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Help with Building a Game Case

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Hey all. /vr/ regular here. Just to give you a little background about myself, I'm a total newbie to /diy/ but I did spend a couple years building theatre sets in college so I'm no stranger to power tools.

Anyway, pictured is the single greatest video game case ever released. The way its designed it can hold both NES and Super Nintendo cartridges, the only problem is it only holds 21 of them. Buying new ones would set me back $35 a pop on ebay, and I would need at least 4 of them anyway, so it seems the logical course is to build my own. To fit my needs (and my collection) I would need to build one with maybe 90 slots.
It seems logical to me to build the frame out of wood, but what about its inner workings? I want to replicate the case pictured as much as possible, so I'm thinking I should be putting plastic inside. Would that be the way to go? And if so where could I buy some quality sheet plastic that's only about 1mm thick? Also any other tips from you guys with cabinetry experience would be appreciated as I've never build anything this delicately detailed before.
Attaching this plastic to wood on its edge is a PITA. Just use all wood. Get a router or, if you have a steady hand, some paring chisels and cut the slots out of the wood by hand. All you'd need to do is make a box out of wood with a bit of beef to it's sides and cut the slots into the sides of the wood. Cut a full width slot about half way into the wood to fit the SNES games and then finish the last half with a shallower cut to fit the longer but narrower NES games.
Shit, I probably should have mentioned the tools at my disposal, which is namely a power drill and a circular saw and some various hand tools. I'm kinda on a budget and can't be dropping $100+ on a router in addition to the wood. Is this project still doable?
Used routers still work. Chisels are cheaper and you'd probably only need 1 or 2. If you don't mind it looking like shit you can use a circler saw to cut the slots.
I indeed don't mind it looking like shit, and cutting slots with the circular is what I was envisioning in the first place. What's the thinnest wood I could conceivably get that would still be relatively sturdy? Because it's very important to me that this case is individually slotted.
1/4th of an inch of pine at its thinest point (where you've cut your slots) should be fine as long as you aren't putting a bunch of weight on top. Just make sure you have a good back on it so it wont get pushed over by lateral forces.
hello /vr/other, i just use little plastic totes.
No can do, man. I know what I want and totes ain't it.

I, too, am a cheap bastard.

I would get some sheets of 1/8" hardboard (two smooth faces), and some 1/2" MDF.
With the circular saw, cut 1/8" kerf cuts in the MDF.
Then cut down the hardboard into 1"x <depth of cart> and glue them into the kerf cuts.
At such short widths the 1/8" hardboard will be pretty strong.
Finish building the case with the MDF (top bottom and use 1/8" hardboard for the back)
Seal everything (MDF absorbs paint like you wouldn't believe) and paint it. I'd use black lacquer. It looks shiny like plastic.

If you really wanted to do a good job, you could put some UHMWPE tape on the tops of the 1/8" hardboard slots.

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