File :1220425347.jpg-(171 KB, 600x849, 00000452.jpg)
171 KB Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:02 No.5660566  
Hey Zimmy.

Hopefully you are relevant this chapter.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:04 No.5660580
Okay, NOW the comics got some lesbians.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:07 No.5660596
God damn. Zimmy is a monster.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:07 No.5660597
     File :1220425651.jpg-(113 KB, 640x491, 1213579878222.jpg)
113 KB
sorry to be a complete tard but I DON'T KNOW WUT THIS IS. will some one please tell me

>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:07 No.5660601
Kat's face, Tom showing a Justice video.
I'm in heaven.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:07 No.5660602
Zimmy x Gamma OTP.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:08 No.5660605
She is the best.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:09 No.5660613
Gunnerkrigg Court.

/co/ talks about it at least three times every week, where have you been?

God damn it, Matt didn't jump off the building.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:09 No.5660614
He stereotypes lesbians by making them hideous, god bless you siddell
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:10 No.5660618

>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:11 No.5660627
I don't think so troll
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:11 No.5660630
     File :1220425910.jpg-(319 KB, 550x900, 1211679574548.jpg)
319 KB

>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:12 No.5660632
What are you talking about? Zimmy may be about to rip flesh from bone at any given moment, but Gamma is hot.

So is Janet.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:13 No.5660642
It will happen in due time.
In fact, he may be mauled by one of the monsters that stalk Zimmy.
Well, that's what I'm hoping for at least.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:13 No.5660645
     File :1220426004.jpg-(9 KB, 179x219, Zimmy what.jpg)
9 KB
>> How do I shot web Spider-Man 09/03/08(Wed)03:13 No.5660646
     File :1220426014.jpg-(47 KB, 800x742, Howdoishotweb.jpg)
47 KB
How did I?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:16 No.5660666
Did this thread just dwelve into wether or not Zimmy is an attractive little girl?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:17 No.5660675

I'm fucking lost. What lesbianism? where?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:17 No.5660676
Once again Matt is only opening his greasy fucking mouth to say things that people don't want him to say.

They should all just simultaneously murder him, Caesar style.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:18 No.5660678
I love the visual psychic link.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:18 No.5660680
     File :1220426330.jpg-(14 KB, 283x247, George web.jpg)
14 KB
You just go like this. Bam, web.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:19 No.5660681
Creepy monster girls? I'd hit it.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:19 No.5660685
id hit it
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:19 No.5660686
Does she...not have eyes?

What is she, some kind of zombie?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:19 No.5660687
     File :1220426388.jpg-(32 KB, 573x244, Zimmy & Gamma.jpg)
32 KB
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:20 No.5660689
She have them. You should read from the start
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:20 No.5660692
Her eyes are covered possibly with tar.
Seems like a Lovecraftian curse.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:22 No.5660694
Read the comic. The art of the first chapters is not as good as what we see now, but you will be entertained.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:22 No.5660696
     File :1220426525.jpg-(17 KB, 230x268, Zimmy smile.jpg)
17 KB
She's got eyes. They're just covered in swirling shadow stuff most of the time.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:22 No.5660698
Read the comic some time. Thank us later.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:22 No.5660705
Alright, I take it back. She looks pretty cute, there.

I'd sacrifice my flesh to her, if you know what I mean.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:24 No.5660717
Just don't think about getting a blowjob. That's a mauler smile.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:28 No.5660758
So with two more girls in the mix that's even more chances for Matt to be a failure.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:29 No.5660759
You are already a Green Lantern, an Agent of Shield and Samus Aran.
Damn it, George, is there any superhero you can't replace?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:29 No.5660760
So, I've seen this around /co/ a few times. I'm assuming it's worth reading?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:30 No.5660768
     File :1220427044.png-(43 KB, 138x182, I DARE YOU TO REPEAT THAT AGAI(...).png)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:30 No.5660771

I figured it wasn't the kind of webcomic I'd like, but then I started reading it from the beginning and I ended up liking it. I thought it was cute, and didn't take itself too seriously.
>> noko 09/03/08(Wed)03:31 No.5660777


Stop failing and read it.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:32 No.5660781
     File :1220427141.jpg-(37 KB, 188x274, george huh.jpg)
37 KB
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:34 No.5660802
I'm writing a Doctor Who/Gunnerkrigg fanfic.

