File :1205447931.jpg-(73 KB, 720x576, codeblack.jpg)
73 KB Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:38 No.3384590  
When the night has come, you face the darkest hour..
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:39 No.3384594
     File :1205447956.jpg-(26 KB, 560x422, zoeyvillain.jpg)
26 KB
The face in the mask, it can take you...break you...
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:40 No.3384598
     File :1205448001.jpg-(35 KB, 311x450, willcu.jpg)
35 KB
Follow the light and it will guide us through the night (follow the light)
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:40 No.3384605
I blame Satan for Wyatt's poor taste in cartoons.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:40 No.3384606
     File :1205448022.jpg-(41 KB, 640x480, trollzfeet.jpg)
41 KB
Believe in me as I believe in you.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:40 No.3384611
     File :1205448053.jpg-(33 KB, 531x400, H.O.R.S.E..jpg)
33 KB
You know who's got the power.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:40 No.3384613
Wow, I'm sorta surprised that didn't get censored.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:41 No.3384619
     File :1205448091.jpg-(32 KB, 710x476, 1194969625722.jpg)
32 KB
CN only censors Japanese cartoons.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:43 No.3384638
     File :1205448182.png-(57 KB, 250x341, 1199082563532.png)
57 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:43 No.3384641
Please explain this.
I'm scared.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:45 No.3384658
Trying to channel the ghost of a criminal who was killed at their school.

XANA shows up and poses as a ghost to fuck with them.

Then Sissi finds a black book and grows a dick...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:46 No.3384669
Time to sacrifice a virgin!
any volunteer /co/?
>> Mom 03/13/08(Thu)18:47 No.3384677

It's ok, honey. Satan isn't real. You just go on back to bed, mmkay?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:47 No.3384682
Creed, you're a great guy؟
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:47 No.3384686
     File :1205448475.jpg-(87 KB, 748x590, contre-attaque_011.jpg)
87 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:48 No.3384699

4Kids wasn't in charge of bringing it over.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:49 No.3384706
Buckley. Nothing of value will be lost.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:50 No.3384716

Does the ritual involve orgies of teenaged virgin supermodels?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:50 No.3384720

In ten years our kids will be counting that as a first boner.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:51 No.3384721

Delicious Aelita :3

The dream of computer nerds everywhere...bring the virtual character into reality.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:52 No.3384728
     File :1205448745.jpg-(30 KB, 296x218, Discogun.jpg)
30 KB
Because 4Kids is the only company that censors animu
>> Evil Saren !Bo.7sw3shI 03/13/08(Thu)18:52 No.3384729
     File :1205448746.jpg-(19 KB, 449x233, trouble.jpg)
19 KB
I'll go...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:54 No.3384741

And then giant foreheads will be sexy.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:54 No.3384748

What am I looking at here?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:55 No.3384760
In b4 Robot Devil.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:56 No.3384767
They paint a lot of guns rainbow colored on CN, but leave them unedited on Lyoko and Batman.

They also made a guy's shotgun a dildo on Zatchbell.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:57 No.3384774
     File :1205449050.jpg-(56 KB, 720x576, aelitatentacles.jpg)
56 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:57 No.3384775

...! El Diablo Robotico!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)18:58 No.3384787

Yu-Gi-Oh!, both regular and GX, has some laughable edits.

Especially the dialogue. I remember they changed all the sake references to "hot sauce" in one episode.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)18:59 No.3384791
     File :1205449157.jpg-(55 KB, 640x480, hotsause.jpg)
55 KB
>> NORMAL HUMAN POSTER 03/13/08(Thu)19:00 No.3384801
     File :1205449219.jpg-(20 KB, 159x253, XANA.jpg)
20 KB

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:00 No.3384807
the invisible guns made me laugh and facepalm.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:02 No.3384819

We should be thankful for their horrible job. The Abridged series wouldn't be half as funny without the way the series was butchered for the US.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:02 No.3384820
     File :1205449337.jpg-(46 KB, 720x576, YxABed6.jpg)
46 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:02 No.3384828
>We should be thankful for Japan's horrible job. The Abridged series wouldn't be half as funny without the series.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:03 No.3384832
     File :1205449410.png-(12 KB, 400x400, Aelita2.png)
12 KB
Moonspeak version.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:03 No.3384835
     File :1205449439.jpg-(41 KB, 485x573, Just_A_Little_Kiss.jpg)
41 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:04 No.3384839

Tell me this was altered.

