File :1221769048.jpg-(78 KB, 500x500, damnitgary.jpg)
78 KB Alternate Reality Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:17 No.5875404  
After Bruces parents are dead, Gary Oak shows up and challenges him to a battle.
>> Dr. Professor, Prime Minister of SCIENCE! !!vHbIhYNbSef 09/18/08(Thu)16:18 No.5875412
Great, on top of his parents dying, now he's lost money and he has to go all the way back to the last Pokecenter he visited.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:18 No.5875416
     File :1221769132.jpg-(77 KB, 500x500, zubatman.jpg)
77 KB
Young aspiring master Bruce never forgot that day...
Years later he would emerge a different beast... he would become the night, he would become... ZUBATMAN!
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:19 No.5875423
     File :1221769173.jpg-(81 KB, 500x400, TWO-FACE BRUNO.jpg)
81 KB
Later Pokemaster Bruce aka Zubatman would take on his arch rival and Elite 4 trainer Bruno "Two Face" Dent
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:20 No.5875432
No wonder Team Rocker never went back to Mt. Moon or any other cave, Zubatman was hiding behind every corner.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:20 No.5875435
     File :1221769237.jpg-(54 KB, 500x500, whiteout.jpg)
54 KB
But the memory of his lost parents would continue to haunt him for decades...
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:21 No.5875451
>No wonder Team Rocker
Damn typos, now I can't stop thinking of a team of evil-doers who commit crimes with the power of ROCK.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:22 No.5875456
Zubatman would have a team full of Zubats. And he'd STILL kick your ass with them.
You know I'm damn right. Uses them in a swarm. 10000 LLPM (Leech Life's Per Minute)
Think that's cheating? Batman's a cheater?
Is it really cheating if your parents are FAAAAAAAAAAAINTED?!
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:24 No.5875474
needs funding
>> Dr. Professor, Prime Minister of SCIENCE! !!vHbIhYNbSef 09/18/08(Thu)16:24 No.5875479
If they WERE Team Rocker, they'd have captured Pikachu years ago.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:25 No.5875488
Joker would have a team consisting of Mr. Mime over and over again.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:25 No.5875493
Damn right they would've, none can withstand the righteous might of TEAM ROCKER.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:26 No.5875504
"Kick up the amps and lets hear a Sonicboom Loudred!"
>> Dr. Professor, Prime Minister of SCIENCE! !!vHbIhYNbSef 09/18/08(Thu)16:28 No.5875525
Instead of the "Prepare for Trouble" intro, they both break out into guitar solos.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:28 No.5875528
     File :1221769703.gif-(917 KB, 1500x750, 1217488425398.gif)
917 KB
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)16:28 No.5875530
I wrote a character up for this story I'm writing. Music-lover and inventor, by the name of Gaston Son Sourds. Has an Exploud named Unrivaled Excellence.

"Raise your voice to the heavens that the universe might know your name! HYPER VOICE!"

...He's pretty awesome.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:29 No.5875546

someone needs to write or animate this
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:31 No.5875575
Zubatman Returns was the best movie. Danny Devito as The Prinplup and Michelle Phiffer as Meowthwoman? Great casting. Not like the fourth movie with Mr. Ice Beam and Poison Powder.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:32 No.5875588
actually in the pokemon universe he's glingarman!
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:34 No.5875602
     File :1221770045.jpg-(8 KB, 240x240, notamused.jpg)
8 KB
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:34 No.5875607
goDAMN it...
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)16:34 No.5875612
     File :1221770087.jpg-(46 KB, 512x512, Glameow.jpg)
46 KB
Glameow > Meowth

...Aesthetically speaking.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:35 No.5875626
     File :1221770130.jpg-(10 KB, 180x133, 140.jpg)
10 KB
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:36 No.5875636
oh wow
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:39 No.5875663
no he'd probably have some of whatever the 'prankster pokemon' is.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)16:41 No.5875681
     File :1221770514.jpg-(45 KB, 512x512, Honchkrow.jpg)
45 KB
Did someone say 'gangster'?
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:44 No.5875704
>> Doctor Hal 09/18/08(Thu)16:46 No.5875722
     File :1221770780.png-(19 KB, 137x138, (094)Gengar.png)
19 KB

It needs to have a BIG FUCKING SMILE!
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)16:53 No.5875793
want to see this.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)16:54 No.5875809
     File :1221771296.jpg-(274 KB, 848x690, 1221743026539.jpg)
274 KB

>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:00 No.5875849
wait... so if Two Face is Bruno then who's the Joker?
Scarecrow? Mad Hatter?
>> Sgt. Viper Stormhaus! 09/18/08(Thu)17:02 No.5875879

Da Honchkrow is NOT amused!


This is the ONLY time I've EVER laughed at that fucking line! You get some serious brownie points for that!
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)17:02 No.5875880
Blaine is The Riddler.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:03 No.5875893
"This roll... IT WAS MADE FOR ME!"
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)17:09 No.5875963
Pop Quiz!

