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Well that was interesting. I saw the episode earlier today, already said I liked it, etc, etc, etc,
>I have an opinion, come at me bro.

My sisters family came over and my niece (5 years old) who regularly watches it with me wanted to watch it... how she knew the episode came out today, I'll never know because they haven't even shown S2 on any Australian TV yet, but whatever. I sit her at my computer and watch it in the background with her. Her sister (3 yrs) came half way through and sat beside her to watch it as well.

Being the dick of an uncle I am, I told her when it was announced weeks ago why she was turning into an Alicorn. Not the story reason, the 'Hasbro wants to sell the toy' reason, which she was very annoyed with and kept getting angry with when she watched recent episodes knowing whats going to happen to her favorite character...

Both were crying hard at the end. I was kinda surprised, I didn't really think they did a bad job in doing it, but when I asked her whats wrong, she said she loved it and went into detail on Twilights depressing song or Celestia's song, the True friend song and how she finished, etc... Quite shocking that she even soaked that much in... I mean the 3 year old I guess just saw some depressing imagery and didn't get out of it, but hell, while still crying the oldest just went "When is the next episode?" to which I annoyingly responded is a long time away. She was full questioning everything though, "Will she leave her friends?", "Is she still living in ponyville?", "Why wasn't Discord there?", general questions fucking everybody here was asking when they were shit storming...

I guess I don't give that child enough credit in terms of how smart she is, but... there you go. Apparently the episode can have a reasonably powerful effect on the 'little girls' portion of the fans in the same as the weird, slightly creepy adult fans that liked the episode.
I think that's something a lot of people don't get.

It rings true for EVERYONE.

We watched them, through everything. You become attached to these characters and you want to see them triumph and do great things.

For HAVING to make her an Alicorn. They did good, they really did.

I felt so proud of Twilight when everything was happening.

They really got the point across that she was at this point in her life because of her friends and she will continue to have them with her in her life.

I think what actually got me was when she finished the spell. I don't know why, but I started crying. It's a spell about the bonds of their friendship and the connection that they share. They are as one, that's always what her cutie mark represented.

Twilight all this time has been learning about the various aspects of friendship, as well as what it means to be a princess.

It wouldn't be until the spell, that would cause the true manifestation of the connections she shares with her friends to start the transformation.

And I think that was just awesome.
>I guess I don't give that child enough credit in terms of how smart she is
And neither did Hasbro.

Once again the show has delivered the best out of Hasbro's terrible edicts. I loved this episode, but at the same time I just feel hollow inside. It's a dark reminder of who really runs this show, that they can come in and meddle with the main characters just because they want to sell a few more toys. At the very least, my faith in S4 has been restored, since surely they won't shit it up now that Twilight is a princess.

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Holy shit, a response, I was gonna try and put that out there in a couple days when the shitstorm starts to slow down cause there's so much of it going everywhere...

And yes. Just... agree with everything you said. I watched every episode a few days ago in a marathon and just watching her character progress that much and now seeing this, it was nice. She kept acknowledging how much her friends meant to her after becoming a Princess, and S4 seems to be promising more of what made it great.... no doubt with the occasional random and uneventful episode, but of course, Opinions. Opinions everywhere.
There's a lot of bothersome stuff as I feel we can't have any more normal episodes

There's a bit of the uncanny valley there, I prefer Equestria Girls because...well because so much has changed I go in treating it like a new product that I'm familiar with. This however...well it doesn't seem to make sense nor does it seem right to have her involved in the petty affairs that plague so many episodes.
I'm sure things will change.

I don't doubt that she will still get involved in some small things. It does seem a bit silly for things like Applebuck season.

But for other such as the parasprites, I think Princess Twilight would still fit right in.

It really just depends on how the towns people react to her on a day to day basis. Which I think they will get out of the way really early in season 4.

We just seriously can't know until season 4 hits.

But I'm confident that they can pull it off.

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True, but as has been pointed out by a few people, becoming a princess doesn't automatically mean she stops learning. I mean we can still totally have normal episodes, I personally think Twilight did fuck all anyway in normal episodes. I mean think about it, she was highly developed in magic, sure, but when did she actually do anything important related to that? Usually when something evil comes, or shit gets messed up (as this episode showed), so at the start and ends of the seasons. Everywhere else she was just... freaking out about nothing, or hurting herself for silly reasons... that'd be a little funnier since I'd remember at the back of my mind that she's a princess. But the writers say she won't really change at all, Im inclined to believe them just because it'd be a HUGE dick move to stop that kind of thing. Fans, young and old, would be pissed, and I have some doubts they'd have the balls to go that far.

