File :1221634577.jpg-(171 KB, 600x849, 00000458.jpg)
171 KB Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)02:56 No.5855935  
Planning ahead.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)02:57 No.5855950
That was quick. I checked just a minute ago and it wasn't up yet.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)02:59 No.5855965
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:00 No.5855971
Zimmy's about to explode or something.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)03:00 No.5855981
Check that symbol in the background.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:00 No.5855985
There is no way this ends well for Zimmy.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:01 No.5855987
who wants to bet our favorite mary sue brought an umberella or two?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:01 No.5855990
I guess the question is what the difference is between science rain and nature rain for her.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:03 No.5856008
This face is priceless.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:03 No.5856015
But Shanquill Deepdark isn't in this comic. And her level 12 ninja skill set would prevent the rain from touching her.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:04 No.5856020
Which like all Zimmy mysteries will never be answered.

Seriously though, I'm optimistic. She's been in a couple pages in a row now, maybe the story will finally use her as anything but a big ignored flashing neon question mark now.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:04 No.5856022
Science Rain sometimes has acid in it.
You'd know this if you've ever fought against Toad Man.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:05 No.5856032
     File :1221635133.jpg-(11 KB, 251x264, creepy grin.jpg)
11 KB
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:06 No.5856051
Jack knows the value of science and girls in wet shirts.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:07 No.5856064
Toad Man doesn't even get a chance to use it if you do it right.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)03:07 No.5856065
Jack is awesome.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:07 No.5856067
and now we know why he recommended the girls wear white shirts
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:11 No.5856105
It will happen because she doesn't have a way to avoid the rain. And I still don't know why you're so obsessed with one character. You don't seem to care that there are no explanations for anyone else.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:22 No.5856240
Matt's expression in the first panel. That looks very familiar.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:25 No.5856269
He is committing some off-panel groping.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:29 No.5856308
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:29 No.5856312
Actually I think Zimmy and Gamma both need more acknowledgement.

And to reiterate, I don't care so much that the series hasn't explained what's up with them, so much as that no one has ever so much as mentioned wondering about them at all. Even if you use the "magic is everywhere" reasoning, they still have basically our same social norms, and the fact that Zimmy and Gamma stand SO CLOSE at all times is odd in itself. Can you honestly say that if you saw two girls basically joined at the hip like that, you wouldn't at least remark to a friend about it? It bugs me that they are so odd, but the characters in-story inexplicably don't seem to notice anything odd about them at all. It just feels like bad writing.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:30 No.5856313
God damn it Jack is awesome. Why does he hang around a douche like Matt?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:31 No.5856332
She's such a huge bitch to everyone that it overrides any thoughts other than "what a huge bitch."
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:33 No.5856354
Dude, everybody just assumes they are dykes. There's no reason to make that a big deal. Even kids wouldn't be too shocked by homosexual couples in a Brit school.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:34 No.5856369
Ghosts exist, when you die the god of death takes you away, robots all over the place, magic forest, people turning into magical creatures and animals, magical creatures and animals turning into people, SCIENCE!, talking shadows, hostile relations with a great big magical forest kingdom.

Yeah, I can't see why people don't comment on Zimmy and Gamma's extreme closeness either.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:36 No.5856398
To be fair, we don't know how much of that stuff the regular students know about, and the most common robot is pretty terrible.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:42 No.5856452
It's just, they act like normal people in most regards so it seems inconsistent that the many Zimmy and Gamma weirdnesses don't even register.

