File : 1313422130.jpg-(255 KB, 566x848, question-mark.jpg)
255 KB Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:28 No.15946017  
How can one play a Good alignment without seeming like an emotionally and intellectually-stunted manchild and complete failure at life?

Oh wait you can't.

Glad we got that cleared up.

>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:30 No.15946025
How can one troll 4chan without seeming like an emotionally and intellectually-stunted manchild and complete failure at life?

Oh wait you can't.

Glad we got that cleared up.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:31 No.15946032
     File1313422292.jpg-(128 KB, 559x700, 1313150224014.jpg)
128 KB
That's why we prefer 40K, OP. Moralfaggotry only takes you so far before you realize how ass-backwards it is.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:32 No.15946037
How can one play games without seeming like an emotionally and intellectually-stunted manchild and complete failure at life?

Oh wait you can't.

Glad we got that cleared up.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:32 No.15946041
You must be from /a/.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:36 No.15946074
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:47 No.15946161
     File1313423255.jpg-(752 KB, 706x1679, a.jpg)
752 KB
Is there any real difference between /a/ and /tg/?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:51 No.15946189
     File1313423475.jpg-(7 KB, 190x200, 1313075842001.jpg)
7 KB

Like that.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:52 No.15946204
Well, that was a silly trolling attempt. Good thing it's so weak, there's no way this thread will make it beyond five or so replie-


...Well, shit.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:54 No.15946216

/tg/ might despise moralistic characters because of 40K, but we never even attempt to pass off 40K as high-brow or sophisticated fiction like /a/ does with their shit.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:54 No.15946219

obviously mods like playing paladins
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:55 No.15946227
>That pic
Wow, saddest part is - they, most likely, are serious.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:59 No.15946249

But are they wrong?
Think about it.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)11:59 No.15946254
Yes. They are.
>> Thedoorman Gaurdian of the Harlequin !JoKer6oE5o 08/15/11(Mon)12:01 No.15946265
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:01 No.15946268
Nigga u silly.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:02 No.15946277
     File1313424175.png-(19 KB, 510x546, 1312654477365.png)
19 KB
And that gentlemen is lawful good justice at it's best.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:02 No.15946278
As one of the people that reported this thread, let this serve as a lesson to you evil doers.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:03 No.15946280
     File1313424196.png-(189 KB, 407x500, 2z4hhkp.png)
189 KB
Like this, OP.
Oh wait, you're banned.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:06 No.15946301
     File1313424389.jpg-(45 KB, 633x356, kougami.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:13 No.15946348
     File1313424815.png-(211 KB, 496x369, 1298758417474.png)
211 KB
>mfw LG mod
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:14 No.15946355
Stay frosty. Fuck yeah!
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:15 No.15946361
     File1313424906.png-(73 KB, 350x350, Ice_Paraelemental_Blue_xlg.png)
73 KB
oscar mike
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:16 No.15946368

Bravo, mod, bravo.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:16 No.15946374
I, for one, welcome our new mod overlord.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:16 No.15946376
     File1313425017.png-(125 KB, 1197x1021, 1313373206038.png)
125 KB
Stay frosty, fa/tg/uys.

Love you as always, mod.

Pic related, for those of you who weren't here yesterday.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:17 No.15946379
>mod doing his job
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:17 No.15946383
     File1313425079.jpg-(48 KB, 224x257, hope1.jpg)
48 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:19 No.15946390
Yes, they are wrong.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:19 No.15946392
Hope for Manmind.

Thanks, Paladin Mod.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:19 No.15946396
Depends on how much fiction you consume.

If the same elements keep showing up, you get bored of them.

"Oh look. It's a designated hero, and a designated villain. If you think about it, the designated villain would have had a pretty solid case for what he was doing, if he hadn't jumped off the slippery slope and stomped that bag of kittens to prove he was the bad guy, and the designated hero would look like a hopelessly naive and dangerously incompetent meddler, if circumstances hadn't conspired to make his actions productive, but they dumbed this down for people who don't like to think."
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:20 No.15946409
     File1313425250.png-(587 KB, 900x828, 1309583068044.png)
587 KB
>mod's face when (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:22 No.15946417
     File1313425327.jpg-(107 KB, 654x421, Guts_slasher_smile.jpg)
107 KB

This is why I like Berserk. In-world, everyone sees Griffith as the goodguy, and Guts as the evildoer.

