File :1221032510.jpg-(158 KB, 600x849, 00000455.jpg)
158 KB Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:41 No.5761744  
No longer delayed by LHC testing.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:43 No.5761756
Damn it, Zimmy. You are the least objective person ever.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:43 No.5761762
Zimmy is such a bitch
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:44 No.5761770
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:45 No.5761775

Gamma needs a hug.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:45 No.5761781
Zimmy's probably afraid that she'd lose her if Gamma thought other people liked her too.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:46 No.5761784
I think we can say for certain that Zimmy wears the (spiked) strap on in this relationship.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:47 No.5761792
This is why you don't trust someone with blacked-out-eyes and fangs who doesn't have the social awareness to think it's reasonable to explain her odd appearance up front.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:47 No.5761793
I think Zimmy really thinks that's what they're saying. Zimmy is totally nuts, though.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:47 No.5761794
Zimmy! Stop being so mean!
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:47 No.5761795
I was thinking something like this. Or that she assumes everyone is out to get her, so they must also be out to get her friend, and so she has to protect Gamma from others by distancing her from them.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:48 No.5761803
Zimmy also sees bug giant monsters crawling out of the walls and has not slept once in her entire life.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:49 No.5761815
Last comic there was some back and forth about whether or not Gamma could speak English. I am now vindicated.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:49 No.5761817
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:49 No.5761819
Her and Gaara should talk.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:49 No.5761820
I think Zimmy is pissed off at this point that she's just lashing out at everyone.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:50 No.5761825
The secret of Zimmy is coming forth!!!!

Tom must be desperate for story material. He should take a break and go at it again fresh.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:51 No.5761833
Heaven forbid his comic acknowledges the elephant in the room.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:51 No.5761836
Could be both, since they aren't mutually exclusive.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:52 No.5761844
I took it that Gamma was regularly told this kind of stuff by Zimmy. I think otherwise she might be somewhat shocked, but here she seems to think that such a negative reaction from all those around her is what is to be expected.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:52 No.5761854
Adding a dimension to a relationship between two of the characters is being desperate for material?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:52 No.5761855
<do they all think i'm fat like an elephant?>
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:53 No.5761858

I secretly think Zimmy is the personification of Gamma's id and the fucked up things Zimmy sees are the nightmares Gamma suffers.

There also needs to be more delicious brown girl. She's been shown maybe once or twice before this chapter.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:54 No.5761877
I don't know, she looks pretty embarrassed about it and she does ask Annie. It seems like if it was a common thing, she wouldn't have asked.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:56 No.5761884
Only once, I think.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:56 No.5761886
I was kind of interested how Kat seems to be on somewhat decent terms with her, but I don't think they're friends. Does Kat have any friends other than Annie (who aren't birds)? Did she have any friends before Annie showed up?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:56 No.5761890
Making excuses for a webcomic artist who doesn't give a flying shit about his fans... AWESOME.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:56 No.5761892
And not even technically in a chapter. It was a bonus page.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:57 No.5761894
Zimmy is doing that because she's a racist :/
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:57 No.5761895
Surprisingly, Margo isn't quite delicious in my mind yet. Maybe she just needs more time.

That said, every time Kat gets another panel, she becomes that much more mai waifu.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:57 No.5761896
Penny Gadget... but they are mostly internet friends.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:58 No.5761898
Since Annie speaks Polish, this is the first time she can ask someone if Zimmy is telling her the truth. Margo is simling when she speaks, so unless Zimmy has convinced Gamma that almost everyone always says this about her, it seems unlikely (to me) that she would accept the idea that Margo is calling her ugly. Maybe not, though.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)03:59 No.5761913
My question was an honest one. I don't even understand what you think I'm excusing. Seriously, what's the problem here? What's desperate or even unusual about this development?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:00 No.5761919
All good secrets are like jokes.

It's about timing.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:02 No.5761929
Well we don't know how often they really get involved in groups like this. There was the science fair, but that didn't really seem like much of a socializing activity.

Kat didn't seem to have any good friends. Maybe some people to talk to in class or something. She was probably 'that girl,' the one that they ignore most of the time.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:03 No.5761931
Oh, well. I guess I don't see this as some big plot reveal, but more as a character moment. I don't see how this seems sudden or rushed or awkward, but whatever.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:04 No.5761935
Excuses? I was saying it's about time the comic starts explaining what's going on with Zimmy. You don't put a demon-face girl in with any regularity and then don't acknowledge the "what's up with the demon face" issue.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:06 No.5761946
Tolkien never explained why elves have pointy ears.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:06 No.5761952

It always is.

I don't mean to exaggerate the whole secret or twist. Not at all.

It's just all about when the punch hits best. I doubt it's anything major or awesome... It'll all just settle down to when the impact makes the biggest slam.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:07 No.5761957
I don't really mind the lack of acknowledgement of Zimmy's freakishness, but this is pretty weak.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:07 No.5761960

Dude, it's the allure of mystery. It's a tease meant to keep you strung along.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:08 No.5761962
She spends her days making telepathic Polish jokes.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:10 No.5761968
     File :1221034217.jpg-(35 KB, 274x492, Taranee.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:10 No.5761969
Look closely at Zimmy and Gamma's heads.

