File :1212388841.jpg-(67 KB, 500x500, 1203493998639.jpg)
67 KB Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:40 No.1882194  
the entire 40k universe is actually nothing more then a really long realistic tabletop game and all the gods are the players of their respective races/armies.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:41 No.1882207
That doesn't explain Tau.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:42 No.1882213
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:43 No.1882217
The tau player is taking a long bathroom break. Everybody has agreed to not fuck his shit up while he gone.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:43 No.1882218
     File :1212388987.jpg-(88 KB, 366x199, rout.jpg)
88 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:53 No.1882304
Gork and Mork are two soccer fan brothers who root for separate teams. They'll fight eachother at the drop of a hat, and fight someone else together at the drop of a different hat. Just don't drop any hats if you're near them.

The Necron player is a really quiet and creepy sci-fi nerd. He spends a lot of time on Transhumanist message boards.

The Eldar player is a Tolkien geek, and wanted to make his favorite race in a sci-fi setting. His little brother insisted on helping though, so they have guns that shoot ninja stars, and one of them has a set of guns on his face.

The Tau player is the Eldar player's little brother after he's finally grown up a bit. He's still irritating, and he's still on his anime kick.

The Dark Eldar player is the Eldar Player's arch nemesis. Mostly he just a jackass, and he knows the Eldar player is a pushover who wouldn't stop him from basically stealing his idea and raping it.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)02:58 No.1882325
The Emperor was actually a really awesome guy who came up with the game, the rules, and he took all of the other player's stories and wove an awesome universe out of it. Tragically, he got in a car accident and has been in a coma.

His oldest son had read Starship Troopers, and he liked the idea of power armored knights. He's the Space Marine player.

His youngest son wasn't too creative and didn't want to make up a lot of new stuff, so he just bought some green army men and made the imperial guard. His dad helped him actually fit them into the universe properly.

His daughter doesn't think much of the church, and decided to make a parody of the inquisition. Also, since the rest of the game is a bit of a sausagefest, she made her army all female. The Sisters of battle player is also a bit of a pyro.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:01 No.1882340
     File :1212390107.png-(49 KB, 742x742, 1198763835015.png)
49 KB
>>1882325The Emperor was actually a really awesome guy who came up with the game, the rules, and he took all of the other player's stories and wove an awesome universe out of it. Tragically, he got in a car accident and has been in a coma.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:07 No.1882371
The chaos gods are all The Emperor's old friends.

Nurgle is a true Neckbeard, and a bit of a slob. He's also incredibly friendly, and the Imperial Kids think of him as almost an uncle.

Slaanesh is actually a rather bookish looking woman, but she has a list of fetishes as long as both of your arms. Most of the time she's quiet and reserved, but when she gets in one of her costumes, it's probably best to leave the kids at home.

Khorne is a jock who doesn't really get what all this faggy storytelling is about, so he decided to keep things simple. Beer for the beer god, chips for the chip dip. He might not be too bright, but he's also insanely dependable. He will drive through a blizard and fight through a mob of people just because he said he'd be somewhere.

Tzeench is possibly the smartest of the bunch. If he directed his inteligence towards anything other than tiny soldier fightan games, he'd run everything. Instead, he just smiles, adjusts his glasses and mutters "Just as planned".
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:10 No.1882379
>Beer for the beer god, chips for the chip dip.

New worshiper of Khorne motto.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:10 No.1882387
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:16 No.1882412
This is great.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:16 No.1882413
And the tyranids player would be...
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:17 No.1882419
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:17 No.1882420

You now that guy who you invite over and just won't stay the fuck out of your fridge? That's the Tyranid Player.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:18 No.1882424
A Korean
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:21 No.1882449
Submitted to archive.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:21 No.1882450
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:24 No.1882460
Fuck, I knew I was forgetting someone.

