File: 1335896680.jpg-(68 KB, 884x920, 1285741375402.jpg)
68 KB Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:24 No.36336314  
What happens if I story time this?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:25 No.36336331
     File: 1335896746.jpg-(186 KB, 700x1044, 1332833447060.jpg)
186 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:26 No.36336342
     File: 1335896787.jpg-(225 KB, 700x1044, 1332833604257.jpg)
225 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:28 No.36336374
     File: 1335896896.jpg-(191 KB, 700x1044, 1332833763736.jpg)
191 KB
perfect time for my internet to be really slow...
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:28 No.36336380
     File: 1335896927.jpg-(201 KB, 700x1045, 1332833828466.jpg)
201 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:28 No.36336381
Judging from the first pic there, I have a nice, illicit blue-board wank to look forward to.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:29 No.36336387
what happens?
I'll ask if it was even finished past what looked like the draft stage and when chapter 2 is coming out.

that's what I know will happen, whatever else happens is for whoever else to decide.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:30 No.36336412
     File: 1335897017.jpg-(191 KB, 700x1044, 1332833914275.jpg)
191 KB
probably not as much as you would think

>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:31 No.36336427
     File: 1335897069.jpg-(214 KB, 700x1044, 1332834002951.jpg)
214 KB
all good questions, I think someone's working on a different take.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:31 No.36336434
     File: 1335897103.jpg-(240 KB, 700x1044, 1332834125643.jpg)
240 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:32 No.36336449
     File: 1335897157.jpg-(229 KB, 700x1044, 1332834217143.jpg)
229 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:33 No.36336464
     File: 1335897203.jpg-(228 KB, 700x1044, 1332834257057.jpg)
228 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:35 No.36336496
     File: 1335897305.jpg-(212 KB, 700x1044, 1332834338025.jpg)
212 KB
>> Endpiece 05/01/12(Tue)14:35 No.36336503
Have you ever had that strange feeling in your gut when someone brings up a project you made months or years ago? It's like, "hey I remember that" followed by "oh fuck look at all these things I need to fix, Christ" followed by "who am I kidding, I'm never going to fix/finish this".


There's only one chapter and it's storyboards. I would like to see other people make /co/nrad-based comics though.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:35 No.36336505
     File: 1335897322.jpg-(198 KB, 600x800, bwg 1331085055002 collete.jpg)
198 KB

also, GIANT ROBOT HANDS will happen.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:36 No.36336528
     File: 1335897377.jpg-(231 KB, 700x1044, 1332834399495.jpg)
231 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:36 No.36336538
     File: 1335897406.gif-(1.19 MB, 170x127, 1330679335800.gif)
1.19 MB
You wrote this OP?

Good Shit
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:38 No.36336578
more than a few would like to see it finished or continued.

I've seen some other comics and know a few more are planned by someone.
>I think this /co/ comic is actually happening. Brace yourselves.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:38 No.36336586
     File: 1335897533.jpg-(234 KB, 700x1044, 1332834436228.jpg)
234 KB
Actually, that would be this fella who just popped up in the thread.
Man, I do love your stuff. Been thinkin bout doing a /co/lette comic recently, and remembered this established bit of fun. I'd be going a pretty different direction though.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:39 No.36336601
     File: 1335897580.jpg-(217 KB, 700x1044, 1332834596219.jpg)
217 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:40 No.36336618
     File: 1335897613.jpg-(229 KB, 700x1044, 1332834692298.jpg)
229 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:41 No.36336642
     File: 1335897669.jpg-(204 KB, 700x1044, 1332834829264.jpg)
204 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:41 No.36336653
     File: 1335897705.jpg-(241 KB, 700x1044, 1332834932574.jpg)
241 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:42 No.36336673
     File: 1335897744.jpg-(486 KB, 859x1100, 1326140796793.jpg)
486 KB
I always thought there were at least two /co/lettes, one was /ck/ when she was in her late teens/early 20s (before opening up a dinner and marrying /co/nrad), and another one that I don't really know the back story of.

it's like how there's multiple Robins.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:42 No.36336674
Don't want to seem intrusive, but I thought you'd left the internet, or stopped drawing or some such?