Plus, despite the magic and wonder they still find a giant tower that shoots lightning bolts interesting. Maybe I'm just crazy, but a demon-faced girl seems about as noteworthy as a giant Tesla tower. Now, if Zimmy was one of a couple of demon-face students, I could see her being yet another whatever Zimmy is, no big deal. But unless I'm mistaken, she is the only character that looks like that. The uniqueness should stand out at least. Her face seems unprecedented to them. All that other wacky stuff, it's relatively mundane facts of life in their world.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)03:45 No.5856479
A BOARDING school, nonetheless. the things they get up to in those places.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)03:49 No.5856515
The fairy girls are different looking as well. And it's the middle of the night with no apparent lights around, maybe the differences in her face are not as obvious to the characters as they are to the readers.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:00 No.5856598
red only really looks different because she puts a quart of mousse in her hair.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:02 No.5856613
This is not the first time any of the characters have seen Zimmy and Gamma. They've seen them around campus plenty of times and have gotten used to them. NOW STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:04 No.5856623
They all have pointy fairy ears too.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:07 No.5856648
     File :1221638850.jpg-(16 KB, 280x318, 00000198.jpg)
16 KB
I just realized. Zimmy plus rain...
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:07 No.5856651
They've been in the same boarding school for over a year.
I would think the only mystery to the kids would be what Gamma sees in Zimmy.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:17 No.5856737
They don't really see the kids from the other houses, actually.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:18 No.5856741
The lack of discussion or curiosity, let alone outrage, shock, or disgust, is merely a subtle attempt by the author to promote homosexuality as an acceptable societal norm.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:21 No.5856767
Smug cunt.

In stead of just telling everyone to bring umbrellas, he lets them gets soaked and laughs at them.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:21 No.5856773
Could it be that you have no idea what a visual metaphor is? I'm sure that isn't the case.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:23 No.5856784
OK. That is not a problem; The 50s are over.

What is a problem is that they aren't troubled by the fact that Zimmy looks like she crawled out of the pits of hell and looks like a demonic devourer of souls.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)04:23 No.5856792
Dude! schoolgirls in wet T-shirts!
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:23 No.5856794
Seriously, what a dick.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:25 No.5856811

Not everyone is okay with it. When 61% of Californians-Californians, of all people-vote to keep marriage legally defined as a man and a woman, then yeah, it is "still the fifties".
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:25 No.5856812
But they're wearing coats.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:25 No.5856815
That's not what she looks like. Her eyes are shrouded in shadows and her teeth are sharp and she's dirty. She looks as different from an average human as the fairie-kids do. Stop exaggerating and stop fucking complaining about it. It's not a valid complaint and even if it was I wouldn't want to hear about it 50 times in every thread.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)04:25 No.5856816
Hey, perpetually angry bitch with sharp teeth and the eyes of a monster, I'm curious as to why are you such a demonic looking bitch?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:25 No.5856817

Samefag who best be trollin'.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:27 No.5856829
I don't even know how to respond to that.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:28 No.5856840
Perhaps it is you who is obsessed with homosexuality, as you are forcing it upon two girls who are merely close friends, to the point that they could be like sisters. So you're also seasoning your obsession with incest.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:29 No.5856845
Come on.

Do you not see the shit eating grin on that motherfucker?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:30 No.5856852
Zimmy and Gamma, merely close friends? Like SISTERS!? A married couple wouldn't spend as much time together as they do.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:30 No.5856853
Okay, in the grand scheme of things this is no big deal, I realize that. It's just a webcomic.

But in as far as I care about this webcomic, I can't believe that nobody in /co/ thinks the Zimmy/Gamma mysteries warrant a little more note in-story. As the minotaur page showed, the students are capable of being surprised by things they haven't seen before. Zimmy is definitely a thing they haven't seen before. The characters have noted odd behavior before. ("What's his problem," that sort of thing.) Two students who are never seen more than a foot apart is definitely odd. Plus, these are teenagers, the most gossipy bunch there is. I'm not saying that someone should point at Zimmy and Gamma and start demanding answers while yelling. But the way I remember highschool, even a weird t-shirt would get noted by others. I just don't buy it that no one in that school has ever at least remarked to a fellow student in private "Zimmy doesn't look like any magical creature I'm familiar with, I wonder what she is," or "I wonder why the are ALWAYS together. I don't care if they're a couple, but you'd think they're physically attached." The author could show everyone being shocked by a minotaur but can't establish the character feelings toward two obviously mysterious regulars?

