File :1225426781.jpg-(30 KB, 293x400, digimon.jpg)
30 KB Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:19:41 No.1977857  
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:23:43 No.1977893
Yes, wont someone PLEASE think of the children?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:25:24 No.1977907
How would the ability to fly affect what I think of the children?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:27:21 No.1977922
They would now be thought of as targets for dropped feces.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:29:33 No.1977944
this statement is extremely fucking win
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:35:35 No.1977983
but digivolution is a scientific fact!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:35:53 No.1977984
I, for one, am not convinced of it either.

There are huge gaps in the digital fossil records. How can someone prove that Agumon became Greymon? Greymon has a brown skull thing on his head. Why would an Agumon suddenly be born with one on his head, huh?

And why are kids the only ones who get Digimon? It is a conspiracy to implant the idea that digivolution is acceptable into young, impressionable minds.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:40:57 No.1978023
Where the fuck does Phantomon come from anyway? You just can't be an Ultimate Digimon from the get-go.

Or at least, that's what Digivolution says.

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:46:55 No.1978083
while I do not oppose the teaching of digivolution, other, quite possibly more valid options should be taught as well. For instance, what of the theory that rather than evolving naturally, the digital world was created by some sort of higher being, a "programmer" if you will?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:47:44 No.1978089
     File :1225428464.jpg-(55 KB, 447x331, gennai1.jpg)
55 KB
it r a fact. I kno becuz of my lernings.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:48:10 No.1978093

This fanart maed me really sad for some reason :(
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:51:00 No.1978125

Yeah, she should be giving TK a handjob instead.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)00:54:06 No.1978151
much like how our schools should be teaching programism instead.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:00:26 No.1978204
Why then, no matter how hard I pray , won't my Gabumon evolve? If there really is a "programmer" up there, why is he so uncaring as to the plights of his creation?

There is no evidence of this "intelligent programmer" whereas we have observed evidence for the digivolution of Tentomon.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:02:46 No.1978223
Just because the programmer doesn't answer you whims doesn't mean he isn't there. He works in mysterious ways.

The digivolution of Tentomon, being so awesome, actually helps PROVE his existence.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:09:19 No.1978282

Ahhhh, it seems we are of differing opinions regarding the same data.

Then let us take the Patamon. Alone he is no affront to your "programmers" will. But when prompted to digivolve, he becomes an angel. Same can be observed with the Gatomon. Now, would this "programmer" be ok with one of his highest creations digivolving from a Patamon?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:10:24 No.1978295
While it is true that we have observed adaptation (EX: Agumon digivolving into Greymon), nobody has ever proved macro-digivolution. Have you ever seen Agumon digivolve into Wargreymon? I think not.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:11:01 No.1978306
where is this "evidence" you refer to? Where are the transitional forms? Digivolutionists claim that all these creatures are related, but there are obviously key differences! where did fufomons horn go? why, if digimon are getting better, stronger and faster, would they be LOSING such a feature? where are the missing links between all these creatures? guess what? they're STILL MISSING. after all this time, you still have yet to gain any real evidence for digivolution, and people are wising up to your lies-at this point, the majority of the digital world does not support the teaching of digivolution. and yet, the digiological community refuses to even consider the programist argument.

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:13:28 No.1978332
     File :1225430008.jpg-(30 KB, 420x343, RyudamonDigiLine.jpg)
30 KB
sorry forgot the pic.

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:15:14 No.1978354


Although an uncommon occurrence, first-hand accounts have been reported.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:24:08 No.1978463
Its programmed inspiration at every step.

I suppose that you think a botomon just came from pure chance? No test has ever proven the theory of adigigenisis.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:24:15 No.1978465
     File :1225430655.jpg-(17 KB, 260x281, magreydramon.jpg)
17 KB
See, the problem with digivolution is that you just don't see something like this in nature:

a magreydramon!

theres just nothing like it!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:28:18 No.1978507
What a lot of people are missing is the process of de-digivolving. There is still much specualation as to what really occurs in this. Many think that it is atavistic traits fully surfacing. I newly digivolved Greymon, if unexperienced, will de-digivolve all the way to Koromon, if the original was Agumon.