Does TM 26 contain 'TOMBSTONER'?
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:09 No.5875968
So after having his parents shot and killed by Team Rocket and losing a match to Gary Oak; Young Bruce escapes into Mt. Moon where he is swarmed by Zubats.
After years of Training with Ninja Master Koga al Ghul, Zubatman returns to Saffron City and takes on the roll of Zubatman. In his never ending quest to protect the world of Pokemon he discovers that the Gym leaders are tied into an underground crime ring. Desiring to overthrow this secret organization Zubatman must face off and beat the Elite 4 and all the Gym Leaders of the Kanto region.
But even then, not even a Pokemon center can bring his parents back... so he must strive on! GO ZUBATMAN GO!
>> Zubatman 09/18/08(Thu)17:10 No.5875986
The hell kind of riddle was that anyway?
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)17:12 No.5876007
It was one of the questions you had to answer to get through his Gym on Cinnabar Island. The only one that was even remotely hard was "Does Caterpie evolve into Butterfree?"

The answer is no. Caterpie evolves into Metapod.
>> Zubatman 09/18/08(Thu)17:17 No.5876052
Stop fooling around Blainler and tell me where the Voltorb is!
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:20 No.5876087
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:24 No.5876120

But meowths make money.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:25 No.5876137
Joker's the only guy who'd actually have a pretty good chance of winning with his team.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:28 No.5876165
Meowths ARE money.
They have coins.
on their face.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:29 No.5876170

Pay Day GENERATES money. It's a wonder the economic world of Pokemon hasn't collapsed.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)17:31 No.5876205
I've seen Gengar 6-0 teams of Legendaries before. Rotom can take control of electronic equipment, and Sableye is good at sniffing out precious gems. The only one who needs to be brought into question is Banette.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:33 No.5876233
big zipper mouth.
Makes Quinn wet.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)17:34 No.5876240
I was gonna suggest it was probably her Pokemon, anyway.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:39 No.5876297
that and Mime Jr.
>> Doctor Hal 09/18/08(Thu)17:44 No.5876371
     File :1221774271.gif-(25 KB, 240x246, v2dex011.gif)
25 KB

... What, No Mightyenas?
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:45 No.5876384
not even close to her two 'babies', so no.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:46 No.5876399
This thread needs to be archived NOW.

Except the archive is down.... Is this the work of Gary Mothafuckin Oak?
>> Dr. Professor, Prime Minister of SCIENCE! !!vHbIhYNbSef 09/18/08(Thu)17:48 No.5876412
Oh fuck, that brought back memories. Blaine, you dick. I'm ten. Don't pull trick questions out like that.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)17:51 No.5876438
     File :1221774680.jpg-(40 KB, 512x512, Froslass.jpg)
40 KB
Mr. Freeze gets a Froslass.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:54 No.5876471
"ICE to meet you Zuba-"
"COOL it Freeze and tell me what your planning to do with all these TM 14s..."
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:55 No.5876481
/r/ Jokrengar plz
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:56 No.5876492

>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:57 No.5876507
So Bane would be Max Repel and Killer Croc would be Killer Totodile?
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)17:59 No.5876524
Killer Croconaw.

Any drawfags out there?
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:03 No.5876561
Clayface = Mukface
Scarecrow = ScareMurkrow
Killer Moth = Killer Venomoth
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:05 No.5876584
Roxy Rocket?

want to see some character concepts now. Badly.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)18:06 No.5876591
Bane is clearly a Machamp.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)18:07 No.5876600
>Clayface = Mukface

>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:08 No.5876603
Isn't everything?

And we should definitely keep this thread alive until it comes back.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:11 No.5876636
or until a wild draw/writefag appears.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)18:14 No.5876662
I'm something of a writefag. I know enough about Pokemon, but I'm not so familiar with Batman mythos, unfortunately.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:25 No.5876772
Someone screencap this thread.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:26 No.5876781
well if we wait me might get some more Original Content and the ability to archive.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:31 No.5876834

And Rare Candy is his Venom?
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:32 No.5876853
Max Repel is Bane who is a Machamp that uses Rare Candy instead of Venom.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:32 No.5876854
Deadshot is now called Faintshot.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:37 No.5876907
this thread is made of win.
>> Gentleman Bones !6w/VggIMPs 09/18/08(Thu)18:44 No.5876994
     File :1221777890.jpg-(49 KB, 512x512, Tangrowth.jpg)
49 KB

>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:48 No.5877033
I fucking love this thread.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:51 No.5877064
Zubat man is nothing compared to the Mangolbat.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:52 No.5877086
     File :1221778361.jpg-(8 KB, 251x189, squid eyes.jpg)
8 KB
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:54 No.5877114
Bruce Wayne is now Bruce Silph, billionaire playboy CEO of Silph Co.
>> Anonymous 09/18/08(Thu)18:59 No.5877169
     File :1221778746.png-(210 KB, 611x351, Penguin.png)
210 KB
This perfectly upright businessman owns the "Game Corner" in Celadon City. Naturally it's a front, but what're YOU gonna do about it?