In my opinion, she'll almost exactly as she was.... she'd just have wings now to get around.
Well glad to know that the little girls had feels
I think the whole Princess status and her getting annoyed with it would be an early episode focus for the season... which I'd totally like to see. Her trying to go about her normal business, but everybody being too distracted by her princess status... That'd make a good episode of the day.
Three year old girls understand what's wrong with the show more than the bronies. How ironic
Best songs of the season alone is worth it. Top tier
Lel you troll

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They didn't say it was wrong, they liked how it turned out. Any arguments against it before the episode were the same baseless shit you see here.
But then she'll solve things too quickly, either she comes up with creative solutions or we let other characters solve problems...and that's kind of the problem when you achieve the level of a reality warper. It is kind of the problem when you see when you have a character that is essentially a demigod

I don't think the mane 6 can work easily as a team anymore...when you've placed magic as the deus ex machina that it is, and amplify that, then there is no need for actual team work.

I just think there is SO much potential for dramatic storytelling in this that will be glossed over. The brony community actually...wants to see SOME sort of tradeoff with this, we'd like to know that there is a massive downside with this.
I can totally imagine the Cakes freaking out and giving her free stuff because they don't want to get shut down.

"But you know me. I'm not going to close down your business just because you didn't bow."

And then she does this elaborate plan to show that she is normal and she doesn't have to be constantly respected just because she walked down the street.
She used magic all the freaking time, just that it will now be worse because she's a demigod

I don't want Twilight to become Dr. Manhattan
How about a thought that it was only her physical form is whats changed and her ability in magic is as it was? Maybe she'd take the attitude she showed in Winter Wrap Up and think that some problems just can't, or shouldn't be solved with Magic.

Seems like there's been a few episodes with problems she could've just slapped some magic over to make all better, but she didn't.
I hope they do really expand the world it is fair too small and now that Twilight is a princess she can be able to move around easier and that also fits in hasbro's plan becuase they can make new sets of far lands
>change is bad
>show is ruined

Same thing just happened to DMC big change and they lost tons of fans.
Personal opinion is its a good game its to easy and new character sucks. But it's new
This is the same thing they are changing evreything up to get more fans and they don't give a damn about what people think. Just keep watching if you honestly like the show. If not go on Netflix and watch s1 and s2 and and stfu

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Yeah, but any extreme magic she was using was in her own studying or practice with spike, beyond that it was not much better than anything Rarity did. Levitate this over there, teleport somewhere, do something to this object you would only be able to do if you had hands...

The only time it was upped is if there was a magical problem that needed a magical solution, like Too Many Pinkie Pies, where she sent them back into the pond.
And how many times did magic end up being the key to the problem?

With the parasprites it made things worse.

Twilight will still have her fuck ups and bigger magic just means bigger screw ups.

Pinkie's way with parties and making people laugh.

Dash's speed and quick thinking.

AJ's dedication.

Rarity's eye for detail and her charmer ways.

Fluttershy's compassion and also her stare.

They all still have things they bring to the table.

Twilight's role in most of that was always just as the organizer for it all. She knew where the pieces fit and I don't doubt that she will continue to take that role.

Magic will have it's points, but it has never been a cure all in the show and I doubt they will start now that she is an Alicorn.
Kids are actually quite perceptive, honestly, when it comes to stories and shit. Try to remember when you first read a serious novel, or how surprised adults always seemed but never really got it. Kids get this stuff.

That being said, this was a bad episode and I'm eager to see how they attempt to redeem themselves. The only thing I felt during the latter half was confusion at the baffling array of bizarre creative decisions, I felt literally physically baffled. That's apparently a thing.
It's bothersome, especially in an ensemble cast, to see one character much superior than the others.

It's making it unbelievable that her friends aren't bothered by it, it's making me uneasy that she'll continue to be the know it all who the rest of the Elements always follow in solving every friendship problem.

I'd like to know that Twilight isn't just intentionally limiting herself out of the respect of her friends, it feels condescending and makes many episodes awkward. My issue is that all this just feels...imbalanced, like fighting game imbalanced where Twilight needs some serious nerfs in order to always be able to relate with the rest of her friends.

