File :1227497219.jpg-(11 KB, 392x129, idea.jpg)
11 KB Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)22:26 No.6744987  
Inspired by today's earlier thread...

The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator: HARD MODE.

Da Rules:
-This isn't a "look what idea I got!" thread. That's easy mode. We're on hard mode now, people. See rule 2.
-You must write something (at least 100 words!) for the first generated idea that contains two fandoms that you know. Anything goes.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)22:31 No.6745034
Repost from the last thread:

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Fairly Odd Parent's and Friday the 13th. The story should use murder as a plot device!

Cosmo sobbed, holding the bloodied corpse of his beloved nickel in the palm of his hand.

"PHILLIP!! NOOOO!!" He cradled the coin, stroking the red-streaked surface with his finger. "What did you do to deserve this?!

Wanda put a hand on his shoulder, trying to console him. "It's all right, Cosmo. We'll get you a new nickel... but," she said, squinting, trying to see through the thick fog. "Maybe we should try to get out of... wherever this is, first. Hm, wait, I think I see a sign!" She flew a little through the fog, struggling with the words as they appeared through the mist. "Camp... Crystal... Lake?"

Cosmo rubbed his nose with his sleeve, dropping Phillip. "Oo, camp! Sounds fun!"

Wanda rolled her eyes, but tugged Cosmo along as they entered the camp. It couldn't be *too* bad... after all, it was where Timmy's parents had sent him a week before. Although they hadn't heard from their young charge since then...

>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)22:35 No.6745092
More repost... hope they don't mind, I tweaked the ending.

>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Cinderella and Goof Troop. The story should use alcoholism as a plot device!

Max flung himself towards Cinderella, burying himself in her luxurious skirt and letting out several wailing sobs. He couldn't hide the bruises covering his body, nor the blood still caked on his shirt.

Cinderella gasped. "Max? What happened to you?"

Max whimpered, before settling his gaze at the wall. "It's... my dad." He let out a shuddering breath. "He hit me."

"Oh!" Cinderella gasped, raising her hand to her mouth. "My goodness! Whyever would he do that?"

Max shrugged, scoffing a bit. "He's been drinking. He started when Mom died, and hasn't stopped since. I guess I'm just a fun punching bag for him."

Cinderella grimaced, hoping Jaq and Gus would come back soon. True, true, she was no stranger to abuse... though her stepmother and stepsisters had done little more than make her a servant and occasionally push her too hard with work. If what Max said was true, then...


Max and Cinderella gasped, both looking fearfully towards the open doorway.

Goofy staggered in, wildly waving a half-empty bottle of dark liquid in one hand, gesturing drunkenly with the other. "You... hiccup!" He took a swig from the bottle, then threw it against one of the white castle walls. "Max... you get your gawrsh danged beeee-hind back in my room!" He took a few steps towards the pair, who were now slowly backing themselves up against the wall. "Or I'll send y'to meet yer mom!"

Cinderella shoved Max behind her, summoning her courage. "Y-you... you brute! You leave right now! I'll call the guards!"

Goofy laughed, his hyena-like laughter booming against the walls. He took a step back, and slammed the door shut, locking it quickly.

His hands drifted to his belt, loosening the ties. "Cindy-rella.... it's Goofy Time."
>> tripfagging until I finish posting The Gay Agenda !4p/AC2Q.4U 11/23/08(Sun)23:15 No.6745438
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Rocky Horror Picture Show and Superman. The story should use evil clones as a plot device!

Lois and I were driving along some godforsaken road deep in the middle of no-where, trying to get to a story that she said she'd heard about. For a while I'd gotten my hopes up that she'd decided to cheat on Clark with me, but she was so focused on her work that it seemed entirely improbable.

"Left over there, Jimmy."

Alright, left... and what do we have here? Some kind of castle? A manor? (I guess you can tell that I'm not an architect)

"Feel like sharing this tip what you got from Superman is yet, Lo?"

"Not a chance." She smiled that smile, you know the one. The one she gets when thinking of Clark.

Woah. Superman, you'd better not be hitting that.
>> The Gay Agenda !UxayQE9mGs 11/23/08(Sun)23:19 No.6745463

I stopped the car outside the mansion. Place looked kind of run down, like nobody had lived here in a few years. There were vines growing all up the walls and all the windows were so dirty and cobwebbed that you couldn't see shit through them.

Lois headed straight for the door. I wasn't expecting it to open, but, not for the first time, I was wrong. She took one look inside, choked out a gasp, and sprayed the concrete beside her with bile. Being as I was leaning against the car, I reached inside and grabbed my bottle of water, then hurried over to Lois and passed it over before taking a look inside the place.

Damn. I could see why she puked. I'm not ashamed to say that I did likewise. Place was a mess, and not in a charming way. There was bits of what looked like a couple of bodies all over the entry hall. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, everywhere. It wasn't the sight that made me feel so sick, though it didn't help none. It was the smell. That fucking smell. I don't know if I'll ever be rid of it. For a weak version, combine one wet dog with one dead dog and three or four tons of shit covered in maggots.
>> The Gay Agenda !f0nZOrUNSw 11/23/08(Sun)23:22 No.6745484

By the time I'd recovered, Lois had already headed back to the car and gotten noseplugs and face masks. Damn good head on a damn good body, if I do say so myself. She passed over a set, and I put them on, after wiping off everything that hadn't hit the floor. I set up my camera ready to work and we went in.

You might think that we'd be too affected by the gore to do any reportin', but you'd be wrong. I slipped behind the lens and it was easy. Aim. Click. Shutter. Aim. Click. Shutter. Maybe twenty or so shots of the entrance hall, to capture all the angles.

Why so many? Because you get a shot of everything, and another for good measure. The more you take, the more likely you have one worth putting in the newspaper.

Lois didn't take so long as me to finish recording her impressions of the room, and by the time I'd finished, she'd moved on. I thought that she went on to what should be the main room, seeing how it was the only open door, so that's where I headed. Before I got there, I heard a clang and a shriek, so I started running. Soon enough to see Lois drop through the floor, not soon enough to save her, but I went through after her.

I could see her ahead of me in the tunnel thing we were in, right up until it shifted. There's really no other way to describe it; all of a sudden the way the tunnel was headed changed. I couldn't see Lois anymore. I landed, I think. It's kind of hard to tell what happened, because that's about when I hit my head, maybe two, three times. Either way, I blanked out for a bit.
>> The Gay Agenda !HdB77IKlfo 11/23/08(Sun)23:24 No.6745508

When I came to, I couldn't see nothing.

"Hello? Anybody?"

I couldn't move. I could hear a kind of giggling, but not much else. Maybe a kind of humming, sort of mechanical-like?


I felt a kinda wet warmth on my cheek. Something was... licking me, maybe? The giggling was suddenly right in my ear; even if I'd wanted, I couldn'ta heard nothing else.

"It's Lois, Jimmy. You like me?" Again with the giggling. Freaky fucking sound.

"Uh, yeah, Lo', I like you just fine. Look, I'm kind of tied up here, could you help with that?"

"Mhmmm-mmm... no, I'm sorry." Seriously, that fucking giggling. Shit's getting on my nerves. "I could do some other stuff with you though."

...Okay, maybe I could live with the giggling.

Right about then was when whoever it was stuffed some cotton in my mouth. And it sure as shit wasn't Lois. It sounded like her, but she'd never talk to me like that, and she wouldn't giggle. Lois doesn't giggle. Least, not that I've heard.

What'd she just say? Who the hell is Frank'en'furter and why does he want to fuck me?
>> The Gay Agenda 11/23/08(Sun)23:32 No.6745594
I just got

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Bible and 4chan. The story should use anal sex as a plot device!

But if nobody else gives a shit about this thread, then I can't be bothered doing it.

A shame, too. It practically writes itself.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)23:33 No.6745605
>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Office and Spongebob Squarepants. The story should use a party as a plot device!

Spongebob admired his display, a table lined with nearly a dozen bowls of candy (Krusty Krab brand, of course) that was as colorful as the flower garden in Sandy's glass dome.

Squidward reached for a gummy worm, sliding it slowly into his mouth, as if he were testing it out, before he gagged and spit it out.

"Disgusting!" he yelped. "Spongebob, I hate it when they're hard."

"Dahahahahahahahaha!" Spongebob squeaked. "That's what she said!"
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)23:37 No.6745661
it's because people don't want to be bothered to have to write something.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)23:51 No.6745825
daww.. I read your story... I'm just too lazy to comment.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)23:55 No.6745867
I'm writing something, but it will take me a while since I'm new to this.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:01 No.6745936
>> Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining James Bond and My Little Pony. The story should use a sex change as a plot device!

Bond had seen many beauties in his days, but the beautiful creature before him was truly exceptional. Honey Pie was picturesque, the divine definition of elegance. Her pale pink coat glistened with a white sheen under the dim bar light, and her sparkling blue eyes glittered with a come-hither look. Her mane, glossy purple, was tossed to one side, and she peered up at him under thick eyelashes.

"Bond," she said.

"Honey Pie," he replied. "It's been a while."

"Too long," she replied, tossing her head. Bond reached out a hand to stroke her cheek, gentle, and she nuzzled him affectionately. He was about to brush his lips to hers when she pulled away.

"I can't," she said.

He gave her a questioning look, raising an eyebrow. She looked away, almost bashful, and she said, quietly, "The other Ponies don't understand and neither will you, but... I've always felt as if I was never destined to be a mare. Inside... I've always felt like a stallion."

(So that explained a few things, Bond thought.)
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:03 No.6745951
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Seinfeld and Metal Gear Solid. The story should use winning the lottery as a plot device!
*Bass Solo*

Jerry's apartment

Jerry is playing Metal Gear Solid, George is watching Jerry play
J: "What's the deal with Nikita Missles? I mean who'd name their Missles after their daughter? Some russian is sitting there in his weapons lab, engineering this warhead and thinking WHAT am I gonna name this?"
G:"Jerry... Jerry watch out Jerry, there's a genome soldier... JERRY!"
J: "and then his daughter walks in and he must be all like, NIKITA, it's the perfect name! I'll immortalize my daughter forever with an explosive, people all over the world will be killed by Nikitas!"
G: "JERRY! JERRY YOUR DIEING JERRY! annnd your dead"

*Kramer bursts in, he's dressed as Snake*

J: “What's with the outfit?”
K: “I see you've been playing it too! It sucks you in JERRY, it sucks you right IN!”
J: “yeahhhh it's pretty good”
G: “you know what I don't get... is how smoking can reveal those hidden lasers...”
J: “Anyway where'd you get such a good outfit?”
K: “Didn't you hear? Newman won the lottery... “
>> Skip 11/24/08(Mon)00:03 No.6745956
Can I just ask someone do to this?

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Charlie's Angels and Psych. The story should use murder as a plot device!

That concept is made of win
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:04 No.6745981
I kept reloading until I got at least one series that was /co/ related:
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Invader Zim and Metalocalypse. The story should use a journey to outer space as a plot device!

"Gentlemen, I'm afraid our greatest fears have finally come to fruition."

"I'm running out of greatest fears and patience, Senator," interjected General Crozier.

"Yes, I understand your frustration, General. Dethklok continuously thwarts our attempts to maintain control of the world. Really, we're rather useless aren't we... that is, unless Mr. Selatcia would like for us to actually take action this week."

All eyes turned to the center throne.

"Noooooooooooo, we wait."

"As I expected. So, time for our excursion of the week. Dethklok is going into space, to make space brutal. Please view this video."

"'Dethklok is going to make space metal. Truly metal. We will make space the blackest of all black despair. Our manager has told me that space is as black as black can get,... but fuck him! What does he know?!'"

"Now, gentlemen, allow me to present extra-terrestrial expert, Mr. Zim Vasquez."


"Erm, Mr Vasquez?"

"HAHA YOUR PLANET IS MINE!! *maniacal laughter*"


"Really, I don't care of Dethklok goes into space. What will it cause the people to do, try to jump high enough to resist the planet's gravitational pull? To hell with that, this is brilliant. This Tribunal meeting is over."

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:05 No.6745988
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Rosemary's Baby and Calvin & Hobbes. The story should use a secret government plot as a plot device!

Calvin's mother had always known Calvin was a difficult child, sometimes a brat, and a bit of an oddball. She had adopted him from he local orphanage, and didn't know much about his former parents. Apparently, his mother went mad soon after he was born, and the father disappeared after dropping the child at the orphanage's doorsteps. Still, she treated him as her own. But he was becoming stranger and stranger day by day. His growing obsession with his stuffed Tiger, Hobbes, had been a concern - imaginary playmates were nothing odd, she knew, but he spent more time with that stuffed toy than he did with the regular children from his class. He had even begun to disappear for hours on end, wandering off in the woods alone with his "best friend" -- when he returned home, he would refuse to tell his parents where he had gone, what he'd been doing. As he grew older - twelve, thirteen, nearing fourteen now - he still took his toy everywhere he went.