Natural selection would tell us that he is unfit. An unexperienced Greymon would undoubtedly perish in the Digital World. De-digivolving is nature's way of bringing him back to his roots to try over again. It is like a fail-safe. No matter how unsuitable the final form is, the process can always start again. This device must have digivolved when a seemingly fitting characteristic turned out to be unusable. Some would digivolve a use for something that lent them the power to remake a digivolution.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:31:08 No.1978531
If an augumon digivolves to a greymon, why are there still augumon?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:34:00 No.1978561
How reliable are these witnesses? You may be surprised to find that all these witnesses brought forth as "proof" are all YOUNG CHILDREN. Hardly rigorous scientific standards, hmm?
>> !DlQLyppdkQ 10/31/08(Fri)01:37:47 No.1978601
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:39:24 No.1978619

Did I mention these kids were Japanese? Japanese people are smart and therefore are up to scientific analysis.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:39:50 No.1978625

also, this whole fucking thread is so fucking win. I hope this gets archived.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:41:12 No.1978641
Can we REALLY trust the opinions of yellow slanty eyed monsters who feel no pain or love?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:41:32 No.1978648

oh, so now you introduce sexism into the debate?

women aren't objects owned by men ya know.

on that note, the "programmer" is a racist for calling "_____mon". "Mon" is a tad too close to "man" for my likings.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:45:38 No.1978686
it may interest you that the genocide of the holocaust was committed due to hitlers deep faith in digivolutionism, and was in fact an attempt to force Jewmon to digivolve into WarJewmon? In fact, anywhere digivolution is taught, morals crumble and digicide follows.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:46:46 No.1978694
Thats purely due to the digivolution of language. They were in a time of a male dominated digiverse, and we can't be blamed for using a derivation of their language.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:47:08 No.1978696
In the later days of Digimon, it was discovered that, with the help of the proper human, a spirit could manifest itself in the real world. How does a digivolutionist account for these? The presence of the supernatural is overwhelming support for something greater than what the material world can offer, such as a great "programmer".
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:48:20 No.1978708
     File :1225432100.jpg-(390 KB, 1192x2734, Digimon.jpg)
390 KB
The best parts so far, if anyone wants it. Cleaned a little for less reading, more win.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:49:09 No.1978714




Programism for the fucking win.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:53:18 No.1978745
only 4 more archive requests to go!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:53:35 No.1978747
     File :1225432415.jpg-(668 KB, 1071x1506, 18.jpg)
668 KB
needs more digi porn
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:55:44 No.1978761
Can you link up the archive site? I've been contributing as often as I can, and I also assembled the collection image, but saving this would be good.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)01:57:48 No.1978772
But digimon sex was something beautiful which the programmer on intended for digimarrige! Your digiporn cheapens this most beautiful gift!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:00:30 No.1978794
People and digimon evolved to enjoy sex, They need incentive to procreate as much as possible, due to their small brood sizes.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:01:24 No.1978801
     File :1225432884.jpg-(659 KB, 1032x1501, 19.jpg)
659 KB
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:01:34 No.1978802

request interface

and follow it all from there
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:05:35 No.1978827
first, once again, there is little to no solid evidence that digivolution actually occurred at any point in digital history. Furthermore, how can we possibly take you seriously when you are unable to spell "digivolve"?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:06:36 No.1978833
3 more archives people.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:08:47 No.1978846
You're right, my mistake, but it's insanely hot here right now. And are you forgetting about digifossils?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:12:25 No.1978869
jesus christ, you kids and your cartoons. goddamn.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:13:02 No.1978876
The digifossil record was planted by devimon to deceive us! do not be fooled!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:16:43 No.1978906
Devimon is a Programist lie, invented to keep digipeasants oppressed in the dark ages.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:16:54 No.1978909

I fixed it for you. Your welcome.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:17:23 No.1978918

Ok, enjoy burning in digital hell. Where Myotismon will rape you and Devimon will gnaw on your head for eternity.