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Finally a good thread.
That's exactly what Faust always said.

Little kids aren't as stupid as most people take them to be.
Respect the trippps

People seem to forget how smart and aware kids are. 5 year olds are not retards, they can make emotional connections, remember things, make logical conclusions, be aware of what makes good entertainment and bad entertainment (even if they don't necessarily understand how story composition works), and therefore need to be given a GOOD product. That's HOW you develop nostalgia, and love things from your childhood, and why the whole "hurr it's just a kids show" thing is missing a massive chance to that in to long-lasting popularity. 15 years from now and those "stupid 5 year old's who don't care about good storytelling" will reminisce about all the awesome storytelling in FiM that kept them thinking about the show at night and affected them emotionally, and vote for it whenever a "best cartoon of the 10's" poll comes around.

It's something that Disney understood more than anybody else years ago and reaps the rewards.

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I think im having an easier time handling it just because I saw a similar situation in another kids show I watched when I was younger (and still do now).

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. White Ranger.

Dude had been missing from the show for so long, finally brought back as a new ranger, far stronger than he ever was, and automatically promoted to leader. Had his own giant robot and all... Hell, his big reveal was a huge white light from the roof and he descended like a god damn angel.

Only difference here is that change was met with extreme joy and happiness... this appears to have the opposite reaction most of the time.

Apparently im thinking she's like the White Ranger... she's gonna be super awesome, but technically no better than the rest of her friends because, well lets face it, a whole other season, if 1 character could just do everything themselves without the need for the help of friends, then the show will have taught us nothing and will start sucking hard.

I just can't see it happening.
>Apparently im thinking she's like the White Ranger... she's gonna be super awesome, but technically no better than the rest of her friends because, well lets face it, a whole other season, if 1 character could just do everything themselves without the need for the help of friends, then the show will have taught us nothing and will start sucking hard.

I phrased that wrong. He wasn't leagues above everyone else, he got his arse handed to him just as easily as the rest. His new powers, rank and colour just made it seem like he was.

Twilight, for the sake of the show, won't be different.
BTW I thought most people already realized that most storylines could be understood by children
Maybe it's because I partially view this as combat capabilities (It is a factor inseveral episodes), or the fact that I never believe that Twilight has failed at something nearly as hard as her friends have especially since all of her friends follow her orders without question.

I think it would do good to have Twilight legitimately fail at solving a crisis, and for the Elements to drop Twilight as their leader in favour of a democratic system
Hehehe, again, Power Rangers >>8350924
I knew way back then that it was a show to sell toys (and I ate that shit up), but it didn't exactly stop the writers from popping out an awesome story arc every so often within the series. I had to buy the 1st 6 seasons/series of Power Rangers just because it's all 1 continuous story to the point where Zordon dies. All of it, even that terrible 5th season, I just nostalgia so damn hard...

I can say that I'll proudly look back on this friendly little cartoon people say is made for girls that im watching in my early 20's in future years and get all kinds of nostalgic.
He's the leader of a power rangers team, they're always the strongest, but the power rangers all have similar abilities and still have the zords which necessitates team work.

Tommy Oliver was not a demigod compared to the rest of the rangers. It was like he was at the top of a list, but there is only one tier, Twilight is on her own tier while her friends are on a whole nother tier

Besides Tommy was once evil and I give some props to that.
Twilight and her friends remind me a bit of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

The Cap the true team leader, and has all the elemental powers plus dozens of others. But he's really more of a deus ex machina that wipes away pollution in 2 minutes, than a show character. When he's out, the Planeteer's rings don't even work. And even those are pretty weak. Still, C.P. considers all the Planteers as friends.

Twilight Sparkle is now an alicorn. Wings and very powerful powerful magic. She's a lot stronger than the rest of her friends, but still OP.

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Well with that, I just kind of think of Boast Busters and remember Twilight doesn't want to show off for fear that people won't like or respect her anymore. She'd of course be capable of a little more, but as I said, probably still learning, so this transformation may have been more physical and left her current ability in magic the same. Any huge event that could occur, she'd probably think to need the Elements of Harmony still... I didn't see all 6 of them just getting absorbed into her, they just changed her.

Would make an interesting development... the new big threat comes, she thinks she can and should tackle it herself with some new responsibilities, realises she cant, more Magic of Friendship, blah blah blah.

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