Granted I really liked your work so if you are starting to draw for the internet again then I'd consider that to be good news.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:42 No.36336675
     File: 1335897747.jpg-(229 KB, 700x1044, 1332834999419.jpg)
229 KB
>> helpful comrade 05/01/12(Tue)14:42 No.36336679
I know that feeling very well. Kinda nice in a nostalgic way.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:43 No.36336704
     File: 1335897816.jpg-(224 KB, 700x1044, 1332835053522.jpg)
224 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:44 No.36336719
     File: 1335897853.jpg-(211 KB, 700x1044, 1332835118304.jpg)
211 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:45 No.36336740
     File: 1335897907.jpg-(206 KB, 700x1044, 1332835187636.jpg)
206 KB
Now that I think on it, this could probably fit in Pulp
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:45 No.36336757
     File: 1335897947.jpg-(220 KB, 700x1044, 1332835299607.jpg)
220 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:46 No.36336770
     File: 1335897983.jpg-(221 KB, 700x1044, 1332835385595.jpg)
221 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:46 No.36336778
     File: 1335898017.jpg-(218 KB, 700x1044, 1332835438572.jpg)
218 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:47 No.36336805
     File: 1335898072.jpg-(188 KB, 700x1044, 1332835536827.jpg)
188 KB

Dun duun duuuunnn.

So who is this kid anyway?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:48 No.36336822
     File: 1335898113.jpg-(226 KB, 825x883, colletteref1.jpg)
226 KB
There never was any kind of "official" backstory for /Co/lette. She was a product of a /co/ thread putting together a frankenstein's monster of traits that they found attractive in /co/-related female characters.
She doesn't belong to anybody, so nobody can really say what's "canon" and what's not. Sometimes communal characters like this can get an "official" story by consensus, but I think that sort of consensus would be impossible to ever achieve on 4chan.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:49 No.36336838
     File: 1335898159.jpg-(399 KB, 1700x3000, 1285741604097.jpg)
399 KB
proceeding with other arts
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:49 No.36336850
     File: 1335898192.jpg-(286 KB, 613x818, 1206658662775.jpg)
286 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:50 No.36336863
     File: 1335898229.png-(65 KB, 500x500, 1285741592246.png)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:51 No.36336887
That feel when you commissioned an artist to draw a fetish fuel picture of /Co/lette, only for his paypal account to get frozen and terminated due to "suspicious activity" right after. And so both the artist and you are screwed out of the money, meaning you can expect to never see it happen...
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:51 No.36336888
     File: 1335898293.jpg-(215 KB, 1100x850, 1293679003069.jpg)
215 KB
king cheetah
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:52 No.36336920
     File: 1335898373.jpg-(48 KB, 646x768, 1292915768879.jpg)
48 KB
what was the pic?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:53 No.36336951
     File: 1335898428.jpg-(396 KB, 1138x604, nerds.jpg)
396 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:54 No.36336973
     File: 1335898481.jpg-(253 KB, 600x900, IMG_0073.jpg)
253 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:55 No.36336995
     File: 1335898538.png-(1 MB, 1200x1680, IMG_0074.png)
1 MB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:55 No.36336998
     File: 1335898545.jpg-(222 KB, 703x510, 1327902397670.jpg)
222 KB
so many /co/ creation superheroes and other characters to pull from.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:56 No.36337025
     File: 1335898606.png-(104 KB, 1012x1242, 1206632176856.png)
104 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:57 No.36337048
     File: 1335898678.jpg-(1.14 MB, 1225x1887, 1293762056476.jpg)
1.14 MB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)14:59 No.36337086
     File: 1335898757.jpg-(150 KB, 709x752, 1285776361556.jpg)
150 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:00 No.36337113
     File: 1335898808.jpg-(145 KB, 450x1007, 1285741121568.jpg)
145 KB
one more for the road
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:01 No.36337132
Not really explicit, but a hypnofetishy thing involving /Co/lette and the female version of the /Co/llector.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:02 No.36337165
     File: 1335898967.jpg-(54 KB, 800x800, 1316220327348.jpg)
54 KB
You mean this lady?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:04 No.36337202
     File: 1335899052.png-(41 KB, 1120x600, codirectcont.png)
41 KB
>> Endpiece 05/01/12(Tue)15:04 No.36337204
>So who is this kid anyway?

The comic's version of /m/.


Also featured - /an/, /ic/, /cg/, /v/
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:07 No.36337281
     File: 1335899267.png-(729 KB, 3515x2803, 1308879615156.png)
729 KB
ah, cool. Always liked how this comic had 4chan as the cast.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:08 No.36337300
     File: 1335899320.png-(163 KB, 1000x400, co and colette 10 years later.png)
163 KB
there's a few comics made giving her some backstory.