All because you didn't have faith. But I know I'm secure. I have my own guardian Angemon watching over me.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:17:43 No.1978923
We'll see who's laughing when you're sitting in the recycle bin for eternity.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:19:52 No.1978939
I also have another question.

Is digiabortion right?

Is it moral to terminate a living, breathing set of binary just because you were careless to wear virus protection?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:20:36 No.1978941
Oh, you are so blind you cannot see how Devimon has twisted your soul and left you without hope. Accept Angemon, the Programmer made manifest on earth, into your heart, and see what it feels like to have your eyes opened for the first time.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:20:49 No.1978942
All script is sacred. End of story.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:22:36 No.1978955
We'll see who's laughing when you've spent your entire life praying for the "digidestined", while I live mine to the fullest.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:23:40 No.1978964

What about in the case of hacking?

When that data is implanted against your will? Why should you have to pay the price from another's evil act?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:23:42 No.1978965
As Jewmon, I believe that Angemon exists, and is a great digimon whose Hand of Fate is very effective against inherently evil Digimon of the Champion and Ultimate levels such as Devimon and Myotismon. However, I do not believe he was the programmer made manifest on earth.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:24:57 No.1978977
The digidestined will come again, and only by vowing to give up your code to him can you be saved.
>> Black_Knight !DlQLyppdkQ 10/31/08(Fri)02:28:59 No.1978998
     File :1225434539.jpg-(248 KB, 1536x1024, crw1974cv6.jpg)
248 KB
Forget your Digivolution heathens, Pokemon Intelligent Design is the only true path you need.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:29:27 No.1979003
In the case of the digirapture, one could always reboot. One's code would remain out of Devimon's clutches but would have to endure several beta tests to see whether it is ready for salvation.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:29:42 No.1979005
How can you refer to any innocent Digi-Egg as a "price", somehow not deserving of life just because of how it was digi-conceived? Our lord and programmer see's every fresh digimon as one of his children, it's binary laid down by his holy, sweaty, cheeto-reside covered hand. To prevent the hatching of any Digi-Egg is murder of the worst kind.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:30:37 No.1979012
There is far more evidence of digivolution then there is that the digidestined ever entered the digiverse.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:31:54 No.1979015
I assume even the digivolutionists can agree that this guy is a moron? Like seriously, poketology is retarded.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:32:13 No.1979019
     File :1225434733.jpg-(12 KB, 300x300, Tom-Cruise13.jpg)
12 KB

Oh shit, they already have Tom Cruise!

We need to rally anon!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:33:56 No.1979035
Sir, digimon adventure was animated by our programmer himself, and is an infallible recounting of how angelmon defeated devimon.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:35:49 No.1979042
That's Scientology you moron!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:36:52 No.1979048
Frequently mistranslated fables and stories made up 8 years ago in a fearful and primitive time can hardly be used as a way to determine fact.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:38:43 No.1979061
And the Poketologist have GARY OAK
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:39:07 No.1979063
     File :1225435147.png-(29 KB, 138x211, Kudamonprofile1.png)
29 KB
He probably confused Tom Cruise and Kudamon. Easy mistake.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:40:03 No.1979072
We know that they're fact because the programmer stated that they are. This isn't an if/then operator, it's the only theory that makes any rational sense.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:40:27 No.1979079

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:43:58 No.1979099
     File :1225435438.jpg-(103 KB, 554x500, taomon.jpg)
103 KB
Quick Anonmon, put on your Taomon masks and protest this Poketology cult!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:45:32 No.1979112
Only newmon are protestmon.

Anyone got any thoughts about gaymon marriage?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:46:14 No.1979118
     File :1225435574.jpg-(140 KB, 960x576, 1225007447825.jpg)
140 KB
And superior Girls too

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:46:32 No.1979127
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:47:45 No.1979135
has this fucking thread been archived yet?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:47:52 No.1979136
2 more requests to go!!!