He's certainly got the smile to be one.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:22 No.15946422

It helps that Griffith is the most handsome man in the handsome land.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:23 No.15946430

They're hilariously wrong. Out-and-out evil characters don't have room to grow, either. While I do find your typical shonen protagonist annoying as hell, the opposite would be equally bad.

I do think Hei, from Darker than Black, is an example of a morally dubious character who is still likeable. He's a thief and an assassin, but he has a reason *why* he's doing this, and he grows over time- It's subtle, but he's changed by the end of the series.

A HERP DERP RAPE MURDER KILL I'M SUCH A DICK main character might be fun to watch, but you'd get an inherently shallow show. All he could do is to go from setpiece to setpiece and troll.

Oddly enough, the closest to a real sociopath I've seen is Akane from Hanachirasu. But he's unapologetically the villain of the peace, and again- There's a reason for it. A Freudian reason, but a reason for ruining absolutely everyone's day.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:24 No.15946440
Morality does not exist. "Right" and "wrong" are values created by us, values that exist naught but in the realm of our thoughts, that serve nary a purpose but to marry us to the societal machine.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:25 No.15946448
Ey guys.

Can i laugh too?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:25 No.15946449
Yeah, it works like that if you continuously read a bunch of cliched shit by terrible writers instead of actually good, well-written stories.
Which I guess explains why /a/ thinks that way.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:25 No.15946451

I see no problem with being married to the societal machine.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:25 No.15946452
     File1313425515.jpg-(19 KB, 300x360, joker2.jpg)
19 KB
>A HERP DERP RAPE MURDER KILL I'M SUCH A DICK main character might be fun to watch, but you'd get an inherently shallow show.

By shallow you mean DEEP, right?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:26 No.15946459
Whatever you say.

Now if you excuse me, I have an orphan to rescue from rapists.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:26 No.15946462
Good, well-written stories take an amoral viewpoint where moralfags are punished for their idealism and realistic characters either suffer due to bad luck or actually make it in the end.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:26 No.15946465
Mark Hamill joker was superior
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:27 No.15946475
     File1313425669.png-(48 KB, 524x1200, 1274995049314.png)
48 KB

I'd like to buy the mod a drink.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:27 No.15946477
     File1313425676.png-(60 KB, 1010x176, Kamen Rider Counterpoint.png)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:27 No.15946478
Pally mod is best mod.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:28 No.15946479

... you realize using the term "moralfag" outs you as from /b/, right? I mean, I'd agree, except "moralfag" is a dead giveaway.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:28 No.15946481
Berserk has sure as fuck still got the designated hero and the designated villain, and all the rest of it I described.

The fantasy elements just provide even lazier ways to make the hero right and effective, and the villain irredeemably evil.

It's not sophisticated at all, it's just grimdark.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:28 No.15946482
     File1313425710.jpg-(184 KB, 1000x1518, 1308851359550.jpg)
184 KB
Wait for me!
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:28 No.15946484
Do you really believe that there is only one way to write a good story?
Plenty of good authors are capable of writing moral characters who don't get shit all over because they aren't assholes.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:28 No.15946487
So despite agreeing with me you're getting pissy over a single word. Good job.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:29 No.15946493
You mean like Discworld?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:29 No.15946494

In the grand scheme of things, feeding the homeless is no 'better' than killing them because 'better' suggests there's a definite, indisputable measure of morality, which there isn't because morality changes.

Actions therefore can only be judged on how they help the species as a whole. Killing is thought of as 'wrong' and yet nobody bats an eyelid over the amount of killing we're doing in the Middle East to defend truth, justice and freedom and all that jazz.