The Tyranid player, oddly enough, is an exterminator by trade. When he tried to think of the most dangerous thing he could think of, he imagined an endless tide of gigantic bugs. Go figure. The Space Marine player worked for him for a few summers, and when they shared their interest in wargames, the Tyranid player was invited to join in.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:24 No.1882461
this aint that good
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:25 No.1882470
needs draw or write-faggotry to be archive worthy
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:28 No.1882485
my thoughts exactly
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:30 No.1882495
The Squats player wasn't one of the Imperial Kids, but he wanted to try and fit in with them. He made up some Space Dwarves (Gork, Mork and the Eldar Player can do it, so he can too) and wrote them in as the stout defenders of the imperium. He was a bit too silly though, and he never quite fit in. Eventually it just got too awkward and he sort of just left quietly. The group doesn't talk much about him anymore...
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:37 No.1882523
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:40 No.1882541
The "Stagnation of the fluff" in the 40k universe is really the uncomfortable hesitation of the group from moving much further from where The Emperor left them. They don't want to stop playing his game, but they also don't want to change it too much. The inclusion of the newest players, the Tau and Necron guys, represents a hesitant step. The Chaos Gods are, oddly enough, holding the whole group together. Nurgle keeps everyone happy with his jolly diplomacy. Khorne makes sure everyone shows up for game days, driving out and throwing them into his truck if he has to get them there. Tzeench is making sure the rules keep improving and that the backstory fits together right (although all the players keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't slip up and give himselve a huge advantage). And everyone is terrified of Slaanesh, either for the riding crop or whip she carries with her at all times, or for the embarrassing photographs she might happen to have lying around.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:44 No.1882561
Fukkin Saved
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:44 No.1882563

I liek it.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:45 No.1882565
WH40K is actually the Games of Divinity played by the Celestials in Exalted.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:49 No.1882582
The Imperial Kids have been holding up well since their dad's accident. They've grown up a bit too since the game started. The Space Marine player isn't really a 'kid' anymore, and his responsibilities have toughened him up and made him a lot more serious from back when he would name his characters after pop stars, but the fact that his favorite chapter is still the Ultramarine Ultramarines from Ultramar is a sign that he hasn't lost that sparkle.

The Imperial Guard kid is still a kid, but now he fully realizes how much fun he can have with this awesome toy his dad left him.

The Sister of Battle hasn't been that involved with the game, but she does have fun when she plays. She uses it to relive some of the frustration your average angsty teenage girl builds up on a daily basis. Just look at the penitent engines and arco-flagelents. If you look at the models, you can recognize a bit of a few of her ex-boyfriends.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)03:53 No.1882602
By the Creator's stone....

This is the most wonderful thread I have ever seen this board produce.

The grand question is: Who among us shall be the ones to truly honor this concept, and make a webcomic? The amount of material here is enough for a full crew of likable, human characters, but each reflects the essence of their army.

Could... Could you do it /tg/? could you take this epic, and turn it into something epic enough for the Emperor?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:54 No.1882613

>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:55 No.1882619

Nay, we are but men!
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:55 No.1882623
     File :1212393350.jpg-(32 KB, 500x500, 1209586507177.jpg)
32 KB

im for it, as long as it doesnt suck
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:57 No.1882631
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:58 No.1882635
     File :1212393494.jpg-(23 KB, 386x279, 1208936806094.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:59 No.1882643
Slaanesh is actually a rather bookish looking woman, but she has a list of fetishes as long as both of your arms. Most of the time she's quiet and reserved, but when she gets in one of her costumes, it's probably best to leave the kids at home.

>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)03:59 No.1882647
fuck it, I saw we do the webcomic, there must be a drawfag out there who can draw for us, then just use the board for insperation and for storylines
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:03 No.1882673
How can penitent engine be a boyfrend?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:04 No.1882674
no, this is a brilliant idea. I'd love it
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:04 No.1882677
The kid who plays the Daemonhunters is a old friend of the group that like the daughter doesn't play as much, but does when he can. He had a very religious upbringing, and his parents are fundamentalists that aren't aware he plays. Despite his parents and childhood, he himself is actually very nonreligious and used his childhood as inspiration for the army.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:05 No.1882682

Thick, by the rules brick of meat who just does what he's told. 300 pounds of muscle.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:07 No.1882691
Well, the concept is there. I think I am going to sit down and write up full character biographies. For the Chaos Gods, I believe they should use their god names, only fitting. But what about the others? Do they get real names, or go by their army names? Maybe use names from the fluff, or just say screw it and use a normal name?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:07 No.1882692
The Eldar player and Slaanesh actually hooked up at one point. It didn't work out, but he was still pretty hurt when she hooked up with his rival the next day. That was also when his rival learned about this game. The Eldar player has never really forgiven her for that.

The Dark Eldar player and Slaanesh have been more or less an item for a while, although mostly because DE likes the fact that it pisses off the Eldar player, and Slaanesh doesn't feel bad about unleashing some of her more unplesant fetishes on the jackass.

The Tau player is terribly naive. The Chaos players have managed to 'corrupt' every other player at least a little bit in some way, but as a running joke the Tau player just seems to not get it. He also thinks that everyone can team up with his guys, and doesn't really understand that they are all supposed to be at war with each other.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)04:14 No.1882737
This is fucking awesome and the webcomic idea is awesome.