Varies each time, only consistent thing is that she's a nerd.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:13 No.36337392
     File: 1335899591.jpg-(266 KB, 1136x960, 1221712439793.jpg)
266 KB
surprisingly little porn...
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:15 No.36337449
     File: 1335899732.jpg-(1.13 MB, 1735x1514, d and colette.jpg)
1.13 MB
wouldn't be able to post it on /co/ anyway.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:19 No.36337544
Who did that comic? Endpiece?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:19 No.36337555
if you can describe it, and it's not too graphic, I might be able to draw it up for ya a little later.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:22 No.36337615
     File: 1335900150.jpg-(18 KB, 385x488, 129877007216950.jpg)
18 KB
thank you for starting this thread.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:30 No.36337874
It wasn't anything major, it was based around the image in >>36337202 and funny thing is it was kind of a misunderstanding on my part of what the picture was supposed to be. I figured that the card in that picture was supposed to like one of the Mad Hatter's cards from Batman with the mind control circuitry and such.
So the concept was /Co/llector having just placed such a card behind /Co/lette's ear. I don't remember the exact pose I was suggesting, but the idea was to get the "under control" or "lights on, no one home" idea across. I think I hadn't quite decided whether I would rather have her with the bolt upright, standing at attention and staring blankly kind of entranced, or slumped backwards with /Co/llector sort of holding her up a little. I did have the idea that /Co/llector would have one hand to the side of /Co/lette's face, caressing her cheek or maybe doing the supporting her thing. Just for puns sake, the words "Assuming Direct /Co/ntrol" could be worked in as a title or image name somewhere.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:43 No.36338246
     File: 1335901426.jpg-(283 KB, 692x1000, co classy.jpg)
283 KB
for anyone not already aware, there is a whole site dedicated to this kind of stuff.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:44 No.36338277
That's none too bad. I might be able to swing one by, after work.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)15:45 No.36338286
     File: 1335901505.png-(406 KB, 1120x600, 128376696763.png)
406 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)16:18 No.36339359
     File: 1335903537.png-(210 KB, 550x900, 1331092796077.png)
210 KB
I'd like to see more comics about these characters.

Not just /co/nrad and /co/lette, but new comics featuring the other board-tans as well.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)16:21 No.36339444

Anyone except the /mlp/-tan.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)16:25 No.36339574
     File: 1335903954.png-(1.29 MB, 1024x764, 1335418010939.png)
1.29 MB
I want to see the fic of her being raped by /d/ drawn though.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)16:30 No.36339703
     File: 1335904215.jpg-(281 KB, 600x600, 1285741620855.jpg)
281 KB
Ya know, I don't have nearly as much /co/nrad art as I do /co/lette stuff.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)16:53 No.36340398
     File: 1335905586.jpg-(392 KB, 541x660, u s c.jpg)
392 KB
you know, I think this is the only one of /s/ I've seen.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)17:18 No.36341167
     File: 1335907081.png-(45 KB, 450x281, 133202884685.png)
45 KB
there's a lot of it out there though.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)19:38 No.36345064
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)19:54 No.36345460
     File: 1335916467.png-(74 KB, 641x1989, s helps a.png)
74 KB
People tend to draw boards they interact with more.
>> animoose 05/01/12(Tue)20:34 No.36346719
     File: 1335918892.jpg-(206 KB, 796x1545, 130882456393.jpg)
206 KB
I always liked Endpiece's version of /co/lette best. Here's another doodle I did of her previously.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)20:36 No.36346774
Amen to that.
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:44 No.36347004
     File: 1335919481.jpg-(44 KB, 505x852, 12064560353.jpg)
44 KB
Don't know if thread is still alive or not
But here comes some more /co/lette and /co/nrad stuff
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:45 No.36347027
     File: 1335919520.jpg-(261 KB, 578x792, 120645522977.jpg)
261 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:46 No.36347045
     File: 1335919570.jpg-(155 KB, 1000x1000, 120741714380.jpg)
155 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:47 No.36347078
     File: 1335919629.jpg-(126 KB, 408x1050, 120646566577.jpg)
126 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:47 No.36347100
     File: 1335919674.png-(39 KB, 638x793, 120686311732.png)
39 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:48 No.36347118
     File: 1335919718.png-(56 KB, 967x842, 122239695434.png)
56 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:49 No.36347141
     File: 1335919756.png-(31 KB, 715x705, 122239699273.png)
31 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)20:49 No.36347162
     File: 1335919786.jpg-(830 KB, 824x1159, 1285740728789.jpg)
830 KB
bring it on
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:49 No.36347165
     File: 1335919790.png-(83 KB, 967x842, 122239708480.png)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)20:50 No.36347190
>/co/ has comics
>/v/ couldn't even finish broquest, or the board-tan fighting game
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:50 No.36347196
     File: 1335919844.png-(35 KB, 448x459, 122239709853.png)
35 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)20:50 No.36347200
     File: 1335919845.jpg-(155 KB, 600x910, 1293749934543.jpg)
155 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)20:51 No.36347232
     File: 1335919903.png-(331 KB, 1052x891, 1292909814246.png)
331 KB
Yes, that just happen
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)20:51 No.36347233
     File: 1335919908.jpg-(105 KB, 1153x1059, 128591980362.jpg)
105 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)20:52 No.36347263
     File: 1335919966.jpg-(382 KB, 1122x734, changing.jpg)
382 KB
>> Endpiece 05/01/12(Tue)20:59 No.36347510