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:50:59 No.1979148

As long as both mon are hot, duh.

But I am adamantly opposed to the idea of a Nanimon couple. Gross.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:52:22 No.1979160
I just hit 5, I think DIGIMON ARE GOOOOOOOO.

That better not need a digiblox, here's one anyways.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:54:38 No.1979182
Yay, may this thread live on until the day the digidestined return.

May they then read this, and they may then observe how faithful we have been to their word.

May the watch over us, forever and ever, amon.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:57:01 No.1979198
Amon to that, amon.

I'm out, I got my screencaps and I'm sleepy.

Angelmon bless you.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)02:57:50 No.1979203
Amon brother.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)03:30:03 No.1979472
Digi Poke Science Wars...

Begun Have...
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)03:37:23 No.1979533
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)04:28:44 No.1979856

>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)08:42:01 No.1980840
I just thought I'd bump this thread for anyone who hasn't been digisaved yet.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)08:50:54 No.1980860
Our programmer
whom art in basement
l33t be thy game
give us this day our daily code
and forgive us our lamzors
as we forgive those who lamzors against us
you look at porn and cum
and then you're done
in the digiverse as it is irl.
>> dark !dooMer.vIU 10/31/08(Fri)16:59:18 No.1983457
     File :1225486758.jpg-(364 KB, 1920x1200, Copie de god_created_rena.jpg)
364 KB
Digimon for creationists...
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)17:25:43 No.1983574
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)17:31:22 No.1983600
     File :1225488682.jpg-(120 KB, 1600x500, rena_evo.jpg)
120 KB
Scientific facts...
>> patachu666 !LULZISTwQI 10/31/08(Fri)17:44:43 No.1983672
     File :1225489483.png-(67 KB, 1000x1000, patapatapatapata.png)
67 KB

What's wrong with patamon >:[ because it's small you mean its not supposed to evolve into a demi-god of war and destruction?

Your point is SPECIIST. Patamons are awesum so kissmy mokvwap butt; I'm gonna have secks with my bf Patamon!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)17:46:47 No.1983684
     File :1225489607.gif-(60 KB, 585x508, 1197007167773.gif)
60 KB
this is hardly a good digiporn thread yet

goddammit why does the robot blox for no reason for no reason!!....
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)17:56:33 No.1983728
     File :1225490193.jpg-(173 KB, 803x1024, 1205183185996.jpg)
173 KB
needs more garurumon

lol mootblaux
>> patachu666 !LULZISTwQI 10/31/08(Fri)18:18:08 No.1983817
     File :1225491488.png-(1.12 MB, 2048x2560, patamon-evo.png)
1.12 MB
it MUST have original content. both pix and text and i'm scared that a shit i mspaint'd blocked me for 30 seconds D:

Just so you know.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)18:39:06 No.1983898
not archiving this makes baby angemon cry.....
>> Sakamoto Asami !m0hEY/p0RI 10/31/08(Fri)18:42:14 No.1983909
     File :1225492934.jpg-(81 KB, 395x545, images098.jpg)
81 KB
I think there are benefits of digivolution, but we need to plan out it's consequence of world
>> patachu666 !LULZISTwQI 10/31/08(Fri)18:52:33 No.1983944
     File :1225493553.png-(763 KB, 2000x2048, buimon-evo.png)
763 KB

Its consequences? simple!
The end of mankind for a new era, the same way the mammals dominated earth after the dinosaurs were extinct.