You should feel awesome.
>> God !jKivQN915w 06/02/08(Mon)04:14 No.1882749
This just makes everything so much better.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:15 No.1882753

Tau player needs to have a mean streak, and a real hatred for the Gork and Mork, going so far as to play games against them and them alone all the time.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:15 No.1882756
Gork and Mork have a mixed relationship with everyone. Khorne and the Tyranid Player seem to have a similar wavelength, but the Ork Brothers are a bit much even for those two. Mostly they drop in uninvited at inconvenient times and wind up having a great time no matter where they are. A lot of the time the other players wind up having fun too (Even if they weren't expecting to), but other times they just think it is a huge pain. It's hit or miss, but somehow the Ork's never seem to cross the line far enough to alienate themselves.
>> Dawgas !P6pMZ.8ybs 06/02/08(Mon)04:16 No.1882761
This actually makes sense

A++, would archive again
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:18 No.1882772
Well, the Orks haven't alienated themselves to anyone except the Tau player. Since he doesn't quite get a lot of things, he also doens't quite get that the Orks mean well by their rampages and rampant good times. But instead of not playing with them, he's just constantly challenging them to games to try and get back at them. Gork and Mork think it's funny, so they humor him, and secretly hope that eventually he'll understand they're just avin' a good time.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:23 No.1882804

Tau player must also be a serious neat freak. Ork boyz show up, and half the beer cans miss the recycle bin, and he finds cheetos in every possible crevice possible.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:25 No.1882816
>and he finds cheetos in every possible crevice possible.
>cheetos in every possible crevice possible.
>possible crevice possible.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:26 No.1882820
The Necron player is the quiet type, until you get him talking about robots and how the evolution of man is destined to become entwined with machines. He doesn't really add much in the way of storytelling, but he also has never missed a game since he started playing. He's just... always there.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:28 No.1882831
     File :1212395313.gif-(8 KB, 184x185, facefacefgcae.gif)
8 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:28 No.1882834
The sisters of battle player and the Daemonhunters player both are close friends that would like to become closer. However they both have a paranoid suspicion that the other is dating someone else and thus never pursue a intament relationship.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:29 No.1882836
People will start up games with him just to avoid the awkward silence.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:30 No.1882846
Big robot piloted by nun CAN'T be your boyfrend!
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:32 No.1882850
No no no

If you look at the people who are strapped into the penitent engine, you see the tortured bodies and faces of her ex boyfriends. The Arco-flagellants are a similar thing.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:33 No.1882855
Damnit, nevermind, i think I had the wrong idea about wtf a penitent engine was. Whoops.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:37 No.1882874
     File :1212395877.jpg-(416 KB, 1280x1024, 943419_20071025_screen006.jpg)
416 KB
Would you be my girl?
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)04:38 No.1882877
Names, people, we need names for these guys.

Ork Players: Pat and Matt? it needs to rhyme

Space Marine kid: Caesar

Sister of battle: Sarah? something reserved or humble

Impy kid, Alex maybe

Khorne: Bob. He's simple, give him a simple name

Nurgle: Charles/Chuck?

Slaanesh: idk about her

Tzeentch: Dexter

Eldar: an androgynous name, like Ashley or something liek that.

DE: idk

Tau: idk

Tyranids: idk

Necrons: idk

who did I forget?
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:41 No.1882885
Tyranid player is a very lean guy, always with a nervous energy, and seems to be able to consume entire extra large pizzas and not end up like Nurgle. Loves everything xenomorph like, and has forced everyone to watch the good Alien movies, as in one and two and three, more times then they would like to count. Also has a large array of pet bugs, ranging from mantis to scorpions, to a massive colony of some really mean ants.

And I think he should be an entomologist instead of an exterminator. Someone who goes to college for a master's in studying bugs would be perfect. Reason why the 'Nids have so many different kinds of bioweapons and unit combinations, he just used already existing creatures as templates.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:41 No.1882889
Wait, I've got it. The repentia and the pilots of the penitent engines are based off of girls she dislikes.

The Arco-flagellants are based off of ex-boyfriends.

The Callidius Assasin is her idealized overpowered self-insertion character.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:42 No.1882892
Necrons: Mortimer
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:42 No.1882897
I am sure a male could get strapped to a penitent engine... Unless the fluff strictly forbids it or something....
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:43 No.1882900
     File :1212396190.jpg-(51 KB, 460x300, billandted.jpg)
51 KB
Ork Players: Bill and Ted
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)04:43 No.1882901
I don't think a person who has actually studied etymology would give his stuff ORGANIC GUNS THAT HAVE ORGANIC PROTRUSIONS WHICH LOOK LIKE ORGANIC MAGAZINES.

