File :1218896829.jpg-(112 KB, 500x800, mum.jpg)
112 KB Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:27:09 No.1299961  
ITT we MSpaint our mothers.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:33:35 No.1299989
shoot her
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:44:27 No.1300026

I agree, murder seems like the only viable solution
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:46:18 No.1300032
Get your driver's licence. Next time, steal the car.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:46:19 No.1300033
Your mom sounds a lot like my mom. Does she try to pick fights a lot? Does she have a persecution complex?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:49:43 No.1300041
All mothers have persecution complexes.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:53:15 No.1300056

lemme try something

>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:55:20 No.1300061

My mom doesn't.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)10:57:51 No.1300069
She does, she just doesn't show it.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)11:01:42 No.1300085
     File :1218898902.jpg-(64 KB, 663x671, ilovemymum.jpg)
64 KB
i < you mom i dont care what anyone else says
>> Kura !nq1lGxlY0U 08/16/08(Sat)11:12:33 No.1300132

Your mom seems to have a smiley face on her chest.

She might want to get that looked at.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)11:37:17 No.1300240
     File :1218901037.jpg-(56 KB, 706x499, fuckmspaint.jpg)
56 KB
Nigger please, I use photoshop.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)11:45:50 No.1300283
judging from the quality of the text and the layered look, so did OP
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)13:59:58 No.1300974
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:19:49 No.1301051

She was, bitch ruined good meat all the time.

Life became easier after she 'fell down the stairs' if you catch my drift.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:28:15 No.1301094
     File :1218911295.png-(11 KB, 512x384, fehi4ty349.png)
11 KB
Rather than depressing myself by drawing all the bad times over the years I just drew where we're at now.

Also, you guys have some pretty pathetic problems.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:34:51 No.1301115
if your mother is black, why draw yourself white?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:35:43 No.1301119
Self-hate / mother-hate / BAWWW
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:37:14 No.1301126
i didn't draw myself white, i only coloured her skin to illustrate that she's black. our clothes aren't white either
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:50:02 No.1301200
>Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:52:03 No.1301210
     File :1218912723.jpg-(32 KB, 751x483, mom.jpg)
32 KB
i would sure hate to be you dudes!
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:52:09 No.1301211
     File :1218912729.jpg-(89 KB, 1122x675, jpeg.jpg)
89 KB
mute sheep cant countercancer you
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:54:44 No.1301233

So you're mulatto or just lazy?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:55:15 No.1301241
     File :1218912915.png-(12 KB, 512x384, rguerh984y.png)
12 KB
i did my dad too, just for fun. this is therapeutic for some reason
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:55:20 No.1301242
so what you're saying is that you were chilling in the bathroom while your moms tits were hanging out and your dad is a bathtub
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:56:52 No.1301254
both, i did try to do my skin colour but it was too tricky
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:57:34 No.1301257
I really liek your Dad and believe you now
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)14:57:58 No.1301260
I don't see how they're mutually exclusive.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:00:10 No.1301272
yea i was washing my hands..and then she came up with that question and then dad was all like im not even alive im a bathtub....after all what i wanted to say is im going to smoke some weed with my mom soon
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:01:50 No.1301281
     File :1218913310.png-(11 KB, 512x384, tgjhek84749.png)
11 KB
and now my sister, had no idea what angle to pitch this but eventually decided on this
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:03:48 No.1301291
     File :1218913428.jpg-(50 KB, 751x483, sad mom.jpg)
50 KB
hey i made one about most of your moms
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:05:06 No.1301300
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:05:08 No.1301302
     File :1218913508.png-(8 KB, 512x384, gh5jt3489.png)
8 KB
and here i am with my friends
>> ▂▅▇█▓▒░ℳℴℯ KING Tripfag░▒▓█▇▅▂ !REDREDLOGo 08/16/08(Sat)15:06:54 No.1301308
Hey! Good going!
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:07:58 No.1301314
oh lawrd, nerve hit.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:10:36 No.1301323
Mom!? What the hell are you doing here? Can't you just leave me alone?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:23:13 No.1301372

This reminds me of that one copypasta about how everyone of 4chan is exactly the fucking same.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:28:42 No.1301406
I remember that.