The doctor visits the court and the first thing he finds is Boxbot. The first person he meets is Matt.

The Doctor immediately leaves and never comes back.

>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:35 No.5660811
You forgot the part where he says something witty about meeting two massive failures before he leaves.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:36 No.5660818

That's it? Just a brief cuddle and a pinky hold?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:39 No.5660848
Children read this comic.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:39 No.5660850
Why are all characters named Matt such dicks?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:40 No.5660859
And a kiss.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:41 No.5660871
That said, Zimmy x Gamma OTP.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:44 No.5660893
What would happen if Smith licked Zimmy's eyeball?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:45 No.5660899
     File :1220427910.jpg-(7 KB, 153x173, ;).jpg)
7 KB
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:46 No.5660906
It suddenly rains before he starts touching her
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:47 No.5660914
George would punch him.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:51 No.5660941
What the hell? Is that one of the commissioned drawings?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:53 No.5660956
Yes. The backstory that we invented for it is that the guy wanted a commission where he looked cool and impresses the girls, but in the actual drawing he looks like that and they aren't impressed.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:56 No.5660973
     File :1220428587.jpg-(122 KB, 871x609, 1220029637515.jpg)
122 KB
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:56 No.5660977
I found it by looking at this post :

This could have been really interesting, if it wasn't deleted. So I tried every filename mentionned for commissions, and the only one which worked was aaron.jpg.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:56 No.5660978
Aaaah. So that's how Tom draws pedos that are not stuffed with cotton.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:58 No.5660991
It's his mental image of the average /co/mrade.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)03:59 No.5660996
Woah, wait, I've forgotten. Who si Janet's dad? Is he the Headmaster or something?

Or was Matt just being a dick and insulting her dad by saying he's some kind of evil monster? God damn it I hate Matt.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:00 No.5661001
That's seeing the glass half full.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:01 No.5661005

Janet's father is the headmaster.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:01 No.5661007
Yes. Janet's father is the headmaster that looks very bored with everything.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:02 No.5661013
I remember this is the case, but I can't remember where it was said. Any help?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:02 No.5661015
     File :1220428945.jpg-(9 KB, 239x260, Headmaster Adam West.jpg)
9 KB
Yeah he's the Headmaster.

Or he's Adam West. You decide.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:03 No.5661025

Right here:
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:03 No.5661026
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:08 No.5661050
Ah, thanks. I liked the headmaster a lot, so hopefully Janet has a chance to do some similarly cool stuff this chapter.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:19 No.5661117
Annie hasn't said a single thing since they got there.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:19 No.5661118
     File :1220429999.jpg-(100 KB, 600x849, gunnerkrigg.jpg)
100 KB
I'm sorry /co/, but I just had to make Matt suffer
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:20 No.5661122
Maybe because she wasn't even invited.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:21 No.5661126
Willie takes Kat for a snitch
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:21 No.5661127
Zimmy's speech bubble color is different. It was purplish before. More importantly, why did I even notice that.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:23 No.5661142

you, sir, win it.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:26 No.5661169
Are you sure ? It's #E4D8F0 for both pages 197 and 452.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:27 No.5661175
     File :1220430458.jpg-(831 B, 200x200, Colors.jpg)
831 B
Here's what I get.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:29 No.5661188
Let's all email the author and ask about the significance of this.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:31 No.5661198
He says it's a conspiracy by the Joint Photographic Experts Group.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:31 No.5661199
Clone, robot, or long lost twin!
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:31 No.5661201
I think you just cropped near some jpg artefact. I've been careful and really got the same color.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:32 No.5661204
I don't know, I pulled purple off of multiple pages from both previous appearances.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:32 No.5661206
And fuck, that's why I told Tom to use png. I TOLD HIM.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:36 No.5661225
Aly's transgendered clone in disguise sent back in time to act as a spy.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:37 No.5661233
Well, yeah, I mean, it's pretty obvious. Given the color change, and all.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:37 No.5661235
So is Zimmy having another one of her fucked-up "episodes" like she did when the rainstorm blew in? We gonna see more of her eyes or why she's affected by stuff? I'm pretty sure Tom could give those two many, many chapters and we wouldn't get tired of them.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:38 No.5661241
>>So is Zimmy having another one of her fucked-up "episodes" like she did when the rainstorm blew in?

