalem's glasses aren't exactly Touhou.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:53 No.2059255
Nah. The guy refused to fuck me, and was all like "What are you doing in my house" and "Why the hell are you naked?" Not nearly gay enough.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:54 No.2059269
I believe Walfas is a female (who does not come to /tg/).
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)17:58 No.2059303
>if /f/ can turn a hood into real hentai

>then I'm pretty sure someone with minimal Flash skills can add some options.
They're going to look noticeably different though.

>Also, Spider Jerusalem's glasses aren't exactly Touhou.
Those are simple 3D glasses, not Spider Jerusalem glasses. Spider Jerusalem glasses have funky square and circle lenses.
>> Edward !F8wHraWURw 06/22/08(Sun)18:00 No.2059318
     File :1214172058.png-(43 KB, 556x612, BARD.png)
43 KB
I've seen people on /f/ fix up flashes a few times. I don't know if there was anything that was an actual hood thing, but still.

Meh, they could do it in a way that it doesn't look that different.

Oh, I thought they were. Guess I was wrong.
>> Cyborg-chan 06/22/08(Sun)18:02 No.2059328
Touhou = Bullet hell games created by a drunken Japanese musician so people would notice his work.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)18:03 No.2059332
There do exist .swf decompilers; that's probably where you'd want to start if you planned on reverse engineering the system.

(Or you can just rip the vector art with a different program and then make your own; you only really need the general body form.)
>> Edward !F8wHraWURw 06/22/08(Sun)18:05 No.2059357
Or, really, someone could just start from scratch and we could make a /tg/ character creator.

Races and items and such could be suggested by the board, someone could draw it up, and someone could program it like a dress up game. Dress ups aren't that hard, I made one back when I could draw and had flash.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:03 No.2059796
     File :1214175810.png-(16 KB, 274x387, silviad.png)
16 KB
Little nearsighted mage girl who loves nuking things with ice spells. Also a historian.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:14 No.2059863
     File :1214176470.jpg-(59 KB, 300x756, myplayers.jpg)
59 KB
Thankfully I'm exagerating here. In the case of the lowermost, I'm exagerating his willingness to participate in conversation.

For those incapable of reading the filename, these are my players.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:14 No.2059865
     File :1214176483.png-(20 KB, 237x342, celfin.png)
20 KB
Hopelessly insane and very short healer girl.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:30 No.2059966
This is the best thread ever.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:35 No.2060001
     File :1214177719.png-(28 KB, 342x360, Picture 1.png)
28 KB
Eladrin rogue
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:38 No.2060026
In before catachan barking toad!
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)19:42 No.2060059
     File :1214178170.jpg-(24 KB, 562x733, Ribbi-OH SHIT.jpg)
24 KB
Ribbi-OH SHIT!
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)20:09 No.2060285
     File :1214179774.png-(30 KB, 508x323, wwwizzardd.png)
30 KB
Wizard with multiple personality disorder. Unintentionally casts polymorph spell when personalities switch.
Wonders who keeps writing in his/her spellbook, and spends his/her money.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)20:22 No.2060378
     File :1214180537.png-(14 KB, 251x336, lissianna.png)
14 KB
Incredibly angry and impossibly bitchy ex-tout/ex-doctor who was plucked out of Sigil and tossed in a dungeon crawl.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)20:41 No.2060497
Okay, I've been contributing to this thread before it seriously took off. With that said...

Who the fuck archived this?
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)20:42 No.2060508
Unfortunately I could not make Cata-chan using this
>> Inquisitor Angricus !IT5VxStGLw 06/22/08(Sun)21:41 No.2060897
     File :1214185265.png-(16 KB, 310x341, Starpact.png)
16 KB
Star pact warlock. Obsessed with power, evil, and a little poor, but he's got a high charisma so it's A-Ok!
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:05 No.2061039
     File :1214186753.png-(18 KB, 297x380, FIST OF THE MOTHERFUCKIN NORTH(...).png)
18 KB
Unarmed Swordsage/lame monk (Fuck you 4e!). As long as he's fighting something, he's perfectly fine, EVEN WHEN SUCKED INTO ANOTHER REALM TO KILL A GOD FETUS. Ironically, almost never hits anything either. Probably going to fall asleep in the near future and wake up to find everyone gone, and then just wander around for a while before somehow stumbling back on them and resuming complaining about having nothing to PAUNCH.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:09 No.2061053
Walfas is the name of the site, not the person.

