File :1209884185.jpg-(34 KB, 433x449, Aurora Boreas.jpg)
34 KB Concerned Commander 05/04/08(Sun)02:56 No.1657157  
Alright, I need some help.

Playing Battleship Forever, and I want to make a Broadside battleship, yet I can't seem to turn the big guns to the side like the Hectate or the Athena.

In other words, how do I set the heavy guns to fire to the side?

Pic related. Something I'm working on.
>> Concerned Commander 05/04/08(Sun)03:06 No.1657204
No one? Wow...
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)03:39 No.1657326
The I, K, J, and L keys will turn and rotate pieces for you(holding shift with flip them 180 degrees across the same access).
>> Concerned Commander 05/04/08(Sun)03:45 No.1657333

Thank you very much. How about ITT we talk about some fuck awesome ship designs.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)03:47 No.1657334
enjoy your preservation of energy
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)03:49 No.1657338
     File :1209887373.png-(438 KB, 1024x768, BattleShipsForeverShitThisIsCo(...).png)
438 KB

>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)03:49 No.1657339
Seems interesting, gonna give it a try.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)03:53 No.1657345
I can never beat my own ship.

Fucking deflectors.
>> Cylons 05/04/08(Sun)03:54 No.1657347

Ah, Galactica, we've found you at last!
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)03:54 No.1657348
     File :1209887653.jpg-(170 KB, 514x394, DAKKA.jpg)
170 KB
Ooops, forgot my pic.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:00 No.1657355
     File :1209888059.png-(336 KB, 1332x600, Alexis-Sinclaire.png)
336 KB
Sorry I meant to type "axis" but appearently I'm a twat...

Alexis Sinclaire
Class: Battleship
7 Pulsar Cannon
2 Point Defense Cannon
4 Aegis Deflector Generators

The Alexis Sinclare is a foward battleship designed to be the literal spearhead of a fleet, punching through defenses and forcing commanders to scatter thier tightly packed forations.

Its Pulsar technology allows it to create a frightening display of firepower while it's slender frame and aegis protected foward hulls give it defense against head on and broadside attacks.

While it has reasonable speed for a battleship, the inability to give it manuvering jets along it's sides give it a slow turning speed, making it vulnerable to attacks from the rear from more manuverable ships. It's point defense weaponry may be insufficient to protect it's aegis projecters from a concentrated attack by opposing fightercraft.
>> Ragnarok !uzgdUZUI/I 05/04/08(Sun)04:08 No.1657367
I still want to know how to get Railguns and get the ship to automatically face one side in order to attack an enemy.

Tried making a more 40kish battleship way back in order to go up against a battle barge I downloaded, but the big problem is that you can't get a ship so that it can fire off a broadside and instead normally just wants to face directly forwards towards a ship.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:09 No.1657370
What's the learning curve on this?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:10 No.1657372
this looks insanely awesome
>> Ragnarok !uzgdUZUI/I 05/04/08(Sun)04:18 No.1657393
What, the builder or the game? Both are pretty easy to grasp to be honest.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:19 No.1657398
Like any RTS game. Except you can technically make FUCK XBOX HUEG SHIPS and customize them down to their very turret rotation speed.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:25 No.1657411
That can be fixed in one of two ways.

One: When you select your ship to move it, right click at the spot you want to move too, but hold the mouse button down. You shoud be able to drag the moust and draw a red arrow. That arrow points the direction hour ship's nose will face, so draw it perpendicular to your targets and your ship will move into position for a broadside. It's also useful to retread from a battle while "facing" your foe.

2. If you want your ship to always mauver for the broadside when you attack-move, then you need to fix it's AI settings in the shipbuilder. Click on the little square at the left under the doodad's buttons with the name, HP, ai, etc. You can modify core atributes there including changing your AI to one of four options: Normal(face front, attack from your enemy's front, moderate defensive manuvers), Broadside (face sideways, attack from your enemy's front, moderate defensive manuvers), Flanking (Face enemy, circle foe and attack from the rear, defensive manuvers at the expense of accuracy), or Kamakaze (Always face foe, close to minimum range, no defensive manuvers).

A note for adjusting things like movement rates and fire rates for weapons and the ships. The number values for most appear to be set to number of frames of animation it takes to accomplish(30 framse a second). So if you set the reload value for weapon to 60 it will take it two seconds(60 total frames) to reload.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:31 No.1657429
Someone give a link to properly awesome ships?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:33 No.1657435

At the 4th option (Kamikazi) - I must ask; CAN YOU RAM SHIPS?
>> Ragnarok !uzgdUZUI/I 05/04/08(Sun)04:40 No.1657453
Don't believe you can. It also takes a bit of screwing around with values to determine the optimal range to set the AI to so that they always try to engage at that range. Make it too far, and only the farthest firing weapons can touch the enemy, leaving everything else useless as the AI will keep backing the ship up each time the enemy gets within a certain distance.

I used to have a link with all sorts of ships that were uploaded by users. One of which was an incredibly overpowered Borg Cube
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:43 No.1657468
Where can I download this again?

I played it like a month or two ago but lost in in a reformat, and haven't bothered getting it back until now.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:49 No.1657487
And do you still have them? Particularly large, fuckwin ships.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)04:52 No.1657502

Thier forums also have threads with custom ships and a special custom ship database where you can download ship info.

