File :1224703547.jpg-(24 KB, 250x328, 250px-HankHill.jpg)
24 KB Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:25 No.6319209  
He was just getting home when he got the call from Buck Strickland; there was a propane emergency down in McMaynerberry and Mr. Strickland, seeing the chance to get some new clients, asked Hank to head down there and see things through. Telling Peggy to put his dinner in the fridge, Hank left with Bobby, who had decided to tag along. It was a long drive and it was raining, adding that to Bobby insisting to tell Hank all about his day with Joseph at school, Hank was understandably a little tired. What was Bobby even saying? "..The whole thing in his mouth!" was all he caught. He often wondered about Bobby, wondering if he would ever live up to his admittedly high expectations, there were even times when he secretly wished he never had Bobby, and instead got the son he had hoped for. When Hank thought of these feelings, he felt worse than Bill on Valentine's Day. "What kind of father thinks that about his own son? Lord forgive me.." Hank thought as he imagined his own father, Cotton Hill, now deceased.

It was at that exact moment that a deer ran into the road, Bobby screamed, lightning flashed, all of these surprises hit Hank at once and his usual calm self panicked. He swereved. There was a loud crash, and then; nothing.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:26 No.6319228
     File :1224703596.jpg-(27 KB, 310x432, hank-hill.jpg)
27 KB
Slowly things started coming to, "Where am I?..I was...Going to McMaynerberry....To deal with a propane emergency..". Hank awoke violently, it was now dark, at least an hour after the crash. "Oh God...The crash! Bobby!", "Bobby!", "Bobby!". Bobby wasn't there, his seatbelt unbuckled, his door unlocked. Surely Bobby must've awoken before Hank had and gone for help, Bobby wa a smart kid. Hank got out of the truck and surveyed the damage, it was in the ditch, no chance of driving it out. Hank wiped some blood off of his forehead, "That's gonna sting tomorrow.." then observed his surroundings. The rain, he noticed, had stopped; in its place was a thick fog, he could barely see six feet in front of him. Hank worried for a bit, wondering which direction Bobby went. "Should I go north? What if Bobby went south? What if Bobby went into the woods. No, Bobby's too afraid of the woods. Should I stay here? What if Bobby comes back and I'm gone? God dang it..."

But Hank didn't have to worry for long.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:27 No.6319240
     File :1224703649.jpg-(9 KB, 151x197, king-of-the-hill.jpg)
9 KB
Just ahead of him he saw something red, gleaming in the fog. It was one of Bobby's fruit pies. Excited that he had found a trace of where he went, and with the thought that he couldn't have gone very far, Hank set out north in hopes of finding Bobby before he tries to hitchhike; and no more than ten minutes of walking later, Hank saw something that made his heart leap in hope, one of those "Welcome to..." signs. A town! There was a town ahead, Bobby must have gone there to get help. Hank began to run towards the town, it would all be fixed soon, he'd find Bobby, they'd get a truck out to pull theirs out of the ditch, he'd get the propane deal signed, then they'd go home for some Spa'Peggy and Meatballs. One thing bothered Hank though.

"Huh, never heard of this town before, must be a small community."

Hank Hill has entered Silent Hill.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:29 No.6319263
     File :1224703766.jpg-(38 KB, 327x342, 1201315651613.jpg)
38 KB
and hes Venom
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:29 No.6319264
At least it's not fucking the propane tank.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:31 No.6319287
holy shit
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:32 No.6319299
Oh god. with hanks suppressed child hood memories, Silent hill would be the last place he would want to be.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:32 No.6319308
     File :1224703952.gif-(981 KB, 358x269, king of the awesome.gif)
981 KB
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:32 No.6319312
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:33 No.6319315
     File :1224704003.jpg-(21 KB, 450x299, snailface.jpg)
21 KB
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:34 No.6319323
Holy shit.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:34 No.6319327
Propane Tank Head
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:35 No.6319339
Oh god, Now everytime I see those ash kids in SH1 im going to think cotton and laugh.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:39 No.6319387
     File :1224704395.jpg-(30 KB, 240x200, HankHill.jpg)
30 KB
Hank wondered through the town looking for any signs of life, there were none. It was late, and it was foggy, Hank just assumed everyone had gone inside shelter; but then he heard it. "VUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! VUUUUUUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?". That's Bobby's voice! Hank rushed towards the sound, he found Bobby, everything was going to be fine. "VUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?". Bobby can't be far now. "VUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?". Just a little farther. "VUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?". Hank followed the voice through an alley when he hit an obstacle. "VUT ARE YOU TALLLLKING ABOUT?". The voice was coming from the other end of a very narrow passage, so narrow Hank was sure he couldn't get through it, he tried calling for Bobby, no answer. After several more tries to get through the passage, Hank gave up. Wherever Bobby was, he was close by and he's okay. Deciding to continue walking through the town, Hank left the alley went back to his search. But things were not like they were, everything had gotten darker. "God dang daylight saving's time.."