His/her name is "KirbyM".
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:35 No.2061183
I'm aware that Walfas posts as KirbyM, but insist on calling Walfas Walfas anyway. It is easier, funnier, and does not include names of unrelated videogame characters.
>> Fexy !Efchz00JLk 06/22/08(Sun)22:45 No.2061234
     File :1214189130.jpg-(26 KB, 1024x768, Ivy..jpg)
26 KB
Remember to get payment from the air for your massages.

Here's Ivy, the Elf Paladin of Bahamut. She's none too pleased to be betrayed by their employer who brought back the Atropal from the belly of our Tiefling Rogue.
>> Anonymous 06/22/08(Sun)22:58 No.2061352
Funny that you're using the only male clothes in Walfas for her.
>> Alphonsus of the Anarchic Circle !NgIKp2Yfl6 06/22/08(Sun)22:58 No.2061354
     File :1214189919.jpg-(42 KB, 1280x800, Untitled.jpg)
42 KB
1st level rogue, using a sickle in place of a main-hand dagger and keeping daggers in the other hand to throw.
>> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 06/22/08(Sun)23:05 No.2061406
     File :1214190301.jpg-(18 KB, 332x405, kyonko-Touhou.jpg)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)03:12 No.2063079
OKay this thread needs a bump!
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:34 No.2063544
     File :1214210075.png-(25 KB, 475x483, Yubel.png)
25 KB
Yuribel "Yubel" No'on. A rather happy and easy going half-elf star pact warlock. Female, but highly androgynous. The shorthand of her given name, of which she prefers to call herself, tends to only enforce confusion in regards to her gender, not that she's adamant in her squelching of such. Also rather lecherous and/or, contrary to the word play in her given name, mildly perverse in a completely heterosexual sort of way. Smiles a lot and frequently spouts off random creepy sentences. Likes halflings (i.e. little boys).

The first and only session thus far pretty much consisted of her staring at the halfling in the party all the while giving him a very wide smile. Like, freakishly wide; a normal person would quickly feel pain in either of their cheeks from such a strenuous smile, and yet she somehow seems to be able to wear it hours at a time. Otherwise, the character scared the shit out of everyone, including the players. It helps that I spent a couple of hours searching for creepy one-liner for her to say a day before the game started.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:35 No.2063547
     File :1214210124.png-(37 KB, 461x390, seph.png)
37 KB
bishieroth, my...uh...CUSTOM CLASS ONE-WINGED ANGEL

so kawaii
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:36 No.2063551
i see two wings
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:37 No.2063563
I want to sex this character right now.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:41 No.2063581
thats why its custom.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)04:57 No.2063673
lol. My DM seems to like her a lot, too, 'though probably for completely different reasons. He told me that one of the players (I'm assuming the player of the halfling, but he wouldn't say) asked him to ask me to create a new character, at which we both sort of laughed. Of course, this only made me want to stick with the character even more.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)08:30 No.2064655
     File :1214224223.png-(18 KB, 263x372, FIST OF THE MOTHERFUCKING oh u.png)
18 KB
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)08:50 No.2064716
Why is he/she upside down?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)09:02 No.2064757
Houserule: Eladrin rogues always teleport upside-down before BACKSTABBAN
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)09:12 No.2064788
What was the line?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)09:56 No.2064898
     File :1214229412.jpg-(121 KB, 640x480, Dickswithtimemachines.jpg)
121 KB
From a Mage game that I recently finished at uni. Actual dialogue between my anachronistic English gent and another PC who was a young blind girl.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)09:59 No.2064912
I lol'd.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:03 No.2064931
Why is he saying both lines? You can rotate/flip the speech bubble.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:06 No.2064946
Because he's meant to be saying both lines, clearly.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:10 No.2064955
     File :1214230200.png-(32 KB, 474x376, Picture 1.png)
32 KB
Friendly half-elf star pact warlock!
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:12 No.2064963
Gee, it sure is warlock around here...
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:13 No.2064964
It is a sad day on /tg/

we have fully accepted touhou into our fold.

Burn in hell pedos.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:14 No.2064969

/tg/ has accepted Touhou for months.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:19 No.2064986
     File :1214230769.jpg-(52 KB, 400x400, varn.jpg)
52 KB
My Dark Heresy character, Tech Priest Asinovus Varn.
>> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/23/08(Mon)10:19 No.2064989
     File :1214230793.jpg-(255 KB, 1055x1500, 1213779608722.jpg)
255 KB
This healthy Touhou disagrees with you.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:23 No.2065007
healthy = code for fat
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:24 No.2065014
Oh ho, why not sage every poster on 4chan?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:43 No.2065093

Upon further thought, I realized that what Yubel needed, more than anything, through season three was a nice lawful hot dicking.