On a slightly different point, I don't know if I'm more flumoxed by what I just ranted about or the fact that /co/ doesn't seem to see it as questionable writing in the least. It just seems at best a conspicuously ignored point.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:30 No.5856854
I fucking love him just for that.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:30 No.5856855
But that doesn't make him a dick ! Let's reserve this term for matt.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:30 No.5856862
He told 'em to wear rain coats and hats. And he MacGyver'd that umbrella when he was hanging out with Kat on the previous page.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:31 No.5856864
I never called him a dick, just a smug cunt.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:31 No.5856872
Married couples aren't anything like close relatives. Well I guess in some places they're the same.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:33 No.5856884

WHAT THE FUCK MAKES YOU THINK THAT THE CHARACTERS DON'T THINK SHE'S WEIRD!? Does everything need to be fucking spelled out for you? When you were in school did someone make it a point to say "oh that kid's weird" every god damn time a weird kid walked into the room?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:36 No.5856923
Yes, because the person sitting next to me might not have understood that I thought the person walking in was odd.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:36 No.5856929
So every other magic creature is a visual metaphor too?

Key difference: They are stated as fairies. Why are they different? They're fairies. We have an explanation, case closed. It's common knowledge in context, it makes sense nobody would remark. Zimmy on the other hand is evidently the only one of her kind ever seen by them and I'd think that would warrant some curiosity. I mean, we live in a world full of animals but someone would still wonder what an animal they hadn't seen before was.
>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 09/17/08(Wed)04:39 No.5856950
So yeah, I keep seeing this posted, but haven't really paid too much attention.

I'm going to bed in like 10 minutes. anyone want to give me the short version of why I should do an archive binge on this thing?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:40 No.5856963
It's not apparent that anyone other than Annie knew that they were fairies. And she only knew because Red called her out.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:42 No.5856976

They probably were concerned about it a year ago. Maybe they even asked her about it. I'm guessing she just gave them all the finger and they learned to live with it.

Also, don't forget during the earlier parts of this arc, the awkward silences and stares that came with the appearance of Zimmy and Gamma. It's pretty clear that people don't like Zimmy, but what can they do about it?

Let me rephrase that. What do you WANT them to do? Do you want a page where the kids go "Zimmy, you look not-human. What's your deal?" I personally think that would be rather pointless.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:42 No.5856985
It would've been fine if you mentioned it ONCE, had a discussion, and then dropped it. But every-fucking-update, you say this. It irks me, and a lot of other /co/ denizens.

I care about what happens to the characters in a story. But it's in-progress, I have no way to forsee what the hell happens. And why no one ever comments on Zimmy and Gamma? Maybe because they've been that way since forever, and everyone's already been around them for a year? You've been in highschool. The first couple of weeks, it's "Hey why the hell does that kid always wear a trenchcoat", then he's just "Oh, the trenchcoat kid. Whatever." Did anyone ever ask trenchcoat kid why he wore a trenchcoat? No. He just did, and to ask might incur his social-awkardness-induced RAGE. Of course, that's not a suitable explaination for you, is it? Because nothing is, apparantly.

Oh, and, just because no one is disturbed by her appearance now, doesn't mean they were always like that. Zimmy could've gotten a lot of shit when she first came to the Court, and gotten into fights with whoever bothered her. She's that type, no? But, whatever, it's not like THEY'VE BEEN IN THE SAME CLASS FOR YEARS OR ANYTHING AND HAD TIME TO CLASH BEFOREHAND. It's not even like Zimmy's a main focus of the comic. She could be getting picked on every goddamn day, just not with Annie around.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)04:43 No.5856988
Because it's one of the only good webcomics. Hell, even that guy who wrote that blog loves it.

I'm not saying that there should never be an explanation, but it shouldn't be done at the expense of other stories the author has to tell.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:44 No.5856997

It's kinda like cyberpunk harry-potter but less lame. Likeable characters and crisp, clean, well colored art.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:46 No.5857022
It's good, but this is a terrible description.
>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 09/17/08(Wed)04:47 No.5857033
reasonably convincing. How long of an archive/how much work is it gonna be? how frequent are updates?
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:47 No.5857039
     File :1221641268.jpg-(7 KB, 118x196, kid.jpg)
7 KB
>What do you WANT them to do?