Finally, one day, fed up with his secrecy and, his mother decided to follow him when he declared he was going out. Quietly, carefully, she followed him into the nearby woods, being careful to conceal herself from his sight. Night began to fall, but Calvin didn't seem to be having a problem with it - he navigated the forest easily, and soon he wandered into a small clearing. Calvin's mother gasped as several black-robed people entered the small area, each carrying small candles.

She watched in horror as they bowed down before him, chanting in low, reverent voices.

"Hail Calvin, son of our glorious dark lord, Satan..."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:05 No.6745991
Thank god theres finally a fanfic thread with actually writing.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:10 No.6746049
I know, right?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:11 No.6746055
That was amazing. Thank you.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:18 No.6746144
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Cinderella and Family Guy. The story should use moving to a new place as a plot device!

The Griffin family was sitting in their living room, mindlessly watching the television, when Peter spoke for no real reason at all.
"Hey, Lois, remember that time we moved into Cinderella’s castle?”
Chris threw a plate at poor Cinderella’s feet, causing her to jump. “Haha, clean that up!” He said, laughing. Cinderella sniffled and did as she was told.
In another room, Stewie poked at the dead, opened, vivisected bodies of Jaq and Gus.
“Huh,” he said, scribbling some notes on a sheet of paper, “I guess magic mice are the same as regular mice.”
“Yeah…” Peter said, picking his nose. “That was funny.”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:20 No.6746156
In b4 this appears in the next FG episode.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:20 No.6746161
     File :1227504044.jpg-(32 KB, 612x316, dbzfanfic.jpg)
32 KB
(I haven't seen spongebob in years, so this might suck, plus I'm new to writefaggotry.)
"We are here today, to honor Squidward for his 40 years of service in the Krusty Krab." Mister Krabs said as he rose from his fold-up chiar to call for a toast for Squidward, who was retiring by the end of the week. Instead of having a large party for him, he just held the celebration in the kitchen with Spongebob after a workday. "Gee squidward, I'll sure miss having you around." Spongebob said as he sat back down. "But at least you'll still be around...neighbor. Spongebob laughed at the end of the statement. even pushing 60, he still maintained his childlike manner. "I'm glad to finally be able to leave this place behind, another year here and I would have gone mad." Squidward droned in his usual voice, which hasn't changed over the years.

"Are you ready Goten?" trunks said as he was stretching. "As ready as I'll ever be." Goten replied to his friend. Both fighters then took thier positions and started powering up to SSJ. since they were in open water, they didn't have to worry about hurting anyone. In an eyeblink, they disappeared and began their sparring session.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:21 No.6746171

"Squidward, make sure you lock up when you leave." Mr. Krabs said as he walked out front doors. "squidward mommbled to himself in reply. Spongebob left early, probably to throw a surprise party for Squidward when he got back. Squidward couldn't figure out why he tolerated living next to that overgrown child. and the first thing he was going to do after he retired was to find a nice retirement home and live in luxery.

Goten dodged a punch thrown by trunks, then countered with a kick of his own. their sparring session had just begun and already it was getting dark. "Catch this!" Trunks yelled as he threw a Ki ball at Goten. Goten easily dodged the ball which sunk into the ocean. "Did you really think that would hit me?" Goten replied while looking into the ocean. "No" Trunks said from behind Goten, then took him out with a kick to his side. "I expected this to hit you."

Squidward locked the foors to the Krusty Krab, dreading to return home and deal with his nieghbor and his idiot friend. He saw a reflection in the gloss to the doors and, curious, turned around to see what it was. In an instant, Squidward, the Krusty Krab, and the surrounding area was vaporised in an instant.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:24 No.6746196
protip: don't use a bunch of "-----------"s to break up a fic.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:28 No.6746234
Thanks for the tip. Looked good in Wordpad.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:34 No.6746300
     File :1227504869.jpg-(45 KB, 495x547, 1221356227084.jpg)
45 KB
Oh my god. That was awesome.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:38 No.6746340
I would shit bricks if it did.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:40 No.6746353
Damn, I wish I were a good enough writer to do some of these.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:41 No.6746373
>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Matrix and Seinfeld. The story should use car accidents as a plot device!

"Finally," Jerry said as heard the bell for his apartment. He knew it was George; he has called him over.
"So, what's this big story you wanted to tell us about?" Elaine asks, looking up from the couch.
"I'll tell you when George gets up here. It is really something though. Hey, KRAMER," Jerry shouts across the hall to his eccentric neighbor.
Kramer almost immediately slides into the room, and soon afterward George is also present. Noticing that the whole group is here, Elaine looks up again.
"So, what's your story?"
"Alright, so get this. I'm leaving the apartment building. I'm going to down to Monk's, grab something to eat, and, you know, head out. And—"
"Have you tried their new chicken sandwich?" Kramer interjects.
"No," Elaine cuts in, "But the chicken salad is great. It's so fresh. Do you think they have a special store they get it from or...." Elaine trails off noticing Jerry staring at her.
He sighs and asks, "Can I finish?" With no opposition he continues, "So, anyway I get into the cab and in the seat next to me, there's this guy—"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:42 No.6746382

"What guy?" Kramer asks. "Strange guy? Like, you know..."
A series of jerks and hand motions are produced and Jerry once again continues, "And he's wearing this coat. Not like some sort of sports jacket or something, but this long, dark, heavy coat. And I'm thinking 'What is the deal with this guy? It's the middle of summer, incredibly hot and this guy is sitting here and in this ridiculous trenchcoat."
"I wouldn't have liked that," George says shaking his head. "I've seen people like that before. I'm always afraid they're going to rob me or...."
Jerry looks at his portly friend, "Really? Who would rob you? I mean, anyone who looks at you can tell it's not worth it. It's almost visible that you live with your parents. But, back to my story. This guy, he turns to me and says—"
"Wait," Elaine says, "He talks to you? The crazy guy in the cab starts a conversation with you."
"He does," Jerry nods, "He turns to me and says 'Mr. Seinfeld, we—"
"Woah woah woah wait. How does he know your name?" Kramer asks from the kitchen as he makes himself a sandwich.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:42 No.6746387

"I don't like that. Nowadays, all of your information is everywhere. It's EVERYWHERE, Jerry! Anyone could just take my identity and pretend to be me."
"I don't think you have to worry about that, George. So, he turns to me and says, 'Mr. Seinfeld. You have a choice to make. The world you see is not real. The real world is one beyond this.' He says this is an ILLUSION. I mean, can you believe it? Talk about nutjobs..."
"So then what happens," Elaine inquires.
"So then, this guy pulls out two pills, a red one and a blue one. He tells me that if I take the red pill I can go see the real world yadda yadda yadda and if I take the blue pill I can stay here and remain ignorant. But I'm just sitting there thinking 'Pills? I don't need any pills. What would I need pills for? I'm perfectly healthy. And more importantly, I don't want to get pills from some guy in a cab.' "
"So what did you do?"
"Well, luckily a car crash just happened to occur—"
"How is a car crash lucky?" Elaine asks.
"Well," Jerry continues, "It distracted him long enough for me to get out of the cab and walk off."
George looks at him, "You just walked off?"
"I just walked off."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:43 No.6746400
Well done. Wellllll done.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:45 No.6746428
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Odyssey and Shin Chan. The story should use gay relationships as a plot device!

Odysseus had sailed for nearly ten years in hopes of returning to his beloved Ithaca. His ship had been crushed and his crew devoured. Now all he had left was his youngest member and a large plank of wood.
"Shinn" he said "Shinn I don't think we are going to make it much longer."
"Yeah I know. If only Action Bastard were here, he would save us in no time."
"Again you ramble about your strange ways Shinn. Look what I was meaning to say is that we are men."
"Yes we are men!" Shinn agreeded "We both have honor and a penis."
"Yes Shinn. And as men we have certain needs. Needs that involve our penis. I know you are young but-"

Fuck it. That's long enough.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:47 No.6746454
> Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Flapjack and the Legend of Zelda. The story should use hurricanes as a plot device!

It was a typical day in Stormalong, except for the fact that there was a storm brewing off in the distance, and a mighty one at that. The rumbling that preceeded it was faint at first but only grew louder, but that didn't really count because it was only Captain Knuckles snoring.

"Flapjack, baby, you better wake up Knuckles and get to some shelter soon," Bubbie warned her naive semi-adopted child as the waves grew choppy underneath her.

"Aaaw, but Bubbie, the clouds look so sad... maybe they just need a hug!" The boy fell into a fit of high-pitched laughter.

With a grumble, Captain Knuckles was slowly roused himself into a state of semi-hungover semi-conscienceness, "Hey, what's all the racket, boy!?" He found himself shouting over the wailing of the wind, and quickly realized that something wasn't quite right with the weather, "Storms a-comin'! Flapjack, we gotta get somewhere fast!" At that he quickly dove into Bubbie's mouth to retrieve whatever candy he had managed to squirrel away there.

"Uhm.. Bubbie, are we gonna be ok?" Flapjack shielded his face from the wind that only seemed to be growing fiercer as time passed.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:47 No.6746463

"Oohoh... of course, honey, we'll be just fine..." The whale laughed nervously, trying to think of somewhere she could take her baby and of course, Knuckles, that would be safe. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud snoring coming from inside her mouth, "Knuckles! Wake up! This ain't no time to be sleepin'! We have to find a safe place for my baby!"

No sooner had she spoken then a small red boat, at the mercy of the wind-whipped waves, crashed into her volumous side. "What the!?"

"Look, Bubbie!" Flapjack cried in amazment, "There's someone on that boat! I bet they must have been on an adventure and got caught in the storm!"

Bubbie, still in pain, turned to see a blond lad wearing an odd green outfit. The whale was wary after spotting the sword and shield that he seemed to have on his person. He certainly didn't look like he was from around those waters...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:48 No.6746475
I was imagining that in my head as Wishbone!Odysseus, and it was glorious.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:49 No.6746486
> Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining the Lion King and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The story should use brainwashing as a plot device!

Simba lay bleeding as he looked up to see his once trusted queen, Nala, ready to deal the finishing blow. He stared deep into her seemingly soulless eyes as he claws extended. Why was she doing this? How couldn’t he have noticed his love slipping into such a profound madness?

“Wait. I want to finish him myself.”

The voice resonated through Simba’s head, it was strangely familiar, almost like the water buffalo he had once hunted with the beautiful lioness beside him.

“Yes, my master…” She intoned, acquiescing to an unseen figure.

Simba agonizingly shifted his head to face his murderer, and saw a stallion towering over him. It’s piercing brown eye glaring sinisterly in the African sun.

“To think, that a herbivore would end your dynasty and usurp your throne. How the mighty have fallen.”

With a deafening whinny that would soon strike fear into hearts the world over, Dark Horse Reared up over the fallen lion, and set upon him with his razor like hooves. Wiping his hooves upon the sand in disgust, he leered at the female he would build an empire with.

“And now my queen, let me sample that which I’ve so long desired.”

“Yes, my master…”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)00:56 No.6746549
>> Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Twilight and 4chan. The story should use getting sucked into the "real world" as a plot device!

Oh fuck... seriously?


I had been running forever, it seemed, trying to get away. They were chasing me, those "b-tards", and they were screaming horrible things, like "tits or get the fuck out" and "dat ass" and that Edward had some form of horrible skin cancer. Crystalline tears welled in my eyes as I ran, and I tried my best to ignore them. I knew that if I escaped, I would life to see Edward again, and that was enough to keep me going.

I was so focused on the hurtful words they were slinging at me that I nearly tripped over my own feet in an attempt to get away. Luckily, just before I crashed to the ground, some strong arms slipped around me and hauled me to the side, into a dark, empty board. I held back a scream as my saviour hauled me to the side.

The room was full of comic books, and shelves and shelves worth of old VHS tapes and DVDs, and I realized, with a sinking feeling, that I had escaped the 'tards only to fall into the clutches of the losers. Still, beggars couldn't be choosers.

"Don't worry," my saviour said. He was about to say more, but he stopped dead, there. Then, disappointed, he said, "Shit."

"What?" I asked, desperate. He turned to look at his comrades, and they looked at me with various expressions. Disgust, alarm, amusement. It didn't bode well for me.

"We don't want you here," he replied. "You're going to have to leave. Maybe you could try /tv/?"

"But they're after me," I begged.

"Don't worry," the man said, very seriously. "Edward will save you."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:03 No.6746613
>> Skip 11/24/08(Mon)01:05 No.6746644
     File :1227506758.gif-(96 KB, 158x140, conan clapping.gif)
96 KB
>> Gunwild 11/24/08(Mon)01:09 No.6746686
     File :1227506982.jpg-(53 KB, 512x159, badfiction.jpg)
53 KB
The man took the box with the air of someone who thought he was a little too good for his surroundings. The Italian suit didn’t wasn’t accompanied by his customary animal skin tie, as per the defense’s request, but it had ivory buttons – another little slap in the face towards the defendant.