Just then, Hank heard a ringing sound, a bell, like the one they use to let out school. "I wonder if there's a football game going on?". Hank followed the noise in hopes that Bobby would do the same.
>> The Young /co/mp/a/triot 10/22/08(Wed)15:40 No.6319393
So what's Hank's Silent Hill, everyone uses charcoal?
>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)15:46 No.6319470
What is hank most afraid of?
What is his shame?
Will the villain be a strong patriotic football star? and rapes?
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)15:50 No.6319535
Well, at the very least, everything will be demonic or something.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:51 No.6319556
     File :1224705092.jpg-(36 KB, 300x372, torotractor_hankhill_4.jpg)
36 KB
He arrived at the school minutes later, the bell had stopped ringing, and there was no one in sight. Hank felt defeated, where is his son? Where's Bobby? Why can't he find him? "Is it because....I don't want to?". Hank brushed the thought away in anger, he was not like that, he was a good father, a damn good father. He would find his son no matter what it took. It was possible everyone was inside the school, maybe for some kind of fair? Going on this thought, Hank entered and took a look around, it was dark, "Just like everything in this dang town.", but he could smell something...Familiar...Something that brought up feelings of dread. "Charcoal!", Hank was sure he smelled Charcoal, if it had been Propane, he would be smelling the meat, not the heat. Hank followed the smell to a basement, where he found the grill, there was nothing in it. About to head back, Hank heard a small wimpering sound, like a helpless defenseless child, in need of someone, anyone, to protect it because it couldn't.

>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:54 No.6319598
>Hank was sure he smelled Charcoal, if it had been Propane, he would be smelling the meat, not the heat.

>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)15:54 No.6319601
This is pretty freakin awesome. But it needs a villain! A hippie, something!
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)15:56 No.6319637
>> TFJ 10/22/08(Wed)15:58 No.6319658
     File :1224705504.png-(87 KB, 238x294, hankhill.png)
87 KB
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:00 No.6319691


>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:02 No.6319716
     File :1224705773.jpg-(44 KB, 800x602, 1190577026614.jpg)
44 KB
He approached the sound coming from the corner of the basement, it was coming from a small child. "Hello there, I'm Hank Hill, assistant manager of Strickland Proprane. Are you lost?", the child wimpiered a bit, then looked at him with the coldest look Hank had ever seen, its face thin, as if stretched back, Hank could see the insides of the child's eyelids, holding eyes the size of golfballs, with sharp, shark-like teeth forming into a smile. "No...You are.". The child leaped for his face, knocking off his glasses and clawing at his neck. It was trying to kill him, Hank was sure of it. "Now...Now you see here!...". There was no reasoning with this child, he knew it, but he couldn't do anything. It was just a child he told himself, a child just like Bobby. He felt a sharp pain in his left side, the child had bitten him, Hank staggered and fell down, he wouldn't be able to find Bobby afterall. He knew it. He knew he could do nothing in this situation. The child let out a warcry and went for the final blow, holding something in its hand. "Wait a minute...Is that...?". Hank checked his side where he received the bite, his front pocket was empty. The child had his pen. "Those pens are for Strickland personel only!". The child leapt at him, but Hank dodged and grabbed it by the arm and wrestled his pen away. The child made another leap, but Hank was prepared, Hank was faster and lodged the pen deep inside the child's skull. It was over.