There are no absolutes. There's no such thing as pure good or pure evil. They're synthetic constructs. Raping an orphan has some good elements because it brings pleasure to the rapist. You may find that repulsive, but you can't deny it. Making people happy is always seen as an admirable quality.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:29 No.15946495
     File1313425788.jpg-(27 KB, 170x236, hope98.jpg)
27 KB


>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:30 No.15946502
>I have an orphan to rescue from rapists.
...and that orphan grew up to be ADOLPH HITLER.

If he had only been raped a few more times, he would have grown up to be a fashionably tormented artist...
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:30 No.15946503
No, nothing like Discworld.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:30 No.15946508

He's not the main character. That's the point. The Joker is *literally* the archetypical evil force; He comes from nothing, and just wants to drag everything and everyone down to his level, so he can shit on them. He has no meaning or identity beyond "I'm a bad guy."
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:30 No.15946511

Butthurt lawful good mods
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:30 No.15946512
     File1313425859.jpg-(39 KB, 442x536, 4th doctor.jpg)
39 KB
>mfw OP was banned but some troll continues anyway

Couldn't you come up with something new? This whole act is like two years old.

Seriously, be creative and imaginitive. Rile us up with something new and unique.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:31 No.15946513
I hope you're being sarcastic, because in Discworld, the biggest "moralfag" ever is Sam Vimes, who gets more and more successful every book.
>> That Guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 08/15/11(Mon)12:31 No.15946514
     File1313425861.gif-(125 KB, 250x250, glitter george.gif)
125 KB
>Dark Knight Joker
>Deep character
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:31 No.15946515

Just because we're fa/tg/uys doesn't mean we can't at least be gentlemen.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:31 No.15946516
But the thing is, Hei isn't a good guy or a moralfag. He's actually pretty goddamn evil.

So uh, way to prove yourself wrong.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:32 No.15946525

>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946530
There's the option of ponies but that's rather too volatile for now.
>> That Guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946532
     File1313425999.jpg-(29 KB, 249x248, george vampire.jpg)
29 KB
>Listening to /co/
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946533
     File1313426007.jpg-(55 KB, 343x576, Penwolf.jpg)
55 KB

But /co/ hates TDK's Joker.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946534
>in Discworld, the biggest "moralfag" ever is Sam Vimes
You misspelled "Carrot".
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946535
What about Captain Carrot?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946537
Funny thing is that nobody ever said he was deep but the retarded moralfags just lash out in anger because they know they're wrong and have no way to defend their wrong opinions.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946538
You must never go to /co/, because everyone there hates Nolan's movies for being popular.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:33 No.15946539
We can do what is seen as the greatest good for the most amount of people.

We can try to work together and aid as many people as we can.

We can try to make the most people safe as much as possible.

We can try to make the most people as happy as possible.

Try to bring the most happiness as you can and the most safety using your own judgement.

Also "nobody bats an eyelid over the amount of killing we're doing in the Middle East"? Nope, not true.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:34 No.15946542

Vimes isn't a "moralfag", at least not in the sense it's traditionally used. Carrot is.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:34 No.15946547
Except the designated villain is a charismatic leader who literally pulled humans and monsters together to save not-Europe from not-India invaders, put the heir of the eldest kingdom back on the crown and restored the blighted kingdom to it's old glory.
The hero is a cursed, near insane maniac who is one of the few people that knows the villain actually just may be one and intends to kill him out of revenge, in the process, likely fucking up everything the villain fixed.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:35 No.15946553

He *did* save the world, rescue a girl from sexual slavery, try to help his buddy's true love escape, and shut down a world-consuming horror. He did kill a lot of people along the way, but to be fair, most of them were horrible bastards.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:37 No.15946562
Vimes sheer sense of justice was powerful enough to exercise a "quasi-demonic entity that is untold millions of years old" that had been attempting to possess him.
That leaves very little room for interpretation.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:38 No.15946572
>Taking a years-old and stagnated troll seriously

I hope you guys don't do this.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:39 No.15946575
I keep hearing people on other boards complaining that /tg/ is some awful military state nazi-fest shithole because mods ban people they disagree with.

Now I just know they were all terrible trolls who got banned, this is reassuring.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:39 No.15946578

>Also "nobody bats an eyelid over the amount of killing we're doing in the Middle East"? Nope, not true.