No, she's just pissed because that FUCKING DOOR is total BULLSHIT
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:39 No.5661248
And those jackass kids are on her roof. What the hell do they think they're doing up there.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:39 No.5661252
Bullshit. Why else would Zimmy and Gamma be the--

DRAWFAGS, ASSEMBLE! Show us what Zimmy and Gamma would be doing if no one was there!
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:43 No.5661281
Three more pages before we find out why the hell Zimmy is there.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:45 No.5661296
As long as those pages involve her ranting at them, it could be a dozen pages. If she already hates all the reasonable people, just think of how much she'll hate Matt.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:48 No.5661311
I don't think she hates anyone, really. She's just a very angry person.

Except she should hate Matt.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:50 No.5661325
Awww, I was hoping she was a zombie or one of the Blind Dead from Spain!
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:51 No.5661330
10 bucks says it's boxbots fault.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:53 No.5661347
Zimmy's theme increases the nightmare fuel of Gunnerkrigg by tenfold.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)04:54 No.5661354
Well at the very least she enjoys mocking the way people look.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:07 No.5661453
Nope. Zimmy and Gamma are a supernatural phenomenon never before experienced by the world. There are no truly apt analogies between this case and any other mythology.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:19 No.5661548
So on a more serious note, do you think they'll react like jerks to this interruption and Annie will have to pick a side?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:20 No.5661558
No. I think they'll be like "Holy shit, what the crap is going on?".

Explanations will ensue.
>> KaziĀ­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 09/03/08(Wed)05:20 No.5661559
Zimmy is awesome.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:23 No.5661576
     File :1220433804.jpg-(84 KB, 461x461, 2008-08-21_zimscrop.jpg)
84 KB
I just wanted to say FUCK YEAH ZIMMY.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:24 No.5661585
I see you decided to crop it.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:25 No.5661589
What are the chances that they'd wind up on the same roof? Gunnerkrig Court is freaking huge. Jack invited them.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:25 No.5661592
Indeed I did.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:26 No.5661598
It's the tallest building, and the only place you can see the powerhouse experiment from.

Obviously she's there for one of those two things.

>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:27 No.5661601
And they're a different house.

Man and I don't have robothouse.jpg handy.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:27 No.5661602
Matt invited her, just so she'd ruin everything
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:28 No.5661608
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:29 No.5661610
What's the entire picture, for me slowpoke ?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:30 No.5661617
I guess it's got a more consistent level of detail that way, but I still like the full one.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:32 No.5661628
Don't worry. Everything is better with more Zimmy. Matt's vile plan is a failure.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:32 No.5661629
     File :1220434353.jpg-(134 KB, 525x700, zimmy.jpg)
134 KB
posting full pic
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:36 No.5661665
I really hope we learn more about Zimmy and Gamma. I really hope chapter 11 wasn't meant to be the chapter that explains them.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:42 No.5661702
This one probably won't explain it all either, maybe we can find out what the circle on her shirt is about. I secretly hoped they would return during this one since it's been longer than the difference between the previous two appearances.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:43 No.5661714
I don't know how much this chapter will explain, but there's definitely a lot more that will be said about them at some point. I'm pretty sure the creator said as much.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:43 No.5661715
I think the circle on her shirt is from where she pulled off a house symbol.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:44 No.5661721
It's on her hobo shirt too.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:50 No.5661733
     File :1220435403.jpg-(7 KB, 327x357, justice logo.jpg)
7 KB
I like Tom's choice of theme music for Zimmy.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)05:57 No.5661768
I should have checked how many views it had originally, since I looked at it right after the update.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)07:17 No.5662230

And Matt defends her, yet he is the villain.
>> Kosh 09/03/08(Wed)07:20 No.5662249

Justice? Where'd you read that?
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)07:37 No.5662350
tom's comment on today's page.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)07:43 No.5662395
William is a gentle lover, and everyone's friend, so he can tease his friends a little.

Matt wasn't defending Kat, he was just using that as a segway to be an asshole to Janet, although she basically ignored it. Matt is probably only there because John lost a bet and had to take him, anyway.
>> Anonymous 09/03/08(Wed)07:43 No.5662396
So is Tom gonna give theme songs to the rest of the cast?