"Oh God...What have I done?"
>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)16:07 No.6319758
There was a hole here... Its gone now. Yep.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:07 No.6319763
oh goddd
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:08 No.6319771
     File :1224706092.jpg-(25 KB, 203x240, dangol.jpg)
25 KB

>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:18 No.6319887
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)16:23 No.6319928

THIS IS AWESOME. Don't stop writefag, don't stop!
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:24 No.6319938
     File :1224707086.jpg-(188 KB, 640x427, HankHill.jpg)
188 KB
Hank vomited, he murdered a child. He murdered a child. He was a murderer, and he couldn't blame it on the marijuana this time. It was all him. "My dad would never do something like that! I said good day sherrif!". Bobby's voice eccoed in his head, he had no time to worry about what he did to something that might not even be a child to begin with. He had to find Bobby first, Bobby first, then he'll turn himself into the police. He walked over to the child's body and extracted his pen, "They'll fine me if I don't return it..". Hank left the room that had forever changed his life, and continued his search. Everything seemed so different now, was it because he had gotten lost following the charcoal smell? He had no idea where he was going, all he could see were narrow hallways and narrow rooms. "Why is everything so dang narrow?" he thought to himself. As he continued through the halls, a sound rang out, a whimper, a lot of whimpers. It was the same sound the child made, but...Louder...Like there were more of them. Hank was frantic at the thought of how many there were, he ran. The sounds kept getting closer, they were on every side of him, he was surrounded now. Hank felt the rush of cool air on his face, he had found his way outside, he wa safe! But the noises were louder than ever, Hank looked around and was horrified at what he saw. Children, if you can call them that, everywhere. He was in a playground, they were all over, staring at him. This was it. They all began approaching him. He was going to die. Tonight. By their hands. Hank prayed harder than he ever had before. The children were within striking distance now. He couldn't die here. He had to do something, he had to...

"What's wrong sissy Hank?! There's only fiddy of them!"
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:26 No.6319959
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:27 No.6319963
>Why is everything so dang narrow?

>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:28 No.6319973
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:28 No.6319978
     File :1224707327.jpg-(30 KB, 439x600, hank-hill-001.jpg)
30 KB
hank transformed into super hank and killed those kids
>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)16:30 No.6319992
OH! Of course!
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)16:34 No.6320035
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:41 No.6320131
     File :1224708072.png-(19 KB, 934x366, 1223869229971.png)
19 KB
>"What's wrong sissy Hank?! There's only fiddy of them!"
>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)16:44 No.6320161
soooo... we done here?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:45 No.6320175
     File :1224708341.jpg-(82 KB, 271x331, Cotton_hill.jpg)
82 KB
"It was 1943, Okinawa, Tojos were everywhere and I only had three men with me; Fatty, Stinky, and Brooklyn. Were were surrounded, but we knew our country depended on us and we knew we had to take them out. We rushed them, I immediately got off two shots, hitting one in the face point blank, his nose went off like a rocket! The other kneecapped some poor son of a bitch who I offed with my bayonet. Stinky took a shot in the belly and was out of action, I lobbed a grenade over him and took out five Japs in one go, pieces went everywhere, the rest of the troops were screamin' and cryin' over their brothers and friends and whatnot, but they saw them soon enough. Three shot down while mourning. Another one by the bayonet. Another grenade, only got one that time, damn. Fatty wasn't lookin' soo good, his belly was all red. Got your gun Tojo! Dual weildin' Wooo! Eight down! I take a few shots to the legs but I'm still going, they're scared, they ain't aiming right. Fatty went down, nailed another three who went to make sure he was dead, well they are now! Haha!"

Hank snapped out of his daze, he had a dream of his father. He thought he heard his voice just before the children...."Oh my god...The children!" Hank looked around and saw no remains of the things attacking him, they were all gone. He looked at his arms and noticed the sleeves of his blue Strickland Propane uniform were now red, drenched in blood. His shows were also crimson.

"WAHHHH! Did I do this? Oh...Oh god! I have to get out of here!"
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)16:48 No.6320211
Wait Indigo prophecy?
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)16:56 No.6320297
Oh FUCK. Hank Hill can kill in his sleep I'll bet...