As far as I've seen, no you can't actually ram ships. You CAN, however, do what i did and create a kamakaze ship that's made up of 100 or so smaller ship pieces stacked up underneath a larger hull piece. It's designed to get as close as possible to an enemy ship and then be destoryed, scattering debris all over the ship that blew it up.
>> Concerned Commander 05/04/08(Sun)05:01 No.1657533
     File :1209891663.jpg-(71 KB, 611x495, Gorgon.jpg)
71 KB
My newest baby. I love her so much.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:06 No.1657552
     File :1209892012.png-(31 KB, 788x603, myship.png)
31 KB
My ship, it delivers pretty shooting curtain DEATH
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:10 No.1657558
     File :1209892217.png-(210 KB, 840x740, BattleshipsForeverBigShip.png)
210 KB
Fucking huge.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:12 No.1657563
Needs more BFG castles.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:27 No.1657603
how long before someone makes a touhou ship with those bolter things?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:33 No.1657618
     File :1209893639.png-(388 KB, 800x600, P3N-15.png)
388 KB
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:35 No.1657623
Imma make terran battleship
>> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 05/04/08(Sun)05:38 No.1657629
     File :1209893923.gif-(365 KB, 600x600, trippin.gif)
365 KB
Man, first I've heard of this. I remember playing Warning Forever back in 2006, I'll have to check thi
Hgaksd mbrjs wkljl agrjgb
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:39 No.1657633
Oh ho.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)05:44 No.1657647
oh wow, I don't know what to say besides this brings out my inner child as I can't stop laughing at it.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)06:02 No.1657699
CAn I alter a pieces width somehow? "I" only alters the lenght
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)06:35 No.1657778
     File :1209897358.png-(648 KB, 1405x739, Inaba.png)
648 KB
I and K alter the Width, hold shift and it alters the Length instead.

This looks sufficiently Tohou-ish to me. Currently named Inaba, it's unleashes the fury from 1500 with modified Tachyon Drivers, up close it's got four huge tachyon arrays, six pulsars set broadside, a fuck all heavy missle/plasma array on either side, ten of the gluon bolters, nanomatrix, point defense, sentry gun deployment, two impeders. It's primary foward carrier section has 24 Demeter launchers and a concentrated 14 count Rail gun array at the nose.

That's a hestia to the side for scale.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)06:39 No.1657789
     File :1209897587.png-(1.06 MB, 1606x1246, Battleshipforevercustoms.png)
1.06 MB
I have a thing for playing with the weapon stats for unique effects.
>> Concerned Commander 05/04/08(Sun)06:40 No.1657791

>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)07:36 No.1657954
So this doesnt die, and since I'm a complete fucking noob to this game, how the fuck do I get the equipment to work on the ship? Guns are fine, but it says something about unassigned booster or somesuch. Is their a tutorial anywhere?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)07:59 No.1658012
Seconded, I cannot make the things work.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:01 No.1658017
     File :1209902510.jpg-(103 KB, 1440x900, Ghostmaker.jpg)
103 KB
Despite the thing being shielded from all direction, it blows up like a goddamn Pinto whenever it gets to the core of the ship it is flying over.

The good thing is that takes care of the other ship, even if it has more aegis shields .
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:03 No.1658019
Highlight thingy that is giving you an error message, then right click on another thingy and select Target Module.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:04 No.1658026
Is there a weapon that could be used as the yamato cannon ? Just a big, single particle kind.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:04 No.1658028
I've also been having problems. Can't figure out how to assign targets for aegis deflectors or Boosters, and I can't get gluon bolters to not crash the game when fired.
>> Mapeture Science 05/04/08(Sun)08:10 No.1658043
Select the thing (booster, etc.), then right click on the component you want to target it with. It should have down the bottom "Target with module."

In return, can someone tell me how to increase the size of components as seen in >>1657778
>> Mapeture Science 05/04/08(Sun)08:13 No.1658055
I made a light fighter called a "Storm Cloud". Two missile launchers. Fire rate of 1, fire deviance set rather high and slightly better turn speed, damage 20, clip size 75. Produces a cloud of missiles that when used properly can nuke anything.

Also done one called Claw. Has a "Shotgun" blaster; shoots 20 shot bursts with a deviancy of 45.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:18 No.1658064

K and I stretch horizontally.

Don't know what stretches vertically.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:26 No.1658084

>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:30 No.1658092
I use a large number of megabeams, contained within something so they can only fire straight forward. You'll get a massive beam.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:40 No.1658112
     File :1209904834.jpg-(80 KB, 1024x768, starsword.jpg)
80 KB
I think I spend too much time on how it should look.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:41 No.1658118


>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)08:52 No.1658155
     File :1209905541.png-(326 KB, 1306x716, cannoncustom.png)
326 KB
Like I said earlier, K and I stretch horizontally, hold down shift and they stretch vertically.

There should be construction tutorials in the forums for the game at the author's website.

Depends... for a Macross style Reflex gun, setting a megameaber with a clipsize of 10-15, fire rate 1 will create a cone of fire.

For a Yamato-style single shot, high damage attack A customized Driver or Railgun would probably be best, though in actuality the Torpedo special weapon like the Gosling is really more appropriate in design.... unfortunately, you can't tweak thier damage that I know of, only the energy use and energy regen.

Conversely, if you you fire rate 1, clip 0, reload 1, damage 2 on a Driver, your ship is now equipped with a medium/long range energy whip that can burn through unprotected hulls unless the pilot takes serious evasive manuvers.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)10:39 No.1658498
fraxy may or may not be superior, i cannot tell due to it being impossible to decifer
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)10:45 No.1658505
Is there a manual or FAQ somewhere that tells me what part does what exactly, and how to make working custom ships?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)10:52 No.1658527

Fraxy is shit!
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)10:53 No.1658529

The parts arent important.