So no, I disagree.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:44 No.1882907
>Gork and Mork: Bill and Ted
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:44 No.1882911
Yeah, I thought Entymologyst at first too, but then i thought no self respecting bug researcher is going to come up with this shit.

Therefore? An Exterminators Nightmare Fuel turned into tiny plastic models.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:46 No.1882916
Also the idea of having the Space Marine player working with the exterminator as a summer job ties in with the Space Marines clearing out space hulks and such of Tyranid Infestations
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:47 No.1882919
So, how would look Chaos Undecided guy?
>> Dawgas !P6pMZ.8ybs 06/02/08(Mon)04:48 No.1882923

And this is why I still have hope for 4chan to NOT BE CANCER
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:49 No.1882926

The 4 chaos players (and the Emp) had an orgy, and slaanesh got pregnant but they don't know whose kid it is.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:50 No.1882930
     File :1212396611.jpg-(138 KB, 600x492, wh40k.jpg)
138 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:50 No.1882931
There was a competition on the radio a few weeks back to win some random compilation CD or something. the question was "Which band featured Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan?"

Noone got it right. ;_;
>> Dawgas !P6pMZ.8ybs 06/02/08(Mon)04:51 No.1882934
no, Chaos Undivided is just a /b/tard of some kind, fuck
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)04:51 No.1882935

>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:51 No.1882936

Khorne: I say Earl. Bob is a good name, but over used. Haven't seen anyone use Earl in a while, and it does have a hint of redneck in it.

Slaanesh: Gonna have to use the name of a gal I know. Dahnel. Totally the book worm type, she goes to college because it is fun and she loves to learn. Come night fall, she is deciding which handcuffs she wants to wear, and if it should be leather, or chainmail for her collar.

Tyranid: Joe. But the Gods I say Joe. It's the name of my biology professor, who is a field entomologist when not teaching. Plus, he plays Nids!

Tau: Hoshi. Make 'em an actual Japanese for sake of storyline, and so we don't have a weeaboo in the comic. Seriously. No.

DE: Jeff. just one of those names that belongs to a douchebag, Jeff

Necron: Aaron, but he does by the nickname Grid, short for Gridlinked, after a book he read and loved. (PS, read Gridlinked)
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:52 No.1882938
Chaos Undecided is the fictional character the Chaos Players made up to blame things on when they decide to work together on something. Since most of the time they are either genuinely disagreeing on something, or simply taking different sides to avoid overwhelming the other players, Chaos Undecided is this mysterious figure who has grown to be an in-joke. in order to make sure he remains an in-joke, they also came up with Failbadon, the in-game avatar of Chaos Undecided.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:52 No.1882939

That's some sad shit.
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)04:52 No.1882945
This entire thread is a well spring of the pure essence of /tg/, made manifest. I salute you, OP, and all involved fa/tg/uys.

Make this webcomic. The Emperor needs to have been a bit of a dick to his oldest child when he was still up and kicking, always telling him that he has a lot to live up to and that if he keeps going the way he is he'll never live up to his potential.


>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)04:53 No.1882946

I assumed these people were Brits.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:55 No.1882952
Op here, what have I created?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:56 No.1882956
This is not good. A couple of the names seem to fit, like Caesar and maybe Sarah, but the characters need more connection to their respective races than that. Unless their names are like Caesar Astartes or something, but that's borderline ridiculous.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:56 No.1882957

Multi-cultural, for extra fan basis?

Ah dun know, just thinking of names.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:57 No.1882961
Only the most awesome thing ever.

You win the Game OP.

Feel good about yourself why dontcha?
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)04:58 No.1882965

A beautiful monstrosity. Be happy. It may just bring joy to people. What more could you ask for?
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)04:59 No.1882969
The Emp was a British guy, but he moved to Canada?/America? And all the players are what?/doesn't matter
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)04:59 No.1882972
Not the OP, but I did do a shitton of writing. First time I really did any major writing for /tg/, it's been fun. Totally worth staying up till 5AM.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:00 No.1882976
will the archive thing at suptg update? Because I want the entire thread to be seen.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:00 No.1882978