I bat SEVERAL eyelids in fact.

I stole them from Afghan children.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:39 No.15946580
>have SPD
>not capable of actually emotionally caring about most people
>never, ever go the evil route, always end up helping both in RP and actual life

Just because I'm capable of literally not giving a fuck on a personal level does not mean I'm not a nice guy, or at least I think that's how it works - not really sure.

I just know that even in RP if I do something nasty it feels morally wrong - apparently people find it deep to be an evil, twisted sonofabitch, whilst I disagree and think it's better to be someone who doesn't have to care but does anyway.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:39 No.15946583
No they don't, they think Nolan's shit represents a sophisticated and high-brow ideal for all superheroes to strive for.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:39 No.15946584

Point. Did Hei ever kill anyone who wasn't a complete asshole? Even the opera-singing Contractor and the poet were both assassins trying to murder him.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:39 No.15946586
     File1313426386.png-(9 KB, 656x208, morals2.png)
9 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:40 No.15946589
     File1313426424.jpg-(122 KB, 1024x644, captainrevisionism.jpg)
122 KB
The villains are interesting. They make the story happen. They grab your attention and give grand compelling speeches.

The heroes are bland and dull. They react to the villains with predictable results. You learn just enough about them to care about them, but not enough to distinguish them from the idealized self of your fantasies.

It's a good formula, especially for an RPG, where you need to keep the players on track unless you like working harder than Tolkien simulating your whole world for an audience of three or four.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:40 No.15946592
Someone post the image where the little guys backstab each other and go on about how free they are.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:42 No.15946604
To be honest, I am somewhat incredulous about the fact that there are so many people thinking like this in our world.

What are you doing in your free time, kicking down old ladies?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:43 No.15946611

I'm going to assume it's since many players realized most good guys in games follow the same personalities. You either get the morally straight protagonist or testicle-dripping anti-hero. Either way you're getting a flat protagonist with next to no room for real character development. As a consequence the roles you play in story-driven games become cookie-cutter and amount to a less-than-adequate overall experience.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:44 No.15946613
     File1313426664.png-(141 KB, 300x410, Lord_Vetinari.png)
141 KB
Villains like this?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:44 No.15946617
No, they spend all their free time typing out their bullshit fantasies about how they should be able to do whatever they want on 4chan because they feel powerless in their normal lives.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:45 No.15946619
I like breaking the norms and trying to make my characters seem not only somewhat like real people, but also original and not fitting in those two molds.

There's nothing wrong with either but they are pretty overused.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:45 No.15946623

They're not going to do anything. In fact, most of us generally help old ladies. We just like to pretend we're GRIMDARK and NIHLISTIC, free from the CONSTRAINTS OF SOCIETY.

I suppose it's a sign of age, but while I'm cynical, I'm not a dick. Life is easier that way, when you go with the flow. Remember:

"Until a man is 30, he believes, under the right circumstances, that he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world."
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:45 No.15946625

>implying Vetinari isn't actually a good guy just playing the long game
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:46 No.15946632
>"Until a man is 30, he believes, under the right circumstances, that he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world."

I'm 22. I'd like to think I don't think like this, but who can even tell.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:47 No.15946642
Children tend to enjoy moral centric protagonists. It appeals to the moral policeman freshly instilled in their young brain. Older audiences tend to enjoy characters who are reflective of real people, characters who are morally ambiguous or at the very least are logically fleshed out.

Adults who cling to black and white heroes are essentially overgrown children. It is likely they play Good-alignments in RPGs and think that superheroes are good characters.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:47 No.15946644
>He *did* save the world
Wrong, he failed to save the world but who we thought was the main bad guy (Amber) let him redo it while sacrificing herself. Again another point towards bad guys.

