File :1211468239.jpg-(23 KB, 500x480, Zuko.jpg)
23 KB Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:57 No.4214778  
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:57 No.4214781
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:57 No.4214784
     File :1211468259.jpg-(60 KB, 720x480, 056.jpg)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:57 No.4214785
     File :1211468275.jpg-(64 KB, 720x480, 096.jpg)
64 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:58 No.4214790
     File :1211468291.jpg-(50 KB, 720x480, 187.jpg)
50 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:58 No.4214795
     File :1211468310.jpg-(46 KB, 720x480, 256.jpg)
46 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:58 No.4214798
     File :1211468329.jpg-(49 KB, 720x480, 257.jpg)
49 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:58 No.4214799
The Gaang hated Zuko.

Hated him bald.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:59 No.4214800
     File :1211468352.jpg-(38 KB, 720x480, 283.jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:59 No.4214804
Avatar Arcade
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:59 No.4214806
     File :1211468374.jpg-(67 KB, 720x480, 307.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:59 No.4214807
But then how did he have that little bit of hair in back?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)10:59 No.4214810
     File :1211468392.jpg-(199 KB, 720x480, 339.jpg)
199 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:00 No.4214815
     File :1211468410.jpg-(35 KB, 720x480, 390.jpg)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:00 No.4214817
     File :1211468411.jpg-(33 KB, 480x480, tylee.jpg)
33 KB
>> Sabrina's Hopeless Fanboy !!+IUn33Ru+01 05/22/08(Thu)11:00 No.4214820
Why so serious?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:00 No.4214822
     File :1211468431.jpg-(44 KB, 720x480, 515.jpg)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:00 No.4214824
     File :1211468449.jpg-(43 KB, 720x480, 544.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:01 No.4214827
     File :1211468471.jpg-(43 KB, 720x480, 677.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:01 No.4214833
     File :1211468491.jpg-(62 KB, 720x480, 680.jpg)
62 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:01 No.4214835
     File :1211468507.jpg-(45 KB, 720x480, 710.jpg)
45 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:02 No.4214839
     File :1211468526.jpg-(43 KB, 720x480, 744.jpg)
43 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:02 No.4214841
     File :1211468541.jpg-(60 KB, 720x480, 852.jpg)
60 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:02 No.4214842
     File :1211468557.jpg-(56 KB, 720x480, 907.jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:03 No.4214847
He's much creepier when he's smiling.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:03 No.4214851
>But then how did he have that little bit of hair in back?

Aang didn't totally hate him.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:04 No.4214856
     File :1211468651.jpg-(34 KB, 720x480, 232.jpg)
34 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:06 No.4214877
     File :1211468805.jpg-(64 KB, 720x480, 681.jpg)
64 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:07 No.4214880
     File :1211468834.jpg-(52 KB, 720x480, 682.jpg)
52 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:07 No.4214886
     File :1211468877.jpg-(47 KB, 720x480, 268.jpg)
47 KB
>> Evil Lord Proteus !Pf61BYvMqU 05/22/08(Thu)11:08 No.4214891
Generic Emo character.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:11 No.4214910
     File :1211469060.jpg-(70 KB, 720x480, 107.jpg)
70 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:17 No.4214961

you sure have a lot of avatar screencaps
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:19 No.4214980
from avatarspirit, I was just too lazy to rename the files.

I only now noticed their screenshots were searchable. For kicks I tried a search for "Zuko" and "angry"

140 results
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:20 No.4214988
     File :1211469638.jpg-(78 KB, 700x529, Avatar__Zuko_Quickie_by_Aleana.jpg)
78 KB
What's going on in here?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:22 No.4215004
I tried 'weeaboo crap'. 905 results.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:24 No.4215025
     File :1211469847.jpg-(191 KB, 706x485, ZUKO_by_AiweAlako.jpg)
191 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:36 No.4215151
     File :1211470565.jpg-(255 KB, 600x900, Azula__Hotty_Hot_Hot___by_Ninj(...).jpg)
255 KB
Fuck Zuko, Azula is where is at.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:37 No.4215165
We have a winna
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:42 No.4215238
     File :1211470956.jpg-(58 KB, 720x480, 146.jpg)
58 KB
>> W.I.T.C.H. Fag !BQ3sED2yVs 05/22/08(Thu)11:43 No.4215249
Pooped 'em.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)11:46 No.4215282
That's a pretty sharp outfit, Azula

Better be careful...
>> W.I.T.C.H. Fag !BQ3sED2yVs 05/22/08(Thu)11:50 No.4215316
Might get raped?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:24 No.4216126

Ah, mango juice!
>> /a/mbassador /co/mrade 05/22/08(Thu)13:26 No.4216142
Good lord, he really is never happy.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:27 No.4216163
He's happier when sokka is around
>> Boph-Anon 05/22/08(Thu)13:28 No.4216172
I want to see Zuko shoot lightning while wearing that hat.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:28 No.4216173
wait for it...
>> Boph-Anon 05/22/08(Thu)13:28 No.4216181
Everyone has some good in them.
>> Dr. Penguin !KV4CgQB7cs 05/22/08(Thu)13:28 No.4216182
     File :1211477339.jpg-(52 KB, 720x480, 011.jpg)
52 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:29 No.4216189
Who wouldn't?
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:29 No.4216192
For some reason, when I see all these angry Zuko shots together all I can think of is the Benny Hill theme.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:29 No.4216193
     File :1211477394.jpg-(4 KB, 180x101, lolwut.jpg)
4 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:30 No.4216203
Zuko needs to take hair styling lessons from Dr. blight to cover up that hideous scar.
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:31 No.4216211
Thank you for killing the word "emo" even more. Wanna call him a Mary Sue while you're at it?

lol emo = character I don't like!
>> /a/mbassador /co/mrade 05/22/08(Thu)13:33 No.4216237
The thing is, he IS emo and the writers know it. Hence "I'm never happy!"
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:41 No.4216306
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:44 No.4216325
     File :1211478259.png-(177 KB, 975x929, ZucestRorB.png)
177 KB
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:54 No.4216404
     File :1211478881.jpg-(13 KB, 276x385, For zuko.jpg)
13 KB
Hey zuko I got you a present!
>> Anonymous 05/22/08(Thu)13:59 No.4216441
     File :1211479178.jpg-(61 KB, 750x600, poster49961221.jpg)
61 KB