I think the Tau should have some kind off russian sounding name (yeah I know, obvious and cliche), but it just fits the communist vibe.
Or maybe he's north korean, fled to wherever the group is, with is family.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:00 No.1882979
I've long wanted to play an insane character in a tabletop RPG who believed the whole world was just a game that unknown beings played. He would even have come up with a ruleset and stats (using a totally different system to the actual game).
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:01 No.1882983
It's updated at least once since it was submitted, I think it may update again.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:01 No.1882985
yuri. It's Russian and Japanese. Fits the asian and the commie.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:01 No.1882989
thank you
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:03 No.1882995
We need to add more detail to Spehs Muhrens guy.
Different chapters - different feeling.
I suggest 3 types:
1. Canonical Smurf/Blood-Dark Angels/ etc player. - SM kid.
2. Wolfspace Wolfmarines Wolfplayer - Wolfgang.
3. Angry Marines (and other kustum funny chapters) - fa/tg/uy aka permanent nerdrage.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:03 No.1882996
Remember, the Tau player is the little brother of the Eldar player. He is enthusastic, naive and he believes in robots, railguns and the power of friendship.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)05:04 No.1882998

>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:05 No.1883004
Fits right on the spot.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:05 No.1883007
The Space Marine Player was one of the more popular kids at his highschool, and is one of the more popular students at his college. He has a ton of friends, several of which have joined in on the game as the various other major chapters.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)05:10 No.1883024

I take it the various Chaos Factions can be the Chaos God's nieces and nephews? Of course none of them would have kids, for various reason, except maybe Khrone. (Nurgle, can't get any, Slaanesh, ruins all the fun, Tze, can't plan how a baby will act)
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:14 No.1883032
The Chaos Faction kids (could be cousins, too) used to hang out with SM kid and his friends, but as they got older, they grew apart, and now they only ever seem to argue.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:14 No.1883033
To avoid having character bloat, and to make things simple, each faction should only have one player. However, the Space Marine player may have based a bunch of his chapters and characters on his school friends.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:15 No.1883037
Oh, well disregard >>1883032, then.
I suck cocks.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:17 No.1883044
Also Ork guys are very helpful when something needs to be repaired.
They can fix your broken ipod vith screw and hammer. It will work but it will look like junk.
Okr guys drive old car thal lost its original look by countless repairs and modifdications.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:17 No.1883048
     File :1212398259.jpg-(233 KB, 824x676, theemperorschildren.jpg)
233 KB
crooolin in mai skiiin
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:18 No.1883050
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:19 No.1883056
so are they mexican or middle eastern?
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)05:20 No.1883058
     File :1212398415.jpg-(8 KB, 250x251, ;cry.jpg)
8 KB
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)05:21 No.1883061

If you go that way, you may as well have a different SM kid for every chapter. Stick with the phases of their life. For example, SM kid went emo for a while - Night Lords/Raven guard.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)05:23 No.1883069
Daemonhunter kid is named Thomas (after tomas torquemada)
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)05:23 No.1883073

Gork: Avid American Football fan. Owner of "Red Goes Faster" Paint and Body shop.
Mork: Avid Soccer player, also owns and operates "Choppa Forges" a blacksmithing business that makes everything from forks to yard posts to custom designed axes and swords. Also tinkers with electronics, and can do what >>1883044 mentioned.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:23 No.1883074
Hey hey hey calm down, I already corrected myself here:
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:23 No.1883075
Perhaps "Back In The Day", there was one other of their group. The Emperor's best friend. He helped make the game, and thought he deserved a lot more credit than he got. But when he got drunk and got behind the wheel, the Chaos Players felt responsible. The only one who didn't attend Horus's funeral was The Emperor, as the doctors were still trying to save his life at the time.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:24 No.1883077
Er, change Horus to Horace.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:25 No.1883079


>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:26 No.1883081
Right before the accident, the Emperor and Horus got into an argument (which is why he got drunk), and the Chaos kids didn't do anything to stop him.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:26 No.1883084
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)05:27 No.1883086
Shouldnt the Sisters player be younger than the Impy player; Since the sisters were formed long after the Heresy?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:29 No.1883097
She isn't younger, she just started playing later. She started playing the game her dad made and her brothers were so crazy about when she needed to get her mind off whatever had her depressed at the moment. It also helped her feel closer to her dad.
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)05:29 No.1883098
>>The only one who didn't attend Horus's funeral was The Emperor, as the doctors were still trying to save his life at the time.

You, dear Anon, made me shed a single manly tear.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:30 No.1883102
And what about story with SoB girl wanted to be Emp's bride?
I think things worked out somehow.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:33 No.1883110
get out you incest freak.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)05:33 No.1883113
     File :1212399239.jpg-(16 KB, 275x219, Tear.jpg)
16 KB

Excuse me, I... I need to go find the soldering iron, I appear to be leaking.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:34 No.1883115
how about we change that so it has to do with something about their mother.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)05:36 No.1883121

Yeah, who was their mother?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:36 No.1883124
Ages as of now
Chaos,tyranids- 30/40 range
IG- starting high school
rest are in their 20's, college years
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:38 No.1883131
I was going to leave her as the un-mentioned second parent. Perhaps she is just a supportive background character who never got involved with her husband's hobby.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:39 No.1883135
No one. She serves cookies?Never plays. Is usually at the hospital talking to Emp, hoping to one day get a reaction from him. Recently she noticed something might be wrong with his life-support equipment.
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)05:41 No.1883141
No mother.