>rescue a girl from sexual slavery, try to help his buddy's true love escape
who were these again? I forgot

>and shut down a world-consuming horror
pretty sure that never happened
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:49 No.15946653
"Black and white simplistic character" is not the same as "moral character". Complain about bad writing all you want, but all this shit about how terrible moralfags are is just dumb.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:49 No.15946658
>using emoticons
>blaming anyone else of being underage
hipocracy everywhere
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:49 No.15946660

Yeah, it's pretty much that. When you're a teen, you think you're going to be *special*. Maybe there will be an intergalatic war, you develop super powers, hunt demons, that kind of stuff. Then you put on a few years, and know those fantasies are silly, and keep hoping. Then you come out into the real world, with bills and jobs and maybe start a family, and you have the good grace to chuckle at the prat you were as an angsty teen, full of hormones.

Well, either that, or you pick up a gun, walk into a school, and start shooting. But those people are crazy, and most fa/tg/uys would never do that.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:51 No.15946672
How old is this? At least a year or two.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:52 No.15946681
     File1313427153.jpg-(23 KB, 220x308, 220px-Hippocrates_rubens.jpg)
23 KB
You called?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:52 No.15946682
Children tend to enjoy moral centric protagonists. It appeals to the moral policeman freshly instilled in their young brain. Older audiences, i.e. teenagers, tend to enjoy characters who are reflective of real people, characters who are morally ambiguous or at the very least are logically fleshed out: they feel repulsed over heroic protagonists, feeling them childish and trying their best to look like an adult. True adults can like either one just fine, and enjoy both kind of stories, depending on circumstances.

Adults who cling to black and grey heroes are essentially overgrown children. It is likely they play Evil-alignments in RPGs and think that supervillains are edgy and realistic.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:52 No.15946683
This is probably the most pathetic things I've read on 4chan ever.

If we can't formulate proper arguments against someone. Lets agree with our own side that the other guys are underage because it makes us feel like grown men.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:54 No.15946690
How come the anti-moralists are only allowed to do that though?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:56 No.15946699
Seeing as how you can seemingly read it seems that you are trying to troll extremely poorly. Don't worry I'm not a normalfag. I don't have to stoop to your level.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:56 No.15946701

Because they're right.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:56 No.15946706
I just tend to think that anyone taking this whole discussion seriously, one way or the other, is a child.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:57 No.15946712
Nothing you just said makes any goddamn sense. You're gonna have a hard time beating the moralfags like that.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:58 No.15946718
Confirmed underage

Reported, emailed moot, called the cops.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:59 No.15946723
Oh so you can't read.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:59 No.15946725
     File1313427545.png-(157 KB, 499x500, trolling.png)
157 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)12:59 No.15946728
Protip: Opinions can be wrong.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:00 No.15946732

Don't forget to release the hounds and sound the dooms day siren.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:00 No.15946734
Just because most people end up mediocre doesn't mean everyone who doesn't expect to is being unrealistic. It's not actually random.

It's kind of like how most people think they're pretty smart. If you're dumb, you're too dumb to figure out that you're dumb. This doesn't somehow mean that thinking you're dumb is always a sign of maturity and realistic thinking. It can be that, or it can be a crippling lack of confidence.

We tell stories that encourage kids to reach for the stars, because mediocre people just don't contribute much to societal progress, and everyone ends up mediocre if they plan for it.

So stop trying to drag everyone down with your bullshit. Accepting mediocrity is only the maturity of the mediocre.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:01 No.15946738
Why do moralfags have such shit taste in characters and stories? I mean most vidya have good enough taste these days to move away from moralfag stuff, but these retards still stick to shallow crap from 20 years ago with childish good vs evil stories.

Not only that but their taste even outside of vidya is atrocious, Kamen Rider, Hokuto no Ken, most superhero shit is all on the same level as Twilight, if not even more brainless.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:01 No.15946739
     File1313427676.jpg-(144 KB, 800x439, opinions.jpg)
144 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:01 No.15946742
They're correct in their assumptions of the other side's manchildness makes them feel like grown men?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:01 No.15946744
     File1313427708.png-(351 KB, 500x363, dude-your-opinion-man.png)
351 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:07 No.15946747
That, and how you can objectively prove that moralistic characters are mostly for children.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:08 No.15946750
My tastes are highly varied and contain far too many things to count here.