Anyone else see that squiggly purple link? I think it's a nice touch.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:10 No.5761970
She's only been in ~30 pages. This is page 455. Also, about half of those pages are information/backstory. Is that less weak?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:11 No.5761975
I'm still not totally sure I get what you're saying, but it seems like there's plenty to tell about Zimmy and Gamma (many are complaining that there's been far to little said so far). So if this relatively minor development was somehow rushed (if that's what you're saying), I don't think that's such a big deal if it does move things forward.

Continuing small talk on the roof for a few more pages or rushing to have the power station switch into action would seem like bigger mistakes.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:11 No.5761976
A character had better at least acknowledge it in-comic soon. I know they have weird stuff going on but in real life, people will be like "what's up with so-and-so's weird haircut." Even in this world, demon face is at least weird haircut level weird.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:14 No.5761983
Maybe they don't even want to go near a very angry, yelling weirdo with those teeth, let alone ask her what's wrong with her face.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:14 No.5761984
I don't wanna derail this Gunner thread cause we got actual shit to talk about, so i'm just gunna say sorry, didn't mean it that way, and lets move on.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:16 No.5761990
I don't mind having Kat or Annie let it slide, but unless Margo and the others also regularly see all kinds of crazy shit on the level of Zimmy, then this seems a bit poorly done.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:17 No.5761992
(probably my mistake, I am tired as hell)

SO how bout that gunner's crag huh
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)04:18 No.5761999
Poor Zimmy is probably afraid to lose Gamma, and I bet she really does think the others think ill of her.
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)04:20 No.5762008

Weirdo is an euphemism. Zimmy is probably genuinely dangerous. Think ''she wolf with a cub'' kind of dangerous.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:20 No.5762012
The court doesn't make it a secret that some of the other students are fairies turned human, and they have already seen Annie bring a minotaur to class.

To them Zimmy is no stranger than what a kid with a weird tattoo would be to us in the real world.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:22 No.5762024
It is very likely both. On the one hand she is furiously paranoid, and on the other Gamma is the only person she is close to.
She might even think they have some conspiracy to lure Gamma away from her, and leave her to the Lovecraftian horrors that haunt her.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:22 No.5762026
It was originally girl, but I changed it to weirdo because I liked it better that way.

As far as this goes, they could bring it up, but Zimmy wouldn't tell them anyway. Annie would probably be the only one who could ask and get a real answer, but not in a situation like this.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:24 No.5762034
     File :1221035090.jpg-(146 KB, 600x850, 00000029.jpg)
146 KB
But they're still surprised when the minotaur shows up. It doesn't cause them to question their perception of reality, but it still gets a reaction. I would expect Zimmy to do the same.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:27 No.5762045
I don't mean they should start demanding explanations, but it seems like one of the other kids there might give an odd look or whisper some remark. Maybe we'll see something like this in the coming pages, though.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:28 No.5762054
I think Zimmy and Gamma aren't normal students, but some kinda experiment being run through the Court.

I mean, their names are Zeta and Gamma.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:29 No.5762058
I'm not demanding an answer, just for some character to acknowledge that she looks a bit odd. They don't even have to ask Zimmy directly, but at least remark to another character later about it. I get that asking her directly would be awkward.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:38 No.5762117
     File :1221035922.jpg-(18 KB, 272x242, Shut up Matt2.jpg)
18 KB

But who cares what they think.
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)04:42 No.5762142
I want to kiss and hug Zimmy. It's true.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:42 No.5762145
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:52 No.5762215
Who else would do it.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)04:54 No.5762225
Blushing.... It means he wants to fuck the demon chick!!! who wouldn't?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:03 No.5762287
Dang, starting to think Zimmy and Gamma's relationship is well more....symbiotic then mutually beneficial.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:04 No.5762289
Evidence for this?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:05 No.5762299
You mean parasitic?
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)05:09 No.5762321
     File :1221037743.jpg-(163 KB, 600x851, 00000200.jpg)
163 KB

Their relationship seems too loving for that :/
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:09 No.5762326
It's a good thing it's not Friday. That would be a horribly long weekend.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:11 No.5762334
Zimmy depends on gama, and probably takes a possessive attitude toward her. I doubt Tom will be too dark about it, but it could end up incredibly creepy if Gamma takes resentment toward Zimmy's "interpretation" of her translations.
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)05:12 No.5762342

We shall see. But Gamma would probably leave unless she wanted to stay with Zimmy.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:13 No.5762347
Maybe she gives more accurate translations when there isn't a power station messing her up by making her more paranoid and angry.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:13 No.5762348
what makes you think zimmy or the shaddow people in suits would LET gamma leave???
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:13 No.5762352

Thats a good one.
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)05:15 No.5762359

What makes you think Gamma wants to leave?