How far along is BroQuest, anyway?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:00 No.36347530
     File: 1335920409.jpg-(116 KB, 1271x850, tg and dates.jpg)
116 KB
I just realized that one of these girls is /s/
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:05 No.36347698
>comic's version of /m/
Is there any more of this character?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:05 No.36347705
well it is a video game
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:06 No.36347740
     File: 1335920789.jpg-(192 KB, 580x800, 1285814737038.jpg)
192 KB
Last I checked on their blog, they were enlisting more help.

For my own two cents, I love @$$'s take a whole heck of a lot.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:10 No.36347874
     File: 1335921011.jpg-(103 KB, 1200x700, 132288509711.jpg)
103 KB
I'd like to see a comic of An/diy/ trying to help /co/nrad build something.

Like a shelf and it turns into something completely different, like a hang glider or automatic pie throwing machine.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:10 No.36347877
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:10 No.36347889
Wonderful stuff. Engaging characters. Leaves me yearning for more.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:15 No.36348055
The problem with that character is that it is what /m/ wants to be, as apposed to what /m/ is.
>>36336805 feels a bit more accurate, as /m/ seems to be unsure of himself, which not only is more accurate, but also makes for a far more interesting character.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:15 No.36348067
     File: 1335921329.jpg-(341 KB, 1170x748, 1278811136318.jpg)
341 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:21 No.36348260
>The problem with that character is that it is what /m/ wants to be, as apposed to what /m/ is.

Aren't most of the board-tans prone to that, being the result of design-by-committee (mostly /co/ deciding what traits a board should have)?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:25 No.36348363
True, but honestly the musclebound version of /m/ doesn't feel all that interesting.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:26 No.36348392
That, and with this version, we can have /co/m/ss/.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:32 No.36348570
I believe many boards do not really like their board-tans.
Though many of them don't really give a crap about the project.

/x/ didn't like the idea of theirs being a half naked basement dweller.

/tg/ didn't like how overweight theirs was at fist, so now he looks anorexic.

/co/'s turned from the guy wearing the green lantern jacket to /co/nrad full time.

I wish I could've saved some of the pics from the shit storm on /v/ when /vg/ was made.

It was fun watching /mlp/ argue for 2 weeks over what theirs should look like though.

I don't really think too many give enough fucks to try and change them.
I know /u/ did, and that's how it got lesbian twins.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:43 No.36348900
But if it's mainly /co/ who is working with the characters, shouldn't the final decision lie with who are actually going to make stories with these characters?
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:44 No.36348917
     File: 1335923071.jpg-(98 KB, 447x463, 1285749250716.jpg)
98 KB
More adventures in general would be nice
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)21:45 No.36348952
     File: 1335923122.jpg-(454 KB, 900x900, 1285740342522.jpg)
454 KB
Ok time to pic bump somemore
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:46 No.36348993
     File: 1335923192.jpg-(180 KB, 972x675, 1285819282037.jpg)
180 KB
Makes sense to me. In all honestly it's really about the one or three people making comics to take the information that's being thrown out there to make compelling narratives or interesting vignettes. So it's maybe even less just about /co/ making them, as it is whoever's doing the heavy lifting of making the dang things.
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)21:48 No.36349050
     File: 1335923289.png-(417 KB, 1086x700, 1243923926163.png)
417 KB
I agree with this
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:48 No.36349077
     File: 1335923336.jpg-(57 KB, 600x393, 1309502583849.jpg)
57 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)21:50 No.36349133
     File: 1335923437.png-(85 KB, 967x842, 1234934143679.png)
85 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:52 No.36349176
/co/ hasn't done much in the way of new stuff with the characters in awhile + it's really more about whoever decides to use them to make a story.