The kids were adopted. Saved, one might say, from an orphanage.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:41 No.1883142
Could be the daughter inherited the SoB.... From the mother who stopped playing the game because she was too distraught over her husband's accident, maybe?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:41 No.1883143





>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:41 No.1883144
Me. Writing that I suddenly thought...Legio Custodes
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:42 No.1883149
Sister of silence, (i.e. deaf/mute)?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:42 No.1883150
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)05:42 No.1883151

She is the Admech? While not much for fixing cars, you give her any sort of house hold problem, from a water boiler to an air conditioner, to the laptop, she can fix it. Problem is, she has so many things to do, and only so little time.

She gets honorable mention, but not much more.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:42 No.1883152
That is gay. I want Emp to be biological dad.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:43 No.1883155
He adopts everyone except the SPESS MAHREEN kid.

Happy now, faggot?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:44 No.1883158

Nurgle: 38
The Emperor: 40
Khorne: 35
Tzeench: 34
Slaneesh: 29
Eldar: 25
Dark Eldar: 25
Tau: 14
Space Marines: 22
Sisters of Battle: 17
Daemon Hunters: 17
Imperial Guard: 14
Necron: 27

Sound good-ish?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:45 No.1883162
     File :1212399928.jpg-(192 KB, 1097x832, wh40k2.jpg)
192 KB
oh shi-!
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:45 No.1883165
Im thinking admech is what Ig made up for his civilization. Remember its a very detailed game they are playing. Almost everything that belongs to one race falls under the jurisdiction of that player. With a freexceptions like Sm and SOB.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)05:46 No.1883166
The Gray Knights can be the Witch Hunters zealot parents, who hate everything that the Chaos players are teaching. Could be a good story arc.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:47 No.1883174
Agree. No need to add something that may never come up like if they were adopted or not
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:47 No.1883178
Maybe Nurgle's a bit too young, I mean he is "GRANDfather Nurgle", right? Maybe 60?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:48 No.1883180
Oh shit, now I'm imagining Gork and Mork as PUNX who work as mechanics for fun and profit. Also possibly bikers.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:48 No.1883182
I approve.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:50 No.1883189
My vote is that the mother is left in the background, raising the kids as best she can, visiting The Emperor in the hospital, and basically serving as the metaphor for the Empire trying to run without it's Emperor. The kids are all their biological children, unless we want to add in drama and have one of them be the adopted child from when Slaneesh had a kid, which could actually be pretty interesting.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:50 No.1883193
Well if we want to be 100% AKKORATE, Tzeetch is the oldest, but was born a retard and only wised up later.
Khorne was the first sentient one.
So Tzeetch - Khorne - Nurgle - Emperor - Slaanesh
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:50 No.1883194
And the Necron player as a morbid artist type. Shaved head, black-rimmed glasses, skinny. Always quietly sipping coffee while staring out a window. Takes pleasant strolls through cemeteries.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)05:51 No.1883195
Isn't Slaanesh still older than the emp?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:51 No.1883197
Not every single table top army can have a player. Grey knights could be inspired by DH grandparents or something but he plays the.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:52 No.1883200
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:53 No.1883201
Nurgle is the oldest of the Chaos Players, and the others jokingly refer to him as Grandfather because of it.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:53 No.1883202
It has been established he is a skinny robot loving geek. Try to read the rest of the thread.
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)05:53 No.1883204

But it adds an extra out-of-game potential arc, with the SM kid having to take responsibility for the family and taking care of IG kid and SoB girl - as well as his growing disdain for the Chaos players, blaming them for his fathers current condition.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:54 No.1883205