There's NO WAY that the forehead should be that fucking huge.

It totally detracts from the D'aaaw.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:04 No.3384846
i laughed really hard at this for some reason
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:05 No.3384857
Did we ever get Aelita's mom added to the MILF corps?


Leave it to the Japanese to have the best fanart.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:06 No.3384863
Shop that into a cock.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:07 No.3384874
large forehead is llaarrrgggeee
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:07 No.3384876

Seriously, you could fit an entire other face in the forehead area.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:08 No.3384892
Somebody shoop an entire face onto that forehead.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:10 No.3384912
Wow, I did not know anyone else on /co/ watched this show. Oh wow.
>> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)19:11 No.3384916
Oh wow, I just realized that man.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:11 No.3384918
     File :1205449880.png-(11 KB, 400x400, Emily.png)
11 KB
>> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)19:11 No.3384923
This is why I love Le France sometimes.
>> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)19:11 No.3384925
Spawn less overlords?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:12 No.3384931
Naruto also edited the sake.

When Rock Lee did his "drunken" fight against the bone guy, they changed it to "Loopy Fist Style" instead of drunken fist, and sake into "elixir."
>> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)19:12 No.3384935
Even though I knew it was liquor/sake, the dubbed one was just so much funnier because of that.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:13 No.3384945
It was soda, originally. They just really like hot sauce. It's a meme on the show.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:13 No.3384948
     File :1205450008.jpg-(14 KB, 144x260, 132010_372.jpg)
14 KB
Finally! Others like me!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:13 No.3384949
     File :1205450015.jpg-(23 KB, 380x380, Daft Punk.jpg)
23 KB

Every now and then, they get something right.
>> Evil Lord Proteus !Pf61BYvMqU 03/13/08(Thu)19:13 No.3384953
     File :1205450032.jpg-(13 KB, 335x335, sissy5.jpg)
13 KB
i hpoe she summons tentacles to tentacle rape herself and ulric. The other two ugly assholes can just be sucked down into hell.
>> Anon-O-Vision !ccqXAQxUxI 03/13/08(Thu)19:14 No.3384965
     File :1205450090.jpg-(16 KB, 320x240, UNACCEPTABLE.jpg)
16 KB
Someone's gonna get an email.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:15 No.3384969
     File :1205450116.jpg-(205 KB, 832x1072, page4.jpg)
205 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:15 No.3384971

Code Lyoko, or Bible Black?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:16 No.3384988

I like where this is going.
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)19:21 No.3385048
     File :1205450479.jpg-(227 KB, 816x1040, page2.jpg)
227 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:21 No.3385051
I agree that Jeremy is living the nerd dream. He finds a cute girl that only exists in digital form, and manages to bring her into reality, where she's practically completely reliant on him for everything.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:24 No.3385080

Oh no! Call the police.

Wait, let's see where this goes...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:25 No.3385102
     File :1205450744.jpg-(55 KB, 720x576, MahLazor.jpg)
55 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:27 No.3385125

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:27 No.3385129
Not living my dream.

Mine has super powers and ninjas.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:28 No.3385136

Saren, no! You can't!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:29 No.3385144
Well, Ello,Ello ,ello
>> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)19:37 No.3385241
Context/link to source?
>> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)19:37 No.3385247
The King of True Nerds, Jeremey.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:39 No.3385263

I do wish I had the ability to bring fictional characters to reality, but I have a feeling that most of them would be repulsed by me and run the hell away.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:40 No.3385278

Chisuji tried that, it didn't work out so well.
>> Evil Lord Proteus !Pf61BYvMqU 03/13/08(Thu)19:41 No.3385297
     File :1205451695.jpg-(8 KB, 276x337, umi legs.jpg)
8 KB
i hate what comes next.

