File :1219820568.jpg-(156 KB, 600x849, 00000449.jpg)
156 KB Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:02 No.5553422  
So they have names now. And that other kid is totally there for the black chick.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:03 No.5553437
Jack's pretty hot.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:04 No.5553442
Matt looks like a faggot and Jack will be the fucking badass in disguise.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 08/27/08(Wed)03:05 No.5553458
I wonder what it is.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:05 No.5553462
I don't really care.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:05 No.5553473
Lots of blushing happening there.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:06 No.5553475
The power station, obviously
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:06 No.5553478
This chapter is really reminding me of STALKER. I guess I'm just a faggot
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:06 No.5553487
Maybe that energy tentacle radio tower that was on the chapter page.
>> Anon from Bunker-00048 !!48S7puwhofw 08/27/08(Wed)03:07 No.5553498
guess they all got bad grades on their midterms and are going to jump from the room in style
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:09 No.5553524
Nobody wants to die a virgin, so lets hope these next few pages are kinky!
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:09 No.5553535
I'm noticing this now, they are all looking a lot taller.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:10 No.5553544
I love Janet's face, like she wants sex now or something
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:11 No.5553559
Janet and Will are not virgins.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:12 No.5553570
>> Classhole !vjX/b/51.s 08/27/08(Wed)03:13 No.5553581
Suicide Club style.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:13 No.5553586
Janet slimmed the fuck down didn't she. Hot damn.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:16 No.5553618
So are any of these characters new to this chapter? Obviously they aren't all, but a few of them I kind of vaguely remember seeing before but can't be arsed to go through the archive to find 'em again.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:16 No.5553626

Proof or lies.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:17 No.5553635
I think it's more like her face isn't as round.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 08/27/08(Wed)03:17 No.5553638
Margot, Janet and the blonde kid we've seen before.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:17 No.5553645
Which one's Janet?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:18 No.5553665
     File :1219821516.jpg-(175 KB, 600x854, 00000085.jpg)
175 KB
The new kids are Matt and Jack. The others can be seen here. John has also been in the background in some of the classroom panels.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:19 No.5553670
     File :1219821546.jpg-(9 KB, 171x190, Janet.jpg)
9 KB
This one.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:20 No.5553687
     File :1219821607.jpg-(29 KB, 265x400, Underwha.jpg)
29 KB
>Jack will be the fucking badass in disguise.
I don't do undercover anymore. Undercover only means you don't have a weapon when the shit hits the fan. And it will.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:25 No.5553748
But you don't need a weapon. Just your Swiss Army knife and some duct tape and whatever happens to be around.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:27 No.5553765
Matt seems to be a bit of a dickhead
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:27 No.5553772
I love you, /co/.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:28 No.5553781
He's trying to cock block his friend.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:28 No.5553787
     File :1219822098.jpg-(13 KB, 200x400, 200px-02matt4.jpg)
13 KB

oh hay
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:31 No.5553827
     File :1219822302.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 11 KB, 262x179, destroyer of worlds.jpg)
Spoiler Image, 11 KB
This is what Jack has found for them
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:35 No.5553862
     File :1219822519.jpg-(10 KB, 250x307, 250px-Jack_O'Neill.jpg)
10 KB
Damn it, Matt. You... you are not a happy camper. You are an asshole.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:36 No.5553880
So which girl is Matt going to attempt to go after.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:37 No.5553897

Maybe they'll throw him off the roof or something.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:38 No.5553910
I hope its Annie. She'll utterly ruin him, while Kat might be gullible enough to fall for his asshole charms
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:39 No.5553919
Three years from now Reynardine will take over the body of one of these boys.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:43 No.5553960
No, man. Kat doesn't like jerks, she likes badasses. Jack O'neill is more her type.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:45 No.5553986
Maybe they can both ruin him. He could try Annie first, then when that fails, go for Kat. But she knows she's his second choice. Then he double fails.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:51 No.5554080
You know one of those characters you hate as soon as they open their mouths? Matt appears to be one of those characters.

It might just be his daft hair though
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:53 No.5554100
No, I'm very sure it is everything about him.

It is like an asshole made out of smaller assholes.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:54 No.5554113
I imagine him having a Welsh accent for some reason
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)03:56 No.5554146
     File :1219823789.jpg-(38 KB, 704x480, Trowa_GW10.jpg)
38 KB
>It might just be his daft hair though

What do you mean.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)04:42 No.5554656
Am I the only one who thinks Winsbury is looking kind of cool and not like a complete douche bag here.
>> KaziĀ­klu !!VD3V8DlIOGp 08/27/08(Wed)04:46 No.5554708
I find this page very cute. The whole weirdness of those first boy/girl contacts is well expressed here.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)05:10 No.5554952
The power of color schemes... Janet looks like Daphne. And isn't doing a bad job at it either.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)05:18 No.5555021
Funny thing, in 6th grade I was in New zealand for 6 months because my dad was filming a movie there.

Adult swim's commercial for gundam was a montage of this guy set to linkin park's crawling. I assumed linkin park's lead singer looked like that. That hair-cut
helps me identify linkin pakr fans to this day
>> Kosh 08/27/08(Wed)05:22 No.5555053
>helps me identify linkin pakr fans

And thus the horrible thirst for the thrill of the hunt, and the sensation of angst-ridden blood splashing down your gullet was born, forcing you to live a horrific double-life as both man and monster?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)05:27 No.5555102
For me, Alistair was a jerk. You know, the "cool guy" you hate in high school.
I think Kat only judge boys by appearances, but we can't blame her.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)05:47 No.5555259
If none of the boys have feathers with them they won't be getting ANYWHERE with Kat
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:14 No.5555636
I keep getting vibes that Jack is gonna die.