Parenting (how they are interconnected) is the hard bit. I made a huge battlebarge named The Emperor's Fury, only to realise I'd made it so that one part being destroyed crippled like 1/3rd of the ship. *facepalm*
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)10:57 No.1658539
Yeah but I mean the parts that actually do something. Like weapons and shields and what else...
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:24 No.1658617
     File :1209914661.png-(110 KB, 553x468, Lucrehulkclassbattleship.png)
110 KB
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:25 No.1658626
     File :1209914731.png-(145 KB, 702x679, thunderhawk.png)
145 KB
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:28 No.1658630

>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:29 No.1658632

>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:30 No.1658635
Someone toss a battle barge together.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:30 No.1658636
     File :1209915044.png-(460 KB, 784x580, leviathanxxpf4.png)
460 KB
jesus fuck!
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:38 No.1658653
     File :1209915531.jpg-(156 KB, 1030x800, dot.jpg)
156 KB
Reload 1
Damage 1
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:46 No.1658673
Where is this shit downloaded from?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:46 No.1658675
I like where this thread is going.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)11:53 No.1658697
check the forums, i seem to remeber seeing a list of things there
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)12:02 No.1658725
Anonymous - I salute you.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)12:03 No.1658729
can you build carriers in this game?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)12:06 No.1658737
How were the engine fire effects made?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)12:06 No.1658738
Care to link me to any particular threads? I've been looking around a bit and can't find what I'm looking for.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)19:09 No.1660803
From the looks of it, they've got either normal deflectors or Aegis deflectors targeting the "flame" pieces(which are a different colour to the ship) to make it look like engine exhaust.

Yes, you can make carriers. The Demeter bay(a small green circle) launches unmanned fighter drones that circle your foe at random and fire close range weaponry. They can be shot down by interceptor weapons, slowed by impeders(I think), and destroyed by the grav beam.

They're great fun... but watch out for Rorschrch units(pictured).
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)19:12 No.1660816
     File :1209942749.png-(242 KB, 806x630, rorschach.png)
242 KB
Err... pictured here.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:05 No.1661145

Kinda. The "fighters" are just yellow circles that just act like missiles.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:27 No.1661259
     File :1209947265.jpg-(128 KB, 1024x768, BFscreen01.jpg)
128 KB
Damn I love custom ships
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:30 No.1661271
     File :1209947415.jpg-(71 KB, 1024x768, screenshot124.jpg)
71 KB
Not exactly. The fighter bay weapons launch little interceptors with their own guns, like in Starcraft. Unlike missiles they can surround the enemy ship and attack unshielded sections and modules.

Pic is my vaguely Getter-inspired super robot trio.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:33 No.1661291
     File :1209947591.png-(412 KB, 1024x768, BFscreen017.png)
412 KB
The ship builder really is great fun.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:48 No.1661383
     File :1209948487.png-(756 KB, 1024x768, BFscreen027.png)
756 KB
Alternatively, you can use a mega beamer with the damage set high. The mega beamer has this useful property where the higher its damage, the wider the beam becomes.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:56 No.1661439
     File :1209948988.jpg-(50 KB, 480x462, 40k failships.jpg)
50 KB
I tried making a set of 40K vessels, but they're pretty fail.

<=== Pics
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)20:57 No.1661451
I just want to make ships, not play the game.

Is that possible?
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)21:00 No.1661465
Ya, rly. Just post your ship designs. If people like them enough, you might get some kind of reputation for quality or something. lol idunno
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)21:00 No.1661470
Yep. The ship maker is completely separate from the game.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)21:04 No.1661490
And the system requirements are a lot lower.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)21:09 No.1661534
they are not big enough
>> sage 05/04/08(Sun)21:09 No.1661535
     File :1209949794.jpg-(119 KB, 1024x768, BFscreen02.jpg)
119 KB
Incorrect, foolish tripfag!

Seriously. Tap 'L' twice to barrel roll... err, your ship will do broadsides
>> scribblefag 05/04/08(Sun)21:10 No.1661541
hey this game was made with gamemaker, I just got one of those game maker error prompts.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)21:12 No.1661548
Agreed. I think they shall be escorts.

I'm going to develop some full-size cruisers and battleships soon, though.

And then... a fucking battle barge.
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)22:08 No.1661823
     File :1209953316.gif-(29 KB, 555x531, 1.gif)
29 KB
>> Paorou-sama !jXvdPmWDes 05/04/08(Sun)22:24 No.1661917
     File :1209954299.jpg-(111 KB, 1024x768, FUNNERS.jpg)
111 KB
>> Anonymous 05/04/08(Sun)22:26 No.1661931
Mega Maid?
>> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 05/04/08(Sun)22:28 No.1661941
I think your Necron tombship has a tumour.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)01:19 No.1663033
Surprised people haven't found this sooner. Months ago, a bunch of friends and I would make our own custom fleets and pit them against each others in skirmishes. Here's the best fruits of our labors, before we just ended up using nearly nothing but super weapons (the Abraxas and Tomb ship, for starts). Same file for each link.
>> KingHavoc !!jtQXUhFGp59 05/05/08(Mon)01:20 No.1663041
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)01:44 No.1663216
Just made a broadside ship armed with rail guns and put it up against an Imperial Battleship that I downloaded. My ship blew up faster then Tau die in close combat.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:02 No.1663333
Yeah, in order for thier to be any sort of fairness in user created ships there needs to be, like, a running point total for number of ship pieces, individual hit points, special equipment, etc...

Without that, even with just stock parts, it's possible to make some seriously unfair stuff.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:25 No.1663476
Is anyone else having problems with the Gluon Bolters? I can't get them to work, either.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:33 No.1663531
     File :1209969220.png-(630 KB, 1024x768, BFscreen032.png)
630 KB
Shift+K and I stretch vertically.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:41 No.1663567
You people need to find something better to do with your lives. How many HOURS does it take to make one of those massive things?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:43 No.1663581

Well played. I almost bit. Almost.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:47 No.1663609

Dangit, so close.