The old principal and the ugly as coach should never be in porn.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:44 No.3385322
Had I that power (with that in mind), I'd only summon those I could overpower.
>> Dr. Monkey 03/13/08(Thu)19:52 No.3385425
The funny thing is I know a little kid who saw that and went "WHOA I WANT SOME ELIXER" so Viz didn't really stop anything.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:55 No.3385441
Well, get him some elixir. See where it takes you.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)19:58 No.3385464
     File :1205452692.jpg-(171 KB, 908x636, prehome200701.jpg)
171 KB
>> Amon 03/13/08(Thu)19:58 No.3385468
...Why do they always use the most unappealing males in porn?
>> Pledgehammer !!olV5iJwS8an 03/13/08(Thu)20:00 No.3385486
Dear God, the foreheads!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:01 No.3385501

It's a good question.

70's porn standards survived?


LOL, Poor Jeremy gets shoved into the background. Kinda surprised they never let him go on Lyoko, what with him putting the most work into it.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:02 No.3385505
Well, some people don't really want a pretty man to distract from the girl thus making the customer feel ever so gay.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:04 No.3385524

Damn, they even have #34 of Emily. Epic.
>> Amon 03/13/08(Thu)20:05 No.3385549
But then it's even more distracting when fat sweaty men are in it.

It gets rid of all the sexiness.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:06 No.3385560

One of the reasons I stick to lesbian porn.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:09 No.3385589
I thought this was the bridge to 'Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming', originally preformed by The Jacksons, remade by Robert Palmer in 1988. O.o
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:10 No.3385608
thing i want to know is how people haven't hacked into lyoko it's connected to the internet someone is bound to have come across something. I mean people hack government programs all the time you dont think at least someone has come across it.
>> Evil Lord Proteus !Pf61BYvMqU 03/13/08(Thu)20:11 No.3385611
     File :1205453461.jpg-(13 KB, 320x240, 11-07.jpg)
13 KB
>Loopy Fist Style

Pathetic. awful, simply awful.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:12 No.3385623

I think the supercomputer only managed to get to the internet recently. XANA seemed to do most of it's traveling in power lines/ghost mist form.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:14 No.3385649
in b4 lyoko gets flooded with penis enlargement popups
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:14 No.3385656
     File :1205453690.jpg-(62 KB, 320x240, mere_aelita.jpg)
62 KB

I second this. Have this picture until I find a better one.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:16 No.3385662

There's one with Franz and her watching tiny Aelita opening Xmas presents.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:16 No.3385671

Someone pointed out that XANA is basically Anonymous. Does shit online for it's own lulz, doesn't care about humans.
>> Hyper Cutter !XQ6W0CNp/o 03/13/08(Thu)20:20 No.3385711
least surprising change ever?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:21 No.3385731
what's funny is that these foreheads on this 34 aren't nearly as huge as normal, but its still enough to put another nose and set of eyes on.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:21 No.3385735

I know, but I can't access my HDD. So I'm searching through the nets.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:27 No.3385810
     File :1205454466.jpg-(81 KB, 720x576, Secondaires_326.jpg)
81 KB

Bigger picture.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:43 No.3386060
     File :1205455397.jpg-(28 KB, 512x384, Contagion_390[1]..jpg)
28 KB
More showering...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:43 No.3386068
     File :1205455432.jpg-(97 KB, 800x600, Au_meilleur_de_sa_forme_081[1](...).jpg)
97 KB
...and more underwear! What's not to like?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:44 No.3386080

The foreheads?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:44 No.3386086
     File :1205455481.jpg-(31 KB, 720x576, TeddyGozilla_106[1].jpg)
31 KB
Still more...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:45 No.3386094
     File :1205455512.jpg-(134 KB, 720x2250, 1.jpg)
134 KB
and then there's this...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:45 No.3386100