“Mister Plunder,” began McCoy, “Thank you for flying in today.”

“I’m always happy to help the ends of justice,” he replied with a smile. It was comforting to him that an American jury wouldn’t have seen the protestors surrounding the courthouse, but he wasn’t worried either way. For once, he was actually in the right. He’d waited a long time for this kind of oppertunity. “Especially when I’m the complainant, of course!”

“Of course. Can you point for us out who put you in this situation?” The ADA turned to look before Looten Plunder had even raised his arm.

“That’s the young man,” he said of the red-haired youth in handcuffs. “His accomplices were extradited, being foreign nationals like myself, but he’s a native of this city. Such a shame, to see a youth turn on his own community, *destroying* parts of it with a crime like arson…”

“So you’re sure it’s him?”

“Oh there’s no doubt. He’s on the security tapes, and as we’ve heard, my waste management facility’s fire alarms first went off during the time he was shown to be in the building. Yes, I think it’s safe to say that…”

The boy with red hair stood abruptly, his chair clattering on the hard marble floor. His bound fists swung up, and a flash of light on one finger caught Plunder’s eye. That was when he realized that he’d made a terrible mistake.

He really should have told them to take Wheeler’s ring away.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:11 No.6746704
no goofy time tonight!
>> hypno 11/24/08(Mon)01:14 No.6746736
holy frick! Gunwild's on.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:15 No.6746745
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Metroid and Soul Calibur. The story should use mystical creatures as a plot device!

/v/ content but whatever.
Siegfried lifted drew his sword at the sight of it, some kind of a red knight, adorn in a strange armor head to toe. He thought little of it, as he had already seen so much in his road to forgiveness and salvation. But the light did make him marvel. From the knight's arm, some kind of a divine flash emerged and struck him down. It was as bright as the light that freed him from the deathly grip of the Soul Edge so long ago, the light of the Soul Calibur.

But the Soul Calibur was in his hands right now. He was dumbfounded and lost and decided to do what many lost people do: he prayed. Searching for retribution from this imminent danger, he laid prostrate asking for the Soul Calibur to give him salvation once more. Then another light emerged, this time from the heavens. A whizzen, white pegasus descended and lifted Siegfried on high, above his adversary. It was from there he was able to struck the finishing blow.

To his surprise and astonishment, the unconscious body that lay before him amidst red steel and blue cloth was that of a woman, with blond hair gleaning in the light. She might have been from Germany like Siegfried, he reckoned. His chivalry making him unwilling to kill either a countrywoman and a woman in general, the blue-eyed man turned to leave, before feeling something deep inside of him.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:16 No.6746755

She was unconscious; she would wouldn't wake. JUST THE SPOILS OF WAR, SIEGFRIED. He realized that his amazing cock was fully erect. He remembered that he hadn't had sex since his days as Nightmare, where he raped woman freely. The Soul Calibur surpressed the urges, but it was now drain simply helping him stay alive. THE SPOILS OF WAR, SIEGFRIED. He slowly undid his own armor.

With his mind ablaze with passion, he entered without hesitation, tearing apart the thin membrane within the girl's supple vagina. He pumped harder and harder, with his hands discovering and touching every last bit of the girl's too soft body. Climax did little to slow him, while his mouth bit and licked at every part of the girl's face, every part except the lips; kissing would be an act of romance and this was anything except that. Upon his second climax, however, his body shivered in such a way that his lips did touch the corners of hers. The shame that filled him made Siegried pull himself away, splurting much of his seed all over her fair hair and face. He walked away in shame, all the while hearing a faint voice inside his head. BLONDS ARE REALLY OUR THING ANYWAY. MAYBE A BRUNETTE, LIKE THAT ASIAN GIRL FROM THAT TRIED TO "SAVE" YOU FROM ME.

I'm incredibly ashamed that it turned out as a cheesy lemon.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:21 No.6746818
You sir, are made of epic.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:22 No.6746845
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:24 No.6746868

Psh, it's riddled with typos and shit anyways. I really should get back to studying for Physics. AND AWAY I GO.
>> No Man 11/24/08(Mon)01:25 No.6746873

I mean it when I say cool story, br-


>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:34 No.6747007
My awesome fan-fiction idea is a Twilight x High School Musical crossover, where the High School Musical gang are really undercover vampire hunters lead by Jon Bon Jovi, the school's principal.

I envision a hideously scarred Zac Efron putting down Bella with a fucking crossbow as she screams about how perfect her already decimated Edward was.
>> Gunwild 11/24/08(Mon)01:36 No.6747050
     File :1227508613.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 49 KB, 512x159, badfiction.jpg)
Spoiler Image, 49 KB
(You know what I notice? These are a lot better if you don't know what they're going to be beforehand.)

“Michael,” K.I.T.T. started, as he so often did, “You really must use the autodrive system more often.”

“Your sensors can’t see through fog any more than I can,” he grumbled, walking around the front left, then the front right, then kicking the tires. “Besides, that stretch of road – it wasn’t normal.”

“It’s just your imagination. And I’d prefer it if you drove with your rational senses. Then we wouldn’t crash like this.”

Michael Knight crossed his arms. “There isn’t much damage aside from the fuel leak, and that’s sealed. We should at least be able to drive to the next town. Which is how far…?”

A pause followed. “A resort town four miles away. The information suggests that the population is frequently evacuated due to mine fires, however. I’ll radio the police to see if gasoline is available.”

“You do that,” he said, opening the door to get back inside. However, a sharp hissing sound made him pause. “What in the world is-“

“It’s the radio, Michael,” K.I.T.T. explained, voice barely audible over the static. “There’s some kind of strange interference emanating from multiple sources within the town.”

He slumped into his seat, reaching for the belt buckle while wondering if he could even find the road through the fog. “What kind of place is this, anyway…?”

“I don’t know. There’s very little information in my records about Silent Hill.”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:44 No.6747152
>>“I don’t know. There’s very little information in my records about Silent Hill.”

Fucking Win. DO WANT.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:46 No.6747186
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:47 No.6747199
I can't believe you worked in the radio interference from the games. I never woulda thought of that.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:47 No.6747203
     File :1227509249.jpg-(26 KB, 516x53, B^UMIAMI.jpg)
26 KB
“Ethan? Honey, I’m home,” Lilah yelled as she closed the door with her foot, simultaneously carrying a handful of groceries. There was no response.
Lilah’s eyes were half open, her mouth hanging agape in frustration. “I swear I don’t know how I even married this guy,” she thought to herself. She walked into the kitchen in search of her new beaux.
“Ethan?” The kitchen was empty. “Huh.”
She walked into their bedroom and with her first step there was squish, as if she had stepped into a puddle. She looked down at a puddle of blood and followed it to its source: Ethan. He was lying on the floor, his face beaten in severely. He was almost unrecognizable, his eyes were all the way open and his mouth was neither hanging agape nor was it grinning smugly. Lilah’s eyes open slightly in panic as she let out a scream and ran to the phone.
Horatio walked into the blood-soaked room about 20 minutes later. He put his hands at his hips and looked down at the woman taking various photographs. He looked up and flagged the nearest cop.
“Whadda we got?” he asked.
“Male, mid-20s. Newlywed,” the cop answered sternly. “Wife found him lying there after she came back from the grocery store.”
“Murder weapon?”
“Looks like someone bashed a computer monitor over his head, then onto his face. Multiple times.”
Horatio looked down at the body of the young man, then back up. “Looks like he a run in with the blue screen…” He took out his sunglasses and put them on, despite being inside. “…of death.”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)01:49 No.6747223
I can't write particularly well, but I can write summaries like nobody's business.

> Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Iron Chef and Captain Planet. The story should use tornadoes as a plot device!

Wheeler has developed an interest in cooking, using his fire powers to cook food and has gotten quite good at it. Gi, who is apparently Japanese now, informs Wheeler as to the Kitchen Stadium and invites him to show up. Wheeler is able to make his way through the practice rounds, but when he makes his way to battle an Iron Chef the secret ingredient is dolphin brains, which he refuses to use and thus looses even though violating the rules he makes food that does not involve the ingredients and win. The other planeteers support him except Gi is uneasy, noting that dolphin brains have been a part of Japanese cuisine for centuries and tries to make vague motions of multiculturalism to justify it.

But as this is all going on, Hoggish Greedly has been in working with the bureaucrats effectively running Kitchen Stadium to manufacture Iron Chef merchandise or something. The pollution from all of this has caused Japan to be struck with tornadoes because that's totally how tornadoes work. The Planeteers save the day, and then Chairman Kaga comes out of the shadows and announces that he intends to call off the deal with Greedly and says that Wheeler may have a rematch with sustainably farmed seaweed as the secret ingredient. The story ends just before the winner is announced.
>> piemanmoo 11/24/08(Mon)01:57 No.6747322
>> Gunwild 11/24/08(Mon)02:00 No.6747370
I don't know anything about CSI: Miami aside from the yeeeeeah, but that was pretty cool.

Although I think one of the cops remarking about how the wife must be dealing with it really well because of her 'calm expression' is in order.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:04 No.6747404
ah dang, you're right

i knew something was missing, but i just wanted to finish it
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:08 No.6747442
someone do this, i cant write for shit, but its too good an idea to pass up:

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Twilight and Matlock. The story should use somebody misplacing their pants as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:16 No.6747522
wtf where did my post go?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:19 No.6747560
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:20 No.6747572
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:24 No.6747618
     File :1227511458.jpg-(19 KB, 251x299, honkhonk.jpg)
19 KB
"HONK HONK Buddy!"

"Hey Skeeter...." Doug said as he met his blue friend for the first time since they became high schoolers." Can you help me find my next classroom?"

"Whysurething Doug. Let me see your schedule." Skeeter responded, putting and open hand out to Doug. Doug brought his backpack around and shuffled through it. Eventually he found his schedule and handed it over.

"Oh Doug, You've got Mythology I've heard the teacher is a pretty strange person, but knows his stuff. HONK. His classroom should be room 5 on B hall." Skeeter pointed in the direction of said hall.

"Thanks buddy. It was good seeing you again. I hope we have the same lunch period toget....." Doug was interrupted by the tardy bell. "Crap, lets book it!"

"MR FUNNY, WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!" A booming voice came from the tall, scrawny fellow with a strange disproportionate shape standing at the chalkboard.

"Sorry I'm late sir, I got lost looking for the class," Doug managed to choke out. The teacher was intimidating and wore an obscene amount of black and red.

"That's Professor Alucard to you, boy!" The professor gave Doug a toothy grin. This man was not normal. His teeth seemed to have been filed to sharp points, every one of them. Scared, Doug quickly found his way to the only empty seat next to Roger.

Cross between Doug and Hellsing. First day of highschool.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:24 No.6747623
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining CSI and Transformers. The story should use drug abuse as a plot device!

Sentinel Prime stared at the pile of Energons in his hand gingerly. He picked one up, playing around with it in his hand, before carefully popping it in to his mouth.
The energy that flowed into him felt so minimal. He could still hear the taunting cries of Megatron as Prime lay broken in the Apex armor.
He grabbed the rest of the Energons and determinedly stuffed them down his throat. The energy nearly over powered him causing him unbelievable amounts of pain. But, he took it. He took it, and let the Energons take him into the afterlife…

Horatiotron stood over the fallen autobot as two neutralbots lifted the body on to the automated stretcher. “So” he said turning to Calleigh Prime “what do we have here.”
“What at first appeared to be a suicide, the first responders found residues of high impact energy rounds below the automatron matrix 10 minutes before the overdose of Energons could overload his circuit board”
“Looks like this matrix-holder” he claimed as he initialized his battle visor. “just died in office.”

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:31 No.6747669
i know i'm breaking the thread rules but i have to get to bed and just wanted to post the idea i got because it got lols out of me

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining James Bond and Iron Man. The story should use gay relationships as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:39 No.6747706
     File :1227512382.jpg-(8 KB, 497x152, badfanfic.jpg)
8 KB
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..." Said a panic filled voice as the doors of the dark mansion busted open like a shotgun blast, which made the figure coming in from the rainy night gasp out in fear as he fell to the wooden floor. He was breathing hard, his hand against his cheek, as blood poured down from it. In his other hand, gripped against the floor, was a pistol. He was wearing a fine black dress coat, with black slacks. He looked like he just came from a funeral. The sopping wet man turned his bugged out eyes to the ceiling, and then back out the door. The ambulance was letting out a tuft of smoke and steam, generating a fog in the rain drenched night. The red and white lights flashed on and off, making the man wince as he started to stand up, groaning as blood dripped down from his hand to the floor. "Ah, Jesus...ah fuck!"

