File :1227417990.jpg-(343 KB, 414x2903, 1227016258431.jpg)
343 KB Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:26 No.6733437  
>> Dr.Gradamit !ayvek5nFcU 11/23/08(Sun)00:27 No.6733450
     File :1227418049.jpg-(262 KB, 400x2115, 1227399537547.jpg)
262 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:34 No.6733515
these are fucking gold.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:37 No.6733539
I remember these....

One of the things Korea can be proud of (Not Bishonen boy bands, not Starcraft)
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:38 No.6733549
I've never gotten this one.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:39 No.6733556

I'm pretty sure the red thing represents suicide, and his presence at the table means the happy family is about to become significantly less happy
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:41 No.6733578

It's open to interpretation.

I say the red guy kills anyone who pisses off the kid. But I seem to be alone in that...
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:44 No.6733605
Does Korea have a horrifying suicide rate like Japan?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:46 No.6733629

His eye changes colour.

He represents suicide, accidents and malice at the same time, but all apparently from falling.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:49 No.6733648

Just about.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:49 No.6733649
Are there anymore?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:49 No.6733650

A celebrity just killed herself recently

Son of Hyundai's CEO killed himself few years ago

A girl from my church is in a comatose for attempted suicide

So... yeah....
>> BRAINIAC !8xm3dY1bbA 11/23/08(Sun)00:49 No.6733651
900,000 suicides a year. They have been on the rise since their economy went bad.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:52 No.6733672
     File :1227419534.jpg-(277 KB, 406x2204, 1197970715989.jpg)
277 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:53 No.6733680

At least 50, at last count.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:53 No.6733682
     File :1227419604.jpg-(286 KB, 400x2231, bigguy.jpg)
286 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:54 No.6733688
Do you have the one with Bubble wraps?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:54 No.6733689
     File :1227419660.jpg-(235 KB, 422x2289, couples.jpg)
235 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:55 No.6733692
     File :1227419731.jpg-(34 KB, 313x287, Cow_Chicken8.jpg)
34 KB
I think of him as the Korean version of that red guy from Cow and Chicken.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:55 No.6733693
     File :1227419731.jpg-(387 KB, 480x2609, prisonriot.jpg)
387 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:57 No.6733709
     File :1227419824.jpg-(184 KB, 360x1929, happylovehouse.jpg)
184 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:57 No.6733720
     File :1227419865.jpg-(192 KB, 360x1929, kitty.jpg)
192 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:58 No.6733730
Are these hosted anywhere?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:58 No.6733731
     File :1227419924.jpg-(227 KB, 400x2164, size.jpg)
227 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:58 No.6733732
oh wow. awesome
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:59 No.6733734
     File :1227419957.jpg-(159 KB, 380x2069, vibpen.jpg)
159 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)00:59 No.6733741
     File :1227419999.jpg-(125 KB, 200x3203, 1197957189185.jpg)
125 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:00 No.6733750
     File :1227420045.jpg-(195 KB, 330x1760, 1shot4kill.jpg)
195 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:01 No.6733755
     File :1227420099.jpg-(190 KB, 380x2116, ann.jpg)
190 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:02 No.6733763
     File :1227420151.jpg-(273 KB, 380x2080, possessed.jpg)
273 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:03 No.6733768
     File :1227420189.jpg-(223 KB, 380x2122, ann2.jpg)
223 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:03 No.6733776
I know I've seen the blog where they're all hosted.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:04 No.6733786
     File :1227420268.jpg-(373 KB, 490x2648, barber.jpg)
373 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:04 No.6733789
Post the one about getting shot in the gut. It's the best by far.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:05 No.6733792
     File :1227420302.jpg-(229 KB, 360x1947, deathbed.jpg)
229 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:05 No.6733800
     File :1227420347.jpg-(351 KB, 517x2760, 1213495763770.jpg)
351 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:07 No.6733821
     File :1227420440.jpg-(226 KB, 633x1076, shot.jpg)
226 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:08 No.6733835
     File :1227420525.jpg-(342 KB, 490x2648, lineup.jpg)
342 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:09 No.6733840