The faces, mostly.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:46 No.3386112

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:53 No.3386176
I am now morbidly curious. Link to the Pro4chan thread?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:53 No.3386177
Has anyone ever tried to fix the forehead-face ratio?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)20:54 No.3386185
That does make sense. I mean, if Anon was more Evil , and had those powers, you know that's how he'd be.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:00 No.3386259
     File :1205456426.jpg-(42 KB, 720x576, ultimatebibeast.jpg)
42 KB
Hi, everyone!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:03 No.3386302
The fanservice is actually pretty hot from the neck down. If their faces looked normal, I could probably stand to watch it.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:08 No.3386362
     File :1205456894.jpg-(408 KB, 800x1251, Un_vrai_casse_sake_02.jpg)
408 KB
Enjoy this little thing I just found.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:09 No.3386378
Were they in that episode of Avatar where they had to cro-- HEY
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:10 No.3386396

Damn, I lol'd.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:12 No.3386410
Yumi looks a little too happy to be seeing a girl in her underwear...
>> Sonic !D8kB403zbM 03/13/08(Thu)21:12 No.3386417

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:13 No.3386423
delicious crossed legs
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:21 No.3386489
     File :1205457676.jpg-(69 KB, 720x576, Reminiscence_334.jpg)
69 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:21 No.3386491
Wow, I can read that
>> Coop 03/13/08(Thu)21:26 No.3386526
     File :1205457970.jpg-(23 KB, 850x583, Maybeyoulive.jpg)
23 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:27 No.3386533
     File :1205458049.jpg-(28 KB, 320x240, Matrix.jpg)
28 KB

Here, have this for some light in that darkest hour.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:28 No.3386536
     File :1205458095.jpg-(173 KB, 504x504, 1205129305550.jpg)
173 KB
This thread is random!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:29 No.3386546
     File :1205458181.jpg-(27 KB, 604x462, 119179211314.jpg)
27 KB
>> Anonymous Prime 03/13/08(Thu)21:31 No.3386560
     File :1205458266.jpg-(116 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-7635875.jpg)
116 KB
Is it?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:35 No.3386607
Why Did I laugh at this photoshop?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:36 No.3386621

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:36 No.3386626
     File :1205458585.jpg-(21 KB, 300x250, 3f965e034c58d445e6a36882867ef0(...).jpg)
21 KB
One piece had it worse.

I remember one time when they changed a hand gun into some sort of hammer 2X4 gun...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:38 No.3386646
9001 hours of MS Paint.
>> Anonymous Prime 03/13/08(Thu)21:40 No.3386668
     File :1205458805.jpg-(40 KB, 400x150, 1138312568493.jpg)
40 KB
Uh oh! If I don't step to one side, I might get a bruise!
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:40 No.3386676
     File :1205458845.jpg-(44 KB, 547x437, over9000.jpg)
44 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:43 No.3386710

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:44 No.3386714
Now I'm not into the One Peice, but still, that edit is just, WOW I LOL'd censorship.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:44 No.3386720
Same person
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:49 No.3386778

I remember in the first episode of 4Kids version, Luffy and the pink-haired guy were talking in the ship. Then all of a sudden the guy ducks and goes "PLEASE DON'T HIT ME!" and Luffy responds "I wasn't going to hit you."

The way the screens (and the guy) abruptly moved made it pretty obvious there was an edit.

