File: 1334323118.png-(334 KB, 700x976, Chinese MLP-AT 0.png)
334 KB Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:18 No.1242172  
Posting the translated Chinese MLP-AT crossover.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:19 No.1242177
     File: 1334323155.png-(337 KB, 710x1048, Chinese MLP-AT 1.png)
337 KB
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:19 No.1242182
     File: 1334323185.png-(305 KB, 700x987, Chinese MLP-AT 2.png)
305 KB
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:20 No.1242190
     File: 1334323216.png-(228 KB, 700x979, Chinese MLP-AT 3.png)
228 KB
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:21 No.1242198
     File: 1334323261.png-(394 KB, 700x1035, Chinese MLP-AT 4.png)
394 KB
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:21 No.1242210
     File: 1334323298.png-(396 KB, 700x985, Chinese MLP-AT 5.png)
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>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:22 No.1242214
     File: 1334323320.jpg-(34 KB, 299x288, extra rustlin.jpg)
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Dunno about you guys, but I feel strange seeing all this /co/ culture in /chinese/
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:23 No.1242224
Oh, RD.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:25 No.1242237
     File: 1334323526.png-(445 KB, 650x1380, Chinese MLP 0.png)
445 KB
Here's one from the regular MLP version. It's about product placement. I think I have the other strips on here. If anyone else has them go ahead and post them.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:27 No.1242250
     File: 1334323624.png-(20 KB, 158x207, 1334323298798.png)
20 KB
This needs to meet Dogbert
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:32 No.1242305
     File: 1334323968.jpg-(139 KB, 700x953, korean mlp1.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:33 No.1242314
     File: 1334324005.jpg-(143 KB, 700x980, korean mlp2.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:35 No.1242332
     File: 1334324123.jpg-(156 KB, 700x970, korean mlp3.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:36 No.1242344
     File: 1334324161.jpg-(138 KB, 700x955, korean mlp4.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:36 No.1242345
hehe, I liked
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:36 No.1242348
>dose faces
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:36 No.1242352
     File: 1334324194.jpg-(151 KB, 720x998, korean mlp5.jpg)
151 KB
>> Klondike 04/13/12(Fri)09:39 No.1242388
     File: 1334324396.png-(144 KB, 809x346, 1326503102381.png)
144 KB
AT x MLP is just a good idea in general
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:40 No.1242389
     File: 1334324409.jpg-(87 KB, 733x734, heh heh.jpg)
87 KB
>I got nimble fingers
Goddamn it, Spike.
If only you were this bad ass in the show.
>> Klondike 04/13/12(Fri)09:42 No.1242411
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:43 No.1242428
     File: 1334324630.png-(181 KB, 336x895, 165108 - 4koma applejack artis(...).png)
181 KB
This one isn't translated yet, but I think you can guess what it crosses over with.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:44 No.1242438
Oh god, why.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:46 No.1242467
     File: 1334324793.jpg-(185 KB, 455x1400, 75801 - 4koma celestia comic l(...).jpg)
185 KB
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:47 No.1242482
     File: 1334324846.jpg-(129 KB, 800x572, 161857 - artist 漢揚 celesti(...).jpg)
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>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:49 No.1242506
Adventure Time and Ponies. Well of course something that awesome had to exist.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:51 No.1242535
In which direction should I read these?
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:52 No.1242545
Straight down, right to left.
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:54 No.1242570
i thought it was right to left
>> Anonymous 04/13/12(Fri)09:59 No.1242646
Right to left each panel but always follow the dialogue down. The only exception is when the panel splits into multiple parts. In the case of these comics each strip reads Right-Left and Top-Bottom.