This one's my favorite.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:09 No.6733845
     File :1227420588.jpg-(365 KB, 480x2571, insteadman1.jpg)
365 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:10 No.6733855

Oh fuck man...that's just amazing.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:10 No.6733858
     File :1227420659.jpg-(369 KB, 480x2592, insteadman2.jpg)
369 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:11 No.6733868
     File :1227420714.jpg-(204 KB, 380x2085, dinner.jpg)
204 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:12 No.6733873
I cant stop laughing. my sides hurt.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:12 No.6733874

Gets me every time
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:13 No.6733887
     File :1227420792.jpg-(322 KB, 490x2648, ceo.jpg)
322 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:14 No.6733898
     File :1227420851.jpg-(339 KB, 490x2651, bruce.jpg)
339 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:14 No.6733906
     File :1227420895.jpg-(189 KB, 380x2085, catscradle.jpg)
189 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:15 No.6733913
     File :1227420943.jpg-(222 KB, 360x1952, catscradle2.jpg)
222 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:16 No.6733925
     File :1227421002.jpg-(345 KB, 490x2648, noodles.jpg)
345 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:17 No.6733941
     File :1227421075.jpg-(167 KB, 296x1600, funny+comic.jpg)
167 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:18 No.6733944
     File :1227421115.jpg-(322 KB, 480x2594, taser.jpg)
322 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:19 No.6733950
I lol'd more then was really necessary.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:20 No.6733964
     File :1227421226.jpg-(228 KB, 359x1928, couples2.jpg)
228 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:21 No.6733971
Good, can you explain it to me. I don't know what it signifies. -_-'
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:22 No.6733974
I don't get this one
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:22 No.6733978
     File :1227421332.jpg-(332 KB, 490x2658, boob.jpg)
332 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:22 No.6733983
same person, don't respond
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:23 No.6733986
Have you never had a feeling of accomplishment, dude?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:23 No.6733988
     File :1227421397.jpg-(385 KB, 490x2658, emergency.jpg)
385 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:23 No.6733993
You got the one about the two escaped prisoners who are shackled together?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:24 No.6734001
     File :1227421469.jpg-(240 KB, 390x2087, grandma.jpg)
240 KB
its funny because in 40 years it will be true
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:24 No.6734006

Stupid people.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:26 No.6734027
     File :1227421615.jpg-(65 KB, 800x600, 1227043942672.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:27 No.6734036
Isn't there one with hitting mugs together?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:27 No.6734038
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:28 No.6734042
     File :1227421695.jpg-(664 KB, 369x2743, 1197973164337.jpg)
664 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:29 No.6734058
     File :1227421783.jpg-(407 KB, 480x2611, Toast.jpg)
407 KB
sorry, fucking internet likes to die on me>>6734036
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:30 No.6734070
any more with Instead Man?
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:31 No.6734074
Its ok, we understand. Keep up the good work!
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:31 No.6734075
     File :1227421874.jpg-(335 KB, 490x2658, genitals.jpg)
335 KB
so true
>> Long John Ironshaft !iJpcNkWL5U 11/23/08(Sun)01:31 No.6734081
Bwahahahaha, that's fucking great.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:32 No.6734089

It's comical. It's a play on the economy of ideative expenditure.

>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:33 No.6734093
     File :1227421983.jpg-(196 KB, 380x2114, emperorsnewclothes.jpg)
196 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:33 No.6734098

Being a man.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:33 No.6734099
     File :1227422026.jpg-(311 KB, 400x2175, crouchingtiger.jpg)
311 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:34 No.6734104
     File :1227422081.jpg-(136 KB, 279x1500, japaneseaminate.jpg)
136 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:35 No.6734114
     File :1227422151.jpg-(223 KB, 360x1934, foodtest.jpg)
223 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:36 No.6734124
     File :1227422212.jpg-(222 KB, 380x2088, misunderstanding.jpg)
222 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:37 No.6734130
     File :1227422277.jpg-(203 KB, 418x2341, ugh.jpg)
203 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:38 No.6734132
Fuck you, only one of them was me. Eat a bowl of dicks you arrogant faggot.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:38 No.6734145
     File :1227422338.jpg-(149 KB, 285x1500, ghost.jpg)
149 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:39 No.6734153
     File :1227422380.jpg-(235 KB, 360x1928, words.jpg)
235 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:39 No.6734155

