File :1219846440.jpg-(14 KB, 625x790, huh.jpg)
14 KB Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:14 No.5556753  
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:14 No.5556756
Somebody go kick the antenna.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:14 No.5556757
Are you just trying to prove that you can make the comic worse, or what?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:16 No.5556767
It's like some sort of clue in an ARG.
>> Whatever !JVlQDSzl.s 08/27/08(Wed)10:17 No.5556780
It's like I'm really on acid!
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:20 No.5556796
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:25 No.5556822
/co/ doesn't get funny, they live in a CAVE
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:26 No.5556835
well, that's another version of the truth.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:27 No.5556841

I see what you did there.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:30 No.5556868
best thing /v/ has ever done
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)10:41 No.5556947
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:32 No.5557426
     File :1219851162.jpg-(41 KB, 322x240, trippinballz.jpg)
41 KB
Jesus, I'm high as shit right now and this still doesn't make any sense.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:40 No.5557495
I don't think you can afford acid, enjoy your sugar rush
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:42 No.5557518

acid is like...eight bucks
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:45 No.5557541
looks like my NES won't start right again
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:46 No.5557551
FUCK Itachi used Mangekyou Sharingan again, didn't he?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:47 No.5557555

You've not done acid, ever, have you?

It's cheap as fuck.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:47 No.5557559
Missingno. much?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:49 No.5557578
RAM check - Pass
ROM check - FAIL
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:50 No.5557591
this is seriously one of the coolest things ever to me
how does one generate jpeg artifacts like that?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)14:03 No.5558860
I spotted lakutu
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)14:11 No.5558958
No, if he wanted to make the comic worse he would turn to you for help.