if my fluff memory serves me the emperor was born around 10k bc? and hung around like a giant emo watching the human race grow, wheras the fall of the eldar was what allowed humanity to spread out in the first place, by dissapating all the warp storms. also, slaanesh, once born, always existed. logic =/= chaos
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:54 No.1883206
Everything's a bit exaggerated, though. I think 38's fine, and it'd be nice to have the Emperor be the eldest of the bunch.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:54 No.1883207
agreed. not everything in the game has to correlate exactly to the players. everyone understand what im trying to say.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:54 No.1883208
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:55 No.1883210
Tau Kid and Imp Kid should be classmates brought together by this game. Maintain an odd sort of friendship. Tau Kid kinda gets on the obnoxiously naive and nerdy side sometimes but Imp Kid is generally cool with it.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:56 No.1883215
OP here, I have to sleep. You have my blessing. Good luck with however you go abut this.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)05:59 No.1883231
You all win gentlemen and you should feel awesome about this.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)06:00 No.1883238
Nurgle: Charles "Grandfather" "Chuck"
The Emperor: ?
Khorne: Earl/Bob?
Tzeench: Dexter
Slaneesh: Alice?
Eldar: Ashley?
Dark Eldar: Jeff?
Tau: Kai
Space Marines: Caesar
Sisters of Battle: Sarah
Daemon Hunters: Thomas
Imperial Guard: Alex?
Necron: Mortimer "Mort"
Tyranids: Joe?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:00 No.1883239
IG kid could have could have fucktons of friends, but SM kid tends to joke that he and a few of his buddies could still kick the crap out of all of them.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:00 No.1883240
Ya they have a lot classes in hgihschool together,eat together during lunch. IG is cooler and brings tau kid to parties he gets invited to.
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)06:00 No.1883241
Please, as a Tau player, I beg who ever draws this, don't make the Tau a weeaboo. Make Eldar and Tau Japanese or Korean. We do not need a narutard in this.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:02 No.1883242
gork and mork umm sam and butch?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:03 No.1883249
The Tau player is not Weaboo. He believes in Robots, Railguns and The Power of Friendship. He watches saturday morning cartoons.
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)06:05 No.1883258

The Emperor is only ever refered to as Dad or Him. Always capitalised. Or, just call him John.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:06 No.1883267
     File :1212401200.jpg-(81 KB, 386x279, emperorapproves.jpg)
81 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:07 No.1883270
SM should be 24
SOB and DH 22
Necron 26
This will make them more realisticly college buddies and players in the same group
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:07 No.1883272
     File :1212401242.jpg-(217 KB, 800x600, 1199818754048.jpg)
217 KB
Dan and his friends.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:09 No.1883281
who the fuck is dan
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:10 No.1883285
old thing from /tg/'s days long past.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:10 No.1883287
On the names, Emperor should be caesar =emperor
SM would need a new name. Chris/Christopher?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:11 No.1883288
     File :1212401461.jpg-(262 KB, 908x1220, 1199999609652.jpg)
262 KB
This is game day.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:11 No.1883290
     File :1212401470.jpg-(325 KB, 1220x1120, emperor.jpg)
325 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:13 No.1883303
     File :1212401614.jpg-(162 KB, 1024x768, fly rex.jpg)
162 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:14 No.1883308
Emperor: Arthur, or is it spelled with an E?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:14 No.1883309
     File :1212401670.jpg-(230 KB, 800x800, ComDan.jpg)
230 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:15 No.1883315
     File :1212401727.jpg-(76 KB, 480x640, photo2.jpg)
76 KB
Seems people have left. I shall be sleeping then before I go. This thread is missing something..oh yes
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:15 No.1883317

group photo at Dad's last convention.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:17 No.1883324
They used to cosplay? I don't like the sound of that.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:18 No.1883329
Tau player collects weird bugs and animals, and has them as pets (Kroots and Vespid, anyone?)
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:18 No.1883333
Perhaps Dad is named Sigmund, as a play on Sigmar?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:19 No.1883338
Just don't take it too far and steal from Nid player's fun.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:20 No.1883343

>> Sintua 06/02/08(Mon)06:21 No.1883346
I agree with calling emprah "Dad".
if anyone who's not a kid refers to him, still use "Dad" like a nickname.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:21 No.1883347
what are you talking about
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:21 No.1883348

The crazy tweaker who stole some of Slaanesh's stuff.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:23 No.1883353

PROOF! I Swear I saw him! But the link! It does NOTHING now!

Mods! We thank you for watching over this thread!
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:24 No.1883357
That seems so little kid cartoonish.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:24 No.1883358
     File :1212402272.jpg-(538 KB, 700x712, 1205874592438.jpg)
538 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:25 No.1883360
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:26 No.1883369
Remember, the 'Nid player is an Exterminator who is terrified of bugs. Which is why when he wanted to make a scary army, he made an army of bugs. But remember, his bugs don't look like real bugs.