Zimmy wouldn't hurt her how ever you put it, since she depends on her. And the Shadows... I dunno. Good point.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:16 No.5762368
I doubt she wants to leave, she probably just takes zimmy's antics with a huge bag of salt.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:19 No.5762390
It'd still be kinda bastardish of her to let her own crazyness poison her interpretation for her friend.

I mean, if I'm in a bad mood I'll give my friends a heads-up so they know to take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:20 No.5762394
I kinda wanna read this comic, but Antimony annoys me. She's too perfect.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:22 No.5762406
How could you know if you DIDN'T read it ?
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)05:22 No.5762409

Eh... when I catch a cold I'm a bastard. I rage at everything. My mom learned to forget the insults I grace her with during those times. In short, I can understand how Zimmy feels.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:23 No.5762415
I mean more that her paranoia is affecting how she perceives what they're saying. "I like your hair" becomes a sarcastic comment rather than a compliment.
>> Kazi­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/10/08(Wed)05:24 No.5762419
     File :1221038663.jpg-(3 KB, 94x126, 1204652368214.jpg)
3 KB

>She's too perfect.

>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:26 No.5762430
I think some people are more character affected than others. Typically you don't read fantasy and science fiction for the character, yes a lot of SF and Fantasy have great characters that spice up the plot/theme but this webcomic isn't one of them. This comic is about the wonder of the world and the intrigue of its admittedly watery themes, the characters are something to be desired.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:28 No.5762444
     File :1221038937.jpg-(149 KB, 600x850, 00000365.jpg)
149 KB
She's not perfect.

Does that mean you'll read it now?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:30 No.5762453
Well, I read some of the first chapters and I've seen things posted here on /co/...
I dunno, she just seems to be the one that is good at everything and never fails and...
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:31 No.5762463
isn't that..

That Girl?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:31 No.5762468
But she said the power station is messing with her as I remember, so she knows she's not necessarily in her right mind. To return to the bad mood thing, the caring thing to do is to let people know you're not quite yourself so as to avoid misunderstandings. If you're their interpreter, this is ESPECIALLY important.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:32 No.5762472
Antimony isn't as smart as Kat is. Annie just has a gift for dealing with the supernatural.

And also a very calm demeanor, which makes her seem like she always knows what she's doing.

She doesn't.
>> Cobra Commander !!A/X6ULbf1Kt 09/10/08(Wed)05:33 No.5762481
Holy god. Please believe me. I have never , ever , ever been attracted to a comic character. Until i saw this. I... I think i need to do some deep reflection. And maybe consider not going to /co/ for a while...
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:33 No.5762489
I dunno. Could you be more vague?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:33 No.5762491
     File :1221039239.png-(43 KB, 138x182, I DARE YOU TO REPEAT THAT AGAI(...).png)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:34 No.5762493
Jones or Annie?
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:34 No.5762496
But she'd have to know that it was affecting her in that way. She may not know the full extent of the station's effects.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:35 No.5762512
Zimmy's almost like the polar opposite of Antimony - no pun intended.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:36 No.5762515
Really? Guess I was fooled then..

Well, I might check it out, these last pages that have been posted here on /co/ have really interested me.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:36 No.5762517
Jones is basically GLaDOS using a skin.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:36 No.5762523
     File :1221039406.png-(75 KB, 250x171, 250px-TophHasFilthyFeet.png)
75 KB
Wait, are you attracted to Antimony or Agent Scully?

Either way, welcome to the team. Here's your complimentary soda and picture of Toph's feet
>> Cobra Commander !!A/X6ULbf1Kt 09/10/08(Wed)05:38 No.5762541
Cheating.... tuns me ON???? holy god. I need a psychiatrist quick.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:50 No.5762635

Nah you're just into them bad girls.

It's natural really. They know how to fight the system, which means they know how to survive in a harsh environment. It's instinct to want to procreate with something that has favorable traits.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:54 No.5762667
Being a skilled and successful test cheater (never homework) all the way up to college, I just find it makes her more relatable.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:55 No.5762678
Oh my god, the look in her eyes... Is anyone looking? I feel guilty but I'm not stupid enough to let it bother me if i can get away with it... my crotch is throbbing and I blush like crazy.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)05:59 No.5762699
I think I am just mildly jealous because it seems she knows what to do in every situation and is smart, etc.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)07:40 No.5763215
oh god gamma is moe.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)07:57 No.5763326
Having only just started reading this 2 days ago thanks to /co/, I have to say..

It's pretty good.
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)08:08 No.5763388
you know, zimmy never said anything out loud to gamma, I kind of think that zimmy isn't actively translating for her, more that gamma is reading her mind and that's just how zimmy perceives what they're saying. or I'm completely wrong. but that purple link thing...
>> Anonymous 09/10/08(Wed)08:09 No.5763394
Anyone notice how Gamma's eyes are increasingly getting more and more dark circles around them?