I actually love the game, it just boggles the mind how complex some of these things are.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:52 No.1663636
Days, actually.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:55 No.1663650
someone needs to make ships from babylon 5
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)02:58 No.1663668
Awww, someone still got caught, even after the bait was tagged...
So sad...
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)03:21 No.1663768
Gluon Bolters, like most of the special weapons pods, have to be at full energy to fire. To fire you select the bolter and then right click on the screen(within the white circle of effect) where you want the fire to concentrate.

If you meant you were havinga problem with the game crashing when you used them... I dunno what causes that, I had the same problem with the Platform deployer. Uninstalling and reinstalling seems to fix it.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)03:28 No.1663808
Yeah, it crashes. I'll try a reinstall, hopefully that works. Thanks for the info, though!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)03:29 No.1663816
Why are some of these ships linked in the most retarded fashion, with guns on one side linking to a piece on the other side of the ship?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)03:30 No.1663824

Because some people suck at making ships.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)03:31 No.1663832
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)03:35 No.1663851
     File :1209972956.jpg-(95 KB, 775x689, BS_Soothsayer.jpg)
95 KB
This is my first
Soothsayer Class Battleship
>> Mapeture Science 05/05/08(Mon)04:01 No.1663962
You can simulate it by giving the fornt sections aegis and putting a beamer on the front. Give it rediculously high amount of damage causing and very small range, so it'll only fire when it comes into contact with something. Behold - Simulated ram!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:07 No.1663986

Or just set it to kamikaze behavior. Those things are vicious.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:11 No.1664006
     File :1209975109.gif-(100 KB, 656x768, BattleshipsForeverOhHolyFucksh(...).gif)
100 KB
laser bendan gaems
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:14 No.1664014
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:20 No.1664035
behold, SCIENCE!!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:20 No.1664040
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:24 No.1664047
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:37 No.1664092
I nearly shit myself when i saw the original picture for that. I was like...

>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:38 No.1664096
Gravity disagrees.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:39 No.1664103
Except that the picture would appear to illustrate anti-gravity.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:40 No.1664106
You would need a fucking black hole to bend light that way.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:40 No.1664111
     File :1209976855.jpg-(47 KB, 455x411, crapstation.jpg)
47 KB
It's a space station hull!


Gawd, I used to be good at this shit, what the fuck happened?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:41 No.1664112
     File :1209976865.jpg-(163 KB, 1254x552, Kind of retarded.jpg)
163 KB
LOL at retarded bullshit?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:41 No.1664115
Damn it. The game is not appreciating my Bolter spamming. Crashes every time I fire one. Argh! I want a withering hail of coordinated fire, damn it!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:45 No.1664128
Is there some kind of Shipmaker guide anywhere? I'm having trouble figuring out parenting and setting targets for Aegis.
>> Mapeture Science 05/05/08(Mon)04:45 No.1664129
     File :1209977127.jpg-(144 KB, 800x600, RAM.jpg)
144 KB
Whipped uo really quick. Set the AI range to about 100. Not Kamikaze, for some reason when I do that the ship just goes up to another ship and explodes. Note the stats for the two megabeams at the front. Seriously, just move this monster's tip into a ship and it blows up.

Try having jousts with the computer. It's worth it.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:47 No.1664140
     File :1209977243.jpg-(175 KB, 865x800, The_Imperial_Fleet.jpg)
175 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:48 No.1664145
     File :1209977300.jpg-(176 KB, 822x800, The_Chaos_Fleet.jpg)
176 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:48 No.1664151
     File :1209977331.jpg-(174 KB, 856x764, Craftworld_Eldar_Fleet.jpg)
174 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:49 No.1664154
     File :1209977378.jpg-(171 KB, 856x764, Eldar_Corsair_Fleet.jpg)
171 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:50 No.1664158
     File :1209977423.jpg-(195 KB, 782x681, Ork_Fleet.jpg)
195 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:50 No.1664159
     File :1209977445.jpg-(116 KB, 729x706, Adeptus_Astartes_Fleet.jpg)
116 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:51 No.1664161
     File :1209977463.jpg-(74 KB, 698x576, gemstone.jpg)
74 KB
The ship I made back when I didn't suck quite so bad at this.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:51 No.1664162
     File :1209977472.jpg-(197 KB, 827x800, The_Tau_Fleet.jpg)
197 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:51 No.1664164
     File :1209977501.jpg-(136 KB, 687x713, The_Tau_Auxiliary_Fleet.jpg)
136 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:52 No.1664166
     File :1209977523.jpg-(147 KB, 831x800, Tyranid_Hive_Fleet.jpg)
147 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:52 No.1664170
     File :1209977554.jpg-(127 KB, 783x746, The_Necron_Fleet.jpg)
127 KB
aaaaaaaaaand im out
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:52 No.1664172
Ok /tg/, tell me what weapons best fit these descriptions in BF, so I can make my new ship work the way I want:

- A laser that fires in a straight line, damaging everything in it's path at medium/long range.
- A bigass laser that fires for a long time and tracks it's target. Long range.
- Some gun that fires LOTS of bullets at medium range but with super-shitty targeting.
- Those little guns that fire at incoming projectiles.

Alternatively, point me towards a good tutorial for making weapons work the way I want them to.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:53 No.1664179
>- A laser that fires in a straight line, damaging everything in it's path at medium/long range.

Unless said objects are smaller than the laser's diameter, how would that work?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:55 No.1664189
Can't you have weapons that penetrate shit?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:57 No.1664191

>- A laser that fires in a straight line, damaging everything in it's path at medium/long range.

There isn't a weapon that does this. Railguns come closest.