The man looked around at the large mansion and nodded to himself, wincing as he closed his mouth a bit, more blood seeping to the floor below. "Fuck, it'll'll do." He whispered to himself as he put his pistol in his pants and ran back outside and over to the ambulance. He opened it up, a fine flourencent light poured out onto the muddy street and over the man's pale, wet face as he looked inside. There was the black bag, covered with blood, a dead police officer laying beside it. His throat was slit with a scalpel, but that wasn't enough to put him down, which is why two bullet wounds lay buried in his chest. The gun was still in his hand, one round got off in the quarrel. The wet man rubbed the hole in his cheek and winced, grabbing the bag. He slammed the doors to the back of the ambulance and walked quickly over to the passenger's side of the front, opening the door. As it popped open, the body of a man in white, blood dripping from the back of his head, fell out onto the muddy street.

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:40 No.6747711
"Jesus!...fuck, I'll take care of it later..." The man with the chin wound said, putting his bag down and pushing the body into a ditch. He climbed in and shut down the flashing lights and nodded, blood still seeping as he winced and began to unravel his black tie, one he wore tight around a white collared shirt, that was a mess with blood. At least his leg wasn't in to much pain, he thought. He looked down at the bullet wound in it and it made him wince. "Goddamit!" He cursed himself for thinking about the pain again.

The man hopped out of the cab and picked up the bag...but the body was gone. "What the fu-" Before he could get a word out, the dead man in the white reached up and grabbed his wounded leg. The snarling, demonic beast pushed his thumb against the man's wound, making him hollar. "See what you did to me! All for greeeed?!" The beast, no longer a man, scowled upon his murderer. "HOLY SHIT!"

"Nothing holy about that piece of shit." A voice in the shadow's said, cocking a shotgun. The beast-corpse rose to it's feet in an unnatural way and gasped, looking over at a tall figure, sillohetted by a tree.

"Get down, shorty." The voice said, aiming a now obvious sawed off shotgun at the standing corpse. The man in the black jumped down on his demand as the demon growled and pointed a finger. "You think you can take me out, you silly mortal...I'll eat your fucking soul...!"

And then, a flash of lightning illuminated the man by the tree. His muscular body, tall and broad, his chin a quite demanding feature. His slick black hair was wet, and his eyes were narrowed in a serious way. There was a shine from his other arm, as it glimmered with metal. The metal of a chainsaw. The man held the shotgun to the beast's head. Click-click. "I've heard that before."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:40 No.6747722
POW! The beasts head goes to pieces with a blast from the shotgun as the man in the suit gets covered in matter. "Fuck!" He screamed out, eyes wide as ever, grabbing the black bag as he ran away from the ambulance. The figure followed him quickly and grabbed him by the arm before the man could escape into the house.

"What the fuck, let go of me!" The man in the suit said, struggling, only hurting himself from the grip the other man had on his arm.

"Not a chance, that man was dead because of you, what's your name, you sniviling punk?" The man said, the shotgun behind his back on a holster.

"OK! won't get my real name, me Mr. Pink."

This took the tall man back as he smirked. "Mr. Pink? What are you, a faggot?"

"Shut the fuck up, alright, who're you?" He said, looking back at the ambulance as he heard movement.

"The name's Ash, and get in the house, take your bag with's gonna be a long night." Ash said, taking his shotgun out again as Mr. Pink pulled out his pistol and rubbed his wounded cheek with his other hand. "Why do I so believe you right now?"

A growl came from the ambulance as the roof top busted open and the possessed undead corpse of the cop jumped up and growled. "Ahahaha!" It laughed manically as the two men ran into the large mansion, as the sounds of insane, demonic laughter filled the night. All coming from the mansion. A long night indeed for the two men. Mr. Pink looked ahead and gulped. "Oh, shit..." Ash grinned and revved up his chainsaw. "Groovy."

>Jesus, I got carried away with this. I guess I was having fun.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:41 No.6747725

You had something so beautiful.... and yet you ruined it.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)02:58 No.6747943
I ignored the plot device. Oh well.

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Carmen Sandiego and King of the Hill. The story should use religion as a plot device!

Hank sighed, and checked his watch. He'd been waiting for almost an hour now, and his patience had just about worn thin. Buck told him to go to one of them "fancy" restaurants, since the client was apparently used to dining "in style" ... whatever that was. But they were late, and it was pretty darned embarassing to be sitting in some hoity-toity French place alone, having to shake off the waiter who kept coming back asking if he wanted... ugh.... escargot.

Hank, bored, opened the informational folder Buck gave him, with information on the client. He sighed. "Dang it, now where in the world is that god dang Carmen Sandiego?"

As if on cue, the chair across from him slid out, and he looked up in time to see a gorgeous woman, clad in a red coat and matching hat, smiling across the table at him. She tipped the hat, slightly. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hill..."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)03:15 No.6748159
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)05:28 No.6749553
this thread entertains me.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:00 No.6749744
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:04 No.6749764
wow.... 60+ posts and not one gas story?
I'm proud of you /co/. with that said, IN BEFORE GAS STORY.
>> Miley Cyrus 11/24/08(Mon)06:05 No.6749772
     File :1227524730.jpg-(29 KB, 602x340, tfg SoaP and HL2.jpg)
29 KB
I got one last night that I'm legitimately working on.

Pic related.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:09 No.6749784
.... sounds so fricken awesome
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:09 No.6749786
gas story?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:11 No.6749794
I envy your innocence
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:14 No.6749808
My dial up keeps me pretty innocent. And thankfully you have to register to see that, so I'll remain delightfully unaware of whatever it is you're talking about.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:16 No.6749817
     File :1227525380.jpg-(48 KB, 1130x381, 122632446684.jpg)
48 KB
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:17 No.6749831
     File :1227525459.jpg-(156 KB, 1430x670, Stalkerwtf.jpg)
156 KB
here's an example :D
this is 4chan, raping the innocent is part of the job.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:20 No.6749853


.................................... ohhhh my god.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:22 No.6749866
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:27 No.6749898
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:30 No.6749917
why would you let me read that?!? I'm just a poor innocent girl, trying to read bad crossover fanfiction... ;__;
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:30 No.6749926
x3 its just so much fun perverting minds. and to add insult to injury I curse you to think of this the next time you kiss someone.
>> Miley Cyrus 11/24/08(Mon)06:32 No.6749941
well dammit. Now / have to read it. Gimme a minute here.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:36 No.6749976
..... D:
>> Miley Cyrus 11/24/08(Mon)06:37 No.6749979
Well I wasn't expecting erm...THAT.... but it wasn't all that disturbing. Just odd.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:41 No.6750004
     File :1227526860.jpg-(105 KB, 640x480, whyudothat.jpg)
105 KB
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)06:51 No.6750053
bookmarked for whenever I feel gruesome
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:07 No.6750171
Somewhere in the rented out home of a recently dead vampire, or about as dead as a vampire can be, they tend to not die very easily, a large and studious milkshake is arguing the finer points of simple social etiquette, let us peek in at the most eloquent conversing of words New Jersey has to offer.
“Understand this Frylock, I’m the leader and that means that I get to decide what to do with the rejected applicant for this team!”
“Shake you can’t reject Meatwad, he’s a founding member and it takes a 2/3rd vote to remove him and I’m not gonna vote him out.”
“Thank you Frylock, I always knew you were one of the good ones.”
“Shut up” Shake yelled “You will be removed from this team with my newest invention the rejectumtrom 83000.”
“Where in the hell did you get that thing shake?” Frylock yelled with much vigor “That it not something you should be playing with, that is my special robot enhancement part I ordered off of spoonegg.”
As Frylock carefully and fearfully attempted to remove the rejectumtron 83000 from Master Shakes ever rageful hands it soon was thrust deep and hard into Meatwad.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:08 No.6750183
“God Damn it Shake” Frylock bellowed and then let out a defeated and somewhat belligerent sigh “I hope you just enjoyed your first sexual experience because you just anally raped Meatwad”
Master Shake with a look of utter horror upon his face attempted to remove the rejectumtron 83000 from Meatwads face, which may well be his anus no one is quite sure.
“Aaaaaahhhhh I’ve been raped!!” Meatwad screamed as he ran from Master Shake, then suddenly a sticker that had a few letters hand written on it fell from the machine and it said not rejectumtron 83000 but rectum tunnel to the year 3000!! As Master Shake finally caught up Meatwad and pulled out the rectum tunnel to the year 3000 a large swirling and smelly vortex opened up between Meatwad’s eyes.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:09 No.6750191
Frylock peering deep in to the vortex soon saw a face with one eye then three more eyes in utter terror the box of fries ran, ran away to Carl’s home
“Carl” Frylock said nervously “Carl, I don’t want to alarm you or anything but you may want to just get up and leave your house right now a whole lot of crap is going to go down real soon.”
“Oh boy why am I not surprised, the giant talking food man has somehow ruined my wonderful day, screw you Fryman anything you say I’m just gonna sit dis’ one out leave me alone and get off my lawn.”
Frylock not listening ran far, far away from America and is now in London reading books
Suddenly and without warning a beautiful Cyclops and her pet niblonian flew out of Meatwads gaping hole.
“Awe Hell” Leela cursed “Just when I was in the middle of the New Space Popes inauguration speech, and he was just going name the Hypno Toad as his Vice Pope.”
“Ohhohoho my god a woman just flew out your anus.” Master Shake exclaimed “And a beautiful one I might add, my lady I am only willing to have sex with you if you make me dinner right now because I’m hungry for meat, it’s what I crave, now get to it chop chop.”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:10 No.6750202
Nibbler than ate Master Shake
“Oh my god” uttered Meatwad “Thank you so much I have hated that guy for I don’t know ho----“
Nibbler ate Meatwad
“Wow this place sux I must be in Jersey.” Leela said casually
Then she went outside where Carl was in his pool looking at dirty magazines
“Hey, hey, hey, baby you wanna come join me in my pool, u know that the Carl knows how to rock, baby.”
“Ooooo a gentleman.” exclaimed Leela
Master Shake then exploded out of Nibbler
No one can defeat the Highlandand I am Immortal!!!! He then thrust the rectum tunnel to the year 3000 into Leela’s anus thoroughly raping her and then dove in to meet his best friend….
Doctor Zoidberg and they had many children of the future to feast upon the end.

>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Futurama and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The story should use anal sex as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)07:22 No.6750303
that was weird and had much rape
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:06 No.6750595
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:11 No.6750636
I love you /co/.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:18 No.6750672
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining the Muppet Show and 4chan. The story should use murder as a plot device!

Oh fuck this, I'm so out of here.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:22 No.6750695
Hey! Get back here and write that!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:33 No.6750762
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining MacGyver and Toy Story. The story should use the future as a plot device!

I wouldn´t DARE. The world is not ready.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)08:35 No.6750778
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Office and Totally Spies. The story should use tentacle rape as a plot device!
I think I´ve read it somewhere before
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:05 No.6750937
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining My Little Pony and Clarissa Explains it All. The story should use rape as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:29 No.6751112
bump for good times
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:30 No.6751120
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining 24 and Penny Arcade. The story should use a seemingly routine day as a plot device!


Tycho sighed in frustration and repeated himself. "Did you get a hold of Gabe and tell him to postpone the strip?"

Once again, Jack Bauer responded with an intense stare, followed by a loud ringing from his phone. Tycho gnashed his teeth in barely contained rage as his new intern answered the phone instead of addressing him. Tycho could only hear Jack's part of this apparently life altering phone call, (the fifth one this hour) and wondered again why Gabe insisted on taking on this woefully inept individual.

At first, Tycho assumed it was so they could have another artist on the team, but that thought was quickly dismissed after Tycho caught a glimpse of what Jack considered art.

This man had an unhealthy obssession with digital clocks.

'So why is he here?' Tycho asked himself, not for the first time. 'And why is he talking on the phone in a loud whisper?'

Tycho interrupted Jack's call to find out just that. "Hey Jack?" the mentioned idiot turned to him. "You do know the objective of the whisper is to NOT be heard, correct?"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:42 No.6751186
>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Harry Potter and Space Ghost. The story should use oral sex as a plot device!

It was the night that Harry had once and for all saved the world from Voldemort. Ginny and Harry had been celebrating with their friends and mourning their dead for hours now. It was almost an hour before dawn when they had finally snuck off to be alone together. They went into the old dormitory room that Harry had called home for the last seven years. It seemed smaller somehow, but it would still do. The young lovers embraced and using their tongues feverishly began telling their partner how glad they were that they were alive. Ginny's hand began to snake its way down Harry's trousers.

"Ginny, are you sure?" asked Harry.