Peggy better watch herself.
>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)16:56 No.6320301
weird. How long is this going for?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:02 No.6320375
     File :1224709365.jpg-(24 KB, 640x480, 1222481570365.jpg)
24 KB
Hank wandered out of the school and into a nearby department store, he just needed to calm down, be in familiar surroundings. He found his way to the propane department and sat down, staring at the tanks. "I only have one mistress, and her name is Propane.". "My name is Hank Hill, assistant manager for Strickland Propane." "Propane and propane accessories.", "The Propaniacs!". Hank had so many good memories attached to the clean burning, effecient fuel. "Prooooo...", he heard a strange sound, "Prooooo......", a voice? Hank got up to investigate the noise, it was a woman in a Strickland uniform, dragging a large spatula. "PANE!" the woman slammed into Hank and began to grope at him, he wasn't sure was she was going for, but he wasn't going to let her get to it. "I am a married man!" Hank shouted his battle cry and tossed her aside. "PANE!" she readied herself and her weapon and lunged for a second time, Hank ran away, but not in fear, he knew if there was a Propane department, there was another department for him as well. The woman was on his tracks, moving twistedly, but quickly, Hank ducked over a counter and found what he came for. The woman jumped onto the counter and screamed at Hank. A loud bang rang out, and she was dead.

"12 Gauge Remington, I tell you what."
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:06 No.6320415
Your lack of pyramid head disturbs me
>> Loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)17:10 No.6320458
maybe Mr. Strickland is Pyramid Head.
And he could rape a nurse Debbie.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:13 No.6320492
I want to fuck John Redcorn.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:14 No.6320495
We will tell our children that we were in this thread.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:15 No.6320510
     File :1224710120.jpg-(192 KB, 650x536, ty_owcm1ahUUBFp3sPKlJA.jpg)
192 KB
There will be no children to tell.
>> A Non E-Moose !ozOtJW9BFA 10/22/08(Wed)17:16 No.6320522
Indeed it is the stuff of legends.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:17 No.6320543
     File :1224710250.jpg-(97 KB, 945x709, 1222294418469.jpg)
97 KB
Hank was tired of it, if things were going to attack him he was going to attack back. Until he found his son, he was off anger management. Hank readied his shotgun and took some ammo from the store, then made his leave. Hank went back to where he first heard Bobby's voice, the passageway wasn't so narrow anymore. Without questioning this, Hank went through and found himself in front of a Hospital. "That's the safest place Bobby could go.", with this reasoning he entered his third building. Fully expecting to have to use his newly found weapon. "VUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" There it was! Bobby's voice! He ran to it, finally he had found his son! "VUT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?", just one more door! Hank opened the door, and heard, in a dark, deep, twisted voice; "Vut are you talking about?". He was face to face with a large man with a gigantic pyramid helmet on. Hank was experiencing more fear than he had ever known, this was different from the children, this was nothing like the Propane woman, this was a something else entirely. The man raised a large butcher-knife like object, Hank knew he would never see his wife aga- "What?", Hank noticed the body of a battered, beaten, nude woman on the ground near the large man's feet. "Peggy!"
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:18 No.6320555
>> Player Two 10/22/08(Wed)17:23 No.6320609
F5 F5, I tell you what
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:24 No.6320610
>Hank noticed the body of a battered, beaten, nude woman on the ground near the large man's feet. "Peggy!"