>- A bigass laser that fires for a long time and tracks it's target. Long range.


>- Some gun that fires LOTS of bullets at medium range but with super-shitty targeting.

Conceivably, any weapon could do this if you modify it properly.

>- Those little guns that fire at incoming projectiles.

Particle guns.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:58 No.1664199
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)04:59 No.1664200
Depending on what kind of laser you're using, if it's not a light-based laser say like X-ray or gamma, it might pass through solid constructs without damaging them too much and fry everyone inside. That said, unless you want everyone to DIE IMMEDIATELY, you wouldn't build a space ship without massive radiation shielding due to the sheer ambient radiation in space near any star. And lasers don't exactly go straight through things instantly.

See the opening FMV on Freespace 2.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:00 No.1664208

I think he was talking about the game.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:02 No.1664212
Then the game sux.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:06 No.1664226
Well, according to >>1664191 it's not possible anyway.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:09 No.1664233
I'm pretty sure the asker was inadvertently talking about railguns, anyway.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:13 No.1664245
Perfect. Thanks Anon.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:21 No.1664271
Np, just found it about an hour ago, myself. Quite useful.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)05:22 No.1664274
>- Those little guns that fire at incoming projectiles.

The Particle Gun, Flak Gun, and Point Beam are all intercpetors who's primary job is to neutralize incommming attacks and debris.

The Particle Gun can destory missles, plasma charges, drones and blaster bolts, it take multiple shots to take down a demeter though.

The Point Beam can destroy even Tachyon bursts and Demeter Pods in one hit.

The Flak gun fires a cluster of defensive bursts which can shield against flurries of missles or shots(such as the attack of a gattling blaster).

ALL of the interceptors can be switched from Defensive(default) to offensive allowing them to target and attack opposing ships(rather than focusing on incomming attacks and debris) by selecting the ship and hitting the I key. Generally, though, this leaves your ship vulnerable, but it's a good tactic for dealing with close range attackers.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)10:55 No.1665468
Is there actually an upload for those 40K fleets?

>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)17:33 No.1667339
That would actually be fucking fantastic.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)17:37 No.1667365
     File :1210023435.jpg-(48 KB, 730x495, oho.jpg)
48 KB
>oh ho
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)17:58 No.1667458
-And suddenly, 36 hours later, someone find an appropriate image to illustrate what was said! Brilliant!

I <3 this board.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:12 No.1667512
     File :1210025530.jpg-(32 KB, 572x187, The Broadside.jpg)
32 KB
enough railguns?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:15 No.1667528

>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:19 No.1667537
It's not without history. Why not whore ourselves.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:27 No.1667575
     File :1210026449.jpg-(77 KB, 667x295, Broadside - lacking PD.jpg)
77 KB
I found out the hard way that this design was seriously lacking in point defense.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:29 No.1667592
Srsly guyz how do I do that kind of creepy shit?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:32 No.1667609
     File :1210026766.jpg-(54 KB, 580x412, Fouth ship design.jpg)
54 KB
That was my 5th design, this here's my 4th.

All of the others I made before that were dismal failures.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:35 No.1667623
Why are the aegis shields targeting the core of the ship instead of the perimeter that will get hit the most?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:38 No.1667629
Does it matter? I put extra sections around the outside that the regular deflectors could shiled. If those broke down the Ageis shielded sections were still there.

I've also learned a bit more about Ageis shields since then.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:43 No.1667657
Shit, that probably means there's a bunch of things I still don't know about aegis shields...
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:43 No.1667658
Aegis shields break the game, don't fucking use them!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:44 No.1667663
Normally they put the deflectors on the extremities. They also normally attach weapons to the modules they rest on.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:46 No.1667679
Yes and no, I have been tinkering around with lasers and I am working on a short range armor piercing blast, right now I have the armor piercing part down but I need to perfect the short range.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)18:49 No.1667691
Kamikaze ships are another good way to get around aegis.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:14 No.1667829

Aegis and shields in general are fine so long as you don't overuse them. Its boring watching a couple of leviathans shooting the shit out of eachother to no effect.

Speaking of which, is there any dedicated set of design rules out there so we could swap ships and whatnot to a basic standard?

LOL AGEIS gets boring.
>> Concerned Commander 05/05/08(Mon)19:15 No.1667833
I love you guys...
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:20 No.1667858
I would recommend some sort of point value system, but that would be very difficult to quantify given the amount of variables.

Alternatively, have a series of benchmark ships to compare with.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:22 No.1667867
In fact the problem with the shields is that they are much more beefy than actual armor. So the battles go as "pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-LOLSHIELDSDOWN-pew-LOLHULLBREACHED
>> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 05/05/08(Mon)19:24 No.1667876
     File :1210029856.jpg-(59 KB, 501x477, Dagon.jpg)
59 KB
here's some shit I made, then.
it has crazy disco-lasers.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:24 No.1667879


Even if you set some basic rules (No more than 4 aegis sections on a battleship sized ship, no more than 6 deflectors on a battleship etc.) It'd make things a damn sight more competitive. Its a pity you couldn't work a money/points aspect into the ship builder in order to give it a go.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:25 No.1667882
I suppose we can just have a set of basic ship characteristics. Something like HP, shields, speed, turning speed, operational range, damage per second. That would pretty much summarize the design.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:25 No.1667883
I accept these rules.
>> Concerned Commander 05/05/08(Mon)19:31 No.1667897
I'm hoping for a sticky on this. This is fantastic.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:32 No.1667905

Unmodded weapons. I'm not sure what kind of point values we could assign each.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:33 No.1667910
Modded weapons are still fully described by "operational range-damage per sec" par, don't they?
>> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 05/05/08(Mon)19:34 No.1667918
mostly, though there's some things that can get around that.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:37 No.1667928
That goes in ship's description "Special:" part.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:41 No.1667942
If I didn't have to study for finals, I would try my hand at a benchmark series.