They don't, however, count under them Punisher as written by Garth Ennis.
>> Guybrarian 08/15/11(Mon)13:08 No.15946753

Kamen Rider speaks truth.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:08 No.15946754
Opinions can still be wrong bro. It depends on the context.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:08 No.15946755
I always enjoy a public execution, but I think the entire thread needs to eat it too at some point.
>> Exaltedfag 08/15/11(Mon)13:08 No.15946762
     File1313428136.gif-(51 KB, 416x600, Kamenrider.gif)
51 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:09 No.15946764

The reason I play good characters is that I was raised with Optimus Prime and the G.I Joes showing me the way not to be an asshole. And I don't see anything wrong with this.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:09 No.15946768
     File1313428158.jpg-(78 KB, 641x868, kenshiro.jpg)
78 KB
>Hokuto no Ken

You are already B&.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:09 No.15946774
The simple reason /tg/ mostly dislikes moral characters is because in all fictional settings they are meddlers who interfere with the lives of others based on their own preconceptions of how things ought to be. I don't feel the overwhelming need to tell people that stealing is wrong or murder ain't right, because I know nothing about those people or what they have been through or what led them to make decisions. I hate black and white, because black and white thinking is an easy way out for people who don't want to examine each situation individually. For the moral-centric protagonist all issues fall under a certain domain, when in reality nothing fits in neat little boxes and people are complex.

Moralfags are still thinking in black and white universals. That is why they don't understand a damn thing I'm saying. Just as, say, a thief robbing somebody in front of me has his reasons, I have my own as well, do I not? Whether they are admirable or understandable or not doesn't matter. They are real for the person that is experiencing. This is why I don't see the point in getting involved unless the death of something or someone important to me is a reasonably possible outcome. It's just a painful fact of life that sometimes our reasons and experiences come into conflict with those of another. the moral centric character cares only for their own reason and experience. I admire such dedication, but that kind of thinking gets us mass murderers and the like who want to bring morality to the evil immoral masses. This is why I don't judge others: I'm not qualified to do so, because I cannot reasonable hold that my own reason and experience is any better than others. I value life above all else and I do not infringe on the lives of others lightly, especially not for something as subjective as personal morality. Life is tangible.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:09 No.15946778

I'm not saying that everyone is mediocre. I'm just saying that you get more mature as you grow up. Part of growing up is realizing what a prat you were, when you were younger. I'm a lawyer, myself- I work in a medium-sized firm, which means I'm several rungs up on the ladder.

Sure, imagination is awesome. I love fantasy, anime and science-fiction, and enjoy grimdark settings like 40K. I don't, however, believe for a moment that I'm a bold rebel against a flawed system, or a stoic badass.

I mean- Aren't there moments in your life that now, looking back, make you cringe at how childish you were? Yeah.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:09 No.15946779
The inability to accept that there is an innate morality to the world, that good and evil do exist, and that right and wrong transcend social constructs and exist outside of man is the sign of a damaged and improperly functioning brain that should likely be locked up for the protection of self and society.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:10 No.15946783
>Raping an orphan has some good elements because it brings pleasure to the rapist. You may find that repulsive, but you can't deny it. Making people happy is always seen as an admirable quality.

Making other people happy is good. Making yourself happy at the expense of another person's wellbeing (i.e.; raping them) is not.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:10 No.15946789
>How can one play a [INSERT TARGET] without seeming like an emotionally and intellectually-stunted manchild and complete failure at life?
>Oh wait you can't.
>Glad we got that cleared up.
Is this a reference to some part of popular culture? I've seen this troll many times on /v/ and now it's starting to show up on /tg/ more and more. The whole loaded question, "oh wait you can't", then some sentence claiming the issue is settled.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:11 No.15946793
     File1313428262.jpg-(162 KB, 1024x768, cwc.jpg)
162 KB

Release your inner child.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:12 No.15946798
I... what the hell?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:12 No.15946803
Being good is simply being everything that Optimus Prime and Flint taught us to be.

Now you know!
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:12 No.15946804
I always make sure to find out exactly why this person wants to murder this other person, and act accordingly.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:13 No.15946806

This man makes a surprising amount of sense. I don't know how to feel about that.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:13 No.15946808
     File1313428426.gif-(7 KB, 273x537, 1305531409574.gif)
7 KB
This is why I moralfag.