>> Trippin' !!9z23VPHrCcB 10/22/08(Wed)17:25 No.6320631


this thread is too delicious
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:26 No.6320645
bump for moar
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:29 No.6320686
that best not be the end nigger
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)17:30 No.6320698
     File :1224711043.gif-(32 KB, 150x150, F5 F5 F5.gif)
32 KB
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F555555555!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Demonbird !!sJWx/fa0MLa 10/22/08(Wed)17:32 No.6320715
This is amazing. I demand this be made into a feature length animated film... at least in my dreams.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:33 No.6320733
     File :1224711215.jpg-(29 KB, 524x336, 040308-hill.jpg)
29 KB
The body was Peggy's, there was no doubt what had happened to her. The large man walked towards Hank, who was kneeling, grief-stricken, in shock, was this even real? The man swung his blade down, Hank merely stood up and took a step forward, avoiding his backside being ripped open by mere inches. "Dimished Glutes Syndrome." is all Hank said as he turned to face the man, with a blank look on his face. The man swung again, and again Hank merely turned around and took a step forward. "It's hard to hit, isn't it?". The man went for a third strike but was outmoved by Hank, who unloaded shot after shot into the man whiling yelling his lungs out. The bullets had no apparent effect on the man. Hank's bullets couldn't hurt him, and his blade couldn't hit Hank, they were at a stalemate and they both knew it. The man swung at tables and chairs, sending them flying at Hank, Hank shot them down as they came, reloading with the effeciency of propane. He knew he couldn't beat the man with his weapon, but he knew what could. Hank ran for the window and leapt out, landing hard on the ground, but not enough for injury. The man leapt out after him and pursued. The bell started ringing as the children from before all rushed out after Hank. "PROOOOOO!" three more Propane women came out and nearly gutted him, but he swatted them away with his Remington and kept running, with the army of hell after him. Finally he found what he needed, if this place was so twisted it was sure to have one. Hank arrived at Thaterton Fuels and shot at a single propane tank four times, it exploded. Hank knew it wasn't enough to take out the army, he only needed his distraction.

The creatures roared in annoyance at having lost their prey, but their annoyance didn't last long. "I'm up here!" Hank shouted.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:41 No.6320833
the past three days have been godly in /co/.
>> Demonbird !!sJWx/fa0MLa 10/22/08(Wed)17:42 No.6320842
My F5 key just disintegrated
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:43 No.6320854
     File :1224711818.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, 6a00d8341c4f7053ef00e54f425dd2(...).jpg)
45 KB
Hank was standing on the roof of the building, to the left of the giant propane source tank. The creatrues went right for him, the children climbing the walls, the large man climbing the tank. Hank smiled at the man. "There's a propane emergency in Silent Hill, I tell you what.", Hank fired at the fuel lines to the large tank and leapt off the building, the lines ingnited and made their way to the large man's current roost, there was no time, there were no shouts. There was only an army of soulles creatures, an explosion so bright it lit up the night sky and filled it with debris and smoke. Hank emerged from the rubble of a HazMat truck he had leapt into, designed to be sturdy, but not enough to save him from the explosion entirely; he was bloodied, burned, and his left arm was broken, but he was alive. Unfortunately so were many of the children who had also leapt off, but they were no problem, they weren't his target. He got rid of them quickly and effectively. Like propane.
>> A Non E-Moose !ozOtJW9BFA 10/22/08(Wed)17:46 No.6320903
What's been going on?

Also, can someone screen cap these and post them in a /rs/ when it is done?
>> Demonbird !!sJWx/fa0MLa 10/22/08(Wed)17:47 No.6320921
Copy paste them into word yourself maybe?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:47 No.6320932
>Hank shot them down as they came, reloading with the effeciency[sic] of propane.

>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:51 No.6320977
>> The_Infamous_Nutsack !!8kpPW30hUOf 10/22/08(Wed)17:51 No.6320983
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:52 No.6320990
     File :1224712327.jpg-(99 KB, 653x522, koh_Tearsf.jpg)
99 KB
"Dad?! Daaad!"

It was real this time, Bobby and Ladybird came running for him in the distance, he embraced Ladybird and asked Bobby if he was alright, he was. Bobby explained that after the crash he had gone to a payphone to call his mother, she arrived by nightfall and had him wait in the car with Ladybird while she tried to find Hank, who had disappeared from his truck. It all hit Hank at once, had he stayed in the car would things have been avoided? He was a changed man, did he really have to be? Everything happened based on one small decision he made. "Go find Bobby.", "Go find Bobby.", "Get Bobby". He had been so obsessed with not being a bad father. Was it worth it all in the end? Hank grabbed his shotgun and asked Bobby to lead him to the car, there was no trouble on the way there, they were able to leave the town peacefully. When Bobby asked where his mother was, Hank merely replied "She decided to teach here.", not having the heart to tell him what happened, though suspecting he knew. Hank wondered to himself if he should go back for the body, it would be the right thing to do as a husband. He decided he would, once Bobby was safe, he would return.
>> A Non E-Moose !ozOtJW9BFA 10/22/08(Wed)17:52 No.6320995
I didn't wanna post it in word. That's why I asked someone who is probably doing this anyway, to post them when done.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:55 No.6321039
epic toasting, good anon. epic.
>> Demonbird !!sJWx/fa0MLa 10/22/08(Wed)17:56 No.6321042
So Peggy was actually murdered by Pyramid head... Nice.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)17:59 No.6321077
     File :1224712752.gif-(12 KB, 125x145, industrial_engineer_buck.gif)
12 KB
"Mr. Strickland? Hank just called asking for a week off, should I give it to him?"

