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(Thought I'd repost this from last night, seeing as how most of the people that replied to my thread from late night and morning /tg/ were trolls and morons. Yes, I know that the planet bears resemblance to another planet from another piece of popular fiction, and I based this planet from it. And before anyone asks, this is a planet to be used in a Dark Heresy campaign. I find it fun to think up of strange planets in the Imperium, and elaborating on them.)

A rarity in the Imperium, Iniega is a gas giant that has an atmospheric layer suitable for habitation. This 60km layer is kept at a reasonable pressure and temperature by the gas giant, and has developed a small ecosystem of floating flora and fauna. Massive floating cities and farms dot the planet, all of which date back to the Dark Age of Technology. These are held aloft by a series of complex and arcane buoyancy mechanisms that are attended to by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
The planet lies in the direct center of multiple trade lanes and has grown to be a sort of trade nexus for thousands of Trade Guilds, Conglomerates, and Corporations. These organizations hold all the power on Iniega, and the entire planet has been shaped into a mix between a trading planet, a hive planet, and a pleasure planet (riding through the massive gas clouds on an air-speeder is an experience second to none, and the sheer beauty of the planet attracts billions of tourists per year).


CLASS: Hive/Pleasure World

GRAVITY: Varies, though Habitable Zone standard is roughly 1.2G

YEARS AND DAYS: Iniega takes 418 Terran Days to complete its orbit and 8.65 Terran Hours to rotate on its axis. It should be noted that Iniega orbits one star in a triple star system. The other two stars are positioned so that at least one of them always shines on Iniega's dark side, thereby turning the planet's night into more of a twilight.
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PLANETARY GOVERNOR: The current Planetary Governor of Iniega is Prime Minister Verina Saphora. She represents the Toralis Combine, one of the many Trade Organizations on Iniega, and was elected into office in 997.M41.
It should be noted that Iniega's Planetary Governor does not follow orthodox Imperial standards. A revolt in 019.M37 deposed the Planetary Governor and the old hereditary-based system with a more 'republic' style of choosing a Planetary Governor. Each Trade Guild, Conglomerate, or Corporation with sufficient status on Iniega submits a representative, called a Senator, to Iniega's Parliament, where they represent the interests of their organization to the other representatives. Every six years, a vote among the people of Iniega decides which Senator they feel would best represent Iniega as a whole. The Senator that amasses the most votes from the populace is elected as Planetary Governor, or Prime Minister as it is called on Iniega. Unpopular Prime Ministers do not last long in office, while popular ones can serve multiple terms.
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RELIGION: The Cult of the God-Emperor is the more prevalent faith on the upper cities, while the lower cities, which are inhabited mostly by Adeptus Mechanicus agents, are faithful to the Cult of the Machine God.

CLIMATE: In the Habitable Zone, warmth radiating from the sun and Iniega's core combine to give the entire zone a very warm climate. Temperatures never rise above 36 degrees Celsius and never drop below 13 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere in the Habitable zone is somewhat thin, but breathable and comfortable.

CLIMATIC REGIONS: The higher levels of the Habitable zone are obviously cooler than the lower levels. Polar regions are also considerably cooler than equatorial regions.

CLIMATIC PHENOMENA: Electrical Storms and High Winds.
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NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: Iniega boasts several species of fauna, and one primary species of flora that create a stable ecosystem in the Habitable Zone.
Iniega's primary flora is the Povaxis Weed, though the name is misleading. The Povaxis Weed is more or less a colony of various species of xenoflora. The entire Povaxis Weed floats on an air bladder. The air bladder is covered with a thick layer of algae and various mosses, while vines stretch from the bottom of the air bladder. The size of Povaxis Weeds varies from smaller than a Terran Canine to larger than a Land-Train.
Various fauna flourish on the Povaxis Weed. The most prevalent creature is a pack animal known as the Vrent Buzzard, or simply Vrent. Vrents are small bird-like creatures that live short lives completely in the air. They eat the various algae and moss on the Povaxis Weed, and lay their eggs in the vines. They travel in large packs of anywhere to over a million Vrents. Though they rarely grow over two centimeters, they pester farmers constantly, though they almost never venture into urban zones.
The larger and more predatory animal on Iniega is the Nethis Ray. It looks more or less like a Terran Manta Ray, and floats in the habitable zone for its entire life. On its tail are suction cups that allow it to grab onto the vines of the Poraxis Weed in order to sleep. They too nest in the Poraxis Weed, but they feast primarily on the Vrents. They can reach the size of large Air-Speeders in their adulthood, and some have even been domesticated for riding. Nethis Rays do not stray close to human settlements, preferring to float from Poraxis Weed to Poraxis Weed for their next meal or mate. They are found on the Planetary Crest and are a symbol of the planet.

ALIEN FLORA AND FAUNA: With the exception of plants and animals raised on farms, there are no alien flora or fauna that could survive on Iniega for more than a few minutes at most.
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ECONOMY: Iniega's economy is completely controlled by the various Trade Guilds, Conglomerates, and Corporations found across the Segmentum. Trade and financial dealings completely dominate the economy, and many guilds, conglomerates, and corporations have their headquarters on Iniega. This has turned the planet into what some jokingly call "The Ophelia VII of Trade," as hundreds of millions of businessmen conduct negotiations, trades, mergers, and all sorts of financial transactions on the planet. The Administratum obviously has a rather large office complex on the planet dedicated to overseeing that Iniega and the various organizations on it continue to benefit the Imperium.
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SOCIETY: Iniega's citizens enjoy a relatively high level of standing compared to the standard Imperial Hive World. Most citizens have a decent hab-room to call their own, adequate food, medicine, and sanitation, and most operate in clerical work, either for the Administratum or for the hundreds of thousands of trade organizations on Iniega. This level of prosperity is only possible from the taxes and income generated by all of the trade going on within Iniega's floating cities.
The cities on Iniega are of particular note. They consist of several levels, all of which float calmly on the turbulent winds and gas clouds beneath the Habitable Zone. The upper levels house the majority of the population, and are partially enclosed domes. The lower levels, which are separated from the upper levels by a large crease, are the residences and workplaces of the Adeptus Mechanicus personnel, who work to keep the massive floating cities buoyant. The last levels are known as the Anchor Levels. These stem out from the lower levels into the deepest parts of the habitable zone, gradually getting smaller and smaller the closer to the bottom they get. At the very lowest level is the Anchor, a large machine from the Dark Age of Technology that maintains balance for the entire city. When viewed from afar, the cities look like "T"s, stretching deep into the heavy cloud coverage of Iniega.

WATER SUPPLY: Water comes from many sources on Iniega. Most water is recycled and purified through various filters. Some water comes from chunks of glaciers brought from Kasavar and melted down. Some water is imported from outside the system. And in some areas, water vapor is collected from the air.
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Holy shit... this is Bespin. SWEET!
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PRINCIPLE EXPORTS: Trade and Financial Transactions

PRINCIPLE IMPORTS: Foodstuffs, water, consumer goods, manufactured goods

DEFENSES: Iniega maintains a well armed PDF, as well as several hundred laser and missile platforms stationed across Iniega and in orbit.

IMPERIAL GUARD RECRUITMENT: Currently, Iniega has 19 Imperial Guard Regiments serving across the Imperium. The Iniegean Heavy Drop Corps operate in small teams that deploy from Valkyries and High-Altitude-Low-Orbit Craft. They are rare, but they are very well equipped and well trained to operate in hazardous conditions.