Even so, I would recommend the following:
-Corvette: Mine are about 3 structural pieces, with only a couple light or medium weapons. Generally fast.
-Frigate: Agile enough to avoid the slowest of fire, frigates would probably range from 3-10 structural pieces. Probably carrying some PD unless built for that role, and maybe twice to 3 times the armament of a corvette.
-Destroyer: Between 10 and 25 structural pieces, up to 3 times the armament of a frigate.
-Cruiser: 25-50 pieces, up to 2 times armament of destroyers.
-Battleship: 50-100 pieces, up to 3 times armament of cruisers.
-Light Carrier: Focuses on Demeters, up to 10
-Carrier: Up to 25 Demeters
-Supercarrier: up to 50 Demeters
-Anything outside of battleship/supercarrier range is a titan, and freeform.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:46 No.1667959
Needs more Fighters (like 2 pieces and one offensive and possibly one defensive weapon) and Space Stations.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:49 No.1667971
I figured that corvettes would be the smallest ships to act independently, and fighters would be represented best by the demeter things.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:50 No.1667975
     File :1210031425.jpg-(82 KB, 1024x768, BFscreen02.jpg)
82 KB
Apparently targeted shield sections REALLY expand when hit when you have about 4 Ageis on it.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:51 No.1667977
Naw, even pirates get one weapon ships
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:54 No.1667998
     File :1210031666.jpg-(49 KB, 531x457, apoc cruiser w moonhammer.jpg)
49 KB
Needs more room for weapon payloads.

<== Pictured vessels should be destroyers, at most.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:54 No.1668003
It also depends on how much stuff is shooting them.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:54 No.1668005
Oh, the lazer benging?

There are two items which do that, the Rorschsct Device(a special weapon item) fires a torpedo that explodes into a blue gravity well that deflects beam weapons(see >>1660816)

I'm not sure what's going on in >>1664006
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:55 No.1668007
Those are gunboats.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:56 No.1668013
So, the game changed for the year I haven't played it.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:57 No.1668015
For creating a baseline point cost for items, check out this page in the Fourms:

Contains damage, fireing speed, reload, clip size for weapons and energy values, regen, range for special components.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:57 No.1668017
They have mini defectors now.

I forget what they are called off the top of my head
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:59 No.1668024
Immpeeders I think
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)19:59 No.1668026
     File :1210031988.jpg-(33 KB, 537x604, Ships.jpg)
33 KB
To illustrate what I meant, here are 3 corvettes next to a (shitsux) frigate/light destroyer and a cruiser.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:00 No.1668029
So how do I use boosters?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:05 No.1668048
Can I rotate weapons in the shipmaker?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:06 No.1668051
They are useless. Well, they are used for decoration, to be precise.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:06 No.1668056
Learn2read help. No, really.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:06 No.1668057
Yes. Select the weapon, then click on the edit button in the upper left. There is a section called rotation. Changing the value therein rotates the weapon. Same goes for regular parts.
>> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 05/05/08(Mon)20:08 No.1668065
and if they're destroyed, your ship's movement stats drop.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:09 No.1668072
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:10 No.1668075
It is still unconfirmed. I didn't notice it, for one (well, actually, "thrusters destroyed" means "half the ship is gone" for my designs, so not that I'd mention it even if it existed).
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:13 No.1668090
I downloaded the latest(or I assume the latest) 8.8, but it doesn't have any new equipment that I can see.

Impeders slow projectiles like missles and plasma charges(also demeter drones). A great defensive mechanism to get the most out of your Point Defense.
Boosters increase the rate of fire for any hull segment they are targeted on. Select the booster and then selelect a hull segment to enhance it's fireing rate. Great for broadside type ships. Targets only one hull segment, though.
>> Paorou-sama !jXvdPmWDes 05/05/08(Mon)20:14 No.1668093
I modified the quadruple lazers on mah fin funnels and they also bypass aegis like it was paper.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:25 No.1668153
How does laser pass aegis?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:25 No.1668156
     File :1210033550.jpg-(18 KB, 495x372, Vibrating egg.jpg)
18 KB
The problem with custom ships is there is nothing to stop people from really abusing the statistics and making a broken unbalanced ship.

More guns than you can count, with invulnerability shielding on every piece, turns on a dime.. the only reason there not all godlike ships is whatever level of restraint you put into them.

Ships here are representations of SARP ships. If you can name them your probably lost already
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:26 No.1668159

My guess is that it's so hyper accurate that it strikes specific unshielded sections nearby rather then the aegis sections.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:30 No.1668179
Well that's the principle behind a benchmark for comparison, or a point buy system. It provides a standard by which different designs could be related. Granted, people could make crazy ships, but they can't change the system of standards.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:32 No.1668187

He said boosters, not thrusters, retards.


The seem to be automatic. I never use 'em in my ships, though.
>> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 05/05/08(Mon)20:37 No.1668206
my mistake.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:42 No.1668240

I wish this shit had Multi.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:44 No.1668254
I think it is a bug dealing with the duration and length of the beam.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:47 No.1668269
     File :1210034823.jpg-(218 KB, 1024x768, Stag Beetle.jpg)
218 KB
Look, a ship that isn't overpowered!

The Stagbeetle features a pair of deflectors, 6 demeters, 2 quadblasters, and a pair of megabeams on the rear, just for style points.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:51 No.1668285
Reeks of mary sue.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:53 No.1668296
It's a fucking insect. And I know it's balanced because It went toe-to-toe with a battleship.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)20:58 No.1668319
insect-shaped ships?
Toe-to-toe with a BATTLESHIP!?