Different person

identity theft is a CRIME
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:40 No.6734165
     File :1227422449.jpg-(203 KB, 380x2074, twoobjectives.jpg)
203 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:41 No.6734175
     File :1227422511.jpg-(364 KB, 516x2796, cafehandkerchief.jpg)
364 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:42 No.6734183
What's with this "Terry" and "Joseph" stuff? Why would characters in Korean comics have names like that?

Were they subbed by the translator? That seems an odd thing for a random internet translator to do.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:42 No.6734185
     File :1227422579.jpg-(242 KB, 360x1946, money.jpg)
242 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:43 No.6734186
Sometimes I forget how insensitive, cruel, and very weird a place 4-chan is.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:44 No.6734199
     File :1227422662.jpg-(311 KB, 480x2581, smile.jpg)
311 KB
raise your hand if you laughed at this then felt bad for the guy
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:45 No.6734212
     File :1227422734.jpg-(308 KB, 360x1936, passcode.jpg)
308 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:46 No.6734224

Same person
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:46 No.6734226
     File :1227422789.jpg-(346 KB, 520x2779, lunchmoney.jpg)
346 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:47 No.6734231
     File :1227422838.jpg-(309 KB, 480x2577, theworld.jpg)
309 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:47 No.6734232
No shit.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:48 No.6734238
     File :1227422894.jpg-(316 KB, 360x1950, directions.jpg)
316 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:50 No.6734256
     File :1227423028.jpg-(198 KB, 366x1961, teacher1.jpg)
198 KB
wait till part 2...
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:51 No.6734261
     File :1227423064.jpg-(183 KB, 366x1964, teacher2.jpg)
183 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:51 No.6734264

Same person
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:53 No.6734273
     File :1227423185.jpg-(228 KB, 360x1954, free.jpg)
228 KB
no srsly, I'd have to pay
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:53 No.6734281
Nope, don't even like that show, try again.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:54 No.6734294
     File :1227423288.jpg-(294 KB, 480x2572, dream.jpg)
294 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:55 No.6734302
     File :1227423335.jpg-(171 KB, 380x2127, nohands.jpg)
171 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:56 No.6734310
     File :1227423395.jpg-(169 KB, 350x1890, superficial.jpg)
169 KB
this is my favorite
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:57 No.6734318
     File :1227423456.jpg-(191 KB, 330x1750, menu.jpg)
191 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)01:57 No.6734323

same person

stop arguing with yourself
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:00 No.6734344
Nope, only five of those posts are mine.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:02 No.6734358
     File :1227423739.jpg-(523 KB, 360x1954, it's free.jpg)
523 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:02 No.6734359
     File :1227423741.jpg-(242 KB, 359x1928, spendthenight.jpg)
242 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:03 No.6734365
     File :1227423806.jpg-(335 KB, 490x2651, pickpocket.jpg)
335 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:04 No.6734374
I like an author who can defy his own tendancies like this.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:05 No.6734381
     File :1227423911.jpg-(312 KB, 400x2227, fan.jpg)
312 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:06 No.6734391
     File :1227424010.jpg-(363 KB, 490x2648, murder.jpg)
363 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:08 No.6734410
     File :1227424084.jpg-(100 KB, 380x2117, ringu.jpg)
100 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:10 No.6734427
Sneaky little devil.
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:10 No.6734428
     File :1227424215.jpg-(198 KB, 366x1926, smartphone.jpg)
198 KB
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:11 No.6734434
saving this
>> Andrew Ryan !NEy29ODpvs 11/23/08(Sun)02:11 No.6734437
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:12 No.6734445
This comic is so great...
>> Anonymous 11/23/08(Sun)02:12 No.6734446
     File :1227424341.jpg-(258 KB, 399x2145, milk.jpg)
258 KB