If everyone goes off and does absolutely nothing to help anyone else, the logical result is the destruction of society.

Yes, helping other people means sometimes you get shafted. That's precisely WHY good is held up as an ideal - being a decent person is HARD.

If it were easy, it wouldn't mean anything.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:13 No.15946810
>Copypasta antimoralfag commentary
>Copypasta antimoralfag commentary everywhere
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:14 No.15946813
     File1313428457.png-(71 KB, 1238x1036, 1300566432937.png)
71 KB
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:14 No.15946814
"The villain has tricked them all into thinking he's a good guy, but nobody understands the hero (except his woman -- he's a complicated man)" is hardly original or sophisticated. It's a very common, very standard set-up.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:19 No.15946846
Sure, amoralfaggotry might be acceptable in small amounts, they claim, such as stabbing a single orphan and raping the corpse: it will not result in a total destruction of society. It will, however, still result in a huge mess for somebody.

Amoralfags are essentially selfish children who shit over everything and expect someone else to clear up the mess. They justify this by claiming their shit is subjective and not really even there. And of course, if they were allowed their way, there would eventually be shit everywhere.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:19 No.15946849
Nah, it's just that the smarmy superiority is an effective troll.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:20 No.15946857
     File1313428831.jpg-(188 KB, 1280x1024, 1286949812208.jpg)
188 KB

smite evil bitches, no escape
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:21 No.15946859
That's not trolling. That's just sharing an opinion in a confrontational and douchey manner. It would only be trolling if the person didn't actually share that opinion, and was issuing it purely to get people mad at him.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:22 No.15946866
>I didn't say what I said. You just made the mistake of reading the words I wrote. You are silly, I am always perfectly reasonable.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:24 No.15946880
Sheer determination =/= lawful goodness.

Yeah, there is no doubt he is a good person, but he's not a "moralfag".
Neither is Carrot, because he's not concerned with right or wrong, he's concerned with illegal, and legal.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:25 No.15946885
     File1313429105.gif-(174 KB, 763x948, zjUaFA6wSjTjtHNgQ90.gif)
174 KB

That's why you game the system you dumbfuck.

You pretend to be a good guy, you tell other that they should be good and help each other, but you don't actually do it yourself.

See this comic for further explanation.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:25 No.15946886
>there are only extremes
typical moralfag opinion

a wrong opinion
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:27 No.15946898

>Hurr durr anyone who's angry and7or confrontational is a troll


That's not what trolling means.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:27 No.15946900
>Making yourself happy at the expense of another person's wellbeing (i.e.; trolling them) is not.
Then why are you such a willing victim?
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:27 No.15946907

To be fair, I didn't mention the word 'mediocre' at all. I didn't mean to imply it, either. Growing up and finding employment doesn't necessarily mean a boring lifetime of desk-jockeying and toil.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:27 No.15946908

>That's not trolling. That's just sharing an opinion in a confrontational and douchey manner

Well in my opinion you're a fucking cunt who wouldn't know a troll if you were being sodomized by one.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:28 No.15946911
>Moralfag opinion: ends with every character boring and a one dimensional moral archetype

>Amoralfag opinion: ends with every character a chaotic derp fucktard or a laughably evil stereotype

you're both stupid. The end.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:28 No.15946912
But it wasn't just determination, it was literally his spirit of justice and righteousness that repelled the demon.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:28 No.15946919
Attitude is everything, if you don't understand that you won't go anywhere in life.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:29 No.15946927
I think the issue is that both sides paint the other one as a completely extreme strawman in order to make themselves look better. They are stupid.

But you do the same on both of them. Hence you are double-stupid.
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:30 No.15946933
>implying I'm not sodomized by a troll every night
>> Anonymous 08/15/11(Mon)13:32 No.15946946
The entire amoralfag argument is basically "you don't always have to be good and just and thinking of others, in fact many times it can be downright dumb if you don't think about the repercussions"


Just read the thread for proof.