Sounds like a Mary Sue to me.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:01 No.1668335
Stop mentioning that Mary-Sue shit, you stupid troll. Get under your bridge.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:02 No.1668339
it's like a trolling disease /tg/ doesn't have an immunity to!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:04 No.1668347
Any 4chan board has immunity to EVERYTHING.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:04 No.1668350
     File :1210035883.gif-(14 KB, 277x308, 1200520548505.gif)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:06 No.1668359
Yeah, but that would be the most mary sue thing to do in this situation.

>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:10 No.1668375
Oh? But I thought that Mary Sues always met opponents and walked away unscathed, having defeated their enemy and shown them the true nature of things?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:10 No.1668377
10/10 would rage again
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:11 No.1668386
The original Mary Sue died at the end of the story...
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:13 No.1668397
I believe the nature of the original Mary Sue is far past irrelevant at this point, wouldn't you say?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:14 No.1668399
I think your face is irrelevant, you Mary Suing son of a bitch.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:15 No.1668403
Oh yeah? Well my Mary Sue could beat your Mary Sue!
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:20 No.1668420

>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)21:26 No.1668446
/tg/ = mary sue
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)22:38 No.1668804
i downloaded the game but cant find the custom ship software, looked on the site, cant find that either, someone help out a noob
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)22:42 No.1668822
Just install or unpack the file, whichever. Look for ShipMaker in the game's main folder.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)22:44 No.1668832
Did we ever make a decision on standards?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:00 No.1668918
sort of but not really
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:03 No.1668927
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:08 No.1668946
     File :1210043293.jpg-(133 KB, 1024x768, lolaegis.jpg)
133 KB
Most broken ship ever?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:10 No.1668957
     File :1210043446.jpg-(77 KB, 750x563, what the fuck is this shit cat(...).jpg)
77 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:16 No.1668980

>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:28 No.1669031
Someone ought to give each part and stat a numerical value and come up with totals which can be used as a rough guide to the power of a ship.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:29 No.1669035
     File :1210044564.jpg-(35 KB, 540x551, do it, faggot.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:33 No.1669061
I made the same damn face.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:38 No.1669081
Points per health-maybe 1 point per 100 health on a part?
Each addition of the base stat doubles the point cost of an item?
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:49 No.1669129
Sounds good. You have to start somewhere.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:49 No.1669130

Why, WHY, do you commit these abominations? Seriously. Lern2parent modules. It's not hard.
>> Anonymous 05/05/08(Mon)23:51 No.1669138

Even trying to accurately assign a 'value' to a ship is mind-boggling. It's like Battletech's overly complex Battle Value system, squared.
>> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 05/05/08(Mon)23:54 No.1669154
seriously, even I learned how to do it after a few minutes playing around with the program.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:01 No.1669181

See? Even a furfaggot can do it!
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:03 No.1669193
Can you reassign a parent without deleting and recreating the object? I've lost a good quarter of my ship before because I forgot to do it right.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:21 No.1669310
Select the object whose parent you want to change, right click the object that you want to make into the parent, and select 'Set Parent'
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:22 No.1669318
Awesome, thanks.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:30 No.1669380
     File :1210048234.png-(211 KB, 800x600, battlestar.png)
211 KB
This image made me want to play this game.

I am a total Battlestar fag.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:38 No.1669442
     File :1210048719.png-(15 KB, 218x220, SpearShip.png)
15 KB
>> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 05/06/08(Tue)00:54 No.1669514
so, what's a good amount of HP per section? do you all just go with the default?
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:56 No.1669528
Change the AI to broadside
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)00:59 No.1669545
You need to edit the Galatica's stats for it's fighters to be about 30 times better than the cylons. and see if there is a module to give them Plot armor.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)01:02 No.1669555
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)01:34 No.1669724
Yeah, I usually use default unless it's a key part or it's meant to be armor plating. Or I just don't want it to die, as in the tail of my really shitty Kadeshi mothership.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)02:18 No.1669903
Honestly, I think giganto-HUEG ships should get maybe a couple Aegis shields. If you look at the stock ships, there's some non-bullshit Aegis usage there; maybe we should just make them a shit-ton of points?
>> Custom Unit Creation Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)02:48 No.1670034
Basic Ship Construction theory.

Hull Costs.

The "effective" hitpoint value of a ship. Size of a hull section has no impact on hitpoints, but placing does. The further away from the core a hull segment is, the fewer HP it will have. You can see Hitpoint values for individual pieces in the newest version of the Shipbuilder. Point value for "stock" hitpoints is HP / 100 x (1+.1 per stock section). If you use custom segment hitpoints on any pieces, then calculate thier value as HP / 100 x (.2) and add this value to the total.


The Hestia is a 300HP ship, composed of seven sections, including the Core. It's Hull point value is [(300 / 10) x (1.7)] or

51 core points.

Speed and Acceleration:
Speed value is(as far as I can deduce) Pixels traveled per frame of animation. (ie at 2.25 speed a ship will travel 2.25 pixels per frame, with 30 frames of animation a second, for a result of 67.5 pixels of movement per second). A hard cap of Speed 3.5 and Acceleration .5 should be set for all ships, with Each class (patrol craft, Battleship, Cruiser) having a recomended value of 3.0 and .25, 2.25 and .05, and 1.5 and .02 respectively). Ships larger than Cruisers(such as those who have 25 or more pieces) should be Considered Dreadnaugts with a top speed of 1.0 and .01. Ships which wish to be classified as "Stations"(see below) must not have a maximum speed of more than .5 and accleration .01.

Point Modifier for Speed are determined by {1 + (Speed - Recomended Speed x (Acceleration x 10))}.