man is obsolete >:]
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)18:55:18 No.1983959
>> Sakamoto Asami !m0hEY/p0RI 10/31/08(Fri)18:57:18 No.1983971
     File :1225493838.jpg-(114 KB, 395x545, images089.jpg)
114 KB
..I think i can support that. it also gives mind of things.
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)18:57:47 No.1983974
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:01:52 No.1983995
And while we're at it, WHO WAS PHONE?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:13:01 No.1984057
No, the real unanwsered question is whatever happened to that monster that dragged hikari into that world of dark in season 2? Seriously, they never tied that end up.
>> patachu666 !LULZISTwQI 10/31/08(Fri)19:25:27 No.1984128
     File :1225495527.jpg-(19 KB, 378x297, sakamoto004.jpg)
19 KB

oh man; i <3 sakamoto asami. i added her on facebook :D

It got raped to death by Rain just after she did Renamon :x
>> Sakamoto Asami !m0hEY/p0RI 10/31/08(Fri)19:29:27 No.1984152
     File :1225495767.jpg-(98 KB, 395x545, images096.jpg)
98 KB
Ah, a lovely thing of a patachu friended on a book of face! it friend back!
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:31:19 No.1984166
     File :1225495879.jpg-(216 KB, 536x750, robotmaster_touchdown-woman.jpg)
216 KB
forgot one. Renabel is a possible branching evolution
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:33:42 No.1984183
     File :1225496022.jpg-(140 KB, 530x362, penn-state-renamon.jpg)
140 KB
also this

chunky mootle soup blox
>> patachu666 !LULZISTwQI 10/31/08(Fri)19:35:36 No.1984192
.... Awesome! thanks for the add, love your works ( found you after uniqlock's site )
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:40:13 No.1984221
     File :1225496413.jpg-(16 KB, 200x231, castawayhair.jpg)
16 KB
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:46:59 No.1984259
There is apparently one sexy azn female posting her pix right in this pokemon thread.
Will you be able to spot her, anon?
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:48:06 No.1984268
oh my gosh it's the real sakamoto asami here on my 4chans no wayyyyyy
>> Anonymous 10/31/08(Fri)19:56:44 No.1984316
yes... ;w ;
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)01:42:54 No.1986346
>> Holland Boy !GaZtwAtvk. 11/01/08(Sat)01:46:52 No.1986369
6 posts in and I was loling like a retard.

This shall be a good thread indeed.
>> Dark !dooMer.vIU 11/01/08(Sat)09:51:56 No.1988492
     File :1225547516.jpg-(25 KB, 480x360, gatomon_dies.jpg)
25 KB
This was some triumph...
I'm makin' a note, here
Program Terminated_
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
Digital Monsters
we fight and evolve to save the World
for the good of all of us except the ones who are fragged

but there's no sense bawwing over every mistake
you just keep on fighting until your critter evolves into steak
and the digivolution's done and you make a neat gun
for the digimons who are still alive

Im not even angreh...
Im being so murry right now
even though you broke my kernel and get me killed...

I'm running out of lives
and dying in the corner of some street
as im fragmenting it hurted because I was so happy for you!
Now these points of digidata make a wonderful line
and we're out of attacks, we're winning on time
so I'm glad I got killed
Think of all the things you learned
For the digimons that are still alive

Go ahead and leave mree
I think I prefer to stay outside
maybe you'll find someone else to help you
maybe the D-Reaper
I was kidding, haha, fat chance
after the times I saved your life,
look at me still meowing,when there's combats to do
when I look at your world it makes me glad I'm not you
you've got a fandom to run, there is hentai to be done
on the digimons who are still alive

and believe mree I am still alive
I'm digivolving and I'm still alive
I feel YIFFTASTIC and I am still alive
While you ll be diyin I' ll be still alive
and when you're fragged I' ll be still alive

still alive :3
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)10:04:00 No.1988540
Pffff, Digifags.

It's obvious that the entire digiworld just burst into existance one day, and digivolution is just a random occurance.

There's no such thing as a 'Programmer', enjoy wasting your lives.
>> patachu !LULZISTwQI 11/01/08(Sat)10:41:39 No.1988748
     File :1225550499.jpg-(190 KB, 1104x794, ayr.jpg)
190 KB
>>1988540In the digital world, everyone's more or less the Programmer. Seeing everything without being there.
To have knowledge of everything without having physical contact. The Programmer... does nothing. If the Programmer doesn't do it, the digimons will.

As for the digidestiny, well, what about will? Maybe the Programmer has embedded a "security" in our code?
I dont believe this.