Ginny knelt down and undid Harry's belt. She looked into his beautiful eyes and said "I'm sure Harry. I love you." With that, she took his stiffening member from its cotton boxer prison and placed it in her mouth.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:43 No.6751192
Harry was so entranced by the new sensation that he almost didn’t notice the strange sound coming from the corner of the room. It was faint, like a sort of insect chittering. And… crunching. Definitely crunching like someone eating popcorn. Getting louder and louder. Totally distracting him from his blowjob. Harry cursed his pagan gods as he raised his wand and pointed it toward the sound. He opened his eyes and saw nothing. The chittering and crunching had stopped. Thinking that he had perhaps imagined it, he closed his eyes again and ran his free hand through Ginny’s red hair, reveling in the girls ministrations.

“Whew, that was close.”

“Expelliarmus!” shouted Harry as he whipped his wand at the source of the noise. A gold belt and a small bag of popcorn clattered to the floor and a strange and menacing giant praying mantis stood before them. Harry kept his wand trained on the creature as a thousand thoughts raced through his mind. How was this thing invisible when his cloak wasn’t in the room? Why hadn’t he paid more attention in classes so eh would know what kind of creature this was? Why was it watching them? Why could Harry hear it blinking? Where did Ginny learn to use her tongue so masterfully?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:44 No.6751196
Suddenly, there was a loud crash as a wall by the open window exploded. Standing in the rubble was a tall and muscled man dressed in white, whit a black hood and a yellow cape. He ignored the young lovers and pointed and accusatory finger at the creature.

“There you are Zorak! Honestly, stealing my Inviso-Belt and using it to be a peeping tom in a mystical English boarding school.”

“Well Space Ghost it beats watching your mom have ARRRRGH!” The Zorak creature had been interrupted by the Ghost man blasting him with a powerful energy beam that seemed to emanate from the red bands on his wrists.

“Don’t you talk about my mother, Zorak! Now get in the Phantom Cruiser!” Space Ghost picked up the crispy insect by one of its legs and tossed it through the hole he had made in the wall, into the hovering spacecraft below.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:44 No.6751204
Harry and Ginny watched as Space Ghost ignored them completely and picked up his discarded Inviso-Belt. He put it on and opened a special compartment, long dusty and not seeing frequent use. He pulled out two condoms with his smiling face on them, and tossed them at the Hogwarts students.

“Better safe than sorry, right? Have fun kids!” With that, Space Ghost blasted another hole in the wall and flew out of it. The Phantom Cruiser lifted up past the window and flew off into the night sky.

“Harry… what just happened?” asked Ginny.

Harry turned to her and gave her the cruel, merciless look she would come to know and fear over the rest of her life. “Who told you to stop?”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:47 No.6751228
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Barack Obama and Kill Bill. The story should use getting sucked into the "real world" as a plot device!

On a cold and balmy February morning The bride had stepped into the White House having been transported there after using rocket fuel in the Pussy Wagon which caused her to travel at the speed of light to the real world. She had killed every secret service member who got in her way, her objective was clear "Rock Barrack"

She stepped into the oval office covered in blood, she expected to see the young president elect hiding in fear, but he stood proudly clutching his Hanzo Katana. "Now I don't want to brag but I was the first ever 5th Dan in Chicago" said Barrack in a cool tone. "Now we can stand here all day or we can get down to business" The two sized each other up, looking up and down the others body until their eyes meet and they both drew steel. "I HOPE this is the CHANGE you wanted Mr.Obama" said The Bride as she sheathed her sword. "Sure is mam, I don't know if you noticed or not but look at your sword, I cleaved it in to" gloated Barrack. The bride was shocked, she drew her blade and stared at it, the blade was complete. "You lied" she said. " I'm a politician," gloated Barrack " I also bust my guns bitch" and with the quickness he drew a 9mm from his jacket and placed a bullet in the brides heart. "I better be sure," he whispered as he placed a bullet into her skull " I got 99 problems but this bitch ain't one"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:55 No.6751274
nice ending
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)09:56 No.6751286
>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Flapjack and Sailor Moon. The story should use a zombie attack as a plot device!

Oh God, what? I am bad at computer, how did I get here?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:01 No.6751309
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Michael Moore and Cinderella. The story should use marriage as a plot device!
oh god, i can smell the rape from here
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:09 No.6751354
BAD Horse
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:14 No.6751373
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Neon Genesis Evangelion and Barack Obama. The story should use a plague as a plot device!

"This plague is bad, I'm not gonna lie to you."

A lone man stood at a podium, with millions in attendance listening to his words.

"Many have died and many more will die before this is over."

The crowd saw the tears on the man's brown face as he spoke, words hard to hear, and harder to say.

"Never in the history of mankind have we experienced a plague as serious as Ellison's disease, and with North America as the last safe haven, it falls upon us to stop the spread of this terrible disease by any means."

"We have found a means of stopping this plague." He said, turning everyone's attention to the three young kids behind him. Two girls and a boy stepped foward to be seen by the crowd.

The first girl was pale and calculating, her light, short, blue hair constrasting sharply with her crimson eyes. She exuded a calm demeanor reserved for most adults, and she immediately made the crowd uncomfortable.

No child should be so unfeeling.

The girl that stood next to her seemed almost like a celebrity in her attitude, pompous and ready for attention. Her long red hair shined in the sunlight.

Her expressive blue eyes seemed to dare anyone to challenge her.

The third, a boy, did not seem up to that challenge. Physically unremarkable, with brown hair and dark blue eyes, the boy seemed for all intents and purpose, an average japenese child. Compared to the exotic females he was with, his mannerisms were nervous, skittish even.

He seemed to be unsure of what to do with himself.

The dark skinned man continued his speech. "With the help of these three children and the NERV organization, we will purge this infection at the source."


To be continued...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:18 No.6751392
Holy shit, I've been asleep and missing this. Well, here comes one of the prominent writefags from the last thread, then...

"Massive, emergency inter-dimensional team-up" wasn't a term Peter had ever thought of as boring, usually they involved some death and cosmic reordering, but this plane was dull. They had stuck him in coach, for crying out loud! Didn't they know A-listers when they saw 'em? If that wasn't aggravating enough, his seatmate had taken the window all for himself. And then closed the shade.

"Hey buddy," he offered aimiably after getting comfortable in his assigned seat after take-off, "Mind opening it up and letting some light in here?" The man turned his masked face towards Peter's, not even trying to conceal his weird yellow eyes looking over the red and blue costume.

"I do mind, actually," he stated in a smooth, clipped rumble. Then fell back into silence, staring at the back of the seat infront of him. Peter waited a moment before speaking again.

"Well, that's ok, I guess. Name's Spider-Man, by the way." He offered his hand. The man in black stared at it for a long pause until Peter dropped it again. "I'm here with the Avengers, just tagging along. Who'd you come with?"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:19 No.6751395

After a brief few seconds of silence, the man seemed to sigh and replied, "My name is Erik." He looked back over Peter's costume. "You're dressed like a circus attraction, boy."

"Yeah? Well, you're dressed like...a finely tailored count, so yeah ok maybe I can't make jabs at your clothing, but at least mine's themed to my powers."

Erik rolled his yellow eyes and remarked disdainfully, "Let me guess, you're some sort of 'spider man'. Clever."

"Hey now, I don't see you giving me any obvious hints to your superhuman abilities. Other than the window thing which...oh crap, you're a vampire, aren't you? Dammit."

The masked man's chuckle was deep and lyrical, really creepy, and just as he was replying, "I have been known to use my head for quite a number of things-" the fasten seat-belt sign came on. Then came the turbulence. Then the panic.

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Phantom of the Opera and Spiderman. The story should use a plane crash as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:19 No.6751396
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Shin Chan and South Park. The story should use starting a band as a plot device!

Easy, I'll let someone else have them. I'm hoping for Gumby meets Lupin the 3rd with Birth Control as a plot device.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:21 No.6751415
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Titanic and Romeo & Juliet. The story should use gay relationships as a plot device!

The script for Titanic with a find and replace "Rose" with "Robert"

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:24 No.6751435
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Final Fantasy X-2 and Dragonball Z. The story should use gay relationships as a plot device!

... This has been done too many times already.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:30 No.6751470
Thanks for your request.
It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
This thread has been requested 1 times now.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:33 No.6751488

Thanks for your request.
It has been added to our database and the thread will be archived as soon as enough request for that thread have been made.
This thread has been requested 2 times now.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:37 No.6751511
Stop archiving and write dammit!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:38 No.6751515

here's that classic MGS/ Transformers crossover using zombies as a plot device.
Fuck that was some kind of awesome.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:39 No.6751521
I'm trying! It's really hard to find something I know about on here...I keep getting random shit I've never seen.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:42 No.6751540
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining the Diary of Anne Frank and the Princess Bride. The story should use a tournament of some sort as a plot device!
So... The Nazi's would still kill Anne... But be killed by Westley, Inigo Montoya and Fezzik?... I-I guess...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:45 No.6751554
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining King of the Hill and Gordon Ramsey. The story should use the first day of high school as a plot device!

Guhh I want to write it (Bobby starts high school, Gordon Ramsey is his cooking teacher... Bobby for whatever reason suddenly sucks at cooking, Hank gets called in for a conference and at some point Gordon's like "listen you STUPID. AMERICAN. HILLBILLY." and Hank's like "Now, that ain't right, god dangit" and... yeah... buuuuuut I'm dropping off at the keyboard. Maybe when I wake up/if the thread is still alive.)
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:47 No.6751557
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Flapjack and Zorro. The story should use Satan as a plot device!


>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:48 No.6751565
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Bill Nye the Science Guy and Captain America. The story should use brainwashing as a plot device!

So much potential.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:51 No.6751577
then get to it.
(3 times)
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:51 No.6751582
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Powerpuff Girls and Moulin Rouge. The story should use love triangles as a plot device!

I just...I...I don't think I have it in me...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:52 No.6751591
     File :1227541979.jpg-(129 KB, 577x600, 1220394932491.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:53 No.6751594
>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Freakazoid and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The story should use trying out for a sports team as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:53 No.6751596
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:54 No.6751601
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Iron Man and Rugrats. The story should use unplanned pregnancies as a plot device!
>> posting Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:55 No.6751610
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Metal Gear Solid and Transformers. The story should use a zombie attack as a plot device!

Snow peppered Shadow Moses Island; the air was cold and cut through Snake as he puffed on his freshly lit cigarette, the smoke twirling and mixing with the falling snow.
"They're coming Optimus!"
"They'll be here at dawn!" Jazz yelled.
A defining boom like a burst of fire cut through the Arctic chill: "Let them come..."

Snake hopped off of Primes shoulder, the thundering voice he was sure had broken an eardrum or something of the sort.
It had only been a few hours since the Shadow Moses incident when a fireball engulfed the skies; Snake thought it might have been a downed B2 or another US aircraft on its was to glass the compound; but it had been something different. Uneasy about the wreckage from the sky, yet inquisitive as to what it may have been Snake headed out toward the southern end of the compound where it had landed.

Snake took a break from retelling the days stories to himself to sit in one of the transports outside the helipad. He dropped himself on one of the cold steel seats and wiped his brow; untying his bandana for a moment before retying it. Perhaps it had cut off his circulation. This whole prospect was something so foreign, even to him. He sighed, as his breath froze in the air Meryl appeared and took a seat beside him as the large clunky machines calling themselves Autobots piled handful after handful of the dead onto a large fire.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:56 No.6751612
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:56 No.6751613

A few moments ago the Col. had informed Snake that the US had recently lost contact of a cargo-ship carrying elements of FOXDIE. It had been ordered to dock at an undercover base near Hawaii, but only responded in a garbled message and with the inner working of the military in the state it was in the Government decided not to act on it. Noting that all personnel in the new destination sector had been eradicated.

Meryl had said something to him that he didn't catch, his ears still ringing from this 'Optimus Prime's voice. He gazed at the sunset a flash of beauty in a sea of horror.
After Snake had met up with this team of sentient machines They travailed back to the base. Snake wasn't sure why, but the leader seemed to have some sort of aura, or spark about him that seemed to warrant Snakes time and man power. He had entered the restrooms shortly after where he was grabbed from behind; He quickly sprang into action, grabbing the aggressors arm and getting him in a hold.