(In the original version, Luffy DID hit the guy on the head, I think because he wouldn't shut up or he was trying to knock sense into him.)
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:52 No.3386808

House of Mouse surprisingly has a few adult jokes in there. I think there was one time Goofy had Clarabelle's(?) bra in his face, or something. I don't remember if he got beat for it, though.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:53 No.3386832

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:53 No.3386834

I hope FUNImation redubs the eps 4Kids did. FUNI so far is doing a bangup job with One Piece.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:55 No.3386853

I may have misheard but I heard from a friend that there may/will be DVDs of the first episodes of OP redubbed by FUNi.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:55 No.3386857
     File :1205459738.jpg-(59 KB, 720x576, Aelita_0834.jpg)
59 KB
>> Coop 03/13/08(Thu)21:56 No.3386867
     File :1205459793.jpg-(67 KB, 1280x800, Nukes.jpg)
67 KB
4kids needs to die, like NOW
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:57 No.3386873
Bras are adult jokes now? They talk about bra-stuffing and show bras all the time on Disney/Nickelodeon.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:58 No.3386892
     File :1205459913.jpg-(65 KB, 720x540, Aelita_0725.jpg)
65 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:58 No.3386895

I wonder if she can interact with porn videos?

Lyoko could be an orgasmic sexual playground...
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)21:59 No.3386910

In the olden days where they were way less PC moms, yeah. These days is much too risky (Code Lyoko somehow got away with it, though).
>> Coop 03/13/08(Thu)22:00 No.3386911
I spontaneously came after reading that.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:02 No.3386933

And, actually, I don't remember seeing bra jokes all the time on Disney and Nick shows. Maybe I'm just not watching them enough.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:02 No.3386939
     File :1205460162.jpg-(79 KB, 720x540, Aelita_0742.jpg)
79 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:05 No.3386971

Jeremy could have downloaded her to a touchscreen and played with that DS game where you rub lolis to see if they're witches.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:05 No.3386975
     File :1205460330.jpg-(110 KB, 720x576, yougot.jpg)
110 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:06 No.3386995
     File :1205460391.jpg-(64 KB, 720x576, Aelita_0474.jpg)
64 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:10 No.3387043
Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, etc..

Lots of bra/boob size jokes... even some "time of the month" jokes.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:12 No.3387082
Pepper Ann had some bra jokes.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:12 No.3387083
     File :1205460765.jpg-(67 KB, 720x576, Groupe_0237.jpg)
67 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:14 No.3387109
     File :1205460868.jpg-(49 KB, 720x576, Groupe_0166.jpg)
49 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:14 No.3387117
     File :1205460894.jpg-(44 KB, 512x384, vlcsnap-1457254.jpg)
44 KB
chin vs forehead

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:15 No.3387126
she flashed her whole school that one time didnt she
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:16 No.3387134
     File :1205460988.jpg-(54 KB, 720x540, Aelita_0651.jpg)
54 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:16 No.3387136
     File :1205460996.jpg-(65 KB, 949x536, FranceHorH.jpg)
65 KB
I do believe you are doing it wrong.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:16 No.3387137

I could never figure out why they didn't take their pants off...I mean, it was fucking boiling in there.
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)22:17 No.3387149
     File :1205461043.jpg-(24 KB, 417x507, Lyokotrolling.jpg)
24 KB
Now that I've seen this show's ending and they STILL didn't give any backstory on XANA or most of the other important stuff, I find it a lot less interesting. There was a seed of possible win there, but it was lost in the foreheads and lack of information given.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:18 No.3387157
     File :1205461097.jpg-(81 KB, 720x576, Aelita_0410.jpg)
81 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:18 No.3387158
Any proof of this?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:19 No.3387169