Buck looked up to his new assistant, "Sure, why not." he said to her, afterall, Hank deserved it, he had done everything Buck had expected and more. Thatherton had lost, McMaynerberry went a night without Propane and would pay out the ass for more...But there's always more profits to be made, always more competition to face he thought to himself as Joejack entered the room to ask about a raise. "Now hold on there, we just got a call about a propane emergency in McMaynerberry, how much do you want that raise?"

The End.
>> The_Infamous_Nutsack !!8kpPW30hUOf 10/22/08(Wed)18:01 No.6321104
No alien ending?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:01 No.6321109
You have five minutes to produce a screencap, or I unleash the ninjas.

(On a work computer, so I can't.)
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:02 No.6321113
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:08 No.6321193
got screencap

making file smaller

please hold
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:09 No.6321220
Ah, well that was fun. Thank you.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:16 No.6321325
     File :1224713778.jpg-(986 KB, 1024x4768, king-of-the-silent-hill.jpg)
986 KB
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:19 No.6321377
Now hold on they, honey...
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:21 No.6321405
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:26 No.6321463
Scrapbook'd for future generations.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:28 No.6321490

This, I demand a shotgun toting Hank vs Pyramid Head picture
>> Bea 10/22/08(Wed)18:29 No.6321495
This thread is fucking amazing.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:30 No.6321508
I'm ashamed to be proud of the fact that I knew where this was going after the first post.
>> TheBlueManGrope 10/22/08(Wed)18:38 No.6321591
Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo.
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)18:49 No.6321734
I just came buckets thinking of that.

You need a name.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:50 No.6321748
I think my face is melting I''ll tell you what.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)18:58 No.6321852
Writefag here, glad you guys liked it. I was just playing Silent Hill when King of the Hill came on and I figured I'd just write down stuff as it came to me. Forgot to use Hank's fear of bats in the story though.
>> The Adorable Bitch 10/22/08(Wed)19:00 No.6321870
It was a sign from God, I'll tell you what.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)19:00 No.6321873
You my sir are a legend.
Makes me wonder if that MGS/ Transformer guy a few months back ever followed through.
>> The_Infamous_Nutsack !!8kpPW30hUOf 10/22/08(Wed)19:02 No.6321892
Yes, awesome writefag is awesome.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)19:06 No.6321934
Best thread ever, I tell you what
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)19:15 No.6322074

Want want want
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)19:37 No.6322319

god damnit this is amazing
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:01 No.6322555
God bless you writefag, this thread was amazing
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:02 No.6322570
Narrow urethra.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:12 No.6322684
>Why is everything so dang narrow?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:13 No.6322688
My god. That was amazing.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:13 No.6322692
That was one of the most amazing parts of the story. I salute you, writefag.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:39 No.6323048

>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:41 No.6323063
well ah got dang dang-on dang talkin' about that dang there epic thread boy
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:43 No.6323098
why is peggy dead tho :(?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:52 No.6323234
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)20:59 No.6323318
I hope this was archived.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:01 No.6323344
Requesting the copypasta about doug funnie dealing with a zombie apocalypse...
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:08 No.6323431
I think you all know what we need to do with this thread.
>> Namefaggot 10/22/08(Wed)21:14 No.6323488
This was awesome. Thanks Op.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:15 No.6323498
I am proud to be posting in this thread. Thank you, OP. I saved the story for the future. Continue to write in the future.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:21 No.6323574
Four votes. Who gets to be number 5 and make my day?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:23 No.6323600
I just got it and it's fucking brilliant I tell you what
>> Namefaggot 10/22/08(Wed)21:25 No.6323619
For some reason, this thread made me think of how well Atticus Finch would fare in Silent Hill?
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:32 No.6323739
I can only one day hope to be as brilliant as this writer
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:35 No.6323776
Atticus would kick way more ass.
>> loves2spooge 10/22/08(Wed)21:37 No.6323806
atticus's silent hill would just be a crowded mall or times square.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:37 No.6323810