The man was dressed in a bloody Foxhound uniform. Snake pushed him into a stall door and stepped back into a fighting stance confused as to why he hadn't perished from FOXDIE. The soldier shambled toward him despite the bullet-wound it his head. Making moaning sounds as it shuffled after him, Snake, without his gun wasn't sure what to think. He hadn't seen many movies, but he was sure this was a zombie or one of Mantis's tricks and seeing how the former was dead it could only be the walking dead.
Snake rushed the slow attacker, grabbing his vest and balaclava and smashed his head into the tile wall as hard as he could.
Once. Twice. Three times, until the head was nothing more than pulp in a sock. The wall was splattered with a foul smelling dark liquid. He was sure it couldn't be blood, no, it didn't smell like this. He promptly washed his hands, grabbed the soldiers FAMAS and locked the room returning to the entry point to explain to Prime what had happened.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:57 No.6751615
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Harvey Birdman and the Bible. The story should use time travel as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:57 No.6751617

Snake slammed his head backwards in the transport then got out to stand beside the bonfire of bodies. As the corse of yet another soldier was heaped on he heard footsteps and noticed shuffling and footprints in the snow.
"Otacon" he growled coldly without taking hit eyes off the flames.
Otacon decloaked himself and looked up at him "What's wi-"
"You watch a lot of movies, play video games and all that kind of crap right?"
"Tell me, what do you know about zombies?"

"Well Snake, they're usually living corpses brought back from the dead through some means; usually a scientifically engineered virus, why?"
Snake nodded at the pile of bodies
"Oh my... this... this isn't?"
"Oh god, what have w-"
"Cut the crap Otacon, we've got to focus here, we've got a boatload of those monsters headed our way and we're going to need to take care of them. ALL of them" he responded as the body of Sniper Wolf was lowered onto the flames. Otacon paused a moment before gazing up in childlike wonder at the mechanized creatures.
"It... It's just like in one of my Japanese animes!"

Otacon took a moment before re-composing himself.
"Well Snake, if that's the case, we've got to get out of here! Even with these robo-" "Transformers" one of them interrupted "Fine. Even with these Transformers we can't take on a zombie horde by ourselves! That's a-"
"Suicide mission, I know; but if we don't stand now, who knows how many other people will be infected by FOXDIE, die, then come back to life as a zombie? That and there's another factor."
"MEGATRON" their leader boomed
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:58 No.6751623

Snake looked up and the night had turned today.
"So Optimus... Tell me about Megatron..."
"Long ago on our home planet of Cyberton Megatron and his maniacal Deceptacon forced waged war wi-"
"So there robots?"
Prime, obviously irritated by the interruption took a pause to recollect his thoughts. "Yes." he replied in a stern tone.
"Great grinned Snake, I can DO robots..."

Snake had equipped himself with the tools necessary as he watched the ship inch closer and closer to shore, even Meryl in her current state was ready to take up arms. She trotted up next to him, sound drowned out by the noisy arctic wind blowing in from the ocean.
"It smells like death." He said to himself.
"Well Hero, you ever played Resident evil?" Meryl asked
"Resident what?"
"Don't worry... you're about to LIVE it." she answered back while slamming a magazine into her Desert Eagle, Autobots scampering about the base, getting everything in order.
"Otacon" Snake said, "You better go hide."
"...Ok Snake, I won't get in your way; good luck!" He replied before flickering to nothing as his optic camouflage kicked in and he scampered back towards the base.
A loud crash shook the earth and a cloud of snow erupted from the shore, it had landed.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:58 No.6751626

The land was dead silent as Meryl and Snake took aim at the ship.
The front latch collapsed, the chain groining and rattling to keep the loader door from falling.
Then they heard it; like a stampede, hundreds of the undead, thundering out of the ship.
"This is different" Snake thought as he fired off a round, hitting a zed clear in the crown; causing it to trip and with it a good number of its undead brethren.
He glanced over to Meryl, popping round after round into the mass of hell rushing towards them.
"We have to fall back!" He shouted, Meryl nodding in agreement.
Snake unlatched a grenade from his belt and hurled it forward causing a rain of metal and blood to pour from the heavens.
"Optimus!" He shouted, Suppressive fi-"
But as he turned to look behind him; they had all gone.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Snake yelled; now booking it back toward the compound.
Never let a machine do a mans job he thought to himself as he slided under the transport he had sat in hours earlier, taking the FAMAS off of his back and using it to cut wide swaths out of the enemy ranks. He had lost track of Meryl for the moment, and for a brief second he thought her dead.
About to leave his cover for higher ground, she appeared there next to him.
"So what's the plan chief?"
"We get the hell back into the base and barricade ourselves in then mount a defense."
"Sounds good."
The two shimmied out from under the truck, Snake taking the opportunity for a skull breaking melee strike from his gun before rushing toward the doors.
He slammed into the door as hard as he could, the zeds quickly catching up.
"It... It won't open!" Meryl yelped
"I KNOW!" Snake barked attempting all matter of ways to get inside.
Knowing it was a helpless endeavor he turned around, lit a smoke and poped another clip into his FAMAS.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:59 No.6751629

"We're not gonna last much longer, Snake," she hissed. "We need that backup!"
He gritted his teeth, ignoring the fresh lance of pain in his arm. He'd probably jammed it getting under the truck.
"Damn it Prime! You said you'd help us!" Snake yelled at the heavens
He refocused himself on the battle at hand, another magazine empty. He Threw the FAMAS as an incoming zed, using the time to draw his SOCOM and shoot another in the head before it could make its way to Meryl.
"This is bad." he muttered.
No sooner had he put the period on the end of the sentence than a Semi barreled through the guard tower on there right. Diving out of the way of smoke, rubble and snow Snake shielded his eyes and looked up.
"Snake!" Otacon called back, raising an uncharacteristically cocky eyebrow. "Wanna ride?"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)10:59 No.6751634

Oticon hopped out of the semi which promptly began to break itself down somehow then reassemble itself into the tenacious leader of the Autobots.
"Transform!" he boomed as several more vehicles rolled through the new gap in the wall running over the hordes of zombies.
Snake looked out on the destruction and smiled. They might just win this fight after all...

Just then a loud boom tore across the sky, moments later the ground shook with a massive explosion, the yellow mechanical being appeared to have been hit with an explosive.
It tumbled back and fell, the zombies quickly leaping and clawing at it.
Snake pulled out his binoculars and gazed at the sky.
"Strange" he muttered "The Col. called off the bombing ru-"
"Is than an F-15? That's a little dated..."
"Optimus!" one of the robots yelled back after crushing a zombie under its foot. "It's Starscream!"

"Who?" snake shouted back at the Autobot closely resembling a police cruiser
"One of the deceptions!" he boomed back.
"So Prime, what's the plan? Any of your men er... fly?"
"Unfortunately no." Optimus replied, scooping Snake up in his hand then bringing him to his face. "But I've got an idea."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:00 No.6751636

"Snake!" Otacon yelled, throwing him an RPG-7
Snake looked the weapon over, granted he'd taken down a walking monstrosity with just C4, a tank with practically his bare hands and won a gunfight with a Hind D gunship the explosive in his hands looked as effective as spitting to take down a fighter jet. Let alone a robot fighter jet.
He pondered for a moment, looking at his surrounding, explosions going off, robots covered in undead and a war plain patrolling the skies, probably relaying information to the rest of the enemy troops still in hiding.
"Ok" Snake proclaimed looking at the sky "I'm-

going to need you to throw me."
"... What?" Optimus and Meryl responded together.
"Ya" Snake responded, taking a deep breath. "Throw me."
"Are you sure that's going to work?" Optimus Replied uneasily.
"It'll work" Snake replied " I'm 'NASA' sure."
Snake braced himself as Optimus cocked his arm back and before he knew it Snake was rocketing upwards towards the F-15. Gritting his teeth Snake reached up with his left hand. Using his momentum and the air current he was swept under the aircrafts wing. He grabbed on and flipped himself on top on the wing, holding on for dear life he used his right hand to aim the RPG near the pilotless cockpit. The freezing wind blistering his face. He was sure he yelled but no sound came out. The ground a blur of colors and indistinguishable dots.
Then, he pulled the trigger.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:00 No.6751637

Snake was thrown from the back as the plane spun out of control, speeding towards the ground.
Snake was now free-falling thousands of feet in the air...

The autobot named Hotrod had just arrived on the scene
"Calvary's Here!" He yelled and in a fluid motion transformed and blasted no less than 6 zeds to ashes. pumping his fist once before a grey robot scolded him.
Otacon noted that the older one, Ironhide or something must be a battle leader. He was quickly pulled from his daydream by a zombie thumping up against the glass of the transport he had climbed and locked himself in for his own good.
Meryl appeared moments later, pulling the creature from the door and blasted it once in the head, giving Otacon a thumbs up before rushing off.

"This isn't good." Snake thought as the sea rushed closer, he had managed to direct himself toward the shore in the time it had taken him to fall.
He braced himself and rolled as he hit the water, it hit him like concrete, but he kept on rolling, sure he had broken something; eventually he stopped and sank into the icy water.
Out of breath he paddled to the shore a stabbing pain in his left shoulder.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:01 No.6751642

He staggered to shore, delirious from the fall and miraculous fall. He glanced up to see the Autobots mopping up the rest of the zombie threat. He woozily wondered why they hadn't intervened earlier, then he remembered the jet he had just shot down ; the water still rippling from its own crash landing before heaving forth another hulking monstrosity where it began shambling back to land.

It was quickly intercepted however by the one called Ironhide where it was pinned then struck repeatedly with giant mechanical fists.
Snake looked himself over, noting that he had dislocated his left shoulder, broken his left arm and badly bruised his back.
He set forth on constructing a makeshift splint from tattered clothing and somehow driftwood before hearing what sounded like 3 sonic booms, one duller than the other followed by a menacing thunderous voice.

Bellowed Optimus looking up from the broken Starscream and hefting his massive cannon. The battle seemed to stand still for a few moments as all the Autobots looked up at this new fearsome foe. The air tense, but was quickly broken as various vehicles bust through the concrete barriers and leapt over snow mounds, changing midair and engaging with the autobots one on one.
This was why they had held back and reserved there strength until the last moment, this was the true battle...
But something irked Snake, Megatron, the one Prime had mentioned before looked... familiar.
"... That arm canon." Snake Snarled
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:02 No.6751645

The two leaders rushed each other and collapsed in a flash of metal and snow; ringing metal and scraping gears filed the once peaceful air.
Snake gritted his teeth and ran toward the brawl.

Meryl had just blasted another zombie in the face before coming to Otacons aid. She gave him a reassuring thumbs up. Even in her combat high she knew one of the bastards could leap at her any moment and there where the fast kind.
She pulled her trigger but nothing came of it; surprised and confused she pilled again. Nothing.
"Son of a bitch it's jammed!" She yelled fleeing to the nearest form of cover.
She heard an explosion and looked up at the sky, Snake had accomplished yet another inhuman feat and was now plummeting toward the ground at an alarming rate.
"I hope he knows what he's doing" she whispered to herself, a zombie peering over the crate she had hid behind, drooling blood over her was quickly silence by slamming its face into the edge of the crate.
She ejected the troublesome round then moved on.

Snake unholstered his SOCOM; not sure what he could do with such a weapon he rushed forward kicking up snow and rolling out of the way of the occasional arm or other mechanical part.
Ironhide was busy confronting what looked to be some sort of police car while Hotrod was armlocked with what appeared to be another exotic car of sorts.
Snake took a moment to peer around the battlefield in astonishment. For a brief moment he marveled at the very human machines, then at there numbers. Could there be even more than these?
Snake shook off the feelings before retreating to the main entrance to catch his breath and devise another plan.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:02 No.6751648

He reached into his harness and pulled out another cigarette while sitting down against the cold steel wall catching his breath.
He saw the door of the transport vehicle open and Otacon trip out and rush over; quickly sitting next to him.
"Snake!" He seemed to squeak. "I don't think Prime's doing to good!"
"Ya" He muttered "The hell can we do about it now though? If I hit one I'll end up hitting the other too."
"You've got to try Snake! Believe in you who believes in me who believes in you!"
"... The hell does that mean?"
"It means we have to trust each other. Now c'mon, I saw some construction equipment parked out this way!"

Snake followed Otacon to a remote side of the complex and sure enough there where a few construction vehicles.
"Ok Snake, here's the plan" Otacon said squatting down and drawing in the snow. "We take the cement truck, fill it with C4 then run it into Megatron!"
"...How the hell does that solve the problem again?"
"It's easy! You take out the leader and the rest of the lot will lose their will to fight."
"Ok, but even if that does work; how the hell do we separate Prime from Mega... whatever the hell his name was?"
"We distract him; now c'mon snake, lets go put some C4 in that mixer!"