It didn't quite describe me.
>> ▂▅▇█▓▒░ℳℴℯ KING Tripfag░▒▓█▇▅▂ !REDREDLOGo 08/16/08(Sat)15:29:19 No.1301408
That copypasta was bullshit.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:36:00 No.1301445

Well, most of it described me.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:42:23 No.1301468
     File :1218915743.jpg-(33 KB, 508x495, yes..jpg)
33 KB
It's always a fucking party when I talk to my mom.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:45:26 No.1301482
I love this thread so much it's hard to describe in English.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:55:58 No.1301558
     File :1218916558.png-(28 KB, 768x576, thisismymom101.png)
28 KB
this is my mother.
she doesn't listen.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)15:59:50 No.1301586
Thanks for your request.
It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
This thread has been requested 1 times now.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)16:03:52 No.1301619
hahaha i get this from my mom too, but it's sweet because at least she's trying to help
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)16:16:13 No.1301704
     File :1218917773.png-(12 KB, 513x291, untitled.png)
12 KB
Yeah. I play fighting games with my mom.
Just in case so nobody asks, the game is King of fighters Maximum Impact.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)16:21:10 No.1301745
are you normally covered in feces?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)16:41:41 No.1301872
The face she's making looks familiar.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)16:50:37 No.1301935
     File :1218919837.png-(23 KB, 800x600, hippymother.png)
23 KB
My mother still doesn't realize it isn't 1969
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:00:25 No.1302001
     File :1218920425.jpg-(8 KB, 266x387, 84975984375843.jpg)
8 KB
hey mom why won't you ever answer me anymore :(
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:01:18 No.1302011
Your mom is the shit I bet she really levitates like that
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:06:08 No.1302051
Holy fuck your mother sounds exactly like mine.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:07:10 No.1302056
We're all mommas boys.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:15:41 No.1302107
My mom is getting "certified" for some sort of mystical healing shit that she can charge out the ass for.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:17:20 No.1302124
     File :1218921440.png-(9 KB, 399x233, mymom.png)
9 KB
My mom fails at computers.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:18:37 No.1302134
I wish blue screens really said that in exactly those words.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:22:51 No.1302161
My Mom kicked me out of the house for no reason. I am now in a dorm and we don't speak. :)
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:23:32 No.1302165
     File :1218921812.jpg-(106 KB, 640x480, 245copy.jpg)
106 KB
every night growing up.

when i was little i just thought my mom really hated the nighttime.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:32:32 No.1302242
     File :1218922352.png-(15 KB, 511x432, Picture 9.png)
15 KB
I hate her sooo much. You don't even know.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:32:39 No.1302244
     File :1218922359.png-(20 KB, 895x359, Qsu.png)
20 KB
My mom rocks. :D
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:32:46 No.1302246
     File :1218922366.jpg-(30 KB, 579x551, articfatz.jpg)
30 KB
I was busy browsing 4chan, okay? Fuck you.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:43:00 No.1302321
     File :1218922980.jpg-(117 KB, 834x1085, mother.jpg)
117 KB
I'm not bitter or anything. In fact I'd sympathise with her more if she wasn't such a horrendously manipulative bitch.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:44:21 No.1302333
That's what my mom does for a living.

She makes good money, but it pisses me off that every time I try to talk to her she just yammers on about universal energy and soul-mates and "divine life purpose." It gets really fucking tiresome.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:44:53 No.1302338
Oh it's ALL right, I UNDERSTAND Honey, I had a hard day too when I spent 12 hours popping you out of my vagina
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:45:56 No.1302344
weird, my mom is like this too
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:50:10 No.1302370
     File :1218923410.jpg-(52 KB, 1024x779, untitled-1.jpg)
52 KB
*sighs* I miss my mom
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:52:49 No.1302390
Holy shit, you grew to be twice as tall as your mother?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:52:51 No.1302391

What sense does that even make? Like my feelings would be more justified if I came home and said, "I hammered a couple of nails through my dick, I guess we're even for that whole 'birth' thing, eh?"
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:53:12 No.1302394
me too man :(
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:54:16 No.1302406
it was a joke, I don't think even the moms think it makes fucking sense
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:57:00 No.1302424
     File :1218923820.png-(10 KB, 722x306, ma.png)
10 KB
i fuckin cried painting this
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)17:59:03 No.1302440
     File :1218923943.jpg-(45 KB, 390x644, wowifail.jpg)
45 KB
Just wanted to say that I fail at posting... Anyway:

This computer is becoming who I am, and I guess she doesn't like that.
>> tropfog !!687CloclPoF 08/16/08(Sat)17:59:18 No.1302443
     File :1218923958.png-(26 KB, 981x836, mon.png)
26 KB
Yeah, this is mine. Pretty boring, but I was bored...
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)18:00:49 No.1302453
     File :1218924049.png-(15 KB, 724x397, parents.png)
15 KB
Funny 'cause it's true.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)18:02:22 No.1302466
Do you have scoliosis or something?
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)18:02:33 No.1302468
DIE DIE DIE I love it
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)18:06:11 No.1302494
It's not quite as funny in reality, I don't know, kinda makes you feel pretty death and empty inside when you have to visit your mother like that. I sympathize with >>1302424 alcohol is the cause of all this shit.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)18:17:10 No.1302565
that one's mine
>> tropfog !!687CloclPoF 08/16/08(Sat)18:20:31 No.1302592
No, I just stand awesomely.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)18:35:41 No.1302720
I punched my mother when I was eight and she tried to give me a guilt trip. She's never tried it again.

I'm also schizophrenic, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:10:50 No.1303065
     File :1218928250.png-(14 KB, 798x676, Shut-Up,-Mom.png)
14 KB
My mom was a good mother to me and we get along well, but dammit that woman just never quits nagging me to come visit her.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:18:27 No.1303117
Aww Anon she just misses you, obviously.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:19:15 No.1303125

do not feel too badly

what she wants back you cannot grant

except maybe by popping out grandkids
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:22:57 No.1303151

Hey, I know. And I miss her too, it's just that 1200 miles is a long fucking way to go, and I just don't have the time. I make the trip about twice a year, but Christmas is virtually impossible.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:23:59 No.1303159

The word "grandkids" makes me shudder terribly. I leave that responsibility to my brother!
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:29:26 No.1303212
     File :1218929366.gif-(5 KB, 420x300, HOWDARE.gif)
5 KB
god what is her PROBLEM the other day she was all like "maybe you should get some excersise instead of sitting in front of the computer" DOESN'T SHE KNOW I AM COOL DUDE ON INTERNETS
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:34:13 No.1303253
     File :1218929653.jpg-(101 KB, 299x219, twin.jpg)
101 KB
Are... Are you me? I mean, it's okay if you are.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:37:27 No.1303272
     File :1218929847.jpg-(37 KB, 420x300, fddfgdfgfdgd.jpg)
37 KB
I thought drawing this would make me less depressed
I was wrong
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)19:38:15 No.1303282

Well, I do have a goatee... But I am certain that I've never worn pink in my life. Sorry!
>> A Reasonable Human Being 08/16/08(Sat)20:00:05 No.1303398
     File :1218931205.png-(36 KB, 585x812, motherdearest.png)
36 KB
I wish I could say that this story was just made up. ;_;
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:00:44 No.1303406
     File :1218931244.png-(17 KB, 556x505, Untitled.png)
17 KB
My mom is fucking awesome.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:02:16 No.1303422
     File :1218931336.png-(30 KB, 417x1348, stalker.png)
30 KB
This honestly happened
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:06:16 No.1303452
sounds like something out of a bad tv series
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:07:03 No.1303460
Sure, her gambling makes you sad now, but you won't feel so bad once she hits the jackpot.
>> A Reasonable Human Being 08/16/08(Sat)20:09:08 No.1303483

She did.

She played it all back.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:11:27 No.1303502
Thats what you get for not rolling with her.

Grow some fucking balls, you accident.
>> A Reasonable Human Being 08/16/08(Sat)20:13:35 No.1303518

>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:16:20 No.1303532
I laughed a little at your post
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:32:21 No.1303629

Oh, WOW. It's normal for mothers to be protective, but your mom has a weird way of going about it. Great story!
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)20:51:32 No.1303718
For this post, the whole thread must be archived.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)21:15:34 No.1303856
     File :1218935734.jpg-(23 KB, 356x355, mom.jpg)
23 KB
After having stage 4 cancer for years it spread to her brain. GG radiation.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)21:19:07 No.1303876
     File :1218935947.jpg-(31 KB, 1018x522, mspaintmom.jpg)
31 KB
Sometimes i feel like a babysitter. Then i get drunk myself to alleviate this shit.