>"Hey there, I like your teeth. We should hang out some time, and your friend is totally invited too."
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:49 No.5857046
Updates thrice weekly, a decent but not overwhelming archive.

You could always go in chapter installments.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:49 No.5857049
This might have happenned. Guess how it probably went. "Whatre' you tryin' to pull? Fuck you! Stay away from her!"
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:50 No.5857054
Current page is 458 and it updates three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)04:50 No.5857059
You just know they're going to make out in front of you. It's not a nice feeling, being the third wheel in a relationship.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:53 No.5857072
Poor kid never gets any girls.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:53 No.5857077

It's well worth an all-nighter. As far as webcomics go, this one is god-tier. If you read any others, you should read this one too.
>> karpad !eTHOuZDF46 09/17/08(Wed)04:55 No.5857092
fuck your all nighter. I'm going to read it during my downtime at work tomorrow.

Customer Service means I just wait for calls or emails. If nothing comes in, I got nothing to do.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:55 No.5857093

It would be against the laws of nature. Or Magic or SCIENCE! or whatever laws govern this crazy world.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:56 No.5857099
Maybe that was his plan all along.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)04:56 No.5857105
Just a small note on the subject would suffice. A panel or two showing any curiosity toward them. For example:

Character A: What's the deal with Zimmy and Gamma anyway?

Character B: I don't know, nobody does. A few people have asked, and Zimmy yells at them. We've just gotten used to it.

Seriously, that's all I ask. For the story to address what other characters think of them in some way. It just feels like a huge gap in an otherwise well-written series.

Have I complained about the tower not being explained? No, it's a mystery, and the characters are acknowledging that. That's the main difference. It's not the lack of answers, its' the unnatural blanket acceptance that seems odd. And funny you use that example, I did ask trenchcoat kid why he always wore the trenchcoat. I tend to be nosy like that and honestly, I really do dislike unanswered questions. Mysteries are a fact of life, but when the subject of the mystery can talk and isn't holding a gun or anything, a polite question couldn't hurt. Maybe I'm just projecting myself onto this situation too much.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 09/17/08(Wed)05:00 No.5857134
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)05:14 No.5857230
His rubberband car was destroyed and he can't get any ladies? He just can't win.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)05:58 No.5857491
It's a good thing you're not writing this if you think " I don't know, nobody does. A few people have asked, and Zimmy yells at them." isn't poor writing. Also, you've never asked a person why they are wearing a trenchcoat ever.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)06:47 No.5857721
god, Jack is a tool
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)07:20 No.5857810
I liked this series better when I hadn't read it and all 19 chapters lay ahead of me. The way that the story pans out in each update just isn't enough to satisfy my curiosity.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)07:38 No.5857909

Nobody asks because while I'm sure they wonder, there's no way to phrase that question that won't get a "FUCK OFF," especially considering it's Zimmy.

Secondly, the reason no one appears to talk about it is that we don't see every single interaction that takes place in the Court. People do talk, it just isn't illustrated, especially since we've had a Zimmy chapter already and it'd be an annoying repetition with no new information for the viewer.
>> Anonymous 09/17/08(Wed)07:53 No.5857976
I knew you wouldn't believe me. I wouldn't believe it if I was in your situation.

Incidentally, what's so bad about my proposal for a quick mention of the state of the school and Zimmy/Gamma? That most people have accepted it is what most people in this thread have said.

But whatever, I'll drop it. I just honestly am confused. The mystery of Zimmy and Gamma seems as worthy of attention as the lightning tower, but I doubt you'd be fine if that was just ignored too.
>> Mr. Laufeyson !!InDgLOyLC1S 09/17/08(Wed)08:06 No.5858009
just wait for each chapter to finish, then. it'll be like you're reading a cool bimonthly idie comic or something.
>> Mr. Laufeyson !!InDgLOyLC1S 09/17/08(Wed)08:10 No.5858019
just caught up: gamma thought everyone was calling her stupid and ugly because of zimmy's translations? that's almost abusive of zimmy...
>> Mr. Laufeyson !!InDgLOyLC1S 09/17/08(Wed)08:20 No.5858041
california is still in america, and america is more sexually repressed than britain