I think there's still a few movies/specials planned which are supposed to give more backstory.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:19 No.3387173
Didn't Rocko's Modern Life have a running gag where Rocko always got his face wedged between some hippo woman's massive bare breasts, who said HOWWW DAAARE YOOOOU! It seems like surely she must have been wearing something, but I can fucking SWEAR she was bare-breasted.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:19 No.3387178
     File :1205461198.jpg-(67 KB, 720x576, Aelita_0414.jpg)
67 KB
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)22:20 No.3387186
They're making 3 theatrical films to "conclude" the series. Mainly, the kids go after the organization that made Lyoko/kidnapped Aelita's mom.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:21 No.3387196
     File :1205461280.jpg-(65 KB, 720x576, Aelita_0413.jpg)
65 KB
>> Boph-Anon 03/13/08(Thu)22:21 No.3387199
I saw that episode. At the end of the episode she misunderstands something the teacher says in gym class ("do you have proper support?" Something like that) and she shows everyone her bra. Cuz it's the bra episode, and a recurring joke is that Ann doesn't like hearing the word "bra" so everyone calls it "support" or something.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:21 No.3387200
Y... Yeah?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:22 No.3387206
     File :1205461329.jpg-(97 KB, 720x576, Groupe_0376.jpg)
97 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:24 No.3387235
     File :1205461470.jpg-(53 KB, 720x576, Groupe_0206.jpg)
53 KB
>> Evil Lord Proteus !Pf61BYvMqU 03/13/08(Thu)22:24 No.3387238
Chinscream destroys everything.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:24 No.3387240
i didnt know she was wearing a bra, they only showed her lifting up her shirt from the rear

im disappointed :(
>> Satan 03/13/08(Thu)22:26 No.3387253
     File :1205461570.jpg-(198 KB, 500x386, satanshot.jpg)
198 KB

How amusing.

I find your choice of blame poor.

And your chance of escaping me poorer still.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:26 No.3387254

"I need to start work on my digital harem as a backup if she gets killed."
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:26 No.3387258
     File :1205461582.jpg-(59 KB, 720x576, Groupe_0308.jpg)
59 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:26 No.3387259

Where'd you hear that? Also, where'd all these Aelita pool scenes come from? I don't remember any episode where she was drowning.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:27 No.3387266
Stupid sexy Od...
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)22:29 No.3387297
[Ejaculate on Aelita]
[Do nothing]
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:30 No.3387304
Deja Vu. Aelita has a weird vision at the pool and almost drowns, but Jeremie saves her.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:31 No.3387326

Ah, no wonder. I'm not interested in the live-action tween shows.
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)22:32 No.3387335
Season two episode, she was having her first debilitating flashbacks of her life before Lyoko and passes out next to the pool. Jeremie goes wtfhax and jumps in to save her.

There a source on this? I'd heard buzz but didn't know they'd announced anything official. Series might have some downright salvageable parts if they fill in the gaps.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:32 No.3387337

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:32 No.3387340

the first 13 episodes already have and are now out on DVD.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:36 No.3387383
     File :1205462197.jpg-(460 KB, 800x1071, Yumi_subdigital_groupie_01.jpg)
460 KB
I love Aelita's clothes on this two
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:37 No.3387390

Any site that has Code Lyoko episodes? I never got to see the show's ending. I think CN stopped on Episode #90 or something... The last episodes I remember was when Ulrich and Yumi visited a factory in one of the Lyoko replicas... or was it when those two little camera girls found out about Lyoko (before forgetting it thanks to RETURN TO THE PAST NOW...)... It's been so long.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:37 No.3387392
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:38 No.3387398
     File :1205462284.jpg-(521 KB, 800x1186, Yumi_subdigital_groupie_02.jpg)
521 KB
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)22:44 No.3387488
Sorry, all the sources I knew have since been 'cease and desist'ed. Maybe a torrent exists?

God they started whoreing this stupid music tie in hard toward the end.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:45 No.3387496

Wait, the Subdigitals are REAL?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:45 No.3387500
     File :1205462741.jpg-(75 KB, 748x590, souvenirs_313.jpg)
75 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:46 No.3387510
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:47 No.3387521

"And THAT is why you have to have sex with me whenever I ask. Otherwise, your stomach acid will dissolve your internal organs."
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:48 No.3387529
     File :1205462895.jpg-(83 KB, 748x590, souvenirs_400.jpg)
83 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:49 No.3387547
Yumi, a groupie?

Do they even know what a groupie is?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:49 No.3387550

What is up with Jeremie's hair there? You could cut a tree down with that.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:51 No.3387565

I still don't get why Jeremy takes the time to update their outfits while not working on, I don't know, hacking the system so the enemies can't hurt them?