The halfling should get on it.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:45 No.2065104
Deja vu?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:45 No.2065105
Actually I automatically put sage in my email field
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)10:45 No.2065107
>> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/23/08(Mon)10:45 No.2065110
My fault. Thought that the file didn't upload due to a random 'MYSQL' error.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:03 No.2065204
     File :1214233390.jpg-(208 KB, 1000x600, darkheresytou.jpg)
208 KB
From left to right: -

Our psyker who, on the second session, sold his soul to Tzeentch. He's still a far too trusting and well-meaning guy, and occaisonally pops in to see how we're doing. It's just that he's been getting a little weird now that his corruption points are stacking up...

I suspect that he will end up as the vessel for the Lord of Change that will be TPKing us. Both GM and former PC assert that this is not just as planned.

Aisha, our assassin. She has finally accepted advanced weapons into her life after attempting to hit an armoured dog-xeno-thing with a regular sword.

In the center, Tech Priest Varn. He's a Mechanicus fanatic who desperately wants to avoid corruption and insanity, and will rat out any party member he suspects of treachery, which is almost everyone. Amusingly he actually helped the Adeptus Mechanicus smuggle in a half-dead ripper to a research lab on a forge world.

Then there's Sister Tech Priest Haxtor Hax, and a priest whose name I can never remember. I just call him Angry Priest. Angry Priest is a large robed cleric from a feral world who has far too much fascination with Chaos for most of the party's comfort.

Hax is a stalwart techpriest with a boltpistol and a hidden compartment. Nobody wants to mess with Hax.

At the top right is Hale, a mysterious Scum from another Inquisitor's warband. Unfortunately, he was infected by Tyranid genes and is now constantly trying to mate with everyone.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:05 No.2065216
sage for touhou cancer
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:08 No.2065229
>>2065204 he was infected by Tyranid genes and is now constantly trying to mate with everyone.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:13 No.2065259
What? It's a guy mesmerized and infected by a genestealer. It wasn't part of the characters background, it was a Tyranid loose in a crashed ship. Turned out it was the reason why the ship crashed.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:15 No.2065273
I admit that if it was a character concept it would have been faggotry on an extreme level. In actual fact I kind of feel sorry for the player that his second character was infected by hybrid genes right after his psyker character gets corrupted.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:15 No.2065276
No anon, you are the cancer
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:24 No.2065322
     File :1214234662.jpg-(68 KB, 300x400, ohno.jpg)
68 KB
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:25 No.2065328
and then anon was from /b/
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:30 No.2065357
Too much cancerfags complaining at the moment. Post some more touhou
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:36 No.2065382
To be fair, they only make up a small percentage of the characters here.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:36 No.2065385
get back to /jp/
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:38 No.2065399
>Tyranid genes
>constantly trying to mate with everyone
If you can't see what's wrong. You need to read more Tyranid fluff.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:52 No.2065449
     File :1214236338.png-(19 KB, 341x376, danieltouhou.png)
19 KB

We should be friends!

General wilderness survival expert/guerrilla fighter
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)11:57 No.2065467
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:04 No.2065489
fighting the weeaboo touhou pedos
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:06 No.2065495

Well, arn't you two gigantic faggots.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:07 No.2065498
better then a pedo
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:10 No.2065507

Oh wow. Your sage.

It matters so much, and works so well.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:13 No.2065516
It is better to fight to no effect then to sit back and let this filth spread unchecked.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:15 No.2065523

Posting a sagepost 12 minutes after the last touhou picture is not "Fighting". It's being a retard.

You don't think things through very much, do you?
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:17 No.2065533
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:17 No.2065536
Neither is above 18
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:21 No.2065554
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:25 No.2065574
     File :1214238322.png-(54 KB, 501x568, LucaTouhou.png)
54 KB
Minotaur maul fighter/paladin, trying to get into the Champion of Order PP.

You're only advancing the sagefag's goals by pushing this thread closer to autosage, you know.
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)12:28 No.2065589
shhh don't tell him my tactics
>> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)13:18 No.2065879
You the same guy as the OP of >>2065086?