"Aaaaand there, that's the last pack Snake." Otacon said after sliding the last pack of C4 down the mixer.
"Here, take these just in case" Otacon handed him a few small packs of the explosive.
"OK." Snake replied. "I'll drive."
Snake opened the door of the mixer and begain to hop in when a voice from nowhere proclaimed:
"Devastator! Assemble!"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:03 No.6751650

Snake grabbed Otacon and dived out of the way as the 5 construction vehicles somehow merged together into one titanic beast and started lumbering over toward the battle.
"Snake, this is bad! We let Prime down!"
"No... we did just the opposite. Hurry up!"
Snake began rushing toward the elevator lift at the far side of the base.
He took a knee and held up his binoculars, surly enough the metal titan was late to the party and the cement truck was one of its legs. It lifted its arm to strike two unaware autobots and in mid punch Snake detonated the explosives sending 'Devastator' falling forward in a 3 stooges esqu trip up; however, rather than the two Autobots getting the brunt of the attack the heap fell on its own comrades instead; crushing them under its weight.
"Now for Megs"

Optimus and Megatron where standing now, both heavily damaged.
"Oh Prime... Why must you always be so predictable? Same form ever time we meet it seems."
"You talk too much Megatron." Optimus replied taking a swing at Megatron who simply blocked the punch with his own and sent Prime tumbling.
"You'd be surprised what these fleshbags can build Prime. Here... take THIS for example." He smirked, charging the cannon on his arm.
Snake didn't have time to hesitate and quickly pulled the pin on a Chaff grenade, the filaments mixing with the fresh snowfall.
Megatron looked back at the small pathetic creature.
"Human... did you honestly think such a pathetic toy would work against ME?! The great Megatron?!" it boomed
"I'd say it worked out pretty damn well." Snake retorted as Optimus blasted Megatron in the chest with his cannon; sending him sprawling back in a crumpled heap.
"Starscream! NOW!"
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:03 No.6751654

The previously thought disposed of Starscream rose one more and took aim at Prime, firing a single shot before the yet to be Named Mirage beat the hapless jet down once more.
Unfortunately the blast missed by a long-shot and hit his leader square in the chest. Roughly the same place Prime had his him moments before.
"Damn it all Starscream! You have failed me for the last Time! AGAIN!"
"Face it Megatron, the Autobots have won the day." Optimus scolded
"No... not quite yet Prime; I've still got a trick or two up my sleeve..."

"Transform!" a voice bellowed out. The past explosions around her had forced Meryl to take cover from debris and through the clouds of what she assume was smoke was...

"Metal Gear..." Snake sneered as he rushed over to the walking death-mobile.

"Now you're just making this easy!" Snake cheered to himself as he stood behind the Deception leader.
"You see Prime, Mixing things up a bit might do you a bit of good for once! Behold! True Power!"
Megatron fired his railgun, Prime swerved out of the way, but unfortunately Mirage took the full force of the blast and fell to his knees.
His laughter cut through the morbid atmosphere.
"AHHA! Yes Prime... Come at me now..."
"HA! Are you kidding? I've beat more of you miserable lot than you have megabytes of storage in that small head of yours!"
"What?!" Megatrod responded, slowly turning around to see who had made the remark. Snake rushed forward in-between Megatrons legs and planted a pack of C4.
"And another thing." he added, revealing himself
"It's not the most agile vehicle." He said, detonating the pack.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:04 No.6751660

"GAH!" Megatron yelped, now obviously injured
"You'll pay for that you vile insect!" The radar dome twitched and locked in on Snake, the machineguns on Metal Gear Megatron blazing up. Snake proceeded so simply run under the mech away from harms way and taking out another pack, was about to place it on the opposite leg when Rex's 'belly' laser kicked in, Snake rolled out of the way by the skin of his teeth and out toward the back of 'Rex'. He pulled his last grenade from his belt and threw it up toward the back of the radar dome.
The explosion ripped through and left the dome hanging by only a few wires.
"I should have thought of that the last time" Snake thought aloud.

Megatron quickly transformed back into his 'robot' state and stood ready once more. However with one minor difference.
"Snake knocked on Megatrons 'helmet' then quickly slid off, bringing to the Decepticon Leaders attention the packet of C4 planted square on his face.
The pack detonated, causing Megatron to fall over backwards.
>> FIN Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:04 No.6751661

Meanwhile across the way Meryl finished beating the brains in of the last two remaining zombies with a crowbar she had found in that one blessed transport truck. Then came the series of bangs and as she looked over; she saw Snake, standing atop the wreckage of the once Great Megatron.

Snake hopped down to a now applauding Otacon.
"Great Job Snake!" he said as he patted him on the back.
"That's another mission well done!"
"Ya, well... turns out the boss isn't too hard when you're the size of a flea by comparison." He grinned
"Indeed human 'Snake', The autobots are in your debt and your services invaluable; Thank you."
He crouched and extended his large metallic hand which Snake took hold of as best he could, a finger at least.
"It's been an honor serving along side you." he responded giving a full salute.
"I can say with great confidence the same" Prime responded, returning the gesture.
"THIS DAY... BELONGS TO THE AUTOBOTS!" Prime yelled to various cheers.
Never before had Snake seen such soldiers, metallic yet human, fearsome as even Big Boss Himself with all the charisma and skill to boot and for once in a great long while. He laughed.

"Autobots! Transform and roll out!" And just as they had came they disappeared.
Meryl and Otacon came to stand by Snakes side and watch their new comrades fade into the distance; the silence finally returning.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:06 No.6751672
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Silent Hill and Twilight Zone. The story should use someone opening a gate to Hell as a plot device!

"Picture if you will, a town where the thoughts and fears of man can actually affect the world around you. A place where ones own senses can't be trusted and the very town seems to be against you.

Enter one James Sunderland, called to the town by a strange letter from a wife he knows to be dead. What he could not suspect is by entering this town he has opened a gate to hell itself, and will soon confront horrors no sane mind could conceive of.

But the greatest horror will come from within, because not all monsters are easy to see.

So now lets take a journey to the little town of Silent hill, located in the foggy recesses...of the Twilight Zone."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:09 No.6751697
that generation is just so perfectly laid out...
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:10 No.6751705


TEN MILLION TIMES this. Oh God, someone has to make this a reality.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:14 No.6751731
     File :1227543297.jpg-(22 KB, 640x480, 1216170019198.jpg)
22 KB

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:24 No.6751783

I can totally picture him standing on a foggy road delivering that speech, then panning over to the "Welcome to Silent Hill" Sign
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:32 No.6751837
only 2 more requests needed
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:33 No.6751843

President-elect Barack Obama’s presidential limousine zoomed through the crowd of Christmas shoppers, which was thankfully sparse thanks to the recession.

“Wha…wha…what was wrong with those people, daddy?” asked Malia, voice broken by terror.

Obama steeled his gaze. He was afraid that this day would come, when a parent would have to explain to his child the true horrors of this world.

“A zombie. An undead creature, formed of a human corpse, animated by the most terrible dark magicks”, he said. He remembered their Secret Service driver being torn apart by a mob of zombies. He shuddered and felt again the recoil of his shotgun. He was unable to hold them back, and they escaped on the limousine.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:33 No.6751847
“Bu-but I they were only in the…in the…” Malia couldn’t finish.

“Movies? No, they’re not only in the movies. This is a vile curse brought upon our nation.”

“But how are they here?” asked Michelle Obama, trying to light one of his husbands cigarettes but fumbling.

“When I wandered the world, fighting evil as a simple lawyer, I visited bokors, vodou sorcerers, in the Caribbeans. They could raise the recently dead and make servants of them, but true zombies , they told me, are ravening monsters created by vengeful spirits. Sometimes ghosts enter the world of the living and-“

“Gh-g-g-ghosts?” whimpered Sasha.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:34 No.6751855
The castle was dark, creepy, and very METAL. Nathan had said so and everyone else had nodded and agreed. Toki knew that there was gonna be booze and a doggy, but Pickles hadn't really explained why a puppy was so important. When they got inside, there were *talking objects*!

A candleman and a clockman and all kinds of talking things that usually didn't talk. Everybody else went upstairs, but Toki stayed with the funny magic stuff and they sang and did tricks. Toki was having so much fun he had forgotten about the rest of the band and ran upstairs after a few hours to find them.

They were in one of the bedrooms, he knew because Murderface was passed out inside the doorway, and Toki couldn't wait to tell them about all the neato things that lived in the castle. He stepped over Murderface and bolted forward immediately to Pickles, who was slouched on a couch.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:35 No.6751860
Pickles was quite content to watch the unusual spectacle infront of him. There was this Beast guy who was an actual animal, with horns, and fur, and claws. He was fucking this girl of his on the bed, Belle, who was on all fours and just really brutally taking Nathan's cock into her mouth while she got fucked by the monster boyfriend. Man, that girl was gobbling everything down: come, beer, piss! What a show.

Everyone had already had their turn joining in, Murderface had passed out after only getting his pants off, so now it was just a messy wind-down from the earlier activities. Then Toki came bounding in from wherever he had gotten to and started babbling on about some wonderful adventure or another with...a teacup? Pickles raised an eyebrow and took a sip of his beer, responding with fake interest. "That's nice, Toki. Glad you had fun with your, uh, tableware pals, there."

"Nathan!" Toki called to their lead singer, excitedly, "I had adventures withs talking candlemans!"

"That's great, Toki!" grunted Nathan sincerely, grabbing the brunette's head and pull on her hair until she sucked harder.

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Beauty & the Beast and Metalocalypse. The story should use an orgy as a plot device!

...I'm sorry.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:35 No.6751861
“Yes they exist. Damn it, you’re too young for these kinds of things! Daddy will explain everything to you when you’re older.” He dodged a throng of zombified Santas. One leaped on the hood of the limousine. Malia and Sasha screamed. Obama reached for his revolver and leaned out of the window. Two bullets pulverized the naughty Santa’s head and the corpse dropped off the hood.

“So yeah, sometimes ghosts or other spirits enter this world and terrorize the living. Very rarely they can raise the dead as zombies. But that’s some major spirit. A demon capable of something like this would’ve been preceded by a rain of fire. My guess it’s an animal ghost. It’s been tortured in its life and in its death has transformed into a vengeful animal totem.”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:36 No.6751869
“What kind of an animal, daddy?” asked both Malia and Sasha.

Obama bit his lip. “A pony. A very angry pony”, he answered and pressed the brakes.

Before the limousine stood a tower of burning appliances and corpses like an infernal Shopping Network. Obama checked his firearms and opened the car door. He stepped and gazed at the tower. On top of it stood an equine figure, a hellhorse formed of smoke and blue fire.

It spoke, and its voice was the shriek of the damned.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:36 No.6751873
“My name is Mr. Ed!”

The monster laughed and its laugh was like the death-cries of a thousand suicide bombers.

Obama wasn’t fazed.

“Stay put, family”, he yelled at the car. Michelle’s cigarette dropped out of her mouth, and the girls couldn’t hear him from being affixed at the spectacle before them.

Obama faced the burning tower and cocked his shotgun.

“Time to look a gift horse in the mouth”, he said.

>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Mr. Ed and Barack Obama. The story should use a zombie attack as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:45 No.6751940
>"That's nice, Toki. Glad you had fun with your, uh, tableware pals, there."

Is it horrible that I can see this entire story happening on the show?
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:46 No.6751950
>Obama faced the burning tower and cocked his shotgun.

>“Time to look a gift horse in the mouth”, he said.

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:49 No.6751971
Too bad that there's no more.

It turned out better then I expected, though.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)11:52 No.6751992
     File :1227545553.jpg-(22 KB, 399x294, captcpsoar25281008162629photo0(...).jpg)
22 KB
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:04 No.6752073
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:17 No.6752155
“Ah, Shrek!” The ogress shrieked, clutching one of the startled baby ogres which promptly roused the it’s other two siblings from their sleep.
Shrek sauntered over to aid his wife in quieting the chorus of cries that erupted, picking up the other two he rocked both in a separate arm as he cooed sweet nothings to lull them back to sleep.
“Whats going on out there? Today looked so perfect. Now there’s a storm outside?” Fiona said staring at the window that was smeared red. Just then afew more blue blobs made impact against the window, cracking the window and further hindering her sight from the outside world. “And what are those things…? I don’t remember planting any blue berry bushes…” Curdling her spooked child closer, she inched away from the window pane.
“That’s no storm…it came outta nowhere.” Shrek commented, laying their children back down in their cradle.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:18 No.6752160
It was a few minutes later that the pounding of mysteries blue orbs ceased, and the tornado seemed to magically vanish soon after.
Shrek and Fiona emerged from their home to see the horrific image of tiny blue figures splayed out about their front lawn, tiny legs and torsos plastered against their house.
It was Shrek who caught the glimpse of the weathered balding old man, robbed in a black cloak.
“Hey-Hey you, wait!” Shrek yelled towards the stranger, he made to chase after him, but Fiona pulled him back. “Shrek…look…”
The ogre looked down to see that he was about to step on a tiny man…who was some how still alive. Picking him up the orger plopped the older looking blue man in the palm of his hand.
Coughing once, then twice the man murmured a ‘thank-you’, “Gargamel was after us again…now there’s nothing left for me…he killed them all….” The smurf whizzed.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Smurfs and Shrek. The story should use tornadoes as a plot device!
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:42 No.6752339
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Captain America and the X-Files. The story should use becoming the president as a plot device!

"So you understand my concern, Mr. Rogers."