He can turn programs into physical matter, but he can't GameShark Lyoko?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:51 No.3387570
     File :1205463102.jpg-(64 KB, 748x590, retour_200.jpg)
64 KB
Real World Aelita
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:53 No.3387583
     File :1205463182.jpg-(74 KB, 748x590, retour_201.jpg)
74 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:53 No.3387593
     File :1205463218.jpg-(97 KB, 748x590, retour_210.jpg)
97 KB
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)22:53 No.3387596

Although being on /co/ so much, you'd think I'd have learned cartoons exist just to move merchandise and music is no exception.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:54 No.3387602
     File :1205463255.jpg-(91 KB, 748x590, retour_211.jpg)
91 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:54 No.3387607
Did Odd get 63'd?
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:54 No.3387614
     File :1205463293.jpg-(96 KB, 748x590, retour_280.jpg)
96 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:55 No.3387623

No, but he is a furry.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:55 No.3387624
     File :1205463334.jpg-(88 KB, 748x590, retour_311.jpg)
88 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:56 No.3387629
     File :1205463378.jpg-(100 KB, 748x590, retour_319.jpg)
100 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:56 No.3387632
     File :1205463408.jpg-(74 KB, 748x590, retour_345.jpg)
74 KB
Back to Lyoko
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:57 No.3387637
     File :1205463421.jpg-(39 KB, 640x480, snapshot20071110225632.jpg)
39 KB
With Funimation's One Piece some of the shit accidently gets pass what is to be censored.
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)22:57 No.3387641
Only in the sense that he once switched bodies with Yumi in some S2 filler episode.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:58 No.3387648
The suit looks better in the real world as opposed to Lyoko.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:58 No.3387651
The 2d animation looks better, but the 3d stuff is cheaper, sigh
>> Dr. Professor !!vHbIhYNbSef 03/13/08(Thu)22:58 No.3387656
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)22:59 No.3387659
     File :1205463547.jpg-(92 KB, 748x590, souvenirs_398.jpg)
92 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:02 No.3387686

Oh shoot.

And you know another thing? The world didn't end. And as far as I remember, I saw no reports of CN getting into trouble for it. Either the feds or whoever's banned smoking on TV missed or or they didn't care.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:02 No.3387687
     File :1205463750.jpg-(38 KB, 356x532, aelita039xn9.jpg)
38 KB
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:02 No.3387689
But this one looks really good though.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:03 No.3387693
Oh god moar. This comic is ... cute.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:04 No.3387703

I just realized the "world didn't end line" could be misunderstood. That wasn't directed at you but at the powers-that-be that would have gone crazy to see something tehy wouldn't like on TV>
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)23:06 No.3387719
The comics arn't bad actually, I saw a couple translated into english. One where they saved the factory from being bulldozed by a normal construction company and this one here: >>3386362 (spoilers: the girl is like France's skating champion and Odd winds up breaking his arm trying to live up to his big bragging to her)

Dunno who's making them or if there'll be more though.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:08 No.3387737
Rapidshit? Tried looking in /rs/ but didn't find them.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:09 No.3387755
     File :1205464178.jpg-(35 KB, 720x576, aelitamom.jpg)
35 KB
I found a picture of Aelita's mother.
>> XANA 03/13/08(Thu)23:10 No.3387771
Should have said: saw a long time ago, surely on some other site.

My appologies for the confusion.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:13 No.3387807
     File :1205464412.jpg-(1.7 MB, 1275x1754, mangakidsp2.jpg)
1.7 MB
And I can't help my self to keep staring at Aelita in this one.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:16 No.3387836

Give me some time and I might upload them within two hours (I'm working right now).

But they are in French.
>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:16 No.3387846

>> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)23:18 No.3387868
We must not forget the root rape...
>> Wyatt Creed !th83iT8emo 03/13/08(Thu)23:22 No.3387911
     File :1205464945.jpg-(18 KB, 480x360, df59.jpg)
18 KB
You just have to know how to work them.