Vote submitted
>> Freakazoid(Wii Mode) !!j1pHAH08/gk 10/22/08(Wed)21:42 No.6323893
Good Show OP.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)21:43 No.6323906
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)22:14 No.6324414
When he was dodging the knife attacks...I nearly wheeped in joy. For my butt is that of lacking also, and this was a true inspiration to read. ;__;
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)22:43 No.6324958
The whole story was about Bobby, with hints to Hank's urethra, which contributed to the birth of Bobby. The narrow passage ways opening up and Peggy being killed one after the other...

My God.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)22:45 No.6324997
     File :1224729924.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, 1224090218210.jpg)
72 KB
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)22:51 No.6325106
My God, sir. . .This man is a legend.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)23:01 No.6325256
This reminds me of Castle Crashers.
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)23:02 No.6325266
wolverine is cooler than hank hill
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)23:12 No.6325462
     File :1224731536.jpg-(60 KB, 675x564, 1221717538295.jpg)
60 KB

You best be joking nigger
>> Anonymous 10/22/08(Wed)23:20 No.6325608
     File :1224732000.gif-(1.59 MB, 320x240, Foamy-Win.gif)
1.59 MB
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:07 No.6327088
     File :1224738472.jpg-(263 KB, 612x792, kingofsilenthill.jpg)
263 KB
Posting shitty fanart in epic thread.
>> Bea 10/23/08(Thu)01:08 No.6327102

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:10 No.6327127
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:11 No.6327139
I applaud you and lend you my internet.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:13 No.6327173
If you'd ravage Hank up a bit, like he's stricken by super-grief and torn up, then I'd give you my soul.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:15 No.6327198
fantastic. But might I note, it's interesting that you put a solid base to Pyramid's helmet. We never actually see it from that angle but I always assumed it would just be darkness obscuring some unseeable face.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:17 No.6327220
4chan, only place where beggars can be choosers!
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:19 No.6327257
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:22 No.6327296
Writefag OP here, you amaze me. I never thought something so awesome would come from my random story. Absolutely awesome. I applaud you.
>> Peggy Hill !!Y2jTsLScQlD 10/23/08(Thu)01:23 No.6327311
This thread is incredibly depressing.

Because this game will never exist.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:26 No.6327353
I can sleep happy now
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:27 No.6327363
You're only depressed 'cause you die.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:29 No.6327397

What episode is this from?
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:35 No.6327484

The newest one
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:39 No.6327532
     File :1224740396.jpg-(268 KB, 612x792, kingofsilenthill2.jpg)
268 KB

There you go, cocksuckers. I'd like to reemphasize, "shitty fanart."


Merely riding your coattails, man. Thanks for the fuckwin story.
>> Bea 10/23/08(Thu)01:41 No.6327553

You made it more beautiful.

How did you do that.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:42 No.6327569
excellent, I hope you drawfag more.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:45 No.6327613
     File :1224740716.jpg-(109 KB, 612x792, tellyouwhat.jpg)
109 KB

edited for double barrelled shotguns don't work that way.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:46 No.6327642

Aw. Add some more blood splatter then, cuz that space is all empty now.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:49 No.6327679

I'm not the drawfag and my skills in MSpaint will only ruin the thing.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:49 No.6327692
Just because I hafta, I just fucking have to.

Posting in an epic thread. Thank you both, Anon, for the epic story and the epic pics that are following.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:52 No.6327723

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:52 No.6327729

>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:53 No.6327739
And I give you my soul, my good chum.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:54 No.6327758
     File :1224741291.jpg-(24 KB, 315x237, 1216137923321.jpg)
24 KB

You magnificent son of a bitch.

People like you make life awesome.

You're awesome.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:57 No.6327794

... all I did was take the eraser tool to it.

notice the file names.
>> Anonymous 10/23/08(Thu)01:58 No.6327819

Anon used "Reflect"!

Drawfag absorbed the compliments!