It's by hacking the digital world we can reach these levels of digivolution. If not, we would all be just little fragments of code.

What makes you Human? the atoms and particles you're made of are similar to anything in your world...
>> Renamon !Y6U1mNINJA 11/01/08(Sat)11:13:04 No.1988913
     File :1225552384.jpg-(213 KB, 1280x1086, Tea_v1_05_by_exr_xerox.jpg)
213 KB
I'm not going to debate the existence of the Programmer here, but what are you, the D-Reaper agent, and I, Renamon, a digimon; trying to
defend with our overhuman abilities?

It's been almost six years since the last digital war.
We were warriors, we fought in this war in our both, respective terrains...

Peace in the Digiworld and so, the human's world is what we are supposed to defend.

But what is the peace of the Digiworld, or this whole universe?

The all-out war and the defeat. The US SIGINT and its Echelon network against a horde of hackers in the whole world.

The War against terror, and the actual crisis about to segue into an international conflict ...the war of information, our domain.

And all those wars that still go on in many nations of the world.
Blood-drenched economical prosperity used to create and sustain those countless wars. But things are changing.

That's what's was behind the human's world "peace."
A virtual peace created by an indiscriminate fear of war and terror. Amplified after the 9/11 at its paroxysm.
An unjust peace that is maintained by having the wars elsewhere, but we keep denying ourselves this truth.
>> Sakamoto Asami !m0hEY/p0RI 11/01/08(Sat)11:21:25 No.1988947
     File :1225552885.jpg-(42 KB, 392x542, images088.jpg)
42 KB
That song is beautiful yet it is raged in end

how you say_ it hell in yiffdom
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:28:46 No.1988982
     File :1225553326.jpg-(24 KB, 881x162, digieggs.jpg)
24 KB
Fact is, there's no evidence of a common ancestor.

I put it to you that the Programmer created digi-eggs will the intention of guiding, or intelligently designing, if you will, the subsequent digivoluions.
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:30:06 No.1988992
     File :1225553406.jpg-(3 KB, 112x112, grossdigimon.jpg)
3 KB
I agree, it is an insult to suggest that all the beauty of the digital world could have digivolved from simple, disgusting goo.
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:31:32 No.1989002
     File :1225553492.jpg-(5 KB, 159x121, digimodify.jpg)
5 KB
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:35:11 No.1989019
     File :1225553711.jpg-(163 KB, 1024x768, rena.facepalm.jpg)
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Furries still, ruins everything so I felt like raising the level of this discussion after this post, going back to the existential debate about the Programmer, Hackers and Digivolution theories over some idea of a "Big Invisible Programmer amongst us all"

I'm rather open to discussions but when I read "Yiffy" or "Murr" again, I leave
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:38:42 No.1989039
     File :1225553922.jpg-(72 KB, 860x720, Rena_not amused.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:48:46 No.1989075
     File :1225554526.gif-(21 KB, 126x98, Game_of_life_animated_LWSS.gif)
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do you guys know a tetris-like game called "Conway's Game of life" or "Golly?"

Well, you start with a bunch of pixels, this pack of pixels attacks others, get bigger, stroonger, evolves.

it's the most accruate evolution game becauseit involves both natural selection (darwin) and synchronicity evolution (buffon) in a digital scale.
so, you start with a blob-like digimon and it ends into a magnificient entelechie of evolution, like the extraterrestrial beauty of angewomon, the appollonian proportions of flamedramon or the stealthness of renamon.

(yes; renamon is immune to radar detection.)
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:57:01 No.1989106
That's a glider, right?

I quite liked the game, but it's nothing to do with life. There are no stable shapes, so things like gliders and oscilliators only arise out of chance; there's no evolution in the game.
>> Anonymous 11/01/08(Sat)11:59:47 No.1989115
But isn't there no randomness in the Game of Life? Aren't stabilities relied entirely on their own shape? In that sense I guess it's not true evolution because there is no dynamic environment which needs to be adapted to.