Tau player: "Hey Nid Player, I know you like bugs, check out some of my colelction!"
Nid player: "... INFESTATION! AAAAAH" *sprays insecticide everywhere*
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:27 No.1883378
     File :1212402448.png-(382 KB, 1920x1200, 1206236732292.png)
382 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:27 No.1883379
I say emperor needs name. The most common name on earth is Mohammad.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:29 No.1883383
     File :1212402583.jpg-(38 KB, 600x449, aries.jpg)
38 KB
Furries love this thread. Ya emp needs an actual name
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:30 No.1883389

And what proof do you have of this? Outside the fact that everyone should love this thread.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:32 No.1883396

I don't think so Tim.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:34 No.1883403
Mother Terra has another purpose.

The Emperor had extensive notes about his game, and he kept them in his private study. After the accident, no-one knew what they were going to do about all the secret plotlines and such that he was keeping track of. Terra offered to help. She read through all the notes, and said she would help them keep track of things, without giving any one player the upper hand of knowing what was coming next. Everyone writes their stories and hands them over to her for approval.

Her aproval process is simple. She does a little editing herself (Or a lot, in the event of the Tau Player), and then she goes to the hospital. She reads the stories to her husband. The only criteria for approval is weather or not he smiles.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:35 No.1883405
stop making me cry damnit
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:36 No.1883409
     File :1212402976.jpg-(145 KB, 917x801, wh40k3.jpg)
145 KB
A young weaboo arrives
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:36 No.1883410
     File :1212402976.jpg-(64 KB, 579x518, make bunny cry.jpg)
64 KB


>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:37 No.1883417
Wow. We turned w40k into a slice-of-life anime. And it is still win.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:38 No.1883425
The tears.... They are of pure joy for how this thread turned from a simple "What if" into this.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:39 No.1883429
     File :1212403149.png-(28 KB, 500x500, 1205468873434.png)
28 KB
>> Sintua 06/02/08(Mon)06:39 No.1883434
comas dont work that way
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:40 No.1883440
If you must stop your tears, imagine as Mother Terra reads the latest adventures of her youngest son's favorite commander. Amidst the sounds of the life support, as he lies on the hospital bed, The Emperor's otherwise expressionless face brightens up with a smile.
>> That Damn Mouse 06/02/08(Mon)06:40 No.1883442

Oh jesus christ, you made me cry. No manly tears.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:40 No.1883444
I never quite realized how emo Macha looked in that picture.
So ronery... ;_;
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:42 No.1883454
You son of a bitch...
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:42 No.1883455
Well The Emperor's coma's DO work that way.
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)06:42 No.1883464
     File :1212403378.jpg-(24 KB, 249x376, mt.jpg)
24 KB
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:45 No.1883483
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)06:50 No.1883513
Oh god damn you. Why can't you stop torturing me?
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)07:02 No.1883570
Ok, back on track people:


Nurgle: Charles "Grandfather" "Chuck"
The Emperor: Dad
Khorne: Earl
Tzeench: Dexter
Slaneesh: Alice
Eldar: Ashley
Dark Eldar: Jeff
Tau: Kai
Space Marines: Caesar
Sisters of Battle: Sarah
Daemon Hunters: Thomas
Imperial Guard: Alex
Necron: Mortimer "Mort"
Tyranids: Joe
Gork and Mork: Bill and Ted? (joke?)

Is this what we're going with?
>> Yotian 34 06/02/08(Mon)07:03 No.1883583

I approve of this.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)07:04 No.1883585
>Eldar: Ashley

Wait, isn't there something more androgynous than "Ashley"?
>> The God-Emperor of Mankind !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 06/02/08(Mon)07:05 No.1883593
It was the most androgynous name I could think of but throw some out.
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)07:08 No.1883603
     File :1212404905.jpg-(102 KB, 917x607, wh40k4.jpg)
102 KB
Phil the OM NOM NOM Exterminator
>> Anonymous 06/02/08(Mon)07:10 No.1883615
Please, please let today be the day. She hopes this against all hope. She walk to her usual spot and sits on the chair. The nurse walks out, as she always does when the woman comes to visit. The woman scooches her chair closer. Not a sound is made as there are groves in the tile from this action being repeated so many times over the years.
“Please, Kris, please wake up.” She whispers in his ears. Her eyes begin to water. Even after all this time it isn’t any easier for her. “Kris please. I try to keep a strong face for the kids and your friends and everyone. I try to keep them occupied with your game, but but…Oh Kris. I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I don’t think I can Kris. I need you to get up Kris. Please.” The tears are flowing down her cheek now. “And with this new development the doctors have found, you have to get up. Don’t you understand, the life support can’t keep you alive much longer. You have to get up or I’ll lose you. Please. Get up.”
>> Sintua 06/02/08(Mon)07:12 No.1883624
lynn (common male name, actually), gwynne, max, sam, alex