Even in the dim light of the shadowy bar, the man stood out. He was wearing a simple trenchcoat over a white dress shirt, but he was at least a head taller than most people in there and built like a wall. He had listened patiently to the other man's speech and though he had dealt with many strange things in the past, this was on a whole other scale. He had fought in world wars before, he had dealt with conspiraces, but what the man was asking him to do went against everything he stood for, in every sense of the word.

"You know what you're asking me to do."

The other man simply nodded slowly. He had introduced himself as a federal agent and the tone of his voice had convinced Steve Rogers to hear him out. He was softspoken, but his voice had conviction and every line of his face told the story of a man who had spent his life fighting against the world, fighting for what's right. Perhaps Steve saw a little of himself in there. Perhaps that's what made him listen to the end. He had almost left several times, but there was something about the quiet desperation in the man's voice that made him stop himself every time. The story made no sense and the thought made him sick to his stomach, but on the table lay a folder full of documents and pictures. The evidence was staring him right in the face.

"You're asking me to commit high treason, Agent Mulder."

"I'm asking you to save America. Maybe the world."

Steve slowly rose out of his chair and pushed it in under the table. Try as he might, he couldn't deny it. The alien conspiracy was real. The White House had turned Grey.

"Okay, Agent Mulder. You've convinced me. Captain America will kill the President of the United States."
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)12:57 No.6752494
Holy shit, I think I just archived this thread.

... Feels good, man.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:02 No.6752538
     File :1227549756.gif-(1.59 MB, 320x240, 1224732000956.gif)
1.59 MB
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:07 No.6752583
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Fairly Oddparents and the lion king. The story should use an orgy as a plot device!
Timmy sat in front of his computer monitor playing another game of crash nebula when Cosmo and Wanda appeared behind him in a cloud of smoke.
“Timmy!” Wanda exclaimed in her nasally voice, “I thought you had a Project due tomorrow on animals of Africa!”
“Oh right Wanda…” Timmy said swirling around on his chair to acknowledge them. “But why read a boring old book when I can go there myself?” Pointing a finger in the air he declared, “I wish I could go to Africa!”
Sighing the woman knew it was pointless to argue, she along with her husband rose their wands and landed on pride rock.
“Waho! Look at all those lions!” Timmy said breathlessly.
“Umm, Timmy don’t you think it’s unsafe to be out here as a human?”
“Yer right Wanda! I wish we were all lions!” And with that the group turned into a green lion, a buck toothed brown lion and a pink lioness.
It was then Nala showed up, as if right on cue. The female towered over Timmy, “What are you doing on Pride rock?” She asked a growl hinting on her voice.
“Hi, I’m Timmy! I’m ummm…new around here. We are no threat to you!”
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:08 No.6752587
“Good.” Nala said, lowering her defenses, “my husband has been gone for awhile now… I thought you wanted trouble.” She eyed Cosmo who had a stupid grin on his face.
“We haven’t have a male around for awhile…I kind of miss it…” She said with a purr, bumping her thigh against Cosmo’s side. The green lion happily mounted her before forcefully pulling himself in.
Wanda about ready to pounce her husband and the slut of a lioness, was startled when she felt a weight on her back. “Ti-Timmy?” She asked, looking back in shock.
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Timmy grinned threw his buck-teeth. Wanda didn’t offer much of a fight as he began to pull into her, feeling a dick in her pussy for what felt like ages, she growled low before roaring out Timmy’s name. The cub rocked his hips against his godmother’s, loving the wet warmth that surrounded his engorged member. “Ah-Ah-Ah…Wandaaaaaaa~!”
Nala and Cosmo where also having a pleasant time, with Cosmo savagely pumping into the female, his claws raking into her flank.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:08 No.6752592
"Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining I, Robot and Ctrl+Alt+Del. The story should use teen angst as a plot device!"

I do believe I have been beaten to it, and could not possibly do any worse than Buckley already has.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:14 No.6752643
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:14 No.6752646
"I wish kyle would suck my balls" Cartman said with great vigor.
Wanda raised her wand and instantly, kyle began sucking his balls.
"That's not fair, you made a fairy wish, fat ass" Stan said.
"It's not my fault kyle likes balls so much."
>> Andy Waltfeld !8/moXpMo8Q 11/24/08(Mon)13:16 No.6752660
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Salute Your Shorts and The O'Reilly Factor. The story should use hurricanes as a plot device!

Bill O'Reilly: But first, tonight's Talking Points. Parents across the southeast are outraged following the destruction of Camp Wannawanna by Hurricane Moot and the subsequent deaths of 89 campers and 12 counselors. Apparently, having been a good show on Nickelodeon, the camp was denied communication about pending evacuation orders and had its FEMA aid withheld when emergency dispatchers finally realized "hey, this is a place where people haven't been able to get out in time." What most of our viewers don't realize is that this is NOT an isolated incident; quality Nickelodeon programs get the shaft during natural disasters on a regular basis. Remember the Paradise Valley chemical fires of 1998? A clear one-ninth of Nevada and parts of eastern California were scorched before fire teams could get their shit together. And you know why? Because Viacom keeps its head in its ass when it's not sucking off Spongebob Squarepants. More on this after our potshots at Obama's cabinet picks.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:20 No.6752698
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Big O and Captain America. The story should use getting sucked into the "real world" as a plot device!

"Ok, Cap, we have to keep a low profile" Roger Smith said.

"Low profile? LOW PROFILE? How the hell can we keep a low profile when there's a 60 foot robot hiding behind the empire state building!?" Captain America said. "The Red Skull, or Beck, or who ever the fuck caused this is really in for it.

"We really shouldn't have stepped into that Chrono Trigger Time gate, it sucked us into 1993 New York." Roger Smith said.
>> Andy Waltfeld !8/moXpMo8Q 11/24/08(Mon)13:27 No.6752762
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Bioshock and Bill Nye the Science Guy. The story should use anorexia as a plot device!


- ADAM is not intended for use as an appetite regulator. Rather, taken orally, it is a favorite among supermodels as a vomit inducer.

- Little Sisters are required to have a Body Mass Index of at least 15.5 thanks to legislature crafted to fight anorexia.

- If you're taking ADAM orally, ur doin it wrong. Always have a sterilized needle handy.

>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:27 No.6752770
"Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Chapelle's Show and Scooby Doo. The story should use a haunted house as a plot device!"

With the gang and their special celebrity guest, Rick James, huddled around the supposed monster, Freddy said, "Now let's see who the Frankenstein monster really is." He pulled off the mask to reveal that it was none other than... Old Man Jenkins!
"But why Old Man Jenkins? Why'd you do it?" Shaggy asked.
"It's simple Shaggy," Velma replied." He was trying to keep visitors away from the old mansion because he knew there was a deed hidden in there..."
"God damn, motherfucker... What the fuck is yo' problem? You ain't gotta scare people away." Rick James yelled.
"Yeah, that's right... I was gonna steal the deed to the mansion, but then you kids showed up and created trouble for me." Old Man Jenkins said.
Daphne asked, "But where did you hide the deed?"
"I hid it in the coach. I thought that no one would think to look there."
"Fuck yo' couch, nigga! Fuck yo' couch!" Rick James yelled...
"Well I guess we solved that mystery, guys... Wait a minute..." Freddy said, staring at Rick James. "You're not Rick James." He grabbed at Rick James' face to reveal that it was but a mask. Freddy pulled it off to reveal that it was really... Dave Chapelle!
"Dave Chapelle?!" the gang gasped.
"That's right! What up, niggas?"
>> loves2spooge 11/24/08(Mon)13:30 No.6752793
Bill Nye would probably whip some splicer ass.

But I think he would be skeptical about Plasmids, and would ask to see the raw data on testing phases.
>> Andy Waltfeld !8/moXpMo8Q 11/24/08(Mon)13:40 No.6752867
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Scientology and Chapelle's Show. The story should use a vacation as a plot device!

...I don't think I can pull this one off. Anon, make this epic.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:44 No.6752907
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:46 No.6752929
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Goof Troop and Final Fantasy 4. The story should use time travel as a plot device!

The sting of Fighter's wound told him he was still alive. "I don't think we can go on. We're out of magic potions and I think that yellow bird's got his eye on me"
"The rest of us are fine." Blue Mage responded. "We'll just lighten your burden here," he continued, stripping Fighter of his remaining gold.
" it? Is it supposed to be so cold?" Fighter continued. "Hush now." the blond chick stroked fighter's head, removing his sword. "Where do you keep that title deed?"
The haze lifted from Goofy's eyes, as the strange world came into focus. Max, his son; Pete, and Peg stood beside him. The science fair had gone horribly wrong. "Garsh, shoulda never helped you with that volcano project, Maxy. Where in the heck are we?"
In the distance, four figures charged, weapons at the ready, blood and rage in their eyes.
"For Fighter!" they screamed.

(I know absolutely nothing about the FF series, save for what I've gleaned from Wikipedia)
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)13:57 No.6753043
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Spongebob Squarepants and Flapjack. The story should use trying out for a sports team as a plot device!

"ADVENTURE!" Young flapjack yelled as he stood in line behind Spongebob.

The two of them were trying out for the New York Mets Baseball team.

"With these old arms, I'm a shoo-in!" Spongebob replied.
Spongebob flexed his noodley appendages. "Cap'n K'nuckles said that all adventures are good at sports, and that you should interrupt his special bathroom time!"

"NEXT" the coach yelled. "I can hit, I can run, and I'm a sponge!" That's like three things right there. "Shouldn't you be under water? " The coach said. With that spongebob sufficated and died instantly. "And aren't you a little kid?" He said "Who lives in the late 17 hundreds?" Flapjack immediately aged more than 200 years. Now, a bitter old husk of a human being, flapjack muttered "ADVENTURE" in a raspy little voice before turning into dust.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)14:13 No.6753242
>> Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Thundercats and Sonic the Hedgehog. The story should use furries as a plot device!

This should never happend
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)14:31 No.6753461
>>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Indiana Jones and Mr. Ed. The story should use gay relationships as a plot device!

"Marcus?!" Indy exclaimed as he stood stark at the barn door - his eyes wide in shock at what he was seeing.

"Indy it's not what it looks like!" Macus exclaimed, on his back underneath the Horse.

"I just couldn't contrrrroll myself Indy!" sputtered Mr. Ed.

"God damn it Ed, you had to realize that Marcus was my man!" Indy blurted out, his face turning red.

"Indy!" Marcus said, "I never knew you...cared!"

"of course I do!" said Indy, "Screw Marion, I left her for you!"

"I'm...I don't know what to say." Said Marcus. He turned to the horse, who was of course still inside him; "Ed, you understand I have to leave..."

"sure thing Marrrcus..." Ed sputtered, "I have Wilburrr after all..."

but Marcus stood up too fast, and the sudden exit of the horse member tore him from the inside, and bleeding, his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the ground.

"MARCUS NOOOO!!!!!" screamed Indy, rushing forward.

And that is how Marcus Brody really died.
>> Anubis 11/24/08(Mon)14:40 No.6753576
>Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Dungeons & Dragons and Family Guy. The story should use possession by Satan as a plot device!
"Okay Peter, your dwarf enters the chamber. The wretched smell of acrid smoke and burning flesh assails your senses as you make your way in. Countless warriors such as yourself have braved the monstrosity that lives within, and you pray to your gods that you will not suffer a similar fate."
"Aw, cmon, Brian, can't you give me a room that has a treasure chest and nothing else? No dragons or zombies, just money?"
"That would be boring. Your character is free to explore the chamber, as it appears that whatever guards the room is currently elsewhere. You would do wise to collect what you need and leave."
"Okay, I guess I'll go look at that pile of bones over there..."
"Suddenly a rumbling shakes the room to its very foundations. The evil creature has returned to its lair, and is clearly not pleased to see an intruder. Things do not look well for you."
"This is worse than that time I was possessed by Satan..." [roll clip]
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)14:46 No.6753646
     File :1227555992.png-(47 KB, 553x307, Picture 1.png)
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somebody do this - it sounds epic.

I'm too lazy.
>> Anonymous 11/24/08(Mon)16:14 No.6754617
     File :1227561249.png-(19 KB, 493x126, Picture 2.png)
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George Burgowsky. A toy fetishist. Not my usual forte. What people do with themselves in private is of no concern to me. After all, I have some odd pleasures myself. But georgy-boy here is a special case. Last month a women saw him in the park with a stuffed tiger. She went into a panic yelling and screaming until she was arrested. She claims that tiger belongs to her son. Her son died a year ago. It was determined to be an accidental suicide while playing in the woods, but his parents claimed otherwise....

A large collections of toys in a secret closet. Not so strange for a fetishist, but the polaroids of young boys with them is. and among them is our little toe headed Calvin. Seems like I'll be getting home late tonight. I wonder if Cody would like a toy tiger.