File :1228700158.png-(196 KB, 1218x1107, Zuko-s-Wardrobe-zuko-565348_1218_1107.png)
196 KB Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:35 No.6938098  
I know there's already an Avatar thread, but shitsux and is not particularly relevant to the discussion I have in mind.

Here is something that has occurred to me as I have watched Season 2: Zuko is a good bender. He's just not a good Firebender.

If Zuko were a Waterbender, he would be much better than he is; maybe not Katara-level, but very good nonetheless. He's lived his entire life like a Waterbender, adapting to his situation, no matter what it takes. He's a master at manipulating the flow of energy - look at how well he redirects lightning. The first time he ever performs the move under duress, he's fighting the most powerful Firebender alive. Yet he not only perfectly redirects the lightning but pushes it right back in Ozai's face. That kind of skill isn't natural the first time. Even Zuko's normal fighting style is based far more on redirecting the opponent's force than anything else. In their Agnikai, Azula is consistently the one who attacks, and Zuko defends himself flawlessly, flowing from one move to the next to protect himself from a superior opponent.

If Zuko were an Earthbender, he'd certainly be nowhere near Toph's level, but he could still be very, very good. Earthbending is based on determination, stubbornness and the strength of the stance (mentally as well as physically) and Zuko has all of these in spades. Ursa and Azula both repeatedly remark that his defining attribute is persistance. We don't know a whole lot about how this applies to his fighting technique, but it definitely says a lot about what bending discipline his personality is suited to.

He'd be a shitty Airbender, because he has no subtlety, intelligence or desire to avoid confrontation, but the point is made with Earth and Water.

tl;dr Zuko is transbendered. Discuss.
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:37 No.6938130
I like you.
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:41 No.6938175


as i was typing that doooo ho ho hooooo, however, i burst out laughing
>> TheBlueManGrope 12/07/08(Sun)20:47 No.6938287
You bring up several good points. Also, the pic makes me think "What if Avatar was a game that used FFV's job class system?"

Someone requested this in the other thread but I'm considering making an Avatar tabletop game now.
>> Mr. Zer0 12/07/08(Sun)20:49 No.6938316
I prefer Tactics but
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:49 No.6938319

I'd love an Avatar table top game. We'd have to make it here, because /tg/ haet homebrew.
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:51 No.6938341
What is there to discuss, precisely? You're pretty much right, although it's important to distinguish between Zuko pre- and post-dragons. Before-hand, he's not a very good Firebender just because he doesn't really believe in the philosophy of Firebending that Sozin and his descendants use - Zuko can't necessarily draw that kind of strength from his anger because it's defensive, justified anger rather than aggressive anger. Post-dragons, he understands and believes in the spiritual side of true Firebending, and his powers are restored, more powerful than they were.

He's not very good at Sozin-style/Ozai-style/Azula-style Firebending. He's very good at Iroh-style/Roku-style Firebending, if not a master.
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:52 No.6938361

We fa/tg/uys don't hate homebrew, exactly. It's just that a lot of us have seen too many HURR DURR MY GAEM IS SO GURT LETS PLAY IT U GUISE to take honest attempts at innovation seriously.
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:53 No.6938370
/tg/ doesnt hate homebrew just shifty homebrew.
>> Anonymous 12/07/08(Sun)20:54 No.6938382
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