The biggest amount of board-tan discussion so far this year has been on /mlp/ during the past couple weeks, and /co/, as a board, wanted no part of it.

/tg/ has done a ton of work on the board-tan project as well, and every so often some other board will become just interested enough to make up their own board-tan instead of settling for one being made for them by people who may or may not frequent the board the character is supposed to represent.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:52 No.36349178
     File: 1335923542.png-(37 KB, 607x600, randomenumbers.png)
37 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)21:55 No.36349277
     File: 1335923741.png-(40 KB, 799x478, 1250835281167.png)
40 KB
I'm surprised no one made more rule 63 of them all
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)21:56 No.36349316
Yeah, making a game is a whole lot more complicated then a comic.

I suppose that's always been something of an issue in the whole "board-tans" thing. Should the character represent the board as they ideally would like to see themselves/their group, or as they actually are?

/Co/lette is definitely an "as we wish we could be," although /Co/nrad at least tends to have some more awkward or pathetic elements to his character when he isn't fighting crime.
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)21:58 No.36349359
     File: 1335923880.jpg-(151 KB, 754x646, 1246165120629.jpg)
151 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)21:59 No.36349403
     File: 1335923966.jpg-(248 KB, 1072x662, 1242712318868.jpg)
248 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)22:00 No.36349454
     File: 1335924059.jpg-(83 KB, 800x600, 1264359851382.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)22:02 No.36349498
     File: 1335924153.jpg-(41 KB, 837x632, w wg.jpg)
41 KB
anymore of /w/ and /wg/?

I've often wondered if making threads on a few of the other boards to ask them about it would be considered as spam or not.

I know /a/ would just sage bomb a thread like that (that's all /a/ ever seems to be doing).

Don't know if it'd be against the rules in /d/ since it's got that "no western shit allowed" rule,

/v/ hates everything,

and all the other boards seem like it'd be considered too far off topic except maybe /tg/.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)22:14 No.36349825
I think the muscular /m/ was made with the input of an /m/ thread.
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)22:44 No.36350805
     File: 1335926655.jpg-(92 KB, 230x727, 1269712489111.jpg)
92 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)22:45 No.36350852
     File: 1335926749.png-(59 KB, 967x842, 1220671286591.png)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)22:48 No.36350966

huh, guess it wasn't through enough to leave a lasting impact then.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)22:53 No.36351135
oooh, I rather like this redesign
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)22:54 No.36351153
>yfw /co/lette cameo in Skull Girls
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)23:05 No.36351501
     File: 1335927916.png-(47 KB, 1120x600, capture[1] (9).png)
47 KB
that'd be nice, it's not as if we don't have ways inside.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)23:12 No.36351705
     File: 1335928323.jpg-(272 KB, 840x894, 1327640588602.jpg)
272 KB
for anyone who doesn't know.
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)23:15 No.36351790
     File: 1335928522.jpg-(697 KB, 699x1049, 1327800411166.jpg)
697 KB
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)23:16 No.36351823
     File: 1335928585.jpg-(516 KB, 1199x1199, 1326768739845.jpg)
516 KB
>She becomes a new skin or outfit for Cerebella
>It would be her dress up as /Co/lette but her hat will have the robotic arms
Yeah that would be cool
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)23:20 No.36351962
     File: 1335928853.jpg-(194 KB, 589x919, 1329261734937.jpg)
194 KB
/co/, why haven't you been working on your art?
>> A Dead /co/mrade 05/01/12(Tue)23:23 No.36352046
     File: 1335929015.jpg-(265 KB, 672x720, 1309494818350.jpg)
265 KB
>> Anonymous 05/01/12(Tue)23:43 No.36352734
     File: 1335930229.jpg-(522 KB, 848x865, 1327642430389.jpg)
522 KB
>> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)00:01 No.36353352
     File: 1335931313.jpg-(687 KB, 3500x1009, 1327641688344.jpg)
687 KB
>> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)00:07 No.36353525
     File: 1335931641.jpg-(159 KB, 621x768, co-lette.jpg)
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>> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)00:15 No.36353761
     File: 1335932140.png-(907 KB, 1125x975, 1327640951500.png)
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>> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)00:33 No.36354274
     File: 1335933201.png-(49 KB, 800x450, 1327640528893.png)
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>> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)00:46 No.36354602
>that feel when you were here in the original /co/lette thread

I feel old now, goddamn.
>> Anonymous 05/02/12(Wed)00:54 No.36354821
     File: 1335934444.jpg-(611 KB, 759x1394, coletteshulkie.jpg)
611 KB
any particular feature you were responsible for?