We never should've moved from Canada...
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)21:19:45 No.1303880
I've never felt so apathetic!
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)21:38:28 No.1303998
     File :1218937108.png-(10 KB, 392x465, mom.png)
10 KB
Some girls rebelled by becoming gothic pseudo-pagans; I became a catholic.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)21:50:41 No.1304099
hey, my mom's scared of witches and hates catholics cos she's a fundy. wanna get married? i'll get baptised into the holy mother church, it'll be sweet.
>> NonAnonymous 08/16/08(Sat)22:00:55 No.1304182
Man, the thread should have ended there.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)22:15:55 No.1304269
I'm only the second request for archival? I thought this thread would have been more popular. You should all post stories, not just the epitome of her personality. MOAR!
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)22:31:06 No.1304368
Punch that bitch.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)23:04:53 No.1304607
best one so far
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)23:07:40 No.1304624
     File :1218942460.png-(29 KB, 822x803, lol.png)
29 KB
I love her, too.
>> Anonymous 08/16/08(Sat)23:59:30 No.1305043
I teared up. I wish I could make you feel better.
>> Gurlugon !5S99KgXZNo 08/17/08(Sun)00:07:05 No.1305103
     File :1218946025.jpg-(40 KB, 400x446, oohahhmother.jpg)
40 KB
Just a small sampling. I at least know she means well, she can't make up her fucking mind whether to kick me in the ass to get me going or just keep me grounded because she gets ronery easily.

Maybe next time we could MS Paint our dads, I'd have something along the lines of him with the caption "NO"

>> Gentleman 08/17/08(Sun)00:12:12 No.1305142
Your mother is a pretentious faggot.

Newsflash: IT'S GENETIC!

>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)00:16:49 No.1305186

I thought my mom and I were the only ones... we used to play soul calibur II all the time. i would beat her all the time. I remember, at one particular time, that she called me a brute for beating her. I think that was right before we stopped playing video games and she stopped trying to be interested in what I'm interested in.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)00:26:34 No.1305274

Your forced meme isn't funny.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)00:35:53 No.1305348
     File :1218947753.jpg-(58 KB, 718x486, mspainmom.jpg)
58 KB
According to my mom, I fail at life.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)00:46:34 No.1305460
     File :1218948394.jpg-(60 KB, 1143x636, funnypicturefoudnonline.jpg)
60 KB
Yeah, I know my mom is awesome.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)00:52:02 No.1305514
Your mother is right, real women stay in the kitchen AND DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD.
>> Pepper !59G/xb.oZA 08/17/08(Sun)00:54:48 No.1305547
     File :1218948888.jpg-(101 KB, 360x1089, image2.jpg)
101 KB
Wear sunblock or your mom will beat you.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:08:52 No.1305680
     File :1218949732.png-(32 KB, 800x600, mom_s2.png)
32 KB
Man... she's such a fucking bitch.

Let me watch my vagtastic voyage.
>> tropfog !!687CloclPoF 08/17/08(Sun)01:15:54 No.1305756
This made me feel a lot better.

Thanks pretentious faggot.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:24:25 No.1305825
     File :1218950665.jpg-(22 KB, 333x566, Untitled.jpg)
22 KB
my mom is generally awesome though
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:24:50 No.1305829
Your father didn't happen to videotape your mom beating the shit out of you, did he?
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:25:02 No.1305834
This made me laugh, cause I bet this is a lot of what 4chan is.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:35:56 No.1305936
     File :1218951356.jpg-(32 KB, 812x468, MY MOM IS EXTREMELY SILLY.jpg)
32 KB
youd think shed know what color the stuff was after having 2 kids
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:35:57 No.1305937
     File :1218951357.jpg-(68 KB, 720x488, mep.jpg)
68 KB
She's okay, really. Just so, so repressed.
>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)01:36:21 No.1305940

>> Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)02:36:39 No.1306383
mmm let me rub some KY jelly over those hairy man tis of yours.