Also, Matt is a piece of shit.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:16 No.5555648
Fuck you, Matt. You and your douchebag hairdo.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:18 No.5555650
Matt is now the second most hated character in Gunnerkrigg, except for Boxbot
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:21 No.5555669
I'm calling it now, Matt will get with Kat, and THEN the real hate will be had.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:26 No.5555696
Sadly this is probably whats gonna happen
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:35 No.5555747
I have hope. Hope that she'll find interest in Jack.

Jeez, I feel like watching the bold and the beautiful.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:40 No.5555775
Welcome to Gunnerkrigg Court discussion, where we speculate about the social lives of twelve year old girls! Please hand in your balls at the entrance, and remember to keep the coupon!
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:45 No.5555797
I think Matt's cool.

I don't know why you guys love simpering useless boys.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:46 No.5555798

And that is worse than trying to make sense of evolution in X-Men... how?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:46 No.5555799
So Gunnerkrigg is the new BLSM?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:50 No.5555819
I didn't say it was!
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:54 No.5555845
lookin kinda kim possible thar Janet
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:55 No.5555847
/co/ we all know it will end with lesbians.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)07:56 No.5555854
Matt looks like he owns a 'born to heckle' t-shirt. What a dick.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:02 No.5555883
nope. It never will
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:04 No.5555895
So, based on their 5 second appearance so far, /co/ hates Matt and likes Jack?
I'm cool with that.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:05 No.5555899
I bet the Court has a store somewhere that sells those, along with the current expression shirt, and the coats and hats.

Damn it, I wish Tom would start selling merchandise. It's obvious, but I want a Reynardine plushie.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:07 No.5555912
>based on their 5 second appearance
Isn't this how people are always judged, even outside of comics?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:11 No.5555929
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:17 No.5555961
Matt was here, John is a loser.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:23 No.5556005
     File :1219839823.jpg-(14 KB, 212x261, parley_jerk.jpg)
14 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:27 No.5556033
     File :1219840045.jpg-(15 KB, 458x397, gary16.jpg)
15 KB
Can't unsee
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:28 No.5556047

Now no matter what, I'll permanently HATE HIM TO DEATH
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:30 No.5556053
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)08:54 No.5556199
     File :1219841643.jpg-(20 KB, 320x240, what.jpg)
20 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:05 No.5556260
     File :1219842332.jpg-(101 KB, 288x254, fucking matt.jpg)
101 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:07 No.5556269
     File :1219842429.jpg-(86 KB, 500x376, fucking matt.jpg)
86 KB
>fucking matt.jpg
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:08 No.5556281
     File :1219842518.jpg-(43 KB, 288x254, awesomenowromeo.jpg)
43 KB
>> Dr. Monkey 08/27/08(Wed)09:09 No.5556284
You make me angry.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:10 No.5556290
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:10 No.5556291
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:12 No.5556308
     File :1219842778.png-(413 KB, 517x378, 1209244307359.png)
413 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:18 No.5556347
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:23 No.5556382
Matt hits on Kat
Annie judo-owns him
Matt seduces Annie
Reynardine bites his nads off
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:24 No.5556392
Best end
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:25 No.5556398
/r/ 34 on Winsbury and Janet
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:27 No.5556401
He is in all of two panels and he is already more widely disliked than boxbot.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:29 No.5556417
Boxbot is SUPPOSED to be disliked. So hating him is a GOOD thing.

Matt is just a douchebag...probably
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:30 No.5556426
There isn't even any for far more popular characters, I think it's gonna be a long while before we get Winsbury & Janet.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:31 No.5556437
There's a pic of Annie fucking Reynardine.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:33 No.5556454
And that's pretty much all there is, isn't it?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:34 No.5556469
well...yeah. All the more reason to /r/ it, right? Drawfags? Anyone? ...please? I need this.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:36 No.5556478
No. Gunnerkrigg is FAR too nice for porn.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:37 No.5556496

Dunno, I could use some bad karma points.
>> Dr Sivana !JfQ1ar42EA 08/27/08(Wed)09:40 No.5556531
John? More like Ethan.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:43 No.5556546
If it was ethan he would have inexplicably knocked up the entire female cast through acting like a thoughtless buffoon.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:43 No.5556551
I have a riddle for you:
How does a faggot become more of a faggot?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:44 No.5556553
By reading GC.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:44 No.5556556

By wearing pink shirts collar up and getting a tan?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:45 No.5556560
when he is a double faggot
>> Not Wyatt 08/27/08(Wed)09:47 No.5556569
     File :1219844849.png-(98 KB, 268x263, Picture 2.png)
98 KB
So, where's Irma, Cornelia and Hay Lin?
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:51 No.5556597
     File :1219845084.png-(108 KB, 279x306, df.png)
108 KB
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:52 No.5556609
Cornelia is right there you dumbo.
>> Not Wyatt 08/27/08(Wed)09:53 No.5556614
I am ashamed
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)09:53 No.5556617
in b4 "Why Not Whore Ourselves?"
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:45 No.5557545
Matt/Boxbot OTP
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:47 No.5557558
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:49 No.5557577
mouth are overrated. Cool kids now speak with their hair, hat, neck and armit.
>> Anonymous 08/27/08(Wed)11:55 No.5557631
Which house was it that everyone who was something else before goes into? Like the one the suicide fairies went to... they said everyone in their house was something else: The girls were mostly fairies, and the boys were all sorts of things. Was it QS?