The Hestia is a Battleship with a speed value of 2.5 and an acceleration of .05. It's Hull Cost modifer, then is:
{1 + (2.5 - 2.25 x [.05 x 10] = 1.25.

This brings the hestai's Hull Cost to (51 x 1.25) or 63.8.
>> Custom Unit Creation Loadout Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)02:50 No.1670047
The cost for a weapons are determined as follows:

Damage Per second x Combined Price Modifier

Damage per Second
(Damage x Clip x Duration) / [( Rate of Fire + Reload) / 30.]
30 Frames of animation in a second, each shot in the clip deals the damage value listed, and is fired at the rate of fire shown. After all of the shots in the clip are fired, it takes until the reload time is finished to fire again. Because all of the shot values are represented as Frams of animation (ie a Rate of fire of 5 = 5 frames of aninatio between shots) Damage per second is calcualted Damage x shots fired divided by(ie spread out over a number of frames equal to) Rate of fire plus Reload times, all divided by 30. For the purposes of this formula, a duration or clip size value of 0 should be represented as a value of 1. Duration applies only to certain beam weapons(like the Mining Beam, or the Megabeam) and represents the total number of frames the beam fires. Each frame a ship is hit it takes the weapon's damage.

The Blaster deals 17 damage, has a clip size of 1. It's rate of fire is 0(it fires as soon as it reloads) and it's reload time is 35 frames(1.17 seconds, approximately). it's DSP value is [(17 x 1 x 1) / [(0 + 35) / 30] = 14.5 damage per second for a base cost of 14.5
>> Custom Unit Creation Loadout 2 Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)02:50 No.1670054
The cost modifier for Range is (Range / 1000)

The Blaster has a range of 800 pixels. It's point modifier is (800/1000) + 1 or .8.

Arc of Fire and Turning.
The Cost modifier for Arc of Fire and Turning is equal to (Arc of fire - 90) + Turning Speed / 100.

The default blaster has an arc of fire of 90 degrees and a turning rate of 1(Note: Turning rate = degrees turned per frame of animation. (90 - 90) + 1 / 100 = .01 For simplicity's sake, discard values of .05 and below, so a default blaster has no price modifier for Arc of Fire and turning.

Does not impact values if left default. Each step up or down the accuracy ladder (Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High) increases or decreases the multiplier value for Accuracy by .5x. Very High Accruacy is 0-1, High Accruacy is 2-3, meidum accuracy is 4-5, Low Accruacy is 5-6, And Very Low Accruacy is 7 and above. This Deviation Value is the maxiumum number of Degrees off target(either plus or minus) of the shot at maxumum range.
(Note: This is a personal Extimation... I'm not sure of the exact value of deviation of every single gun, nor do I want take a protracter to a bunch of screenshots and find out).

Missles have a +.5 Accuracy multiplier because they are homing weapons. If a missle weapon's homing is deactivated then reduce this value.

Note: When setting the Turning Rate of a Missle Launcher the second value in the number (default .75) determines the Tracking ability of it's missles( Ie the missles turning rate is equal to the second value, so default missle have a turn rate of 5, or 5 degrees per frame of animation). Setting this value to 0 will make the missle unable to turn at all, turning it into a dumbfire rocket.
>> Custom Unit Creation Loadout 3 Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)02:58 No.1670096
Special Modifiers

The following modifiers are Special and apply to certain weapons:

Advanceded Interception (+.5x) - Weapons which can only be intercepted in by the Point Beam(or only in one shot by the point beam). Includes the Demeter and the Tachyon weapons.

No Interception (+.75x) - Weapons which cannot be intercepted by Point Defense weapons. Includes all Beam weapons(weapons with Beam in thier title), and the Rail gun.

Splash Damage(+.5x) - Weapons with this value can deal damage to multiple sections with a single shot. This includes Plasma Charges, Rail guns, Weasel Guns.

Note: Increasing Damage for the Weasel and Rail gun increase thier effecitve spalsh, creating more bolts(+1 per 10 damage) or deeper penetration(+1 section per 15 damage) respetively, as does increasing the Range for the Plasma. For each 10 or 15 points of damage(or 100 range for the Plasma) increase the Splash multiplier by .2x.

Therefore a Blaster's Point Value is:

14.5 x 1.8(range) for a total value of 26.1

I'm getting tired of fiddling with this for tonight, though, or i'd at least calculate the point values for stock weapons for you guys...

As for Additive equipment:

You can have EITHER 4 Deflectors, or 2 Aegis on a Cruiser or larger. You can have up to 2 Deflectors on a Battlship. neither on a patrolcraft.

Each ship of at least Battleship size can have ONE special eqiupment item of thier choice

Each Cruiser can have one offensive and one defensive or support item, or two support units.

Anything more than that and I think most ships get just plain silly.

Ideally, You'd be looking at a point value of around 50-75 for a Patrol Craft, 100-150 for a Battleship, and 250-300 maybe for a Cruiser.
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)05:33 No.1670916
Fukken saved.
Dare I ask how long it took you to develop this system?
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)06:03 No.1671046
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>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)07:41 No.1671369
Okay, so fun fact - Penny Arcade had a BSF tournament a while back and made up rules for the game then:
>> Anonymous 05/06/08(Tue)08:30 No.1671526
Like two, three hours tops.

I used a PDF that contained all the information on Weapon stats that I got from their forums for most of the info.

That's very good for doing basic tournaments with stock equipment, and it(or a similar system) makes sense for most games. I was designing mine, though, with an eye for also being able to make custom weapon tweaks... for instance, the fact that the Hecate(or other broadside ship) is paying the same for thier broadside weapons as a ship with all foward facing, full degree arc weapons is a bit annoying, from a tweaking perspective.